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Sunday, June 30, 1996

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“The Belief Systems Exercise”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Cathy (Shynla), Jim (Yarr), Gail (William), and Julie (Lanyah).

Vic’s note: Interestingly enough, this is yet another personal interaction session, and following quite closely upon the heels of the last! This is an unusual occurrence, within our viewing of the last year.

Elias arrives at 7:44 PM. (Arrival time was about twenty seconds.)

ELIAS: Good evening!

GROUP: Good evening!

ELIAS: We continue with information concerning your shift. (Pause) Introduction to group participation session! (Grinning)

CATHY: Oh, goody! (Laughing)

ELIAS: You are what you believe yourselves to be, not you believe yourselves to be what you are. You create what you believe, not you believe what you create. Your perception follows your beliefs, not the other way around! This evening, I shall engage with you as you view your perceptions of what you create, of what you are, of what you believe; for these form your reality within this physical focus. You may alter this reality. You continually hold the ability to change this reality. There are no closed systems. Underline entire sentence!

You have all incorporated experiences recently, within your individual focuses, presenting yourselves with the opportunity to view how you perceive your reality, what you create, and who you are. You have moved into an area where you have presented yourselves with the opportunity to alter your perceptions of your reality. This is the point of your shift. We offer information to you, in the hopefulness that you shall incorporate this information and use this helpfulness to avoid trauma within your shift by allowing yourselves, in smaller increments, to be shifting.

Do not be fooled by your rationale, within your scientifically logical minds, which suggests to you that within your physically-focused psyche, you either possess complete control of all that you encounter, or you possess no control of all that you encounter. Neither of these concepts are, in actuality, complete or correct. They are perceptions which you accept into your reality. As I have stated, your perceptions always, underline, follow your beliefs.

The point of your shift is to widen your awareness of belief systems, and to be accepting of these belief systems. Within acceptance of belief systems, you feel no need, inside of you individually, to hold control; for you hold the understanding of the true control, if you choose to use this term, that you already possess. There is, in actuality, no issue of control! You choose the issue of control within physical; not only this particular physical focus, but all dimensions of physical focus.

As you widen your awareness of belief systems, you also, as you have recently viewed, begin to incorporate an understanding of how your belief systems align with mass belief systems. In this, I shall also express to you that within the area of mass belief systems, you very effectively restrict your individual selves. You have learned to distrust and discount yourselves. You have learned, through alignment with mass belief systems, that it is unsafe to be expressing of your individuality. Therefore, you “squelch” or you deny your individual talents, creativity, and abilities; for if you are expressing of these abilities individually, you set yourselves apart. You become “different.” (Grinning)

Within your mass accepted psychological “norm,” you believe you must be the same; therefore, you hold belief systems the same. You may view yourselves individually. You may express to me, “I do not align with mass belief systems.” I shall express to you, you are incorrect! You do hold to mass belief systems. You accept these. As I have stated, within a widening of awareness, you allow yourselves the perception of your alignment with mass belief systems. In this, you allow yourselves the opportunity to widen these beliefs, and truly be accepting of them, and allow them to fly away.

As I have stated this evening, you have each incorporated situations individually, within your recent time period, as have all other individuals, which have served for your viewing of belief systems that you hold. Many individuals, within what you view to be the masses, in these early stages of your shift, do not consciously recognize the elements they are presenting to themselves. Therefore, within a waking consciousness state objectively, they do not act upon conscious widening of awareness. Therefore, the action of widening is slowed. You within this company, and many others also, have chosen to allow yourselves to view and to become aware. As I have stated previously, this process is not always what you view to be “comfortable!” (Grinning, as we all crack up)

GAIL: To say the least!

ELIAS: This is not necessary! (Humorously) “Oh, fine, Elias! Very well for you to say, for you occupy existence within non-physical focus, and do not deal with physical things!” (Laughter) It matters not. Your perception is all that need be altered. (Smiling)

You may incorporate any physical situation, and you always hold choices. You always hold different perceptions. You may choose to lock yourselves into one prevailing belief system and perception, but this also would be your choice! If you are wishing to be avoiding conflict and trauma, this is within your abilities!

I have stressed many times, from the onset of our sessions, the importance of interaction. The reason this interaction holds importance is to allow you alternate perceptions. Within our time that we have been engaged together, you have offered yourselves many examples of altering perceptions. You draw upon these experiences many times, but you continue to not make the connection! You continue to view the difficulty in shifting perception. You think, within your objective self, that you must incorporate a method; or you think, there must be a process; or you think, it shall be very difficult to shift. I have expressed many times to you, there is no difficulty within shifting. You need only perceive differently.

