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Sunday, May 28, 1995

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“Thought Processes”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Debbie (Catherine), Christie (Oliver), Julie (Peter), Elizabeth (Elizabeth), and a new participant to our group, Carol (Dimin). (1)

Elias arrives at 6:25 PM. (Time was forty-five seconds.)

ELIAS: (To Group) Good evening. (To Carol) Welcome to Dimin. We are apologizing for disturbing your visualization.

CAROL: Not necessary. Thank you.

ELIAS: (To Ron) Welcome again. I am surprised to see you again! (To Carol) This, for clarification, is essence name. Here, my friends are referred to with essence names. They are not important, but they give them a sense of identity and connection with the rest of their essential self. We have anticipated your presence.

We have spoken recently of many important issues. They have caused much involvement within yourselves. This is good. Not all of you have had much opportunity this interim time, in your terms, to assess all of our exercises. You will have much time to focus in these matters. We will approach this evening in a slightly different fashion.

You contain four basic elements of your essence. We have spoken of two; intellect and emotion. We will assign these to the terms of philosophy and art. You also possess a political framework and a religious framework. All of these of course are words, in your terms. They cover a very vast spectrum. In the vein of art, this is the expression of your essence through emotion. You may not always identify with this, but art is the emotional expression. Thought or intellect is your philosophical expression of your essence.

Your political part is that which expresses itself through your interaction with other essences. This covers a tremendous scope. It is not in your definition of politics. It is the expression of interaction between yourselves and all other essences in every manner; from your children to your families, your communities, your countries, your world, and other worlds. You do interact with them, only not in this physical focus.

Your religious aspect of your essence is that which you apply to yourselves, that which involves all parts of your essence and its relation to The Creating Universal One And Whole. Involved in the religious expression of your essence is all of your focus of your entire essence.

(Here, Julie arrives) Welcome! Peter is well this evening?

JULIE: Pretty good, I guess. Thank you.

ELIAS: I have given you these definitions. Now we will incorporate a new focus, as I suggested at our earlier session. You may choose which part to focus upon. We will incorporate interaction. This is for the purpose of greater understanding. I am understanding that it is difficult for much information to be processed only through your mind. It will be easier if we incorporate interaction. All of these basic elements of your essence will be discussed. You may choose their order. (Pause) Much blank faces! (Laughter, followed by another pause) Lawrence?

VICKI: Well, how about the philosophical part?

ELIAS: You wish to know of the thought process of your essence?


ELIAS: Thoughts are very complicated but creating energies. You do not really understand the true power involved with them. You speak of thoughts as being energy waves and being of creative motivation. You do not necessarily believe that the thoughts themselves do create. They do! Before the thought emerges, there are other patterns already processed and in motion within your essence. These give rise to physical thought. These thoughts take on qualities of energy. This energy is projected out and is a created force.

Even when you do not “think” you are creating something, you, in reality, are. Every thought being manifest in the form of energy, whether acted on or not, creates an energy disturbance in your field of energy around your individual bodies. This extension of energy will project and affect others around you. There is no thing as a thought in the form of a wasted drop. Every thought connects with the interconnectedness of consciousness.

You are all, in one respect, connected. You are all individual essences, but simultaneously are also connected. Every molecule of energy that you create affects everything else. In this physical focus, you do not understand this. Most of you do not truly believe this; but where you cannot see, it does happen, even in your dreams, which you look at as imagination and fantasy or replaying tapes of events already accomplished. This is how you view your dream state. In actuality, it is viewing thought processes which have, in their energy, been allowed to manifest and materialize in another focus. This is how you are enabled to see, through your dream state, manifestations of yourselves or other developmental focuses of yourselves.

Your thoughts sometimes, when allowed in this focus, can be damaging. When they are allowed too much focus, they can, like any other thing, grow in proportion. In doing this, you allow their rule in your physical focus. This confuses your essence. It conflicts with other basic elements of your essence. As in any example, too much focus in one direction creates a situation where the other elements suffer. This creates conflict. The reason for this is that when you become aware and then try to incorporate other basic elements, you do not understand them. They are unfamiliar to you. You do not understand what to do with them.

