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Wednesday, November 06, 1996

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“Variations of Counterparts”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Cathy (Shynla), Jim (Yarr), Jene (Rudy), and a new participant, Norm (Stephen).

Vic’s note: Ron and I met Norm and his wife Reta at the Seth conference in Connecticut. To our knowledge, they were the only other people there from California, and the first folks that we met. Norm was quite enthusiastic about the session tapes that we took with us, and very initiating of action which resulted in other people seeing them. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Norm for this action.

Elias arrives at 7:48 PM. (Time was ten seconds.)

ELIAS: Good evening. Welcome to new essence.

NORM: Thank you.

ELIAS: Continuing: I shall be reminding you of our counterpart discussion, and our little clouds. (Smiling) As I have stated, there are many variations of counterparts.

Within your pool of consciousness individually, you hold your individual alternates. These are one type of counterparts. You hold what we have termed to be splinters. These may be fragmented of your essence, or they may not be fragmented. These splinters are within your immediate pool of consciousness and are also counterparts to you, and you to they. Generally, splinters will parallel you within your desires and your intent. Your actions may not always parallel each other, but your desire will parallel. In this, these types of counterparts are very similar to you. Therefore, they would be what you would view to be the variations of the puffy white clouds within your sky, all being composed of the same “stuff” (grinning) and resembling each other quite closely, but choosing different forms and different speeds of motion. There are your immediate counterparts.

Now; of these types of counterparts, you individually may not encounter these counterparts within an individual physical focus, although others who are close to you physically manifest, and close to you within consciousness per se, may encounter your splinters and recognize these; this being the case with Uriel and Rameau, and also with Lawrence and Michael, and Sena also experiences this action, of recognizing counterparts which are splinters of the individual which is close to them. This may be an action which is connected through what we have termed presently as cosmic twins, or it may be a very closely fragmented relationship.

You individually will recognize other variations of counterparts. You may not identify these as counterparts to yourselves, but you will recognize individuals within yourself. These are different types, so to speak, of counterparts, resembling our other clouds. Generally, within your immediate pool of consciousness, your splinters and your alternates do not necessarily become in contact with you individually, for this is unnecessary. They are paralleling your experiences. You are paralleling their experiences. Therefore, it is unnecessary for you to share these experiences physically. You do not require the physical input, as you term this, from these immediate parallels. You are in continuous communication within consciousness to these individuals. You are affected and are affecting of these counterparts within your immediate pool constantly. You intersect continuously with these counterparts, and exchange within energy continuously. Just as we have spoken of blinking in and out of consciousness within this particular physical focus, within your “out time,” so to speak, you are intersecting with these counterparts, among other activities. (Grinning)

Therefore, as I have stated; generally, this type of counterpart you individually will not physically encounter yourselves. You may be directed to an individual of this type, but you shall not seek them out yourself. As has been stated, it is unnecessary. You draw to you other types of counterparts for your input, to be adding to your physical experience.

Within the example of our storm clouds, this would represent your opposites. As has been stated, some of these types of counterparts may be fragmented, or facets of your essence; but also, generally speaking, many of these types of counterparts will be of another essence which is in alignment with you, and holds a similar desire which directs their focus within a different direction, but with what you would term to be the same purpose.

The subject of counterparts is lengthy. It is quite intricate, as there are, as Olivia will state, no rules. There is only one rule, that there is no rule! (Laughter)

There are many variations, and also, counterparts may change. You may change your alignment as a counterpart. You may choose, within agreement, to be counterpart for a designated period of your time, and then you may choose to disengage this counterpart action.

As I have stated, counterparts are not “things.” It is an action. This is an action that you choose. Within agreement, some may choose to be counterpart to each other for certain experiences within the role of parent and child. They may continue within this action of counterpart temporarily. They may choose to incorporate the action of counterpart for a number of years, until a certain element of their focus has been fulfilled.

An example to this action: A father has a young son. The father is an outgoing, responsible, care-taking, providing-for parent. He works at his occupation, he provides for his family, he chooses to interact with his son in sports activities; viewing himself to be a good and responsible parent. Within this individual of the parent lies latent, creative, unexpressed qualities; artistic qualities, musical qualities. The son, acting in the role of counterpart to the father, manifests the experience of interest within music and pursues this activity; therefore fulfilling the latent quality within the father, and also expressing within himself. This action is discontinued as the child grows to adulthood, for the action of the counterpart within the manifestation of the father’s abilities has been fulfilled. Therefore, the choice is made to not continue in the counterpart action by the son; this being a small example of the action that you may choose to change, and also, within our story of our little clouds, the exchange of action of each cloud, which adds to each other.

