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Sunday, October 28, 2001

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ďA Playful SessionĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Pat (Ling Tu).

Elias arrives at 1:10 PM. (Arrival time is 18 seconds.)

PAT: (Giggling as soon as she recognizes that Elias has arrived) Elias? Hi!

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

PAT: Hi! Iím glad to be with you today! Listen, I want to talk to you about this.

ELIAS: Very well!

PAT: Many of my friends and acquaintances who have not shown any interest or belief at all in reincarnation or other lives have begun to have impressions of other focuses. And because I openly speak about mine, they bring it to me because they know I donít judge that. So it seems to be as the shift gains momentum weíre going to see more of that?

ELIAS: Correct.

PAT: Yes, and people are going to allow themselves that, right?


PAT: So may I ask you other focus questions for some of my friends?

ELIAS: If you are so choosing.

PAT: I want to. For my friend, Patricia in Arizona, I would like to ask first, is she belonging to the Sumari family aligned with Tumold? (Pause)


PAT: Can I have her essence name, please?

ELIAS: Essence name, Juanda, J-U-A-N-D-A (WHAN dah).

PAT: Thank you. How many focuses do she and I share with one another?

ELIAS: And your impression?

PAT: (Laughing) I knew you were gonna get me with that! (Elias laughs) Ten?

ELIAS: Eight.

PAT: She was told once by a channeler that she is a demonstration to others. Can you tell me in what way? She doesnít understand in what way sheís a demonstration. Is that too broad?

ELIAS: I am understanding what is being expressed and what has been offered as information. In a manner of speaking, this is quite a generalized expression that has been offered to her, for you may view all of yourselves as a demonstration, so to speak.

In this, the individual does incorporate a natural ability to gain other individualsí attention without intentionally creating an event or an expression to draw the attention to her.

PAT: Okay, I understand that. I will offer that to her, thank you.

For Sue, who I work with, may I have her essence name, please? (Pause)

ELIAS: Nelli, N-E-L-L-I.

PAT: Thank you. She believes she has a Mayan focus, a Mayan Indian. Is that correct?


PAT: Also we were standing in front of the door of a professor at work who had all these postcards that were Egyptian in nature, and one of them showed two women on a street. Sue looked at it and said ďOh! Iíve been there. I know that place.Ē So can you tell me, yes, she has an Egyptian focus who has been there?


PAT: I knew that for her!

All right, my friend Patty at work, whoís essence name is Dornn, she has a military focus, correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

PAT: Is that military focus specifically on a submarine?


PAT: She also has a focus as an athlete, a professional athlete? (Pause)


PAT: Football player?


PAT: Baseball?


PAT: Hockey?


PAT: Basketball?


PAT: Golf?


PAT: Well, what?! (Laughing) You booger! (Elias laughs) Because she knows sheís an athlete, but she does not know what.

ELIAS: Quite, for it is not within THIS time framework. This would be what you would identify as ancient Greece.

PAT: Oh, okay! In what sport?

ELIAS: Triathlon.

PAT: Oh, wonderful.

My friend, Nancy, may I please have her essence name? (Pause)

ELIAS: Alvienn, A-L-V-I-E-N-N (all vee EHN).

PAT: Thank you. And she has a focus in England related to Stonehenge?


PAT: Did it have something to do with Roman invaders or is that another focus of hers?

ELIAS: Another focus.

PAT: Also I know she was a pioneer person also. She has a focus as a pioneer.

My friend, Larry, who I go to the movies with every Monday night, he has met this woman, Becky. He has begun this relationship with her, and he has never felt this way before. First, may I have essence names for both of them? Larry. (Pause)

ELIAS: Larr, L-A-R-R.

PAT: Okay, and Becky?

ELIAS: Linell, L I N E L L (lee NELL).

PAT: Now, he had an experience where he felt that they have shared a focus together but where the sexes were reversed Ė he being a female, her being the male Ė and their names then were Rebecca and Lawrence.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

PAT: Their names were Rebecca and Lawrence?


PAT: Wonderful! Can you tell me the time period?