(To Vicki) You, as is Michael, are more oriented in this focus to thoughts. This has served well for you, to a point. Now, in trying to incorporate other parts of your essence, you find it difficult. You must each learn to flow, to move through your fears. This is your only block. We only fear what is unfamiliar to us, unfamiliar to our physical focus. There is nothing unfamiliar to your essence. (Pause) You seem still puzzled.

VICKI: Yeah, I’m puzzled. I don’t understand how you incorporate other things into your focus besides the focus in the thought.

ELIAS: We have discussed the small exercise in our other session. This shall have given you a glimpse of incorporating two seemingly opposing elements. A problem is, these elements are not opposing. They are only different parts of your essence. It is unnecessary to create this conflict within you. (2)

Some essences feel more than they have thoughts. These also experience great difficulty. You are all taught, from very small, that you must think about what you feel. You also are taught, from the time you are infants, that feelings are not always acceptable. They are invalidated. Even biological feelings are invalidated in the very, very small. This is what you learn, from the beginning, not to express. It is not appropriate.

Some are more capable of adapting to this. Some focus with thought. This disconnects their emotional focus. It enables them to move through their lifetime, in your terms, more easily. Some, who are strongly connected with emotions, find it very difficult. They find this development of denial very, very hard. This creates much more conflict in these individuals than it does in the essences that adapt to a thought focus.

It is, I will say it seems, in some ways, that I may be expressing that your issues and challenges that you go through are not as difficult as those who focus emotionally. This is not to invalidate the challenges that you experience. It is only to say that in an emotional focus, it is sometimes more difficult to see clear to all that is.

I understand these are very difficult concepts. Your essence is very complicated and difficult. It cannot be explained to you in mere moments!

I am aware of tremendous confusion this evening! (Grinning, and laughter) We will, for a time, address questions that may serve to help in your understanding of these matters. (Pause, and then to Elizabeth) Little one?

ELIZ: How do I say this? You spoke a little bit about dreams. The other night I had a really disturbing dream, and I’m not so sure I understand. If I were to think about this, or feel about this, would I necessarily create the situation?

ELIAS: This depends. In one sense, you have already created the situation. In one sense, everything that you have focused in a dream has already been created in another focus. In another sense, if you are wondering if you will physically create it in this focus, this is dependent on your desire. This does not mean, necessarily, if you have the desire to physically go out and do something. If the desire is great enough, even without physical action, it can be accomplished.

ELIZ: Well, like I said, the dream was very disturbing, and I wish it would not come true, or I really hope I’m not ...

ELIAS: When you experience in your dreams, many times you express fears that you do not wish to manifest in a physical present focus. This is your purpose. You will express these energy thoughts into a physical dream. They will then be manifest, but not in this physical focus. This allows you to experience physical emotions within your sleep time. This allows physical responses, and allows you to let them go. All thoughts are manifest. They only are not all manifest in this physical focus and dimension. They all do manifest.

(Here, Christie arrives) We welcome ... “Ollie!” (Laughter)

DEB: I have a question on dreams, along the same lines. I’ve had experiences where I have had many unpleasant dreams and many pleasant dreams that have physically manifested. How do you explain that?

ELIAS: A dream that is unpleasant ... Do not misunderstand. As I have explained with Elizabeth, the desire and intent is the difference of where the dream energy will manifest. It does not matter if the dream is negative or positive, in your terms. There is no negative or positive. They are only experiences. These experiences you may not have connected in a physical form otherwise.

(Here, the tape recorder clicks off) You may turn your tape first! (Laughter) (We lose a minute or two, and begin again mid-sentence) ... something in physical form. Therefore, you will manifest these thoughts first in a dream. This, in a matter of speaking, prepares you for manifesting these same thoughts in your physical focus. Your trauma will not be as great if you view a negative situation that you have seen before. This is your own wonderful protection system. It helps you in your focus. This also shall indicate to you, in your noticing of these things, how very creative you truly are.

