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Monday, June 24, 1996

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Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), and Cathy (Shynla).

Vic’s note: This session was not planned. It was held at Cathy’s request, and encouraged by Ron.

Elias arrives at 8:57 PM. (Arrival time was about twenty seconds.)

ELIAS: Good evening. We meet once again, within your turbulence!

RON: It does seem to be spinning a bit slower.

ELIAS: Or perhaps, your perception is changing! (Grinning)

RON: Well, I never thought about it that way.

CATHY: I thought things were moving kind of fast myself! Can we slow down now? (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ask yourself if you are choosing to be slowing your incorporation of your experiences. It is doubtful that you will be choosing these probabilities! You have chosen to be moving quickly, but then you look to each other and express, “Oh, no! What have we created?” A minefield! (Grinning, and laughter)

CATHY: A huge one! Really big!

ELIAS: Is this not all very big? (Smiling) And our new acquaintances are becoming aware of this largeness also, quite quickly! (Pause)

So, you hold wonderings of probabilities, or how you create your realities, or why you create your reality, or why you choose the experiences that you choose! Or perhaps, do you choose these experiences? You find it easier to be viewing all things as prearranged agreements. Probabilities are enacted, for you have previously agreed upon them. Within our sessions, I have expressed to you that you incorporate agreements, and you act upon these within probabilities. In actuality, if you are viewing from one perspective, this is quite accurate. All things are agreements. All interactions involving more than one focus are agreements; but just as we have spoken of dreams and layers of dreams, there are many layers of consciousness also, and within some layers, very close to your physical focus, and within your actual physical focus, you do not always make agreements as you think of them. You do not agree, somewhere in some unknown area of consciousness far removed from yourself, to be engaging in a very traumatic experience with other individuals!

Individuals choose probabilities. They make choices. Each of you, and others also, make choices for yourselves. In this, as I have expressed previously, you affect all consciousness. You view individuals, close to you physically, as being very affected; for this is what you allow yourselves to view, in confirmation of the connections within consciousness. You choose, many times, to be not viewing farther than this. Therefore, you confuse yourselves. “What have I created? What has another created?” Within the choice of any one given individual, they create their reality. Within agreement to be affected, you draw yourselves to these creations for your own reasons. This is not to say that you have created the situation, but you enable yourselves to connect with the given creation, allowing yourselves to widen; just as you draw to yourselves a book to incorporate information that you are needing at that particular time period within your focus. You did not create the book. You are not the writer; but you have drawn yourself to this writing for your own benefit, for you have chosen to benefit.

Each experience that you involve yourself within, you choose for your benefit, within your own personal value fulfillment. You each may look upon what you view to be far-removed previous experiences, experiences you have incorporated individually within your past, and you may view these and express to yourselves presently, that you understand why you created those situations previously. You may have not, in actuality, created all of the situation, but you engaged the actions, in allowing yourselves to benefit.

Benefit does not always mean what you term to be, in your thinking, “good.” You are quite conditioned to be thinking in terms of good or bad. “I attend a party; this is a good experience. I witness a death; this is a bad experience.” You draw yourselves to all experiences to benefit you, within consciousness. Some, you may consciously, within your thinking, attach reasons for, within your future time. Your physical reasoning explanations to yourselves may be satisfying to you physically, but they may not completely be, in actuality, the beneficial aspect of why you drew these situations to yourself. Some of you view situations more easily, in thinking of more removed elements. It is easier to engage an understanding of a situation if you are looking to this situation in what you term to be your “bigger picture.” Your bigger picture, in reality, is your smaller picture within you! (Grinning)

Within your thought processes, you think to yourselves, the bigger picture involves many individuals, mass events, Source Events, global incorporation, your shift, agreements; bigger and bigger and bigger; for you view a rock as small and a mountain as big! Therefore, you view “more,” as far as physical aspects are concerned, to be bigger. In actuality, I express to you that the more and the bigger picture is what you view to be the small picture; the individual within; for the universe lies within, not outside where you view physically.

