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Sunday, June 16, 1996

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“Male/Female Consciousness”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Cathy (Shynla), Jim (Yarr), Gail (William), and Julie (Lanyah).

Vic’s note: Wow! Our hundredth session! We had planned to celebrate this, but being so caught up in physical focus, we forgot!

Elias arrives at 6:55 PM. (Arrival time was about thirty seconds.)

ELIAS: Good evening! (Smiling, and then to Vicki) Continuing: Your shift is not a Source Event. Note and make adjustments. Your shift is an expression, into physical manifestation, of a Source Event. It is a mass event.

VICKI: Okay. (This is in reference to a computer message that she sent to our new “computerland” friends!)

We shall return to our example this evening, of your Second World War. As I expressed to you, this was a mass event that was expressed physically, as an attempt to be “squeezing” a Source Event into one mass expression; therefore engaging your entire planet within physical action, and also within consciousness. I have offered you elements of this mass event, and the opposing aspects, so to speak, of this expression. Now, I shall express to you of your shift, in comparison.

Many individuals within this time period hold an awareness of a movement within consciousness. They identify this partially correctly, in expressing that they view the mass consciousness changing from a male conscious expression to a female expression. They are not quite understanding what they connect to, but they hold a knowing, partially, of this expression of your shift, and its element which is being expressed of the Source Event.

Most of your Source Events are expressed throughout many, many, many centuries of your time. There are many mass events that are manifest as expressions of each Source Event. This allows for a diverse expression, within your physical focus, of many aspects of the Source Event; for as I have expressed previously, a Source Event may not be expressed into physical focus in entirety, for it is encompassing of much more than you may express within the limitations of physical focus, even spanning much of your time element. Therefore, you incorporate a tremendous time period to be expressing aspects of interpretations of your Source Events. This aspect, this expression that you have chosen to be now manifesting into your physical focus within the mass event of your shift, is another expression of one Source Event that also encompasses your religious focus.

Your religious expression is based in a manifestation, physically, with what you would attach to be a male orientation. You view God, within most of your religions within your globe, to be of male orientation, for this symbolizes, to you, power. As I have expressed to you previously, you view your gods as expressions within your own image. God has not created you in his image, for there is no “he!” You have created him, underline, within your image, also creating your religious elements to be surrounding of this image of this all-powerful God.

You have chosen, within physical manifestation, elements to be expressed. You have chosen to manifest within sexes. It is unnecessary for you to be manifesting with sexual orientation if you are only viewing essence. If you are viewing experience within physical focus, you have chosen to separate out elements of essence, and experience these elements within their purity physically. Therefore, you choose to manifest with regard to sexual orientation.

I will express to you that if you are viewing male and female to be identical, other than your physical-appearing appendages, you are incorrect; for within the psyche of male and female, you incorporate differences. This you have manifest intentionally, for the purity of the experience of different aspects of essence.

If you are viewing small children and allowing these children to be expressing freely within their play, you will view female children, separate from incorporated belief systems, to be exhibiting what you view to be female behavior. You may view male children that have not been inundated with your male belief systems, and they will exhibit what you view to be male behavior.

This, as I state now, is not accidental. It is not environmentally influenced. Although you encourage this action, it would exist regardless; for within your expression into physical focus, you have chosen to be expressing within male and female psyches. In this, you exhibit different behavior, different emotional expressions, different thought processes. You allow yourselves the opportunity to be experiencing a purity of an aspect of essence, within an individual focus.

Just as we have expressed previously, you mirror mass events within your individual expressions. In this, your mass events of your religious period, and now your approaching shift, also is mirrored by your expressions of male and female. In this, you tend to view too small, expressing that you view your world to be moving into a more female-oriented mode. In actuality, your globe is moving into this type of intuitive expression of essence, which you identify as female.

Just as we have expressed previously, if you are a wealthy individual wishing to experience poverty, you shall not experience the purity of this expression by removing yourself from your wealth, for you incorporate the experience of the wealth; therefore the purity of the poverty is tainted. In like manner, you chose a purity of expression in manifesting as male or female, allowing yourselves physical, emotional, mental, and also spiritual differences.