CAROL: May I ask a question about dreams?

ELIAS: You may.

CAROL: My dreams are symbolic. The dreams that I remember are symbolic. I never have dreams that are specific, things that I see manifest, per se. Do you have any comments about that?

ELIAS: Everything is a symbol. It is only your interpretation of these symbols. Every minute of your physical focus is a symbol to your essence. Your essence is very acquainted and accustomed to viewing all focuses in symbols. You do not view your physical focus in this way, so you think! (Smiling) In reality, it is all symbols. It only needs be interpreted.

You may do exercises in your waking states which will familiarize you with symbols easier. In your visualizations, choose a focus of any moment of your present physical developmental focus. When you have visualized this moment, allow your focus to expand. You will notice other thoughts or remembrances occurring in your visualization. Do not block these. Some will seem completely unrelated. Some will be easily identified. Those which are easily identified, you may think you do not need to interpret. You will see many different pictures flash to you. In this way, when you incorporate the entire finished picture, you may take the pieces of it apart and then interpret them to yourself. In this same way, as you practice with your attention in your dream state, you will become familiar with your symbols. They are your essence language to you. (Pause, looking around at everybody) We are still very, very unclear! (Laughter)

VICKI: I have a question regarding the material you gave a few minutes ago. You were talking about how, from childhood, we are raised to ... (pause, as Elias looks around for Mary’s cup, which Christie hands him)

ELIAS: (To Christie) Thank you.

CHRIS: You’re welcome.

ELIAS: (To Vicki) Continue.

VICKI: There are expressions of our emotions that are invalidated from childhood on, and I see that. I’ve had that experience. My question is, if being that’s the case, how is it that some people do have such an emotional focus? How do they overcome that invalidation?

ELIAS: This is not a case of overcoming. You will notice, with speaking with essences who are of an emotional focus, they have not overcome. They battle with this continuously. They are subject to much intensity of negative feelings, in your terms. This is not a case of overcoming. It is a basic element of their essence, a stronger focus than the other focuses; just as even if you were discouraged from thinking as a small one, you would not be able to refrain from doing it. You would only do it quietly. These essences learn to express their emotions only within their own selves. They understand their feelings are acceptable to their essence, as your thoughts are acceptable to your essence. This does not mean that they believe that these emotional focuses are acceptable to everyone else. Is that clear?

VICKI: Yeah.

ELIAS: This is why we are here, to help in the integration of the whole essence, and create the harmony which will enable your essences to come together as a whole focus. (Here, there is a pause, during which the only audible sound is that of Debbie, quietly crying)

I am aware of much conflict within our tiny flower. (Smiling at Debbie) We shall interrupt for a brief moment, and in this time, you may all water this flower for me. Thank you.

BREAK 7:34 PM.

RESUME (?) (Time was twenty seconds.)

ELIAS: We will continue. Your word for tonight will be vicissitude. This describes what you are all currently experiencing. I will exercise my essence, and not reveal its meaning! (Laughter) As a parent ... this is correct, little one? ... you would instruct your children in an exercise of learning to “look it up.” (Laughter)

CAROL: May I ask a question?

ELIAS: Dimin; yes.

CAROL: Michael has asked to know the reason for his headache this week, on one side of his head.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Ask Michael, which side of his head is hurting? I will venture to tell you, you will find it is the “thinking” side!

CAROL: It is.

ELIAS: This is an incorporation of his essence, expressing through physical manner to quite thinking and incorporate the more unfamiliar side. He does flair in a dramatic sense with his expression! It is not really necessary, but it does attract his attention. He is truly sincere in his desire to learn. If he will allow himself to use his visualization [to view] a little more of his fear, he will accomplish letting go. This will happen. He is, right now, only confused, and feeling in the eye of the hurricane, in his estimation. No such hurricane rages. He is only fearing what he is not familiar with.

