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Sunday, May 07, 1995

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Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence) Christie (Oliver), Laszlo (John), Debbie (Catherine), and two new individuals; Ron (Olivia), and Donovan. (We don’t know Donovan’s essence name)

ELIAS: Good evening. (Looking at Ron) You are?

RON: Ron. (Ron is Vicki’s husband)

ELIAS: Welcome! (To Donovan) Hello again! We will, this evening, focus on questions already discussed. (Pause) There have been misunderstandings on some issues. I have spoken with Michael. He is too focused, and will not allow a flow. We will discuss, first, questions. (Pause) No, I will answer questions later.

Initially, we shall direct to a misunderstanding of Oliver. In regards to dreams and your focus in this reality, this is no less a reality than your dreams. It is a reality. In my explanation to you of dreams being your natural condition, I did not mean for you to interpret this as being your only focus having meaning. This experience has a purpose, and should not be considered insignificant.

Agreements are made before manifestation, but there are not agreements for everything. You do not “agree” to have a conversation! You agree to be born; to involve yourselves in events. You do not agree in concrete. Everything is a probability. It can be changed. Do you understand?


ELIAS: There are many questions concerning what you term death. This does not exist. It is only birth, a moving timeline of one birth to another.

There was a misunderstanding as to groups and events. You may make agreements in group situations. They are not concrete either, but they have a purpose. You use words, in your terms, as floods of emotions, or whirlwinds of thoughts, or earthshaking events. These are not from your subconscious. They are what you create. They do not happen to you; they happen because of you. These are your own creations, in agreement with other essences with a group purpose.

Now; there is an epidemic of a condition in your time which has been created for a mass purpose. There has been much ridicule, and ... one moment ... persecution of certain people. These people, collectively, have created a statement to obtain your attention. It is a condition. (Long pause) It will be called a “blood problem.” (This is a reference to AIDS)

Many people feel they must have a persuasion in the element of sexual orientation. They do not understand that your essence is not of this. The essences who are aware that there is no division have created a condition for your attention. Do you understand these things?

VICKI: I have some confusion.

ELIAS: It is?

VICKI: My confusion is that some sexual orientation is unnatural.

ELIAS: To you, in your focus.


ELIAS: That doesn’t necessarily mean that it is not natural. I have explained to you that you are here for your experience. There is no judgment involved.

VICKI: I understand that.

ELIAS: You are not clear?

VICKI: Not entirely.

ELIAS: You wish information to clarify?

VICKI: Yeah!

ELIAS: We have no orientation for these things. In your existence, for reasons long ago in your time, you separated your experiences and developed belief systems around them. Now you have incorporated your belief systems so that they seem real to you, and you make judgments in areas that make you feel safe. When you do not understand, you create explanations to clarify your beliefs. You still have trouble because this does not agree with your belief systems. This will not agree with many belief systems!

I have been in contact with each of you, in connection with your own guiding essences, to create this situation for your own growth. Some of our information may not be incorporated in your experience right now. It is difficult for you to understand. You will understand, within your essence, soon. You are all of like spirit. There are others of like spirit also. They are not here yet. Some are not ready. (Pause, looking at Vicki)

You have questions of other realities. This is difficult to explain. There are many other focuses besides your own that think they are the only ones also. They are incorrect also, as you are incorrect.

May I have a ... (Looking around, holding hands in a cup-like manner; Christie hands him a drink, which he takes) Thank you.

Other realities; there are many more than your comprehension can assimilate at this time, within this focus. They are more like yourselves than you know. They do not live with you. You sometimes connect with them. They sometimes connect with you. They do not always understand their connection to you, either. There is no plot! (Grinning) It is only a misinterpretation of focus. They do exist, in other dimensions of reality. They do travel; some, not all. They do not travel in your reality of space. Do you understand? (Pause, and Vicki sighs) No? You are looking for a different interpretation?

VICKI: I’m wondering why sometimes we connect.

ELIAS: Because you agreed!

VICKI: Is there usually a pretty good reason for the agreement?

ELIAS: The reason is agreed upon before manifestation. You think in terms of separating your essence from their essence. Incorrect! Their essence is the same. They manifest differently. You accept that you make agreements before you manifest, but you do not accept that you make agreements to manifest in different realities!

VICKI: It makes sense, but it’s just a little out of reach.

ELIAS: We will discuss more, when you are clearer in your focus.

There are also questions of your own essences, and manifestations of your personality. You magnate to superstition because you do not understand. You create superstitions from realities. There are realities concerning your personality of essence.

The essence has personality, and manifests many times with this personality. You choose to be born in certain times of the year because it reflects your personality. You have taken things of ancient origin and created superstition of them. Some elements stay basically the same, and some elements are added for color. You manifest within an astrology sign, in your terms. This is an ancient concept, in the world as you know it. It is incorporated in all cultures. This is for a reason. Your personality manifests for reasons at these times.

If you work with your dreams, you will uncover your manifestations in other existences, where you manifest at the same time of year. You obviously cannot check this in your records, but your essence will know if it rings true. You manifest these personality traits, that your astrological signs will give account of, in a very fanciful way, but the basic elements will be true.

(To Debbie) Is your hand tired?

DEBBIE: Yes, very.

ELIAS: Would you like to stop for a minute?