CATHY: Is Vicki doing a twin thing? (Referring to the “wave of sadness” that Vicki had been experiencing all afternoon and evening)

ELIAS: I will express briefly in continuation of this twin incorporation, that you may allow yourselves a brief listening to, and a slight understanding of. I have expressed previously, the two engage and respond as one. Therefore, the agreement to draw to an action that another has created is to allow a widening of awareness. This incorporates an interaction and an accounting of belief systems.

(To Vicki) You have moved into an area of engaging base belief systems. As one moves within one direction physically in engagement of belief systems, the other expresses another response; just as you view, within your physical reality, that opposites exist, which they do not, but you believe that you view opposites. Therefore, within each expression, there are opposite sides; one acceptance, one non-acceptance; one allowance, one rebellion. You view this within your own selves. One part of you responds in one manner; another part of you responds in another manner simultaneously, creating confusion.

(To group) These twins presently engage the same belief systems. Therefore, within each encounter, they focus upon their individual experience within their individual focuses. Within consciousness, and also within physical expression and manifestation, they connect as one; engaging the same belief systems, expressing the same manifestations, experiencing the same issues and “waves,” and expressing the same confusion. You shall ask, “Why do you express sorrowfulness?” to Lawrence, and the response shall be, “I know not.” You shall express to Michael, “Why do you express sorrowfulness?,” and he shall express, “I know not”; for although each incorporates the same physical action presented before them, the acceptance is resistant. The engagement of emotional response is unfamiliar. Therefore, no reasoning is large enough to be warranting of this expression! Quite incorrect! (Very firmly) You have presented yourselves with very base, deeply held belief systems. Each of these belief systems hold an emotional attachment within physical focus. You may be a thought-focused individual within this focus, but the belief systems themselves hold an emotional element; and as you engage these belief systems, you also release all of their elements.

Picture, to yourselves, each belief system being a bird cage. Within your “less difficult,” as you perceive them to be, belief systems, you may hold one bird within the cage, to which opening allows this bird to fly out. The engagement of these belief systems presently, that you have offered yourselves the opportunity to be moving through, incorporates a very large bird cage containing thousands of birds flooding out of the doorway, creating a mass cloud of winged action. They are the elements; the cage is the belief system. (Pause; you can almost hear the whoosh of those birds!)

You hold wonderings as to why you do not see what you create. I express to you that within reality, and if you are truthfully examining, you shall agree, you do view what you create! You have moved into an area of awareness, within widening, that no longer holds what you view to be blocks that cover your vision. I have expressed to you many times, there is no thing that is removed from your awareness. You need only allow yourself the openness, the willingness to view, and the acceptance of self; and as you incorporate these actions, you do view what you create. You also view what you draw to, or what you draw to yourself for your awareness, allowing yourself to change your perception; not to eliminate belief systems, but to alter your perception and allow a wider awareness.

You challenge, now, ultimate base belief systems of right and wrong, of good and bad, of acceptable and unacceptable. You offer yourselves, now, the opportunity to create the reality of the ideas; to shift your focus and allow yourselves to incorporate into your reality what thus far, you have viewed only as concepts. Within this, these four, the pyramid, gain great strength in connection, which will be, and is now, quite affecting within consciousness, and affecting of your shift; as within your small expansion, you begin to view already; for how shall you connect, in what you term to be consciously, if you do not hold an understanding of the experience?

Just as, returning once again to our wealthy man attempting to be the poor man, you shall not truly understand the reality of trauma, and allow yourselves to be helpful within this, if you do not incorporate the experience of moving through belief systems; to which you create your own trauma in engaging. This is not to say that you must experience trauma to be understanding and effective; but within your focus, you do create trauma for yourselves, in response to the engagement of belief systems; for you resist change, and you do not allow what you view to be a relinquishment of your own individual control. In actuality, you gain control within acceptance, and an allowance of a widening. If your understanding is very small, your helpfulness within physical expression may be very small. If your understanding is very great, your expression shall follow. (Here, there is a long pause)

VICKI: What about the baby?

