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Monday, May 01, 1995

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Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence) Christie (Oliver), Laszlo (John), and a new participant, Debbie (Catherine).

Vicki’s note: The notes for this session were taken by Debbie, as I found it impossible to do! I give a lot of credit to Debbie for being able to accomplish this at her first session. The following transcript is a revision of the original one produced by Debbie.

Debbie’s note: At first appearance, Elias had a hazy, slightly glowing appearance around Michael’s face. As the session progressed, Elias, in Michael’s body, become clearer, more focused in contrasts, sharper in image. Elias swayed and looked about the room, never settling his eyes for long durations on anyone, or on any one object. Elias looked momentarily at each person, acknowledging their presence.

ELIAS: Good evening. (Pause) We will discuss “living artfully.” (Turning to Debbie) You did not attend the last time.


ELIAS: Welcome. (Smiling, and a pause)

CHRIS: At the last session you mentioned a connection between me and Michael, as a mother.

ELIAS: You were a mother; he was a child. It was a brief encounter. Sometimes it is difficult to access time frame. It is not important. There is a reason for this? It is important for you to know?

CHRIS: I guess I wanted a connection.

ELIAS: We come together with a purpose. It is not by chance. All of you are on a level of understanding. That is why I have chosen to speak with you, and you will have contact with other people who will benefit from your understanding. There are many people who will understand, and have a “like spirit.” (Smiling)

DEBBIE: I need to know my purpose.

ELIAS: Your purpose? (Debbie responds with a firm but softly spoken “Yes”) Your purpose is to experience. Your purpose is to focus on your essence. Your purpose is to experience a physical lifetime. You cannot guide others. They will guide themselves. You must focus on your own interaction with your own essence. It will affect others. You must understand that you cannot change others. You must focus on your own experiences and your own essence.

Debbie’s note: The following conversation is unclear. A question arose regarding Michael and his connection with Elias. Elias stated he is always with Michael and speaks to him often, but ...

ELIAS: I speak to Michael all the time, but Michael doesn’t always listen!

Debbie’s note: Vicki stated that she had a list of questions for Michael because he could not be there to ask his own questions. Also, could he ever possibly observe these proceedings?

ELIAS: This is a creation of when you are not focused. This is what you will experience when you are not physically focused.

VICKI: Asks a question regarding negative occurrences in the world; bombings, etc. This question was for Mary, inspired by the recent Oklahoma disaster.

ELIAS: Negative is a relative term. Things manifest for a reason. You choose for them to be created. This is done collectively and individually. There are no negative parts. You must focus on your own essence. You must learn knowledge. Knowledge will bring you to understanding. Understanding will bring you to peace, and an acceptance of “what is.”

CHRIS: Where do we gain this knowledge?

ELIAS: There are vast wells of knowledge available to you here; from individuals, from books, from yourselves. Your essence has the answers already, if you listen. You need only turn your focus.

VICKI: It’s hard to understand why such bad things happen.

ELIAS: Individuals make decisions and choices before they ever are manifest. These choices are for the collective purpose. Sometimes, it is to wake up other individuals. Sometimes, it is to wake up government. There is always a reason. These people, who have chosen this experience, do so for a higher purpose. You should not be concerned with that, for it is merely a passing. You are only to stay here for a length of time. Is that clear?

LASZLO: How do we best experience our essence?

ELIAS: Through your dreams. You will be your closest to your natural state in your dreams.

Debbie’s note: Elias mentioned the concept that our lives are an illusion; our lives are the dream. The dream state is our actual reality, our true existence. (We learned later that this was a misinterpretation)

CHRIS: But we don’t always remember our dreams.

ELIAS: You don’t remember your dreams because you divorce yourself from your essence. It is safer to disconnect yourself from what you don’t see.

VICKI: Then we are capable of remembering our dreams? Is there some message for us in our dreams?


VICKI: Then it would be good to work on remembering them?

ELIAS: Yes. (Smiling) There is no higher message. You are your highest message. You are divine beings of creating. There is nothing higher or beyond to seek. All that is, is without end.

