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Friday, March 14, 2003

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“Exploring the Manifestation of a Pinched Nerve”


Participants: Mary (Michael) and Jerry (Abel).

Elias arrives at 12:48 PM. (Arrival time is 26 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

JERRY: Good afternoon.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) We meet again!

JERRY: We do! Without the throne.

ELIAS: Ah, yes, the throne! (Both laugh) Quite a nice touch! And how shall we proceed?

JERRY: I’m anxious to ask about a pinched nerve that I’ve been suffering for the last two months. I’ve been working with an acupuncturist, and he had some interesting things to say. I thought I would ask your comments about those, so I can look at it from a metaphysical point of view, I can look at it from a purely Western physical point of view, and I can look at it from a kind of a mixture as well.

ELIAS: And what is your assessment presently?

JERRY: The acupuncturist, when I asked him metaphysically – and my acupuncturist is quite wonderful because he is Eastern but he’s also very American in thought – he said his job was, of course, to solve the problem. (Laughs) It matters not, I guess, what caused the problem, but he said I’m working through it and healing and cleansing and changing.

I asked him what the metaphysical ramifications of this particular part of the body were, and he had said it has to do with letting go of helplessness, have you had a feeling of cleansing helplessness. He said this part of the body also has to do with not wanting to look back anymore, in other words, being pushed forward.

He said, “Was there something in your life around the start of all of this that would have, for whatever reason, caused the body to react violently in letting go of helplessness?” I had written a play, which I would like to get into a little bit as well, that’s called “The Forgotten Child.” I was writing it on a deadline. It was a play that I’ve been wanting to write for about twelve years, and I wrote it in twelve days. Of course, the central character is a young boy who was mistakenly accused of a crime, murder, and is being re-imprisoned by the actual murderer in an apartment, in a cell. So my acupuncturist said, “Well, that’ll do it!” (Laughs)

The mind, fortunately or unfortunately, is faster than the body, and sometimes when this expurgation of stuff comes out, sometimes the body takes a little longer to catch up with the mind. The first time I saw the acupuncturist I didn’t tell him about this play. We were talking about other things. I also had some dental work done. There were many things. I turned forty, and I was letting go of a lot of things.

Writing the play kind of makes sense to me. He was talking of the process by which a writer writes and what transmutes, and again, the mind being quicker than the body sometimes. They aren’t always at the same speed in regard to cleansing and getting rid of whatever. He said, “Honor the pain.” (Laughs) The pain IS the cleansing, so therefore it’s a wonderful healing process.

ELIAS: Interesting explanation. And have you offered yourself impressions as to what you have created?

JERRY: When someone asked me the first time what it felt like, I said it felt like something was trapped in my shoulder.

I have now a great love in Paris; I’m there a lot. Life is quite different there. I thoroughly enjoy my time with him, and it’s such an escalated learning experience when I’m there.

I took your information about the blueprint of the essence and how we react to it to France and actually spoke to a few people about this. It was interesting because it’s much clearer when you are surrounded by a foreign language, because you’re not talking at people to yourself quite so much. You’re actually listening a whole lot more, so you get to see the real truth in communication.

We had the ability to travel to Venice together where the language was neither French nor English, and we realized that not only were we communicating but we were listening so intently. What you’re saying is so important because you’re trying very desperately to get it right so that the other person understands. So communication became a very fascinating thing.

So I feel trapped, I guess, coming home.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

JERRY: I’m not worried. I used to be very worried about where things were going, and I’m less like that now. I’m pretty okay with the natural progression of things as I create them. But with the fortieth birthday, there was all of a sudden a lot of cleansing, which I talked to people about. There was a closing of businesses and cleaning out and painting and having things the way that I want them rather than what I promised myself endlessly. I think that my mind again would like to see my life a little more in alignment with what I would want. So I’m a little frustrated, a little trapped, when I come back to New York.