Each sexual orientation holds its own experience that you benefit from; this being also the reason that if you are engaging the agreement to be manifesting physically, you shall agree to be manifesting three times, to the least, within your expressions. This affords you the opportunity of viewing and experiencing one male orientation, and all of the psychological, physical, and emotional elements involved in this manifestation, one female, and one “other,” (grinning) incorporating a blend; although to this time period present, you have not understood the expression of the other, for the incorporation of the manifestation of the other is to experience the mesh of both.

In this, you allow yourselves the opportunity to partially, individually be viewing the manifestation of your shift, not within its beginning throes, but in its later development; for within the beginnings of this shift, you are “swinging” to the female expression, realizing within your focus that you incorporate a necessity for valuing the intuitive self. You have allowed yourself an understanding that there are other elements of yourself, objective and subjective, that you do not view. You have learned, through your expression physically, that you are also more than the sum of your parts. Therefore, you hold a desire to experience more of yourself. As you move into the beginnings of your shift, you experience the quieter, more intuitive self. You allow yourself more of a connection with individual and also mass consciousness.

Mass connections within consciousness have always, within your manifestations physically, occurred. Your awareness of these mass connections has not always occurred! Presently, you begin to view the interconnectedness of all individuals. This is not to say that there have not been isolated groups of individuals throughout your history that have held an awareness of the interconnectedness of all of you, but within a global recognition, this has not occurred; this being part of the manifestation of your shift. Therefore, you may communicate, yes, you move into a more female-oriented area of consciousness in engaging this shift, although this is not to say that the females shall now be ruling your planet! (Grinning) You shall not be moving into your stories of science-fiction, in which the males are now dominated by female dictatorship! (Laughter) That is, unless you are choosing to be manifesting this, but I will venture to express that you will not be choosing this expression, for you are realizing that it is unnecessary.

Within the time period of the movement, en masse, of the Sumari, a push was initiated; a thrusting; a contraction of labor; to be merging you into an understanding which you now approach. The Sumari brought to light inequalities, imbalances, extreme imbalances, which were allowed and agreed upon for many centuries. Their expression was to bring to your attention a knowingness within you, that in order to be accomplishing of this shift in the manner of probabilities which you have chosen, a balance must be achieved. Therefore, a very large movement of opposing sides, so to speak, male and female, was incorporated. Now, within a very small time period since this onset, you have already moved quickly into an area of awareness, in knowing that it is unnecessary for the female aspect to be surpassing the male. You also begin now your balancing, in understanding that overt expressions are also unnecessary.

The point has been made. The male aspect has been made aware. An acceptance, to an extent, has been incorporated; but within consciousness, the acceptance is complete. Therefore, you also hold a knowing of a movement with ease into this balance, which shall be facilitating of your shift; for now, within your present time, the expression is not to the extreme of the female expressing that she must be equal to the male, and heard equally. It now moves to the area of the male expressing, “I am needing to be more intuitive.” This is not to say that all females incorporate a blanket expression within their individual manifestations, or that all males do the same, for each of you manifests within an individual focus for your individual experience; but you do hold certain guidelines that you have chosen to be experiencing in. Your shift shall not necessarily be initiated by females, but within consciousness, it shall gain momentum through the feminine aspect of consciousness.

Be remembering also that all of you physically manifest upon this planet hold both, within equal measure. You identify physically with one expression or another, and within many individuals physically manifesting, you may be choosing more of one manifestation than another; this purely as a result of preference to experience, just as you choose to be consuming chocolate over broccoli. You may enjoy consuming broccoli, but you may enjoy consuming chocolate more! It is a personal preference of experience, for you experience something in the consumption of these two elements. Likewise, you experience within manifestation of physical focuses; therefore, you choose manifestations that you prefer within experiences.

This does not suggest that you do not hold enough experience, within consciousness, to be moving within one element of orientation as opposed to the other. You may have chosen to be manifesting, to this time period or point, continuously as male. This is not a hindrance to your interaction within your present shift. Within consciousness, you hold an understanding of manifestations and of experiences.