VICKI: Who is Elias?

ELIAS: Elias is a name. You each have a name. I had a name of Elias in a physical experience.

VICKI: Michael prefers Elias.

ELIAS: Yes. He is silly! (Grinning at Vicki) But it is acceptable.

VICKI: Do we all have names of who we are?

ELIAS: Give us a moment. (Long pause, and then to Christie) Oliver. (To Laszlo) John. (To Debbie) Catherine. (To Vicki) Lawrence. They are not important. You will be known by many names. Elias is one. If it is comfortable, then this is acceptable.

LASZLO: Did you know a Juan? Don Juan? Did you teach him?

ELIAS: Was I a teacher of Juan? (Laszlo says “Yes”) No, I was not.

CHRIS: Where is the connection between Laszlo and I?

ELIAS: In a place of sand and pharaohs.

DEBBIE: May I ask about the relationship I am involved in?

ELIAS: (Smiling) A gentle soul, a very compassionate individual. It is a positive situation.

VICKI: As long as everyone is asking, I would like to know about the relationship I’m involved in.

ELIAS: A positive individual, and very lasting in your time frame, and will continue beyond. (To Christie) You have been connected to an emotional relationship together, to continue now.

VICKI: Do we have soul mates?

ELIAS: (Grinning) A soul mate is a term you have invented from your romanticizing! You are all soul mates!

CHRIS: My mother is on the other side. I understand she is not feeling good.

ELIAS: (Smiling) This is incorrect. She is in a waiting period for a manifestation. This is an intellectual interpretation. There is no “not feeling good!” (Laughter) She is readying herself and making her choices.

VICKI: Do we ever choose other planets or universes to manifest ourselves?

ELIAS: You have the ability to experience all images, more than your imagination, in this focus, can comprehend. I cannot ... It is difficult to explain in your language. You may experience dimensions, while you are here, by altering your focus selectively.

VICKI: Are people visiting with aliens here?


VICKI: But, you mean all those people who claim they have seen or had encounters with aliens are wrong?

ELIAS: This is complicated. This is another focus of reality. You believe you have the only reality, but you do not. There are countless others. Sometimes, they cross over each other briefly. (Demonstrating by intertwining his fingers together)

VICKI: Asks a question about the concept of flying saucers, and if seeing them is just a fantasy.

ELIAS: Only the interpretation is a fantasy. The experience is real. The interpretation is incorrect. This is why knowledge and understanding is important; for not misinterpreting.

LASZLO: My father is dead. It was his birthday today. I left flowers at his grave-site. Does he know?

ELIAS: (Pause, smiling) He is not here. He is with you again. He does not perceive of your flowers. His essence is with you. In the sense of physical manifestation, he has recreated once again.

LASZLO: Somebody else?

ELIAS: Yes, a baby.

DEBBIE: May I ask about my father? He died when I was two.

ELIAS: He is not here. He is a child, a female child. He is not in this area. He is in a farther distance of your planet.

LASZLO: Who is my father now?

ELIAS: Your father now?

LASZLO: Yes. One of my children?

ELIAS: No. He is manifest in a closer location in this country. In this, no, in another state. In Aris ... Aris ...

LASZLO: Arizona?

ELIAS: (Nodding) Arizona. He is two of your years.

VICKI: I’d like to know if my father has finally found some peace.

ELIAS: He is still here. Time is not the same here. You experience moments; we do not.

VICKI: So is it possible to time-travel?


VICKI: Can we supersede time, as we know it?

ELIAS: Yes. Michael does this.

VICKI: He does?

ELIAS: Yes. (Smiling) Your time now, he is unaware of. It is only your physical perception. It is not real. He is here, but not in time.

VICKI: Where is Michael?

ELIAS: He is here. He wonders why (unclear). He is focused. (Here, Elias explains Michael’s comfortable need to watch the purple prism)

VICKI: Can Michael participate with us?

ELIAS: Michael needs to concentrate not so hard on his focus. He will not fly away!

VICKI: Michael was wondering about his anxiety. Is he doing better?

ELIAS: Yes, he is doing better.

