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Saturday, September 29, 2001

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“Why Did The WTC Event Occur?”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Isabel (Larkshire), and Stella (Cindel).

Vic’s note: No starting or ending times are available because this session was recorded on a mini-cassette tape rather than video tape. Also, there is a lot of “white noise” on this tape, and there are a few places where the tape cuts out completely. So, even though this transcription may not be entirely accurate, I don’t think the actual information has been compromised. Interesting session!

ELIAS: Good morning!

BOTH: Good morning, Elias!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) How shall we proceed?

ISABEL: Well, here I am, Elias, kind of confused and scared, and I am trying to understand everything that is happening. I’m trying to put in practice what I have learned, but it’s very difficult. I was starting to create fear with myself, and I said, I’m not going to do that. I don’t want anything from the outside to hurt me, and I know that I have that power inside of me.

But also, I realize that I get so confused, you know? Like what should I do? So I start asking a thousand questions, and what I do is create being scrambled. My brain is trying to get an answer, and I said to myself, I just won’t think about it. I’ll just give good energy, nothing else, like I want everybody to be fine. As long as I am fine, I guess I have to learn to be selfish, and not go so much to the problems of other people and the things that a lot of people are going through, and that is kind of difficult, because in a way I get angry, and I want to get rid of all that. I know I’m kind of slow to understand, Elias, but I’m trying to understand, but I keep thinking, and I start getting angry, and I say to myself, stop it.

I go around and around with this, trying to find myself. I don’t want to give information to the world because I know I don’t have that power, but to give information to me, to have a peace of mind. I feel lucky because I see people going through so much trauma that is kind of ... how should I say this? It’s the same with everybody, I guess. You see people suffering, and there’s nothing you can do. Do you know what I mean?

ELIAS: Let me inquire of you, Larkshire, what are you expressing to yourself in the “shoulds,” and what answers are you seeking?

ISABEL: There’s all the people on the east coast that are going through so much trauma, and I feel their pain, and when I saw what was happening ... because I was watching TV when I saw the building, and I saw the other plane, the second plane, blast the other tower, and in that particular moment, I got so angry, you know? Why are they doing this to these people? I mean, there were 35,000 people inside the building, between the two towers.

It’s an angry feeling, and then comes the sorrow, and then I wanted to understand that these people made an agreement to be there and to have that experience, and their families choose to be their families and to have this experience. But it’s so hard to accept that because we’re talking about belief systems, like if you die because you get sick or you have an accident or if you get old and you die, we accept that. But when people die at the hands of another human being, it’s very difficult to accept that. (Pause) Did I make myself clear?

ELIAS: Yes. Therefore, your question that you are presenting to yourself and attempting to answer is, why has this occurred, correct?

ISABEL: Right, Elias.

ELIAS: Why shall individuals create this type of action?


ELIAS: Very well. Let us address to these questions.

Now; you are seeking answers to questions concerning choices of other individuals, for you perceive the choices of other individuals to be greatly affecting of you, which in a manner of speaking they are, for you ARE greatly affected.

But let us view this situation from a different direction – the direction of self. For in alignment with all of the information that I have offered to you previously, recognize that every aspect of this event that you have viewed, that you have experienced, that you have watched, that you have perceived – every aspect, you have created.

Now; without judgment, allow yourself momentarily to listen to what I am expressing.

Therefore, you have participated in this event. You have created each aircraft. You have created all of the individuals. You have created all of the actions that have occurred in this event, and you have created all of the individuals of families, of victims, of rescuers. You have created an immense scenario of drama, which has all been projected in an actual physical manifestation through your perception.

Your participation ... and the reason that I incorporate the term of participation is that you have not singularly created this event, for all of the individuals throughout your globe have also created this event. In every area, in every country, throughout the entirety of your world, you have all collectively created this event. Your participations vary as gauged by your manifestations of this event, which are created by your individual perceptions, but you have all participated.

Now; in this participation, recognizing that each of you is creating all that you individually view, you may allow yourselves to turn your attention to yourselves and evaluate the degree, the distinction, of your choice of participation.

As an example, you, Larkshire, have allowed yourself an extensive participation through the creation of your perception, and a tremendous affectingness and much incorporation of emotional communication.

An individual within the physical location of central Africa is also participating, but their objective projection of imagery and creation may be much more limited. This is not to say that they are not participating, for they are, but their participation is more limited.

Another individual within the physical location of London is participating in what may be identified as equal measure to yourself, and offering themselves much emotional communication also.

Another individual within the physical location of this city in which the event has occurred is participating in objective imagery and emotional communication more extremely than yourself.

Another individual within a European country is participating in a different type of perception, and creating and participating in this expression and event in offering themselves an affectingness, but not in an emotional communication expressing concern, sorrow, or anger, but that of freedom and choices and acceptance.

Now; your question is, why has this occurred? Why have individuals expressed these choices? If you are choosing to incorporate the question of why, pose the question of why to yourself. Why have you individually chosen to create this entire scenario, in like manner to every other individual upon your planet?

In posing this question of why to yourself, also incorporate the question to yourself of WHAT you have created; not the what of the physical imagery, for this is obviously expressed, is it not? It is obvious that you have created individuals to be turning aircrafts and to be colliding these crafts into structures and collapsing them.