ELIAS: First of all, let me offer you a clarification. What you identify as your mind and what you separatedly identify as your body, one is not more rapid than the other. The body consciousness is highly efficient and effective. The body consciousness is directed by the subjective awareness.

Now; do not misunderstand. The subjective awareness is neither hidden nor is it moving in a different direction from the objective awareness. The reason that it appears to be hidden is that individuals do not pay attention, and therefore you do not notice the communications that it offers to you, which are continuous.

Now; the subjective awareness is precise and quite direct. The objective awareness is quite abstract. Therefore, as the subjective awareness engages a direction of movement, action, the objective awareness may generate, as I have stated previously, thousands of expressions of imagery, in a manner of speaking to match the one subject that the subjective awareness is addressing to.

Now; be remembering, the subjective awareness directs the body consciousness. Therefore, as you manifest any expression within your physical body, this is a direction from the subjective awareness to be creating a physical affectingness.

There are many different expressions of imagery within your objective awareness that are also being expressed in conjunction with that physical affectingness. They are interconnected. The subjective and objective are always in harmony. They are never in opposition. One does not direct the other. They move together; they merely move differently. One creates imagery; the other does not. One creates communication; one creates imagery. Subjective is communication; objective is imagery.

Now; figuratively speaking, I may somewhat agree with your physician, your healer, in respect to change and generating a different direction and a different expression within your focus. But as to what I may express to be metaphysical beliefs, not necessarily. You ARE generating new choices, different choices. You are moving into and have already begun the movement into new directions, different expressions, and allowing yourself to be paying more attention to yourself and to be offering yourself more of your own freedom. In this, you are generating some unfamiliar actions.

Now; thus far, many of these unfamiliar actions you are incorporating as interesting and with curiosity and some subdued excitement. But unfamiliarity also automatically generates apprehension and tension – not necessarily an expression of fear, which is more of an extreme – but there is an incorporation of frustration, for frustration is the expression... It is an emotional communication which is expressing to you that you recognize that you incorporate choices but you are unclear or unsure of what choices to engage or what choices are actually available to you. It is not the same as anger, in which the individual moves into the role of victim for they view themselves to incorporate NO choices. Frustration is an emotional communication from the subjective awareness to the objective awareness that you do incorporate choices, but the objective awareness becomes confused and is unclear as to the nature of those choices, which also generates apprehension.

It is also quite commonly expressed within your reality that as you begin movement into unfamiliar expressions, you automatically generate somewhat of a discounting of yourself, not recognizing your genuine abilities. Therefore, you question yourself of whether you incorporate the abilities to accomplish genuinely what you want or whether this is merely fantasy. You DO incorporate the abilities to generate ANY expression that you want within your reality. You have unlimited energy and incredible power, but you are not always aware of this and therefore you discount yourself and you hesitate.

This is also generated by another familiar movement of not paying attention to the now and not paying attention to what you are actually generating. What is meant by this is paying attention to what you are actually doing. Most individuals pay attention to what they are doing if they deem what they are doing to be significant. But you do not pay attention to your movement in each of your days throughout your day and all of the actions that you incorporate and all of the communications that you offer to yourself.

The subjective awareness has generated a physical affectingness in relation to the body consciousness in association with a nerve.

Now; what is its communication to you? One, the apprehension is creating tension. The tension is being expressed in excess. Energy is being held in a particular area of the body and is being centered in that area, generating the tension in a concentrated mass, so to speak, in this area of the physical body consciousness. It has chosen this particular area for this particular expression is associated more clearly, within your beliefs and your society, with personal responsibility and not paying attention to self.

Let me express to you, my friend, every individual upon your planet is manifest within a particular location and a particular culture, and each individual has chosen that for they align with the beliefs that are expressed within that culture. Regardless of whether you agree with the beliefs or not, this does not say that you do not express them or that you do not incorporate them. You do. Beliefs are not your enemy. They merely are an aspect of the design of this particular dimension.

