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Wednesday, October 23, 1996

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Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Cathy (Shynla), Gail (William), Julie (Lanyah), and a new participant, Bob (Falon).

Vic’s note: This is our first session in two and a half weeks, as Mary has been ill with a kidney infection. She still wasn’t feeling well this evening, but decided to have a session anyway. Elias’ delivery and demeanor was a bit different than usual, but judging from past experience, this has nothing to do with how Mary is feeling. Something else was going on this evening.

Elias arrives at 8:14 PM. (Time was twelve seconds.)

ELIAS: Good evening. (To Bob) Welcome to new essence. You may choose, this evening, for your subject matter. I shall deliver continuing information on counterparts, or you may choose open forum this evening. (Pause)

CATHY: Open forum.

ELIAS: Very well, Shynla. And are you wishing to be beginning the open forum?

CATHY: Oh, sure. Why not? (Laughing) So, I was wondering if you could help me figure out what issue I am choosing not to engage that is causing me my physical discomfort.

ELIAS: This is related to belief systems. Many times within your focus, you hold belief systems in conflict with ideas. You choose a direction in your focus in which you choose certain probabilities in following. In this, you hold belief systems underlying which may be contrary to what you objectively recognize.

In this, you choose a certain lifestyle. In this lifestyle, you believe that you hold no conflict in this choice. Underneath this chosen action, you also hold belief systems that align with mass belief systems, which conflict with the action that you choose to be creating within your everyday relationships. This shall serve as a good example to you each, of how you may hold belief systems that you may not objectively recognize.

You choose to involve yourself within certain relationships, but within limitations of these relationships; although you also simultaneously hold belief systems that are in line with mass belief systems of certain roles. This role that you hold a belief system of is that of which a female “should be” engaging.

Within your present time element, many issues socially are changing. Therefore, you change your objective thinking, but you do not necessarily change your belief systems which underlie your objective thinking. Many belief systems are held over within, and are influencing and creating conflict. Therefore, there is no release for this conflict, for the reason that you objectively think differently. You do not recognize the belief system. Therefore, you allow no outlet for the energy. In this, you choose to express in different manners. You personally choose to express this in a mild annoyance; a physical expression.

Objectively, you view yourself to be a modern liberated woman, viewing that you may engage relationships with other individuals without the conventional alignments of family and marriage. Many individuals align with this same objective thinking process presently, but underlying are very strong belief systems that are conflicting. Therefore, they create conflict in unfulfilled areas. If you are holding these belief systems, you also hold expectations of what these belief systems bring. The belief system is that women, which you have chosen to manifest as within this focus, mature and align with a mate and procreate. You have chosen not to actualize this action. Objectively, you feel comfortable with this choice. Underlying, you experience conflict with the belief system. Therefore, in reconciling yourself to the belief system and allowing for an expression, you create an energy release. This may be expressed in many different ways, this being only the one way that you chose to objectively manifest this expression. (Pause)

CATHY: Oh. (Laughter) I know not what to say! (Pause)

ELIAS: You may choose to focus upon this belief system, and you may be affecting of these physical symptoms that you create.

CATHY: Well, I guess I’ll just have to work on that. I’m a little tired of the “mild annoyance” that I have! (Laughter, and a pause)

VICKI: Okay, I have questions. Nice to see you, by the way.

GAIL: Ditto!

VICKI: I have a lot of questions about what’s been going on with Michael, although I very much respect his position that he feels like the information will not be understood. But I feel like there’s some things that may be understood, and I guess I’m looking for some connections similar to something I could tie up with a bow!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Offering you your package tied with a bow would also be a violation.

VICKI: Okay. I understand that.

ELIAS: Michael manifests certain physical expressions as he is moving. Within certain subjective movement, as has been expressed previously, he moves swiftly and projects. In this, he also at times may subjectively rein back, in a recognition of this swift movement.

There are many elements of action involved with this choice. There are elements to be learned in these engagements of physical challenges. I shall offer to you presently that you may not worry, for these shall be moved through, but as has been stated previously also, this shall reoccur. I have already expressed many of the reasons for these manifestations. Encouragement in creativity is good. There are more actions involved within the probabilities than each of you realizes at this present moment, but as you are moving through your probabilities and you are widening your periphery, you shall be becoming more aware of the movement that you are accomplishing. In this, Michael also shall understand more of the movement that he engages. This is, in one respect, what you may view as a safety valve.

VICKI: And is it related to dream work?

ELIAS: Presently, yes. (Pause) I would not be discouraging of this movement. Eventually, he may discover a more efficient tempering of this type of movement which may not involve physical expressions, although this is familiar. Therefore, this is the action that is chosen.

