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Wednesday, May 24, 1995

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Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), and Christie (Oliver)

I feel a need to preface this transcript. We had all agreed to cancel our session tonight because Debbie could not attend. Mary called me at 5:15 PM. and said that Elias had been “knocking on her head” all day. This made her uncomfortable, and as a result she had decided to call an “emergency meeting” of the group. I told her I would be there, after expressing my fears about how Debbie would feel. After running a few errands, I got on the freeway. From that moment on, I began to experience these “chills,” which began in the neck area and continued up to the top of my head, then moved downward through my body, mainly in the spinal area, to my buttocks. I finally arrived at Mary’s apartment, burst in the door, and proceeded to relate this very exciting physical experience, which continued throughout the evening. This is the first time I have had such an identifiable physical reaction to going to a session. I don’t understand it completely, but it was very exciting! Vicki

Elias arrives at 8:02 PM.

ELIAS: Good evening. We shall say, this is what we were expecting! We will try to address to questions that you may have. I understand the volume of information that has been put forth. I also understand this takes much to assimilate. First, we will acknowledge Lawrence in reception of our energy. We will acknowledge Oliver in his reception also. (Elizabeth enters the room) Good evening. You will not join us?

ELIZ: Not tonight.

ELIAS: Small ones! (Laughter) We will speak with her another time. You are not so different from older ones, only more connected! (Elias pauses, smiling, and then turns to Christie) I am sure there are questions concerning material given already.

CHRIS: Relates her love of the subject of beliefs, and thanks Elias for the information already given in this area.

ELIAS: Beliefs are of extreme importance. They rule your physical focus. Everything that you do incorporates a belief. This is a very difficult subject for many people. This session is of importance for your understanding. Many who come to listen to me believe they do so to become “enlightened.” This is not necessarily true. Some will come to view a phenomenon. Some will come to listen, but only for a while. Some will truly wish to expand their horizons. (To Elizabeth, who is leaving the house) We will bid you adieu.

You, together with a few others, know in your essence that your cycle is completing in this physical focus. This is why you are so open to my information. Some who join us in our sessions will be repeating this physical experience. They may not feel the urging of their essence so strongly as you. This is because your essences are preparing for a new focus. We will incorporate Michael in this new focus also. He is not sure, but he is correct in his feeling, which he does not believe yet. He will not continue in this physical focus. In this same way, you also have chosen this new path. You are not the only ones. Others will feel this urgency to refocus. They have not come to the place that you are at yet. You will be able to share with them and help them.

Also, there is reason why only Oliver and Lawrence felt urging to have audience tonight. (Here, there is a knock at the door) We are having much trouble with physical elements! (Laughter) We will wait.

To continue, Michael feels a very strong draw to Lawrence and Oliver; more than essences already incorporated, and more than he will to essences to be incorporated. For this reason, we have chosen to focus with you. You are both of great understanding. You will be of great help and support for Michael. This is important. Although he is learning very quickly, he is confused. He is also somewhat frightened by this experience. It has not been in his focus. It is conflicting with his beliefs. He is moving more quickly than he can assimilate. In my focus, this is not a factor or a problem. In your focus, even positive changing can be overwhelming. In his trust of you, he will accept your support. This is part of your purpose. This was an agreement that you have all forgotten. Now, it is time to draw on remembering your agreement, in helping one another.

We will allow the option of subjects this evening. If you wish questions, we will focus on questions. If you wish information, we will offer information. You have the floor!

VICKI: Michael had a different and indescribable experience during our most recent session. Can you tell us about that? (1)

ELIAS: Michael is moving very, very quickly. In his excitement, he has projected beyond any known focus or imagination. He projected very far. This is very uncommon. This was a result of his great desire to know things out of his focus. We will explain.

He projected very far past me into a dimension and focus I am familiar with, but am not in. The reason he cannot put into words his experience is because where he projected to, there are no words. There is also no translation for this into any language, in any other dimension or physical focus.

