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Sunday, June 04, 1995

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Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Jim (Yarr), Elizabeth (Elizabeth), Debbie (Catherine), Julie (Peter), Laszlo (John), and Ron (Olivia)

ELIAS: Good Evening. (To Elizabeth) Little One. Welcome. (To Jim) A new face is among us.

JIM: Thank you.

ELIAS: This is...

JIM: My name? Jim.

ELIAS: Welcome Jim. (To group) You have refocused in our time since our last meeting. Correct? I am aware that you each are experiencing a new focus. These, originally, may seem or appear to be accompanied by some discomfort. This is only because you are not accustomed to this new adjustment. This will incorporate into your focus. You will balance. (Pause) You may also explain to Michael that he will also balance. He is presently, confused. This is not new! (Laughter) Michael is very accomplished at confusing himself! (Again, laughter) I am in contact with him. He will begin to calm himself soon. You all, as my friends, may not speak to him of this, but notice when he explains that he is calming in his focus. (Pause) We will, initially, begin with questions, and then we will continue in our discussion of your elements of your essence.

JULIE: I, one night, was trying to do an exercise, and I did it in my bed, instead of a chair, but I was trying to focus, and because I have a very difficult time when I meditate, to focus, and for the first time I feel that I saw something, and then I fell asleep, and then I woke up, I think not only ten or fifteen minutes later, and I threw up! And of course I rationalize it away, thinking that was something I must have ate that day. Is that incorrect, or was it because I was doing something different, or ... ?

ELIAS: You will personally experience much physical expression presently. This, eventually, will diminish. You experience this because you have an emotional focus. This is also what our Little One experiences. When you are focused in a thought orientation, you will experience emotions in your shifting. When you are of the emotional persuasion, you will experience a physical reaction to these shifts. You are not accustomed to incorporating both yet. This could be likened to a birth process. In giving birth, an emergence occurs, but not without discomfort. A thought focused person will experience discomfort of incorporating a new emotional focus. An emotionally focused person does not automatically think more, but they will manifest this shift in a physical expression. This may take a form of ... aches and pains! (Laughter) These will pass.

The Small One will experience discomfort in the middle. (Here, Elias indicates the stomach area) This is where the emotional focus projects from. This is what is connected. This is what is being blocked in order for a new focus to be incorporated, as Michael created a pain in the head to disconnect from thinking, as Catherine has developed a “pain in the neck.” (Laughter) Thank you very much. I am aware of this joke! (Pause) Is this answering your question?

JULIE: Yes, thank you.

DEBBIE: I’d like to ask a question regarding feeling in the stomach area, like the solar plexus. Are you able to pick up people’s emotions that way? Is that what you’re saying? I’ve always experienced that throughout my life. I kind of cover up my stomach because I feel like I’m picking up energy.

ELIAS: This is very correct. You, Catherine, being extremely focused in an emotional area, will experience this even more than others emotionally focused. As I have stated in the past sessions, in your terms, you are a fragment of my essence. This was and is a very concentrated emotional focus of this essence. It has been transferred. You will notice that your “fellow fragments” have different focuses than do you. (We all laugh here, because this is the first time Elias has used the term “fellow fragment,” although we have been using it in conversation for a while) This is not the rule, understand, but it is often a choice of an essence, just as you may choose to pull negative parts or feelings from yourself, and disconnect from them. They do not just disappear into your atmosphere. You send them out and give them a focus. In doing this, you fragment your own essence and create another with that focus. This little part of your physical body is very receptive to your emotional focus. This is what you would term instinctual for a person of this focus, to be protective of this area, just as a thought focused individual with too much input and incoming information may ... (here, Elias finishes the sentence by holding his head, followed by laughter from the group). This is natural You do not even understand what you are physically expressing when you do this. It is a natural expression of your body. Your body is a natural expression of your essence. Is that clear?