ELIAS: And shall you not investigate and offer impressions?

PAT: Me? Well, you know what, hereís the thing. He does not believe ... heís 59 years old presently. Sheís 51 years old presently. In his belief system right now, he believes that it can only be 59 years ago for her and 51 years ago for him. So that is his impression. And I donít have an impression, because I donít care! (Giggles)

ELIAS: Therefore, the impression is that this shared focus may be viewed as the previous focus to this focus now.

PAT: And it is?

ELIAS: Yes, but not within that specific time framework.

PAT: Time framework of those years, 59 and 51?

ELIAS: Correct.

PAT: Okay, great. Thank you.

Now, my friend Kristin is struggling right now so much because the man that she was involved with has disengaged. Prior to his disengagement he said to her, ďI love you so much and our two daughters.Ē She is not married to him nor do they have two daughters. I said Iím sure that that was his recognition of another focus. So can you confirm that they were married and had two daughters in a previous focus?


PAT: In Spain?

ELIAS: Portugal.

PAT: Portugal. Can you tell me how many focuses they shared together?

ELIAS: Seven.

PAT: Now he also, in that time during his transition, made a statement to her of this connection and also of ladybugs and rainbows, and she said the very next day a girl came and sat down next to her and had a cup that was covered with pictures of ladybugs. She has been seeing pictures of ladybugs and rainbows. My interpretation is that is the way in which she will maintain that connection, that she will keep that close to her in the remembrance that he is not lost to her, that those will be those triggers.

ELIAS: Partially, yes, for these are both significant symbols. The rainbow is offered as a symbol of joy and meeting, so to speak. The rainbow is symbolically an expression of acceptance in meeting.

Now; there is also significance in the imagery of this particular insect of the ladybug. For as you have created them to be, their expression within your physical dimension is to be seeking out a mate and continuing with that mate to the point of disengagement. But they also throughout their manifestation generate an action which you term to be hibernation, which is significant for their choice of mate is created just prior to their action of hibernation, which symbolically creates the suggestion of coming together and separation but awakening again in togetherness.

PAT: I love that! Thank you. May I have her essence name please, for Kristin?

ELIAS: Essence name, Lyllithe, L-Y-L-L-I-T-H-E (LIL lith).

PAT: Thank you, Elias, so much. My friend Suzie G, may I have her essence name, please? (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Hjadi, H-J-A-D-I (hah DEE).

PAT: Thank you. She and I have shared a number of focuses together, correct?


PAT: And I have been her parent in a few of those, correct?


PAT: Yes, her mother. I feel very motherly towards her. She happens to be presently in Chile right now, studying. She went to Argentina and took a trip, and she was walking down the street and there was a street vendor who was selling paintings. For some reason, she was drawn very much to a particular painting of a road with mountains in the backyard, and for some reason the painting spoke my name to her, and she bought that painting and brought it home for me. My question to you is, my focus as an Argentinean shaman, he has walked that road?

ELIAS: You are correct.

PAT: Yes! I know! Itís so wonderful to have that! And she knew that! (Elias chuckles) I love that! I knew it the moment I saw it, I knew and it made me so happy. (Both laugh) So, thank you!

My friend Suma, may I have her essence name, please?

ELIAS: It is the same as the focus name.

PAT: Suma, spelled the same, S-U-M-A (SUE mah)? My god, sheís amazingly wonderful, and I love her so much. We have been sisters, correct?


PAT: Yes, and friends also, close friends.


PAT: Can you tell me how many focuses weíve shared together?

ELIAS: Nine.

PAT: Thank you, thatís for everybody else.

Now for me, me, me! I have a focus who was an Arab, a warrior of some type, because I see him riding on a horse very fast in the desert, correct?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

PAT: I donít know what time period. I suck on time periods! I just am not good at guessing time periods. I guess I donít care about it and donít need to know. (Elias looks very amused, and laughs with Pat) I guess itís just enough for me to make the connection.

ELIAS: Quite!

PAT: So I donít care! Thank you!