The presence was that of extreme great masters. They do not possess form, as you think of anything with form. His inability to address color focus, I understand. I have viewed this color focus. It is even greater than my own. Our own color spectrum would be indescribable in physical terms. This other color spectrum transcends ever ours. He was not completely aware of sound, but if you remind him, he will remember sound unfamiliar to any of his or my focus; tones so artfully magnificent that they may incredibly dwarf the most soul-moving sounds you have ever experienced in your focus. I cannot describe this dimension, only because I have only glimpsed it and am not part of it yet. We will caution Michael to not become too free with this type of projection.

VICKI: Is this because it is not good for him?

ELIAS: It is not a question of “good for him.” (Smiling) It is a question of “flying away.” He may find it difficult to rein back. I was not anticipating his tremendous eagerness when I explained he would not fly away. (Here, there is another knock at the door)

VICKI: They all want to see Elizabeth!

ELIAS: This is because Elizabeth is a beautiful essence!

VICKI: Michael is confused about his dream last night. Can you tell us about it?

ELIAS: Michael is not practicing! Michael becomes frustrated because he cannot remember. He did very much better this day. Michael is expecting me sometimes to interpret for him. He has the ability to interpret for himself. Just as a child wishes its parent to do physical things for it, or when it does not feel like walking it is expecting its parent to carry it, Michael is not trying to walk in some areas, and expecting I will volunteer to carry. It is important for him to notice and practice in sleep time. It is also important for you to practice in sleep time. You spend many of your hours in this state. This is the easiest and most complete opportunity to connect to your essence. It should not be overlooked.

VICKI: How do you practice?

ELIAS: You may begin by speaking to yourself before you enter your sleep state. You may tell yourself to notice your movements through your dreams. You may tell yourself only simply to remember an impression of a dream. Always remember, you must begin with small steps. You cannot just fall asleep tonight and project to the stars automatically! You must practice. You may also try small brief exercises in your waking conscious state. You may find this to be an easier connection. You may begin with a visualization or a simple meditation.

Here is a simple exercise that you may connect with which will help in your confidence. Sit in a chair. Relax your body. Briefly visualize something, whatever is comfortable for you. Do not focus too hard. When you feel yourself focused and relaxed, let your visualization go. Feel or imagine your body to melt into the chair. You will feel as though your very molecules will merge with the chair. This does not need to be a long exercise or experience. It is only to offer a shift in focus. When you are aware that you can shift your focus, you will trust more, and you will find it easier to connect with your dreams and your essence.

CHRIS: Asks a question regarding some previous experiences with meditation, and relates some unusual events she has had with these experiences.

ELIAS: This is a wonderful noticing of your own creative ability. As I have stated in our discussion of beliefs, you do not truly believe you are creating essences. These small examples, if you pay attention, will verify to you that you are creating essences. You may create anything you wish! Is it not very, very funny that you have no doubt that you may create such “bad” things, but you do not trust your creativity when it manifests in a beautiful expression?

CHRIS: If we wake up in the morning and have no positive thing to do, then do we sometimes create a negative thing, like depression?

ELIAS: This is complicated. It is not an issue of cause and effect. It is not an issue that you must create negative simply because you are idle in positive creating. You do wish always to create positive, but this brings us back to your beliefs, and the subject of disconnecting from impulses.

Impulses are natural urgings of your essence. When they are ignored or placed into conflict over many attempted expressions, you will frustrate yourself. In this frustration, the natural expression will be a negative creation. This we would liken to your natural hot spring geysers of your earth. Their flow is restricted at times. This creates a natural build-up of gasses. This natural build-up, from a lack of expression, creates the geyser to blow. In this same way, as you are a part of nature and its creating force, when you block natural impulses over a period of your time, the natural reaction will be for you to blow.

VICKI: Do we have unnatural impulses?

ELIAS: No. There is only differences in expression.

CHRIS: Asks if the feeling of conflict you get when you block your impulses is “a universal kick in the butt.” (We crack up)

ELIAS: This is incorrect! (Grinning)

CHRIS: So my essence is kicking me in the butt?

