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Sunday June 11, 1995

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Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Jim (Yarr), Bill (Kasha), Debbie (Catherine), Ron (Olivia), Carole (Dimin), Ron 2 (Kali), Jo (Joseph), and Cathy (Shynla)

Elias arrives at 6:15 PM.

ELIAS: Good evening. (Pause) We will welcome new essences in our presence. Initially, we shall direct our focus to information promised. (To Jim) Correct terminology is Silver Fur. Your definition of small animal was correct, with no tail ... a guinea pig.

We will also give attention to the question of essence naming. First, we will address to Yarr. (Indicating Jim) Essence names are not important. They also are not actually names. You do not require names in your essence. These are merely for identification in physical focus. You choose these names. Some of you choose a translation into this present English language. Some of you are more insistent on identification with other translation. This Yarr is identified with a predominantly Indian focus. The reason is, that you like it. This name Dimin is an identification other than this planetary focus. There is no English translation. This will explain to you the differences in naming of essences. Others choose non-English translation, as Kasha, who chooses to not identify with present English language in naming. It is really not important.

We have spent time together in playfulness. We will now focus in a more serious matter. We were speaking previously of essence elements. We will continue in this discussion. I will allow your questions of previous subject matter of these essence elements. I will continue our discussion in this dealing with the final element of your essence. This would be your religious element. I am aware that I have kept you waiting in anticipation of this subject. This is a very difficult aspect of your essence to explain to you. This is because your understanding is very limited in this focus. (To Vicki) You will instruct me when I am speaking too quickly. This subject is important for your understanding. We will not cover its entirety in this one session. There are too many facets of it for one speaking time.

This subject of your religious element involves all things that personally involve you as an individual. This is a very different elemental side than your political element, which deals with other essences. This part involves your relation to yourself, and nature, and the Creating Universal One and Whole. This is a tremendous simplification. When I speak to you of your individual essence, it is monumentously more that you comprehend. You are focused in this physical dimension. Simultaneously, you are focused in countless other focuses. You involve yourselves in your essence in more probabilities and dimensions than you can possibly comprehend in this physical existence, on this one planet. In actuality, you simultaneously involve yourselves with probabilities of this same planet in many other ways and focuses. Those also are other parts of your essence. They are a very small part, relatively speaking. You also simultaneously involve your essence in other focuses having nothing to do with this physical expression, or body, or dimension.

Your religious element also encompasses your creativity in your expression of all manifestation. There is an expression of this element involving your creation of your belief systems. This is not limited to your definition of your word religion. As I have stated earlier, our definition of religious expression is quite different than your definition presently.

This element will also involve the subject of fragmentation of your essence. It also involves your true nature in being an energy essence expressed in physical form, but not truly divorced from nature or the universe. I will pause for a brief moment on this one aspect, and give you a small example. You are thinking of your essence as a “thing.” An “entity.” As I explained, I am not an “entity.” You are not, either. An “entity” denotes a separate thing. You are not a thing. Michael was partially correct in his relaying of my definition or explanation to him of the ocean and his cup, but he was partially incorrect.

The ocean you will view is also, in your focus, a thing that you may hold. I will rather explain a comparison of your essence as not being a thing, to your thought of your air. You may not hold your air. You do not see it, either. You may take a bottle, and hold it and cork it, trapping air inside of it. The air in the bottle is only surrounded. It is not different from the air outside of the bottle. If you pull your cork, the air will be indistinguishable from that which is around this bottle. You may not trap the same exact molecules that you had originally. You will not even be able to identify one single molecule that you possessed earlier. It has merged and become together with all other air molecules.

In this way, your essence is not disconnected from All That Is. At the same time, your essence is very much individual. I understand these concepts will be very difficult for you. It is seeming to be contradictory and irrational. Nevertheless, this is the nature of your essence. I give you exercises to illustrate aspects of your different focuses, but they also illustrate to you a continued physical focus, even in symbolic dreams, which are not easily interpreted. There are still images.