You all have the ability to incorporate and help each other. In being thought individuals, who are few, you may help feeling individuals by clarifying feelings with them. In being feeling and emotional individuals, being many, you may help the thought individuals incorporate their feelings. You will find, although essences who are given basically to emotional frameworks have struggled much through their lifetimes, they are more receptive to thought input and may incorporate thoughts easily. Those who are more based in thought, in contrary, it is much more difficult for these ones to incorporate emotions and feelings into their focus. They may not have had to deal with emotional pain as you have in your focus, but it is much more difficult for them to incorporate other parts of their essence which does not include thoughts. Is this understood?

CAROL: Are you saying that those of us that have been through so much emotional pain are actually in a better place, from a standpoint of feeling? Am I understanding this?


CAROL: (Sighing) Okay.

ELIAS: You think you may not be, only because you do not understand that your focus here is to experience. This is all. Period. You do experience continuously, because you feel. Those who are based in thought deny the experiences many, many times.

ELIZ: Does the noise bother you? (Referring to the loud music being played in the apartment next door)

ELIAS: I sense it is disruptive to all of you! (Agreement and laughter) Do you wish I shall wait?

ELIZ: No, go ahead. (Elizabeth goes next door)

JULIE: So it would be natural for an emotionally focused essence person to be frustrated with a thought focused essence if ... How do I say this? Lawrence and I, her father passed away and she doesn’t cry. I don’t understand that! Do you know what I’m saying?

ELIAS: This is not always an analogy that will aid your understanding. There are some instances where an emotional essence will become very extremely frustrated with a thought essence. This is natural, just as your own basic elements conflict with each other. When you are confronted with a basic element of essence which is different from your own in another essence, it amplifies this situation.

In the focus of what you term death, we do not term this as death. We have stated before, this is only another birth. Even an emotional essence may not respond to this emergence into another focus with great feeling. If they are truly understanding of beliefs, they may not respond in fashion of sorrow. They will more likely, though, respond with sadness in recognition of their own disconnection or physical lack of focus with this other passing essence. This is, parenthesis, “normal.” (3)

You are correct in your confusion of thought essences, in the respect that when another essence decides to move on to another focus, regardless of belief systems of the remaining essence there will be felt loss; not in the respect of the passed essence, but in the physical focus respect. You may not go to a ball game anymore with this essence. You may not speak on your telephone anymore. You may connect with this passed on essence in a much more fulfilling way, but until your belief systems are incorporated to a point where you can focus and accept this as reality, you are still within the framework of your physical focus. In that physical focus, given existing belief systems, you experience a type of loss. To not experience this loss in feelings is a denial of a particular expression of your essence to a physical focus. This is common with thought essences, even when their belief systems have not been completely incorporated. Is this helpful?

JULIE: Very. Thank you.

CAROL: May I ask another question along the same lines? Are you on the other side in touch with those essences that have passed over, that were connected to us?

ELIAS: No. I have explained briefly once. There are many focuses in which an essence may manifest or choose, once it has ended a particular physical focus. Ending a particular developmental focus is not the same as ending a physical focus. In either case, I am not directly connected with these essences.

I am in a focus of teaching. This is my specialty. Others possess specialties that focus in connection with recently refocused essences; some in transition to remanifest in physical focus in this dimension, some in connection with essences to focus in other dimensions.

Some are focused specifically with very recent emergences. This is where their attention is. This is what their essence loves to do, whether it be to help in direction for the next developmental focus in this physical focus, or whether it be to help direct these essences in understanding their ability to move on. You have more available to you all in your essence than your imagination can possibly conceive. Sometimes, you need a little help! (Laughter)

VICKI: I have a question. Could you please redefine these four basic elements that you started speaking of earlier?