VICKI: Alright. (Long pause) I have another question, if nobody else does, regarding the subject of counterparts. It seems there’s probably a pretty good example sitting right in front of us, of some interesting counterpart action going on between Elizabeth and Kyari. I’ve been curious about that for a long time.

ELIAS: Very good, Lawrence. You are all counterparts. Every individual is a counterpart, although a counterpart is not a thing. It is an action, and as you have many counterparts, you also are counterpart to many others. You are not only a counterpart to one other individual. This is an action that every individual engages, which adds to and enhances all experience. In this, Kyari is counterpart to Elizabeth ... and Rose. (Pause) You are correct that you hold a very interesting and a very obvious example of counterpart action to be viewing in this. If the probabilities had been chosen to not engage Michael and Lawrence within this focus, you would not have offered yourselves the opportunity to view the action that lies before you presently. The action would have continued and would be the same, so to speak, but you would not view this, for you would not be within each other’s company. As you have chosen outside of your individual pools of probabilities, and chosen to engage the probability of meeting, you also offer yourselves the opportunity to view an action that you would not have viewed otherwise. (Pause)

It is not necessary for individuals to be the same age group to be counterparts, or for them to occupy the same space, or for them to occupy the same time period. Many counterparts do occupy the same time period; many time periods overlap; for you view time, within your focus, very selectively. In reality, all of these actions occur simultaneously. Therefore, it is of no matter that there is, seemingly, time lapses. It also is of no matter in what you think of as past and future. Kyari expresses feelings which shall not be expressed within the individual focus of Sean.

VICKI: Well, I would have never gone there with it!

ELIAS: I have expressed to you for much of your time, all of these actions within probabilities are not accidental. You each create a line of probabilities that intersects with each other, and as you are also overlapping as counterparts to each other, many of you, you also are influencing of each other’s realities. You individually create your own reality, but you also are influenced and influence other realities.

You experience certain aspects of actions. You experience variations of actions. Counterparts to you experience other variations of the same actions. Elizabeth and Kyari have experienced many similar actions, and have also chosen to experience many similar feelings within an emotional element. Kyari chooses, within agreement, to be experiencing an emotional element which, in your terms, “normally” would be experienced by Sean. Sean chooses, within his probabilities, to not be incorporating this experience, but incorporates the experience through a counterpart. (Pause)

There are countless variations of every experience. This is the reason that you have created the action of counterparts, for this is an efficient movement in action. In this, you experience many elements simultaneously, although you do not always recognize all of these experiences. You may view quite obviously, within these individuals of Elizabeth and Kyari, a very working exchange of counterpart action, and the influence that is exerted through consciousness.

You look continuously outside of yourselves for validation of actions that are seemingly unrelated and independent of each other. You look to find similarities and correlations of independent actions. This, you say to yourselves, is validating to you, for there is no way that one individual may be influenced by another if they are not in communication with each other. You offer yourselves the opportunity to view this very action.

VICKI: It’s pretty consistent!

ELIAS: Quite! I have been waiting for your noticing of this action, for it has been presented before you for quite some of your time. You all engage this action continuously. You only do not allow yourselves to recognize the action. (Long pause)

BOB: Elias, are you familiar with the Seth entity?


BOB: I have one question. Actually, I might have two. Are you able to see individual’s reincarnational pasts, or present probabilities?


BOB: Okay, another question. I had a reading about three weeks ago, and it was kind of surprising. This person that gave me the reading mentioned that there was a lot of suppressed anger that I had, that I may have dealt with or was feeling at that point, and I thought that I had properly dealt with it quite a few years ago. I didn’t really feel that she was correct. I thought maybe she was possibly picking up on some of my past. I just wonder what your thoughts might be on that.

ELIAS: We have discussed this type of scenario previously within our sessions. You may engage individuals that you classify as “psychic.” These individuals exercise inner senses and allow themselves to develop their intuitive sense, which also allows them the ability to tap into your sphere of probabilities, past or future, in your terms. You also hold these abilities. You only do not develop them. These individuals do not discern what information they pick up, for they do not evaluate the information. They do not process the information. They only view, and feed back to you. This action is quite similar to an action that you all may engage, in viewing another individual’s energy field which surrounds their physical body. You do not interpret this energy field. You do not understand the action of this energy field; but you may view it.

In this same manner, individuals may also tap probabilities if you are in allowance of this action. Therefore, many individuals will express many probabilities to you that are not incorrect, but may not be correct either. In this, my meaning is, all action is probable. Therefore, I have expressed to individuals to be exercising caution in engaging this type of action. Listen to yourself, for you know within you what is true and what is right, in your terms. Another individual may tap certain probabilities, but you hold a myriad of probabilities which are open to you. Therefore, if one is expressed to you, it is only one. This is not to say that this one is untrue, but it is not acknowledging of the myriads of other probabilities which are also true.