Everything that you dream, you will automatically attach an interpretation of some kind to having to do with physical focus. It may not seem always to be this particular focus, but your brain will interpret in physical terms. This is not a “bad” thing. You are, in this part of your essence, physically focused. You should interpret things to this part of your essence physically. You would confuse yourself tremendously if you spoke to yourself in your dreams in another language. If you spoke to yourself in your dreams in another dimensional language, you would definitely confuse yourself, and you would pay no attention. It would not make sense to you. You do incorporate some dreams that seem to not make sense. These are dreams that are trying to be interpreted into this physical dimension that may not have come from it. This is only experiences of other parts of your essence.

You also, in your religious element, incorporate your identification of your origins in this focus, or any other focus which has origins. This is not to say that you have an origin. It is only to say that you do originate in some physical manifestations, in your terms. We have spoken briefly before of your physical origin and manifestation of this planet. Before this creative expression, you have been involved in other creative expressions of other worlds. Here is where we will encounter some confusion. This is because you view yourselves as an “entity.” You may be fragments of other essences, but you possess all qualities and experience. This is not to say that you were not there originally, in your terms, in creating this planet or other ones before it, only because you are a fragment. You were experientially there. You were also recently created. You have created many universes, as you view them, and you have been created newly since then. (Pause) Now, are you sufficiently confused? (Much laughter)

JIM: I don’t know if confusion is the word, or overwhelmed!

BILL: Yeah, I’m confused! (Laughter and agreement)

ELIAS: There is a simultaneousness of your essence. If you do not think in terms of things, and know time, then you will understand how it is possible to be a creating essence and a fragment essence at the same time, because you possess all things and are all things, always. Your air does not experience time. It also does not occupy space. You do not either, only if you choose to in certain focuses. You have been many things already. You are simultaneously in your future now. Your essence is all creating. It is the most wonderful, creative, and beautiful expression possible of the Creating Universal One and Whole, which is also not a “thing.” It is not an “entity.” It is not separate from you. It is you, and you are it, and it is beyond! (Pause) We feel much confusion from Lawrence! (Laughter) I am finding this quite amusing! (Pause)

This subject will take much time, as I have explained. We will segment it in addressing specific parts. There are parts of your creativity of worlds. There are parts of creativity of civilizations. There are very creative expressions, very artistically done in your focus, of religions, of governments, of individual expressions. You are extremely creative. You possess the ability to create everything that you can think. You do not realize the tremendous power and wonder you possess. It is difficult for you to identify with some elements of this subject, because you are so focused in time and space. As I said, this is why I give you exercises to practice. This helps you to disconnect from such a tight hold on this focus as being the only one.

Some of you have chosen “missions” for your physical focus. You feel you must accomplish some purposeful thing, other than only experiencing. It is not necessary, but your essence ... excuse ... (here, a tape ends and is changed) It is not necessary ... am I sounding like a recording? (laughter) but you may choose, in your essence, to play with your physical focus and allow it the expression of being “on a mission.” This may seem to be to rescue your world, or it may be to rescue other essences in trouble. (Laughter) These you view as noble traits. It is not necessary, as I said. There is no essence existing that needs your rescue. It has chosen its path. It has chosen its experience. It will rescue itself, if need be. All essences, though, indulge each other, and allow for this expression of this game. It is for the experience, but as I have stated, you cannot have an experience truly if you know that you are only playing. Therefore, your physical focus will disconnect from your essence in order to experience, to its fullest extent, whichever game it chooses to play, at whichever time.

This is also why, I have explained before, there is no good or bad. It is only what you choose to experience. In this experiencing, you will ally yourselves from time to time with like spirits. This you do to reinforce yourselves. Othertimes, in your terms, you will involve yourselves with essences very contrarily focused to yourself. This gives you an experience of conflict, and contrary to what you believe, there are times you wish to experience conflict and choose to do so, although at this point in this focus in this development, it is important for you to understand now, how to reconnect with your essence and not be separate. It is no longer necessary. You are moving to a new age, as I have explained.