If you are needing of a method to be perceiving differently, this too has been offered, within this company and these sessions; interaction with each other; for each of you holds individual perceptions. In this, you offer each other alterations in perception. You may hold a belief system, and your perception will follow this belief system; but as you have agreed to be widening, if you are incorporating helpfulness through interaction, you may also be accepting of another’s perception. In this is your method, to allowing yourselves to widen belief systems.

I tell you truly, which you may communicate also to our new friends; you may choose to view presently, within this now, that you will not experience trauma in conjunction with this shift ... but, you will. You may look to your individual experiences, and you may view within this present now individually, not en masse, how the engagement of very strong base belief systems causes trauma. If you incorporate your multiplication, viewing mass events and mass consciousness, shifting mass belief systems causes trauma. Your expression of non-acceptance of these concepts is only an attempt at physically-focused control. You shall eliminate much, much conflict by allowing yourselves to view the unnecessary element of control issues; for you allow yourselves acceptance of self and trust of self in this, which far out-weighs your small concept of control. If you are trusting of self, you feel no need to be controlling of self, or any other element.

We shall incorporate interaction, for you each have elements to share that you have learned through engaging your individual issues with belief systems; and if you are confused, I shall be helpful. I shall not be picking upon Shynla this evening! Lawrence shall begin!

GAIL: You’re on the hot spot! (Much laughter)

VICKI: What have I learned ...

ELIAS: Which belief systems have you chosen to engage?

VICKI: It appears to me to be belief systems of right and wrong. More specifically, in this specific situation, of how we view and believe about our families, our children, our relatives, and the connections between them. Also, of passing judgment on other people as a result of their choices, putting those choices into categories of right and wrong also, because they don’t agree with your own belief systems.

ELIAS: And you view presently the alignment with mass belief systems in this area?

VICKI: Yes. From talking to other people, it’s quite evident that this is shared by most people, it seems to me.

ELIAS: And express to us how you view a shifting in perception, which allows a widening of belief systems. (Pause)

VICKI: Well ... That’s a tough question!

ELIAS: Do not be discounting of self!

VICKI: Well, I think I’ve shifted perception in such a way as to realize that my perception is based on what I expect to perceive, on my expectations, and that I will perceive what I expect to perceive.

ELIAS: Quite correct, as we have stated this evening; as you have experienced with your alien creature! (Grinning)

VICKI: Yes! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Which I shall also add a note that this was not only perception; but, as I stated earlier, you create what you believe. Therefore, within a brief time period, you created, in actuality, what you believed; therefore allowing yourself to view actual life.

VICKI: It was reality at that point in time!

ELIAS: Quite correct! I have stated many times to you, that what you perceive physically is not necessarily what you think, and you may create whatever you choose! If you are viewing within a strong belief of an element, you shall physically create this, and it shall bear you out and be what you perceive. And, as you offered yourself an alteration in belief, the creature changed; and your viewing of the creature, and your perception of it, also changed.

VICKI: Rather immediately!

ELIAS: Immediately! Spontaneously shifting perception with no difficulty! And, where do you view your shifting within your perceptions of belief systems?

VICKI: Another tough question! (Laughter) I guess some shifting into an area of more acceptance of other people’s perception, and maybe understanding that their perception is just as real to them as mine is to me, and within that, it is the way that it is.

ELIAS: Therefore within this, the concept of creating a reality is becoming a reality!

VICKI: Yes ...

ELIAS: The concept of the affectingness of belief systems, and their strength, is becoming a reality, correct?

VICKI: Correct.

ELIAS: Very good; which you view to be quite difficult! It is unnecessary. I express to you, quite genuinely, that as we view and interact with you, you may interpret that it pains us to view how you create such unnecessary conflict. Therefore we, within agreement with you, choose to offer helpfulness to be avoiding of these conflicts that perplex you so. I shall acknowledge that within this moving into awareness of belief systems, at the onset of our sessions, you would not have moved so quickly. You would not have allowed yourself the awareness that you do now. Therefore, do not be discounting of self, for you have moved well; and with the incorporation of helpfulness of my dear friend, we have regained your attention!

VICKI: This is correct.

ELIAS: Which I shall address to issue with my dear friend later! Thank you.

VICKI: Thank you.

ELIAS: I shall address to ... Ron!

RON: Same question?

ELIAS: I believe we occupy the same session! (Laughter)

RON: Okay. Well, it was just wishful thinking! (Elias chuckles) The belief system that stands out most in my mind is the belief system of not trusting myself. (Elias nods) The shifting I feel that I’ve done is that I’ve recently started trusting myself a little more than I did before, in my engagement with Paul.

ELIAS: Quite right! And express to us the belief systems that you attach to this issue.

RON: Well, I’m sure that one was fear; fear of the unknown, fear of failure.

ELIAS: These are byproducts of belief systems. (Smiling)

RON: Oh. The belief system ... I guess I don’t know what the base belief system is.

