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Wednesday, October 24, 2001

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ďGetting Your Own Attention Through Extreme ExpressionsĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Blaze.

Elias arrives at 3:05 PM. (Arrival time is 19 seconds.).

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

BLAZE: Good afternoon! Whew! Okay! (Blaze laughs, and Elias laughs) Hi, Elias!

ELIAS: Welcome!

BLAZE: Thank you. Iím going through a lot of trauma right now in my life, even a lot of questions about God. (Sighs)

One of the first things I wanted to work with you on, if you wouldnít mind, is finding a location in Florida to live Ė or even if Iím supposed to live in Florida.

ELIAS: Very well.

BLAZE: Do you get anything on this? (Pause)

ELIAS: I may express to you that in the direction of your movement presently, I may identify that you wish to be relocating and in what you may term to be a more northerly direction. What is your impression?

BLAZE: Yes, I was looking at going on the west side of Florida to either Pensacola, which would be north of where Iím at, or Sarasota which is in the middle of Florida but still more northern than I am. Iím on the east side, south, and Iím looking to go on the west side where itís a little bit quieter; thereís a more feminine energy. This seems to be too rough for me here and violent, and I want to pass all of the violence and negativity. I want to find a spot where thereís a vortextural energy that will support my particular energy in evolving me into the next level of where I need to be spiritually.


BLAZE: Is there possibly a spiritual group, or what I call my spiritual family?

ELIAS: Interesting presentment that you are expressing presently. I shall express to you in association with your choices of movement in physical location, the western area but north of your present location may be more preferable with your energy than within what you may term to be an inland area. (Pause)

BLAZE: Yes, Iím very connected with the ocean. It seems to be a better place for me.

ELIAS: Express to myself what you have presented to yourself in locating yourself where you are presently.

BLAZE: Where am I presently?

ELIAS: What has motivated you to choose this present location?

BLAZE: I was living in Wisconsin with a cult, and I kinda got really (sighs and becomes emotional) ... I got sucked in by the light energy, and I felt at one point where it was being masqueraded and with a lot more control, ego control, than ... what was being taught was the opposite of what was actually going on there. But I was experiencing going up in light and had profound experiences, and those experiences fooled me from this particular master teacher. I felt the way he was teaching things was inappropriate and people were being hurt by it, including me.

ELIAS: Very well.

BLAZE: So I came down, contacted my girlfriend, and for some reason I got a hit on Florida. I opened up an old map of Florida and I got a very peaceful energy in the heart chakra, a feeling of home, so I decided to come down here. She was able to come up there to help me move my equipment and everything down here, my furniture. So I just kinda ended up where she lives for the moment.

ELIAS: Very well.

Now; in this present time framework, are you choosing to be assimilating information concerning what you are creating and what you are seeking?

BLAZE: I donít totally comprehend that. What am I seeking? Iím seeking peace. I have done every spiritual thing you could possibly do in the past 17 years...

ELIAS: I am understanding. I am asking you whether in this moment or not you engage a willingness to explore what you are actually creating and what you are genuinely seeking.

BLAZE: Yes! Thank you.

ELIAS: And within this present moment I shall request that you allow yourself a certainness of this prior to my offering of information. For I may express to you, my friend, I employ a great willingness to offer you information, if you are employing a willingness to receive it.

BLAZE: (Emotionally) Yes.

ELIAS: Very well. First of all, I may express to you the identification of what you have been creating for an extended time framework. In this, you have held your attention outside of yourself, seeking information from other individuals and allowing other individuals that you view to be in authority of yourself to dictate to you your direction and your choices, and you have allowed yourself to become a victim of yourself through the alignment with other individuals and their dictations to you.


ELIAS: In this, you have quite effectively created an extreme in presentment to yourself in attempting to gain your individual attention. You have created many expressions, my friend. You have been quite hurtful to yourself, have you not?


ELIAS: And continue to do so.

BLAZE: (Tearfully) I donít know how to stop.

ELIAS: And this is what we shall explore this day. In this, you have created communications to yourself through physical body expressions; you have created tremendous affectingness in physical expressions; you have also created tremendous emotional communications to yourself. And in all of these communications you are paying attention to the signals but you are not paying attention to the messages.

In a manner of speaking, as I have expressed to other individuals previously, you have created a situation in which it may be likened to a telephone ringing or a knocking upon the door, and you recognize these signals but you are not receiving the communication.

BLAZE: Yes, I feel lost.