You will experience much difficulty if you choose not to shift. My help is offered so that you will not experience this trouble. This age has already been agreed upon, and is already being created presently, in your terms. Even at this very moment you are presently creating, together with your entire planet, a shift in focus. Therefore, it will be accomplished. It will not be reversed, for you do not wish it to be reversed. In this shift, you will be able to still experience as you do now, but you will incorporate many more dimensional aspects of your essence. You will experience, not only fuller and richer, but you will have the ability in this focus for much more ... playing! This focus is ... very serious! (Said very dramatically and humorously, followed by much laughter) It is not necessary. (Pause) I will allow for questions.

Typist’s note: We now have two Rons in the group. I will differentiate with numbers, #1 being the Ron who has been with us the longest. I will continue this same pattern with any future duplication of names.

RON #1: This new focus that you talk about, is it going to be a better focus than we’ve got now?

ELIAS: Yes. It will be much richer than you experience currently. If I may give you a very simple, very limited example, it would be a “waking dream.”

DEBBIE: I know you said that there are ... there isn’t anything bad or negative, but violent behavior, will that exist? Hurting one another?

ELIAS: Once this shift occurs, and is experienced globally by your species, this will no longer be necessary. As you each will know in acknowledgment of your essence, if you are focused with your essence and not separating this part from it, your essence possesses nothing harmful or negative. That is purely a physical focus. Therefore, in incorporating your essence and its new focus physically, it will not be necessary for negative expressions. This will take much time to completely accomplish, in your terms, on your planet. But, it will be accomplished.

You will notice, even now on this planet, as many things as you can focus on that seem to you to be so negative, you can also acknowledge many positive movements. You are presently, as a species, more aware than you have ever in your history been of your relation to nature, and to the universe, and to each other. You are even politically becoming aware of the unnecessary aspects of conflict, violently, in wars. They do still exist, but you are much more aware of peaceful coexistence than you have ever been in your history. This is all a part of this shift that you have already agreed on, and begun creating.

In creating a religious shift of consciousness in the focus of your Christian beliefs, this was not accomplished in one day, but it was accomplished extremely imaginatively and artfully, and inhabited an age. This focus and age no longer serves your imagination. Therefore, you have chosen to move beyond it and incorporate yourselves, instead of only your ideas. (Typist’s note: WOW!)

CAROL: Does the origin of our essence names have anything to do with the parts that we play in the shift that’s occurring, and also in our historical lineage origins?

ELIAS: It does not play a part, so to speak, in this present shift occurring. As I have stated, it is only a name. It is only a way you choose to identify yourself. It does have an expression, in what you would term historically. It may be an expression, historically speaking, of this planet in a developmental focus, or it may be an identification of another focus, and not this particular planet. Your essence name is a very stubborn “holding on to” from another focus, and not wishing to identify in essence with this planet focus. Is this answering your question?

CAROL: Sort of. Thank you.

RON #1: Are we going to see this shift happen in our lifetime, in our terms?

ELIAS: You will see parts of it. This is a very rapidly being created shift, in your terms. This new century you are approaching will be of tremendous creativity in this shift. The beginning of it will be most dramatic. Depending on how long, in human years, you chose to continue in this developmental focus, you may see tremendous shifts. It will be very much accomplished within this coming century, which you have at least half to experience! (Smiling, and then whispering, indicating Vicki) He does not get it! (Shakes head, followed by much laughter from the group)

RON #1: He’s like that!

JIM: One of my favorite ... (Pause, while Elias drinks)

ELIAS: Continue.

JIM: OK. Thank you. One of my favorite authors of this time is Joseph Campbell, and he has mentioned that the world is ready for a new myth, a new explanation of “what is.” He’s based his life on taking comparative religions, I’m sure you know, and bits of this within all religions. I feel this is part of that new myth, or the new age, sort of, that you speak of.

ELIAS: You are wishing confirmation of this?

JIM: Yes.

