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energy deposits

Paul’s note: Elias uses this term to describe several phenomena:

concentrations of energy created by us individually and en masse. We create them based upon our own personal energy within the physical locations we inhabit. En masse we create areas like the Bermuda Triangle, famous for its well documented paranormal attributes.

we create energy deposits within consciousness that contain our individual and collective world views based upon our physical experience. These world views exist in the nonphysically focused Regional Area 3.

though we experience our afterdeath transition in Regional Area 3, we also create energy deposits in Regional Area 1 “during” that experience that anyone can tune into. The intensity of these energy deposits appear to be related to the state of our physical remains. For example, if we are cremated after “death,” then our energy deposit, in RA1 terms, has less “intensity.”

Elias also uses the term “energy centers” to describe energy deposits. However, this usage shouldn’t be confused with the way he uses the term “energy centers” for what occurs within the human body.

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “Within consciousness, you create energy deposits. You create them within your own physical location of your home of your own energy, and collectively you create them in many areas upon your planet for different reasons, and different individuals are drawn to different tones of energy deposits. Some individuals are drawn to energy deposits that they connect to within physical locations of your oceans; some within your deserts; some within your mountains; some within grazing lands. The largest energy deposit that you have created collectively upon your planet is that which you term to be your Bermuda Triangle.” [session 232, October 31, 1997]

ELIAS: “A world view is the overall perspective of an individual focus, the general and specific philosophy of each focus of essence, which in energy is deposited into an area of consciousness which may be accessed by any essence and any focus of essence at any given moment.

... A world view is not only accessible to the focuses that are focused within that particular dimension. It is slightly more difficult for you within this dimension or for another focus within another dimension to access across the veils of dimensions those world views which are deposited by particular focuses within particular dimensions, but it is possible to be accessing, although this be another subject altogether.” [session 268, March 08, 1998]

ELIAS: “We have spoken previously of what you may encounter within energy and identify of individuals within the action of transition. You may intersect and incorporate a deposit of energy of this individual. You do not intersect the individual themselves, but you may intersect the energy of the individual as an energy deposit within consciousness. You may also connect with another focus, paralleling in cooperation with this focus and with this energy deposit, which may appear to be what you identify as the individual; although in actuality, it is not.” [session 148, January 14, 1997]

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “I have expressed to you previously that you incorporate energy areas within your living space. You deposit energy into areas of your space that surrounds you. You identify and connect with certain areas within physical space. In this, it may be, as I have expressed, a corner of your room. While experiencing transition, you may identify with an area within physical focus, within energy. Your essence will not be incorporated there. There is no ‘ghost’ residing there, but there may be ‘lingering energy.’ Energy is always in motion. Dependent upon the experience that you may incorporate within transition, this energy may also be affected and may move in unusual ways. This is not to say that each time you experience strange phenomenon within physical focus that you cannot explain, that this is connected with an essence within transition; for many times, as I have expressed, you yourselves, within the energy of your essence and within your consciousness, may project outward physical expressions of your own emotional state. You may separate elements of your energy, and project them outward, and be affecting.

Many individuals view this type of phenomenon as ‘possession ,’ or as ‘haunting’ elements. Your physical instruments will register definite energy rises, but they are not explaining to you the origin of this energy. You speculate that this energy is originating from another non-physical entity. This is not always the case. There are many times in which you may project outward yourself, and create this type of phenomenon. Individuals have been known to speak within foreign languages, also explaining this to be the phenomenon of another entity possessing their physical form. This is incorrect. I have stated, many times: essences are not intrusive. Therefore, what you draw upon in these instances are other focuses, which you allow to bleed through into your present, or what you view to be your present consciousness, allowing a merging, and therefore expressing elements to which you normally would have no knowledge of.

This is also not to say that sometimes essences within transition do not affect physical focus, for sometimes they do. You may interact, within your ‘psychic games,’ with other essences. You may interact with those in transition, or those not in transition. When action is expressed in what you term to be an undesirable manner, it is most likely either yourself creating this through your consciousness, or residual energy of an essence within transition. Belief systems are very affecting of all of this phenomenon.” [session 80, March 20, 1996]

ELIAS: “I have expressed to you of Regional Area 3, to which we incorporate our ‘World-View Library’ – which I have expressed to you is energy deposited that may be tapped into by you, and also other dimensions, for information. Individuals incorporating great energy and power of thought, which is reality, (smiling) deposit energy within this ‘library,’ so to speak, which may be accessed. The essence itself does not occupy this area, but the energy of the thoughts and the ideas and the creativity does. Within this, these may bleed through into your dimension, offering what seems to be information quite ‘out of time.’

Your individual of Einstein or Plato incorporated great information that individuals viewed to be far surpassing their time period. This information was acquired by tapping into this area of consciousness which has been experienced previously, or what you view to be previously, not within this dimensional focus; for within this dimensional focus, no other individual incorporated the information that your Mr. Einstein held; but within another dimension, this information was already remembered. Being deposited into this area of consciousness and being accessible, it was accessed.

Therefore, you may also view that your reality is quite influenced by other realities, and intermingles, and is quite parallel and similar to other realities. You may not look the same; you may choose to incorporate different physical expressions; but your intellect within physical focus is what you would view to be basically the same. Therefore, within expression, you may say, not ‘I was a creature, or a tree, or the wind.’ You may say, ‘I am.’” [session 88, April 21, 1996]

NORM: ” ... last week you talked about the thing that was now conscious itself, and that was time, and that it can stretch and strain and so on, and that in different dimensional focuses or different dimensional realities time is connected between one and the other. These connections are supposedly called coordinate points, and it’s my understanding that there are major coordinate points and minor coordinate points, some of which are in Southern California. The attraction of these coordinate points between different dimensions, times in different dimensions, is for the purpose of exchanging energy. Is what I’m saying correct?

ELIAS: No! (Grinning)

NORM: Where did I go wrong?

ELIAS: Just as I have expressed to you that your mathematics is relative only to this creation of this reality. It is a language within this reality, another language for your further understanding of your reality, but it is relative to this reality. It is unnecessary to hold designated coordinate points to be intersecting different dimensions within consciousness, for all points are intersection points. Now; if you speak to me of energy deposits or what you physically focused term as vortexes, this is different; but as to intersection points for dimensional contact, this is unnecessary.