ELIAS: This is correct! You, with your “cosmic butt-kicking,” (we are really cracking up here) should now notice, even more realistically, the urgings of your essence! Your physical focus creates situations according to your beliefs. These are not always beneficial for you, in your terms. They are experiences. This is your focus, to experience; but if you wish not to create “negative” experiences, in your terms, then you must notice when you are creating these. You must notice how they make you feel. When you have noticed these things and evaluate that you do not like them, then you may shift your focus and create otherwise.

CHRIS: Asks a question about belief systems, needs, and fears.

ELIAS: There are some times when you will not completely believe in shifting your focus. This is not important initially. When you step over your fear and trust even in the midst of your fear, your essence will bear you out. It will not disappoint you! Then you will look back and you will say, “Oh, it has worked!” Then you will acknowledge yourself, and pat yourself on your backs! (Much laughter) If you will only remember all of these experiences of accomplishments, even through fear and not believing, you will see how connected you are truly to your essence.

CHRIS: Asks about her own pattern of suffering over past losses.

ELIAS: We are aware that John is your subject. I think you are doing beautifully.

CHRIS: I’m trying to stay focused.

ELIAS: You are doing a very good job.

CHRIS: Asks if it is possible to be friends with John.

ELIAS: John has many issues. He is wanting a friendship in a close relationship. He, in the same manner as Catherine, is incapable presently of accomplishing this. This is directly related to their belief systems. If each of these essences will step to the side, in spite of their fears and uncomfortableness, they may be able to connect. They need to allow themselves to move through the emotional state of angriness in the same way that you would move through a fear; believing and trusting in the nurturing and loving ability of their own essence, and the essences wishing to connect with them. When they can do this, they will experience a great liberation and an immense experience of love. This is an unfamiliar expression to them.

VICKI: It seems like it is to a lot of people.

ELIAS: This is very correct. Catherine is closer to it than she knows. She puts “the covering on her eyes” and disconnects from her essence. It only wishes for her experience of the fullness in expression of this love.

CHRIS: Wonders if she will ever experience this, and expresses the hope that someday she will.

ELIAS: We are understanding. This, we will now notice, is an invalidation of self. Only noticing regarding shift. (This last sentence was obviously unclear to me, and mostly pulled from memory)

CHRIS: Asks a question about her new relationship.

ELIAS: This is a situation for your evaluation and trust.

CHRIS: Asks if it is possible to have a relationship with someone who is “closed up.”

ELIAS: Yes. You will find that the more you connect with your essence and the more you gain knowledge with me in connecting with your essence, ... Comma! We would hate to be accused of a run-on sentence! ... you will become so sensitive, not only to your own essence, but all essences you encounter. Your understanding and tolerance will become of such great expression, you will be able to incorporate anyone into your experience with love and acceptance. You will do this with no judgment of other belief systems.

VICKI: Ron does this.

ELIAS: This is another example of personal invalidation! (Laughter) You are learning!

VICKI: Asks a question about personal invalidations.

ELIAS: They go very much deeper than only acting or not acting on impulse or emotion. What you presently expressed had no connection to an impulse or an emotion. It was a direct expression of an underlying belief. We stated to you that you do believe in a basic duplicity of yourself in this physical focus. Many will argue with this statement. They are incorrect. It does not matter how much they argue; this statement is true! You bear witness to it continually, with your words of yourselves.

VICKI: Could you please elaborate on the subject of duplicity?

ELIAS: May we, with your indulgence, ask, for Michael’s sake, to take a brief rest? (Christie and Vicki acknowledge; he’s so polite!)

BREAK 9:15 PM.


ELIAS: We will continue. In relation to the issue of your belief in the duplicity of your physical selves, let us first be quite sure that we are understanding of this concept. Do you understand what I mean when I tell you that you believe in the basic duplicity of yourselves?

VICKI: Not entirely.