ELIAS: It is close. (Laughter) It is not exact. What I am trying to explain, in your very limited terms, is an incorporation of essence and physical focus. It is very difficult to explain to you. In this physical focus, you will continue to experience moments. You will be connected, though, in a much more aware state of your essence. In this, your consciousness will shift. In doing this, there will be no more “subconscious” or other consciousness. All will be conscious. It will all be in a state of awareness. This awareness will be so encompassing, it is very difficult to compare to your present experiences.

You presently are aware of such individuals that you term to be “psychic.” These individuals have partially shifted already, and experience another focus in consciousness and reality, but in a very limited perception. It will be far beyond that perception. It will be a knowing. It will be a knowing of yourselves, and of all others around you and not around you, all other essences inhabiting your planet. You will not be in the focus as I am, for you will still be physically focused. There is a difference, but you will have much greater understanding and much greater awareness, and will have the ability to accomplish and create much more.

You will also be much more connected with your newly “passed on” essences. You will have the ability and connection to speaking with them, as you speak to each other. The line of dimension will be a thin veil, as opposed to a rock wall. You do not understand that you now have the ability for penetration to other dimensions. In this newly shifted focus, you will have no trouble in crossing over dimensional focuses. It will not be accidental, as it is now. You will have the ability to do this intentionally, at will.

DEBBIE: I have a question. I’m sorry, it involves me personally, but I want ...

ELIAS: This is not to be sorry for!

DEBBIE: It’s uncanny how, tonight, you are describing things that I was going to ask anyway. I experience certain things and I guess I need validation I’m on the right track. It’s just been coming natural, but I want to be able to do it intentionally. Sometimes I hear a buzzing sound. Is that a different vibrational level that I’m hearing?

ELIAS: This is correct. It is an experience that we have briefly explained that your animal creatures are aware of. You believe your animals to have greater hearing powers than yourselves. This is incorrect. They do not possess greater hearing. They only do not possess rationalization of what they hear. You, in connecting in your shift, may experience hearing and even seeing of other essences. You would all be quite surprised to know that the space that you occupy at this moment is also occupied by tremendous amounts of other essences! This is exactly an expression of shifting. This you should recognize, and practice. Do not invalidate these experiences. They are reality. (Pause) Shall we, for a moment, discontinue, and return? (Pause)


BREAK 7:35 PM.


ELIAS: We will continue. I must express much enjoyment of your intermission time! (Elias smiles, and we laugh) Initially, we will address to misunderstandings, which you seem to be ... full of! (Elias chuckles) I was sensing that you would not understand this information of this subject, with the small exception of partial understanding of Catherine. (Pause) Partial!

DEBBIE: I got that.

ELIAS: First, I will explain. This shift which is coming will encompass all essences in this physical focus. I have stated this previously. It obviously was not understood. All essences, in all religious focuses or customs in all cultures in this dimension in this physical focus, will experience this shift. It will be what you will term a global occurrence. Your interaction with me is to minimize misunderstandings and traumatic experience involved with this shift. The reason, as I have stated previously, that you present will experience less trauma in this consciousness shifting, is because you asked. I have chosen to answer.

There are some present who have already chosen to make this physical developmental focus their final manifestation. There are others who have chosen to continue in this manifesting focus. This is an individual choice. You each, within your own essence and within your own physical expression of mind, will know or already know what your choice is. Many of you in this audience have chosen to not remanifest in this physical expression. Therefore, you will experience the beginnings of this global shift in consciousness in this final manifestation. Others have chosen to continue in this physical focus, not out of necessity, but only because you choose to continue experiencing physically. You also choose to experience the combination of physical experience incorporated with essence awareness.

There are some who are not sure. They have made the decision to not remanifest in this physical focus, but are presently reconsidering in making a choice to manifest once more, simply for this new consciousness physical experience. Whichever focus will be moved to, in your terms of future, is your choice.

There are some experiential focuses, not physical, that may not be attained immediately after refocusing in another manner, just as I was not able, in your terms, to instantly attain to great masters of my terms, but, in your terms, I would be considered a great master. There are other focuses which we would term, for your understanding, as “beyond” my focus. This is a very limited explanation, for there essentially is no “beyond.” But, just as you in your physical focus have limited understanding of other focuses, my understanding of greater encompassing focuses beyond my own is also limited. In this same manner, those which I would speak of as great masters, to me have masters “beyond” them. And so it continues.

