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LORRAINE: ď... I have been creating a lot of things this year, and Iím sure youíre aware of that.

The one thing that I created recently, about three months ago, was the end of a relationship. I think itís kind of a thing that this year thereís a lot of relationships that are ending, it seems. I guess my question about that is I know in my head that I created that, I know that it was time for it to end, and I feel that my reason for ending it was because I want to be able to work on myself without the distraction of being in a relationship, but thereís this part of me that is having so much trouble letting this go.

I donít know if itís just missing that person or if it has to do with my discounting of myself, the rejection thing, the ĎIím not good enoughí thing. Iím having a problem with that. Itís not as often as it used to be. So I would like to know, is that communication to myself telling me that, that Iím discounting myself? Is that what thatís about?

ELIAS: Yes. Shall you engage an exercise?

LORRAINE: Shall we engaging an exercise Ė is that what you said?

ELIAS: Yes. Allow yourself within the time framework of your next week to generate an experimentation. In this, allow yourself to be generating an action of flirtatiousness with any individual that you choose, with no expectation of response from the individual but merely allowing yourself to express.

Now; this exercise may be quite beneficial, for this offers you an opportunity to freely express you without limitation, also allowing you to express yourself without expectation, and shall offer you an example of freedom, which shall reinforce your value of you and may also prove to be quite fun.

LORRAINE: Well, I can certainly do that. Flirting is something Iím good at. I think the hard part of that is going to be without expectation, because I think that normally when I do flirt with someone I have expectations attached to it.

ELIAS: Quite, but this is a specific exercise. It is not intended to be generating a response from another individual. The exercise is specifically designed to allow you to express yourself freely and offer you a recognition of the lack of limitation that you may be expressing in merely generating an action that normally you generate in association with another individual to be invoking a response; therefore, your attention is being projected to the other individual.

This exercise is to offer you the opportunity to pay attention to you and what you feel in generating that type of expression Ė how you view yourself, not how the other individual shall view you, but what YOU are expressing within yourself.

LORRAINE: Iíll do that this week at least once, maybe more.

When you talk about paying attention to self and focusing on the now, ideally it sounds like what I need to do is basically accepting and trusting myself, and I would sort of just go through life not thinking about the future or the past, just sort of living in the trust that everything is going to be okay, that Ďque sera seraí (1) kind of thing, you know, whatever is going to be is going to be and itís going to be good, that kind of a carefreeness. Is that basically what youíve been telling us that we need to do?


LORRAINE: So itís that simple, huh?


LORRAINE: So when I think about my past relationship and I start getting sad about it and Iím thinking about the way it used to be or the way it might be in the future, thatís definitely a waste of my time and energy?

ELIAS: Not necessarily a waste of time and energy, for there is no waste of time or energy in actuality, but figuratively speaking, yes.

LORRAINE: Itís just inefficient?


LORRAINE: Itís something I really need to learn to stop doing. To stop thinking is a really good idea?

ELIAS: Let me express to you, you shall always incorporate thought, for it is a natural mechanism associated with your physical manifestation not unlike breathing, but it is not necessary to turn your attention and hold your attention upon thought continuously.

LORRAINE: Iím trying to get something straight in my mind that youíve talked about in some of the previous transcripts that Iíve been reading, when you say that we create 100 percent of our reality and that we donít co-create it with other people.

ELIAS: Correct.

LORRAINE: I want to use this past relationship of mine as an example. This relationship that I had for six years with Pete, now that itís over Ė and in his mind he says itís never going to happen again, weíre never going to be back together Ė I know it matters not, but my question is if I am working on myself and I am becoming accepting and trusting of myself, then letís say that five years from now or ten years or whenever, Iím at a point of a lot more trust and acceptance than I have right now, I could choose at that time to create a new relationship with this person? Iím looking at the relationship I had with him for the last six years that I have created myself, thatís all my creation, and thatís like a version of him, version one. So in the future as I change inside of me, if I choose to create another relationship with him, that version of him would be a really different version based on me...

ELIAS: Correct.

LORRAINE: ...what I am, have done, or how I am inside.

ELIAS: Correct.

LORRAINE: And itís a possibility.

ELIAS: Correct.

LORRAINE: Itís my choice at the time.


LORRAINE: So one last thing about that Ė when I have a relationship with a person, as in that case, that personís energy is there?


LORRAINE: I canít have a relationship with that person without his energy being here, present near me, right? I mean ... I guess that makes sense. It makes sense to me but I donít know that itís true.

ELIAS: Not necessarily.

LORRAINE: I mean an objective physical relationship with that person.

ELIAS: I am understanding. You may tap into that individualís energy. Yes, you do interact with the individualís energy.

Now; you may interact with an individualís energy directly or you may interact with an energy deposit of the individual. In that scenario in which you are interactive with an energy deposit, you configure that energy in different manners.

You are always configuring the energy from another individual into an actual physical manifestation. Yes, this is your creation, but generally speaking you do configure the energy in very similar manner to which the other individual is projecting it. In the configuration of physical manifestations interacting with energy deposits, you configure that energy into an actual reality through your own guidelines, in a manner of speaking.

LORRAINE: Do we do that often, or is that very rare?

ELIAS: This is not rare at all. Individuals generate that kind of action many times. You may be engaging a relationship with another individual and at times you may be directly interactive with the other individualís energy projection, and at other times you may be interactive with energy deposits of that individual.

What shall be an indication to you of the difference is that you may generate an experience with the other individual or perceive to be generating an experience with the other individual, and as an example, you may express to the individual in a particular time framework a recalling of a conversation, per se, and the other individual may express to you, ĎNo, we have never engaged this conversation.í You may be insistent that you HAVE engaged in the particular conversation and the other individual may be just as insistent that the event never occurred. This is an expression of evidence of two very different perceptions.

In your perception, in your reality, you did generate the conversation with the individual. You did create the actual physical manifestation of the other individual and engage the conversation. [But] the other individual has no recollection of that event, for you were not directly interacting with an actual energy projection of the individual in that moment. You were interactive with an energy deposit of the individual, which is helpful to you to manifest the actual physical projection in which you are interactive with a solid individual in flesh, so to speak, but not directly interactive with their energy projection.

LORRAINE: Last night when I spoke to him on the telephone, was I speaking directly with his energy, his essence?

ELIAS: Yes.Ē [session 1161, October 18, 2002]

End Notes:

(1) Paulís note: this is latin for ďwhat will be, will beĒ or in contemporary parlance, ďgo with the flow.Ē

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