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Sunday, August 18, 1996

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ďThe Hamster WheelĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), and Cathy (Shynla).

Vicís note: This pop-in occurred at around midnight, and lasted until about 2:00 AM. It probably should be titled ďThe Middle Of The Night Session,Ē but then again, itís such a good example of the hamster wheel! We turned the tape on a few minutes prior, as Elias was so very present. This is one of the few times that we have a brief example of the conversation that initiated a pop-in.

VICKI: ... accepting of where another individual is coming from, or a concept is coming from, or whatever? Theyíre all the same things. I mean, itís an exaggerated example that Iíve presented to myself of my own issue, my own behavior, my own battle in consciousness presently, which I really didnít get until your answer to your question, (referring to Cathyís question earlier that evening) because I really didnít think I was having any battle, but I can view that more clearly now. (Elias pops-in immediately, with no pause)

ELIAS: And also a confinement of the self, and no allowance for free expression within your natural movement! You have created, in cooperation with each other in consciousness, a very creative expression outwardly. (Pause, as we adjust to the energy)

VICKI: I donít understand the confinement thing.

ELIAS: What do you exhibit with this creature?

VICKI: Confinement. (In reference to Cleo, aka Psycho Cat)

ELIAS: Which parallels your own action upon your own free expression. You hold your identity and your control tightly to yourself in an expression of fear, therefore not allowing for its natural expression and movement within its natural course of probabilities.

VICKI: Well, I can apply that to myself, but I canít apply it to the creature, because the creature may disappear.

ELIAS: You project expectations which you base upon what you view to be previous experiences, which have created belief systems, which you presently respond to.

VICKI: I can understand in the big picture of things that maybe we wouldnít actually have it matter that the creature may disappear, but within an agreement with another individual that I will be as responsible as I can be with their creature, I canít go there.

ELIAS: This being your choice. You do hold choices. You do have alternate choices of action. You choose to mirror outwardly an expression with this creature that you express within yourself.

VICKI: Okay, I can accept that.

ELIAS: Which allows you a feeling of comfort, acceptance, and non-intrusion into areas which you choose not to presently engage, and no inconvenience.

VICKI: Well, thatís really confusing. I donít really get it.

ELIAS: Many times, when you are engaging base belief systems, as it has been stated previously, you initiate effort to be attaining your area or action of effortlessness. If you are unwilling to be exerting this initial effort to be moving within consciousness, you remain within the safety of your fear. You do not inconvenience yourself by engaging effort.

VICKI: So would it be possible to view the example, incorporate physical action of confinement, say, in order to be accommodating to people you have made agreements with, and still unincorporate that action within yourself?

ELIAS: It is entirely possible, although within what you have chosen as your manifestation, they are intimately connected.

VICKI: I just will have to see where I go with that. I donít know.

ELIAS: You shall move. You temporarily hinder your movement. This is not a permanent situation, but you allow yourself to continue your conflict, as you allow yourself to hinder your movement.

VICKI: There must be a point one can reach where one can incorporate physically focused action on one hand, and incorporate a different subjective action on the other hand.

ELIAS: As I have stated, this is entirely possible.

VICKI: Weíre dealing with other individuals here.

ELIAS: This is also, as I have said, directly, intimately connected with the issue that you engage. Therefore, as all things are possible, for they are, and you may choose any action to manifest and accomplish, all things are not completely probable within the directions that you choose.

VICKI: Within the concept of essences not being intrusive, there has to be a balance there somewhere, because even in physical focus, this would apply, correct?

ELIAS: This is correct.

VICKI: And so one must take that into consideration somewhere.

ELIAS: This is correct. Presently, within your holding to your issue, you shall also be offering yourself many reasons to continue!

CATHY: Iím confused. What exactly is the issue? (Laughter)

ELIAS: This would be the same issue that Shynla and Michael also hold, within the area of personality responsibility.

CATHY: Oh, that! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Oh, that old thing! (Humorously)

VICKI: But you canít say one thing and do another. Thatís incorrect also. Thatís not an expression of essence. You have to do the best you can.

ELIAS: (Grinning) You ďcannot,Ē and you ďhave to!Ē (Laughter)

VICKI: You canít look at a person and say, Iíll do this, and then turn around the next second and not do that. Thatís intrusive.