ELIAS: These are all basic parts of your essence. When I speak to you of these, you think in very limited terms. I understand this. We will cover these subjects many times. You will not be able to have them defined to you only once. They are much too diverse.

We have spoken of your emotional base of your essence, which we define as your artistic quality of your essence. It is your artistic expression. We have spoken of your thought base of your essence. This is your philosophical expression of your essence.

We have not spoken of your political base, which is the expression of your essence which connects with all other essences and consciousness everywhere in all focuses. Our word of political has a different meaning than your word of political, just as our word of lifetime encompasses a much greater view than your term lifetime. Political means all of your interaction of your essence with all and each part of consciousness universally.

Your final portion of your essence is your religious focus. This is your personal expression of your essence in relation to itself, and also in relation to nature, and in relation to The Creating Universal One And Whole. The religious focus or expression of your essence is also not the same definition as your term here in this focus. Your term religion, or religious, is the same as your term God. As we stated before; a very small word, a very small concept. Religion is a very small word also. It is a very large concept. It does not focus in denominations, as you term them. These are physical expressions of your desires to connect.

In actuality, your expressions of religious beliefs are quite creative! (Laughter) They are beautiful stories. They are exquisite examples of your creativity. Just as a painter may express a form of beauty on a canvass, you all, within your collective essences, have expressed imaginative beauty through thought in creating your religions. All serve a connecting purpose. None, however, are correct! (Laughter)

JULIE: So prayers are of no use. Is this correct?

ELIAS: This is a complicated subject. All expressions of connecting of your essence are of some use. Also, as we have explained, your beliefs are everything to you in this physical focus. Therefore, you express yourselves according to these beliefs. All thought is reality. Therefore, all expression is reality. No expression is ever wasted. It is only that some expression takes a longer way around to reach its destiny! (Smiling)

CAROL: May I ask another question? Are you speaking through other vehicles in other places in our known world to teach others the same thing that you’re teaching here?

ELIAS: Yes. I have expressed in this company before, a portion of my consciousness is with you. It is completely focused with you. It is also a portion. I am other portions. In the same manner as your essences may fragment, mine also is in a position that it may encompass many focuses simultaneously. For me and other essences in my focus, this is not difficult. It is natural. I may speak with you and focus my attention here, and simultaneously focus my attention in completeness also with others on another side of your country, in your terms. This for me is as easily accomplished as for some of you is ... chewing gum and walking! (Much laughter)

CAROL: Do all the groups that you speak with call you Elias?

ELIAS: No, they do not. I gave you my essence name.

GROUP: Rastin.

ELIAS: This is correct. Some address me as this. This name of essence, as I have indicated previously, is a physical manifestation name, as is also Oscar, as is also Braun. (Not sure of spelling) These are names. This name is more acceptable to Michael.

DEB: Speaking of names, you mentioned something about verification before in a previous lifetime, where all of us were a part of your life. Does the name Frank Harris mean ...

ELIAS: Harris. This was you.

DEB: Thank you.

ELIAS: It is difficult sometimes, in your terms, to recall such details. They are not important. It seemed that you felt it was important for you at the time. I felt obliged to indulge you in this game. It was acceptable for me. It is difficult, as I have explained, to connect with time periods or with lengths of time. It was also difficult to connect with naming, but I’ve had help! (Laughter)

CAROL: Would you please clarify the name you’ve called me by twice


ELIAS: Dimin. D-I-M-I-N.

VICKI: I have a question.

ELIAS: Lawrence! (Laughter)

VICKI: This is kind of a personal question, just for fun, really. I’m curious why you were surprised to see Ron again. (I would like to say that in the following discourse, Elias was funnier and more dramatic than I’ve ever seen him before)

ELIAS: We are aware ... Excuse. (Clears throat) Michael is not paying attention! (Laughter) We are aware that Ron is not, shall we say, on the same quest. This is acceptable. He is already aware of much of his essence, and is more connected to its reality than even he is aware. I hesitate to say “he,” as it is in conflict with your essence preference; but in respect for this particular developmental focus, in choosing to be masculine, we acknowledge this! (Laughter)

RON: That’s a relief!