NORM: Well then, what are vortexes?

ELIAS: These being energy deposits.

NORM: From outside of this dimension?

ELIAS: No! From you!

NORM: Region 2?

ELIAS: No. You hold tremendous energy within your focus. You deposit energy, which you hold in limitless supply, in areas physically located upon your planet within your space arrangement.

NORM: And you’re knowledgeable of where these are?

ELIAS: Yes, as you may be also! If you are noticing, you may encounter energy deposits around you.

NORM: It’s my understanding that if you were to measure gravitation in these points, it would slightly vary.

ELIAS: Sometimes, in your terms.

NORM: Depending upon the amount of energy deposit.

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: Which affects gravitation. Therefore, time is dilated. It’s changed.

ELIAS: Time is changed in many areas. You think of time as a constant. You think of time as continuous and consistent, and it is not. It is elastic. It bends and it varies.

NORM: Subjectively ...

ELIAS: Objectively also!

NORM: Yes, we know of the objective, but it may be affected more easily subjectively locally.

ELIAS: Not necessarily. You discount your objective ability! You are not separate from your subjective self!

NORM: Okay, because I can create the energy which changes time, changes gravitation. Right. Okay.” [session 153, February 16, 1997]

NORM: “There has to be some sort of a connection between the essence Michael (1) and the individual that was doing the channeling. I heard that this essence has done a lot of channeling with a lot of people. Therefore, he can merge, or whatever you do, to have the ability to speak through a focused individual. He has that capability. Do all essences have a capability of doing what you do with Mary or what Michael does with this individual? Is it a common capability?

ELIAS: Every individual holds the ability to be manifesting an energy exchange, although it is not quite as simplified as you view the phenomenon to be. Within this action occurs a cooperation. Therefore, it is not merely the choice of one individual physically focused. There are many elements that contribute to the actualization of an actual energy exchange.

We have begun briefly speaking of your individual and mass value fulfillment. These actions do not occur in actuality without the creation of value fulfillment for all individuals. Therefore, if there is not to be fulfillment within value of the individuals participating and the essences participating and also a benefit within consciousness, the exchange shall not occur. Many individuals express that they engage in the action of an energy exchange, although they term this to be mediumship, or within your new terminology, channeling. Their meaning within these words, in their understanding and definition, is the same as an energy exchange, although the accomplishment of an actual energy exchange is not as common physically as you may suspect.

As I have stated, you all hold the ability to engage an energy exchange. All essences hold the ability for energy exchange. All essences do engage energy exchange. Not all individuals engage this type of phenomenon. Individuals attain information which is beneficial to them in many different areas, this being only one. Many individuals, as has been stated, believe that they are engaging an energy exchange, when in actuality they are engaging their own belief systems. It is quite common for you physically focused to alter your perception in consciousness and not necessarily alter your area of consciousness. You may alter your perception of your waking consciousness and not be engaging another area of consciousness. You may be engaging a quietness of self in which you are allowing your own belief systems to be expressed freely. This is quite common.

There are different types of energy exchanges which occur within physical focuses. One type is what you view within this forum, which is also relatively the same type of phenomenon that you have studied previously of another teacher, that which you call Seth. (2) There are other energy exchanges which are valid and contributing to value fulfillment, which are more aligned with a tapping of a world view. This is a complicated area, for you view the concept of a world view as individual. This is not always the case. Essences may collectively deposit energy information which is available to you. You may tap this information. This may appear to be an exchange similar to this phenomenon that you view within this forum. It is a different type of exchange. A different action occurs. It is no less valid. It is also an energy exchange. It is only not an energy exchange of essence.

This individual of which you witnessed taps this type of energy, which is a collective. It is information available within an energy deposit. Many individuals may allow themselves to be open consciously and receptive to this information. You may allow yourselves an openness within consciousness and you shall be receptive to this information also. This phenomenon of which you witness holds a different quality, for this is a direct energy exchange of essence; a mergence; not of [an] energy deposit.” [session 154, February 23, 1997]

DREW: “Interesting. That house that I grew up in seemed to me to have lots of subjective, unofficial stuff happening in it. I don‘t know if you’re able to identify with that location, but I’ve always had questions about that. I always had feelings when I was growing up. Maybe they were just feelings of self and projections and future self kinds of things, like you were just talking about. But I’m wondering, if you are capable of identifying with the place, if you can tell me if there was anything out-of-the-ordinary in terms of the activities going on there subjectively, or why I may have had this sense of things while I was growing up there, and even now when I go back there.

ELIAS: Energy deposits are placed within living space objectively, within the areas that you occupy mostly. Within families, there are more energy deposits within your objective physical space arrangements. Dependent upon the individuals residing within the same space arrangements and their movement, they may place energy deposits which hold more intensity than others.

I shall express that what appeared to boys as ghostly occurrences, as you have a brother who is aware of occurrences also regardless of objective admittance, these are recognitions of energies and movements. They are not the haunting imaginations of small ones, although they make for very good ghost stories! (Grinning) In actuality, these energy deposits within that now are energy deposits of your mother; elements within this individual which were chosen not to be incorporated within the physical conscious expression.

As I have expressed, you may choose also to be projecting elements of self, and you may objectify these. You may even be creating of probable selves within another reality. Some individuals do not project to this intensity. Therefore, they hold the energy within their known reality, but they choose not to incorporate this within their own physical expression. They allow for a more intense energy deposit, which also within this intensity holds the ability of movement.

Within most energy deposits that all individuals naturally place within their living space, these are contained normally within certain areas; specific locations. You may avail yourself of these within your own living space. Normally, these energy deposits are placed within fond areas of your space arrangement. They are also not elements of self that you intentionally project outward. They are merely byproducts of your energy that you release automatically, and they collect within certain areas. Some individuals choose intentionally, subjectively, to be projecting energy which is undesired.” [session 168, April 28, 1997]

NORM: “It’s kind of exciting to think about the variation in society that will occur when everybody has the capabilities that we will have in regard to consciousness and the inner senses. For example, education would be quite different. There would still be training, but the training could be at a much more animated state, I would say. I can imagine that the “akashic records” would be available. Would children have to be trained to be able to access those, for example?