In this, I shall express briefly, I am not expressing that you hold the experience. You hold the understanding of the experiences within essence, which allows you to manifest and experience. We shall incorporate a discussion upon this subject at another time, for this subject shall require its own session! (Grinning) This is why you experience what you term to be a knowing, inside, of certain elements of manifestation, although you may not have physically experienced these as of your present time. You do hold a knowing. You hold this understanding even if you are not experiencing a certain element within any of your focuses, for you also incorporate counterparts. As I have expressed, this shall be a session within itself!

As to your shift, the expression within consciousness is inward. It is not an outward, objective expression of power. It is an inward, intuitive, subjective expression of aggression. (Smiling) Aggressiveness is not negative! You view the word aggression to be intrusive. The word aggression, or aggressiveness, is a moving with forcefulness. You may be moving subjectively, within consciousness, with great aggression and effectiveness. Therefore, this mass event is what you may view as a counterbalance, in expression physically, in a mass event of a Source Event. (Pause) Do you wish questions?

VICKI: I’m not quite sure I understood that last sentence.

ELIAS: Your mass event of your shift is another expression, physically manifest; an interpretation of an aspect or element of a Source Event; just as your religious expression was and is also an expression, within a mass event, of this same Source Event. It is an interpretation; this mass expression and interpretation serving as a counterbalance; the incorporation of the feminine aspect of essence in balance to the male. (Pause)

VICKI: Will we find more people choosing to manifest within female?

ELIAS: Presently, no; although I will express to you, you may view with interest that within physical focus, you have always manifest numbers of more females, physically, than males.

VICKI: What is the gender of the other six babies?

ELIAS: (Smiling) These shall also be male.

VICKI: And is there a specific reason for that?

ELIAS: Yes. As I have expressed this evening, the male, within your present now and moving into your shift, is expressing the desire to be incorporating the intuitive sense. These individuals are manifest intentionally as male to be exhibiting, physically, the expression of this shift. Therefore, another contradiction! (Grinning) The female within the male; a very creative, intuitive expression.

RON: I have a question about those babies, those darn babies! Did Michael and I view those babies in dreams last year?

ELIAS: Ah! We incorporate “catching up,” in Sophia’s terms! Yes. And may I inquire, was my clue of China influencing you? (Grinning)

RON: No, I just now put that one together.

ELIAS: Ah, not catching up quite so quickly!

RON: It’s okay. Everything is simultaneous!

ELIAS: Quite right! Another contradiction! (Grinning at Vicki) I view the atmosphere to be safe to be playing with Lawrence this evening!

VICKI: Yeah! (Laughing)

CATHY: Is Ryan aligned with the blue family?

ELIAS: Ah! We shall be attempting to be aligning the small ones to the families already! (Pause, grinning at Cathy) No!

CATHY: Fine! (Laughter)

RON: The game kind of started with those babies. Now, the babies have all been born, and it seems like the game is not really as important as it seemed before.

ELIAS: Ah, not so! I shall offer you an explanation. I have postponed the engagement of our game out of consideration to Michael, for he experiences conflict presently. Therefore, in response to this, I have allowed our session time to be minimized.

RON: It seems like we must all be picking up on that, because it used to be we were always prepared for the game, and recently, within the last few sessions, it’s not really a consideration. It’s not an issue.

VICKI: I’m prepared! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Some allow the game to be a distraction; some are distracted from the game! (Grinning, and a pause)

VICKI: Do I understand correctly that one’s preference in physical manifestation, of gender, really has nothing to do with one’s ability to use their intuitive abilities?

ELIAS: Correct, although you choose to not focus, to this point, upon your intuitive sense if manifesting within the male orientation, although this presently is moving into another area and changing, so to speak; but it is no accident that your physical identifications and expressions of your selves are divided into male and female. You identify left and right hemispheres of brain as male and female. You identify left and right sides of body as female and male. These are mirroring your awareness of your intentional choice of separation, within consciousness, to be manifesting for the experience of these aspects of essence.

Therefore, you also manifest a leaning, in certain directions, within your expressions. The males lean to be less attentive to the intuitive sense. They hold less attention to the emotional expressions. They allow more of a concentration of intellectual and physical expression. The female leans, within the manifestation of the experience, to the intuitive and the experience of the emotional. Less attentiveness is placed upon physical. It is unimportant for males, generally speaking, to be nurturing and emotional. It is less important for females to be hurling javelins and lifting tremendous rocks, or taming wild horses, generally speaking; for these are expressions of the sexual orientation that you have chosen to manifest within. This is not to express that one is better than another. They are different experiences that you choose intentionally for their individual experience.