ELIAS: You share a base belief system with Lanyah, in believing that the “officially accepted norm” does not engage within certain abilities, talents, or creativity. Therefore, this sets you apart. It makes you different. What you do not understand is that you each, within your individuality of physical focus, are very different. You hold common belief systems, but your expression of physical focus and creativity is very individual and different. But, your accepted norm does not provide for this! It does not provide for the gifted, or for the idiot! It only accepts the norm; to which you strive to be a part of, and not trusting of self if it expresses contrary to this norm. Therefore, you may view also the mass belief system that you have aligned to; for in actuality, to one extent or another, no matter that you view yourself to be a rebel, (smiling) you align with accepted psychological norms. So, you have learned how to shift perception in this area?

RON: I don’t think I’ve learned everything about anything yet!

ELIAS: Very good! I shall expect to see you “poofing away,” if you have learned everything within physical focus! (Laughter)

RON: I feel a little more comfortable with myself in this action.

ELIAS: And an acceptance of non-threat, and an understanding of what we have expressed with regard to control.

RON: And I was actually never really aware consciously that it was there, but now that it’s gone, I can see that it was.

ELIAS: Quite; for this very often is the case. Many times, you are not consciously, so to speak, aware of belief systems that you hold until they are engaged; and as they are engaged and moved through, you realize the belief systems that you have held. Very good; and my acknowledgment extends also to you, for your agreement within helpfulness and your acceptance of energy exchange; for also, at the onset of our encounters, this was not within your reality. Therefore, acknowledge to yourself at your movement. (Smiling, and a pause) And ... William!

GAIL: Yes. I think I have a lot of things going at one time!

ELIAS: This being so very uncommon! (Grinning, and we all laugh)

GAIL: I’ve been struggling with right and wrong. I’ve been struggling with the family issue. I’ve been struggling with believing in myself, and not sabotaging myself with control issues.

ELIAS: I shall ask, what belief systems do you view that you engage?

GAIL: I’m not sure what you mean.

ELIAS: All things within your reality relate to belief systems held by the individual, and also en masse. Therefore, if you are choosing to be engaging an issue personally within yourself, you also engage a belief system attached.

GAIL: Okay. Well, I’ve been having a struggle between the religious belief systems and ... I’m not sure that this word encompasses what I’m thinking, but the metaphysical beliefs. I’ve been having a struggle between the two, and I think I’ve accomplished my goal, which is to follow my own instincts instead of listening to belief systems of the religious focus.

ELIAS: Shall I offer helpfulness?

GAIL: Please! (Laughing)

ELIAS: You engage belief systems concerning experience. You hold belief systems, common to all other individuals, that your experience forms your reality, and therefore is completely influencing of your entirety of reality. Also, that your experiences hold elements of right, wrong, good, bad, positive, negative. These are belief systems. Your experiences are ... experiences! They are creations to offer yourself sensual, physical experience; for within physical focus, you manifest for this reason; to experience through your physical, objective senses. In this, you attach belief systems to these experiences. You label these experiences as good or bad, as acceptable or unacceptable. Therefore, you look to outside belief systems, mass belief systems, to be helpful. You temporarily align yourself with mass religious belief systems, which offer you explanations of right and wrong, finding this to be insufficient.

GAIL: Very!

ELIAS: You align with new belief systems, en masse, of metaphysics. Now, you move through the belief system, allowing yourself the opportunity to be trusting of self.

GAIL: Yes. I want that, and I’m going to do that.

ELIAS: You are doing that! (Smiling)

GAIL: Agreed. It’s still hard!

ELIAS: The issue that you all hold, of right and wrong, of good and bad, creates much conflict and confusion within you. It is an accepted belief system. Therefore, within the norm, you align yourselves; for if you are not accepting of the official psychological norm within these very base belief systems, you may be labeled insane or criminal! (Laughter) Definitely not normal; which, as with Sari, none of you wishes to be viewed as not normal, much less criminal or insane! But you may look to yourselves and you may know, within you truly, that you occupy none of these spaces, so to speak; by activating trust within yourselves and your individuality. We shall break, and I shall continue with our remaining three.

BREAK 8:41 PM.
RESUME 9:28 PM. (Arrival time was about five seconds.)

ELIAS: Continuing; your perception follows your beliefs. Underline entire sentence! Once again: We have expressed many times, you may acquire a belief system instantaneously. Altering or widening a belief system may not occur so instantaneously, for you do not believe that it shall! Therefore, your perception follows your beliefs. You may acquire a belief of burning feet!

GAIL: I did, too! (Laughing)

ELIAS: You believe this; therefore you hold the perception. You may alter your perception, but if you are not engaging the belief and allowing for a widening of the belief, your perception may remain the same.

GAIL: I tried real hard!

