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Saturday, June 07, 2003

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ďThe Next Wave in Consciousness: the Belief System of TruthĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael), Barb, Barry, Carole (Aileen), Christine, Curtis (Juva), Dianne (Kadi), Donna (Luera), Erin (Melody), Gillian (Ari), Jeanne (Lucille), Jim (Andrel), Joe (Amir), John, Jon (Sung), June (Octavio), Luanne (Inez), Lynda (Ruther), Nicole, Orlan (Rolph), Rodney (Zacharie), Sandy (Randal), Susan, Ted (Cara), Tom.

Bobbiís note: See end of transcript, Note 1, for Maryís opening question-and-answer session.

Elias arrives at 2:00 PM. (Arrival time is 19 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon! (Eliasí voice and energy are very strong)

GROUP: Good afternoon, Elias.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) This day we shall be identifying your next wave in consciousness, which is the most affecting of those individuals belonging to the family of Sumari. This would be the belief system of truth.

RODNEY: When you said ďbelonging to the family of Sumari,Ē how about those aligned with Sumari?

ELIAS: This shall also be quite affecting of those individuals, more so than individuals belonging to or aligning with other families; although, as you are aware, you all participate in these waves in consciousness.

Now; shall you identify any element of this belief system of truth, any aspect of it?

TED: It is, throughout all of consciousness, unchangeable. Thatís the definition I believe I have.

ELIAS: Of truth?

TED: Of truth.

RODNEY: But as a practical down-to-earth matter, it should represent accurately my awareness of something. If I were to repeat what someone said, or if I were to explain what I did, then my common definition of it would be that I presented that information as accurately as possible to the person.

ELIAS: And therefore expressing truth.

RODNEY: Thatís the definition I grew up with.

JON: Truths are absolutes. (Elias nods)

RODNEY: Then of course thereís my mathematics, which Iím starting to get itís not so absolute. (Elias chuckles)

SANDY: And one personís absolute is not necessarily my perception.

BARRY: But it comes from somewhere else; it doesnít come from you.

RODNEY: Also, an aspect of the belief system of truth is that itís good to be truthful and bad to be a liar.

ELIAS: What do you identify in yourselves as truth?

DIANNE: That we exist is a truth.

BARRY: Anything that comes from the universe through us.

JIM: Our strongest belief systems we identify to ourselves as truths.

ELIAS: Correct!

RODNEY: What was that?

JIM: The belief systems that are strongest to us individually, we would call that a truth...


JIM: ...because if somebody says something to contradict that...

RODNEY: For the tape, what is your name? (Transcriberís note: Thanks, Rodney!)

JIM: Iím James, Jim/Andrel.

ELIAS: THAT is correct, and THAT is what is being addressed in this wave in association with this belief system of truth. You express it each and every day within your focuses. You associate with it continuously. Many of your automatic responses are associated within yourselves as truth.

Many of your beliefs are not even identified as beliefs, for you identify them as truth. Therefore they are not questioned. You do what you do, for this is true. You do not question many expressions within your environments and within each other, for you assess that they are truths and therefore they are absolutes within YOUR estimations.

This particular belief system may be one of the most insidious and one of the most difficult to identify and to notice, for this particular wave addresses to all of those automatic responses that you do not notice, and you identify them as merely truth. Therefore, they are entirely unquestioned.

You all incorporate many beliefs that you do not notice, that you do not pay attention to, that you do not question, for you assume that it is a truth and there is no other manner in which it may be perceived. This generates tremendous conflict, for it is a tremendous lack of acceptance.

This is what generates the tremendous conflict that you witness now within your planet, within your world: individuals that express their truths and their differences in their truths, and there is no bending. For you do not question your own truths, and therefore they must be absolute and they must be accepted by all other individuals, for your truth is THE truth and another individualís truth is wrong, and it is questioned.

I expressed previously that there was a possibility that you would be addressing the belief system of emotion, and that altered. That has been altered in association with the mass expression of energy which is occurring throughout your world, not merely in this small area. But the tremendous expression of conflict which is being exhibited throughout your world has moved the collective consciousness in the direction of choosing THIS belief system to be addressing now.

In this, I may express to each of you, I am aware of the challenge that you are incorporating even identifying your own expressed beliefs in this time framework. Now it is more challenging, for you are not merely moving yourselves into an awareness of identifying your own expressed beliefs but becoming aware of what your truths are, and recognizing that they are not truths.

CAROLE: But Elias, isnít that what weíve been doing all along? I donít hear anything that seems different here, or am I missing something?

ELIAS: In theory. This is what you think you have been moving into.

CAROLE: Many times I feel like none of this is truth; itís all beliefs. So sometimes that leaves me in a really strange place, just feeling like I understand that itís just all beliefs. Even if I take two aspirins, I say to myself, ďThis is just a belief, and Iím going to choose to believe it,Ē or inside me I do, I know that, because I take it. So I always just watch whatever it is I do, and thatís how I know what my beliefs are and how I create my reality. But I donít think any of them are truths.

ELIAS: But most individuals within your world do. I may be acknowledging of you, that you pay attention to what you do and you pay attention to your emotional communications and to your translations of thoughts, but within your world most individuals do not.

Now; what is your participation in this action? If you are aware of you, if you are familiar with yourself and you are recognizing and identifying your expressed beliefs, now move your attention to how you project energy outwardly and how that offers a contribution within your world in what manner you choose to be generating that energy and how it is affecting of other individuals.

CAROLE: I used to do a lot in that direction, as weíve talked about before, do talks, do a TV show, do seminars. Then I decided not to do any of it anymore, because it felt like I was putting myself in a position above, and I no longer have that understanding or belief that thereís above or below, so I totally withdrew from any of that, and I donít do it at all now unless somebody specifically wants to talk to me. If somebody says something to me and I understand that itís a belief, I donít say to them Ė well, sometimes I may say to them ďin my understanding,Ē I use that term ... Iíve drawn back from pretty much all of that.

ELIAS: I am not merely expressing being aware of the energy that you are projecting outwardly in interaction with other individuals, but all of the energy that you project in any action.

CAROLE: Even in an interaction where you just feel like an adjunct, because lately Iíve been trying something new. Because of my doing what I was just describing, I felt in some ways I had really isolated myself, so lately I have been doing random acts of kindness, if you want to use that term, and I am enjoying the energy that I get back from that. I used to do it all the time when I was a Catholic, a Christian. I had to be a good girl and all that. But then I did away with all that, and now I feel like Iím in a different understanding but enjoying doing that. Itís like Iím a whole different energy ball here.

ELIAS: I am understanding. I shall also address to a statement that you incorporated which many, many of you express quite similarly, that you do not incorporate a particular belief any longer for you have altered your behavior or you have chosen to move into different directions or expressions. Let me be clear: none of you do not incorporate a belief any longer. You do not eliminate beliefs. You may change which beliefs are expressed; you do not change the belief. You do not eliminate the beliefs, but as you change your preferences you also change expressed beliefs. But you incorporate ALL of the beliefs within ALL of the belief systems, and they are not eliminated if you continue to participate in this particular physical reality. Therefore, you do continue to incorporate that belief, you merely choose not to express it, which there is a difference.

Now; you may also incorporate an expressed belief and not allow that expressed belief to dictate your choices. You may incorporate choices that appear to you to be contrary to an expressed belief, but in actuality this is the point, to identify your beliefs, to recognize what their influences are and to allow yourself choice. For in not recognizing your beliefs and in not recognizing the influences of the beliefs, you continue to express automatic responses without thinking and many, many times without offering yourselves any emotional communication, for it is so very automatic. Automatic responses are as easily expressed as breathing, which does not require your attention.