In this, it is never impossible for a male to be intuitive, just as it is never impossible for a female to be intellectual. Quite to the contrary, on both accounts! But within the expression of male, which is reinforced through your accepted societal focus, it becomes more difficult for the males to be understanding of the intuitive sense within physical focus; therefore the initiation, within consciousness, to be affecting en masse, allowing an easement of the male orientation into the acceptance of the intuitive expression. Therefore, your very being, in those of you who have chosen to be manifesting as female, is quite affecting. Your awareness of consciousness and self allows you a wider affectingness within mass consciousness. Also, understand that as those males that choose to be widening within consciousness and accepting of the intuitive sense move stronger within consciousness, they also shall be very effective, in helpfulness to the mass consciousness, in avoiding trauma. (Pause) We shall break, and we shall incorporate our game!

RON: Can I ask one more question? Did Paul enjoy our little typing session as much as I did?

ELIAS: I must express that my interaction with my dear essence Paul was to be expressing, “Very pushy, but quite effective.” I will express that this essence of Paul was feeling an urgency for communication ...

RON: That was obvious!

ELIAS: ... in a knowing that within that present now, Elias’ interaction would not have been accepted. It was an expression of helpfulness.

RON: Well, tell him he’s welcome to, anytime.

ELIAS: Ah, no! You may express this personally! (Laughter) We break.

BREAK 8:00 PM.
RESUME 8:35 PM. (Arrival time was about ten seconds.)

ELIAS: We continue. Are you wishing of questions before we are engaging our game?

GAIL: Yes, I am. I’ve been having some confusion lately, trying to understand concepts that come into my mind, and I need help with them. (Pause)

ELIAS: Continue.

GAIL: It has to do with belief systems. Throughout the last three years, I’ve been changing belief systems that I’ve had, and I’m seeing a pattern surface with a new group of people, and I’m confused about why I can’t resolve this issue within myself. I feel a lot of frustration.

ELIAS: First, I will express to you an explanation as to why I request your verbalization of this issue, this not only being for your own benefiting; for as you physically express audibly, you also create. In this, you allow yourself a greater understanding. Secondly, it is important for other individuals to be understanding of the individual issues, for my answering of these issues shall be connected to others besides yourself, allowing them also to be connecting with issues that they hold.

I have expressed recently that very many individuals presently experience parallels within consciousness, and also physical expressions; this being an action that is incorporated from a widening. In this, you open, or allow an opening of neurological pathways within your physical brain, in your physical expression of your body. This action of opening these neurological pathways may become confusing, for information subsequently appears to be flooding into your objective consciousness from your subjective self. Your objective self is not accustomed to this information. Therefore, it automatically translates into an expression that it can understand. In this, you translate into what you view to be symbolism, which serves to only confuse you more. Therefore, you experience frustration.

GAIL: A lot of it!

ELIAS: Realize that with the emergence of this new aspect of consciousness bleeding through into your objective expression, you shall experience, according to your individual expression, frustration. Other individuals experience other expressions, some also experiencing frustration in like manner. Some individuals, especially with respect to those that tend to analyzation, will experience frustration more readily than another expression. These elements that are emerging presently, you will find to be quite difficult to be analyzing of! They do not conform to rationalization; for as we have been discussing your shift, this emergence of consciousness is connected to this shift. Therefore, it does not readily lend itself to being translated rationally. Your automatic response to new information is to isolate, analyze, and rationalize. Therefore, just as within our example of the symbol of the new baby, you also must learn to understand and be accepting of this new language. Its communication is incorporated with you, although you presently are unfamiliar with this communication.

We have spoken previously of how you each have divorced yourselves from essence, and subsequently have forgotten your own native language. You now incorporate a desire to be connecting with essence, to be dissolving of the veils that exist between the focus and the entirety of the whole. In this, it communicates to you, but you have forgotten your language! Therefore, be not in distress; and allow yourself the opportunity to be assimilating a new language, and not pressing yourself to be attempting to interpret within your present language.

