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Sunday, October 27, 1996

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“Energy Interference”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Cathy (Shynla), Gail (William), Julie (Lanyah), Christy (Maka), Cecelia (Sari), Jene (Rudy), Charles Sr. (Thomas), and Charles Jr. (Ti-Le’).

Elias arrives at 6:17 PM. (Time was ten seconds.)

ELIAS: Good evening. (Smiling, and the group responds) There are many variations of counterparts. Some, as has been stated, are creations of your own essence, and some are creations of other essences. Not all of your counterparts belong to the same family within consciousness as do you. Many counterparts that are created by your own essence are as the little white cloud, which you do not normally view only one within your sky. You normally view many puffy white clouds. These are all similar to each other, although taking various shapes. In this same respect, many of your counterparts that you have created within your own essence are very similar to you.

Each counterpart (pause) moves in such a fashion as to complement your experience, and you complement all of your counterpart’s experiences. Each counterpart may not be focused with the same subject matter in probabilities as you are focused in, but they shall be experiencing certain aspects of their focus which will add to your experience. This is done through consciousness. It is not necessary for you to occupy the same space or the same time element to acquire information or be affected by counterparts.

At our last meeting, a question was posed as to developments in action of two individuals. These individuals do not interact with each other, but are affecting of each other continuously, for they are counterparts of each other. In this, these individuals serve as a good example of the action of counterparts. These individuals are not of the same essence. They are not fragmented of the same essence, but they share a counterpart experience.

Now; in this, each has chosen their own given pool of probabilities. Therefore, they have chosen their own line of subject matter which they shall experience within their own individual focuses. These may seemingly have nothing to do with each other, but their actions shall be mirroring each other.

Not all counterparts mirror each other. Some counterparts are what you would view to be opposite. Some are not quite opposite, but are removed enough from your personal experience that they may invoke a distasteful response from you! (Laughter) Some individuals which are counterparts also may be engaged within this action for partial time. You may be counterpart to another individual for partial time.

The action of counterparts is extremely varied. This, within consciousness, is one of your most creative inventions, for this action serves many purposes. Its base line, though, is to be enhancing and adding to your individual experience. It serves to intensify your individual experiences, as we view with these individuals of Elizabeth and Kyari. One may experience an intensity of agitation which is seemingly to be provoked by nothing. In reality, through agreement and counterpart action, one shall experience and shall share the experience with the counterpart. This is not to say that these are very singularly focused, for you do not hold only one counterpart. Each individual is counterpart to many, and you hold many counterparts also. (Pause)

Let us look to (pause) the little white cloud (stumbling over white) and the thunder clouds; these seeming to be opposites. Many times, although it is not a rule, opposite counterparts will be of another essence. Now; as I have stated, this is not a rule, for there are times that you may also create opposite counterparts from your own essence for your own experiences. Many times though, the counterpart situation of an opposite shall be from another essence. This, aligned with your essence in agreement, shall engage this action.

You exchange experiences through consciousness. Just as the clouds exchanged, you also exchange. You think to yourselves that you travel through your focus only choosing for your own self. You think very singularly. Your action, within consciousness, extends far beyond this individual focus.

Within your dream state, you are not limited to the action of this one focus. (Pause, smiling) You are not limited to this time period. You are not limited to this dimension. This, as has been stated many times throughout our sessions, is a very important time, in your terms, within your everyday focus. It is part of your reality. You focus objectively for a time, you focus subjectively for a time, each day of your existence physically. Much of your counterpart exchange occurs during your sleep state. Many encounters occur during your sleep state. Many of your counterparts you are familiar with within your sleep state. Within your waking state, you may not recognize these individuals and they may appear to you as strangers, but they are not strangers. They are individuals that you are familiar with, for you share a counterpart action with these individuals. Many more times during your sleep state do you encounter individuals that you are unfamiliar with than you are familiar with.

I have expressed from the onset of our sessions the importance of your dream interaction, and the importance of your recognition that this is not a state of what you view to be imagination. Much action occurs during this state of consciousness which may allow you valuable information during your waking state of consciousness.

As to your counterparts within your waking state, you may encounter individuals that you may feel quite drawn to, that you seem to have no explanation for. In this, you may be identifying a counterpart situation which has been in existence throughout many of your focuses. (Pause)

We shall break. Much interference is running quite highly this evening, and I shall continue briefly.

BREAK 6:36 PM.
RESUME 6:50 PM. (Time was five seconds.)

Vic’s note: During this break, several people mentioned having a headache or experiencing ringing in the ears, which appears to be a physical response to the “interference.” Also, there were many pauses in this session which are not indicated, seemingly influenced by this same energy.