ELIAS: And would he not be “nervous” (whispered, causing again, much laughter) if we tell him that he may have been also male, and not particularly interested in females? (Again, whispered, along with the next sentence) We won’t tell him. (Here, we all crack up!)

CHRIS: (To Ron) Don’t you want to know your essence name?

VICKI: I do. What’s his essence name?

ELIAS: (To Ron) Shall I speak this, or shall I not embarrass you?

RON: I’d kind of like to know myself.

ELIAS: This would be the essence name of ... Olivia!

GROUP: Olivia!? (Much laughter)

CHRIS: I have a question.

ELIAS: Oliver! (Laughter)

CHRIS: We spoke about our belief systems and the medical profession. We begin to believe that we’re not well when we take our children to the doctor, etc. My knees are hurting. I don’t necessarily want to go to the doctor. If I do a shift in my focus and truly believe, will they heal?

ELIAS: This is correct.

DEB: How do we go about doing this?

ELIAS: This requires much practice, unless there is tremendous, instantaneous desire. Oftentimes, you create physical symptoms which are unpleasant, and you believe or you think that you do not wish them to continue. This is not always true. There are times you will create physical pain or you will allow physical disruption in your cellular structure. You do this sometimes out of fear, but sometimes not. Sometimes, you incorporate physical symptoms as a reminder to yourself. Your body is your physical expression of your essence. If it is bothersome in some way, it is signaling you to change something. If your knees bother you, they are expressing to you to notice and not continue in what is creating discomfort.

This is also very complicated. If it were possible for you to incorporate your belief systems completely, you would not experience physical pain, discomfort, or disease; but as hard as you may think, this does not always incorporate a new belief into your physical focus. Your body is physically expressing reactions to you that you are not listening to in impulses or emotions. Therefore, to obtain your attention other than ways you dismiss, it will cause a physical expression of disease or pain or discomfort.

When you feel in your essence that you have created a disease that is life-threatening, sometimes you will spontaneously address this situation. Your essence will intercede for you. It will not go through channels. It will take its own initiative and correct the problem physically for you. This happens only sometimes. It happens when the essence has “changed its mind.”

I have spoken to you once of group events in a matter of a plane trip. Twenty people decide to embark on a plane trip, in agreement that this plane will crash and their physical focus will end in this manner. One chooses otherwise at the last minute. This is always your choice. There is nothing predestined.

You have millions of probabilities available to you at every second in your focus. Therefore, an essence may choose to end its physical focus by creating a disease. During the acceleration of this physical malady, the essence may decide it has something else to accomplish in this particular focus, or in the essence’s terms it has more to experience in this particular focus before moving on. In this choice, the essence will change its mind, so to speak. It will uncreate the physical creation it has already made. It will return to a past time, in your terms, when this condition did not exist. It will incorporate that into its present focus, in your terms.

This is difficult for you to understand only because you think in increments of time. There are no such moments of time. Therefore, none are past. Therefore, it is not impossible for you to change them. You are in an eternal present. Therefore, all things are possible. Nothing is lost. Nothing is in concrete. Is that sufficient?


CAROL: May I ask something in connection with that? Where do healers fit in this picture?

ELIAS: They have a very definite purpose; this being that essences manifest in physical focus oftentimes forget their own ability to heal themselves. In this regard, it is beneficial for an essence who is connected with healing to guide them. The healer does not magically heal another essence. You heal yourself. The healer guides you and helps you, as I guide you in teaching, as others guide you in passing. Healers guide you in a physical focus.

As I have expressed, beliefs are incorporated into every facet of your physical focus. There are instances where an essence in a physical focus, through its beliefs, not only does not remember that it has the ability to heal itself, but contrarily, it does believe in powers of another essence. The other essences do not possess powers that you each do not possess yourselves. You only believe others to be more powerful. As we have expressed in our brief explanation of fragmentation, no essence is less than another. All are the same. In every focus, in every capacity, in every dimension, all are the same, essentially.