What becomes the snare in relation to beliefs is the lack of attention in association with them, which generates automatic responses which are precisely that, automatic. You do not think about them; you do not notice them. You move in objective unconsciousness – figuratively speaking, for there is no unconscious – but I am quite aware of what you associate with unconscious.

Now; in this, as you begin to allow yourself to incorporate the imagery that you have already offered to yourself and pay attention to what you have been generating, one in particular which you have expressed to myself is quite significant. You express you are noticing of communication and of listening to other individuals more clearly and paying attention to the energy of other individuals more clearly, for you incorporate differences in language.

Now; this is significant that you have offered this experience to yourself, for this is your forerunner. Individuals, generally speaking, pay attention to outside imagery much more quickly and much more clearly than they pay attention to themselves. Therefore, you have offered yourself an experience in which you may clearly identify different manners of paying attention to communications. The purpose of that experience has been to offer you an illustration of how to move your attention in different manners in association with yourself, and therefore listen to yourself more clearly and understand what influences your directions, your motivations, and what you are presenting to yourself as you create any type of a communication.

Now; understand, once again, the action of the subjective is to offer a subject matter to be addressed or to be explored, and to communicate. The expression of the objective is not to communicate. It is to translate and to generate imagery, for you are manifest within a physical dimension and this is the blueprint.

There are two base elements of your physical reality: communication and sexuality. Sexuality is not sexual activity. It is the identification of all physical creation. Your particular physical dimension is designed in the blueprint of duality – I am not speaking of duplicity but of duality – as complements and as balances. Therefore, for ANY expression, ANY manifestation within your reality, there is a complement. Many times you view them as opposites. They are not; they are complements. This is the duality of this particular physical dimension.

You incorporate that duality within your own design, and that is the objective and the subjective, and they also complement. The objective is the sexuality; the subjective is the communication, emotion. Emotion and sexuality, these are the elements.

Emotion is not a reaction. It is a communication. It is an efficient communication, for it also incorporates signals, feelings, to attain your attention. But the feeling is the signal; it is not the communication itself. There is a message that is being offered in relation to that emotion.

Physical manifestations are also a communication. Your subjective awareness is highly efficient and it incorporates many avenues of communication, for this is what it does. All of your outer senses, all of your inner senses are all avenues of communications. Your physical body consciousness also is an avenue of communication. Impressions, impulses, these are avenues of communication. Your strongest is emotion, which is a highly efficient avenue of communication.

Thought is not a communication. It is a translating mechanism. It translates communications from the subjective awareness to the objective awareness.

Now; thought may be misleading, for it is only as efficient and as accurate as what is offered to it in communications. Attention is not thought. Therefore, if your attention is not focused upon communications, it is not offering the thought mechanism accurate information, and therefore...

JERRY: ...the translation is wrong.

ELIAS: The translation may not necessarily be wrong, but it may not be entirely accurate. It may be general. You may THINK that it is quite specific and precise, but in actuality it may be drawing upon other information, familiar information, to fill in the gaps, so to speak, for this is its function, to translate.

Now; you generate a physical affectingness of a nerve within this area of your body. You are generating a communication. Subjective communications are direct and specific. They attend to one subject, but that one subject may be imaged in many, many, many manners.

Therefore, I may express to you, your delight and your apprehension in association with your age is significant, for it is a marker. You are moving into an expression of freedom, but you also incorporate beliefs associated with age. Therefore, you are expressing opposing beliefs, which creates an apprehension. That creates a tension, and that is being identified through your communication of your nerve, and it is being imaged in many different manners.

It is being imaged in one manner in association with your relationship, which incorporates the same imagery – the positive and the negative, so to speak, the appreciation and the loss, the excitement and the frustration. In the time framework in which you allow yourself a physical connection, you experience the appreciation, and in the time framework in which you do not experience the physical connection is the disappointment, the frustration. I am not speaking of sexual interaction.