You all possess all qualities. You do not manifest all qualities. You all possess all creativity. You selectively focus upon certain qualities to manifest. In this, you hold counterparts that manifest also those qualities that are latent within you, as also occurs in what you may term to be reverse. Each of your facets, your other focuses, are counterparts to you; this being another type of counterpart action. I have stated previously, all counterparts add to your experience. Your experience is always enhanced by counterparts. This is the reason that you have created this action. (Pause, and then to Vicki) Good evening, Lawrence.

VICKI: Good evening, Elias.

ELIAS: And are you feeling much better this evening?

VICKI: I am feeling much better this evening, thank you.

ELIAS: And are you experiencing this evening, this feeling that you must withdraw?

VICKI: No, I am not.

ELIAS: Very good. I shall offer to you that this also has been your creation, and has not been an extension from Elias projected to you.

VICKI: That was pretty much the way I’ve been thinking about it the last few days myself. I don’t really know why ...

Vic’s note: When I understand the following explanation, you can be sure I will share it with all of you. I can only say that I experience a resonance with these sessions and with this agenda that I don’t understand, and that I argue with myself about frequently! Vicki

ELIAS: This, I shall offer you a brief explanation; for this is involved with the same action which was occurring at our last meeting. Within the understanding of these sessions, and this intent, and this action, and this agenda, you hold an understanding of the movement. You do not comply completely as of yet. Therefore, your reluctance shows itself, to which you allow yourself an unpreparedness. You express a desire for information from Elias, but you do not prepare for your endeavor. I shall express to you that I do not view, as Michael has stated, that any of you express to us without respectfulness or consideration. I am quite understanding of your position. I do express to you that within your movement of your desire for expansion, your reluctance was shown within your lack of preparation and responsiveness.

VICKI: There was quite a lack of that!

ELIAS: Which was emphasized politely. Now you may understand why you were questioned. If you choose to align with this agenda and this expansion, you must also be prepared for the responsibility that it holds. True?


ELIAS: I shall allow questions this evening, if you are wishing.

CATHY: How do you learn to accept underlying belief systems?

ELIAS: My, my. Now; Elias’ answer to Shynla would be trust yourself and accept, although this is acknowledged as a non-answer! (Laughter)

CATHY: Oh, that! (We’re all cracking up)

ELIAS: This is a process, Shynla, in your terms. You must identify the belief system. Then you must place your Holmes hat upon your head and investigate this belief system. Investigate why you hold this belief system, where you have acquired this belief system, and then you must express to yourself, reasonably, why this belief system is inefficient for you. In expressing to yourself the inefficiency of the belief system, you may accept that this particular belief system may be efficient for others, but is inefficient for you. In this, you do not eradicate the belief system. You do not annihilate the belief system. You accept the existence of the belief system, but you allow yourself to move beyond the belief system.

CATHY: Sounds easy!

ELIAS: I shall wager, not quite! (Laughing along with us)

NORM: There are no rules about counterparts, so could you and I be counterparts? Can an incarnate and a discarnate be counterparts?


NORM: So I could experience, in the blinking time, your emotions and your thoughts and your ideas and your creativity, and so on? Does that happen often?

ELIAS: In this situation, it is dependent upon the non-physical essence and the area of consciousness to which they occupy, so to speak, for you do not occupy a space; but in this, in many areas of consciousness there is no necessity for what you identify as emotion or thought, within your physical thought process. This is a translation into physical focus. Therefore, if you are connecting with the emotion or thought process in what you understand, you essentially shall be connecting with what may be termed as a world view of the essence, which is an energy deposit of their thought and emotional process. You will not be, in those terms, directly connecting with what you understand to be the actual essence, not in what you may translate within physical objective expression. You may be interacting and connecting with a counterpart which is non-physical and it will not be translated in this manner, although you will objectively translate the interaction.

I interact with Michael. There occurs an exchange. It is translated into what you recognize as thought, verbalization, and also, to an extent, emotion. This is a translation, for this is what you recognize and identify. In actuality, there is occurring an energy exchange. The affectingness is the same. The only difference is the interpretation; just as within physical focus, each counterpart is affecting of each other. I have offered the example of an individual viewing a flower, and another individual across your continent viewing a greeting card with a flower upon its face; this being a direct connection within consciousness of an action which is affecting of both individuals. It is translated physically. Within consciousness, within energy, the same type of action occurs, although it is not physically translated automatically where non-physical essences are what you may term to be involved.