ELIAS: We are focusing in quite limited terms, quite efficiently reinforcing this belief system and offering expressions to be validating your hindrance.

VICKI: But there are other individuals involved. One must take that into consideration, correct?

ELIAS: And you view limited possibilities, probabilities, choices. You have many.

VICKI: All I know is that when I make an agreement with a person to do something, if I break that agreement ...

ELIAS: I express not to you to be breaking your agreement! I offer to you to be viewing your probabilities, your choices, to which you hold many. You view very few.

VICKI: Okay. Iíll think about that.

ELIAS: You may hold to your agreements, and you may choose different expressions and action to accomplish. You have many choices available to you.

VICKI: But some seem far safer than others.

ELIAS: Within your limitations of willingness to be inconvenienced! I shall express to you, it is not what you would term to be an issue of ďlife and deathĒ that you engage different probabilities! (Grinning) You shall move, regardless. You shall eliminate your conflict, regardless. Your choice presently is to eliminate conflict within a smaller or larger time element.

VICKI: But there are some physically focused situations in which your personal individual conflict, my personal individual conflict, is not the entire issue!

ELIAS: Within your present perception.

VICKI: Other people matter too!

ELIAS: I express not any difference in terms. Other individuals do ďmatter.Ē Your choice of engagement of probabilities is always open. You always hold choices that you may engage, focused upon self within your most efficient expression, and not be intrusive to another.

VICKI: Okay. So, what if the choices that you have made appear to you to be your least conflict choices, within the entire picture? Are you fooling yourself?

ELIAS: It is dependent upon your own expression and engagement of your belief systems, or non-engagement of belief systems. It is entirely possible, as we have stated previously, that you may engage your least conflict scenario and not be expressing within an essence expression; which is also the expression to yourself, not only to others outside of you, in your terms.

VICKI: So, are we at the point where we canít really play the no conflict game, and trust that?

ELIAS: No, but you are at your point, so to speak, that you may more carefully evaluate your expressions within this no conflict game; for you presently engage base belief systems, and are aware. You are also quite aware of your own ability to be deceiving yourself, in an effort to not be engaging these belief systems. You have shown yourself presently your identification of holding to certain areas that you view to be threatened. Therefore, you have already provided yourself with information.

This being where you incorporate responsibility for self; your true personal responsibility; to which I have seriously engaged you previously as to this subject. You move to an area of awareness to be changing your issue of personal responsibility, which you hold for all other individuals and creatures and every other manifestation that you may possibly create, and shifting this inwardly to yourself, which is great.

VICKI: If an individual trusts you, or you trust another individual to incorporate an action, isnít that important?


VICKI: Shouldnít that be responded to?


VICKI: Well then, it just doesnít correlate. It doesnít make sense.

ELIAS: You are only viewing few choices. We have spoken previously of your gray area, your black and white. All of your probabilities are not cause and effect; either, or; black or white. You have many choices. You only do not allow yourselves to see these.

VICKI: Well, I have the benefit of information. Some of the people Iím making agreements with donít have that.

ELIAS: There you incorporate your responsibility for your choices, allowing yourself to view more of your choices ... or not!

VICKI: And I would have to wonder presently if this is a ďsifting throughĒ area.

ELIAS: If you are choosing. I am not expressing evasiveness. I am not expressing non-information to be confusing to you. I am expressing, pointedly, that you have choices, within every situation, that you do not see; but you hold the ability to allow yourself to engage other choices of action which may be more efficient.

VICKI: And if I am unable to view those more efficient choices, what do I do then? Because in this present situation, I donít view them.

ELIAS: You will continue within your present action until you are viewing a partial safety, and you will be incorporating a further action within a slight movement.

VICKI: This is my plan.

ELIAS: Which is your choice. Do not be attaching right, wrong, good, bad.

VICKI: I am doing that presently.

ELIAS: I am understanding of this. There is no right, wrong, good, bad. They are choices. Some of your probabilities may be more efficient choices, allowing you less conflict or less confusion, but they are only different.

As I have stated this very evening, you shall move. You shall accomplish. It is only a matter of your physical time element that you choose to continue within your conflict, or choose not to continue within your conflict. If you are uncomfortable within your conflict, you shall motivate yourself to view other probabilities within small actions.