LASZLO: How does light work or interfere with your being able to use Michael’s body? Does that interfere, or does it not? We heard that it may ... somebody said it might interfere. Could you talk about that, please?

ELIAS: This is correct. It does not affect us now. It was, in our earlier sessions, a very small diversion. There are frequencies and waves present everywhere about you in your physical focus. You are focused on a much lower frequency of wave vibrations, in your terms, than are we. This we must adjust to. This adjustment was prepared for in working with Michael for much time before I was speaking with you. There are situations, many times, that are not necessarily all calculated on before what you would term “transmission.” Some interferences do come about. I explained the focusing to you once before. Initially, it was difficult to concentrate energy in a direct stream. This does not have to do with concentration of thought as you perceive this. It has to do with a focusing of specific energy to be directed through in cooperation with Michael’s consciousness and physical body. Some interferences were occurring. This was not only your electricity for lighting, but also electricity flowing in manner of tape recording. Not this one, though. (Here, Elias indicates Debbie’s cassette recorder)

DEBBIE: The smaller one? (Meaning her micro-cassette recorder)

ELIAS: No. It was sound recording which was to facilitate meditation, and allow you to think.

GROUP: (With much laughter) The frogs! (We had, several times, listened to a meditation tape with many sounds of nature on it)

ELIAS: This was intended to be helpful to each of you in concentration. It was a minor interference for my interaction. I have adjusted to these electrical conditions, and they are not distracting or scattering to me anymore. (Pause, and then to Vicki) How are your fingers?

VICKI: I can’t write as fast as you can talk anymore!

ELIAS: (Said very slowly) I ... will ... speak ... slowly!

VICKI: Thank you. (Laughing)

ELIAS: You ... are ... welcome! (Here, we all crack up)

DEBBIE: I’m anxious to ask more questions on shifting focus, to find out if I’m experiencing that, exactly. I want to give you an example. Like when I go into museums and antique stores, whatever, and I’m surrounded by things of the past, I can almost feel like I’m not in the present, and I’m either floating or something to another time. Is that part of what it’s supposed to be like to shift your focus? Or being in a simultaneous time or something? Can you explain that to me, what I’m feeling, what I’m experiencing?

ELIAS: Yes. This is excellently good. You will notice. This is a very good example of what I am speaking to you of during your waking state. It is the same as experiencing your sleep state, only in your waking time. You may experience this even more fully than you have allowed yourself to do thus far. When you encounter art, it is natural for your essence to transcend. I spoke once much time ago, in your terms, of your individual different connections in the area of art. Different focuses in art will create this ability to transcend. Some will experience this in connection with music. Others, as you, and Michael also, will experience this through art. You may experience a moving in your essence through music, but you will experience this much greater, to a much fuller extent, through art, as those who are connected through music will be able to transcend thoughts and time through that expression.

This you have much the same as Michael. This is very good and developing, for the two of you to express and share this focus together. You will experience tremendous projection if you allow. I am not to give you an incorrect impression that this should be your only concentration of focus. This reality is real. You are here in it for a purpose. It should not be considered less than this, but your incorporation of transcending time and space is also very real, and is also part of your purpose. It is important. This is why I have spoken with you all so very much of this subject.

You are preparing to complete your circle. It is important that you practice now. This will allow you to slip into your new focus comfortably, and it will also be familiar to you. When things are familiar, they are not frightening. This is a wonderful new experience. It should not be uncomfortable or frightening to you. As I have stated before, even good, in your terms, or positive or wonderful things can be overwhelming if you do not understand, and if you have difficulty in relating to them.

This is all part of your shifting presently. I do not wish to use words such as growth. The reason I do not use this word growth, and choose to use shift instead, is that shifting only indicates a different direction. Growth indicates a moving to a higher level. You cannot move to a higher level. You already are your highest expression. For this reason, you are not growing. (Here, in total frustration with trying to keep up in my transcribing, I close my notebook) We are moving too quickly for your hands! (Laughter)

VICKI: Lawrence will take it off the tape.