ELIAS: This seeming to be quite common within physical focus! Be understanding, this is where your conflict lies; that you try so hard! (Grinning) We have expressed effortlessness, over and over and over again, which is not synonymous with trying so hard! You may instantaneously alter a belief or a perception by engaging a belief. If you believe a creature to exist, you shall perceive a creature! It shall be a reality, as hot sand shall be a reality. You may also effortlessly, without “trying so hard,” alter this and offer yourself new information; changing your belief and altering your perception, with no effort. If you are engaging effort, you are holding to the existing belief, and struggling against its reality that you have already accepted. (Pause) Food for thought! (Laughter) We shall continue. Shynla shall be first, after our break! (Grinning at Cathy)

CATHY: Yeah, she was gonna break at the break, too! She’s so brave, she’s still here! (Laughter) Well, you have your right and wrong, your good and bad, my issue of control, my issue of trust, my issue of acceptance of self, and then there’s responsibility, and fear of inadequacy.

ELIAS: Choose! (We all crack up)

CATHY: I’m vacillating between the fear of inadequacy, and the responsibility issue.

ELIAS: Very good!

CATHY: I said the word fear. Fear, fear, fear! I don’t know. I think I view all these things, but ...

ELIAS: And how have you manifest? (Grinning)

CATHY: Oh, stop! Vicki’s just been waiting for this one! (Laughter) The stupid foxtail thing and the dog, okay? (We’re all losing it!)

ELIAS: Quite creative!

CATHY: Thank you! Well, I viewed it for a week before I did something about it! That was a pretty big deal for me! I kept waiting for it to poke its little head out the other side, but it just kept making a longer track. So, I just had it taken care of. I told myself, “Okay, it manifested. You should look at this, and just let it go now.” But I’m still paranoid about it! But I’m trying to view it and let it go. But I don’t know that I’m doing such a good job of it!

ELIAS: So, you manifest influencing a creation, within cooperation of your animal, of this foxtail plant embedded within its body; which reinforces your belief system that you hold a responsibility for this creature, and also to its care, within agreement with other individuals. Your belief system is your personal responsibility, which you control in manipulating your environment personally. And which mass belief system do you correlate this to?

CATHY: (Obviously very frustrated) The mass belief system that if there’s foxtails, and your dog is out running around, it’s gonna get one! There’s a really good chance that one is gonna embed itself in it! And it’s reinforced when you go to the vet and he says, “I knew I was gonna make a lot of money when I moved here, over these little things right here!”

ELIAS: (Grinning) The mass belief system that you align to holds little significance to the individual foxtail! (I have to say, it’s hysterical to hear Elias say “foxtail” with his accent!)

CATHY: Then what is it? I don’t know what it is! Clueless!

ELIAS: The belief system that you align with, held within mass belief systems, is that you hold a responsibility, through agreement, for your creatures; and that you create their reality. Creatures, within your mass belief systems, do not create their own reality, for they do not hold rational thinking. Therefore, the belief system is that you are responsible for them and their creations. They do not think for themselves; you must think for them. They do not create for themselves; therefore, you must create for them. You also align with the mass belief system for the need of animal physicians. (Pause)

CATHY: I don’t know what to say!

ELIAS: Creatures are quite capable, and do create their own reality; just as does an atom or a cell. They may align with your creations, within an expression of helpfulness, for your awareness; for they do not hold the belief systems that you hold. They do not create physicians to care for them, for they hold an innate sense, a knowing, that they may heal themselves. Therefore, it is unnecessary for their creation of this occupation. This is a human creation. You align with this creation within mass belief systems. Express now, how you believe that you are engaging these belief systems, and altering your perception.

CATHY: Oh man! Altering my perception? I don’t know. I don’t know!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Ah, Shynla! Still very young! (Grinning) You have begun to engage these belief systems by allowing yourself the opportunity to be viewing these, accepting the possibility that you may create an element of this reality; therefore opening to yourself the door to view elements of your own creations, and allowing yourself to widen these belief systems; for you not only have presented yourself with this experience, but you have drawn to yourself information from others who hold a different perception, allowing you to evaluate; therefore allowing yourself to ask yourself questions. Why does your creature incorporate this experience? Why does another not?

CATHY: That’s true. I think about that all the time.

ELIAS: You have engaged yourself. You shall widen your perception! You hold very strongly to these belief systems, as do these other individuals also to their individual perceptions of their issues and belief systems. You need only allow yourself an altering of your perception. Realize that you hold these belief systems. Allow yourself an acceptance of these belief systems. This is not to say, allow yourself a reinforcement! (Laughter) Acceptance is not necessarily reinforcement and perpetuation of these belief systems!

CATHY: Well, believe me, I try. I have conversations about foxtails with myself everyday, when I walk out in the yard. I try to tell myself, “Just let it go. It’s gone. It’s over. You viewed it. You experienced it. Just let it go!” But it’s really hard. It’s really hard!