JERRY: That much I knew! (Laughs)

ELIAS: Within endeavors that you express creatively and in your spirituality and your quests and even within what you may view as business ventures, there is a double action of beliefs. It is a crossroad, the familiar and the unfamiliar, the curiosity and the desire to move into the unfamiliar and somewhat of a knowing that this unfamiliar contains tremendous freedom, but continuing somewhat with the familiar and its comfort, and somewhat its safety, for it IS familiar.

This is the point of acceptance, in recognizing that your beliefs are not your enemy nor is the familiar, but you no longer incorporate a need to hold so tightly to the familiar. For you shall not allow yourself to break if you chance moving into the unfamiliar, and perhaps you shall offer yourself a freedom which may be quite surprising.

This is the point of discovering your preferences, which may seem initially as quite an elementary statement. But in actuality, most individuals may think they are aware of their preferences, but in actuality they are not. They are unaware of many of their most affecting beliefs and therefore they are also unaware of their preferences. They dare not allow themselves to discover, for by chance you may express a joyousness that is beyond your dreaming, and this might be quite terrible. It is merely unfamiliar.

Listen to yourself, my friend. Pay attention to your communications. You may be physically affecting of this nerve.

JERRY: It’s painful.

ELIAS: I am quite aware! Let me express to you a suggestion. Alter the manner in which you incorporate your sleep state. Elevate yourself. I may express to you, many times you may alleviate pressures in association with the physical body in very simple manners. It is merely a re-adjustment of the energy and allowing your energy to move rather than holding it in one concentrated area.

At times, I may express to you, quite literally energy may be moved quite easily as you manipulate air within your physical body that may collect and [that] you identify as gas. If you are moving your body in different positions, you also move that gas. If you are not, you hold it. Energy may be moved as easily.

Now; I suggest that you allow yourself to elevate your torso and your head more, not being as prone as you incorporate your sleep state, which alleviates somewhat of the pressure in association to the nerve, taking care to hold your neck straight.

JERRY: In line with the body?

ELIAS: Yes, not forward.

JERRY: Prop the torso and my head up but keeping it all in one line?

ELIAS: Yes, which may also offer some relief of pain.

JERRY: Thank you!

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. But more importantly, pay attention to your communications and pay attention to what you are actually doing – not what you are thinking, but what you are actually DOING – for this is much more telling and shall offer you much more information in association with what beliefs are influencing of your actions, and it shall allow you to become much more familiar with your energy expressions.

I may express to you, there is a significant by-product also – which I am quite sure you shall not be displeased with – that in incorporating listening to you more clearly, you also listen to other individuals more clearly, and you express more of an openness in which you allow a freer flow of receiving between you both, which may also be somewhat of a pleasant addition in association with your partner. (Chuckles) Free flow is always pleasant.

JERRY: He did mention something, and now it’s presenting itself while you’re talking. He said, “Jerry is very busy. He’s always, always, ALWAYS, very, very busy! Maybe this pain is making Jerry stop. Maybe Jerry needs to just rest, because Jerry doesn’t know how to rest. Jerry just keeps going.” This is giving me pause to realize I was trained to do what I THINK is the right thing and to always keep busy, but keeping busy also keeps you away from self.

ELIAS: Correct, and distracts you.

JERRY: Yes, and I always have many, many, MANY things to do!

I wanted to ask a question in regard to meditation as well.

ELIAS: Very well.

JERRY: The Seth group, I think, helped me to disengage from... I had been part of a Vipashna meditation. I had gone to a center. It was really a profound experience in my life. Keeping the discipline necessary obviously had its challenges that were not always overcome. (Laughs) I always had a feeling that it was not necessarily the perfect thing for me, this Vipashna style of meditation. But it was something that I thought was beyond me, so I desperately wanted to think it fit me perfectly. I actually did receive quite a lot of benefit from it.

I also get quite a lot of benefit from my writing, which I would imagine isn’t too far... Because when I disappear into writing, it’s similar to meditation, only it’s a lot longer, hours and hours. There are many moments in writing where I will begin something and then I will realize it’s six hours later and I don’t remember what’s transpired. I’ve always thought of that as kind of channeling...