VICKI: Thatís kind of what I feel like Iíve done with this present example. My immediate action was based on my immediate belief systems. When it was obvious that these belief systems were not working in this specific circumstance, I engaged different action, action I donít normally engage, and so I view this in that way. But if Iím not making efficient choices, I do want to know about it.

ELIAS: Partially; for within some areas, you are creating efficient choices, for you are allowing yourself to be connecting within understanding of these belief systems.

VICKI: Iím so confused! (Laughter)

ELIAS: You are engaging belief systems. You are offering yourselves, both, (looking at Cathy) information to be connecting with these belief systems. You are widening and you are beginning your process, so to speak, of acceptance, which also engages self; to which you are allowing yourselves, in small increments, an acceptance of self and a greater trust of self. You only do not view all of your probabilities, which, within physical focus, you most probably will never view all of your probabilities, but you do hold the ability to offer yourselves more probabilities and choices than you do presently, for you think in very limited terms; either, or.

VICKI: Well, it seems that sometimes it comes down to a matter of trusting the probabilities. Within an action of oneís self that doesnít engage another individual, I can trust my probabilities easier; but when Iím engaging another individual, I canít trust those probabilities quite so easily.

ELIAS: You do not trust you own self-expression. Therefore, you do not trust your own probabilities and choices.

VICKI: But thatís based on bunches of years of physical experience. Itís okay when itís just your ...

ELIAS: (Interrupting) Which you engage presently.

VICKI: Pardon?

ELIAS: Which you engage presently; years of belief systems. I offer you only encouragement in knowing that you hold more choices than you allow yourself to view.

VICKI: I accept that, but itís just difficult when other individuals are involved, which is where I guess the personal responsibility issue enters. But still, thatís very real.

ELIAS: Quite! All things that you manifest are very real, for they are your reality! As I have expressed previously, each individualís reality is reality; yours also.

VICKI: I can go to a certain extent within my own belief systems and accomplish a ďWell, Iíll go this far, and this person will go this far, and weíll kind of meet in the gray area,Ē but there still is a line as to how far you will trust those probabilities when you have a commitment to another person.

ELIAS: Which you engage presently. (To Cathy) Which you engage presently! (Laughter)

VICKI: Which Michael engages presently.

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: Itís just really difficult. It is really difficult!

ELIAS: We are quite understanding of this expression. (Smiling)

VICKI: Iíll work on it.

ELIAS: Do not view, within your perception, a pushing from Elias, for I accept your choices. I only offer information for movement, in the area of viewing more of your choices to be lessening of your conflict.

VICKI: I donít view a pushing. I appreciate the information and the exchange and the allowance to be asking these kinds of questions, because even in one singular event, one can learn a lot, and Iím aware of that.

ELIAS: Quite so.

VICKI: But it does get very confusing when youíre dealing with other individuals!

ELIAS: When you are dealing with base belief systems, irregardless of other individuals! I have expressed to you previously, these are difficult areas. I have expressed to you, within our most recent session, our understanding of the difficulty of engagement of these base belief systems, and offered reasoning for allowance within these areas; for it is understood the difficulty experienced.

VICKI: And then we would get back down to the original questions a year ago about impulses, and how to identify them and whether or not theyíre impulses or theyíre attached to belief systems, or all of that stuff. Even within one singular physically focused event, one can bring up a lot of things to oneís self.

ELIAS: We have engaged our game for much of your time element. Within this present moment, not one individual within our small group truly identifies true impressions or impulses. You allow yourselves the opportunity to practice, but you do not truly understand what you are practicing with! You have still not identified what you are connecting with; this being why we continue with our game!

VICKI: I understand that! (Laughter)

ELIAS: You know only that you somehow, a little slightly more than accidentally, acquire a correct answer or an incorrect answer!

VICKI: Okay. To go back to the present physically focused example of the cat, thereís more involved than the other individual. Thereís also personal responsibility on my own part involved with, say, this cat right here. (Indicating Jack the cat, a family pet)

ELIAS: I am quite understanding of your personal responsibility issue with your other creatures.

VICKI: I donít understand.

ELIAS: I am aware of the ramifications of the entire issue, holding not only your responsibility to your agreement with another individual, but also with your agreement with your other creatures.