This is not actually a case of levels of development. In actuality and reality, it is only an awareness, more and more, of one’s essence. It is not the case that you arrive at a plane, and then go to another plane. You do not “go” anywhere! You already are! You do not attain to perfection, for you are already there. You possess this already. It is only a matter of becoming ... underline twice! ... more aware of what you already are. In this, as I have said, there are no levels. There are no states in reality. There are only focuses and awarenesses, and in your becoming, which is eternal, you expand and incorporate more of your own essence. This would be what you would think of as stages or levels. This is because you think in terms of things. You are not climbing a staircase to “get to the top!” You are only widening your awareness of what you already are. This, I understand, is difficult for you, but you are ... “getting there!” (Here, Elias is obviously very amused, and is smiling and chuckling)

In regards to negative cultures or expressions in this physical focus, as I have stated in this session, when this shift of your planet is accomplished, these expressions in this physical focus will be eliminated, for they will no longer be necessary. They are merely expressions of experiences through misunderstandings. Once you understand and are connected with your essence, it is not necessary to create conflict within yourselves or with other essences. Our missing essence of Oliver has expressed previously the question in this related area, if it would be possible to be connected with an essence who is ... he expressed ... closed up ... correct?


ELIAS: I explained it will not matter. Even presently, if you are in connection with your own essence, it will be so tolerently expressed, and incorporating so much more understanding and acceptance of other essences and of itself, that its natural expression will be of acceptance, and there will be no negative expression. In this same manner, with the occurrence of this global shift, this will not be the physical experience anymore. You will occupy yourselves with much greater things to do than fight with each other, or occupy your time with negative superstitions. It will not be necessary. You have much experiencing in this physical focus to do yet, in very grand ways. Your expressions in your imaginations of your motion pictures of fantasy of your science fiction is more real than you believe. In this respect, you have much more to experience in this physical focus. The experiences that you will encounter in your future, in your terms, have no place for your current smallness and negative expressions.

I will also address, though, to an issue of individual essences in feeling that they are here with a purpose, this word purpose meaning other than our expressed purpose already, of experience, which in reality is your purpose. Although some essences believe they have a greater experience purpose, while they are here this is acceptable but not necessary. It does sometimes facilitate other essences in their experiences, which is, in your terms, a positive thing. We will use an example briefly of some essences which believe they have manifested here to help with newly passed essences. They believe, and sometimes correctly so, that the passed essences are “stuck.” Sometimes these passed essences, very temporarily, are “stuck” in their belief systems. This does not mean that they will not eventually, in your terms, refocus by themselves and move on, for they will. But, it could be considered in this physical focus to be a noble effort to be helpful to these “stuck” essences. It also will help them to refocus more quickly. So therefore, it is not wasted energy.

What you need to understand is that you are not on a “mission.” You are here only to experience, to enrich your essence, to widen its focus. Your essence experiences a myriad of dimensional focuses simultaneously, because it wants to. It does not have a “mission.” It only wishes to experience. It is helpful, though, with some essences to assist other essences, just as I assist you, because I want to and you have asked me to. So, in this same respect, some of you may choose to assist with other essences, and correctly stated in this global shift, because you want to. No energy given forth in assistance will be refused. In your essence state, as opposed to your physical state, you are much more accepting and polite, in your terms, than you are physically. All expressions of energy are acknowledged. None are invalidated. All are recognized. All are accepted. You have moved tremendously forward in your shifting by accepting, in a physical focus, my assistance.

