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Monday, October 28, 1996

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“Movement Within Consciousness”

Participants: Mary (Reluctant), Vicki (Unprepared), Ron (No Problem), Cathy (Persistent), and Jene (Confused).

Vic’s note: This session was held as a result of Cathy’s persistence. I was telling her that I wanted to take a session tape to the Seth conference for Melinda, and mentioned that it might be interesting to ask Elias for a dissertation. She took the idea and ran with it, finally getting Mary to agree to this session. Jene happened to hear about it, thought it was a great idea, and asked if she could come. I went into it with no questions or thoughts of interaction, but interested in what Elias would say anyway. However, Elias directed to me personally, asking me what I wanted him to address. Being totally unprepared for this, I got weird and didn’t respond. Neither Cathy or Jene responded either. Ron walked into this scene, sat down, surveyed the situation, and asked Elias to introduce himself. As a result, we have the following text. Jene’s confused response afterwards was, “Gee, I thought you guys knew what you were doing!” Nope, we don’t! We’re just a bunch of geeks! (Except Ron, of course)

8:01 PM.

ELIAS: You all seek explanations and answers to movement that you view. You all view motion. You all present yourselves with evidence of movement within consciousness that you may not adequately explain to yourselves. It matters not which direction that you focus your attention in, for every direction that you focus your attention in, within these times presently, you shall find movement. You shall find new movement; changes that you may not completely explain to yourselves. Therefore, you look to your sciences for explanation, but your sciences are inadequate at answering your questions. Your sciences, then, look to religions to answer elements of questions that they may not answer scientifically. Your religions are inadequate at answering these questions also, for they are steeped in untrustfulness of self, and in the notion of looking outside of self for their answers. Your sciences also look outside for their answers.

You have come to a point, within consciousness, that you view much movement in every area and aspect of life. You view many changes. You view changes within yourselves. You view changes within your societies. You view changes within your world. Things appear differently, and you question why, and you look to the authorities that you have established to offer you answers to your questions, but your answers lie now within you. You instinctively know, within you, when consciousness moves. You are aware. Irregardless of your belief systems, you will notice the movement.

You may be religiously inclined, and you may hold more strongly to your religious beliefs, and you may immerse yourselves in these beliefs, anticipating prophecies which have been offered to you. You shall see movement to validate that these prophecies shall be materializing. If you are not religious, you may look to society and to the world, and you may hold a pessimistic view. You may see that the world is becoming more violent. More unrest occurs as your time continues; this also being true, not only your perception, for you create this to be true. It is a movement within consciousness.

Your sciences, your technology, advances more and more quickly. You achieve more and more. You advance, in your terms, and you look to your scientists more. As I have said, it matters not which direction you focus your attention. You will view movement; and the movement that you view shall be extreme, for the movement that is occurring presently is extreme.

You approach your shift. This shift in consciousness affects all. Your naturalists are more sensitized now to your planet. Your scientists are more intensely researching. Your religions are more focused upon their “end times.” Your average individuals notice movement. All about you reflects this movement. Your mundane conversation reflects a realization of a change. Some do not identify this change and express, “It is a change in the air.” In some respects, this may be truth, for the change is in the air. It is within all consciousness.

You have chosen this movement, and you seek and you look for answers and validation of what you see. You look to each other, and you ask each other for this validation, for you have lost faith in your authorities. Therefore, you redirect your faith into what you view to be the common man; each other. I do not express to you that this is not a “good” direction, for I have expressed to you many times that it is quite beneficial for exchange and interaction; but within the movement of this shift in consciousness, you present yourselves with new information of reality. All individuals present themselves with new information of reality and self. You do not all interpret this information the same, but you all offer yourselves new remembrances. Therefore, it is beneficial for interaction and sharing, but your direction for your attention lies within you.