LUANNE: Elias, is that saying if people donít recognize their beliefs then they canít really speak the truth, because they donít know what their truth is?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. Regardless of whether you identify your beliefs or not, you each express your own truth. You shall identify certain expressions within yourselves that you define as truth.

This is what may be somewhat tricky. For as we have stated, many of your truths Ė all of your truths Ė are beliefs, but as you identify them as truths, you do not see them as beliefs.

DIANNE: Nor express them?

ELIAS: You do express them, but you do not identify them as beliefs.

Your sun rises every day. You view this as a truth. Your night follows your day. You view this as a truth. There are many, many, many expressions within your perception that you do not question for you view them as truths. They are absolutes; there is no question.

RODNEY: And that is not an absolute, the sun rising every day?

ELIAS: Correct.

TED: If youíre an astronaut, it rises many times a day.

LUANNE: Are there any absolutes?


JIM: So the problem is when trying to communicate your truth to somebody who is different, it almost ... there becomes a question of honesty, rather than truth. Youíre not being dishonest if youíre communicating your truth to another individual whose truth is different than yours, but they may perceive it that way. Is that where the conflict that youíre talking about is coming to Sumari, the wave that weíre going to be addressing?

ELIAS: The conflict is expressed in identifying truths as absolutes, and in that rigidness of the absoluteness there is no expression of acceptance, and as you recognize that truths within your physical reality are not actually truths, they are beliefs. This is not to say that they are not real Ė they are quite real Ė but they are not absolutes. They are not truths. You associate them as truths and therefore you generate a perception of absolutes, and in that perception of absolutes there is no allowance for difference.

JUNE: So if we speak for our truth, the conflict is when other people speak of their truth, that we want their truth to be our truth? Or vice versa?

ELIAS: Both.

JUNE: So if there is no absolute, then everyone speaks from their own truth?

ELIAS: You speak from your own beliefs, your own expressed beliefs. This is the point.

There are truths, and what is the definition of a truth? A truth is some expression which is translatable in every area of consciousness in some manner. What is translatable in every area of consciousness, in some manner? Reality, tone, color Ė not YOUR associations.

JUNE: What about the idea that we exist? Does that translate into every...

ELIAS: Awareness, yes.

JUNE: So awareness is what we are.


CURTIS: Elias Ė this is Curtis Ė do we need truths to propel us forward? Some of the most vital, engaged people I know are the people who have some of the deepest belief systems. Why be a surgeon and save peopleís lives if you understand that everyoneís creating their own reality and theyíll either live through the operation or not according to their own belief system and what they need in their life?

ELIAS: But you all create in cooperation.

CURTIS: Iíve been incorporating the ďit matters notĒ energy and trying to see things from a larger perspective, and itís made me kind of wishy-washy and ambiguous about things, and not really...

ELIAS: (Strongly) I am understanding, and let me clarify. This is a misunderstanding and a distortion of what I have expressed throughout the entire time framework of this forum. I express to you, in the acceptance of a belief your expression shall be that it matters not, for you have removed the judgment. I have NOT expressed to you that nothing matters, which is quite different. There is purpose. There is experience. There is exploration. There is interaction and cooperation. The expression that it matters not is merely the identification of the removal of judgment, not that there is no matter.

CURTIS: But to undertake the operation in the first place, you have to have a judgment that itís the proper thing to do, that it will be beneficial to the patient, right?

ELIAS: You all incorporate expressed beliefs. All that you do, all that you generate, all that you express is filtered through beliefs. They are not your enemy. They are not bad. They merely are. They are an aspect of the blueprint of this reality. Therefore, you express through these beliefs as they influence your perception and you allow yourself to recognize your preferences which motivate you in certain directions. Preferences are merely preferred beliefs.

As you allow yourself to express those preferred beliefs, you motivate yourself in movements in different directions and in cooperation Ė NOT CO-CREATION Ė but in cooperation with other individuals that incorporate similar expressed beliefs.

The individual that incorporates the action of seeking out a physician to be healed of an illness is expressing their beliefs in association with their confidence in another individual to perform that action. The physician is expressing their beliefs in allowing their abilities to be in cooperation with the individual that incorporates the illness, and in the cooperation of the action, yes, the individual that is incorporating the illness is actually healing themself Ė for no individual may create another individualís reality Ė but in that cooperation of actions, in the expressed beliefs of both individuals, they generate certain outcomes.

The expressed beliefs of the physician are not bad. They fit within your societies, within your construct of your reality. The individual that incorporates the illness is also generating expressed beliefs that also fit within the construct of your reality in the official accepted reality. It is a cooperation.

This is another misunderstanding in association with this shift in consciousness. This shift in consciousness is a design that allows you to widen your awareness, identify your beliefs, therefore allowing you to incorporate moving your attention to all of the beliefs that are available to you, and therefore allowing you to expand your abilities and recognize what you do incorporate in your abilities and therefore expand your exploration.

It is NOT being generated to create Utopia. It is NOT an ending of conflict. But if you generate conflict, you shall incorporate that action intentionally and KNOW that you are generating the conflict and why, and that it is a choice.

Therefore, what becomes eliminated in this widening of awareness is what you may term to be your own involuntary victims Ė which are not precisely involuntary, but in your truths you assess that there are involuntary victims. If you choose to be a victim, you shall know that you are choosing to be a victim, and you shall know that you have chosen that action quite intentionally to experience.

CURTIS: Doesnít that take the edge off of victimhood, though?

ELIAS: Not necessarily! (Laughter) That you know that you are being a victim and that you know that you are creating that intentionally does not detract from the element of surprise in how you choose to be incorporating that role.

CURTIS: I thought thatís why we incarnated like this to begin with, to pare down our consciousness so that we can concentrate on smaller portions of experience, rather than be big and all encompassing in our consciousness. Is that a misunderstanding?

ELIAS: This would also be associated with the identifications of truths: how you view yourselves, and how black and white you view your reality or your movement. Either you are very small and you are learning and you are moving to higher and greater enlightenment states, or you are vast and all-knowing, or that if you are widening your awareness you shall be incorporating all of the knowledge of the universe within your physical reality. This is not the point.

You have chosen to be manifest here in this physical reality. You have chosen to be participating in its blueprint. You are expanding your awareness in association with this reality, and becoming familiar and aware of yourselves and your abilities to allow you freedom within your choices. But you are not becoming your idea of gods. You already are! (Chuckles, and group laughter)

SANDY: What is the purpose of exploring being a victim?

ELIAS: It is merely a choice, to explore the experience.

BARB: Elias, may I just say something about the choice of being a victim or whatever role we choose to play? I think what I see you doing for us, and also Seth did this, is revealing to us that our beliefs sometimes limit our choices, and that we may choose to look at ourselves differently, even though we donít realize sometimes we may have other choices available in our perspective.

ELIAS: Correct.

BARB: Thank you for doing all this. (Elias chuckles)

ELIAS: Thank yourself! Ha ha ha!

RODNEY: Iíd like to make a point for the tape that if people donít identify who they are, youíre going to get a transcript where you donít know where the questions are coming from, and itís going to be very difficult to read.

BARB: My nameís Barb.

RODNEY: Thank you.

CHRISTINE: Sumafi police! (Elias laughs loudly with the group)

RODNEY: The Sumafi police are here! (Laughter) The essence of Vicki speaks through me! (Much laughter)

CHRISTINE: This is Christine, and Iím asking why in particular are the Sumari to be more affected or are being affected by this particular wave?