I also have a future focus whoís female and her job involves space exploration, correct?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

PAT: Yes, and that has influenced my love of all things celestial, right? Why I collect moons and stars and suns, why I have a sun tattoo and a moon tattoo? I gotta stop getting tattoos for every focus that I have, because I have four of them: my Cirque du Soleil guy, my wizard, dragon guy, and now ... I gotta knock it off or Iíll be the tattooed lady. (Elias laughs) I knew that about her because ... is that just the influencing draw of her, that I love all things celestial? Because I love those!


PAT: Yes, right. I know it is me. I love it so much, Elias.

I have a focus as a black male jazz musician?


PAT: He plays the piano, jazz piano.


PAT: In the 1940s?

ELIAS: Earlier.

PAT: I bought a poster when I was in my twenties and it depicted ... itís me at the piano, right? Iím wearing a bowler hat, and it says the word ďjazzĒ at the top of it, and that is me, correct?


PAT: Yes, all right. I have a focus who is deaf, or who works as an interpreter who works with the deaf.

ELIAS: Yes, not deaf but...

PAT: Not deaf, but works with it.


PAT: Now Iím going to ask the question that I had said Iím not going to ask, but damn it Iím going to ask it. I would like to know one of my famous focuses, please.

ELIAS: And what is your impression?

PAT: Shit! You know what, Elias? Wait, before we do that, letís do this, okay? In our last session I addressed a question regarding Clint Eastwood being a focus of mine. You told me, made the statement to me, that I am observing essence.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAT: And I didnít follow up on that but would like to do so now. So does the action of observing essence mean that Clint Eastwood is a focus of someone that I am close to presently?


PAT: Then why the hell am I observing him? Why do I care?

ELIAS: It is a choice of experience.

PAT: Just a choice of experience.

ELIAS: Yes. Essences, as they move together, many times choose to be an observing essence as one chooses to manifest a particular focus creating a particular intent and direction of experiences. You, as another essence in this time framework, may not choose to physically orchestrate that type of focus, but also wish to be offering yourself that experience.

PAT: You know what, I was wondering, because Iím so drawn to the actor Morgan Freeman, whether or not he is another present-time focus of Ling Tu, my essence?


PAT: Okay, I donít understand.

ELIAS: Many times individuals are quite drawn to other individuals, and this is not a suggestion that they may be a focus of their essence. You draw your attention to other individuals in like expressions, in like tone, in recognition of certain personality expressions or qualities...

PAT: Like my draw to Yarr, right?


PAT: Itís the same thing with Morgan Freeman. Itís that similar thing. Iím drawn because there is that similarity in expression.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAT: Thank you so much for that. Then I guess I donít know any of my famous focuses, and I donít have an impression. Shit. (Elias chuckles) And you know what? I hate to have you give me stuff, too. You know that, donít you? Which is why you donít give it!

ELIAS: Yes, I am quite aware!

PAT: Argh!!

ELIAS: HA HA! But where be your challenge if I am merely offering the information?

PAT: Right, because I like the challenge of it! But shit, then I donít like it! (Both laugh) I like it but then I frustrate myself because I forget to trust myself.

ELIAS: Ahhh!

PAT: I know!

ELIAS: And offer yourself the opportunity to practice trusting yourself.

PAT: I will, I know.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) In this, allow yourself to pay attention to what you have been presenting to myself this day.

PAT: About the challenge?

ELIAS: In all of your questioning thus far, you have offered your impressions and I am merely validating. For the most part your impressions are correct.

PAT: I know! And then I put that stupid block up. You know what I told someone what I feel like I do with myself? You know how sometimes in physical focus we have a baby and we throw a blanket over their head and they think weíve disappeared, and then we rip it away and say, ďPeek-a-boo!Ē and then they laugh in joy because they see that weíre there again. I do that to myself all the time! Itís that action, isnít it? I throw that damn blanket over me like I donít know itís there until I decide to rip it off and say peek-a-boo. (Elias cracks up) Itís a game I play with myself! It seems so corny though! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Be accepting!

PAT: Yes, I know. I do, but then I piss myself off and frustrate myself.