ELIAS: That is acceptable. In your expression of your essence in any and all focuses, as I have stated, you are your highest expression. There is no perfection, for there is no end. You are continuously in a state of becoming. Off the tape, underline becoming. This is an important word. You will never arrive. You are not traveling. You are only becoming. (Pause) We are all mesmerized! (Much laughter)

I am focused much more clearly. I spoke once to you that I do not see physically yourselves, as much as I see your essence. This has changed. I may, if I wish, see your faces in your essence.

JULIE: I just got chills!

ELIZABETH: Curious again. I was just wondering ... it’s really off the subject ... but did you ever visit me in my dream?


ELIZABETH: Oh, then I didn’t miss anything! (Laughter) I thought I missed ...

ELIAS: You will not miss me! I will not allow you to miss my “presence!” (Said very dramatically and humorously!)

JULIE: Have you ever visited any of us in our dreams?

ELIAS: Yes. I have been in contact with each of you, not always in the form of your dreams. Some, yes. Some, no. Some, in other manifestations. I, like you, also play with you. Lawrence will explain. I may, at times, visit you through your dreams, but I have “cosmic things” to do! (Again, very dramatically and humorously!)

ELIZABETH: Oh no! Oh no! Oh no! (Much laughter)

VICKI: You’re in quite a humor tonight!

ELIAS: I am getting better, yes?

GROUP: Yes! (Again, much laughter)

JULIE: When Elias is silly, is Michael silly also?

ELIAS: No. Michael is ... we will ... (Here, the tape player stops, making a loud click. Elias looks around for the source of the noise, and then ...) Are we rolling? (Laughter)

DEBBIE: We’re rolling!

ELIAS: Michael has news for you. He will be much excited when he sees you. You may play the game with me. We will be (whispered) “very serious!” He will think we are speaking of great truths! (Laughter) This has been needed for you. You have needed a break from such seriousness of subject. We do intend, though, much seriousness and much continuing of subject. It is important for your development, but we may play, too.

VICKI: I have a feeling that being able to laugh at yourself, and the humor in life, is one of those things which will help me personally to shift.

ELIAS: (Nods in agreement) Now, you will be amazed at how we laugh. I would say we find your fragmentation very funny, but I would not be offending. You are, sometimes, silly! (Laughter) This is ... OK!

JULIE: Is being silly and laughing, sometimes fear?

ELIAS: There are definite occurrences where a physical focus will cover their true emotional expression through laughter or joking. This is brought about because of fear in the individual of exposing its true self. This is unfortunate. It does occur. We shall hope all individuals present with us will be able to express all parts of their self with no fear. This is the purpose of this gathering. This is what we spoke of before. It is necessary and essential to recognize your connection with other essences. You are not alone, anyway. You are connected, as I have explained to you.

JIM: May I ask a question?


JIM: What you just spoke of, your connections with the essences within the group, may I hear of my connection? Some things ... this is ... a lot of the information that you have given forth is a lot of things that I’ve felt for a long time, but ... and I thank you, I want to tell you that, for everything you’ve given all of us, and myself.

ELIAS: You are welcome. I will express your connection to like spirits. My fragment, Catherine, whose translation name is incorrect. (Pause) It is Speckled Black Bird.

DEBBIE: Spotted Crow?

ELIAS: Incorrect. It is Speckled Black Bird. This would be your connection in what you term an Indian focus. This would not be of the Northern American Indian connections. This would be in a focus of Inca, in a southern continent of your planet. This is a tribe. This was a very spiritual focus. You were both connected in a focus of spiritual teaching of tribe. This would be, in your terms, in this focus, spoken of in the word of a Shaman for you each. This is your connection in like spirit, and we are welcoming.

JIM: Thank you. A lot makes sense.