ELIAS: Each belief system is associated with a particular essence family. Each essence family resonates in association with the qualities of that family with a particular belief system. The Sumari family is associated with this particular belief system of truth.

Now; in each wave that occurs in consciousness, each belief system that is being addressed, the family that is associated with that belief system is more affected, more strongly affected and more obviously affected.

Now; this also is not bad. It is dependent upon your choices and how you choose to incorporate the energy. There is a tremendous surge of energy associated with each one of these waves on consciousness, and you may choose to incorporate that energy in any manner, in what you view to be beneficial or in what you view to be challenging. But if you are not aware of the beliefs and if you are not aware of the energy, you may be expressing automatic beliefs more strongly, which many times becomes quite confusing to individuals and even conflicting.

CAROLE: Elias Ė this is Carole Ė Sumari being pot-stirrers and creative and quite adept at making their beliefs sound like truths, and being very talented at having other people believe that their beliefs are truths, would this be part of why theyíre being singled out? I know as a Sumari-aligned and knowing other Sumari-aligned, we are like that. Weíre very persuasive, and we find ourselves using our creativity and our pot-stirring abilities to haul people over into what weíre expressing.

ELIAS: Quite.

RODNEY: But if youíre noticing, Elias kind of taps you on the knuckles when he catches you doing that.

CHRISTINE: Thatís Rodney! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Very well! We shall break, and as we return I shall allow you the forum for your questions.

GROUP: Thank you, Elias.

BREAK at 2:40 PM
RETURN at 3:16 PM. (14 seconds)

ELIAS: Continuing.

TED: Elias Ė this is Ted Ė in my Sumari-ness, Iím very confused. Iíve been stirring the pot, telling all my constituents that weíre going to collapse the financial system and eliminate our government to an insignificant role, and our religions are going to go away. (Elias raises his eyebrows and smirks, and laughter) Is this truth not true?


TED: Then why have we been espousing this in our togetherness in this past five years?

ELIAS: You are not eliminating the beliefs; therefore, how shall religion be eliminated?

TED: That is my question.

ELIAS: It is not.

TED: Itís just going to become a choice?

ELIAS: Yes, and the recognition and appreciation of difference.

TED: So weíll no longer have Christian/non-Christian conflicts?

ELIAS: Correct Ė unless you choose. But if you choose, you shall know that you are choosing, and the conflict shall be different. It shall not be a conflict to be expressing conversion or expressing the absoluteness of one or the other. The conflict may be more likened to debate than struggle.

TED: Okay, I understand that difference. The same with our monetary systems and our government systems?

ELIAS: As I have stated, eventually at the completion of this shift in consciousness your monetary system shall be quite different, for the need for exchange in the manner that you express it now shall be unnecessary. If each of you are genuinely familiar with yourselves and are genuinely directing yourselves, it becomes unnecessary to express the type of systems that you incorporate within your societies now. For the system that you incorporate now expresses hierarchies and leaders, authorities, individuals that you look to to steer you, that you follow; but in the expression of this shift in consciousness, its direction moves to the individual and your incorporation of directing and steering yourselves rather than allowing other individuals to dictate to you your choices.

TED: To put it simply, I no longer have to wear my seatbelt, right?

ELIAS: If you are so choosing. (Chuckles)

TED: Correct. Thank you, Elias.

RODNEY: I donít wear mine, by choice.

CAROLE: I donít go for pap smears by choice. (Laughter) Or the other thing...

FEMALE: So Elias, are you saying that all human beings will come to understand the choice?

ELIAS: Yes. At the completion of this shift in consciousness, this shall be throughout your world.

BARRY: Does that mean there wonít be new young souls?

ELIAS: Clarify.

BARRY: What weíve gone through, weíll have reached a certain point when we understand about these choices, but there will be others that wonít have had as many lives. How will they...

ELIAS: It is not dependent upon how many focuses you incorporate. It is the design of your world, so to speak, the structure of it, which is changing. In that change, any essence that chooses to be manifesting within this physical reality, within this physical dimension, shall know of the design or the structure of your reality, just as you in entering this focus know the structure and the design of the reality. No individual explained to you as an infant that you are an infant now and you shall breathe air and you shall grow physically. You merely do, for you know this intrinsically.

It is already being evidenced within your world now. Look to your small ones. They are directing of themselves. Individuals that incorporate families with small children recognize that these small ones are directing of themselves, which is also generating an affect in association with your family structures already for they do not incorporate the same types of relationships that they have previously throughout your history, for they adapt to the alteration of the awareness of the small ones. They are not willing to be directed, for they know. Their awareness is in a position of this shift in consciousness, and they intrinsically know that they are directing of themselves, for this is the new structure.

CURTIS: Elias Ė this is Curtis again Ė could you relate some of the mass events on the world stage to this new exploration of truth, like the search for weapons of mass destruction and maybe the justifications for the Iraqi war? Does that have to do with this new exploration?


CURTIS: Could you talk a little bit about that, what we might expect in the future?

ELIAS: This is your choice. This is the reason that I express the significance of paying attention to yourselves and to the energy that you are projecting. This is each of your responsibility, not to any other individual but to yourselves and how that affects the energy of the whole of the collective.

Within your focus within each day, what energy do you project? Are you projecting an energy of protection? Are you contributing to the expression of protection within your world, in expressing that within your day? Are you projecting an energy of acceptance in difference, or are you aligning with your truth in absoluteness and NOT projecting an acceptance and contributing to the energy of the collective to be aggressive?

CURTIS: So my disdain for the neo-conservatives is helping to cement their power?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking. How is it different?

CURTIS: Different from what?

ELIAS: From what you perceive to be the opposite. Are you matching energy? Yes. This is the point of being aware, to recognize if you are matching energy in association with your truth, with what you view to be right.

CURTIS: While weíre on that subject, did you make a light go on and then off in my computer room when I was having a thought about being a knee-jerk liberal?

ELIAS: Yes. (Smiling, and group laughter)

CURTIS: I thought so! (Elias laughs)

CHRISTINE: This is Christine. On that same subject, did you blow my projector bulbs together?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) I may be clarifying (laughter) that I am not destructive, I am merely playful and expressing energy that allows you to be aware of my presence!

BARB: Elias, Iíd like to ask something similar but yet different. I realize now that it could have been you that I was actually hearing in my head. I want to know if thatís true, when I asked the question about my channeling and had some enlightenment as to my focus and how one entity can be in several places at once and fully aware of themselves at all times Ė speaking of course, like you do. Was it you who helped me? (Elias nods in agreement) Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

BARB: I also have a question about the essence families which you were speaking of, the Sumari and the Sumafi. What are the other names and what are they all about? And what am I, please?

ELIAS: I may express to you this information is available, and you may be inquiring as to helpfulness in association with attaining that information concerning the essence families and their namings. This has been offered quite extensively and is in transcription.

Your essence family belonging to Sumari, aligning with in this focus Milumet.

BARB: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

JEANNE: Elias, this is Jeanne. I am glad to finally be speaking with you. I have a question relating to this current wave, because I have felt Ė this is going to sound a little victim-y Ė but sucked in to whatís been labeled pyramid action. Iíve been informed that thereís a pyramid happening, actually a number of them, but one in particular where there are four people within this grouping who are, so to speak, holding the base of this pyramid, and three of them are Sumari. One of them is right next to me. I had sworn when I first encountered this information that I was Sumari, and I was rather disappointed to know that I wasnít at first. But here I am, sucked in or choosing to get sucked in to this like vortex of tremendous energy, and Iím wondering how this is relating to this current wave in which weíre dealing with the belief system of truth.