LASZLO: Asks a question about the purple prism.

ELIAS: We have worked together for a long time, as you perceive it. He feels, in his unconscious, that he needs a focus point, so he focuses on a prism. It spins, and he watches it, and it keeps him occupied! (Grinning, and we all laugh)

VICKI: You really love Michael, don’t you?

ELIAS: (Brightly) Oh, yes! We are very connected.

CHRIS: Can we as easily be in touch with our guides?

ELIAS: Yes. You are already, but you do not trust. You must stop telling yourselves, voluntarily, that it is not real. You will come in touch with your guides.

CHRIS: Is my father my guide?

ELIAS: Your essences will always be connected. You will communicate with your focus. Shift; he will help you.

VICKI: Can you use a different person to speak through?

ELIAS: No. I have been preparing Michael for a very long period. It has taken much concentration to make the connection. It has taken much work to ... It is hard to explain. It would take much work to connect with another.

VICKI: What is karma, and how does it relate to reincarnation?

ELIAS: In your interpretation of your word karma, it does not exist.

DEBBIE: Thank god! (Laughter)

ELIAS: There is no cause and effect of incidents. You do not carry incidents from one lifetime to another. It is not a “working off” of punishment. You are divine beings. You have nothing to work off! It has no place in remanifestation. You do manifest more than one time, but not to repay debts or to work out problems. You manifest for your experience.

VICKI: Always on this particular planet?

ELIAS: When you choose this cycle, yes. When you choose another focus, yes. Is this clear?

VICKI: As clear as I guess it can get!

ELIAS: If you choose this cycle, you will manifest here until you are ready to not repeat.

VICKI: Will you reincarnate here?


VICKI: Can you manifest somewhere else, like another planet?

ELIAS: Yes. I may choose to manifest in a different focus, or I may not. Is this clear?

CHRIS: Why do we choose such difficult lives?

ELIAS: For the experience.

CHRIS: But, why?

ELIAS: Why? Why do you ask why? You do not look at a child and ask why it steps in a puddle! You manifest for the experience, but you ask why. Your experience is your manifestation. You choose. It is only experience. You are not “getting to” something!

VICKI: Asks a question for Mary regarding her back pain.

ELIAS: Pain is unnecessary. When you choose pain, it is because you fear. You block some area, and it creates pain. This is a physical manifestation of a fear of connecting with your essence. This may be caused by your belief in other things that conflict with your essential knowledge. When you do not understand, you create things that will be painful.

CHRIS: Is that like when people are hurting or depressed?

ELIAS: Yes. In not trusting, when you have conflict in your beliefs, it creates confusion. When you confuse yourself, your body will respond.

DEBBIE: My mother has caused me pain. I need to know why.

ELIAS: You had both made a purposeful agreement together. Sometimes, an essence is very much into the physical here and now. Sometimes, they have a need for controlling; but you both had agreed to this. The knowledge you gain will be in tolerance.

VICKI: Asks a question about why Mary holds on to her back pain.

ELIAS: Michael is not “holding on to” anything! He is not trusting. He will do well to disconnect from a feeling of complete responsibility for individuals. He might do well to trust, and not feel so strongly connected to his children. They will be there. He will not be alone.

VICKI: Is Michael very afraid of being alone?

ELIAS: He has very complicated conflicts with some issues that he will have to work with.

VICKI: Asks a question about her epilepsy.

ELIAS: You have misinterpreted my explanation. I do not mean that all entity essences are safe, or will not be hurtful; but yours will not hurt you or another. If you trust, (unclear). You must work with your beliefs first. (Pause) I will take one more question.

LASZLO: May I touch you? (Elias nods, and Laszlo reaches over and touches his hand. Elias smiles) Thank you.

VICKI: Should we be concerned with how often we do this? How does this affect Michael? Can we communicate with you again?

ELIAS: Michael will let you know when he is comfortable with this. Yes, I am here for you, for discussion.

VICKI: Can I ask, are our questions silly?

ELIAS: No. (Smiling warmly) Good evening.

GROUP: Good evening.

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