ELIAS: This is ... I am receiving ... a small ... your name in this focus would have connection to a small indigenous animal. It is difficult ... from an area of Peru ... with large teeth ... very small animal ... furry ... furry ...

JIM: A guinea pig? A little animal with no tail that squeaks?

ELIAS: Yes. This would be correct. This is your translation of this small animal. Its color name connected with you would be silver.

JIM: Chinchilla?

ELIAS: We will, at another time, find its translation for you.

JIM: Thank you.

ELIAS: We will stop briefly for Michael’s anxiousness, if you will allow. (The group agrees) Wait! Remember!

GROUP: Serious!

ELIAS: Yes! (We were able to pull off the “serious act,” and Mary’s reaction was very funny. She just looked at all of us, and asked if something was wrong. We did not inform her of the “game” until after the session, at which time she called Elias a “butt-cheese!”)


ELIAS: We will continue. We will tell Michael he must accomplish something for this “mop of hair!” It covers visual focus. (Laughter) We will continue, if you wish more questions.

VICKI: OK. I have a question. What about the bowl of money? (Earlier, before the session began, someone had placed a bowl on the table, put fifty dollars in it, and told the group that we should be compensating Mary for her time. Mary had, at previous times, informed this person that this was not about money, but he obviously disagreed. His behavior made the group uncomfortable, hence the question. Also, this person has actively been pursuing publishers regarding a potential manuscript. This activity has also been discouraged by Mary.

ELIAS: Bowl ... of ... money??? (Laughter)

VICKI: Yes. The bowl of money that Donovan brought up tonight. Do you know what I’m talking about? (Pause)

ELIAS: I am understanding. There is a desire, in a physical focus, for you to be helpful to one another. This is good. This focus and intent is positive but misdirected. There is question of our sessions. You will be ... excuse ... excusing me. I am trying to access with Michael in this matter. He is not cooperating. He is ... Michael is projecting. I am receiving information to access alternately. You will give us one moment. (Pause) I understand. I have spoken with you previously of transcripts in regards to transformation into manuscript. This is not our present focus. I have explained I will give instructions at the correct timing. I have also instructed you with the name of Dave. This name has not surfaced in your focus yet. Without this incorporation, no movement should be made in this direction. I have reasons for my waiting. It is not important. It is our intention to incorporate you into any such plans. These plans are not formulated yet. They are not important at present. What is important is your focus. It is important for your participation and development. This is of extreme importance. Manuscripts are not. There are many books on your shelves already. One more is not making all the difference. What is making the difference is my focus and interaction with each of you. You are the ones completing circles, not the whole world. We will not concern ourselves with such things. It is good for each of you to interact in helpful respects with each other, in every aspect. You are already engaged in this process. Is this clear?

VICKI: Yes. Thank you.

ELIAS: I must again apologize for delay and interruption. Michael does not heed my caution. This is acceptable. His desire will obviously project him with or without my consenting! (Laughter)

RON: Michael expressed a change in his focus in an earlier part of this session. He said that the purple thing that he focuses on had changed to white. Can you explain why that happened?

ELIAS: This is very difficult in explaining in your focus. It has been touched. You do not understand that your creation of visualizations are not merely what you term pretend or imagination. These are, in actuality, creations in reality. They are merely not in your physical form of reality. They do exist in another reality. Where he is, is in another focus of reality. This prism, which he holds to him, is a familiar object. It allows him to feel safe. It is not what you would symbolize as a silver cord. This experience is not the same. Nothing connects Michael to this focus. Only his desire to travel back and forth. This prism is only a form of something familiar, and in this, it allows him to be able to focus to you with some tangible form.

What he experiences in extreme projections, he is not capable of explaining in words. There are no comparisons of place, or shape, or form, or color, or sound. This is completely foreign to his experience in physical focus. This prism was touched by a master. It has incorporated all color. This is why it no longer appears to him to be purple. It would be, in the same reflection in your physical reality now, as a white crystal which reflects all colors through its prisms, containing all colors of the spectrum within it.