ELIAS: Now; let me express to you first of all the identifications of the manner in which you are communicating to yourself. You are communicating to yourself through emotion. As I have stated previously in this forum, emotion is not a reaction, it is a communication from your subjective awareness to your objective awareness to precisely offer you information concerning what you are creating in the moment.

Now; although it objectively appears to you that you are generating an emotion as a reaction and that emotions follow events, in actuality they do not. It is merely a matter of your attention and where your attention is focused. Generally speaking, individuals within your physical dimension are not focusing their attention upon the communication of emotion until they offer themselves a recognition of some objective occurrence.

Now; you recognize the signals of emotions, the feelings. You identify sadness, frustration, anxiety, anger, joyfulness; but once recognizing the signal, you turn your attention to objective imagery or thought.

BLAZE: Whatís that mean?

ELIAS: Objective imagery is what you perceive outwardly.

BLAZE: I see.

ELIAS: Now; in this, you are not paying attention to the message which is being communicated in the emotion.

Now; this is one area of communication that you are offering to yourself and have been for an extended time framework. Another very STRONGLY expressed avenue of communication that you are offering to yourself, and have been, is through physical affectingness within your physical body consciousness.

BLAZE: Yes, I have liver disease.

ELIAS: And you also generate other discomforts or what you may term in your definitions as illnesses, and you generate these physical affectingnesses quite strongly to gain your attention. What you are expressing to yourself, and have been, is to be paying attention to YOU, listening to YOU Ė not seeking from other individuals, not acquiring. You are not acquiring knowledge; you are not acquiring peace; you are not acquiring health. You are also not acquiring spirituality, and I may express to you quite definitely, you have allowed yourself in extreme to become victim to your own beliefs.


ELIAS: There are no levels, my friend. You have not manifest in this physical dimension to be learning, you have not manifest to be taught, and you have not manifest to acquire.

You have chosen to be manifesting in this physical dimension to participate in an exploration of consciousness in the physical design of this particular physical dimension. You are also not limited to this one physical dimension. You as essence focus attention in many different physical dimensions simultaneously. This is merely one, and you are not participating in this dimension to acquire spirituality or to advance to higher levels Ė you are already your highest expression. You have merely forgotten.

The manner in which you allow yourself the expression of love as a TRUTH of consciousness Ė which may be defined simply as the knowing and appreciation Ė this is the expression of love in its genuine expression, and in that expression of love, you discover the wondrousness of your own freedom. The manner in which you discover this expression of genuine love is to become familiar with you.

You are familiar with certain expressions that you generate, but you are not familiar with how you create them or even that you do create them. You may express to yourself at times that you recognize that you create your reality but you do not choose it, and I may express to you, my friend, this is quite incorrect. No experience that you generate has not been chosen by you. You choose every moment, every experience, every creation.

This is how you have become victim to yourself in not recognizing that you have chosen these experiences and not recognizing that you incorporate other choices, that you actually hold the ability to generate other choices. For in relation to dis-ease, you view this as an attack...

BLAZE: Yes, I do.

ELIAS: expression that you have not chosen and you have not created. It has been created itself and it has attacked you, almost in the manner that it is a separate entity from yourself, and it is not.

I may also express to you, in your seeking of how to familiarize yourself with you, you have turned your attention outside of yourself to other individuals, viewing other individuals to be more knowledgeable and more spiritual than yourself and therefore that you may learn from them and acquire or develop an expression of spirituality within your focus. You already possess it. In actuality, it may be expressed that you do not even possess it Ė you ARE it!

BLAZE: (Whispering) Thank you.

ELIAS: It is a natural expression of merely BEING in all aspects of being. My friend, you are not seeking spiritual experiences. You are not seeking parlor tricks...

BLAZE: Iím not, no, itís true.

ELIAS: are seeking the familiarity with self and the freedom of your choices.

BLAZE: Also Iíve been very lonely. When I said spiritual family, I meant just people like-minded that I can have fun with and do things with.

ELIAS: And you have drawn yourself to this forum, and this is not an accident. (Both laugh) There are no accidents or coincidences, my friend! (Chuckling)

BLAZE: (Laughs and then sighs) Oh, thank you!

ELIAS: Acknowledge yourself in the wondrousness of your being. You do incorporate choice.

Now; let me express to you in what you term to be practical terms in relation to what you generate in physical affectingness. That which you are generating internally in relation to organs and what you identify as dis-ease may be slightly more challenging in your allowance of yourself to be affecting, but it is also quite possible and quite within your ability. But we shall begin in addressing to affectingnesses that you may allow yourself a more confident expression of affectingness with.