ELIAS: In areas of subjective activity, no, children will not be needing training for accessing their abilities. In the area of “akashic records” ... there are none! Therefore, they may not be accessing what does not exist! (Grinning)

NORM: Alright. I was trying to put that in quotes! (Elias laughs) I’m talking about the autobiographies that are written in Regional Area 3. Am I being correct in saying that?

ELIAS: Within the collective consciousness, yes; world views.” [session 223, September 28, 1997]

JIM: “Are there certain physical areas on our planet that have higher or stronger or more powerful energy for certain individuals, such as being near a mountain or a series of hills or a particularly beautiful tree or something? Is there energy that we experience as individuals coming from specific locations?

ELIAS: Yes. There are energy deposits which you create collectively.

JIM: So there would be certain areas that ... do we consciously create these deposits?

ELIAS: No. Within consciousness, you create energy deposits. You create them within your own physical location of your home of your own energy, and collectively you create them in many areas upon your planet for different reasons, and different individuals are drawn to different tones of energy deposits. Some individuals are drawn to energy deposits that they connect to within physical locations of your oceans; some within your deserts; some within your mountains; some within grazing lands. The largest energy deposit that you have created collectively upon your planet is that which you term to be your Bermuda Triangle.

JIM: Huh! So it exists!

ELIAS: Absolutely! It is your window to other dimensions.

JIM: It is some kind of mass consciousness that created this, a mass energy of people that happened to create it there?

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: Why there, as opposed to somewhere a thousand miles west or east?

ELIAS: This be your choice. You have collectively chosen this area of your planet as the one area of your planet that you may use as your window.

JIM: Into other dimensions?

ELIAS: Correct; and you accept this within your objective, waking, official reality.” [session 232, October 31, 1997]

JULIE: “I’ve got another question. Okay, what’s this relationship with Janis Joplin?

ELIAS: You have tapped empathically to an element of a world view, one that reinforces your own feelings. You are quite adept at reinforcing your own feelings and your own fears. This individual, within the deposit of energy of world view, has also inserted the feelings and viewpoints of fearfulness and uncertainty of self to be examined by others; those so choosing to be tapping into this world view of this particular reality. In this, you have tapped an element of this world view that affords you a reinforcement of your own feelings and fears in very similar manners. Therefore, you FEEL a connection to this individual. You have merely tapped an energy source that offers you more of a reasoning to be allowing yourself to stand at the foot of the mountain instead of climbing.

This also is a tapping into a world view for a nurturing effect. At times, individuals within physical focus look to another or an energy source that holds similar qualities to themselves. You do this within physical focus, for within your belief systems you view yourselves to be isolated and alone. You long for the nurturing of another, one that may completely understand your soul, for you view that no other individual may completely understand your soul, for you are so very separated and so very different and so very singularly individual! Therefore, how may it be that any other individual may understand the deep recesses of yourself?

JULIE: I left the door open! The door is open. I’m not totally closed!

ELIAS: Partially.

JULIE: Partially, yeah.

ELIAS: Therefore, you reach to another energy that may offer you this nurturing and understanding of your depths of yourself, and you view the commonality, and you offer yourself this gift. But the gift also brings, within your emotions within physical focus, sadness, for you may not touch it. It is removed from you. It is just beyond your reach. How appropriate! Offering yourself another element just beyond your reach!

JULIE: What can I say?

ELIAS: You are quite consistent!” [session 248a, December 09, 1997]

ELIAS: “Let me express to you that in actuality, there are energy deposits upon your planet which YOU HAVE CREATED. They are NOT intrinsic to the actual physical location. They are deposits of energy, which the individual focuses have placed energy into these areas. You have reversed the explanation. You express that the place draws you with its energy. No. YOU draw to a place in communication in consciousness, in interaction in consciousness, drawing yourself to like spirit, so to speak, and subsequently YOU deposit energy in this particular physical location which shall be recognizable to other individuals of like kind. In this, YOU are the instrument that is creating of the situation and the draw of energy, and as you each draw together in like intent, which you have in agreement of probabilities, you each add elements of your energy to the physical location. It is a marker, and this is recognizable to other individuals as they draw to the same physical location, and the more individuals that draw to the physical location, the more energy that is deposited, which creates your idea or your belief system of your vortex. It is YOUR energy, not your planet’s energy.” [session 270, March 19, 1998]

NICKY: “Okay. I have a question on something I was reading in a Seth book that caught my eye the other day, something he calls ‘coordinate energy points.’ Is that right?

ELIAS: Correct.

NICKY: He mentions different places briefly in our own country here. He mentions the west coast, and I’m taking it that means California or parts of California?

ELIAS: Certain areas.

NICKY: Certain areas, okay. ‘Portions of the east coast, Utah, the Great Lakes,’ so forth and so on. Is Castaic part of the west coast that he’s talking of, as far as having coordinate energy points?

ELIAS: Let me clarify the meaning of these coordinate points, for this has been a source of misinterpretation by many individuals in accessing this information. This has been created into a belief system that you identify as ‘vortexes.’ Now....

NICKY: Oh, is that what they refer to as a vortex?

ELIAS: Correct. Now; let me explain in actuality what is meant by these coordinate energy points upon your planet. This is not a situation that the planet itself holds energy points that are intrinsic to itself. This be your belief system in your creation of the concept of vortexes. You have created a belief system that your planet holds energy sites intrinsic to itself which you may magnate to. In actuality, as in like manner to many other situations that have created belief systems, you have reversed the idea and the action [in] the recognition of the energy. In actuality, you as individuals collectively create these coordinate points, or ENERGY CENTERS.

NICKY: Really!

ELIAS: I have expressed this recently within another session, which I shall be reiterating of this action, which you yourselves individually and en masse create, which is the situation of what you believe now to be your vortexes or your coordinate energy points; what I would express to you as energy centers within physical locations. The action is created in your deposit of your own individual energies into a specific location, and as you draw yourselves en masse to a similar or same location physically, the energy that is deposited collects. In this, you create a powerful site, so to speak, within a physical location.

You are creating of these sites much of your physical time. You choose a location upon your physical planet which shall be what you may view as a meeting point, an area within physical location that you set as a drawing point to be coming together to share expression subjectively and objectively within energy, and as you are accomplishing this, you are creating a deposit of energy which shall remain within the physical location. This serves as a draw for more individuals to magnate to specific locations. Their experience is that they recognize and feel the actual energy which has been deposited by many individuals in the specific physical location.