ELIAS: Within physical focus, quite often you view your own method for moving through belief systems to be “working them out.” Therefore, you express this action physically.

CATHY: It’s like, I can view the dogs next door, and I know they’re loaded, and I know they’re not gonna get one. I believe that! I believe the old dog isn’t gonna get one. But I worry like hell about the dogs that I’m responsible for, and I am trying! I am trying to mellow out, but it’s hard. What can I say?

ELIAS: And you shall continue; and eventually, you shall listen to yourself! In this, you shall find no need for “trying,” and you shall accomplish effortlessly. We shall also extend an acknowledgment of attending to other belief systems, which have been engaged and moved through.

CATHY: Thank you.

ELIAS: All hope is not lost yet! (Laughter) Now, the little one!

JULIE: Well, like you said, a lot of what Ron said. The trusting in creativity, I think that’s what it was, and being hard on myself for the fact that I have to be perfect. I guess those are the main ones.

ELIAS: For within belief systems, if you allow individual expression and exhibit a difference, you shall possibly be accepted if your expression is “perfect.” (Smiling) Within mass belief systems, creativity is defined within artistic talents. Many demands are extended upon individuals that align themselves with these talents. Creativity, in actuality, may be expressed through many avenues, in any area of existence; but within mass belief systems, creativity is expressed through arts. Therefore, within your individual belief systems, aligned with these mass belief systems, you place unreasonable expectations upon yourself. An artist must be measuring to Michelangelo; must be creating of beauty rivaling Tchaikovsky!

You shall learn, in engaging these belief systems, your highest expression is you. Your individual expression is already presently perfect! In striving for what you view to be perfection, you view outside. You shall move through these belief systems when you allow yourself the opportunity to accept your own self and expression as perfect; for it is a perfect expression of yourself, within the present now, always.

It matters not the view of other individuals, just as we express the understanding of accepted mass belief systems; that as you widen, you accept these, but you no longer align, for you incorporate a trust of self; an acceptance of your own individual expression which holds no right or wrong, and is your own perfect expression. As you approach your shift, you offer yourselves these opportunities to view these belief systems, and also to understand that they are unnecessary to align with. They are creating of conflict. Conflict is unnecessary, for you are your own perfect expression, just as you perfectly express! Therefore, alignment with mass belief systems, within your own element of trust, is unnecessary.

You shall accomplish. Your time element is only dependent upon your own choice. If you are choosing to discontinue with your conflict, as you have presented yourself the opportunity to view this also, you may discontinue your conflict immediately. You need only express, “No!” If you are not accepting of your conflict, it shall be abated. Acknowledge yourself, and trust. (Smiling)

JULIE: Okay.

ELIAS: And, Yarr!

JIM: Oh boy! A belief of success and failure, that if I don’t see success within this reality, this physical reality that I know of, that I consider my attempt of creation a failure ... and a lot of other issues that were brought up here! (Laughter) The issue of trust is in there, although I feel I’m moving into the trust issue. I feel that intuitively. And along with that, the success and failure issue, although it’s hard to view within expectations. I still hold expectations in my attempts to be creating of experiences.

ELIAS: The individual belief system of success and failure aligns also with mass belief systems; that if you are expressing, and you are not visibly viewing what you interpret as positive affectingness or results of your expression, then you have failed. If you are engaging individuals, and you are not successful in converting them to your thinking, you have failed. Within your expression, you extend beyond your relationship and interaction with your creatures, for you hold the same belief system with individuals also.

Within mass belief systems, you each hold your own opinions, your own belief systems; and if other individuals do not align with your belief systems or your opinions, they are incorrect! Therefore, your “job” is to be expressing to them, with compassion of course, the error of their ways! (Laughter) When they are not accepting of your input, you view your expression to be a failure. If you hold, within mass belief systems, the “accepted answers,” you are a failure if you are unsuccessful at “indoctrinating” others to this! (Grinning)

You may hold an acceptance of another individual’s right, so to speak, to express themselves and hold their individual belief systems, but within core or base belief systems, if they are not aligned, if they are not accepting, they are wrong; for you hold a “better answer.” Therefore, if you hold a better answer, individuals “should” accept this! (Laughter) If they are not accepting, you have not accomplished your job! Therefore, you have failed. You hold these belief systems, also paralleling with experience. Realize, you are not the product of your experience!

JIM: I’m not?

ELIAS: You create your own reality! You choose your own choices for your own experiences, within each moment of physical existence. Therefore, you are not the victim of your past experiences, so to speak. In this, you engage another belief system; that you have been taught and influenced, throughout your focus, by other individuals who have exercised control over you; for obviously, you incorporate no mind of your own, and absolutely no free will! Therefore, you are reduced to nothing but the product of your experiences! This is incorrect! You have chosen your experiences, just as all other individuals choose their experiences. You do not hold the “better way.” You hold the different way.