I cannot express to you enough what wonderfully divine creatures you are, and your tremendous creative expression, and your ability to create such beauty. You would do well to focus more in this area, for you possess a tremendous ability of expression. I have expressed to you the concept that you are energy. I have also stated that energy cannot be separated. Just as you may not cut your air, you may not separate energy. Therefore, you are connected. In the essence state, as you would call it, you are very aware of this. This is why it is not necessary for negative expression once your circle is completed. This shift of consciousness is the completion of your circle. This circle was begun out of a creative expression for experience in the physical focus. You have created this world, this planet, this solar system, this universe. In doing so originally in this focus you are in this state, which you are approaching again, but are presently experiencing also now.

We will address to a dream of Michael’s’ as serving as an example in a very limited expression, but it may serve its purpose. In his dream, he has superimposed another dream on top of it, and simultaneously allowed himself to view two dreams, both independent of each other and both in different subject matter, but both simultaneously happening also inside of and incorporated into each other, while maintaining individuality. This also was expressed with no time element and no real feeling of space, in these physical terms. At the same time of viewing both dreams, he interacted in both dreams, therefore creating what you would believe to be three Michaels, but only one. He will continue in these types of experiences because he is practicing. You will find, if you practice, these types of dreams quite enjoyable to you, for they are a much closer expression of your essence state. You will also notice, if you practice, that you may incorporate in this state many more elements that you are aware of.

I would suggest that you play. Your essence is not so serious! It is, in actuality, very playful! Its nature is creative. Its nature is expressive. In this, you experience much joyfulness and fun!

VICKI: Oh shit! (In response to a lens suddenly falling out of her glasses) Would you excuse me for one moment so I could get some new glasses to wear? (Here, I would like to relate to you that Elias “plays” with me quite often. It is apparent to me, as I type this now, that he was playing with me yet again when my lens spontaneously fell out of my glasses. Isn’t it a “coincidence” that this happened at this point in his dissertation? I did not “notice” it before, but I “notice” it now!)

ELIAS: They have ... broken?


CAROL: The lens came out.

VICKI: (Returning with new glasses) Thank you.

ELIAS: You are “fixed” now? (Grinning)

VICKI: Yes, I’m “fixed!” (Much laughter)

ELIAS: I will direct you presently to experience in your waking state, and allow yourselves to soar! Those of you which connect to music may do so individually, and allow yourself initially to drift, then allow your essence to express itself by taking off. You may find yourself to fly with your experience if you do not bind yourself so tremendously to your earth. I will express also to Michael and Catherine, in their trip, to experience this same thing in your paintings that you will view. (Here, Debbie’s tape stops and she says “sorry”) We are not accepting of apology. It is not necessary! (Smiling)

We also will give to Catherine an acknowledgment of your physically focused birthday. In this, Elias wishes to extend a custom of “present.” My expression will be to give you an identity which you may connect with in the expression of “Jean Honore’ Fragonard” in our France. You may share this with Michael, to his extreme jealousy! (Debbie laughs, and says “OK”) You will notice also a connection with Michael in this, of your date of birth being in that physical focus of 5 April. This will have also significance with Michael, but we will play with him a little more, since he wishes so desperately to know his physical focus in this time period, and we will not share this yet! (Much laughter, followed by a pause) Yes, Lawrence?

VICKI: Could you please explain again, the difference between our cycle and our circle?

ELIAS: Your circle is what we were speaking of in this session. This is the returning of the physical focus, incorporating a new consciousness awareness. This is not limited to you here in audience. Your entire species of this planet will experience this circle. The only difference is, I am here with you to help with this adjustment. There are others in this teaching focus who have chosen to help with other essences who have asked, in other places of your planet. You are not the only ones, but you are of a select few.

Your cycle, which we referred to previously, is that encompassing all of your developmental focuses in this dimension, all of your physical expressions of manifestations. This is where I referred to previously that you may manifest by choice as few as three times, in your terms, or as many as hundreds. It is your choice. When you choose to manifest physically in this dimension, you make an agreement to physically manifest and experience for at least three developmental focuses. This will give you the opportunity to experience sexuality in different expressions. You will, if you choose only three manifestations, experience one male, one female, and (whispered) one other. (Laughter) We are not hurting Olivia’s feelings? I am apologizing, truly! (Smiling)

RON #1: No apology necessary. (Elias laughs)

ELIAS: I will have much fun playing with Olivia! (Smiling) You may also choose many developmental focuses. You may enjoy many experiences in these developmental focuses, and choose to repeat them. You may choose to repeat focuses with certain sexual orientations. You may choose one orientation more than others, or you may not. But, in opposition to your question in previous session of suicide, that is not a necessity before choosing to not remanifest. You may choose not to experience that suicide. When you make this choice to physically manifest in this dimension, you do follow some rules, in your terms, and one is that you will experience at least these three sexual orientations of manifestation as experience. This is a choice that all essences have created.