In this, you may begin with symptoms that you notice. You have created physical symptoms...

BLAZE: Yes, and the physical migraines are the most unbearable.

ELIAS: Quite.

Now; recognize several actions which are occurring. First of all, prior to your generation of this physical pain, you are creating an action of paying extreme attention to thought and analyzation.

BLAZE: Yes, I donít seem to be very good at that. It literally kills me. (Laughs)

ELIAS: And what do you create? You create physical imagery to yourself of over-exercising the muscle of your brain!

BLAZE: Right! (Elias laughs) How do I stop that?

ELIAS: You may quite easily discontinue this action in recognizing what you are creating in the moment, noticing that you are creating an expression of analyzation. You are extremely holding your attention upon thought, and once noticing that, allow yourself the recognition that you may choose to move your attention.

Now; this is not...

BLAZE: I seem to get locked into it when Iím around thinkers.

ELIAS: This is not a difficult action. It is NOT a difficult action.

In the moment that you recognize that you are engaging that action, stop and intentionally focus your attention upon your physical body, and once focusing your attention upon your physical body, move your attention to scan all of your physical muscles. This shall quite divert your attention. Once scanning, so to speak, all of your physical muscles from your feet to your head, allow yourself to recognize all of the areas in which you are creating tension. This shall also...

BLAZE: Migraines are strictly from tension, not from allergies or...?

ELIAS: There are many beliefs associated with the creation of this particular physical expression, but we are addressing to YOUR creation. And in your individual creation, you are expressing consistent behaviors which trigger your subjective awareness, in a manner of speaking, to be screaming to you...


ELIAS: gain your attention, and in this, your subjective awareness directs your physical body consciousness. Therefore, any expression that you create within your physical body consciousness is being directed by your subjective awareness.

Therefore, there is significance in paying attention to what you are generating. You shall notice that once turning your attention from thought to physical feeling, physical sensation, you shall be noticing all of the areas of your physical body in which you are incorporating constriction, tightness.

BLAZE: Absolutely. When I go into a full-blown migraine, the entire body ... I have to go get Demerol because the whole entire body, the muscles are all tense.

ELIAS: And in this, my friend, this action is not created by the pain within your head. This tension precedes the pain within your head.

BLAZE: Whatís ďprecedesĒ mean?

ELIAS: In linear time, moves before: you create the tension prior to the pain. Therefore, if you are paying attention to your physical body and the tension which is arising and the constriction that you are creating in the moment, it shall be unnecessary to generate the pain within your head, for you shall already have gained your attention.

BLAZE: So, should I focus on doing things like yoga? I need help with this because itís a habit.

ELIAS: This is your choice whether you engage an action of yoga or any other method. I may express to you, you may choose to be employing these actions, but it is not necessary. I may express to you, in the moment that you notice that you are thinking, thinking, thinking, and you are concentrating your attention in thinking, thinking, thinking, stop immediately. Turn your attention to your physical body.

Allow yourself to engage a comfortable atmosphere, perhaps a comfortable chair. Immediately turn your attention to your physical body and begin relaxing physical muscles and bones. This shall move your attention, and in holding your attention in the action of intentionally relaxing your physical muscles and bones Ė and even your skin, my friend Ė you shall be creating several actions. You shall be acknowledging your own communication to yourself. You shall be paying attention to self. You shall be receiving the message and therefore not creating the familiar action of incorporating the painfulness within your head, for you have already allowed yourself to pay attention. And you also offer yourself the opportunity to practice manipulating your energy intentionally, objectively...

BLAZE: This is what I was looking at.

ELIAS: ...which shall automatically validate you. And I may express to you, each time you validate your abilities to yourself, you also generate a reinforcement of your own trust and acceptance of yourself, and it becomes easier and easier and easier to pay attention to you and to trust YOU, rather than turning your attention outwardly and attempting to be seeking some expression from another individual and merely perpetuate discounting yourself.

BLAZE: Right. I never discounted myself as much as when I got into this group. Itís like I lost total touch with myself and totally got dependent on this particular group, more than any other, I think, that Iíve ever joined with possibly.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, my friend, you may quite easily snare yourself in parlor tricks and fascinating your objective attention with your ability to generate parlor tricks, but this does not familiarize you with you and it is not genuinely empowering.

You may even incorporate an action of surprising yourself that you incorporate the ability to levitate yourself, and how shall this familiarize you with you? And how shall this be affecting of what you are creating? (Blaze laughs) It is a distraction in occupying your attention with parlor tricks.

