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Tuesday, July 17, 2001

<  Session 55 (Paul/Patel)    >

Note: This exchange was initiated by Ron (Olivia) because he had a strong impression of a connection to Jen (Liva).

PATEL: Greetings and fondest regards to you, my dear friend Liva! As you know, these exchanges are quite infrequent, within your terms, and it is with great pleasure that we engage this opportunity to interact.

Within the probabilities occurring presently, there are certain questions which have been introduced, but not yet answered. In this, I shall be attempting to clarify.

The question posed was in reference to connections shared between myself, my dear friend Elias, Olivia, and yourself, Liva. These impressions of Olivia are quite accurate, for these four essences are connected; however, not in precisely the manner that Olivia has interpreted. These connections are born through fragmentation, and the connection was felt immediately by Olivia for the reason of Liva being fragmented of Olivia.

These other connections felt, of Elias and myself, were bleed-throughs, so to speak, of the expanding awareness of essence that is occurring presently. These bleed-throughs shall become more and more common as your time marches on, so to speak, in that as you begin to realize the widening, you also begin to incorporate connections which until now were not nearly so prevalent.

You all are connected to all. However, there are certain connections that are always closer to the surface, so to speak. In this widening within this shift, these close-to-the-surface connections shall begin to surface and shall become quite obvious to you.

As to Olivia’s impression of Liva’s facilitation of exchange with myself, this would be her choice, and may be a probable probability. There are no absolutes, as you all know. However, there are certain situations that lend themselves to an ease. This would be one of these situations. You need only ask.

I hope that this has been of some assistance in answering of your question, and for my dear Lawrence, you may be relaxing, for you do not carry the weight of the world upon your shoulder!

Until we next speak, ta!

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