These are difficult concepts to express to you, for you do not think in non-physical terms. All that you identify is physical. This is what you may term the miraculousness of your selectivity, which is quite amazing! It is an amazing feat to be so selective. This is not, once again, a negative! It is highly focused, but within this highly focused area of consciousness which you view as physical, you interpret all things physically. You do not allow yourselves to view or interpret non-physically. This is not to say that this is an impossibility. It is only to say that you do not. In this, it is difficult to express to you the action which occurs non-physically with you physically as counterpart action without your physical interpretation.

All areas of consciousness hold counterparts. All areas of consciousness are connected. There are no barriers. There are no sections. There are no divisions. There are no separations. Therefore, all intertwine and mingle with each other. Therefore, yes; you may be counterpart to a non-physical essence.

In this, you hold counterparts continued, as you choose to not remanifest. We have briefly spoken of non-remanifestation, in answering questions of other focuses and the choices that are presented when you choose to not remanifest. This is not to say that you remove all of your counterpart action. You may, within choices, retract, so to speak, your focuses of essence, but you shall continue within counterpart action; some being non-physical, some being physical. I hold counterpart action with future focus, which is fragmented and not what you would term to be an element of this essence in individuality and personality, but is continued as counterpart action.

As I have stated, this subject matter of counterparts is extensive, and no doubt you shall have many questions within our exploration of this subject. Be continuing to think upon our little clouds. It may be helpful. (Pause) Are you wishing of more questions?

JIM: I have a question. I’ve been feeling a lot of color lately, and noticing color within closing my eyes and opening my eyes, this following my desire in wishing to experience that and realize that. I know I’m imagining it and imagination is reality, so what I’m viewing is real, but I’m kind of confused about it in some areas.

ELIAS: (Grinning) It is quite amusing, continuing, that you each view imagination as unreal, and question; and as you open more to your own consciousness and you explore the vast abilities that you hold, you question the validity of what you view. These are all elements of self. You have asked to view. You have held the desire. You have pursued a quest. You have asked to be shown, and you show yourselves, and you question your own validity! (Smiling)

Do not perceive yourself to be alone within this action of questioning. All question the validity of self; Michael very much so! Be appreciative of what you view, and recognize that this is the wondrousness of your multidimensional self. You shall each be opening more and more, as we have stated previously, as you continue within your endeavor, alongside of your desire. You shall open within your consciousness, and your awareness shall widen, and you shall be amazed at what you encounter of yourself; this being why we have stated to you many times, do not look without; for all that is, is within. (Pause)

JIM: Thank you.

JENE: At our last meeting you had a description, and I’m sure you know what that was. I’m confused as to how I deliver information using a science/belief system of numerology now that I’m dealing with someone who is not familiar with these terms, our terms, expansion. Often I use past lives. We know this is simultaneous, however most people do not. Now I’m finding a bit of confusion within my own description when trying to read or be of assistance to someone.

ELIAS: (Intently, speaking quite quickly) You translate all that you do, all that you know, into linear terms. This is not what you term to be wrong. This is a tool. It is a symbol. All that you express linearly is a symbol. As we have expressed previously, the symbol represents another element, but also holds its own vitality within itself simultaneously. I am understanding of your confusion, for Elias expresses to you, you do not hold past lives; but your tool expresses, you do hold past lives. Within consciousness, within essence, you are an element of the consciousness that resides within each focus, as they all are an element which resides within your focus. Therefore, upon a very simplified term, you may continue to express with your symbols to another individual holding less understanding, and allow for their terminology incorporating reincarnational selves.

Many essences expressing to individuals physically, audibly, within your time frame now, express within terms of reincarnational selves. This is for the purpose of understanding. Individuals understand and identify and may relate to these words, these terms. You have gathered, within this company, to move beyond these terms. You have asked. Therefore, your request is responded to. In this, I do not offer you what you may view as conventional terms which attach themselves to existing belief systems, for your intent is not to be aligning with existing belief systems, but to be moving into the action of the shift, or to be moving through the area of transition while presently physically focused. In the desire to be accomplishing within this intent, you draw to you this energy, which offers alternate terms that may not attach to existing belief systems.

I have expressed previously that eventually we shall be tipping many belief systems, or what you view to be (blowing air at everybody). (Laughter) I initiated these sessions with my first (blowing again) of there is no karma, and all listened and were aghast. There is no karma! You do not hold reincarnational lives! You are a new creation. You, physically manifest, are individual and new and perfect, and shall never be repeated, as you are not repeating another. You are your own individual personality manifest physically, which shall continue and which has always continued previously. (When Elias blows air at us, he is “blowing us away”)

JENE: Thank you. (Humorously indicating that she received a bit more of an answer than she was expecting, and we all crack up)

ELIAS: (Grinning) As to your numerology, you may continue within your translation to other individuals; but as Dimin has realized that her crystals do not possess the ability that was once attributed to them, realize also, Rudy, that these are symbols, and they are for benefiting what other individuals may understand; just as I offer you information that you may understand at a given moment, I offer you extended information as those moments progress, in your terms.