I understand that many times as I speak with individuals, your understanding of my communication seems to be lacking; but you will see, as have all other individuals that I communicate with, eventually you will hold an understanding of my explanation. I offer you explanations of the subjective self. You, within physical focus, are accustomed to dealing with the objective self and its language. Therefore, there are times when our explanations seem to be non-explanations, (smiling) but as you allow yourself to be connecting within, you begin to open your own doorways, so to speak, to be understanding.

Know this: There are many other individuals that incorporate the same expression as do you presently. You are engaged within a wave of consciousness, which is occurring en masse. When I speak of many individuals, I mean not only these present, but within the entirety of your globe. You are very slightly beginning to view, within far-reaching locations, the interconnectedness of all individuals, and the parallel, within experience, that you all hold. This is an expression of widening, and engaging your shift in consciousness.

Just as with the new baby, as it expresses, you do not always understand its language; but as you listen, and experience, and become attentive to this small one, you begin to interpret its language accurately. In this same manner, you shall begin to interpret your own language accurately by being attentive to it. You do not analyze the expression of a small one and rationalize! You are attentive, and you allow a connection for understanding. If you are attempting to rationalize within your logical, male-orientation brain, you shall be misinterpreting; for what is being expressed and presented is irrational, within the female intuitive expression.

Therefore, be listening to your own words. You have created a definition for your own visualization of self, expressing one element within one position, one element within another position, one element within a third position. What speaks to you is the subjective self within one position, and you are attempting to move this language into another position. Allow it its expression where it has been expressed. You are attempting to place a brick into a structure that has already been completed, or you are attempting to pull out a brick from the structure, leaving a hole, and placing this brick into another structure where it does not belong. Allow yourself an acceptance of your own expression, and a letting go; for many times, if you are allowing yourselves to be letting go of your frustration, your clarity will appear.

GAIL: So I should pay more attention to the card I found?

ELIAS: Acceptance of your being is your key. I have expressed this many times within this company. You are not attempting to be; you are. It is unnecessary to “try to be.” You already are becoming.

GAIL: Let me think about that.

ELIAS: Understand also that within this widening of consciousness, you have chosen to present yourself, as have all others that choose this widening in consciousness, with belief systems. In this, you have chosen to be identifying belief systems that lie “under” what you usually, objectively view as belief systems that you hold. Those that you do not see so readily, you have chosen to be exposing to yourselves. In this, you have begun your widening and acceptance of belief systems. As I have expressed, we do not seek to eliminate belief systems, but to be accepting of them; for within acceptance, you also allow a flying away. (Long pause)

JIM: I have a question. My recent interaction with one of our creatures, the bird, and its apparent injury, and how I chose to deal with it after feeling a communication with the animal, and having another animal in the same condition, I’m at a little bit of a loss as to what might be going on that I’m not maybe seeing. I know it’s a trust issue with me. It always is!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) I shall express, Yarr, be realizing that within your expressions, they are accepted, as we have spoken previously. Also as we have spoken previously, you may not necessarily view the outward expression of your affectingness. I shall suggest to you that you investigate within yourself, and connect with your light and its significance.

JIM: My light?

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: Oh! Okay. (Did your light just go on, Jim?)

ELIAS: There is more information within this expression of this action than you have realized. You have acted within a trusting expression upon an impulse, a communication. Now you may listen, and be understanding of this expression.

JIM: Okay. Thank you.

VICKI: I have a question. Just briefly, the proper spelling of essence name Kyle, or Kaya?

ELIAS: Kyle.


ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: I have another question regarding our game, and what you said about putting it off for a while because of Michael’s conflict. Do you have any information for Michael regarding his conflict, or for myself regarding my conflict with his physical pain and his conflict? (Elias chuckles, and we all crack up)

ELIAS: As to an expression offered to Michael, I interact with Michael with regard to this issue presently, as I have been interacting with Michael for your recent period. He is not understanding as of this present now yet, but he is becoming aware of our interaction. As to an overt expression to Michael presently, it would not be assimilated. Therefore, it is not productive. I shall incorporate more productivity within dream interaction.