VICKI: Right. And so what I would identify as an impulse, maybe Iím incorrect, but what I presently identify as an impulse, to be following those agreements and to be taking the most efficient action of confinement presently, to protect everybody involved and all agreements involved ... am I like missing the point somewhere? (Yes!)

ELIAS: You are continuing to view in a correct/incorrect, good/bad, right/wrong area.

VICKI: But this is a living creature here! (Indicating Jack)

ELIAS: There is no good, bad, right, wrong, within your choice presently. You have chosen. You have actualized a probability. It is not ďwrong!Ē

VICKI: But it is not the most efficient choice.

ELIAS: Within your probabilities. (Grinning)

VICKI: And the impulse, or what I identify as an impulse, that another choice could be harmful ...

ELIAS: This is not an impulse. This is a feeling.

VICKI: So obviously, Iím not even to the point where I can identify an impulse yet! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Neither are Shynla or Olivia or Michael; this being why we continue! I have expressed to you, within the beginnings of our sessions, an impulse is not a feeling. It is not a thought. It is not an emotion. (Here, we lose a few minutes due to a tape change)

ELIAS: ... an action, and you do not know why you engage this action, but follow its course. William engaged an action without thought or feeling, finding himself upon your throughway en route to a destination to which he had not previously been. This was a following of an impulse, with no thought or feeling attached; an action motivated by no thought or feeling. Once initiated, you may follow subsequently with thought or feeling, but the initial action is initiated by an allowance of not blocking, listening, and acting spontaneously. (With firm emphasis on ďspontaneouslyĒ)

CATHY: Is that what Ron did when he went to Jack-In-The-Box?

ELIAS: Correct. You all do this. You only do not notice, for you do this in not quite so exaggerated terms.

VICKI: You know, itís just amazing to think that after a year and a half, we still canít identify a dang impulse!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) A quite small time period!

VICKI: Weíll go back to identification of impulses in the next few sessions, I can tell now! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Within probabilities, this shall incorporate nicely into our subject matter.

VICKI: So, I shall pursue it presently, because I can. I felt it was an impulse to agree to the action of taking the darn cat in the first place. Is this correct?

ELIAS: This was a choice. (Can you believe the patience here?)

VICKI: Not an impulse. This was a choice. Okay, thatís helpful.

ELIAS: You may view that some of your choices within probabilities are influenced choices by your subjective expressions, which you may view presently that this influence is obvious presently.

VICKI: But itís still not what you would identify purely as an impulse.

ELIAS: No. An impulse, I may express simply, is an automatic response urged by essence.

VICKI: And when you do incorporate an automatic response, and directly thereafter incorporate conflict, whatís happening there?

ELIAS: This would be dependent upon the situation. Understand the entirety of the statement; an automatic response urged by essence. You may incorporate an automatic response to a given situation which may not be a response of essence, or you may incorporate an automatic response which is motivated or urged by essence and you may subsequently experience conflict; for within your fear, or your lack of trustfulness, you may react. This would be an action of blocking the response after. Generally speaking, you block the response initially and do not recognize the impulse. Therefore, you have no automatic response! (Laughter) I have been expressing over and over, the subject matter of probabilities will be moving quite slowly, for this is a very difficult area and will incorporate much confusion and also much misinterpretation. Now you may evaluate within yourselves your readiness for this subject, in your hastiness within consciousness to be ďjumping shellsĒ and wishing information before it was to be offered; but this also has been your choice, and you have chosen.

VICKI: It would still be my choice. Iíd rather be in a state of confusion than a state of boredom!

ELIAS: Quite so, from the twins! (Chuckling)

VICKI: I would like to maybe ask a few questions about our little meditation the other night, in which we attempted to ďtake care ofĒ my cat bite and Cathyís bladder.

ELIAS: (Grinning) Speaking of this subject, I shall temporarily interrupt Lawrence briefly, to be allowing Lawrenceís question within a moment, for I shall return Michael presently. (Laughing)

VICKI: Speaking of bladders! (Here, Cathy and I totally lose it. The more we laugh, the harder Elias laughs, and none of us can stop)

ELIAS: This is quite amusing! (Heís really cracking up here)

VICKI: Well, at least we can laugh, huh?