BLAZE: Yeah, yeah. Thatís what was going on at the academy. I was having a lot of incredible experiences like that, you know, experiencing seeing Jesus and just different things, and I got distracted from everything.

ELIAS: Quite. From yourself.


ELIAS: And in this, I may express to you quite genuinely, the creation of the expressions of your new metaphysics is merely another avenue of expressing religious beliefs in a different manner. It is merely the perpetuation of religious beliefs. I am not expressing to you that this is bad. What I am expressing to you is an identification of merely what it is.

Beliefs in themselves are neutral. Beliefs in themselves are not good or bad. But as you attach the beliefs of duplicity Ė of the right and the wrong, and the good and the bad, and the better and the worse Ė to all of your beliefs, you are attaching the judgments, and as you express the judgments they become quite limiting.

And this is the action of this shift in consciousness, not to be eliminating your beliefs, for they are an integral aspect of the design of this particular physical dimension. Therefore, you are not eliminating your beliefs; you are allowing yourself to widen your awareness objectively, allowing yourself to recognize that they are beliefs, and that...

BLAZE: I am quite aware that everything is an idea.

ELIAS: ...and that it matters not, and in this, recognizing that there are no absolutes.

BLAZE: (Laughs) I think I really got that one this week!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! And therefore, offering yourself freedom in choice. Automatic responses of beliefs do not offer you choice. (Pause)

Automatic response, as an example, to the expression of dis-ease is that it has been developed or contracted and therefore is an attack; and in this, if it is an attack from some expression outside of yourself, what choice does this offer you?

BLAZE: None.

ELIAS: Correct. But in recognizing the genuine freedom of accepting the responsibility that you yourself create every aspect of your reality, even dis-ease, you also incorporate the ability to alter it.

BLAZE: Yes, and when I went to Brazil I saw it healed and the entirety of that. How do I step into that particular experience or that knowing consistently?

ELIAS: By allowing yourself first of all to practice with the relaxation. By allowing yourself...

BLAZE: For focus, kind of a practice? It seems like it would be nice for focus.


BLAZE: For problems focusing, I mean. (Laughs)

ELIAS: Allowing yourself to become familiar with your energy and your ability to be choosing and affecting.

And as you allow yourself the validation that you may be in actuality affecting of an expression such as your headaches, you shall also begin to allow yourself a trust within self that you also have created this dis-ease and you may choose to alter it. It requires no particular method.

You may incorporate a method if you are so choosing, but it is not a requirement. Merely trusting that you do hold the ability to be affecting, that you are not being attacked, that this is not being generated by some aspect of consciousness outside of yourself, that you are not a victim of it, that you yourself have created it, and [that] as effortlessly as you have created it Ė which you have (Blaze laughs) Ė you may also effortlessly create a different expression.

BLAZE: Yes, thank you! (Laughing) Absolutely!

ELIAS: If you are powerful enough to create a dis-ease within your physical body consciousness, which in actuality requires a tremendous generation of energy, you are also powerful enough to NOT create it.

BLAZE: Oh, thank you! Yes, and thatís what I think I saw in that moment, that experience that I had when I saw myself healed. It was just gone.

ELIAS: Yes. I may express to you, my friend, in actuality it requires less energy to NOT be generating dis-ease than to be generating dis-ease.

BLAZE: (Laughs) Thatís true, because Iím drained all of the time, very fatigued from the whole loop. (Both laugh) Well, this will be a nice one to get out of, Iíll tell you that one!

Oh, do you think ... one of the things I thought in my infinite horrible wisdom was that I was doing this to be able to help and teach others how to do it once I had learned how to get out of it myself. Do you see anything for me to be giving? Thereís a part of me that feels like I need to be giving.

ELIAS: I am understanding. In this, as you allow yourself to pay attention to self and familiarize yourself with you and allow yourself a genuine expression of trust and acceptance of you, you shall also alter your perception and you shall alter the expression of energy that you project outwardly, which shall be helpful to other individuals.

BLAZE: Thatís what I was looking at. Also I just wanted to ask, because we donít have very much time, you said north in Florida?


BLAZE: Because I am going to be taking a little trip this weekend, so I kind of wanted to get a little bit better of an angle. Usually when I go to the spot and itís the right spot I can sense it.

ELIAS: Correct! And this, once again, is what I am expressing to you. Pay attention to you and LISTEN to your intuition.

BLAZE: Yes, because I was getting very strongly Pensacola, north Florida.


BLAZE: Thereís a group of dolphins there. Iím very connected with animals and used to love working with them on a telepathic level. Do you think that there would be everything that I need there for this moment at this particular time in my life? In being able to go within and...