ELIAS: Continuing. (Grinning) We shall continue our discussion of counterparts later. There is interference within energy this evening; which, we shall be directing within what you may term another frequency, therefore avoiding further interference. This situation of attraction, as has been explained previously of this essence of (name deleted), which is quite interfering with the transmission, so to speak, of these sessions, this is attracted within consciousness to an open receptacle, wishing interaction. This has caused interference previously, and continues presently in this action. You may be experiencing a mixture, so to speak, of different energies. Certain individuals aligned or belonging to, in those terms, the Sumari family ...

JENE: Great! (Jene belongs to the Sumari family, and Julie is aligned with Sumari, hence their physical symptoms)

ELIAS: ... shall be experiencing an intensity, for they align with this tone and may experience the feeling of energy within exchange. This is offered as an explanation of action occurring that you do not necessarily understand, in not wishing you to be frightened or concerned; for there is no harmfulness. It is only an exchange of energy which seeks an outlet. You may engage questions this evening, if you are wishing.

JENE: Elias, is this headache that I’m experiencing in alignment with the disturbance of Sumari energy?

ELIAS: Correct.

JENE: And this vision that is distorting?

ELIAS: Correct.

CELIA: May I ask then, would this energy be coming through with other individuals, where they would speak for this energy?

ELIAS: This is a choice. This has been discussed previously, and this remains as a choice of exchange within agreement of individuals and the essence in question.

CHRIS: What is the connection that Mary and I have, that she was wondering about?

ELIAS: This would be also an identification of a counterpart situation, although there are other explanations to be added to this situation. Within consciousness, things are not quite expressed within action as you think of them. You think within singular terms. Therefore, you think of individuals, you think of pairs, you think of unions which may create new from the unions. Within essence and within consciousness, there are not these defined barriers. Therefore, essence flows into essence.

We have discussed previously very elementary terms of fragmentation. In this, it has been offered in explanation in terms that you will understand, but within the action of fragmentation, it is not as physical as what you may think of. Therefore, many essences may join, so to speak, although they are joined already, but they may join within an action and create a fragment. In this, your fragmentation is also related to aspects of Michael, for your fragmentation is of Elias and other essences; which Michael will recognize elements of you within his recognition subjectively of essence.

I understand that this is quite difficult for you to understand. Each essence fragmented contains all information of the fragmenting essences. Therefore, what you would view to be previous information, which is not previous information, is held by you.

A similar response was exhibited by Michael in identification of another individual which is fragmented in this same manner. This individual sparked a great feeling within Michael, this being an unusual response in his interpretation. This individual also is fragmented of Elias within a future focus, so to speak. In this, subjectively, individuals will identify with other individuals and recognize subjectively the union, for they recognize or subjectively hold a remembrance of “before” fragmentation.

In this, you may view similarly as to physical life. If you are entering physical life, but you have already experienced, this is in your terms, other lifetimes with other individuals, as you enter another physical life, you shall remember the previous existence and you shall hold identifications of the individuals.

These are terms that are easier for you to understand, for you think within linear terms. In actuality, it is quite similar to this action, although all of these focuses occur simultaneously, and you have not been reincarnated, for you are new. You have not experienced previously. You have not been before, although you have been always.

There are deep connections that are partially recognized. This also is a common identification that you each will experience with different individuals. You hold an immediate identification or attraction to another individual. This, you may be certain, is a counterpart situation. When you are engaged in a situation that repels you extremely, you may be assured you are engaged within a counterpart situation also, for this elicits this response quite frequently also. I shall continue later with our discussion on counterparts, and you may continue with your questions.

GAIL: I have a question. Sunday, I experienced an incident with the exercise that we were supposed to do for turning in, and I was wondering, the next time it occurs, how do I hold the visual longer?

ELIAS: As you practice, you shall increase what you view to be your time element. Also, allow yourself to be relaxing into the exercise. As you hold with intention, you defeat your purpose, so to speak. This exercise is provided to enhance a natural action which you have forgotten. It is provided to you, that you may practice becoming natural at holding your focus and your clarity.

GAIL: Will that include all five senses in the viewing?

ELIAS: You may. (Pause)

JULIE: I have a quick question. My friend Gina, is her essence name Benety?

ELIAS: Ah! You are close. You may continue to investigate. This is quite good!

(To Vicki) And as to essence names, retract Bon, for this essence chooses a different vibrational tone which has not been identified presently. At the moment, within your terms, of identification, I shall offer you that information. This has been changed.