ELIAS: He is experiencing uncomfortableness! (Vicki starts coughing) Now Lawrence shall be choking and experience uncomfortableness also! This is quite amusing! (We all lose it again)

VICKI: Physical focus!

ELIAS: Quite a nuisance, actually! (Elias is still laughing so hard he can barely make the next statement) But I shall be obliging of this situation presently. I shall return him to you. Quite fun! I shall return. (I donít think Iíve ever seen Elias laugh so hard for so long. Iím sure the hamster wheel added to his amusement!)


ELIAS: Continuing ... an obvious relief of the problem! (We all lose it again) You may continue seriously.

VICKI: Iím having a hard time remembering where I was. Okay. To the meditation we had, in which we tried ... (We all lose it again)

ELIAS: Lawrence is expressing great difficulty continuing seriously!

VICKI: This is a good thing. We donít want to get too serious!

ELIAS: I may be expressing in conference that physical focus may be quite fun when engaged!

VICKI: Sometimes! I donít even remember my question. I remember I was going to the meditation, and the interaction between the four of us in attempting to affect these physical body parts, and we got to the bladder, and ... I lost it. (And we all lose it again!)

ELIAS: And ...

VICKI: And in this particular action that we incorporated that evening, we incorporated, in my ďimpressionĒ ... (more laughter)

ELIAS: Or shall we change this to ďmy thought process?Ē (Grinning)

VICKI: Well, the original intent was clear and expressed by everybody here, but my impression was that we incorporated a more effective action in some other areas within just connecting, and ...

ELIAS: Quite right.

VICKI: And this was the point.

ELIAS: Do not be discounting of all of your supposed impressions, for many of them are correct, although you do not always recognize the validity of an impression; but I must be expressing to you that you connect with impressions much more efficiently than you connect with impulses. Great acknowledgment; this being a direct resulting of our game. One point for Elias! (Grinning)

CATHY: Good thing itís not a game on impulses!

ELIAS: We may be creating this game!

VICKI: This might be a good thing. I mean, after a year and a half, we still canít even get there! Maybe we should have this game!

ELIAS: Then, you may collectively initiate a new game based on impulses, for you collectively created a game to engage impressions, although I was organizing of this expression. Therefore, I receive the point! (More laughter)

VICKI: We shall maybe have to do that, because this might be very helpful since we still havenít gotten there yet, except within a few isolated incidences. And what about Cathyís continuing question about this dog? She doesnít really understand what was going on with the dog physically.

ELIAS: (To Cathy) View the explanation you have been offered. If you continue within your confusion, I shall offer you more explanation. (To Vicki) And to your meditation.

VICKI: Well, all I can say is that I thought that the results physically of the meditation were just wonderful, but I donít really think that was the important part of it.

ELIAS: Do not be discounting of any element, for there is no more important or less important.

VICKI: Itís all the same ... one affects the other?

ELIAS: Quite right, but I shall offer that your impression was also correct, in that you engaged more than only physical affectingness. Your physical manifestations mirror your movement, as we have expressed many times. Therefore, view your meditation. If you are physically manifesting movement, affectingness, you also inwardly affect movement, for you are outwardly objectively mirroring your subjective expression; an incorporation of trust. If you are not objectively affecting as greatly, you are also mirroring a resistance to be incorporating subjective movement. This is not to say that you do not move subjectively, but you may not be allowing the bleed-through or mergence into objective expression; this also being the mirroring of this situation that Lawrence physically manifests with the creature; a confinement; a partial acceptance, a partial allowance, but a holding back or hindrance to natural flowing of movement; a resistance.

VICKI: I still take issue with the confinement issue!

ELIAS: Acceptable. (Grinning; heís egging me on here!)

VICKI: Itís not my normal expression!

ELIAS: You need not justify actions to Elias! (Still grinning)

VICKI: I understand that, but itís helpful to discuss actions with Elias, and I have the opportunity to do that, so I will. (Oh, no, here we go again!) Itís confusing. I do understand the confinement issue within myself partially, but I guess I do have to somewhere separate out physical focus stuff. This confinement of this creature is not my normal method, so to speak. It was arrived at after much searching out of other information from physically focused people that I trust, and that are intelligent people, to incorporate a different method. (Here, Elias turns and stares at Cathy, grinning, and we all crack up again. Cathy provided a very nice cage for the cat, and reinforced, through agreement, the decision to confine it)

ELIAS: Which the individual that you incorporate helpfulness [from] incorporates the same issue! (Much laughter)

VICKI: And I do understand even that part. I guess I just donít get the physical focus thing. The confinement appears to be the least conflict scenario for the creature, for myself, for the other people that live in the house, for the other creatures that live in the house. It appears to be the least conflict scenario. I really need to know if Iím just way off base here. (Obviously!)