ELIAS: Thank you. Over the course of many developmental focuses, you acquire beliefs, which not only disconnect you further from your essence, but they also tell you that you should not trust yourselves. Your self will be deceitful to you. This is why it cannot be trusted. This is not true! (Firmly)

Your churches will instill this belief in you, almost from birth. It will instill in you a basic belief in a sinful nature. This sets up a belief system in you that is untrusting of your own nature. This is reinforced over many developmental focuses. Your Christian beliefs have influenced you more than you are aware. If you listen to your ministers and priests of religious focuses, you will hear them tell you that man’s basic nature is untrustworthy, and if left to his own natural state, will be negative and bad. This is why you are told you need God, in their terms. This is incorrect. You do not need something you already possess! The Creating Universal One And Whole is part of you. You are also part of it. There is no separation. Therefore, you do not need what you already are!

You have been indoctrinated, over many focuses, to believe your separation. In order to perpetuate this belief, another belief has been incorporated. This other belief, which has become a very useful but destructive tool, is the belief in the duplicity of yourself. This, we remind you, is incorrect. Because you believe this though, your inclination is to doubt your essence. This is why you create conflict ... excuse me ... allow conflict between your urgings and emotions of essence, and your thoughts of essence. Clarifying last sentence; thoughts of essence does not mean what your essence is thinking. It means thoughts are a natural, basic creation of your essence. They are the intellectual expression, as opposed to the emotional or impulsive expressions of essence. (Here, Elizabeth joins the group) We will welcome, again, small one. (Smiling warmly)

When you have practiced the exercise I presented to you at our last session, you will notice this division and conflict of thoughts and emotions, or impulses. You are still in conflict with this. (Looking at Vicki)

VICKI: I’m having a problem with identifying impulses.

ELIAS: It is possible you may identify easier with the term urging or drawing, as opposed to impulse. An impulse is not an emotion. When you have an emotion, you feel something. When you experience an impulse, you do not experience a feeling. You do not feel something in the form of an emotion when you wish to buy a car. You may buy the car “on an impulse.”

VICKI: So if you buy a car on an impulse, then that would connect you more with your essence???

ELIAS: This depends. If you are acting on impulse as a result of impulses that have not been acted on, as we spoke of our geyser, this would not be a correct following of impulse. If you are continuously in recognition of and in harmony with impulses, you would buy the car, and then you would feel good about it.

CHRIS: So the trick is to be in harmony?

ELIAS: This is correct. (Pause, and then to Elizabeth) We are aware of energy from your direction.

ELIZ: I have a lot of feelings. Things are coming up, stirring up a lot of different emotions.

ELIAS: Emotions, as I have stated, are experiences. They should be seen as that, and no more than that. In the same way that I have tried to express to Michael, what you view as positive emotions are recognized as experiences, and allowed to fly free. You do not cling to them. What you view as negative emotions, you do not allow to fly. You feel you must clutch on to them and keep them. This is incorrect. They are no different. They are both experiences. Do you believe that by clutching these painful emotions or confusing emotions, that they will somehow blossom into something wonderful? (Elizabeth shakes her head) No, you do not! Then why should you choose to clutch onto them?

CHRIS: So does this have to do with duplicity?

ELIAS: This is correct. You only create frustration and confusion within yourself by allowing conflict between basic elements of your essence. As I have stated, your intellect, which we can equate with your thoughts, is a basic element of your essence. It serves a very purposeful and positive connection for you. It gives you information. It has been created for the purpose of processing information for your sensory perception. It was not created to evaluate your emotions. Your essence already can evaluate your emotions. It does not need your thoughts to help it.

CHRIS: (Here, I completely lose Christie’s question)

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, but in this physical focus, this is not always a reality. There is no real positive or negative. Your thoughts, in their basic element, are neutral. They are not positive; they are not negative. They are only serving the purpose of processing information of your senses. They are an interpretation of your physical expression to your essence. (Pause) Am I processing too quickly? (Much laughter)

CHRIS: Michael had a dream last night in which the name Dave came up. Can you tell us about that?