ELIAS: And what is your concern?

JEANNE: Thatís interesting, because I have found myself dealing with religious beliefs such as ďam I supposed to be doing any particular thing to be helping,Ē as if thereís some sort of problem that weíre addressing. I guess I believe that there are problems in this world that we need to be helping out, so there is a concern energy, very much. Iím finding that when I just let myself enjoy the waves of energy that are coming through, that somehow then itís not really a concern.

ELIAS: There are many individuals presently that are noticing many beliefs associated with religious beliefs. In actuality, many individuals within this forum speculated that that would be the wave, addressing to the belief system of religious.

But the reason that these types of beliefs are surfacing, so to speak, or you are noticing is that they are associated with truth and how you view your truth, one of which is that there are ills within the world that need be fixed and that should be addressed to. This is one of your truths Ė not that individuals are creating their reality, not that individuals choose to be in situations or environments that you view to be depressed, for no individual would choose those types of experiences for these are not experiences that move in conjunction with your truths. Individuals do not create willingly suffering Ė yes, they do.

You do not suffer if you do not choose to suffer. You may not necessarily be objectively aware of your beliefs that are influencing those choices but they are choices, and each individual does create their reality. This is not to say that it is wrong or bad for you to incorporate other expressed beliefs or that you need not incorporate caring. Caring is different from concern. Concern moves you into an expression of wanting to or attempting to alter another individualís reality, which you cannot.

Within your world, how many times have many, many, many collectives of individuals come together with a common cause to eliminate hunger, to eliminate dis-ease, to eliminate homelessness? Have they been eliminated? No. For you do not create other individualís reality, and your truth is that if you are helpful, this is good. I am not expressing that it is good or bad, it merely is. But this is an example of what you view to be true. Some individuals incorporate an intent within their focus to be generating dis-ease or conflict or struggle, for this is their choice of experience.

If you are familiarizing yourselves with you as essence, each of you incorporate many more than merely one focus within this physical dimension. Do you assume that all of your focuses are blissfully tripping through this reality, and not experiencing any conflict or dis-ease or what you view within your beliefs, within your truths, as negative or bad? (Laughter) They are experiences.

You are essences. You incorporate many, many attentions which are all manifestations in this reality, and your purpose in choosing to participate in this particular reality is to experience, to generate a physical experience in association with your beliefs in the blueprint of this physical dimension, to be exploring emotion and sexuality Ė the physical manifestations and physical communication. Therefore, why shall you not incorporate an exploration of EVERY type of experience?

I may identify another common truth that you ALL express in some capacity. One of your largest concerns, associations, and what occupies your attention is money, and you incorporate your own truths concerning money and the acquisition of it and the position of the individual with it or without it, that if you incorporate money this is good, but only to a point. (Laughter) If you incorporate too much money, this is bad. If you incorporate too little money, this is bad. But if you incorporate enough money to be comfortable and to not infringe upon your freedom Ė which freedom is another term that you do not even incorporate an accurate definition for or understanding of Ė but in your definition, if you incorporate enough money to allow you freedom, this is good. This be one of your truths which motivates you to continue to strive to attain money. You do not attain money; you create it.

BARRY: This is Barry; I have a question. Iíve been trying to understand what happened to me on the day of my last birthday, when I woke up. It all has to do with energy, the energy I felt around me and in me and coming out of me and going into me, and I donít understand what happened. Is it possible to know what happened, how it happened, why it happened?

ELIAS: Yes. (Smiling)

BARRY: Can you tell me?

ELIAS: (Chuckles, and laughter) It may be viewed as an introduction of yourself to you as what you are Ė not merely this one individual, but of this vast expansive energy which is essence.

BARRY: Thank you, thatís wonderful. Can you tell me why it happened and how?

ELIAS: Why? As a presentment to yourself, to allow yourself to view yourself as greater than merely one focus of attention, one manifestation, to allow you a momentary opportunity to experience the power of your energy as essence and therefore also to allow you the recognition of the tremendous power that you incorporate as being an essence and in physical manifestation. For you are no less essence in each focus of attention, for it is not separated. How it occurred was merely an allowance in opening.

BARRY: I allowed it?


BARRY: Why did I pick that day? Is it possible to know?

ELIAS: For this is your day. (Smiling) It is significant to you, for in your terms it is your personal day. Therefore, you offer yourself your personal gift.

BARRY: Thank you very much. (Elias chuckles)

RODNEY: Elias?


RODNEY: If I look about me and I see all of these things that I refer to as truths, like my ... well, the list is endless, but I could start with paying my rent and the fact that I need a retirement plan. I could say that these are all just beliefs, I choose not to align with them, so Iím just going to call up my boss and say I wonít be in there any more. What comes up for me is Iím going to play a little game until the checkbook runs dry, and then Iím confronted with the significance of my choices. So I could probably look at most of what I consider to be truths and say, ďThis is a belief. I can either align with that belief or not align. Iím not going to change it, but I can either express it or not express it. Well, I choose not to express it.Ē

ELIAS: Do you?

RODNEY: Well, no, because Iím afraid I wonít have any money at the end of the month. (Laughter) I hear what youíre saying, but Iím kind of lost for a working model as to how to approach this.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, remember thought does not create. It translates. Thought is a mechanism to translate information. It does not create your reality. Therefore you may think, ďI am choosing not to express this belief any longer. I am choosing to express another belief.Ē That is thinking. That is not creating. Your evidence of what your expressed beliefs are is shown in what you do and your responses.

Now; this is the significance of identifying specifically what beliefs you incorporate and recognizing what their influences are. For if you recognize and identify what a belief is and what its influences are, thusly you may choose how you shall move, how you shall express yourself whether in alignment or not with a particular expressed belief, knowing that you continue to incorporate that belief but in any particular moment allowing yourself choices. In this, there are many beliefs that are in play, so to speak, in any scenario.

RODNEY: Iím overwhelmed by the number.

ELIAS: But may you identify one?

RODNEY: That there are authority figures in my life that have the power to ... Iím a victim to their choices.

ELIAS: And may you identify all of the influences of this one belief that there are authorities within your focus?

RODNEY: The organization that owns my apartment building would be one. The man who directs my company would be another.

ELIAS: How is this influencing of you? Not an identification of who the authorities are, but what is that influence of this belief that there are authorities in your reality?

RODNEY: The one controls the amount of money that is paid for rent, and the other one controls the amount of money that I receive in my check every other week. Am I understanding you correctly?

ELIAS: No! (Laughter)

RODNEY: Thatís par for the course! (More laughter)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! I am inquiring of you to identify the influence of the belief. You are continuing to project your attention outside of yourself and identifying other individuals and what they do.

RODNEY: I would say one influence would be that they handle aspects of my reality that I do not have to pay too much attention to.

ELIAS: (Loudly and enunciating crisply) What is the influence of the belief of authority within you? How does this influence your choices, your responses, what you create, what you do, what your choices are?

RODNEY: One aspect of that would be I do not question.

ELIAS: You do not question what?

RODNEY: I do not question when the rent goes up.

I know Iím banging my head against the wall here Ė I donít know where to go with this.

ELIAS: This is the point. This is the illustration. You have identified one belief, but you do not view the influences of that belief. You do not objectively incorporate an understanding or an awareness of how that belief is affecting of your perception and therefore affecting of your reality, for your perception creates your reality. Other individuals may not even identify the belief.