As to an expression to Lawrence, this issue is quite affecting of this individual, as you are so very connected within consciousness. You hold similar issues. You presently engage movement through these issues. Michael expresses within physical painfulness; Lawrence expresses within inner painfulness. Just as Michael would not be allowing himself benefit from my words within our session time, this being a parallel to Lawrence’s expression of disengagement. (Smiling)

Understand the interpretation of your concern; for although you each hold a clearer understanding, partially, of your connection, the reality of the one is not yet. Therefore, you continue in conflict and questioning, as to responses of each other. You are responding to yourself; for each manifestation that you express, Michael responds to himself as his expression. Each expression that Michael incorporates, Lawrence responds as his expression. There is no difference, for there is no separation. To your dismay presently, there is no separation within physical manifestation either! (Grinning)

I express to you all, many times, that there is no separation within consciousness, and also, in actuality, within physical expression, although you view yourselves to be separate individual manifestations. (Pause) Within these manifestations, there is no separateness.

VICKI: Although Michael does have major physical pain, and I do not.

ELIAS: Although you both combined possess two physical backs in appearance, you possess one. Therefore, where shall you express the manifestation? It is being expressed presently!

VICKI: I don’t get it.

ELIAS: View yourselves to be what you might witness as your physical manifestation of adjoining twins. Physically adjoined twins experience not two manifestations, but one that is affecting of both. Here be your parallel within physical expression. You only do not view physically this way, for you see, with your vision, two physical expressions and manifestations. This will also become easier for you to assimilate, for you are very close.

Your awareness of the connection grows, and as this awareness grows, you shall more easily assimilate this information, therefore allowing yourself a clearer understanding of expressions; this being no different than no expression within your night hours upon one side, so to speak, and much emotional expression upon the other. This expression is the same. Now understand, within this information, that issues and belief systems incorporated with Lawrence are also affecting of this expression; for just as within the example that you have offered to yourselves, for reference, of your nighttime hours expression, Michael experienced no distress and no emotional involvement, but experienced issue. Lawrence experienced no issue, but experienced the emotional response. Are you understanding slightly more?

VICKI: Yeah.

ELIAS: Very good; this being no different. Therefore, I restate: Lawrence incorporates more difficulty with this movement; this being also why Lawrence incorporates a dramatic response to the physical expression, and also why Michael experiences confusion and lack of understanding. Now you may continue to be incorporated as one, to be moving through your issues. Is this helpful?

VICKI: Yes. Thank you.

ELIAS: We shall on to our game!

RON: Can I ask one small question? (Laughter)

ELIAS: Very quickly!

RON: Okay. I was just wondering if my impression of the proximity of any of the babies being close to the proximity of any of the three new individuals in our group was correct.


RON: One. Okay, the one on the East Coast?

ELIAS: Correct.

RON: Okay. See, it was a small question! (Not really, Ron!)

ELIAS: Do not be surprised if you are encountering connections with individuals, within other locations of your globe, that shall also be connected with others of these small ones.

RON: Nothing surprises me anymore! (Laughter)

VICKI: Famous last words!

ELIAS: Many shall find their way to us. (Long pause)

VICKI: The game!

RON: The game! Go ahead.

VICKI: I would like to connect Sumafi, in habits, with smoking!

ELIAS: As for Lawrence’s benefit, less probable! (Laughter) I shall be interrupting momentarily to be offering, for I shall continue to be interrupted, within very loud communication, silently! Lanyah. L-A-N-Y-A-H. Now, you may continue.

VICKI: Sumafi, mythical creatures, unicorn.

ELIAS: One point ... if this is acceptable! (Humorously)

VICKI: This is acceptable.

ELIAS: Thank you very much! (Laughter)

VICKI: Sumafi, artist, Kenny Loggins.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

VICKI: Sumafi, mass events, the dissolution of communism.

ELIAS: Very good; and you may be adding to this expression also, as a continuation to this mass event. One point.

VICKI: For Michael, in spite of his conflict with the game; Sumafi, in desires, information with the least distortion.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: Borledim, spices, coriander.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: Sumafi, occupations, instructor.

ELIAS: (Accessing) Acceptable.

CATHY: Okay ...

RON: For Shynla! (We all crack up)

VICKI: I don’t have to do it anymore!

CATHY: Connecting physically focused essences, Olivia and Katarina, gender, female.

ELIAS: One point.