ELIAS: This being your present perception, therefore your present choice, within your limitation of viewing your probabilities and your choices; which is the identical answer I have offered to you several times already! (Pause, during which she finally shuts up)

(Chuckling) As to your meditation, once again; you are affecting, within this action, a connection of this pyramid action in an express desire for helpfulness within the movement of these belief systems. The collective energy between these individuals incorporated together is expressed within many layers of consciousness, affecting and acting upon many events within your objective expression. Therefore, within the issues that you currently choose to be engaging, you have expressed a desire for helpfulness from this pyramid action, and you have received.

VICKI: And within that, I did feel what I thought was an impulse at the time, or an impression. I felt an impulse to instigate the action of the meditation. I also felt that I was alone in that, and that I would have to be pushy in order to actually engage the action, which I decided to do. This takes us back to the question that I brought up this evening about Shynlaís question to me this afternoon. I felt like I was being pushy. I felt like that was what I needed to do in order to instigate the action, and I did do that because I felt like it was that important to me personally, just to me.

ELIAS: And within this personal expression, following subjective bleed-through information, expressing outwardly, you created no conflict and were not perceived as intrusive.

VICKI: So in the middle of the action though, of instigating it, I wasnít aware of that. How do you know? How do you know what you should follow through with or not, in that sort of a pushy action? Because in the middle of it, it wasnít clear to me.

ELIAS: As I have expressed early in our sessions, if you engage an action of intrusiveness, you will know.

VICKI: Well, I actually felt rather intrusive that night.

ELIAS: It will be expressed. It will be expressed in the form of either actual verbalization on the part of another individual, or you will experience an energy exchange allowing you to understand the reflection of the action. If you were to be continuing within your action of what you view to be pushing in this meditation, and there were to be a true expression on the part of the other individuals involved, you would know. You only interpret that individuals express an action out of obligation, for this is your perception. Individuals do not engage if they do not choose! We have expressed this previously. You will not engage without choosing to be engaging. Each individual creates their own reality and their own expression. This enters every aspect, every moment of your focus.

VICKI: And within that, I suppose it matters not whether or not the engagement is the most efficient or not.

ELIAS: Partially. Within your present perception and understanding and allowance, it is efficient; for within your present acceptance and trust and allowance, each of your expressions are efficient. This is not to say that you do not possess choices that may be more efficient, but you engage those choices which you view to be the most efficient presently, within your present moment, within your present awareness and your present perception. You ask if your expression is efficient. Therefore, I answer, you hold more efficient choices. I do not express that you are wrong. I also do not express that you hold more efficient choices, if you do not express a willingness to know! (Pause, smiling)

VICKI: Okay.

ELIAS: Much is withheld, as you are already aware, for you express no desire within this present moment for the information. Therefore, you are offered information that you express the desire to have.

VICKI: So, how is Elizabethís relationship with Mattie the same as yours with Michael?

ELIAS: We are skipping shells, once again!

VICKI: Just expressing a desire to know!

ELIAS: (Grinning) This you would view, within your linear thinking, as an expression of future focus; to which Elizabeth will be not remanifest within physical. In this, all facets of Elizabeth also will not be physically focused, although fragments and also aspects, counterparts, will continue within their expressed desire for fragmentation or otherwise. In this, Mattie, who will not be known as Mattie, shall remanifest and shall engage; and Elizabeth, within what you term to be your distant future, shall engage; not completely within this same manner, for the awareness shall be wider within physical focus. Therefore, there shall be differences incorporated; but basically, to your understanding presently, this same action shall be engaged. (Pause) Posing questions of remanifestation and fragmentation and essences, and this shall take much time also! Much action occurs that you presently are unaware of; much of your crisscrossing of dimensions and focuses and action within consciousness.