(To Group) You also may choose this action, although normally, in your terms, you do not; but at times, certain individuals may choose, as has been stated, to realign, and within this realignment, they may choose a different tone. They may also choose to align differently with essence families. This individual is experiencing a shift within consciousness, and has chosen to be changing outside of their pool of probabilities, which is affecting of the tone. (Pause)

VICKI: I have some questions for some other people, if that’s okay. For Melinda: “Recently, I met a trio of folks in a dream who referred to themselves as my tribe. One appeared to be a thirtyish, blond, Swedish-type woman who made an adjustment to my energy focus, another was a tall man in his mid-fifties, and another was a Native American woman in her forties. My question is, who are these guys, what is their relationship to me, and what is my function within this tribe?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) What is your function within your tribe? What is your function, Lawrence, within your family?

VICKI: To fulfill the intent of the family, I suppose.

ELIAS: To experience, within your desire and intent. Your function may be the same essentially as your purpose, which you do not hold a purpose or a function. You are. Your function is to be. The relationship is exactly as stated. These individuals, as has been stated this evening within this session, are other essences within the same family interacting within dream state, which you do frequently; these individuals belonging to the Tumold family, to which this individual also is aligned, or we may say, a part of. (To Cathy, grinning) Part! (Laughter)

CATHY: Stop it! I took it back when I said it!

ELIAS: (Chuckling quite a bit) Portion, part, particle, element! These individuals have interacted previously within dream state. The action that was interpreted as occurring within the remembrance of the interaction was this layer closest to you. Therefore, this was an interaction to be identifying of other individuals within the same intent. Express to be viewing the action of these individuals, for this is consistent with the intent of this family to which this individual also aligns, which shall offer information to this individual of their own inner knowledge.

VICKI: At our last meeting, you seemed to be rather amused when I asked this individual’s essence tone. I’m kind of curious about that.

ELIAS: This individual, although not objectively aware, is becoming quite adept at projecting within consciousness, and holds a great curiosity of interaction which occurs within these sessions. Therefore, at the moment of your question, the presence was also interacting with the same question, which was amusing! (Grinning)

VICKI: This individual has objectively stated a desire to project to these sessions.

ELIAS: Which is accomplished, subjectively.

VICKI: Interesting. Okay, I also have a question or two for Uriel. Rameau had a dream in which she interacted with a grandmotherly-type woman dressed in white. “She was sitting in a metal folding chair, and as I bent over to her with my hands cupped, she leaned toward me and said, “All that is will be the same.” Uriel’s question is, “Would Elias care to comment on my intuitive feeling that this person was him?”

ELIAS: Correct. These individuals interact often within their dream state. You automatically, within your objective consciousness, translate your dream interaction into terms that you identify with. The reason that you hold such confusion within your attempts to be interpreting your dream interaction is that you view all of your interaction very singularly. You view the interaction within your dream state to be the same as within your waking state, which it is not. Therefore, you are attempting to interpret actions into familiar elements. You may translate actions with the same individual in many different ways. You may interpret one individual as being many different individuals, for they are exhibiting many different actions. Therefore, each action that they exhibit, you shall translate as an entirely new individual, not only a new action.

You interpret each action within your dream state entirely differently, therefore giving your objective self different messages. It is as if you are translating a different language, from your subjective into your objective. In this, you choose not to repeat words. Within your language that you use objectively, you have many words that you repeat continuously; within sentences, within communication to each other. Each word that I express to you may be expressed hundreds, thousands, millions of times. Within your dream state, for the most part, you choose symbols for each action differently. Therefore, as you may use the word boat many times within your language, you shall use the symbol to mean a different action each time. In this way, you do not confuse your objective consciousness by repeating and overlapping symbols.

Now; you may encounter many [of] the same symbols within your dream state, but they are representative of different actions. Therefore, you may experience the same dream, let us say, five of your nights consecutively. You believe you are experiencing the same action five times. In actuality, you are experiencing five very different actions and you are translating these, interpreting or attempting to interpret these all the same. Each of your symbols represents a different action, this being why your dream state appears so confusing to you; but we are within what you may term to be our beginning stages. I do not offer “skipped shells” information, for it is important for you to be realizing that your dream state is important, and to be remembering and to be interacting. Therefore, it is unnecessary to offer information beyond this at this moment presently.

VICKI: Would it be possible to look behind the symbolism, and actually understand?

ELIAS: Very good, Lawrence. Yes. Not to its entirety, for some of your involvement and action within this state may not be translated into your physical recognition, for it is an engagement of non-physical action or other-dimensional action which may be far removed from what you may imagine. Therefore, your physical creation of your physical body and your physical electrical brain shall automatically block some of your experience, and not interpret. In this, you automatically interpret into what is familiar to you, or you shall choose to not remember. But you are correct, you may view without your interpreted symbols. You may practice eventually, as you become more accomplished within your dream states, this action. This shall be quite helpful within the action of your shift.

You will notice that your small ones will be much more vivid within their dream states, and as they grow and as they move into the shift naturally, they shall automatically learn to view dream state without this separation. You, now, have been taught differently, and are at the end, so to speak, of another era of consciousness which you move away from. Therefore, you must practice and develop this ability. You each hold the ability to accomplish this.