DEBBIE: Yes, if I may.

Vic’s note: At first, everyone thought that Elias would simply pause for a short time, because we had never incorporated a break previously. When Mary returned, we were surprised. She seemed slightly disoriented, and said that she didn’t think Elias was finished. After a brief time, we attempted our meditation again. Elias returned, continuing the conversation exactly where he had left off. We all found this fascinating, and a very interesting aspect of the “phenomenon of channeling.”

ELIAS: (To Debbie) Now your hand is rested?

DEBBIE: Yes, thank you.

ELIAS: We were speaking of birth in seasons; in your terms, of astrological signs. I will reiterate that most of this has been created, in your time presently, in a direction of fantasy, but there are very many truths in the area of your individual personalities. This accounts also for a time span, in your terms, of waiting between manifestations. Part of this waiting is of your choosing, that you may manifest in a like season to your previous manifestation. In this way, you will see that you create your reality. These concepts of astrology or religions are of your creations. They were not here first. You create them from your essence as an explanation.

Many essences manifest in certain time elements and places of like spirit for a purpose, as we spoke of group events being of agreements. Also, individual essences come together for a purpose of learning. This is not learning of a “higher truth!” This is only a learning of your own essence, a connecting with your essence in groups of like spirit, which enables you to connect more quickly. You are on a level of understanding in your focus. This is why you are here. This is why others are not here.

We will not be concerned with questions of no consequence. We will not speak of your problems with a vehicle, or other inconsequential things! These things you will be able to deal with on your own. We will answer questions concerning realities. It is not important for us to explain your childhood. You were there! You already know! (Laughter) We are not concerned with parlor performances! (Pause) Now, you may ask.

VICKI: Who is “we?”

ELIAS: There are many interacting essences involved with all of you, and with Michael. Others contribute information for interpretation. Do you understand?

VICKI: Yes. (Don’t let her fool you, folks! She’s clueless!)

DEBBIE: I want to grow. I want to be in touch with my guides to help me grow.

ELIAS: You are already with your guides. Many masters involve themselves with you presently. You need only to shift your focus to do so. You rationalize all of their interaction away from yourself. You do not see them, so you do not believe they speak to you. I speak to Michael often, but he does not listen often! (Grinning, and a pause, looking at Laszlo) You have a question?

LASZLO: I have the same question, basically.

ELIAS: When you shift your focus, you will notice. You think, in your terms, that these things are “silly.” They are not! If you listen to your focus, you will notice our interaction. You will feel our energy. You may feel energy in meditation, but you do not necessarily need to meditate to know we are here! We are with you, in your room, always. If you were to shift your focus a little more, you might even see us! Your animal creatures can sometimes see our essence; (pause) not always.

VICKI: (Starts to babble a question about animals)

DEBBIE: (Saving her) Do animals have souls?

ELIAS: No. They are not the same. They feel your energy. They sense our energy. They react without making a more rational judgment or assessment of these things. They have a less inhibited ability to focus energy. They are indicators, sometimes. They are not clouded by rational thinking. They can sense emotions, and possess emotions themselves. This creates the situation of responses to emotion, which is more focused and of reality than logic. Do you understand?

VICKI: Yes, but can I pursue a little further? How are they different?

ELIAS: This subject will take much time. Let us say that they are of your creating. We will continue later. It will take much explanation for you. Do you wish another question?

VICKI: I’d like to ask ... you mentioned living artfully.

ELIAS: Life is an expression of beauty. It is important for you to focus on beauty in life as part of your experience. You spend much too much time on what you consider not beautiful; too much time on pain and negative things. If you spend one half your time, in your terms, with your focus on beauty, you will find an effortlessness in your existence, and find it much more pleasant. This subject will also require much time, but we will discuss this. (To Christie) Yes? I feel you need to ask something.

CHRIS: I feel my questions are inconsequential tonight! (Here, Elias chuckles, and smiles at Christie encouragingly) The beauty thing; does that also encompass love?

ELIAS: Love is of ultimate concern. This is beauty, and beauty is love, but you focus your word love in a romantic or physical sense. It is of much greater consequence than where you focus. You limit your conception of it very much. You may love a table only for its existence as a work of art, and a “coming together” of essences, in a different form, to create something for your service. Is this clear?


ELIAS: (Smiling) Everything has a consciousness. There should be an appreciation of all things, in that in its basic element, it has a consciousness. It possesses consciousness also in individual particle forms. Each atom that makes up your table has a consciousness. Therefore, in loving all consciousness, you must expand your focus to include all existence. Is this clear? (Silent pause)

We will take one more question. Michael is very anxious. No, Michael is excited! (Laughter)

CHRIS: When we focus on our essence, when we shift, do we come out of a cloud? (Pause) This is a dumb question.

ELIAS: This is not a dumb question! You will not shift your focus at one time. It is gradual. You do not jump off a cliff and say, “I have arrived!” (Laughter) You will see small shifts. You do this already. You must practice more. You may share your experience with others with questions. (To Debbie) It is not as difficult as your believe! If you let go, you will be surprised at your connections! You hold your physical focus so tightly, you cannot let it go. I told Michael that he would not fly away. You will not, either! (Smiling)

Good evening.

Elias departs at approximately 9:15 PM.

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