ELIAS: Ah, but you do offer yourself quite a bit of playfulness.

PAT: I do, I do. And Iím happy that I do that; I love that I do that. Iíve been doing it a lot more lately. Itís wonderful.

The day after I returned from the Connecticut session, I turned on the TV to find them broadcasting the event of the Timothy McVeigh execution. I sat really quietly and moved into the desire to lend energy to everyone connected with that execution, which I know is everybody, but specifically the people who had personal involvement whether through the loss of someone, or Timothy McVeigh himself, his family members, the prison guards, the people that worked in the prison. I made an offering of lending energy to that, that was my desire. Then I went back to bed and I slept really fitfully, and upon waking I sobbed for like 45 minutes with an intensity. I mean, the experience just felt so intense for me. Was I doing that, the sobbing, was it the mergence into that or an empathic connection with that? It was intense.

ELIAS: Partially, and also partially a recognition of the intensity and strength of mass held beliefs that generate this type of expression.

PAT: Boy, it was really intense.

ELIAS: Not merely in the choice of the creation of the event that is associated with this individual, but in like manner to what we have been discussing yesterday, the matching of energy. This may be, as you widen your awareness and become more open to the energies expressed, quite affecting, for there is also the recognition that this matching of energy is unnecessary.

PAT: Right, thatís how I felt about it. Ashley, my daughter Ė Percy Ė said, ďMommy, why would you do that? Why would you do that?Ē I said I didnít think it was a bad thing. I wasnít judging it as a bad thing. I just wanted to lend the energy, but I felt the intensity of the other, too. And it wasnít bad. She saw me crying a lot, so her interpretation of it was that it was hard and bad. My interpretation was that I was just feeling an intensity of the energy.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAT: Not a judgment that it was bad, but a recognition of the intensity of it.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAT: I am buying books like crazy lately concerning the use of intuition. Am I exploring this as a possible career change? (Mimicking Elias) And what is your impression?

ELIAS: Are you? (Grinning)

PAT: I think I am, yes. I believe that Iím moving towards that, if I can just get out of my own way again!


PAT: I recognize that too, Elias! Because hereís the other thing, and this leads into my next question.

Why am I creating the imagery ... Iíll tell you my impression of the tip of my nose. Man, the actual end of my nose right here is tickling me all the time, as if I have a piece of fuzz on it. I keep going like this to kind of get it off, pulling out a mirror, looking at it, and thereís nothing there. But itís there. Now I started doing it not only with my nose but right under here, under my lip. Itís obvious to me that Iím drawing my attention to it often, so I think Iím creating it to bring my focus back to myself (laughing) Ė bring your attention back to yourself in the now moment. Itís very effective for bringing me right back, right now. Itís almost as if instead of it feeling like fuzz, sometimes I can feel the actual swirl of energy of my nose, of the molecules in my nose. I feel myself as energy starting right there. Is that why Iím doing it?


PAT: And Iím doing it as part of that moving into the new career about intuition, because Iím doing it to recognize energy.

ELIAS: And also to hold your attention in the now...

PAT: Yes.

ELIAS: ...for this holds importance.

PAT: In creation.

ELIAS: Quite!

PAT: Yes.

ELIAS: For this is the moment that you create.

PAT: I feel, Elias, like Iím really moving into that. Am I? I mean, can you...


PAT: ...validate for me that I have made much movement in that direction?


PAT: Because I feel that strongly.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

PAT: Iím really paying attention. Iím really feeling it. I love it because, of course, it works. (Laughing)

ELIAS: Quite! And is this not quite liberating?

PAT: Oh my god! It is so amazing that it makes me weep sometimes because I am so powerful. I feel it, itís so amazing, and Iím getting it, so Iím cool.

Now, I keep tying this thing, this black cord, onto my wrist purposefully, right? Is it a focus thing? It is a focus thing.

ELIAS: Not necessarily, although I shall express to you that you are drawing energy...

PAT: From a focus...


PAT: ...who has a similar something on his wrist? Heís male though.