Now; within your particular physical location, as we have initiated and continued the forum of these sessions, you have created another coordinate point or energy center within a physical location. Therefore, you may view the physical location that you occupy within your space arrangement, within the particular township of which you live presently, as having become another coordinate point.

NICKY: Oh! So very interesting! So it’s we ourselves objectively who make these deposits and create these points?

ELIAS: Correct.

NICKY: Oh, that’s too awesome!

ELIAS: Therefore, the physical location of the space arrangement that you are occupying presently has been visited and occupied by many individuals en masse in conjunction with this particular forum and energy exchange. In this action, each of the participants within the exchange have deposited energy into the physical location of space arrangements, creating an actual energy center physically in location; which this energy remains and gains in strength as it continues to be deposited by more individuals, and this draws MORE individuals to the physical location, for the recognition of the energy held within the physical area creates a draw within consciousness for more individuals.

NICKY: Is that the action that took place with – and now I’m going to go to the personal level – my movement from Illinois to Florida, and from Florida to here?

ELIAS: Each physical location that you occupy, you individually create an energy deposit; but en masse, you also create physical energy centers.

NICKY: Okay. Now with that point in mind, with the centers, I thought I ended up here because of my daughter and grandchildren. They have left the state, and I am still here! I’m realizing, as I did a while back, that the draw was here for this information.

ELIAS: Correct.

NICKY: So that’s what it was that I was actually drawn to, but objectively, I was looking at the kids.

ELIAS: Correct. Subjectively, you are drawn to the energy center.

NICKY: Okay. Now, is that part of my resistance as far as going to Florida? I know there’s a strong pull from Florida, to be wanting to go back there for more than one reason objectively. But within me, I don’t feel the same draw.

ELIAS: Correct, for you hold the recognition that you occupy the space arrangement of the energy center presently. Therefore, this creates a hold.

Many individuals draw themselves to different energy centers or what you may term to be coordinate energy points, and once they have arrived physically to this specific location, they also hold a reluctance to be moving physically away from the physical location, for they recognize the pleasurable effect of the energy center itself. This creates a hold within them within their feelings of not wishing to be moving outside of this particular energy center, or what you commonly express as vortex presently, although this is a perpetuation of a belief system.

In this, recognize that you may be creating en masse an energy center ANYWHERE within your physical locations. It is merely an accumulation of energy deposited by individuals, which expands to energy deposited en masse into one physical location, which then creates a coordinate energy point or an energy center within physical location.” [session 271, April 02, 1998]

SARA: “I have a couple of quick questions. When I lived in Hawaii, a lot of the people – the quote ‘hippie people’ – that I met there seemed to have a light coming out of their eyes, or like really light auras as compared to people here on the mainland in the U.S. I was wondering why that was, if it was just my perception or if it was actually real?

ELIAS: This also is a reality.

Let me express to you that in different locations physically, individuals magnate to certain energy centers that shall be lending to their openness, and they shall be creating also of the increase of energy of these energy centers in physical locations.

Let me express to you that individuals create the energy centers physically initially, but other individuals draw themselves to these energy centers and participate in lending energy to them. This also cycles around, so to speak, lending energy to them in their widening of awareness and their opening within consciousness. In this, they reflect out – once again, in this cycling – objective creations of their particular environment that you may view.

You view certain physical locations to be brighter or you view certain physical locations to hold an intensity of energy, and in these physical locations you shall also notice the individuals that inhabit those physical locations reflect that same type of energy within their openness.

There are also areas that the energy is lent in different manners, and may be creating of turbulence in physical creations: storms, whirlwinds, tornadoes, earthquakes. The individuals inhabiting these particular areas are creating of the particular disturbances, weather patterns, atmospheric conditions, planetary conditions, and they are also reflecting this type of energy within themselves, therefore not necessarily appearing to be quite as open, for their energy is projected in a different type of mirror action.

SARA: Would it be true to say that when I left Wisconsin, that my energy had changed so much that it wasn’t the quote ‘right place’ for me to be any more?

ELIAS: In YOUR words you are correct, although it is not necessarily the situation of ‘the right place’ or ‘the wrong place,’ but that this particular location was not serving your intent any longer.

SARA: I almost hesitate to ask this ’cause it sounds kind of hokey, but is there a place that resonates most with my energy that I want to be going to?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) There are many locations physically that you may magnate yourself to that you shall resonate with, but I also caution you in this area, that you may be moving into a dangerous area of perpetuating belief systems if you are allowing yourself to be moving into this thought process too fully.” [session 289, June 23, 1998]

ELIAS: “Now; as to the interaction between yourself and that which you perceive to be the energy of Tom, the focus of James (3), this would be an energy deposit which has been left, so to speak, in active order to be interactive within physical focus. Many individuals in the action of disengagement choose to be allowing energy deposits to be remaining within the area of Regional Area 1, physical focus. This is actual, physical, moving energy; that which you may term, in your language and in your terms solely, as living energy. It moves and it pulsates, and it holds elements of the personality of that particular individual which has occupied physical focus.

Now; within this energy deposit, the individual engaging disengagement from physical focus may also insert into this energy deposit any imagery that they are so choosing to be connecting with any physically focused individual.

You will find many times throughout your history, in individual situations or stories of physically focused individuals that hold great affection or connection to each other within their focus, they may be creating of an agreement objectively that at the time period of the disengagement of one, there shall be offered a symbol or imagery to the other individual which is remaining within physical focus that shall be recognizable to the remaining individual within physical focus. Throughout your myths, these may be termed to be ‘signs’ of the continuation of the disengaged individual for the benefit of the remaining physically focused individual.

These ‘signs’ have been romanticized throughout your history. In actuality, it is not an actual interaction of the individual focus disengaged with the individual physically-focused focus, but rather it is an energy deposit which remains purposefully by the individual who has chosen to disengage. This is left, so to speak, to offer encouragement and validation and also comfort to those individuals that remain within physical focus.

In this, let me express to you that regardless of challenges, issues, shrines and belief systems that any individual holds within physical focus, regardless of any of the experiences or actions that they choose to be engaging within, at the moment of disengagement there is an objective awareness that there is presented the opportunity to be offering of these energy deposits, and many times individuals move in the direction of engaging this action.