Therefore, it could be considered a rule, although you may choose to end any one of those manifestations at a young age, in your terms. You may not wish to experience many years of that focus. This is also your choice. Most essences do choose to experience physical focus more times than three. It is usually only when you come to the end of your cycle that you become discontented with the experience. In actuality, as a child becomes bored with a game after playing for an amount of time, you in your essence in this physical focus become bored with this game, and choose to play another. Was this answering of your question?

VICKI: Yes. Thank you.

CAROL: I have a question with regard to the number of physical manifestations. How does this pertain to having other planetary origins?

ELIAS: This is not having anything to do with this physical manifestation focus. This is only in regards to this planetary physical focus, which is an individual focus to itself. Your experience with other planetary developments are in another dimensional focus. They would not be connected with this dimensional focus. They are also simultaneous to this focus presently.

CAROL: I don’t think I like this one very much.

ELIAS: This is because you are at the completion of your cycle,

CAROL: (Interrupting) I agree with that!

ELIAS: and are bored with this focus. You share this experience of feeling with many others in this company.

RON #2: I have a question. Why can we not then live one essence for one focus for an eternity to our fulfillment that we want to choose, like for several hundred years, for example?

ELIAS: You are.

RON #2: For example, like Methuselah, who according to legend, lived to be nine hundred years old and had five hundred children? Why can’t we all do that?

ELIAS: You can. (Pause.) Your belief systems currently prevent you from accomplishing this. This is not to say that you can not do this. You also do do this presently. You simultaneously create another dimensional focus very parallel to your present physical focus in which you do live, in physical terms, for hundreds of years. You also presently, in another dimension, experience all focuses in an instant.

RON #2: Thank you.

CAROL: Is the shift that we are currently experiencing, is this similar to the shift that occurred in the time of Atlantis and Lemuria?

ELIAS: No. This shift has never actually been experienced on this planet of yours. This will be the first experience of this ... excuse me ... other than when you initially created this focus, but since that time, your species in this dimension has not experienced this type of a shift. It has been building to this shift in consciousness. You have all been practicing in creativity of imagination for thousands of your years. You have created tremendous belief systems to experience your ability in creating. Now, you have chosen to expand your focus. You have experienced all things possible for this physical focus in its present state. It is not necessary to continue repeating. Therefore, you choose a new experience. The new experience is to incorporate your essence and your consciousness into your physical focus. Even a child will become bored with playing the game too many times. You have been playing this game for thousands and thousands of your years. You are presently and globally bored with it. It is time to express yourselves in a new manner. You can only experience the same experiences so many times! It is not necessary anymore. (Here, Ron #2 raises his hand to ask a question) I am feeling as if we are in a classroom, with raising of hands! (Laughter)

RON #2: Who am I? (Much laughter by everyone, including Elias)

ELIAS: You are a personality essence! (Laughingly) Are you wishing an entity name for yourself?

RON #2: Yes, please.

ELIAS: One moment for us, please. (Long pause) This is Kali. (Indicating Ron #2) This would be Joseph. (Indicating Jo) This would be Shynla. (Indicating Cathy) This is a male (Jo), and a male (Ron #2), and a female (Cathy). (To Ron #2) This essence identifies with an oriental heritage. This essence has had many developmental focuses. It has been “jumping around” much!