VICKI: And that brings up another question, regarding your material earlier this evening; that quite often, probable selves are not physically focused in the terms that we would think of them, but expressed in another dimension of consciousness. Would this be the case, for example, with the alternate self that Michael viewed?

ELIAS: Correct; twice. (Meaning it was viewed twice)

VICKI: And within our new game, the memories that we encounter, is there anything to gauge that by, or is it even an issue? (The TFEís)

ELIAS: You crisscross and overlap within your new game. Therefore you, in your undirected focus engaging this new game, bounce erratically between physically focused alternate selves, and other- dimensional or non-physically focused dimensional alternate selves.

VICKI: And thatís really complicated. I wonít pursue it any more tonight.

ELIAS: Lawrence may incorporate a brain-ache!

VICKI: That was a really interesting session though, and I will be paying very close attention when I do the transcript.

ELIAS: This may have continued further this evening, but I shall be reminding you that you have chosen to basically incorporate a steady flow, in your terms, of new individuals into our group sessions. Therefore, there is a definite tempering of information, for this would be causing conflict and much confusion to new individuals. Therefore, not quite as much information shall be offered within the presence of new individuals as may be incorporated with individuals who have been connected within this forum, and who hold a greater understanding presently of subject matter that we have been engaged with.

VICKI: I understand that. I refrained more than once tonight.

ELIAS: I am recognizing of this action. It is difficult for you to be understanding, and you have incorporated much information! It is exceptionally difficult for individuals with little information; this being also an example and point of your shift. Pay attention; for many individuals incorporate little information, and may experience much conflict and confusion and subsequent trauma if you are ďdumpingĒ information upon them that they are not presently within an area to be receiving. (Pause)

CATHY: So did you want to ask your May-June question?

VICKI: Oh. What about the May-June thing? In a recent session, I guess it was maybe two weeks ago, Carol asked a question about May 5 and you responded with a lengthy answer, and then went into an explanation about June. That was a bit confusing for more than one person.

ELIAS: To which Dimin (Carol) was not connecting or noticing. In actuality, it matters not, for within the engagement of the probability within mass consciousness, it may be engaged upon this date that Dimin was expressing; although within the original probability, the expression was for the center, which is June, which I responded to, but Dimin was not noticing or questioning.

VICKI: Well, it matters not to me the dates. It was just a curious thing that got brought up. The dates seem to be inconsequential.

ELIAS: Within one respect, yes. Within another respect, no; for as I have stated, they are a focus point for the express purpose of connection within consciousness and energy; a directedness; a communion, so to speak. A focus point holds importance, within mass expressions and connections, within collective consciousness; this being why I suggest to you, within your small meditations, to incorporate a focus point. Therefore, within the grand scale, it matters not. Within physical focus and your directedness of consciousness and your understanding of directedness of consciousness and connections, it matters. (Pause)

Are you holding more questions, Oh Asker Of Questions, this evening? (Much laughter, as it is past 2:00 AM)

VICKI: No, not anything thatís immediately pressing!

ELIAS: Very well! I shall return Michael to you once again, although he is not experiencing discomfort presently. (Grinning) He is quite amusing to play with! (Chuckling)

VICKI: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

VICKI: Itís been very helpful.

CATHY: And entertaining!

ELIAS: Quite! I shall be quite anticipating our next encounter!

CATHY: Yeah, you can tell us what you do in conference then.

ELIAS: Ah! Or not! (Humorously) I shall possibly express conference information when you are identifying of impulses!

CATHY: Cool!

VICKI: Something to look forward to!

ELIAS: Motivation! (Laughing) I shall be affectionately taking my leave presently. (Still laughing) Au revoir!

Vicís note: To anyone who actually reads this entire transcript, I would like to express my apologies for running on the hamster wheel so long! It was an interesting, entertaining, and fun interaction though, at least for Cathy and I. I donít think weíve ever had a pop-in that lasted this long, except for one that didnít get recorded. That was a fascinating exchange and contained a lot of very interesting information, and we all regret the fact that we didnít tape it. This brings questions to mind about the pop-ins themselves, and what an interesting part of the phenomenon they are. I know Jane Roberts had similar experiences with Seth, but other than that, I havenít found any information in this area. Anyway, I hope you got a few laughs. We sure did!

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