Therefore, there are individuals within physical focus that you term to be psychics that may engage these energy deposits and relate to you in translation that they have been within contact of this individual that you term to be ‘lost’ or has moved to the ‘other side,’ so to speak ... which there is no other side! In this, what they are accessing is the energy deposit, the personality which is attached to the energy deposit, and any imagery that the individual has placed within the energy deposit which shall be recognized by the individual inquiring of them.

The energy deposit which has been offered to you is that which has held a fascination or an attention to the individual of Tom before the action of disengagement. In this action of placing this particular type of imagery into the energy deposit, it is a recognizable symbol to you, therefore offering you a validation of the continuation of energy, also offering you a comfort that no thing has been lost, for although you do not objectively physically engage the individual any longer, the energy deposit remains and has been offered to you to be comforting to you in a manner that shall be recognizable to you personally.” [session 296, July 13, 1998]

SALLY: “Elias, could you tell Pat where her mom is now, who was also my favorite aunt Sophie?

ELIAS: This individual engages the action of transition. In this, you may experience certain time frameworks that you interpret as interaction of yourself and this individual.

Let me explain to you that what you are engaging is an energy deposit of this individual that has been offered to be comforting at certain time periods to you, but the actual focus of the individual engages the action of transition, therefore is not engaged in direct interaction with individuals within physical focus, for individual focuses which are engaged in the action of transition non-physically do not interact directly with individuals within physical focus.

In this, you may encounter individuals within physical focus that express to you that they are accessing a disengaged relative, so to speak, or friend, or any other individual. They are accessing energy which has been in conjunction with that individual focus, therefore holds its energy signature, so to speak, and also holds information of the individual, but is not the individual themselves, for the individual focus engages transition, and within the action of transition, that particular focus shall engage all of its attention in that area, viewing all of its focuses. Therefore, it does not directly interact with physical focus.

Also, the point of the action of transition is to be disengaging – eliminating, not accepting, eliminating – belief systems. Therefore, it shall not be reinforcing of these physical belief systems by interaction with physical focuses. It also holds the objective, so to speak, in disengaging objective awareness. In this, it also would be defeating of the point to be engaging with physical focus if the focus is disengaging objective awareness.

Therefore, what you are engaging is an element that the individual has projected and has allowed to remain, so to speak, within your physical dimension, which is an energy projection of their energy.

SALLY: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.” [session 339, November 13, 1998]

JOHN: “... Now, [my wife’s grandfather] just recently disengaged, and I remember reading in the transcripts about how it’s individual for each person, but I’m wondering where he went to thereafter upon disengagement, how he arrived, and what he’s doing now. Is he still around the family, or is it just all his choice? (Elias chuckles)

ELIAS: First of all, I shall express to you that as an individual disengages, they allow for what you may term to be a residual energy. This is an energy deposit which remains within your physical Regional Area 1.

In this, as the physical body also remains within your physical dimension, the body consciousness is engaged and continues for a time framework.

Now; in this, initially, many individuals that continue within physical focus for a time framework in relation to the disengagement of the individual shall allow themselves an openness in which they shall be aware of and noticing – and even at times interactive with – the energy deposit which continues within the physical reality.

Therefore, individuals may express that they feel a presence, or that they are interactive with the individual regardless that this individual has disengaged, or that they may view certain actions or notice certain occurrences in relation to that individual.

This is the expression of the energy deposit which the individual allows to be placed in your physical reality as they choose to be disengaging from physical reality, and in this, the energy deposit holds more strength, for the most part, as the physical body also continues within your physical reality.

What I am expressing to you is, if an individual is choosing to be disengaging and the physical body also is removed from your physical reality, there is what may appear to be less strength in the expression of the energy deposit within your physical reality, for the individual has chosen to be removing the entirety of the consciousness from this physical reality. There may continue to be an expression of an energy deposit, but it also may appear not as strongly in its expression as it may as the physical body continues.

Now; as to the individual, you are correct that each individual is creating of different types of movements and creations and actions once disengagement occurs. Much of their action or what they may create in imagery is dependent upon their belief systems associated with this reality.

In this, this particular individual presently is within an objective state, in a manner of speaking. There continues to be an objective awareness.

Now; let me also express to you, this objective awareness in this now – or that you associate with this now – is not holding its attention in association with your physical focus.

This individual has moved elements of its consciousness prior to the disengagement into nonphysical areas of consciousness. Therefore, there is an awareness of the individual that they are no longer, in a manner of speaking, interactive with this physical reality, although the individual continues to be creating objective imagery which is associated with this objective physical reality.

The difference is that this individual is choosing to be experimenting with their ability to be manipulating imagery.

JOHN: Okay, but that’s only in his reality, in his perception.

ELIAS: Correct.” [session 578, March 19, 2000]

BEN: “I guess the biggest event in my life since I talked to you last was having to do with Vicki/Lawrence. I know you had already given me a message before about nobody’s going to be channeling Vicki anytime soon, but I guess I was just trying to find out about my own particular choices in this creation (4), about what my own particular payoff or whatever would be as far as her choices are concerned.

I never really had too much interest in this idea that we would call talking with the dead or whatever, but I’m thinking that since it’s Vicki, being interactive with Lawrence’s [Vicki’s] energy deposit, Vicki’s energy deposit, would be something that would be interesting to me now. I’m wondering if that might be along the lines of my payoff?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct in what you are creating within your individual reality and your participation in this action, allowing yourself a familiarity and, in a manner of speaking, a comfort in that familiarity with this other essence and in particular with this particular focus of essence, that you may avoid generating an expression of fear in relation to opening to energy deposits that are expressed by other essences. For if you are allowing yourself to be experimenting with this action, you shall be noticing that comfort in familiarity with Lawrence’s [Vicki’s] energy expression.

Now; I shall express to you, do not confuse the energy deposits with what you may identify as a direct interaction between yourself and that focus of attention of Lawrence [Vicki] which has disengaged, for that focus of attention is presently NOT moving its attention in the direction of being directly interactive through the layers of consciousness in association with your physical dimension. Therefore, what you shall allow yourself to be interactive with are energy deposits, and perhaps if allowing yourself an openness temporarily or briefly you may allow yourself to be experiencing energy waves which are being generated by that focus of Lawrence [Vicki]. But as to an actual interaction in the manner which is familiar to you within physical focus, this shall not be being expressed presently.