RON #2: (Laughing) That sounds like me! (Pause, while Elias drinks)

RON #1: So this global shift that’s happening, is this what people have been referring to as the Armageddon, the end of the world, the second coming of Christ, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera? (Laughter)

ELIAS: Some etceteras! (Smiling) This would not be classified as this Armageddon, although your Christians will believe this to be true. There is, in reality, no Armageddon. There is ... this is difficult to explain. In your expression of your religious imagination and story, your Christian beliefs express a time coming when souls, so to speak, would be reunited with physical form. The story is continued by saying that then you will be gathered up to heaven in this physical form. The concept is a crude preliminary sketch leading to the expression of the final painting. The concept of going to the heaven is incorrect, but the expression of incorporating the physical form, and the essence or soul, is closer to truth. In this respect, they are almost correct in their interpretation. As I have said, the initial sketch of a picture may be changed many times before the finished product of the entire painting has been completed. In this, your painting is nearing its final stages. It does not look like its original sketch.

This shift has been anticipated by your essences from what you term the beginning of this physical focus. It was part of the plan. It has taken many different religious expressions. Eastern religions are partially correct also, in their expression of becoming one universally. Where they deviate is that they do not incorporate the individuality at the same time. (Here, the cat approaches Elias and checks him out, totally undisturbed) This is a ... pussycat!

VICKI: Yes! (Laughter)

RON #2: Are you saying that because of our essence and we are bored, we are more or less destroying this world to start over again, and to take our energies to take on the universe to say?

ELIAS: No. This is an incorrect interpretation. You are destroying nothing. You are incorporating more. You are expanding on your experience, and creating more.

RON #2: I stand corrected. Thank you. That is what I meant.

ELIAS: There is no destruction involved. There is only a greater expression of creativity.

CAROL: Elias, do you have words that I can ... or some advice that I can pass on to someone who is very close to me, who is a born-again Christian and extremely fearful of what’s going on, and is sure that by the year two thousand, nothing and no one will exist?

ELIAS: Do not misunderstand us. We are not in judgment of any religious focus or belief system. All serve an individual purpose. Each essence connects itself with belief systems in this physical focus. Each holds these belief systems very tightly. As I have expressed, some are just more obvious than others, in that some hold religious belief systems which are obvious to others. This does not make them incorrect or wrong. Every belief system is a reality. This is not a concept. This is a reality. To invalidate these beliefs is incorrect.

These individuals who believe in this Armageddon and Rapture will be quite surprised when it does not happen, and it will not! They may also experience a relief! (Laughter) They should more focus their attention to their creating power, and their connected creating ability to manipulate conditions presently with their own planet, more so than so-called heavenly events that will not materialize. There are conditions in their own physical focus that they help to create and manifest through their own energy. They would be more advised to not create earthquakes, than to wait for a rapture! (Pauses, smiling)

I do understand your concern for individuals who are focused in religious beliefs. It is, you could compare, like seeing a human stay at the age of five, as they are chronologically aging to fifty. This creates concern and conflict within the rest of you, who are continuing with your development in your age succession. But, you must understand that this is their choice. They choose this for their experience. You have also chosen that experience previously, and have chosen to continue. They also will come to a point of understanding, and choose to move on. They just are not there now. In your connection with your own essence, you will accept and experience tremendous toleration and acceptance of each essence’s developmental focus and experiences, and know that they will experience your same development in their own time.

VICKI: Last week, when we got together to talk with you, we chose, rather, to relate in our group. Is this a good idea for us to do for a while?

ELIAS: You are referring to whether you should incorporate sessions as originally agreed upon?

VICKI: Right.

ELIAS: I believe this is acceptable. If I choose to change my focus, I will be certainly letting Michael know! (Laughter, followed by a pause) You have no more questions? (Pause)

JIM: So many questions seem to be answered through explanations. One explanation takes care of, sometimes, thirty questions, it seems.

ELIAS: Then I will allow you to think, and feel, about what we have discussed this evening, and I will communicate to you if I wish audience sooner. I will bid each of you a good evening, and will be looking forward to our next encounter, and may you all have a pleasant and playful experience until then!

GROUP: Thank you. (We end at 9:55 PM.)

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