This is what is significant. How does this belief in authority affect your choices? It affects your choices in how you move throughout your day, the choices that you incorporate to not be opposing laws, to be generating certain behaviors. It influences you in your choice of employment. It influences you in what is acceptable and what is not acceptable within your reality. It influences you to project your attention outside of yourself and to not pay attention to you. For in the expressed belief of authority, some other individual other than yourself is being allowed to dictate your choices and your reality for you, and steer your ship.

RODNEY: I know this is what this belief is doing, and I want to work with it...

ELIAS: You may continue to express the belief of authority, and also incorporate your choices in association with your preferences. They are not at odds. They are at odds if you continue to move in automatic responses and not pay attention to what the influences are of the belief, for this does not afford you choice.

RODNEY: Youíre saying that a detailed examination of those influences would reveal where I do not see choices now, and I would begin to see choices.


RODNEY: Thank you for spelling that out more clearly. (Elias laughs)

ELIAS: You are welcome!

JOE: Elias, I have a question Ė Iím Joe, for the camera Ė concerning choices. I had an interesting experience yesterday. I was lighting a cigarette from a cigarette lighter, and the flame went onto my thumb. It was on there long enough that I would expect to be burned and have a pretty good blister. In that particular moment, I said to myself that this is a choice, I can choose to be burned or not to be burned. About 30 seconds later, there was nothing there. It just was very interesting to me that that occurred that way. Now talking about truths and absolutes, it kind of brings it all together for me. If you could comment on that, and tell me what happened.

ELIAS: Very well. I may express to you, and to each of you, that you all present yourselves with moments in which you offer yourself an evidence that you do incorporate choice and that you do incorporate the power to manipulate your reality in the manner that you want.

Now; you present these moments to yourselves as your evidences to reinforce your motivation to allow yourself to move in these types of expressions more freely and more frequently, to reinforce your trust of your abilities.

Now; this also offers you the opportunity to appreciate what you do. I may express to you all that you all incorporate many, many moments of not appreciating your abilities and what you do, and this is an example of allowing yourself a moment to physically witness your power of choice and how real that is.

JOE: So it was actually a choice of whether to be burned or not to be burned?


FEMALE: Mind over matter!

ELIAS: It is NOT mind over matter. It is genuinely a choice. THAT is a belief also.

JOE: When it happened, that was exactly what I said to myself, that this was a choice one way or the other, and saying I would really prefer not to be burned. (Laughter, and Elias chuckles)

One other quick question, just an impression Iíd like confirmed. Am I a final focus?


DONNA: Elias, I have a question about freedom. You said that our definition of freedom was not accurate. Could you provide us with your definition or a true definition of freedom?

ELIAS: (Chuckles) In the true theme of truth! Ha ha ha ha! (Laughter)

Freedom is simply choice and the knowing of it. You define freedom in many different ways. You define freedom in financial expressions, in activities, in the lack of activities. In actuality, freedom is merely the knowing of the expression of choice in any and every situation.

SANDY: For self and for others.

ELIAS: Yes. For others is a natural by-product of self.

DIANNE: I have a question. My mother is experiencing memory problems, and I think sheís probably going into transition. Iím struggling with the idea that Iím creating the version of her that is having memory problems and is going to be transitioning, and what to do about it and what not to do about it. Iím struggling with all the things that anybody who has a parent who is dying or a relative who is dying ... how do I handle it and what I can do about it. I know I canít create her reality for her, but thereís some kind of struggle going on here for me with this.

ELIAS: There is nothing to be done.

DIANNE: I know that intellectually, that thereís nothing to be done and that itís her choice of creation...

ELIAS: Move your attention to you. Hold your attention with you. Also I may suggest what may offer you some comfort: incorporate the action of holding your attention in the now, in the day, and allow yourself to genuinely appreciate what is being manifest in the day, and not to be projecting futurely but merely to appreciate what you incorporate in interaction, what YOU want to express Ė not what you want from her Ė but what you want to express yourself, with her.

DIANNE: That feels like itís not getting through.

ELIAS: Practice in one day.

DIANNE: That part I knew and is getting through, but the last thing you said is not getting in here.

ELIAS: For this is quite familiar. This is familiar with all of you. You automatically project your attention to other individuals and identify what you want from them, what you want THEIR expressions to be, what you want their behaviors to be, what you want them to do, what you want them to give to you. Your genuine freedom is expressed in what you want to express.

(Increasing volume and speaking very clearly) For what you generate outwardly, you shall draw to yourself. This is not karma; this is a natural action. You naturally reflect to yourself what you project outwardly. Therefore if you identify what you want from another individual, what are YOU projecting outwardly that is not generating what you want in reflection?

DIANNE: What I want is for her to choose something else, I guess. I donít want her to lose her memory and...

ELIAS: And where is your attention?

DIANNE: ...she can choose to die, but not that way.

ELIAS: Ah, for this is bad...

DIANNE: My attention is out.

ELIAS: Correct, your attention is NOT upon you, it is focused upon the other individual, and the judgment is expressed that death is acceptable but merely in certain manners. Better she be eaten by a bear. (Laughter)

DIANNE: Right, quickly.

ELIAS: This is not a creation of memory loss. It is a moving of attention. It appears to you that the individual has lost their memory. They have not lost or misplaced their memory. (Laughter) Their attention is moved in other explorations.

DIANNE: I did feel like that was what was probably going on. I guess itís the day-to-day interaction. I am reacting in familiar ways. Thatís exactly what Iím doing.

ELIAS: Know that this individual is not uncomfortable with this choice to move attention and is content in this new exploration, for it is interesting.

DIANNE: I like that.

ELIAS: Therefore why shall you incorporate this movement in attempting to alter that and deprive the other individual of this fascination? Which you cannot, regardless. But in this, this is the reason that I emphasize to you all the significance of paying attention to you. You do not incorporate an objective understanding of other individualís choices and their reasons for their choices.

DIANNE: I think I get confused because I think Iím creating all of my reality...

ELIAS: You are!

DIANNE: ...and I think Iím creating the other person.

ELIAS: You are!

DIANNE: Do I have another mother who is not experiencing this? Iím creating the mother who is experiencing this.

ELIAS: But you are creating that manifestation in conjunction with the energy which is being projected.

DIANNE: Right, that helps. That clears things up.

ELIAS: I may express to you all, although you do create all of your reality in EVERY aspect of it, and each of you are creating the physical manifestations of every other individual within this room and within all of your reality, you are also directly participating with the energy projections of every other individual within this room. For the most part, not always, but for the most part, you configure that manifestation quite similar to what the individual is projecting. You receive that energy, and generally speaking you do not reconfigure it. You create your projection of it almost precisely as it is received.

BARRY: Is that a goal we should have, to cut out that word ďalmostĒ?

ELIAS: No. For each of you are unique, therefore each of you incorporates a unique perception. Therefore, whatever energy you receive you shall incorporate your uniqueness in your projection of your perception and your creation of the manifestation. That is the reason for the ďalmost.Ē

SANDY: Elias, if animals are a mirror of us, weíre projecting them in the same way, how do we interpret, as they go through different things, what it is they are mirroring to us?

ELIAS: They are not necessarily mirroring. Let me clarify that there is an action of mirroring that occurs at times with individuals or even creatures, but for the most part you are reflecting.

The reflection is less specific. It is some reflection of what you yourself are projecting, but it may not necessarily be precisely the same action or associated with the same creations.