Now; this is the key, Larkshire. Remember, as I have expressed to you many times, objective imagery is abstract. Therefore, although quite real, in a manner of speaking, the objective abstract imagery may be recognized as a symbolic expression of what you individually are actually creating inwardly. In viewing the actual expressions of imagery, the abstract symbology that you have created, let us examine the movement, that you may offer to yourself a clearer understanding and answers to these questions.

You have created your individual imagery of aircrafts, immense vehicles incorporating movement. As I am expressing this to you, allow yourself to associate the symbology in relation to yourself – an immense vehicle incorporating movement.

Subsequently, these crafts are directed to be colliding with tremendous force and power into great structures, immense structures of steel and concrete, tremendous fortresses constructed to withstand tremendous impact, but you have collided into them crafts also of tremendous power, with tremendous quantity of fuel. In the impact of your collision, you generate an immense vibration that shakes the very foundation of these immense structures, to the point of crumbling and almost disintegration.

This is the objective imagery, the abstract, and contained within these tremendous structures are thousands of individuals, thousands of positions, thousands of expressions.

You also choose to be striking at a particular core structure which signifies a particular establishment or what you may term to be the “nerve center” of your societal structure, a base of your mass beliefs – financial. But you continue in your imagery, and you move to the collision of another immense structure. You impact that structure with another craft, and in this, there are more hundreds of expressions contained within it, and what you impact is another tremendous fortress expressed in objective imagery of protection.

What you have created in this movement and action is an immense expression of energy in association with this shift in consciousness. You have struck at the core of the immense structures of officially accepted beliefs – of need and of protection, of sustaining what you perceive to be life itself, in what you deem to be the most valuable and important expressions of finance, currency, and exchange, and in what you view to be necessary within your physical existence – the immense structure of protection. You have crumbled them. You have not eliminated them, but you have laid them open to allow yourself to redefine, to examine what holds importance and value within your expressions and your creations in this physical dimension and what has been elevated to hold tremendous value, which in actuality is insignificant.

I have expressed to you all that within the action of this shift, you are redefining all of your reality. I have expressed to you all that within the accomplishment of this shift in consciousness, you shall redefine your expressions of currency and finance and exchange. I have expressed to you all, you create all of your reality, in every moment, in every aspect.

There is no need for protection, for no essence is intrusive. Therefore, no action may be expressed in attack upon you that you do not create yourself. Therefore, what shall you protect yourself from but yourself? And even this is unnecessary, for you may not destroy yourself. You are consciousness. You are essence. You move, and you are not destroyed.

In this, you have created also a tremendous expression of objective imagery to allow yourself the genuine examination of these beliefs – expressions of victim, expressions of perpetrator – and to allow yourself to redefine your associations.

Who are the victims? Who are the perpetrators? If you are creating every aspect of all that you perceive, you are the perpetrator and you are the victim simultaneously. But you exist, and you are unharmed, and the individuals that you perceive to be disengaged exist, and they are unharmed. They have merely moved their attention in a different direction.

This offers you the opportunity to examine your definitions and your automatic associations with very strongly held expressions and beliefs concerning victims, concerning perpetrators, concerning control, concerning whether you create all of your reality or whether another individual holds the power to create an aspect of your reality and control you, whether you shall be the victim or whether you shall be the perpetrator or merely an observer, or that you are all of these.

In this also, you offer yourself the opportunity to examine automatic responses and to pay attention to emotional communications.

Why have you created this scenario? For your desire to be inserting this shift in consciousness into your objective reality is tremendous.

Why have you chosen to be creating this type of objective imagery and event? For you concentrate your attention in the direction of your beliefs, and you offer great energy to expectations in association with those beliefs.

What are the expectations? That you shall generate trauma in association with this shift in consciousness.

What is the expression of trauma? A tremendous event, but certainly not the individual trauma that you experience in association with your movement into acceptance of your individual beliefs, for you view this not necessarily to be an expression of trauma. It is not extreme enough, but this type of objective physical imagery IS viewed as extreme, and this shall be recognized as a genuine expression of trauma. Therefore, it is justified.

You also incorporate the allowance to now be examining that expression of justification in many expressions – the justification of victim, the justification of blame, the justification of emotional expressions NOT being viewed as communications, but rather as familiarly defined as reaction, the justification to hold to all that you view as familiar – the protection, the fear, the uncertainty.

All of the beliefs that are being expressed in association with this imagery are being held to in justification, for you stand at the threshold, as I have stated, of individual acceptance, and the choice of whether you shall move and step into the unfamiliar and create this shift in consciousness, or whether you shall hold to the familiar.

But as I have stated, my dear friends, be encouraged! For although you have chosen to be creating tremendous drama in this abstract objective imagery, you have also offered yourselves the point, and you have allowed yourselves an objective realization of how very great your desire is to be inserting this shift in consciousness into your objective reality throughout your globe.

This is the WHY, my friend.

ISABEL: Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

Vic’s note: There was an additional 15 minutes of session here, but not in regard to this event. So, I am choosing to stop here because I’m having conflict with the very loud “white noise” on this tape ... which I am creating, I suppose! In any case, I think this is a great session with a slightly different angle of perception than the other session about this event, which is session 902, September 13, 2001. Many thanks to Isabel and Stella for initiating and sharing this discussion!

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