BEN: Well, let me ask you, if for whatever reason I decided here’s a good chance for me to try to become interactive with an energy deposit, other than just wanting to do it is there any other suggestion you could make? The other thing is, what’s the purpose of one, anyway? I mean, what would I hope to find out by becoming interactive with him?

ELIAS: What shall be benefited in this type of action is an allowance of an objective familiarity with your individual abilities to be generating this type of action, which allows you a validation and a trust within your abilities to be creating this type of action in relation to other energies or other essences and other aspects of your own energy.

Therefore, this is merely another type of exploration, or exercise in experimentation, in an objective manner in relation to the abilities that you naturally incorporate but have not necessarily allowed yourself to view and experience previously, which is beneficial in expanding your objective awareness of self.

As to any information that you may be offering to yourself in relation to Lawrence [Vicki], this is inconsequential.

BEN: Okay, I’ll just have the idea that this is taking place. I’ll have the impression that that’s actually what’s going on.

ELIAS: Correct.

BEN: And that will just be trusting my own abilities that this can occur or is occurring?

ELIAS: Correct. And you may, if allowing yourself, experience actual physical interaction of energies, for the energy deposit is quite real and therefore the energy that is expressed in these energy deposits generates movement which may be sensed quite physically, in like manner to your awareness of any other physical energy which is expressed within your physical dimension and your environment.

BEN: You mean just like anything else I would sense physically, like the wind or heat or anything like that?

ELIAS: Yes. I may express to you, Albert [Ben], at times within physical focus you may be aware of physical energy presences without engaging your outer senses of sight or of hearing, but your sense of touch provides for the objective awareness of the energy interaction.

Many times individuals within physical focus experience this type of sensation which is a physical interaction of energy fields within sleep state, knowing the presence of another individual within their physical proximity, and thusly awakening themselves in response to the physical interaction which stimulates the touch sense in physical manifestation without an actual physical matter touch. Are you understanding?

BEN: Yes. Along the same lines, you talk about being more comfortable with my own abilities or conflict or ... I mean, I would imagine at some level this could possibly help me deal with the concept of my own disengagement.

Because I can only relate this to the same situation, but in the past couple of years it seems to be getting worse. I am more and more uncomfortable or afraid to fly, and of course I’d certainly like to be over the concept of my own death or whatever, but I’m not quite sure what’s intensifying that situation.

ELIAS: And I may also express to you that in allowing yourself to engage an interaction with these energy expressions of Lawrence [Vicki], you may provide yourself with more of an ease in relation to not merely the action of death or disengagement and offer yourself more of a comfort in that action, but also, in continuing within your physical expression in accessing Lawrence’s [Vicki’s] energy expressions, you may ease your discomfort in relation to flying. Which is not an accident, for Lawrence [Vicki] incorporated great curiosity and excitement in relation to this particular action, which in energy may now be translated in helpfulness in association with your apprehension concerning this action.

BEN: I know you’re going to tell me that there’s no method necessary for me to do this, but is it simply just a willingness or a wanting to be interactive with this energy?

ELIAS: And an allowance of relaxation which shall generate more of an expression of openness within your energy. You may incorporate some aspects of your exercises that you have incorporated to allow you a method, so to speak, in generating a type of meditative relaxation as in conjunction with your yoga exercises.

BEN: Yes, physical relaxation I can handle. Mental relaxation doesn’t come as easily.

ELIAS: In the incorporation of the physical action, you may allow yourself also to be distracted enough to be incorporating a relaxation to be opening to the allowance of the interaction.

This also is an expression of energy that may be connected with in the energy expression that Lawrence [Vicki] has offered, for there has been incorporated similar physical expressions and experience through this particular method of relaxation through exercise. Therefore, there is a familiarity in energy between the two.” [session 974, December 28, 2001]

BOBBI: “I was also, in the midst of all this [i.e. a friend’s dis-ease, Vicki Pendley’s and her cat recently disengaging], thinking about the emotion of grief. Would you like to add your comments as to what that is? I’ve thought of some stuff, but I guess my bottom line question is about that in this physical focus death is an absolute, or it certainly seems to be. There is a definite line. I will not talk to that focus of Lawrence again. I will not see my kitty again, and if things continue to progress with my friend as they have been, I will not be seeing her again after not too long. That’s the element that I’m wondering about, the missing, the missing of that physical focus which does seem like an absolute.

ELIAS: I am aware that it appears to be an absolute, although it is not. What your association is, which is quite strong within this physical dimension, is what is being expressed in the emotional communication of grief. This communication is identifying to you the strength of separation. Individuals experience this emotion of grief as a communication to themselves identifying their expression of separation in extreme and the intensity of the alignment with this expression in association with your beliefs. In actuality, it is not an absolute, but this expression of separation is quite strongly generated in this physical dimension and has been throughout your history quite purposefully.

Now; in this time framework, as you are participating in this shift in consciousness, and you are thinning these veils as you objectively insert this shift into your reality, more and more you shall allow yourselves to view the lack of absoluteness in association with some expressions that generate tremendous separation. I have been expressing to you all from the onset of this forum that one of the veils of separation that you are dropping in association with this shift in consciousness is concerning what you term to be death and the movement from one expression of consciousness to another.

I am recognizing in your questioning and in your associations that objectively you have not yet recognized that lack of separation.

BOBBI: (Laughs) You’re correct!

ELIAS: But you are also addressing to the influences of it. Therefore, you are generating movement in the direction of dropping these veils, for you are allowing yourself to notice and pay attention in questioning and exploring the identification of grief.

BOBBI: I recognized that was the main message in the emotion of grief, was the belief in the absoluteness of the separation.

ELIAS: Correct, which is a denial of your choices, once again.

BOBBI: Which lends to the extremeness of that emotion.

ELIAS: Correct. And this is an...

BOBBI: So how do I move beyond that or thin those veils further or lift them or...?

ELIAS: Let me express to you, my friend, the most strongly expressed communications that you offer to yourselves in emotional expressions concern the denial of your choices. This is expressed in sadness, in grief, in anger. These are very strongly expressed emotions, and they incorporate very strongly expressed signals, what you term to be deeply felt. The reason that you generate these types of signals in association with this particular message, as I have stated recently, is that the one expression that in your terms could figuratively move an essence to weep is an expression of denying choice, for it is an unnatural expression. Therefore, you generate quite strong signals and messages in the moments that you are expressing that action.