Now; at times you do generate mirrors in which you shall recognize quite quickly that whatever is being projected is precisely what you are projecting also. Creatures reflect different aspects of yourself and different manifestations at times which are chosen or unchosen manifestations of yourself, but these are their choices also. They are not subject to you, for you are not creating their reality, either.

ORLAN: Elias Ė this is Orlan Ė you talked earlier about this shift in consciousness that is taking place. Has a shift of this magnitude taken place in our physical reality already...


ORLAN: ...prior to this? This is the first one?

ELIAS: Of this magnitude, yes.

ORLAN: What others have occurred?

ELIAS: You have created several Source Events previously. This is also a Source Event.

Now; a Source Event is a movement that is chosen collectively by all of the essences participating in the reality. Source Events are of such a magnitude that none of them are entirely fully inserted into your physical reality, for your physical reality is not expansive enough to accommodate an entirety of a Source Event, as is the situation with this Source Event also. But this particular Source Event is what you would term to be your largest Source Event to this time framework throughout your history, for it is altering many expressions of your reality and it is affecting of the entirety of your planet, your world.

You have incorporated other Source Events Ė religion, scientific Ė but this is incorporated globally. There is no small tribe in any corner of your world that is not affected. There is not one individual throughout your world in its entirety that is not affected by this particular Source Event.

JON: Is there a Source Event of this magnitude in the future?

ELIAS: This would be your choice, for what is the future? An illusion. As I have stated recently, the future is always followed by the present. Therefore, what is the future (confused laughter), if the present is after the future? (Elias chuckles, very amused)

The future is a projection, my friend. You never arrive at the future, you merely project to the speculation of the future, and once discontinuing your projection to the future, you return to the present which follows the future. (Scattered applause and laughter)

ORLAN: What would happen then if it were possible to stop projecting to the future?

ELIAS: Ah! You would discover your liberty, for you would be present in the present! And THAT is your point of power.

JON: Youíve talked about Source Events that occurred in the past, but you wonít talk ... the past is just as uncertain as the future, right?

ELIAS: Correct.

CAROLE: Elias, I have a preference for skipping unnecessary steps and things, you could maybe call it Sumari laziness or something. What Rodney was talking about before, about trying to figure out what his beliefs were that were giving him conflict toward making certain decisions, I never think about what my beliefs are. I skip all those steps, and I say, ďI have choice,Ē and I go straight to that. Am I missing out on some great benefit of other people that are analyzing and trying to figure out what their beliefs are? Because I donít do any of that.

ELIAS: It matters not.

CAROLE: It doesnít? Oh, good. (Laughter)

ELIAS: (Humorously) Are you incorporating trauma? (Laughter)

CAROLE: (Laughing) No, I just thought it would be a good question to ask!

ELIAS: If you are not incorporating trauma, I suggest you continue with...

CAROLE: Just continue doing it my way. Okay, thank you. (Elias chuckles)

JON: Just one more question, then. How can you say then for certain that there have been no Source Events in our history that are of this magnitude before? How can you say that statement if itís not absolute?

ELIAS: You are inquiring of a gauge of magnitude, a measure. The measure is not absolute either, but this measure incorporates a different action. In association with your terms concerning magnitude, other Source Events have not necessarily individually affected EVERY individual throughout your world. Therefore in association with your measurements, as this Source Event does affect every individual within your world, it is identified as larger. But this is a translation in what you know within your reality.

JON: I guess my question more is that youíre talking about Source Events that occurred in the past, and youíre talking about that as an event with some certainty that that happened; but when I asked about the future, you said, ďThatís your choice.Ē But isnít it as much a choice in the past...


JON: it is in the future? Then how come you talk about the past as being something that happened and is...

ELIAS: For this is the manner in which you have created it. You have created it in this manner, and you move your attention. You move your attention as though those events have ended.

DIANNE: I think what heís saying is that you donít have to do that. No? Maybe thatís not what heís saying.

DONNA: Weíre creating the past now, just like weíre creating the future now...

ELIAS: Correct.

CHRISTINE: And so we can create the past any way we want.

ELIAS: Correct, which you are, and you are creating it in association with your truths, that it is past and it is done.

JON: What is your definition of memory? What is memory?

ELIAS: Memory is an objective physical expression. It is associated with your recall of events.

JON: But we have memory of the past but not the future.

ELIAS: Correct. This is an objective mechanism, and in association with your beliefs, you have created the past, therefore you incorporate memory of it. In your beliefs, you have not created the future, and in association with the design of your physical reality and the incorporation of linear time which contributes to the illusion, you present yourself with evidence of the past.

You are correct, for it is all occurring now; but what you are not incorporating is the identification of how you create, which is quite real.

CAROLE: Isnít the construct of time part of it? We have the construct of time in this reality.


CAROLE: In time thereís past, present and future, so thatís how we view it.

ELIAS: In actuality there is past and present, for within your truths the future does not exist yet.

CAROLE: We can conceptualize, though, within our beliefs.


GILLIAN: What about projecting? In conceptualizing, youíre projecting into the future.

ELIAS: You may.

GILLIAN: If we choose.


JON: If I change the past will my memory change, or can I keep the same memory but still change the past events?

ELIAS: Yes, you may incorporate both or either of those actions.

SANDY: Elias, if I understood you right you said in this Source Event all human beings are going to be affected...


SANDY: ...and theyíre all choosing to be affected.


SANDY: So at some point weíre all going to come forth with the same intent...


SANDY: ...for some event?

ELIAS: No. But...

SANDY: I canít grasp all human beings agreeing on anything! (Laughter)

ELIAS: What you are agreeing upon is a widening of awareness. It is expressed...

SANDY: Because some people donít want a widening of awareness.

ELIAS: Or so you think.

SANDY: So they speak, so they say with their words.

ELIAS: And is that an absolute? Or is that a truth?

SANDY: That is what they speak, and they are moving to another essence, I hope!

ELIAS: Let me express to you, if an individual does not wish to participate in this shift in consciousness, they shall choose not to participate in this physical reality, and many have, in mass disengagements.

RODNEY: Does that mean theyíve not only disengaged, theyíve disengaged this physical reality?


RODNEY: But theyíre still associated with it?

ELIAS: Some.

RODNEY: Their essences have not left, have they?

ELIAS: Some.

RODNEY: To other realities?

ELIAS: Some.

RODNEY: Thereís that big thing.


RODNEY: I have kind of an oddball question about that. I believe this to be true, but I donít know how true it is. They say our discovery of the various planets Ė which we created, and Iím aware of what you told us about astrology, that we create the energy bodies out there Ė that if weíre creating this Source Event as large as it is, it seems to me that we might also be about to discover a new planet that weíve created or something on that order of magnitude.


RODNEY: Is that in the cards?

ELIAS: Potential, yes.

RODNEY: It is! Would it be a planet or some other kind of body?

FEMALE: Or dimension?

ELIAS: Both.

BARB: Elias Ė this is Barb Ė would that be Planet X, Nibiru, having something to do with the higher development of mankind every 3600 years or so?

ELIAS: No, this is a belief.

BARB: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

BARB: Also I have a question on past, present and future. In terms of past lives, which I understand Ė not completely, but Iím getting there Ė Iím trying to understand them as being simultaneous, and Iím doing the best that I can. Iím trying to understand in terms of actual history, say for instance President Lincoln being shot or whatever. How can that be changed? How can you change the past in terms of that kind of scenario?

ELIAS: You may. This may be altered collectively or individually. Were it to be altered collectively, your history books would also change.

BARB: How would you ever know? How would you ever know if we all recreate the past...