ELIAS: In your terms, yes.

BLAZE: Okay. I donít have a lot of money, so I really wanted to focus on getting out of here. Believing that I donít like it and that itís uncomfortable here ... thereís something that feels very uncomfortable where Iím at.

ELIAS: I may express to you that this is quite commonly expressed within individuals in your physical dimension. You do generate specific types of energy, and physical locations incorporate energy deposits, which have been generated by individuals collectively, which creates a type of energy expression of the physical location. In this, individuals recognize physical locations that resonate a similar energy to their own energy.

BLAZE: Yes! Thatís what Iím looking for! Thank you. Exactly!

Now, I had an experience in Sarasota, which is in the middle of Florida, but if I go more north that would be Pensacola. Iíve never been there, so I donít know what the energy is like except that I keep feeling pulled there.

ELIAS: Correct.

BLAZE: Does it feel to you like I would resonate with this particular energy up there? Is it similar to me?


BLAZE: Oh, great, great! And it wouldnít be Sarasota? Because those were the two areas that I was looking at. (Pause)

ELIAS: You may also recognize a familiarity of energy expression in that physical location, but I may express to you also that within the energy that you project, it may be more similarly aligned and you may allow yourself more of an expression of potentiality in the more westerly location.

BLAZE: Wonderful, wonderful! That helps me a lot, it really does! I wanted to ask you one more question before we go. We have five minutes.

I was experiencing possibly having gallstones. Did you notice that in ... (Elias laughs) I know we were talking about the liver. (Laughs) Is there a possibility I may need my gallbladder ... I have to see if I can get medical in this state and different things, because right now Iím not able to work.

ELIAS: (Very amused) Shall you concentrate your attention upon the experiment of NOT creating this expression? Ha ha ha!

BLAZE: (Laughing) Okay.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! (Humorously) Or are you in actuality choosing to overwhelm yourself to the point in which you are physically incapacitating yourself?

BLAZE: (Laughs) Well, I think that the headaches are from overwhelm actually, thank you! (Blaze and Elias crack up)

ELIAS: My friend, allow me to offer you the suggestion that you incorporate playfulness and fun, and experiment with visualization of these gallstones and exploding them into fireworks!

BLAZE: Oh, thatís easy! (Laughs with Elias) I used to be a hypnotherapist so I did all that visualization. Sure, absolutely! (Laughing) No problem!

ELIAS: This may generate much more fun that the actual creation of them! Ha ha ha ha!

BLAZE: Iíll say! Oh, jeez!

One of the things that I wanted to ask you in our five minutes, Mary had mentioned about energy, types of energy that I am, that you have them categorized in some way? (Pause) Hello?

ELIAS: Are you speaking of orientations?

BLAZE: Yes. Something about other and this and that.


BLAZE: Could you possibly...

ELIAS: I may express to you that you incorporate the orientation of soft.

BLAZE: I see.

ELIAS: I may also express to you that you may be inquiring of Michael if you are so choosing, and you may be allowing yourself information concerning this orientation and information concerning essence families.

Let me express to you that the essence family that you are belonging to is Tumold. The essence family that you are aligning with in this focus is Milumet. You may inquire of Michael and he shall direct you to information that I have offered in explanation of these families and orientations

BLAZE: Okay. Will I be able to connect with any of them in Pensacola, this area I am moving to? Is there any likenesses of this particular energy in a mate that I possibly might meet?

ELIAS: Ah, this is your choice, my friend.

BLAZE: (Laughs) Oh, okay! I figured Iíd get that in the last two minutes!

ELIAS: (Laughing) Ah! The crystal ball!

BLAZE: Iím very lonely and I really would like a lover. Itís been a long time being sick and working on myself and spirituality, and I havenít had a lover in almost ten years, except for one kind of a real short period, and yeah, I was looking ... so that would just be choice?

ELIAS: Generate the energy of expressing this to yourself first, and you shall generate...

BLAZE: I meant, you know, in another moment.

ELIAS: I am understanding. You are inquiring of crystal ball questions! Ha ha ha!

BLAZE: (Laughs) Just figured Iíd squeeze that in there! Well, thank you so much, sweetheart. Itís time for Mary to come back, and I appreciate everything. Thank you so much.

ELIAS: Very well, my friend. I shall be anticipating our next meeting, and in the interim I shall be offering energy to you in encouragement.

BLAZE: Thank you so much, I truly need it. Thank you.

ELIAS: To you in great affection, au revoir.

Elias departs at 4:05 PM.

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