Now; in association with these communications, allowing yourself to recognize that this is what you are generating, you may offer yourself an expression of choice. I am understanding that offering yourself permission to be generating choice may be quite challenging in these types of expressions, for this also requires trust: trust of yourself, not discounting yourself, not doubting yourself, and trust of your ability which may be naturally expressed without force. Recognizing that you do incorporate choice, regardless of the influence of your beliefs, you may allow yourself to move in merely one step of attempting to open your awareness and therefore recreate or create again your interaction. And you may, but this one action is quite challenging.

This is not to say that you may not accomplish, but I am recognizing in association with the strength of the influence of beliefs and your automatic responses to them, allowing yourself to relax and recognize that you do incorporate choice may be, in your terms, quite difficult.

BOBBI: Well, it has been. Because in looking for the choice in those moments of that emotion, I’ve missed out on what the choices might be.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, my friend, it is not always important to objectively identify in a particular moment an identification of a particular choice. It is not always necessary to know objectively what your choice of method may be. What is significant is that you allow yourself a genuine recognition that you incorporate choice regardless of whether you identify what the choice is, for it is so strongly expressed in association with the beliefs that you do not incorporate choice: ‘this creature has disengaged, this individual has disengaged; I cannot interact any longer.’ Therefore it matters not what method may be engaged, for you are already expressing to yourself the denial: ‘I cannot.’

BOBBI: I see. I’ve closed off the possibility of choice, then.

ELIAS: Correct.

Now; let me also express to you that expressing to yourself that you can and merely that you do incorporate choice, does not necessarily necessitate that you generate any definitive action other than allowance. Therefore, in recognition that you do incorporate choice, you may allow yourself merely to relax and allow for the choices to be engaged, without incorporating a physical doing of action.

In this, allow yourself a reinforcement also in relation to the belief and in relation to the allowance of choice in recognizing that individuals within your physical dimension do actually express this allowance and choose not to be aligning with the influence of beliefs concerning separation in association with death, to the point at times of allowing themselves actual physical interaction with the individual that has disengaged. For be remembering, every expression within all of your reality – ALL of your reality – that you perceive is being manifest by you.

What are you actually interactive with in relation to any other expression of consciousness? An energy projection, not a physical form. YOU generate the physical form. YOU generate the manifestation through your perception. Therefore, may you interact with a projection or exchange of energy with another individual that has disengaged? Yes. And in a manner of speaking the extent of how you allow yourself to receive and configure that energy, there are individuals that actually project the physical manifestation of the individual and allow themselves to be physically interactive again, and this is quite real.

BOBBI: So when that occurs, what are they interacting with? Just simply their projection, or in conjunction with an energy deposit, or is there an actual interaction with that essence? What exactly would they be interacting with?

ELIAS: Energy, which is what you are interactive with in physical focus also.

BOBBI: With energy from the person who has disengaged?

ELIAS: Yes. Let me express to you, my friend, contrary to the expression of your beliefs, you may be interactive with what you physically view to be another individual and not actually be interacting with an energy projection from the other individual; but within your physical focus, you may be at times interacting with an energy deposit of the other individual. It is no less an expression of that individual’s energy.

BOBBI: Oh. I guess I’ve always thought there was a distinction there, a difference.

ELIAS: The difference is the attention of the other individual. An energy deposit may or may not incorporate the individual’s attention. At times, it may. Many times it may not, but it is no less an expression of the individual’s energy.

In this, have you not engaged even one experience within your focus in which you perceive to be expressing an interaction with another individual and the other individual may express no objective awareness of the action occurring, period?


ELIAS: You may be interacting with an energy expression, an energy deposit of the other individual which is not incorporating the other individual’s attention. Therefore you are engaging the other individual’s energy and you are allowing yourself to configure that energy and project that through your perception, generate an actual physical interaction with the other individual. Subsequently you may be interactive with an actual exchange of energy with the attention of the other individual, and you may express your experience and the other individual may incorporate no objective experience.

Therefore, you may generate the same action in relation to an attention that has disengaged. You may be interactive with an energy deposit which may be an interaction – it is quite real – or you may allow yourself to be exchanging energy with the attention. Your experience in what you generate through your perception may vary in intensity and in solidity. You may allow yourself to be interactive within dream imagery or within audible voices, movement of objects, or you may actually generate a physical form.

BOBBI: I guess the first step is opening myself to the possibility or the choice of doing that.

ELIAS: Correct. The first step, so to speak, is recognizing the denial of choice, acknowledging that belief and the influence of it, not denying the belief also, which merely reinforces the denying of the choice; but once acknowledging the influence of the belief and recognizing its existence, so to speak, allowing yourself to genuinely recognize that you incorporate choice regardless of the existence of the belief or not.

BOBBI: Thank you; thank you very much.” [session 1007, February 13, 2001]

JIM: “Probably the area that I tend to think the most about and I think is probably one of our biggest challenges is believing that we fully create our reality while we are interacting with other people. I know from what I’ve read in some of the other sessions, you talk about where in many ways we are interacting with ourselves, because we are creating the projection of the other people and we also translate their energy into our own imagery and their actions.

So, the aspect, I guess, where I have a question is, because we are creating the imagery of the other person and the other person is creating their imagery of say, me, would we ever know when we are creating a different interaction than what each of us is seeing?

ELIAS: Yes. As I have stated previously, for the most part the manner in which ‘you create your reality’ is expressed is that you do in actuality interact with the energy of another individual. You project energy to other individuals and other individuals project energy to you. As you receive the energy from the other individual, you configure that energy, filtering through your beliefs, and project outwardly your perception, which is the actual physical creation of the other individual. In this, for the most part, as you generate this action you are receiving the energy from the other individual and you are configuring it quite similarly to what the other individual is projecting.

Now; as I have stated, you also filter this energy through your own beliefs and associations. Therefore it may be projected to you and you may be altering the actual configuration of energy, but in participation with another individual, this may still be configured quite similarly to the manner in which it has been projected by the other individual. For you chose to be interactive with specific individuals in specific moments, allowing yourself to be receiving energy that shall be configured similar to their projection but also as a reflection of what you are generating in that moment inwardly. Therefore, there is a cooperation that occurs.