FEMALE: Maybe we already did. Maybe he wasnít... (Laughter)

ELIAS: This is what has been asked: may you change the past and incorporate memory, or may you change the past and also change the memory, and I have answered ďboth.Ē You may incorporate either action. You may change the past and also continue to incorporate your original memory and the new incorporation of the new memory, or you may change the past and also change your memory. You may incorporate either action or both.

FEMALE: People do this?


SANDY: The holocaust, there are people who believe that it never happened.

BARB: So itís revolving around your beliefs again, and your perception?

ELIAS: All of your expressions, all of your reality is filtered through your beliefs, and your perception is what creates all of your reality, which is quite flexible. In one moment you may be creating a reality in which no other expression exists outside of this room, and within another moment you may be incorporating a perception in which you incorporate an awareness of billions and billions of other individuals within your world. Perception is highly individual, and thusly there are no absolutes.

GILLIAN: Elias, I have this question. Am I imagining it, or are there more people being born at this time? Just like thereís mass movement of disengagement, I feel like thereís a mass movement of a lot of births happening. (Pause)

ELIAS: There are many births occurring; I would not identify that there are more than what you generally incorporate. You are more aware of that expression, but it is not necessarily a situation in which there are incorporated more essences than in other time frameworks within your history.

They are noticeable for they are different, for they are incorporating a very different energy for they are the births of the shift.

GILLIAN: Theyíre very aware very early.


GILLIAN: You can see it, because even in a few weeks time they are able to see you and smile, which was not something that happened before. Now you see it, and you see that awareness and itís so clear.

ELIAS: For they are being born into the objective movement of the shift.

RODNEY: What family is leading that? You gave a history of the families initiating various aspects of the shift. Which family is initiating at this moment? Is it Sumafi?

ELIAS: Initiating this shift in consciousness?

RODNEY: No. Back in 1900, the shift was initiated. It was initiated by one of the families...

ELIAS: Two, the Vold and the Borledim.

RODNEY: They carried it for a while, and then there was another phase of the shift, it was taken over by another...

ELIAS: No. This shift is being directed by the Vold and the Borledim, and it continues to be so.

But it has generated another movement, or what you would term to be ďphase,Ē so to speak. Within the incorporation of your first century, it was the movement of the subjective of this shift in consciousness, which also was evidenced in tremendous invention and discovery. Now you move into the objective in this century, the insertion of it physically in more of the recognition of the individual expression. Your subjective was evidenced by many outward expressions, many abstract expressions, inventions, discoveries. The objective is the actual movement into the expression of the individual, your actual movement yourselves in shifting your perceptions, and therefore altering your reality.

RODNEY: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome, and this is the reason that small ones that are born now in this century are directing of themselves and are aware, for they are manifesting in the objective movement of this shift.

GILLIAN: Elias, how exactly are the Vold directing of this? You said they initiated and still continue to direct. How is it that they as a family are doing that?

ELIAS: In projecting a revolutionary energy, and the Borledim in projecting an emphasis on the appreciation of the individual.

BARB: Elias, this is Barb. Is that what Iíve been experiencing already? Some of this shift?

ELIAS: Yes Ė as are you all. (Chuckles)

DIANNE: Elias, I have a question about essences. You talk about essences as individual, different, like weíre all different people, individuals, and weíre doing this shift in consciousness to lift the veils of separation so we recognize weíre not separate. What about essences? Are essences separate or are they not separate?

ELIAS: They are not separate. I explain in this manner, for this is what you understand and this is how you associate with what is known within your reality. It may be quite challenging to incorporate an objective understanding of no separation at all and that although there are personality energies which are defined as essences, they are not separated. This is what generates all of consciousness, and all of consciousness has no boundaries and no separation.

DIANNE: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

Very well! We shall discontinue this day, and I shall express to each of you the encouragement to incorporate fun! (Applause)

To you all, in great affection and the genuine TRUTH of love, au revoir.

GROUP: Au revoir; thank you very much.

Elias departs at 4:42 PM


(1) There is usually a question-and-answer period which Mary conducts before a group session. This one, included below, was particularly interesting and answered some common questions about Mary and her experience in the Elias phenomenon.

MARY: Does anybody have any questions before we get started?

ORLAN: How do you feel about pictures in the middle of a session? (Laughter as Mary makes a face.)

MARY: Just donít let me see any of them Ė they all look lame!

For anybody thatís new here, are there questions about the phenomenon or about anything?

TED: Are you aware when Elias takes over?

MARY: Am I aware of him taking over, or am I aware of the session?

TED: Aware of the session.

MARY: No. Which is good for all of you to know, because if you ask me questions on the break Iím not going to know what the heck youíre talking about!

ORLAN: So where are you then during the session?

MARY: Iím not really actually in a place. I donít exactly know how to describe it; itís not like actually going somewhere, like to a place. Iím very aware of me, whatever it is that makes me me; Iím very aware of Eliasí energy, which is pretty big. People think I just go to sleep or whatever; itís not like that. How I describe it to people is, if you can envision yourself standing on a beach and digging your feet into the sand as hard as you can, and then having a 40-foot wave hit you and try to keep standing up (laughter), thatís kind of what itís like! (Laughs)

SANDY: And thereís a reason you keep doing this? (Laughter)

MARY: Itís pretty big energy, and thatís just what I do Ė I just hold while it goes ďptschoom!Ē And then itís done. (Laughs)

MALE: Are you aware of time, the passing of time?

MARY: A little bit; itís different. Itís very different from regular time.

FEMALE: Is Elias already aware of the questions that are going to be asked?

MARY: I donít know. Heís not like a mind reader. He sees peopleís energy and whatís going on with them in energy, and so heís not as ... I mean heís very aware of when someone is speaking to him and answering their questions. But thereís another thing going on, where heís very aware of their energy and where theyíre at and whatís going on inside of each person and what direction theyíre in. I donít think heís ... itís a weird thing. Itís a phenomenon, and itís hard to put that into words. I think what he does is translate energy into whatís familiar to us, and whatís familiar to us is to talk to each other and to act like people, so he translates energy in that way.

Weíve had a couple of examples in the early sessions where he intentionally didnít translate the energy that way, and nobody listened to him. It wasnít that they didnít want to listen to him; it was like they couldnít listen to him because it was devoid of everything that we understand and that we relate to. It was totally flat Ė there was no emotion, there was no expression, there was no nothing Ė which he did purposely, kind of as an example, because heís said that he doesnít have emotion and things like that. Thatís all stuff that we do here, and so he did that to give an example of why we wouldnít be able to deal with him if he was just coming through in energy the way that he is, and it was pretty interesting. Nobody could remember a thing he said during the session.

FEMALE: Was it taped?

MARY: Yes, I believe it was. That was back in 1995. Those sessions arenít out yet, that first year. Weíve got a guy [Paul Helfrich] whoís going through them all, because back then we didnít really know what we were doing. Not that we know what weíre doing now! (Laughing) We really didnít ever think that it was ever going to be as big as itís become. I think there was only eight or ten of us that used to do little group sessions at Vickiís house.

He talked so slow then that people could actually write down word-for-word what he was saying while he was talking, because he talked SO slow, which was kind of an amazing thing in itself. Vicki and I used to play around with that, and tried to talk that slow to each other and see if we could do it. Itís amazing, because you lose your train of thought! (Laughter) You donít remember what youíre talking about when youíre talking that slow. It was pretty amazing.