Therefore, you are correct that an individual may tap a past or a future action, which is also interpreted as a probability, and that may be what they view. This may be an element of your experience that, in your manner of speaking, “stands out,” as a memory may stand out among many memories. One may appear, in your focus, to be larger than another. In this, an individual may tap probable actions which have been engaged within the past or future, which stand out. This is not to say that this action is engaged presently. Just as I have cautioned many individuals as to probable future events which may be tapped by one of these individuals, I do not offer future probable information, for this is influencing. You may engage an individual that may tap one of your probable future actions, but it is only one. It is not set in stone. All things are probable. All action is changeable. Therefore, it is not incorrect of what they speak, but it is not entirely correct either. It is influencing, for you each influence each other.

In this, you may choose to create a certain probability, being influenced by what you have been told, which you may not have chosen otherwise. I say to you, always rely upon self. Always look to self. Do not be allowing yourself to be told what is right or true, for you shall know within you. I have expressed many times within this forum and these individuals, I do not present myself before you that you may “follow.” I offer helpfulness that you will recognize as ringing true, and if information is not ringing true within you, trust yourself; for you shall know.

BOB: Has anyone ever, in this group, asked you about crop circles? (Everybody nods) So, they know about the crop circles. Okay ...


BOB: That’s okay. Then you don’t have to answer! (Laughing) Is there any reincarnational past that you see of mine that may be influencing me in this lifetime, any predominant one?

ELIAS: All ...

BOB: I know they all do, but any particular one?

ELIAS: This is a misleading concept. This is a concept that you have created, for you think singularly. Therefore, you think to yourselves that one focus shall be more influencing than another focus. This is incorrect. All of your focuses are equally influencing.

Now; I shall express to you that certain individuals may be more influencing within your focuses, and may be engaged in the action of what you term more of your focuses, but as to the issue of importance and influence of any particular focus, no.

You do not experience one focus, and hold what you view to be as a past life as an opposite or as a parallel. You hold all of these actions simultaneously. You choose all of your focuses to be complementing your experience. You do not always recognize the complementary quality, for you may not appreciate your experience within a present moment, but all of your experiences are complementary to all other experiences.

If you are wishing to investigate other focuses, you are more than encouraged to take up this action; for I am encouraging of all individuals to be investigating of themselves, and to be offering themselves more information of self. Just as I do not suggest that you acquire this information of other focuses from another individual, I encourage you to acquire information for yourself, for this shall be more influencing of your understanding. You also shall appreciate the experience if you are engaging this.

Each of you must learn to look to yourselves. Look within you, not to another to provide your answers. I offer you explanations of many subjects, but I also encourage you tremendously to look to yourselves and to investigate. You have spent much of your history allowing yourselves to be led. Now you present yourselves with your shift, in which you shall lead yourselves.

BOB: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. (Pause) We shall engage, at our regular session, continuing information of counterparts, and I shall be offering more information of our “little clouds.” (Grinning) This subject will be requiring some of your time frame, for there are many variations of counterparts which are all influencing of you, and you of them.

VICKI: There were some interesting responses on the computer about the little clouds, (Elias smiles) and speaking of which, I have some questions for these people, but I’m not going to go into them tonight. Although two people have asked about essence names, and I would like to ask about those; one person being Leo.

ELIAS: (Accessing) Bon.


ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: And the other person being Melinda. (Elias starts chuckling) There’s some good counterpart action going on there, too!

ELIAS: (Still chuckling) My, my. (Still chuckling) Sena; and Falon.

VICKI: Okay, how would I spell those?

ELIAS: S-E-N-A ... F-A-L-O-N.

VICKI: And how come there’s two? (The group starts laughing)

CATHY: Even I know that one, Vicki!

GAIL: He’s right in your presence.

CATHY: She’s gone in Melindaland! (Laughing)

ELIAS: For new essence.

VICKI: Oh. Hello! (Laughter) Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

VICKI: I get a little disconnected sometimes! (Laughing)

ELIAS: (Still chuckling) We shall be engaging soon.

CATHY: Gee, thanks for the information, Elias.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome, Shynla. I bid you all a very fond good evening. Au revoir.

Elias departs at 9:11 PM.

Vic’s note: For future reference, I would like to note that Elizabeth and Kyari are Mary’s daughter and Vicki’s son. They are aware of each other, but they don’t like each other and they never interact with each other. However, they do exhibit very similar behaviors and responses at the same time, on a regular basis. Also, Mary’s daughter is not what you would call “fond” of Vicki, and Vicki’s son is quite verbal as to how he “dislikes” Mary. I am noting this because I have a feeling that this will turn out to be a continuing example of counterpart action, including group counterpart action.

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