ELIAS: Correct.

JERRY: ...which is why I have a pseudonym, so that I don’t get too cocky about what comes through! (Laughs)

Getting back to my meditation question, part of meditation or the part that I hold dear is the fact that the point I was taught about meditation is to get to a point of non-reaction, that you can have your emotion, you can be able to look at emotion, you can be able to look at everything with a clarity without creating a reaction to it. There’s a wonderful thing when I went to the meditation center – your knees ache and all of these things are happening, and then if you actually follow through with what the teacher has asked you, there is a moment where the pain disappears because you’re not reacting to it anymore. You recognize it, you look at it, you see it, but you don’t react.

ELIAS: And you move your attention.

JERRY: Right. I thought with this pain maybe it’s time to get back on my meditation cushion. When I got on my meditation cushion, I was really surprised I was able to maintain focus on breathing. But with this pain it became this incredible ogre. It was like it was HUGE! I was able to keep focus but I was aware that it was there and just really pounding, and I did not stay too long. As soon as I stopped meditating, the pain completely disappeared. I thought that was significant. I wanted to see what your viewpoint on meditation is and its effects on the body.

ELIAS: Ah, this is a general question, and I may express to you, this is quite an individual action. I may express to you a response in relation to you, but this is not to say that that response would hold to another individual. I may not express to you that meditation in general is a beneficial or a not beneficial action for all individuals. With some individuals it may be beneficial; with some individuals it is not.

In association with you and the manner in which you have chosen to incorporate an action of meditation, it is not necessarily beneficial, for it is forcing of your energy. It is not an allowance of a free flow. It is an action of forcing your energy to move in a specific manner to accomplish a specific goal, but that generates another tension and it creates no free flow.

Now; I may express to you, for you individually, you may be expressing visualizations much more effectively, if you are so choosing. For this is more playful, and allows you a free flow of your energy and allows for your communication of imagination, which is another avenue of communication.

As to other types of expressions that may be more in alignment with your energy, dream activity may be expressed much more easily, is much more in alignment with the energy that you express and the culture that you have chosen to participate within, and may also be affecting in a free flow of energy and relaxing – allowing yourself to incorporate different sleep patterns, incorporating different time frameworks within your day that you allow yourself to incorporate dream imagery rather than forcing your energy in meditation.

JERRY: And I would imagine my writing is also equivalent to a meditation.

ELIAS: Quite, yes.

JERRY: That’s when I do feel rather cleansed and rather free and open, though I feel exhausted sometimes. That’s interesting, because at the same time the meditation to me does slow me down so that I’m not busy doing other things. My chiropractic healer once said to me, “You thrive on discipline, but unfortunately you’re too busy beating yourself up to understand what discipline is, and discipline is not beating yourself up. It’s not deprivation.”

ELIAS: And discipline is not necessarily structure, either.

JERRY: Can you elaborate?

ELIAS: Individuals incorporate the idea that discipline is synonymous with structure in quite specific manners. If you are a disciplined writer, you shall incorporate a structure of hours that you shall engage this activity, and you shall assure yourself that you shall maintain that structure. This is not necessarily discipline. This is force.

Discipline is an awareness of self and an allowance of self to move in a natural manner without force, in order, in balance – not a force of structure.

JERRY: So you would encourage me to play with my day?

ELIAS: I would be...

JERRY: I’m trying to figure out also how to get closer to the communication if I’m always staying busy. But if I rearrange my day on a regular basis, then that kind of slows me down long enough to see what’s going on or staying more in the now? Is that what you’re suggesting?

ELIAS: Let me express to you, it matters not whether you are incorporating busy-ness or not. What is significant is if you are paying attention, whether you are busy or not busy.

Now; I may suggest to you that you do incorporate more of a playfulness and less seriousness. I may assure you, all within your reality is not concerning death.

JERRY: All my reality is not concerning death? Can you elaborate on that?

ELIAS: Very well. Seriousness is expressed in association with death. You must be accomplishing accomplishing, for soon we shall die and there is a limited expression of time.