ELIAS: And what about this baby? You are wishing an answer that you are aware I shall not offer! (Pause, smiling)

Each of you creates choices. I have expressed to you previously, the smallness of one individual has no bearing upon the awareness of its consciousness. These, you incorporate as belief systems. I do not express this to you to be suggesting that you incorporate no physical action. As you already all are very aware, these are your choices.

You also are becoming aware that your probabilities are very open. Situations that you view physically to be closed, or very black and white, hold very much gray. Regardless, this manifestation of Rose shall be quite affecting of every individual that it encounters throughout its focus, regardless of it being incorporated within another area, or within this area. Therefore, these are elements of the belief systems that you have chosen to incorporate and engage. They are challenges you have offered to yourselves. As always, it holds no productivity for me to be expressing what you shall do within probabilities, for you shall not understand, and you shall not incorporate the experience if you do not engage this. I may speak to you as others before, for many years in your terms, and without your incorporation and involvement and action, it shall physically mean nothing.

And what shall you gain if Elias instructs, “Go to this child,” and you hastily run to this child? What belief systems have you engaged and widened? You have blindly followed words; just as I do not express to Rudy what he asks of many, “In which direction shall I proceed?” Within the direction that you choose for you! Do not be concerned, as I speak also with Sari, of what others express, or how they may view your action. Trust yourself. Listen to your impulses and intuition. You shall not betray yourself! Another may view that you shall betray them, within their perception; but you shall not betray yourself!

RON: How do you know if you’re listening to and trusting an impulse, or if you’re just following a belief system?

ELIAS: All of your focus is influenced by belief systems. You may not separate belief systems from your focus. Therefore, you may not express one or another. They are intertwined; although within your expression to yourself, you shall hear that small voice within you.

Each individual holds some element that they identify; their inner self, their small voice, their red flags, their urgings, their feelings, their leanings. Each individual holds these undefinable elements, within themselves, that they choose consistently to be distrustful of, for they are taught to not be trusting of these elements; but as you widen, you are learning to be trustful of these elements, and to be knowing that this small voice, this leaning, this feeling, a sensing, as Michael now terms, is, in actuality, you speaking to you, which you may trust.

Therefore, where your confusion lies is that your inner voice, your sensing or urging or leaning, may choose one direction; and all about you may express another. Therefore, you distrust the one and favor the many. Therein lies the expression of the impulse, and the expression of the belief systems.

You are gaining strength in your trustfulness within yourselves, but you still pull back. If your “odds seem quite stacked,” within your perception, against your very small little voice, you automatically change and lean to the many. “I must certainly be incorrect; for how may so many hold one idea, and I alone hold another?” The many hold the accepted belief systems.

The individual, ALWAYS THE INDIVIDUAL – if you are transcribing this, capitalize these words completely - ALWAYS THE INDIVIDUAL holds the inner voice, the communication, the opposition to the belief system, the inner knowing. Whether you choose to be listening and engaging the lion’s den or not is your option, but you may trust that leaning or sensing within yourself.

I shall express to you also that when you offer yourselves continuous repeated information, you are expressing an element to yourself that you are refusing to be viewing. If you are choosing a direction, and you are holding a sensing or a knowing or a communication inside, you hold an awareness; and if you are discounting of this, your self will communicate to you, continued; and also, in degree, to what you view within your belief systems to be of its valued importance. If you view belief systems and the moving through of them to be important, you shall engage them. If, within these belief systems, you view elements to be of great importance, and you hold an inner awareness of direction with regard to these belief systems, but you are continuing to be denying of this direction, you shall also continue to confront yourself with this issue; for you have chosen this.