JIM: Just as theirs is a different way. I got that.

ELIAS: You have begun to be moving through, within an expression of trustfulness of self, incorporating your creatures. Now, move to individuals, and you shall accomplish; for you have accomplished much! Within our time period engaged together, at our onset, you did not accomplish what you accomplish presently, for your awareness was not quite as wide.

JIM: I don’t doubt that! Thank you.

ELIAS: (Smiling) Therefore, all of you may look to yourselves with trustfulness, and also loving joyfulness, at your accomplishments; not at viewing failures, for there are no failures! (Pause)

GAIL: Ron, are you going to ask for Mary?

RON: Michael would like to participate in our little exercise. Michael feels that his issue, at this point, is the parent-child relationship, and the belief systems that go along with that. He feels that he has shifted his perception to allow himself to see choices on both sides, to allow himself to see that a choice is a choice, and there’s not a right choice or a wrong choice, or a good choice or a bad choice. It’s just a choice.

ELIAS: This issue involves choices conflicting with existing belief systems. Within mass belief systems, you hold that parents express certain emotions and responsibilities with regard to their children. Within mass belief systems, you hold more responsibility to the mother. Within your present society, you allow, within mass belief systems, the removal of the father parent. This is acceptable. The responsibility falls, then, upon the mother. This individual, within mass belief systems, is expected to be nurturing and giving; a loving individual; the expression of your virgin mother; another perfect expectation! (Grinning at Julie)

You hold belief systems also as to the natural order, as you view it, of a mother and child. Even within your animal kingdom, you reinforce your belief systems; expressing that animals, within the role of the mother, are nurturing and rearing of the young. Within the “natural order” of reality, this is not always the case. You express to yourselves, to reinforce your belief systems, that the mother, within creatures, turns from the cub only within the situations or circumstances of affliction. If the young are afflicted, the mother retreats from them. This also is not always the case.

If a creature does not express a nurturing to its young, you do not hold a value judgment upon the creature. If a lioness bears two cubs and nurtures one, and is ignoring of the other which holds no physical malady, you make no judgment of this. You express that this is “nature.” If a human expresses this same action, you judge heavily. This is unacceptable. Human mothers do not express this way; for within your belief systems, you have accepted religious focuses. In this, you accept the expression of the nurturer. You assign a role. You incorporate right and wrong if this is not expressed, for it is not within the accepted psychological norm. Therefore, also within the mass belief systems, some individual must be held accountable.

Within your religious belief systems, within this country, you align most basically to Christianity. Although you may not subscribe to Christian religions, you do hold Christian belief systems. You may not view them as Christian, but they are; for other belief systems are different, within other religious focuses. Within your Christian expression, you hold to the expression of “motherhood.” You also hold to the expression of the child as being a result of the sins of the parents. Although you may not think within these terms, you do hold these belief systems. Blame must be affixed! As you move through the belief systems of right and wrong, and allow yourselves to view no right and wrong, but only experiences, you may eliminate much conflict in this area also.

Within individual expression, I acknowledge to Michael; although he believes also, within his own present belief systems, that Elias does not acknowledge of him! I shall offer acknowledgment, for as my dear friend has expressed, and I also, he has moved through. He is not within the “middle of the stream.” I acknowledge also that this shall be very instructive, in helpfulness, to other individuals wishing to eliminate conflict and alter perceptions.

As we are engaged within a religious discussion presently, I shall also address to issue with my dear friend. (Referring to Paul) He shall, if he is choosing, make alterations himself; for I shall not alter what another expresses. I take issue with his choice of language wording of “doctrine.” He is aware of this; for you have not been presented with doctrines. You have been presented with ideas and concepts of reality, (pause) that you have chosen not to incorporate completely, as of yet, but are moving towards. (Grinning)

I echo also, the importance of this message. You approach what may be very dire times. It is not necessary for you to create dire circumstances! You may avoid the ending, and create an overlapping, new beginning, with no conflict; but in order to be accomplishing of this, your attention is necessary. Your understanding of reality is necessary. If you are wishing to experience trauma, it is unnecessary to be engaging us. If you are not wishing to be experiencing trauma, it is necessary for your attention! (Firmly, and an emphatic pause)

VICKI: Can I ask a question? If you see another person engaging in an action that appears to be in direct conflict with mass accepted belief systems, and it’s an action that you yourself have had personal experience with and so you understand that person’s action, then it would seem to follow that you would have no conflict with that, or that you wouldn’t create any trauma for yourself. But I find myself doing that quite often, and I’m curious why people do that.

ELIAS: This may be brought to onset for many reasons. I will address to one that you hold commonly, presently.

You may hold similar, or what you view to be same, experiences. Within your own experiences, you also hold your own judgments. You view you own expressions and evaluate your hurtfulness, or lack of hurtfulness, to other individuals. In this, you may express your restitution, or lack of, dependent upon the situation.

