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Friday, February 04, 2000

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Vic’s note: This exchange was prompted by a conversation between Ron and George. As you can see, it begins with Ron answering an email. This is the first exchange between Ron and Patel since 1/1/99.

GEORGE: Do you feel, as you read what he states to you, that his language, his knowledge, the basic texture of his expression could be yours and not Patel’s? Or am I misunderstanding what you mean?

RON: Hello George,

No, it’s not the language or the texture of expression. Neither of those even closely resembles mine. The fact that I’m aware of each word a split-second before I type it makes it hard for me to accept that it is coming from anywhere or anyone else but me. I quite often have no idea what the text refers to until someone else reads it and explains it to me, but the fact that I know what’s being said somehow invalidates it to me. It could just be a trust issue that I’m having trouble moving through....

PATEL: Greetings, Miklos.

We shall be extending gratitude for this lending of energy toward Olivia in pushing her, so to speak, to this interaction. We have been patient many times within this area of this exchange, and no doubt shall be again. This trust issue spoken of has been a thorn, so to speak, in the side of Olivia for quite some of your time, as it is with many individuals. At times, it may manifest itself in a different manner; however, the issue is the same.

These times, as you would term it, are quite confusing, for within your understanding, there are many occurrences that may not be rationally explained. In this, you tend to examine the occurrence, when in fact, this is only imagery of this shift.

Many individuals spend much of their time framework dissecting these individual examples of imagery and not paying attention to what lies beyond, so to speak. If you are to be flowing smoothly into this next phase, so to speak, it shall be more efficient if these small examples that you are offering yourselves be placed into one large bowl and them drawn from and read aloud to others, for they shall all be quite similar within translation.

Examine your intent and also your family intent, and in this, you shall offer yourself much to think upon. This is not to say that this shall be the answer to all of your inquiries. However, it shall be a start.

Build your city with care, for although it matters not, you shall be the ones living within it.

Many questions have been asked regarding this new millennium, so to speak. I shall only reply briefly, for it is also imagery that you have provided yourselves with en masse for a means to understand these changes that are occurring upon your planet. These changes have not come about because of this new millennium. This millennium has come about because of these changes.

You may also be aware that within this next decade, many more changes shall be occurring, such as military forces shall lay down their arms, monetary establishments shall be much less active, your media shall become quite different than what you experience presently, and your means of transportation, as you know it, shall be quite changed. Also, this idea of “protect the environment” shall be deemed unnecessary, for within mass creation, this will be realized as such.

These probabilities that I have expressed shall be most probable. However, as you know, there are no absolutes. This may seem as though there may be nothing to believe in, and this is as it should be, for within your beliefs, you create your reality, and within this reality, you perpetuate these beliefs ...

Vic’s note: Here, I arrived home from work and interrupted Ron. The exchange is resumed six days later, Thursday, February 10, 2000.

... and within this reality within these beliefs lies an interaction that you may consider to be hidden, so to speak. In actuality, it is not hidden; it is only not recognized by you. This interaction would be – as you would term it – interaction with essence, and in this interaction, you may reveal to yourself many wondrous examples of how this particular reality has been created by you.

For example, if you are to place a small piece of ice into a fire, very shortly this ice shall become as water, and shortly thereafter it shall become as steam, and shortly thereafter it shall become invisible to you. These beliefs that you use to form your reality perform in a much similar way. However, this process is reversed.

This belief begins, so to speak, as invisible to you – with no objective tangibility. Then it manifests, within subjective knowing, as your steam. Next it shall enter your objective thought process as the water, and finally you manifest this belief within your objective waking reality. As you see, there is no separation within this process, for these beliefs are a constant, ongoing chain of events. Just as all energy, they are constantly becoming within this reality that you have chosen presently.

This would be why we emphasize to you that to be changing beliefs may not be an efficient manner with which to interact with these beliefs, for within changing, you alter the flow, so to speak, and in this, create this process anew.

In accepting these beliefs, you allow this process to continue within its flow and allow these beliefs to merge into other beliefs, which in turn spread, as a river to an ocean.

Each time you alter or change a belief, in your terms, it is as if you have constructed a small dam within this flow of consciousness, only allowing a small trickle to pass. If you are allowing this stream of consciousness to flow unobstructed, it shall flow into a mighty ocean of consciousness.

This shall be your noticing of this shift that we speak of, and this shall be your noticing of this remembrance that we have also spoken of, for within this sea of consciousness lies a vast memory, for it is a compilation, so to speak, of all consciousness.

These terms may sound quite simplistic to you, this being for the reason that they are! They are only not so simplistic to you within your present understanding of these concepts. However, your murky water is beginning to clear.

I shall be closing for now, and be returning Olivia’s soul to her body. Please regard this previous humorous statement as such!

Until we next speak, ta!

Vic’s note: Ron had some interesting imagery when he completed this exchange. He opened his eyes, looked down at the keyboard, and saw a maggot. It was on a “number key” that lies directly in the center of the keyboard. He wasn’t sure what it was, so he did some research and confirmed that it was indeed a maggot. So, he wondered if there was a nest in his keyboard or somewhere close by, but he didn’t find one. Ron is always looking for the rational explanation, LOL!

Anyway, I find this imagery interesting. There is an obvious layer of interpretation, as maggots are larvae that transform/reconfigure their energy within our objective reality, similar to caterpillars. Also, we tend to view them as distasteful, and Ron tends to view this energy exchange in a similar manner. But what is also interesting is that in my dictionary, the second definition for maggot is, “an odd notion; a whim.” And the Latin meaning of larva is, “a ghost.” This just cracks me up!

For those of you who don’t know, Patel is quite fond of playing with physical imagery, just as Elias is quite fond of electrical imagery.

One final note: Ron observed this maggot for a while. It kept going off the edge of where it was butt-first, at which point a thread was created out of its head which caught it, at which point it would climb back up the thread to its original position, at which point it would repeat the entire scenario, at which point Ron wondered if it was a silkworm, but according to his research, it is indeed a maggot.

That’s all, folks!

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