JERRY: I would agree with the latter. I’ve never really been that concerned about death.

ELIAS: Ah, but this is another belief that is not translated in thought, but it is expressed in action – busy, busy, busy, busy, busy, produce, produce, produce, produce, produce, and make your mark.

JERRY: That’s definitely there.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, my friend, this is an exploration. You have engaged a choice as essence to physically manifest within a physical dimension. It is a game! It is a game to be explored, and it is merely one game. There are countless games.

JERRY: It all doesn’t rest on this, huh? (Laughs)

ELIAS: No. Therefore, perhaps allow yourself to relax and...

JERRY: But I chose my mother – remember that! (Both laugh)

ELIAS: Touché! Be playful, and pay attention and acknowledge yourself. You are moving into a new experience, and you are moving with this shift in consciousness.

JERRY: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. Perhaps in your exploration of listening with languages, you may be incorporating your allowance of yourself to listen to your partner.

JERRY: I think I listen pretty well – getting better, anyway.

ELIAS: Now listen and look to yourself, and perhaps allow yourself to incorporate less busy-ness and more play.

JERRY: I think he’ll appreciate that! (Both laugh) I should tell you just as we’re closing, because we’re coming up on time, that he came to the Seth group in New York. He met most of the Seth members, a very wonderful group of people. He was a little bit afraid of walking into the room because he did not know what to expect, and of course it was a lovely session. He walked away and he said, “That was one of the most extraordinary experiences in my life. These people are truly searching and non-judgmental and wonderful and open to discussing anything. I have never seen this type of interaction with this many people. You could see everyone is selfishly motivated, but they’re selfishly motivated projecting into the group so that all can maximize from the benefit of this.”

We talked about your discourse on emotion first, external creation, reaction, and this was quite interesting. Then I talked about the blueprint. He’s having a little trouble, which I’m letting him do as he wishes in his coming out and dealing with people. So it’s frustrating when I’m there, because of course he loves me to be there and of course he has to cover his tracks and he has to do many things. So he builds up in his mind from time to time, “Oh, but I like my patterns and I like my moments to myself,” and all these things.

After I got home – I was there for three and a half weeks – he said, “I have to apologize to you. There were many, many times that you were annoying me not because of who you are but just because you were there. And now you’re gone, and I want to take back those moments and enjoy them. If Elias is correct and Seth is correct, then I was projecting or I was putting out a mirror of myself of what I don’t want to see. I was putting up a barrier to you, but I was putting up a barrier to myself and I didn’t allow myself to enjoy the fact that you were here.”

ELIAS: Correct.

JERRY: Then he said, “So I guess I’m apologizing to you, but then I’m apologizing to myself at the same time!” (Laughs) So he, who has studied none... He was also very sweet. He said, “You know, the Seth people are quite wonderful. But since I was a child, every time I see a sunset or something that grabs my attention through the day, I always go, ‘That’s mine!’ I’ve always done that. I didn’t realize that this was not the norm.” And I said, “Well, it is your creation.” And he said, “No, I didn’t create the sun,” and I said, “Well, yes, you did. You created your perception of the sun, so therefore that’s the only sun that you would ever see, so you created it! And the fact that you’ve owned that is pretty wonderful for a shutdown little child.” He understands many things on many levels, even though he’s not really investigated and invested in all of this.

ELIAS: It matters not. You are all participating in this shift in consciousness.

JERRY: In the game! (Laughs)

ELIAS: Quite!

JERRY: We better let Mary have her time.

ELIAS: Very well, my friend.

JERRY: Thank you so much.

ELIAS: I anticipate our next meeting...

JERRY: Tomorrow?

ELIAS: And thereafter. (Jerry laughs) I shall be offering my energy to you in encouragement and supportiveness.

JERRY: Thank you.

ELIAS: To you, my friend, in great affection, au revoir.

JERRY: Come back to New York soon! A bientôt!

Elias departs at 1:49 PM.

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