Within another situation, in viewing another individual expressing the same action, you do not hold control. You are not creating the reality, but you view the hurtfulness, or lack of. Therefore, you are spurred to action! (Pause, smiling)

You must evaluate, if you are wishing to be widening, the expression of hurtfulness and its validity. You must also allow for each individual’s creation, and also involvement, within experience. This is not to say that you do not incorporate expressions of essence; tolerance and compassion, understanding but not judgment. When you allow yourselves to enter into the area of judgment, you create conflict; for you are not accepting.

Each individual, as each element of existence, physical or non-physical, strives, in your terms, for its highest fulfillment within expression. You may not view or understand the significance of certain expressions, but you also do not view all other focuses of this particular essence. You view only one. You do not view all other realities, physical or non-physical, of any particular essence. You view one. You limit your perception, your acceptance, your tolerance, to a very narrow view of one individual focus; not even one lifetime; one developmental focus. Therefore, you do not see the entirety of the experience and reality to which each essence engages. All focuses are simultaneous, and influencing of all other focuses; and each choice is only one probability.

Vic’s note: Here, we lose about three minutes of this dialog, resulting from a tape change. The new tape picks up mid-sentence.

... belief systems, you may express an acceptability for your own expressions, for you may offer yourself explanations; excuses. You may acknowledge hurtfulness to another individual within your own experiences, but you may also be accepting of this; for you view yourself to be a “good person.” You do not afford other individuals this luxury! They are a “good person” if they are following accepted belief systems, and expressing perfectly, continuously, with no hurtfulness, ever!

VICKI: It’s awfully hypocritical, in my belief systems! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Very unaccepting, (grinning) but also quite factual; but be remembering of this word “fact,” that it changes. It is an inconstant. Therefore, this may change also; this being the reason for your shift. (Pause) Are you wishing other questions?

JIM: I have a question regarding this Metatron’s Wheel, and how it was perceived by the individual. It seems, that as you have spoken, that these are a lot of ancient belief systems that have been brought into one. Is my perception of that correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: So this is just a mass belief system for the “new age?”

ELIAS: Understand the focus of your shift; to be incorporating and accepting of all belief systems. Therefore, there must be a merging.

JIM: Okay. So this incorporates that merging, to a great deal?

ELIAS: To an extent, within the understanding and limitations of the individuals and their present widening; but these all are expressions of the beginnings of your shift, in knowing that you must be accepting of all belief systems, converging all together; realizing no right and wrong, no better or worse; all being belief systems, which all also hold an element of truth. You now move in the direction of changing the distortion of truth, and allowing the emergence of the reality of truth.

JIM: Interesting. Thank you.

VICKI: I do have one more question, for our new friend Bruce. He has expressed interest in one of the babies being in his proximity, and his question is, what exactly do you mean by proximity? He’s also curious as to the age of the oldest baby.

ELIAS: The age, within physical focus, of the oldest, so to speak, within this focus, baby, is one year exactly to the last; incorporated within harmony to our sessions also, and many others that have begun within your same physical time period. The proximity, you may find! You have already offered yourselves clues. You do not follow your path of clues! Holmes! I am disappointed! Michael has engaged dream focus already! You may investigate and find this location. Proximity is closer than this west coast! (Laughter) It is also closer than across your Atlantic Ocean! It also is ... north. These are many clues! You are aware already that one exists along your eastern seaboard, within northern location. I view this to be very many clues! (Grinning)

You hold the ability to be investigating and discovering this information for yourselves, if you are focusing upon this mission instead of focusing upon your conflict! It is your choice. Personally, I view fun much better; although there is no better! (Laughter) Much more enjoyable, quite! Investigating locations of the manifestations of Rose shall be much more enjoyable, and quite fun! You investigated and discovered your infants for our game, without my clues, for yourselves. You may also find all nine of these children.

We shall, very quickly, on to our game! Snap, snap! We must not be wasting of your time! (Much laughter)

VICKI: Okay. I’ll go. For Michael; vibrational tones, with the Borledim family, the color spectrum.

ELIAS: Ah, he ventures to vibrational tones! One point.

VICKI: Okay. Belief systems ...

ELIAS: Ah, very daring!

VICKI: ... with the Sumari, conformity as negative.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Lanyah is not listening! One point.

VICKI: Source Events, the Borledim family, all reproduction.

ELIAS: Creation of! One point.

VICKI: And religions, Sumari, Hindu.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

I shall express to you, with regard to this Source Event, this is reproduction of all kinds, not only procreation; for your physical reproduction is a mirror image of essence. You may now begin to “clue” to the enormity of a Source Event, which may not be expressed, within its entirety, into physical focus; for it is not possible for you to reproduce everything of essence into physical focus; this being only one Source Event; but acknowledgment to you both at its discovery. Continue.