PAT: Roman?


PAT: Is that the same reason why I keep eating Good & Plenty candy right now, black licorice? Iím drawn to the taste of black licorice. In the past couple of weeks Iíve been eating them obsessively.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) Yes, in association.

PAT: May I ask you two dreams?

ELIAS: You may.

PAT: Quickly. In the first one, Iím with my friend Spencer and we are looking at three and a half giant stone statues of Buddha, Buddha heads, and theyíre outside. The stones that are used to construct these heads are the same types of stones used in the construction of the pyramids in Egypt, and I believe that to be another dimension, physical dimension. He, in the dream, is explaining to me that all the knowledge in the entire history of this particular dimension is somehow encoded within the stones of these heads. Is that true?

ELIAS: Within another dimension, yes, you are correct.

PAT: A day or two later, Iím walking down the street at lunch Ė now this is me, this isnít a dream, this is my focus Ė Iím walking down the street after lunch, and I pass a store and hanging in the window is this silver necklace which is the exact Buddha heads from the dream! So of course I went in and bought it as an offering to myself of recognition...

ELIAS: Of validation.

PAT: ...of validation, yes. I knew that.


PAT: I love me! Iím so good to me! (Laughs, and Elias chuckles) I am! Okay, now hereís my other wacky dream.

ELIAS: Very well.

PAT: I told Mary about it. Iím performing oral sex on someone, and the door opens up and a wizard runs in, runs by me, and runs out the other door. Was it you?


PAT: It was me?

ELIAS: Yes. Offering yourself quite playful imagery! (Pat cracks up)

PAT: I always seem to do it around things of a sexual nature, too.

ELIAS: (Laughs) But this is quite apropos.

PAT: Oh, absolutely! Iím comfortable there.

ELIAS: And also you are aligning with the energy of the wave in consciousness.

PAT: Itís a good thing to know Iím right on course there with those waves, that Iím riding them waves comfortably! (Elias laughs) Thatís how I see it, thatís my perception of it, that Iím riding it comfortably, and I feel good about that.

Iíve been playing a lot. Itís been wonderful. I want to thank you for all your help with that, too, because I know that youíve been doing so. My thanks to you for that.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

PAT: You know, every morning when I go to work, as I approach the building that I work in, there are computers on the lower level and one of them is always, the middle one, is always blank and itís always beautifully blue. That is you, isnít it?

ELIAS: An expression of...

PAT: For me.


PAT: So my thanks to you because, do you know what? In that moment I feel like I am stepping into work and thatís when you are lending me that energy, because I like to bring it into work and be playful with it there, too.

So now, Ling Tu, my essence...


PAT: Yes, me. (Elias chuckles) You know, I was struck by that, because when I first heard the name I thought, ďOh my god, thatís Chinese, and what the hell is that all about?Ē Then you know, of course, I eat Chinese food three times a week (both laugh) because I love it so much, and I love all things Chinese. I now have a picture of a Chinese dragon in my office. I have offered myself the movie, Iíve seen the movie ďCrouching Tiger, Hidden DragonĒ a million times because it so resonates with me. And thatís when I feel myself as essence, correct?

ELIAS: At times, yes. It is an allowance.

PAT: But I also have a Chinese focus.


PAT: I have many more male focuses than female focuses, correct?


PAT: I know that; I feel that very strongly. Because people tell me all the time that in this focus I have a real male kind of energy, aggressive or assertive, and they always say it in a way like itís bad. (Both laugh) I always think of it as how clever and creative of me to draw on those male focuses of mine, because in present time framework I have felt that it would create an ease of movement...


PAT: ...for me to come with that energy...

ELIAS: Correct.

PAT: ...than if I came with a feminine energy.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

PAT: Yes, I know you are! I love you! So is there anything you want to say to me before I go?

ELIAS: Continue to be yourself and as playful as you are, my friend.

PAT: I know, itís wonderful. Thank you so much. (Emotionally, and taking Eliasí hands)

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. To you in tremendous affection, as always, au revoir.

Elias departs at 1:48 PM.

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