The difference of this prism is that the colors that it contains now are not known to you. They are not in a form of expression for Michael. He will see this prism now as white. He may experience its colors in the future. I use this term experience because it is not the same as viewing. You here see color. He will perceive to see, but beyond seeing will experience the essence of these colors. I also do not do justice to explanation of this area. It is, as I have stated, not part of my focus, although I do have knowledge of it. (Pause) Do you understand as well as you are capable?

RON: Yes.

ELIAS: Do not feel upset. I do not understand completely either.

JIM: In our own meditation, would we each have a different experience within a meditation, or a focus of ... would we, as we go through the experience, experience what Michael is experiencing, as travel? Is that a reality for us within our focus?

ELIAS: You may all experience what you will term projection. You may do this in many forms. You may experience this through meditation. You may experience this through visualization. You may experience this through your dreams most easily. You may also experience this projection through art. You may not experience this degree of projection. This is not to say that you cannot. I only say you might not. This is depending on your desire. Michael is of a very extreme, extreme desire. He has had knowledge, even when he was not aware of it, that this was the ending of his cycle.

Please notice in your writing, the words cycle and circle are not to be confused. A physical cycle has been chosen by each of you. In experiencing a cycle in a physical focus, you choose to repeat the experience for a number of times, in your terms. This number varies with each individual. It may be as very few as three. It may be as very many as hundreds. It is your choice, but as there are physical “rules” that you must abide by in your physical focus, also in choosing certain focuses, there are what you may term “rules,” not in the term of that you must “do” something, but that you choose to, as if you play a game. You choose to play the game. You continue the game until its end. You do not stop in the middle. So it is with each cycle. You choose to play out the cycle. How many times you choose to play is your choice. Michael, as well as many of you, has chosen to end the cycle and continue in a different focus, not feeling a necessity for this physical experience anymore.

Your circle is different. As I have stated, in relation to group events in your physical experiencing, every essence may change its mind. It may do this instantaneously. It may choose a direction and, just as your weather phenomena of a tornado can change its direction in an instant, your essence may choose a different direction in an instant. So therefore, whether you have chosen essentially to complete your cycle in a physical focus, you may, at any given point, choose to reestablish that cycle. In doing so you will experience it much differently, in your terms of your future. Your physical focus will incorporate much more of your essence. This is the completing of your circle.

Your circle is your physically focused ability. This incorporates memory from the beginning of your physical time, in your terms, on this planet. We have spoken of your unfocusedness in your beginnings of your physical focus of this planet. You, in completing your circle of physical existence, return to that focus, incorporating the dream and waking experiences together simultaneously in a physical focus. This is what you are beginning to experience presently. In the very beginning stages, this state eventually will become natural, and become a focus of all of your species on this planet.

This is where we speak of dispelling the trauma of transition. It does not have to do with transition when you die. There are many essences to help when you move on after physical death, in your terms. This is not my focus. My help to you has to do with your waking, living experience presently, and the incorporation of your essence, and your ability to expand your focus. This will incorporate physical experience, and also what you will term a more psychically developed and oriented state.

This is why I speak with you so often of your dreams. This is the closest experience you incorporate presently, which will allow you to understand this new developmental focus. Imagine yourselves to be in a dream state, but experiencing physical reality. There, you incorporate many more dimensions of existence and of your essence that you even can imagine now. This is the wondrous experience I offer to help with.

JULIE: I must bid you good evening. Excuse me. Thank you.

ELIAS: If you wish, we may continue at another time, in your terms. It is of your choosing. (Here, the group has minimal conversation, and agrees to end the session )

JULIE: I’m sorry!

ELIAS: Why will you be saying sorry? We have much time, in your terms. I will bid you all good evening, and much happy and surprising dreaming!

JIM: Good question!

GROUP: Thank you.

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