So when he started to pick up the pace a little bit and talk a little bit faster, we started taping, but they Ė there were three people Ė were still writing down in notebooks what he was saying while he was saying it. By the end of Ď95 he started talking too fast for them to keep up with, but what they did was if he started to talk a little bit faster and they would miss something that he said, they would just leave a blank space in the notebook and then we would go back through the tape only to where the missing piece was and just fill in the blank. But that obviously was REALLY inaccurate. We were putting out transcripts that were taken from what people wrote down; but people donít always hear the same thing, and they donít hear what heís actually saying. So it was very inaccurate.

Now weíve got Paul going through all those tapes and re-transcribing all of those early sessions so that they are accurate, because they are pretty distorted right now.

RODNEY: Do you know when those will be ready?

MARY: I donít know. Paul was hoping heíd have them done by the end of the year, but I donít know.

RODNEY: Is he going to finish all of them before he releases any of them?

MARY: Yes. Heís going through all of them and is going to release them in one big block and put them out on both the websites.

Itís a long process, because back then we didnít make footnotes. Thereís a lot of gaps in things, where Elias would talk to us about something and we would all know what he was talking about because we had all been discussing it before the session started, but somebody reading it now wouldnít have a clue. So Paulís going through it and trying to contact me, Ron, Cathy, and Jim Ė people that were there Ė picking our brains about what was going on.

Itís really hard to remember all that was going on back then Ė unless it was some event, like the bat. (Laughs) We had a bat in a session one time. Everybody left the room and left me sitting there! (Laughter) Elias just kept talking, heís oblivious, he just kept on talking, and everybodyís one by one leaving the room because the batís flying around! He finally stopped because everybody left!

FEMALE: Were you videoing then?

MARY: Yes, yes we were at that point.

Any other questions before we get started?

FEMALE: As you go along learning all this stuff yourself and changing your own life through that, do you find you get more different abilities also, not just bringing Elias through, but yourself?

MARY: Actually, yes. I wouldnít go in the direction of psychic things, no. Iím sure I have those abilities just like everybody else does, but I donít know where they are so...

FEMALE: In awareness, then?

MARY: Yes, because I think over the last eight years I have kind of learned how to read energy a lot better. Iím pretty good at tuning into peopleís energy. In fact, for a while there I saw peopleís energy field so much that I had to turn it off because it was really distracting. Youíre talking to somebody and you see all these colors all around them. Itís like, ďWhat were you saying?Ē (Laughter) I taught myself how to turn that piece off, because itís distracting.

In group situations like this, Iíve learned how to buffer so that I donít pick up anything from people, because itís really difficult and it feels like ten thousand energy balls thrown at me. When Iím with people one on one, itís become pretty easy for me to feel out their energy and figure out ... itís not like mind reading or anything, but you kind of get an idea where somebodyís at and what their personalityís like, and you can pick up fear things and a lot of different stuff. Itís kind of interesting. You can also pick up knowing which people are Swiss cheese people! (Laughs)

FEMALE: Swiss cheese people?

MARY: Swiss cheese people are people that have all these holes in their energy field because theyíre trying to be something that theyíre not, and so they camouflage themselves. When you look at their energy field, their aura around them, it has holes in it and they look like Swiss cheese. (Laughing)

LYNDA: Itís not what youíd call a high-level cosmic definition! (Much laughter)

MARY: So thatís it? Nobody has any other questions about anything?

SANDY: Is this entity available to you at your will, or are you available at his will?

MARY: The first one. That also was a point that he made in the very beginning, because I myself, along with the rest of the people who were participating in this little group we had, thought that it was the other way around, that it was him making the choices. He kind of made a point with us one time to show me that it is my choice.

We were at Vickiís house doing a session and the cat jumped on the piano, and Elias popped out. It was very quiet in the room at that point; the cat scared everybody in the room when it jumped on the piano, and Elias popped out. I felt scared but I didnít know why because I didnít hear the piano, but I felt scared along with everybody else. Everybody else told me that the cat had jumped on the piano and scared everybody. When Elias came back in, he explained he did that on purpose to show that itís my choice and that if I donít want to do this, that would be it.

In the beginning I used to get ... I was so suggestible. The way that it first started was with a meditation, and so whenever Vicki and I would go to anything or be around people who were trying to do visualization or meditation or whatever, Iíd start to drift and then this would happen. She was constantly jabbing me, going, ďGet out of the room, donít do it here!Ē (Laughing) ďWeíre in a restaurant now, not here!Ē (Laughter) It was a little bit weird. I would start to drift and as soon as Iíd start to drift this would all happen again. I thought he would just come whenever he wanted to and that I didnít have any control over it, but that ended up not being the case.

CAROLE: I want to share something about what youíre talking about. This was early on, and we were at Vickiís. It was real late at night, and you, I, and Vicki were talking. This thing was happening to me, and it was freaking me out so I had to say something. What happened was all the thoughts were leaving my head. It was like I was going into this vacuum, and I couldnít string a sentence together. It was like my brain and my thoughts and my feelings, everything, kept getting wiped out. So I described what was going on, and you said to me, ďThatís because Elias is around so heavy right now, and he wants to come in and I wonít let him.Ē (Laughter)

MARY: Right, I remember. That used to happen, too. He would get really, really strong energy sometimes, and sometimes I would even get a headache because it would just be so strong, and everybody in the proximity could feel it. It was WHOA! Big energy happening!

RODNEY: It appears to me youíve had people ask Elias questions for you. Does that imply that you donít direct questions to him yourself?

MARY: No, I donít. I canít.

RODNEY: So you make no opportunity to communicate with him?


FEMALE: What about in dreams? I read in the sessions sometimes that people see him.

MARY: No Ė everybody else does, not me! Iím the only one that doesnít get to interact with him at all.

FEMALE: You get the direct feeling of it, though, which is pretty cool.

MARY: I get the energy of it, which itís debatable about whether thatís cool or not! (Laughter) Because itís pretty strong and it can be really intense. But as far as directly interacting with him, no, I never have.

RODNEY: Some of the comments you made last night led me to believe that you probably didnít.

MARY: The only way I would be able to is to have somebody else ask a question for me, but normally I donít do that too much.

MALE: Does it take anything out of you afterwards, physically?

MARY: Yes, but not initially. Usually for at least a couple of hours after a group session Iím pretty buzzing. Iím like super energized. Itís like 15 cups of coffee! But then there is a drop point where it all just crashes and burns, and Iím like a wet noodle. But yes, it does take stuff out of you.

FEMALE: He works your hands, too.

MARY: Yes, he does. The way the energy comes through my body, it tenses up most of my muscles and so I usually get really sore shoulders, and he does have a tendency to squeeze my hands a lot. Heís got a pretty good grip, too, which gets a little uncomfortable sometimes. But itís worth it. I donít do these group sessions that often anymore.

FEMALE: Because itís much more energy when itís a group of people, right?

MARY: Oh, huge! Huge.

FEMALE: As opposed to a single person.

MARY: Well, what you have to understand is that every person here is putting out a certain amount of energy, and Elias is coming through and heís matching the energy of every person in the room. All of the energy that you all are projecting, that same volume is coming through to match all of the energy of all of you. So thatís a pretty big energy, and that gives you a pretty wiped-out feeling later on, when it all goes away. (Laughing)

Anything else? Okay, for the benefit of the people who havenít been to a group session before, it only takes him between 10 and 30 seconds to come through. Thereís no theatrics Ė no aliens are popping out of my stomach or anything! Heís not going to jump up and yell!

All right, weíll get started. Iíll see you on the break! (And the session begins.)

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