VICKI: Could we conceivably accomplish this in a TFE, like we tried to do the other day?

ELIAS: It is possible.

VICKI: Probably if the facilitator could figure out what to do, huh? (Laughter) I have one other question for Uriel. “I have a friend at work who I’ve tried to help in a small way to get in touch with his spiritual side. He tells me that he is grateful, and that he is much happier. He occasionally relates examples of synchronicity in his life to me. He is a very interesting person, a musician, a bird lover, very gentle, and somewhat eccentric. With all of the recent discussion of counterparts by Elias, I am wondering if this person bears a connection with me that it would be useful to know about.”

ELIAS: As we continue with our discussions of counterparts, you will each learn to recognize and identify different types of counterpart situations. Every counterpart is an asset to you, this being also a counterpart situation with Uriel; but even though you may not view the benefits of some counterparts, every counterpart complements you. They are all an asset to you, as you are to them. Each individual, within consciousness, enhances each individual. I understand that this concept seems contradictory, for you may view many individuals within your world that you view as distasteful, or that you view as negative, or that you may be judgmental of and express, you do not view how certain individuals may be an asset to anyone! (Laughter) Each individual adds to the experience within consciousness, for all of you choose certain lines of probabilities that you wish to experience, but there is a vast universe of experiences that are counter or complementary to the one line of experiences that you choose. Therefore, all of these counterparts add [to] and enhance your experience. Some also, if you are desiring to be viewing in this manner, experience elements that you choose not to experience, although this is also quite limiting, in your terms. You may, if it is comforting to you, view that another has chosen to be a mass murderer so that you may not be; although you, within any given one of your focuses, may also display what you now may view as distasteful behavior, and be counterpart to many others who choose not to experience that. (Pause)

You are all connected within consciousness. There is no separation. All is intertwined. Therefore, the experience of each one is ultimately important, for it is contributing to the all. (Pause) Are you wishing of more questions this evening?

GAIL: I have one. I am putting together an index, and I was wondering, if a question arose between myself and another person, would it be okay to use the information?

ELIAS: This information is not secret. (Smiling)

GAIL: Just wanted to make sure it was okay, ’cause I don’t want to use it out of context.

ELIAS: This information that is offered to you is offered to all that choose to seek it.

GAIL: Okay. Thanks. (Pause)

CATHY: Okay. Does “feel babish” mean anything? (Much laughter) I couldn’t stand it! (What would we do without you, Cathy???)

ELIAS: (Laughing) Shynla! And I shall inquire, what do you believe?

CATHY: I thought maybe it was another word in Sumafi! (Laughing) Other than that, I haven’t got any farther than that.

ELIAS: (Still laughing) Or also, maybe babbling! (Much laughter) You may engage the Sumari or the Sumafi, if you are choosing!

VICKI: Well, I have one other little question for myself, regarding something that Melinda had in a dream, but it’s my question. She had a dream about something known as the Piedra Standard, and they were numbers with numerical building blocks for consciousness as it is fused with form. This is how she related it to me. Is this Piedra Standard something that’s connected with the city?

ELIAS: (Grinning) It is amusing that you continue to inquire with your questions of the city when you create it!

VICKI: I understand that. I guess I’m just curious if that’s what she was connecting with in her dream. It was my impression, but not my action.

ELIAS: Many individuals connect, so to speak, with the action of contributing to the city, but it is also their choice as to whether they are creating. Many individuals acquire information of the city, but this also is their choice as to apply this information. Some shall, and some shall not. (Pause) You will view within your meditations elements within your city that exist ... for they have been created by other individuals ... that you have not inserted. They exist though, for other individuals have placed them within your city, for it is not belonging only to these individuals present. If the creation of your city was dependent upon only this forum ...

GAIL: We’d be in trouble!

ELIAS: Quite! (Laughter) You would have very small remnants of partial buildings and creations within your city! Therefore, you may understand, many individuals contribute to this. This, as has been stated, is within a future past focus. Therefore, it shall be inhabited with many more than these few individuals, and all will be contributing to its design.

At our next meeting, you may or you may not be receptive to a slight change within energy vibration. If you are noticing of this very slight change, I offer explanation presently to not be alarmed. It shall be to be in avoidance of further interference, for we have much to discuss and you have much to learn. It is disruptive for energy interference, but it is also unnecessary. Therefore, it shall be avoided. I shall be discontinuing for this evening, and I shall be anticipating affectionately our next meeting.

CELIA: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. Au revoir.

Elias departs at 7:51 PM.

Vic’s note: I think it’s interesting to examine the sentence structure in this transcript. The “interference” is subtle, but recognizable.

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