VICKI: Okay. My first question has to do with a Source Event! What the heck! Sumafi, Source Event, the expression of individuality.

ELIAS: (Grinning) This would also be an expression of your Creation Source Event.

VICKI: Oh. Okay. Well, poets, Sumari, Shakespeare.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: And also in poets, with the Vold family, Dante.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: With the Tumold family, spiritual leaders, Mother Theresa.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: Sports, Sumari, mountain climbing.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Not volleyball? (Laughter) Incorrect!

VICKI: No, I think volleyball goes in green! (Laughing) Okay, I shall take another stab at sports; with the Zuli family, gymnastics.

ELIAS: One point.

JULIE: I would like to connect my other essence with Tomkin.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) You do not hold another essence; you hold another alignment.

JULIE: Okay, my other alignment.

ELIAS: (Still chuckling) With the Milumet family? (Pause) Incorrect! (There are many exclamations from the group here)

JULIE: Then can I connect with Ilda?

ELIAS: One point! (More exclamations from the group)

JULIE: Can I connect Tomkin, in artists, with Bob Marley?

ELIAS: One point.

GAIL: I would like to connect continents, with Rose, Pangaea.

ELIAS: Pangaea. (Correcting pronunciation) One point.

GAIL: I would also like to connect movies, with the Sumafi family, “Grumpy Old Men.” No pun intended!

ELIAS: (Humorously) I take extreme issue! Incorrect!

GAIL: I’m sorry, I misspoke. I would like to connect it to Sumari.

ELIAS: Incorrect! (Laughter)

GAIL. I’m frustrated! Incorrect, huh?

VICKI: Less probable!

ELIAS: Less probable! (Laughing)

GAIL: I’m frustrated!

ELIAS: Which indicates that there exists a more probable answer!

CATHY: I would like to connect Tomkin, in songs, with “Biko.”

ELIAS: Acceptable.

CATHY: Sumafi, flower, lilac.

ELIAS: One point.

CATHY: Is the category children’s stories, or small stories?

ELIAS: Children’s stories. You may introduce short or small stories to your categories, if you are choosing.

CATHY: We’ll put short stories in there, then.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

CATHY: Tomkin, children’s stories, “Where The Wild Things Are.”

ELIAS: Less probable!

CATHY: Ordin, constellations, Andromeda.

ELIAS: One point.

CATHY: How about Otha, flowers, I’d like to add the Peony Rose.

ELIAS: Acceptable. (Turning to Ron)

RON: I’m passing tonight.

ELIAS: Very busy engaging non-physical focus! Quite taxing!

RON: It takes a lot out of you! (Laughing)

ELIAS: I am quite sure Michael shall be acknowledging! (Humorously)

JULIE: Can I ask a quick question? What’s the difference between being aligned with the different essences? Can you explain that to me? I don’t really understand.

ELIAS: You have chosen, within this physical focus, to be what you may term as a “part of” an essence family, grouping yourself together with a particular essence family; but also, within this focus, you hold alignments, characteristics, leanings, towards other essence families. You are, within your focus, involved or aligned with two essence families; this meaning you are grouped with two simultaneously. Therefore, you incorporate the actions and the focus of both. You may hold characteristics of other essence families also. You will find that you hold elements of all of these essence families. The particular essence families that you align to, you “hold yourself” as a “family member.” Therefore you belong, simultaneously, to two families. As for this focus, you are not wishing to choose singularly; wishing the experience equally of the alignment or membership of both essence families.

JULIE: So I don’t have one essence, I’m part of both?

ELIAS: You are one essence; just as you yourself, within this physical focus, are one person, correct? But if you were choosing, you may choose to hold two families. Rose presently, within one manifestation, holds two families; but is one individual within one particular focus. In this same manner, you hold an alignment to two families. Therefore, you involve yourself, within consciousness and expression, with two families; but you are one essence.

JULIE: Okay. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. (Smiling)

JIM: I have a couple of game impressions; Milumet, personality types, stubborn.

ELIAS: Acceptable. Milumet. (Correcting pronunciation)

JIM: The essence family of Tumold, personality types, passive.

ELIAS: I shall make a clarification. Within personality types, your first expression is accepted. Do not be confusing of expressions to personality types; although you may be adding the category of expressions, if you are choosing.

JIM: Okay, do we choose? That would be personality expressions?

ELIAS: Acceptable.

JIM: Tumold, movies, “Powder.”

ELIAS: Less probable, as this has been incorporated already.

JIM: Okay. That’s all for now.

ELIAS: Acceptable. Are you wishing of more questions this evening, briefly? (Pause) Very well. Very briefly! I shall return, once again, to engagement with you, and we shall continue with your subject matter of your shift and your mass events. I shall bid you all a very fond adieu this evening!

Elias departs at 11:09 PM.

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