Now; at times you may be interactive with another individual’s energy but not necessarily with the projection of energy by the attention of the other individual. Therefore, what you may be interactive with is an energy deposit of another individual. This is no less an expression of the other individual’s energy, but it may not be associated with the attention of the other individual. Therefore, it incorporates the qualities of the other individual and expression of the other individual, but as it may not incorporate the attention of the other individual, you may recognize subsequent to your interaction, or even at times during your perceived interaction, that your experiences appear to be quite different.

What I am expressing in this is that you may be creating an experience in conjunction with another individual, and you shall generate the physical manifestation and imagery; subsequent to the interaction you may be engaging another interaction with that individual and communicating to the other individual concerning the previous experience, and the other individual may express to you no objective recognition or knowledge of the experience at all, which may appear to you momentarily to be quite confusing.

These are time frameworks in which you allow yourself to view that you have created a projection of interaction with another individual in which the other individual has created a very different experience. In these time frameworks you may be, as I have stated, interactive with another individual’s energy but not with their attention.

Your evidence of time frameworks in which you are generating an interaction which is not being configured in similarity with the other individual’s projection of energy are time frameworks in which you realize in your objective attention that your experiences may be quite different or in time frameworks in which you realize that it appears to you that you are interactive or communicating with the other individual but you seem not to be communicating with the other individual. This may be evidenced in a moment in which you begin to experience that you may be communicating with another individual and you experience a sensation and a recognition of oddity as though you may be speaking an entirely different language, in which you are also recognizing that your perception of the other individual is that you are not understanding their communication either, as though they are speaking an entirely different language, in which neither of you in your perception is connecting, in a manner of speaking, in any type of communication that either of you understand.

Now; this is a different action from a communication that may occur between individuals of different orientations. At times you may recognize that you may incorporate difficulty or challenge in understanding the expression of another individual incorporating a different orientation. But this is quite a different action, and you shall recognize that you are attempting to understand the other individual’s expression and you are in some manner communicating with each other.

The time frameworks which I am speaking of do not occur frequently. This in actuality is a rare occurrence, although it does occur with individuals in which you are aware that you are not merely incorporating difficulty or challenge understanding another individual, but you are recognizing that there is no communication actually occurring, that you are incorporating entirely different expressions even though you perceive yourself to be interactive with the other individual. This is an expression that occurs in the moments in which you are not engaging an energy projection incorporating the attention of the other individual. Are you understanding?

JIM: I believe so, yes.

ELIAS: Therefore, as to your question, shall you know objectively in moments when you are not actually engaging the attention of another individual, yes, you do offer yourselves evidence of this action. But as I have stated, for the most part you are similarly configuring the energy through your perception and generating the projection of the other individual in association with what is being projected to you by the other individual. In actuality my friends, the manner in which you interact through energy and project physical manifestations in this dimension is HIGHLY efficient.

JIM: Efficient, in that they are very similar? Is that what you mean by efficient?

ELIAS: Partially, but also that you have quite intricately designed a physical dimension that interacts with energy. The physical configuration of manifestations is generated by each individual in a highly efficient manner, for it moves quite precisely in association with energy, with no incorporation of accident, but quite definitely in a recognition of yourselves, to allow you to be precisely interactive in each moment with specific individuals that shall project energy to you that you wish to reflect to yourself, to offer yourself information concerning what you are generating.

JIM: So how we see other individuals is in a way a reflection of ourselves?

ELIAS: Correct.

MAVIS: We want to be communicating that message back to ourselves, then?

ELIAS: Yes. This is the manner in which you allow yourselves to objectively view yourselves.

MAVIS: That’s interesting.

ELIAS: Now; this also is partially the challenge which arises in association with this shift in consciousness, for the action of turning your attention to self and holding your attention upon self simultaneous to viewing your projection of manifestations through your perception is quite unfamiliar.

MAVIS: And staying out of victim mode while you are doing it!

ELIAS: Quite. (Laughter) For your association with this action has been that you are not projecting the image of the other individual; the other individual is the other individual, and therefore their expressions are generated by them and therefore you do not incorporate choice in association with other individuals – and this is incorrect.” [session 1010, February 17, 2001]

End Notes:

(1) Paul’s note: a reference to the Michael phenomenon, “channeled” by a woman named Holly Coleman.

(2) Paul’s note: Jane Roberts engaged an energy exchange with an “energy personality essence” named Seth from December 1963 until her passing in September 1984. Seth/Jane produced over 40 books of material during that time that now forms a body of the perennial philosophy called the Seth Material. (The Early Sessions, Books 1-9 are now available, [sessions 1-510].)

(3) Vic’s note: on July 01, 1998, Tom (James) shot himself in the head. He died the next morning. Needless to say, this was quite a shock to those of us who knew Tom, both inside and outside of these sessions.

This session was requested by Gail, who was present when the event occurred. The other people “sittng in” on this session were there to offer energy and support.

Tom attended his first session on August 02, 1995, and continued to attend sessions on and off until his “death.”

(4) Paul’s note: Ben refers to events shortly after Vicki Pendley’s sudden death on December 06, 2001 in Castaic, California from pneumonia. Vic had become ill with the flu, worsened over a period of 4-5 days, and took a sudden turn for the worse. Needless to say, this was quite a shock to those of us who knew, worked with, and lived near Vic.

Her husband Ron Churchman had a private session when Mary came out to visit shortly thereafter. (It remains untranscribed). Towards the end of that session, Elias made reference to something that Ben had discussed with Mary before her trip. Namely, what if she could channel Vic? Elias said in effect that “no one will be channeling Vicki anytime soon.”

According to Ben,

“I had asked Mary during those first grief-stricken days at my house [in New York City] that when the phenomenon was first starting out she made a conscious decision that ‘she wasn't going to be a radio station.’ So, I inferred that it might possibly be within her abilities to ‘contact someone else’ and would she be willing to try and get a bead on Vic? I was full of topics to try and get her from not crying that weekend . Mary basically said she didn't know how to and Elias was saying, ‘don't bother trying,’ I suppose .”

(I must also note with sadness and irony Vic’s endnote 3 about Tom’s suicide, though I know that some where and some when Vic is laughing her ass off!)

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