JENE: Are there other terms ... I’m gonna have a little bit of difficulty now using those terms! (Laughing) Even though they are symbolic to most individuals that I would speak to, and have been symbolic to myself, are there more efficient terms that I could use, in terms of what I see in the numbers and the letters and the essence and the energy of these essences as I’m speaking to them? I’ve always known those were symbols for the information that is then transmitted, that then I share. Are there more efficient terms I could use rather than karma or incarnate lives?

ELIAS: You may continue with these terms if you are choosing, and you may also incorporate an honesty with the individuals that you are speaking to. You all hold the ability to understand.

JENE: You mean, they’ll hear it. They may not carry it or be able to acknowledge, but they will hear it. It will strike a chord.

ELIAS: Quite; and it is not your responsibility to be making sure that they are understanding! They shall receive what they choose to receive. They shall hear what they choose to hear. You may offer realistic information in addition to your commonly held terms. You may express “karma,” and you may additionally express, “although this is a term which is commonly identified with. It is not expressive of elements within what you view to be your past that you must “work out,” for individuals do not “work out or off” karma. You create within each moment newly. All is a choice. If you choose, you may alter what you have created in your perception previously, for all is simultaneous; but it is not cause and effect.”

JENE: Okay. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

JENE: I have another question. The counterpart I spoke to you about previously that has decided ... I guess we have decided and agreed upon to have juncture at this point. I have been feeling a sense of self accomplishment in this particular issue with this counterpart, as I believe we have experienced ... we are of the Sumari. We have experienced much consciousness. I don’t know exactly what, but I’m concerned as to the procedure that I’m having to take at this particular time in order to facilitate an action and to stop a particular belief system.

ELIAS: The action that has been engaged between yourself and this individual, as was stated previously, was similar to our example this evening of the father and the son, to which you have chosen to enter into an action of counterparts for a period of time; a certain type of counterpart, aligning closely to each other. At this moment within your time element, this choice has changed. You have each chosen different probabilities. Therefore, you also have broken the alignment of the counterpart action, and have turned from this (palms facing each other) to this (turning palms outward). Therefore, your choice is yours, and you may not hold responsibility for the previous counterpart, for this individual’s counterpart action holds no alignment with you now. Therefore, what I am expressing to you is, if your counterpart action continued, this would create a different set of probabilities which would be also affecting in reverse upon yourself. Are you understanding?

JENE: I think so.

ELIAS: Your action, being projected, would be also mirrored back, through counterpart action, to yourself. As of this time period, this is not the probability, for you have moved out of the counterpart action. Therefore, you need not hold personal responsibility for the actions that you choose.

JENE: Okay. So that action is correct at this moment, that I’m pursuing. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

NORM: Question. We, as creative essences, do we ever create other essences?

ELIAS: Absolutely. You are fragmenting continuously.

NORM: Really! Wonderful!

ELIAS: (Smiling) You are also splintering continuously. You also hold tremendous alternate selves within each focus. Within each facet of your essence, you hold pools of alternate selves which exchange continuously. You, as essence, fragment new essences within agreement continuously.

NORM: And do they have a great deal of capability? They have all the capability that I do? Each fragment has the capability that I do?

ELIAS: Every fragment is and holds all. Every fragment of essence holds all abilities, all knowledge of the fragmenting essence. Every essence holds All That Is.

NORM: That’s a lot. That’s a lot!

ELIAS: (Grinning) Quite! (Laughter)

NORM: The number of essences is infinite, then. It’s incredible!

ELIAS: It would be numberless.

NORM: Numberless! And that is just in our world, in our blinked world, but there are other blinked worlds, right?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) You all occupy the same space!

NORM: Right. And we exchange energy, or ...

ELIAS: There is a continuous exchange within all energy. Energy is unlimited. It is unbounded. There is no boundary; be this dimensional, or within time elements, or within space arrangements. There are no boundaries.

NORM: Incredible. Incredible! (Pause)

ELIAS: We shall be discontinuing for this evening, and I shall be anticipating our next meeting and continuing our discussion, and anticipating your questions.

NORM: Thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are welcome, and I shall offer Stephen.

VICKI: Stephen? (Elias nods) (To Norm) That’s your essence name.

NORM: Stephen? (The group confirms)

JIM: Thank you, Elias.

JENE: Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS: I shall bid you each a very loving adieu.

Elias departs at 8:58 PM.

Vic’s note: I’m not sure on the spelling of Stephen, as I forgot to ask. It could be spelled Stefan, as this is how it was pronounced.

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