JULIE: That’s hard for me to relate to, because thinking that my essence would be the same as a murderer’s essence ... Do you understand what I’m saying?

ELIAS: This is correct. Your focus is different. Your experiences are different. Your choices are different. Your essence is the same. You choose your experiences. If you choose the experiences of a victim, you have entered into this experience in cooperation and agreement with another essence who wishes to experience the focus of being the perpetrator. No experience is less valid than another. No experience is better or worse. They are only experiences, and they have all been agreed on before they were executed. (Pause)

You confuse yourselves! (Laughter) You do this because of your twisting of your philosophy and your religious beliefs. I am not addressing your philosophical or religious base elements of your essence. I am addressing your physical words of philosophy and religion, which have a very different meaning. In many developmental focuses, you gather religious and philosophical beliefs.

I have explained, your beliefs are not intrinsic to your essence. They are acquired. Through these beliefs, you have created divisions. You have also created visions of right and wrong and good and evil. These are concepts. They are not reality. You are here in this focus to experience a particular physical reality, whether it be what you consider violent or passive. Although there are deeper explanations for some violent behavior, these are not necessarily psychological explanations. They have to do with blocking of impulses.

You, in your basic state, left alone, will express many impulses. You will act on them. They will not be negative or positive, in themselves. If they are blocked though, they may manifest themselves in an expression as I spoke of before, with respect to a natural geyser of your planet. When its gasses are blocked by your earth, they build up. Then they express themselves in a forceful explosion.

In blocking impulses in any area, or emotions, you will also create this situation within yourselves.

In blocking natural impulses, this may manifest in violence later in your development. This is not always the case, but it is in some instances. Others merely create a single situation of violence to experience that situation, but in creating that they have also been in agreement with the opposite essence. In the play, both have their roles. Both act them out. Both receive their experience. Do you understand?

JULIE: I understand what you’re saying very much, but it is still hard to comprehend. I feel like I’m a good person and I feel like a murderer is a bad person, but you make sense in what you said.

ELIAS: This is only from your beliefs.

JULIE: Right. I understand that.

ELIAS: Do not be deceived. All of these essences present perceive themselves to be (pause) a good person! (Laughter) Although this good person would not do anything to harm another essence or person in this focus, they may harm themselves in this focus; which, in actuality, is no different than the physical expression of a bad person! (Deep! Long pause) You are quiet. (Again, a long pause)

Then, we will end for this evening. We will wish all of your essences to be connected and in harmony, and to be noticing of all of the beauty that is within and without of you all. Good evening.

GROUP: Good evening. Thank you.

An ending time was not noted.

Vic’s note: The following are Julie’s comments, spoken directly after Elias departed. I thought they were cute, so I’m including them.

JULIE: That just blows my mind! It really does! It just really does! It really does! It just blows my mind! It does! It really does!


(1) I am referring to Carol as “new to our group” because it appears that she possibly talked to Elias once before. About a week prior to our first session , Carol, Donovan, and Mary attempted a meditation during which it seems that Elias spoke to Carol and Donovan for a few minutes. Neither Carol or Donovan has been able to offer much of an explanation of what happened that evening, so I’m not sure what really happened. Guess I should ask Elias about it!

(2) This is the exercise: “Each time you experience an impulse or an emotion, no matter how small, notice your thought patterns. Notice if they are in harmony. If they are not, you will experience a pull. This pull will show itself in a manner of excusing, or invalidating, or rationalization. Sometimes, you will not experience what you feel to be an emotion. You will only experience an impulse. Do not discount these impulses any more than you would an actual feeling.”

(3) Elias used the term “parenthesis” instead of “quotation marks” for a few weeks or so. I knew what he meant, but never corrected him. He finally figured it out for himself.

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