ELIAS: I have given him this name. This name was not a singular individual. It is a name shared by several physically focused essences. It is not coincidence that this name of one word will have several ramifications; one connected with Lawrence, one connected with Oliver, and another connected with another essence; all having to do with the same subject and material. His use of the word manuscript was correct. There is, in your definitions, a difference between transcript and manuscript. Our third Dave may be instrumental in the area of manuscript. We will, at a future time, in your terms, instruct Lawrence in this area. (Pause, grinning) I am amused at Lawrence’s holding of his head! It is reminiscent of Elizabeth having a “brain-ache.” (Much laughter)

ELIZ: Only when I’m talking to my Mom!

ELIAS: Only when speaking with Michael, in his excitement of a particular subject at any particular time! (Again, much laughter)

VICKI: We are all concerned about Catherine. I’m sure you know the situation. Should we talk to her or leave her alone? Can we affect her decision in either of these ways?

ELIAS: Catherine will make her own choice anyway.

VICKI: So does that mean we should leave her alone?

ELIAS: No. Catherine is in the same condition presently as a delicate tiny flower, very easily crushed if one is not very careful. Its petals may be easily bruised, if the ones handling it are not gentle. Catherine needs acceptance. She is very fearful. She only needs reassurance that she is valued, but she will make her own choices. (Vicki grabs a new pad of paper) We are running into much paper! We should plant our own forest! (Laughter)

CHRIS: It is interesting that Lawrence and I, and now Elizabeth, are the only ones at this session. It makes me feel kind of special.

ELIAS: You are allowed to feel special! In reality, you are no more special than every other essence in existence; but as each essence is the most special, artful, and beautiful expression of The Creating Universal One And Whole, it is “right” for you to feel very special. You do possess a different focus than other essences. This, as I have stated, will continue to be in direct relation to Michael. In this way, you are different; for I am connected directly with Michael. Your connection will continue beyond what others will be. We have also stated that those present now, and some others, will be completing this physical focus. (To Elizabeth) You will connect with Mattie in the same focus and relationship in which I connect with Michael. Does this help?

ELIZ: Yes. (Said very definitely)

VICKI: Does everyone who is completing their circle get this kind of help?


VICKI: Then how did we get so lucky?

ELIAS: You asked. (Here, there is a long pause while Vicki waits, pen in hand, for Elias to finish the sentence. Finally, she looks up to find Elias staring at her) You do not understand! You have, in your essence, become very aware. You have pierced through with your essence into your physical focus. In doing this, your essence has asked.

VICKI: You said we will have remembering of our agreement. When and how will this happen?

ELIAS: You may not, in terms of thoughts and words, remember this agreement. You will, in terms of connecting with your essences through emotional bonds, remember. Everything in your physical focus does not have to be interpreted in thoughts.

Here, we may use Elizabeth as an example once more. She relates in the area of emotional definitions [which are] not always connected with thoughts or words, but definite identification through another form; this form being feelings. Your essence understands feelings just as much as it understands words. Some essences in physical focus identify more closely with feelings. Some essences in physical focus identify more closely with thought. No one is more efficient than the other. They are only different modes of expression and identification.

ELIZ: Michael said I was talking in my sleep the other night. (Here, Elias grins widely and “grunts” his special laugh)

ELIAS: This was quite amusing! This was your dream, which you do not remember. Your dream was of reams of transcripts. In this expression you exclaimed, “Too many words!” Here is a perfect example of the difference of how an essence identifies with its physical focus. You in your focus identify with feelings, and feel words cloud them up many times. Michael identifies with words and does not connect with emotions, because he thinks emotions cloud his thoughts. Both are correct. (Pause)

Do you feel (to Elizabeth) think (to Vicki) that you have enough information for this evening? (We all agree, with much laughter) Then we will leave you in your divisions of thoughts and feelings, and hope they will not cause conflict in you, but blossom into beautiful expressions! (Smiling) Good evening!

Elias departs at 10:40 PM.

Note that as we did not tape this session , there is quite a bit of paraphrasing of questions, and some of Elias’ material is not word-for-word.

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