CATHY: Connecting physically focused essences, fabric, muslin, Shynla and Dennis.

ELIAS: One point.

CATHY: Connecting physically focused essences, gem, fluorite, Michael, Olivia, Lawrence, Shynla.

ELIAS: One point.

CATHY: Elias, natural disasters, volcano.

ELIAS: I shall take issue, to view me as an erupting essence!

CATHY: It’s possible!

ELIAS: One point! We incorporate much better connecting within actual physical focus, holding no distraction of temper tantrums!

CATHY: Yeah, I’m a much happier person now, that’s for sure!

JIM: Okay. Sumafi, fabric, flannel.

ELIAS: (Accessing) Acceptable.

JIM: Sumafi, under emotion, “in awe of.”

ELIAS: Less probable. (Grinning at Vicki)

JIM: Spices, Sumafi, comfrey.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

JIM: Star constellations, Sumafi, The Big Dipper.

ELIAS: One point.

JIM: Spices, Sumafi, cardamom.

ELIAS: Less probable. (Grinning at Vicki again)

JIM: I’ll stick with the acceptable! Okay, that’s all.

RON: Michael would like to incorporate a new category of sports.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

RON: For myself; authors, Tomkin, Steinbeck.

ELIAS: One point.

RON: Artist, Tomkin, Dali.

ELIAS: One point.

RON: Okay, here’s a stab. Philosophers, Paul, Albert Einstein.

ELIAS: Less probable. (Looking sideways at Vicki)

RON: Okay. Sports, Paul, cricket.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) One point.

RON: Minerals, Paul, a rock.

ELIAS: Very general!

RON: So’s a tree!

ELIAS: A tree is not a mineral! (Laughter) Acceptable. (Grinning)

RON: Cool!

GAIL: I’d like to connect my essence with the Borledim family.

ELIAS: One point.

GAIL: I would also like to open another category of movies.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

GAIL: I would like to connect movies, to the Borledim family, with the movie of “Powder.”

ELIAS: (Accessing) One point.

JULIE: I’d like to connect my essence to Sumari.

ELIAS: One point; although you may receive another point if you are choosing, for you hold alignment to two families simultaneously, within this focus. (Pause)

GAIL: Is it the reforming family?

ELIAS: Less probable. (To Vicki) I shall not continue indefinitely with this game. I am intending to be only making a point!

VICKI: And I’m paying attention!

JULIE: Could you tell me my essence name?

ELIAS: (Smiling) It has been given. I was listening to your quite loud expression, in wishing to be knowing of this information, which was interrupting of our game! (Laughter) Therefore, it was offered initially, as allowing us to continue with our game. (Lanyah)

JULIE: Can I connect my essence with the violet, the Zuli?

ELIAS: Less probable.

GAIL: Gee, we’re eliminating well here, Jules!

JIM: That’s the way the game works, sometimes.

VICKI: Well, I have one more game question, I believe. I only did three, I think.

CATHY: This is correct. Your first one was less probable.

VICKI: Very less probable! Sumafi, natural disasters, tidal wave.

ELIAS: Less probable! (Laughter)

VICKI: Okay, how about Borledim, vegetable, spinach.

ELIAS: One point. (Pause) I shall be allowing you the opportunity for interaction and connecting with our game, as it continues in importance for your noticing and connecting, and also for fun!

JIM: That’s the best part!

ELIAS: And I shall bid you all, this evening, a very fond and affectionate adieu.

Elias departs at 9:31 PM.

Vic’s note to all our new participants:

We’ve been playing this game since last summer. It started with a dream that Ron had, and gradually became a game. Presently, the game consists of our attempting to connect various categories with one of the nine essence families. We now have sixty-seven categories, and continue to add more. Also, individuals participating in this group connect themselves, in alignment, to an essence family; or, as in Julie’s case, to more than one family. Most of us in this group are, to date, Sumafi; but aligned within this physical focus, within intent, to another family. We have a few people who are not Sumafi, but are aligned with Sumafi. Your essence family transcript can explain this in further detail. If any of you would like to connect yourselves to a family, or to an alignment with a family, send us your game questions. We have had others who have played our game long-distance. It can appear to be confusing initially, but it’s a lot of fun!

Digests: find out more about the game.

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