If you are continuing to be viewing without, and attempting to mold yourself to the accepted belief systems that you yourself have held and now challenge, you have engaged yourself; and within agreement to yourself, you will continue to present this issue to yourself. When you hear, audibly, yourself expressing, “I experience or I feel within me this element, but I choose another element, for this is more acceptable,” your red flags shall be waving! You will be offering to yourself your clues that you are responding contrary to your agreement with self, to be connecting with essence and following.

Therefore, if Michael is choosing to be engaging physical action, he shall be correct. If he is choosing to not engage physical action, he shall be correct. (Pause)

RON: Michael and I spoke earlier. He commented to the fact that he feels that he has moved, to a certain extent, through this present situation. He was wondering, within the next situation, how that would affect him. I presented to him that the fact that he moved through this one would lessen the next one.

ELIAS: This being in actuality quite correct; although I shall express to you, you view Michael to have moved through this expression, and in actuality, he has accomplished almost completely; but within Michael’s view, he has not moved through. He views himself to be directly within “the middle of his stream.” In actuality, his awareness shall “catch up” to his action, and he will realize that he stands upon the banks of the opposite shore of his stream.

RON: Is he doing a better job of listening to his inner self?

ELIAS: Yes. Each of you shall engage great struggle with this action; for each of you, within your own choice and your own engagement of belief systems and of widening, shall experience your own moving through. Although I shall also express to you that within this pyramid connection that you hold, you all have experienced through these belief systems, and are continuing; and as Michael moves, you all move also. This is not to say that Michael leads you. You move together, in unison. I shall express that at times, he holds a slightly clearer awareness, presently, of what you engage and how you engage it; but you all engage, and you shall also all be very clear, within short work.

The connection and the reality of the connection of these twins is very great. The expression, as you move into wider awareness, becomes greater. The inability to disassociate or separate becomes greater, for you have chosen, each and both, to be widening; paralleling together; merging to one. (Long pause)

Are you wishing of more questions for this evening? For I wish not to be short-circuiting these individuals with information, as you view yourselves to be quite within the “thick” of your experiences!

RON: Is there anything that you could tell us about the pyramid that would help us to understand our connection a little better for this present situation?

ELIAS: Notice your connections, and your responses within connections. Notice all of your incorporation within the responses of the four, for you have all moved as if to be different aspects of one entity. Realize in this, you hold great power within consciousness.

Send greetings to our new friends, and express that probabilities are not removed, and you do not view only within past. You hold the ability to view presently; and as you move into your shift, you shall become all that I have expressed previously to you, within awareness. You are becoming now! You are viewing your becoming now. The reality exists. (Vic’s note: In reference to our new computer friends)

CATHY: Speaking of viewing things, could you give me any helpfulness to overcome my fear and uncomfortableness with the TFE’s, other than the fact that I’m not supposed to rationalize? I realize that, but,

ELIAS: I express to Shynla, examine the issue that is mirrored to you, that you notice within Lawrence, of control ...


ELIAS: ... in which Lawrence accomplishes well, in moving through and letting go. (To Vicki) Acknowledgment!

VICKI: Thank you. (Rolling her eyes)

ELIAS: Personal invalidation! (Laughter, and then turning to Cathy) Understand that these individuals are elements of your pyramid focus, and are quite trustworthy within this game. As you may allow yourself, within your own solitude, the freedom of meditation, you may also allow the unincorporation of control; and in this, you may amaze yourself at what you may view!

CATHY: Okay.

ELIAS: You shall not lose yourself, and you shall also not appear to this company as displaying idiocy! (Grinning)

RON: Yeah, we’re used to that! (Laughter)

CATHY: Yeah, the meditation. I figured you’d bring that up. I’ve been doing that a lot, huh?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) I shall be expressing my adieu for this evening with great love and affection; and know that I hold supportiveness within this endeavor of new challenges, that you view to be so difficult! (Smiling) And if you are choosing, and if you are wishing, I am quite at your disposal, as always.

RON: Thank you, Elias.

CATHY: Yes, thank you very much.

ELIAS: A very loving au revoir!

Elias departs at 10:04 PM.

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