This has been stated to you throughout the ages by many among you. Some, throughout your history, choose to listen and respond. The masses have chosen contrary. This is not negative. This is your creation. This has been your choice for your experience, and it has served you well; but now you choose another direction. You choose a new direction within consciousness; and within its beginning throes, you are floundering.

You are seeking, you are looking, and you are asking questions, but you wish not to listen to just any answers. Therefore, you choose to receive your answers in what you perceive to be new ways. You develop an interest in self and your own abilities. You label these abilities as psychic, derived from your psyche; which is that element of your consciousness focused within this physical element.

You develop these aspects of the self, but you do not understand what you are developing. You open your consciousness to incorporate more information, and you visually, physically view more of reality, but you do not understand how to interpret what you view. Therefore, you continue, and you ask questions, and you fill volumes of books of psychic phenomenon, of aliens, of movement within consciousness. These are all elements of you. They are all elements of your consciousness, and your choice to be creating this movement of this shift.

It is obvious to you all that something is occurring. I express to you, what is occurring is not extraterrestrials that shall be contacting and interacting with you, to be infiltrating your planet! You are contacting you. You are choosing to shift your consciousness to incorporate more reality than you view to this point in your time frame. As this shift in consciousness gains what you may view as momentum, within support of you all and acknowledgment of you all, you shall experience more of your reality.

I have expressed to you previously, elements of what you may anticipate as actions of your shift. You may anticipate a wider awareness. What is meant by this wider awareness? You presently now are aware of you. You are aware of this reality. You are aware of this universe and this objective consciousness. You hold the ability for a much wider awareness. You are approaching this now. Elements that you view within consciousness to have veils between yourself and them shall not hold these veils any longer. It shall not be an effort or difficult for you, each of you, to communicate with each other regardless of your area of consciousness, within certain limitations. Areas of consciousness such as transition will not appear to be removed from you. You view presently that only some individuals may communicate within this area of consciousness. You must possess special gifts! You all hold this ability.

You, within your consciousness, occupy almost half of your existence physically within an altered state, in your terms; but you do not understand the significance or the action that occurs within any altered state of consciousness. In actuality, there are no altered states of consciousness. They are only different actions within consciousness that are absolutely natural to you; one being your sleep state.

Your dream activity presently is foreign to you. Those individuals that interact within the dream state and hold conscious awareness, and are remembering of the interaction within waking state, believe that they are accomplished within this state of consciousness. Presently, even individuals who are quite adept at dream movement do not understand the action and events that occur within this state of consciousness. Within the action of your shift, you will understand. You will allow yourselves consciously the ability that you hold presently, but are unaware of, to manipulate and move consciously through this state also.

You speak to each other of being or becoming conscious co-creators. You are creators! Within the action of your shift, you shall be conscious creators. You are not co-creators, for there is no supreme being creating, and you creating alongside. You are the supreme. I have stated many times to you all, you are your highest expression. You are not banished to an earth plane as a punishment or a classroom to be learning in, which you may therefore graduate and move on to higher planes of consciousness and existence. You occupy your highest expression presently, within the now, always. You hold all of your abilities now. What you seek is not within your future. What you look for is not beyond you, for what you look for and what you seek, you are, and you hold the ability to accomplish within your now.

I express also to you that I do not advocate elimination of your belief systems. You hold belief systems. You shall always hold belief systems within any physical manifestations, for they are an element of your creation.

Your creation within physical manifestation is exceptional. You have created very imaginatively. You have created an entire universe physically, and the workings of the smallest element of this physical universe of yours are what you may view to be mind-boggling, for they are completely perfect in their creation; but you continue to view and seek and look for something more magnificent and beyond you. I express to you all, once again; look to yourselves, for you shall create your shift, and you hold these abilities to be creating of all things now, in the space arrangement that you occupy.

8:31 PM.

Vic’s note: The approximate fifteen minutes prior to this discourse was erased off the tape, along with the some personal questions and answers after. The entirety of the discourse is included, though.

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