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Sunday, December 01, 1996

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“There Are No Rules”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Cathy (Shynla), Gail (William), Christy (Maka), Jim (Yarr), Jene (Rudy), Norm (Stephen), Reta (Dehl), and Daniche (Seanead).

Elias arrives at 6:47 PM. (Time was fifteen seconds.)

ELIAS: Good evening. This evening we shall open to your questions, and at our next meeting we shall be moving into the area of discussion of your families, within the action of counterparts.

Within your time period this week, I would be suggesting to you to be viewing your game, for you shall acquire clues as to counterpart action within the families, and you may also offer yourselves information subjectively as to the nature of the intents of each of these families originally, so to speak. This is not to say that the intents as you identify them presently are incorrect, for they are not. They are a new translation. You have created a new understanding of each of the family’s intents throughout your centuries, each century holding a different idea of the intent of each individual family; but within their original form or their original intent, in your terms, you may be connecting through your game with the concept of the action of these intents.

Also, I shall offer to Shynla, the correct quotation would be, “Oh captain, my captain!” (Humorously)

CATHY: I’m aware of that! I was making a joke! Didn’t you get it? (We all crack up)

ELIAS: For there are no masters! (Chuckling) You are quite correct that I was listening to this statement!

CATHY: I knew you were! (A few days prior to this session, Cathy had mockingly said, “Oh master, my master,” and quite sarcastically!)

ELIAS: Continuing; this evening, you may ask question within open forum.

RETA: I have a question or two. We are still catching up on our reading, but we were reading about a person named David that may be instrumental in helping to produce this work in written form, and we were wondering if it’s the same David that we have met. Do you have any idea? We’ve met a David, our daughter’s friend David, that is a writer in Hollywood, and we were wondering if this is the same because the way we met him was so out of the ordinary, and I’m wondering if that had a purpose.

ELIAS: This individual may be significant within probabilities, but I shall express to you that this also is not the individual that I have designated.

RETA: Okay. Thank you. We were reading also one of your wonderful discussions on beliefs, and changing your beliefs, and one of the problems is knowing that you’re changing the beliefs and having a fear of what that’s going to cause in your life, or what that’s going to cause in yourself. Is there a fear there? Or is this just our reluctance to change?

ELIAS: In actuality, both are correct. You are reluctant to change, in what you view to be change; although you are changing continuously! Also, you hold fear of what you do not know objectively. You hold to your belief systems, for they are familiar. They are comfortable. As you realize that these belief systems do not serve you efficiently, you shall widen your awareness and be accepting of these belief systems.

RETA: And I internally will feel that or know that as I change?

ELIAS: You will know. As you widen and as you accept each belief system, you will know.

NORM: So the key here is to realize that you have a belief system that is not allowing you to grow. Then you are to accept that, not to repress it. If you repress it, it’s the wrong thing to do. It’s to accept it, and to get something new. Is that the idea? Or to slightly change it? So the question is, acceptance versus rejection of the belief system?

ELIAS: Acceptance versus rejection or changing. As I have stated to you, the point is not to be necessarily changing your belief systems, but recognizing that you hold belief systems and accepting these as belief systems; therefore nullifying their power.

RETA: I remember you said that before. I’ve got to get that. Just accept them.

ELIAS: Correct.

RETA: What about, I have a very deep belief in my religion which is quite acceptable to me, and I’m trying to change or adjust or allow this to come through, these new concepts to come through. Is there a better way to do that?

ELIAS: I have expressed to you all, your religious belief systems are not wrong.

RETA: Oh, I don’t think it’s wrong. I think it’s lovely!

ELIAS: They are what you have created. All of your belief systems are what you have created. Therefore, they also serve you in certain areas. There is no conflict within your religious beliefs and truth, if you are looking for truth; for your religious belief systems are based in truth. They have sprung from truth.

RETA: That’s interesting that you might mention that because on the way up here we were discussing how you would explain truth and light.

NORM: How do you determine truth?

ELIAS: Truths are absolutes. Truths are those elements which are not confined to one focus, or to one dimension, or to one reality. Truths are those elements of consciousness that are filtered through all of consciousness. Your belief systems are based upon truths. All belief systems within all physical focuses are based within truths, but they are distorted and they are interpreted. Therefore, they appear removed from the truths. This is the method that you have chosen within physical focus. You translate all subjective knowing and activity. Therefore, in one respect you view the translation as distortion. In another respect, it is not distortion, for it is your creation of your reality. As to the significance of elements as compared to non-physical, we would view your translations as distortions.

NORM: Are you acquiring new truths in your area or region? (Pause)

ELIAS: I would express to you that truths are not new. They are.

NORM: The statement has been made that when we pass on, a lot of people expect, and I no longer expect, to know everything. So I’m not going to know all the truths. So how do you on the other side determine truths? That’s my question, as to how you do that.

ELIAS: There are areas of consciousness that you move through subsequent to what you believe to be death. Initially, you do not spring into the area of consciousness in which Elias occupies presently. Initially, you shall pass through an area of consciousness that you would term to be transition. This area of consciousness will be directly that action of widening belief systems, accepting of belief systems. As you widen your belief systems, you also open your objective awareness to subjective activity. You believe that as you move from physical focus into non-physical focus that you automatically shed your objective element of consciousness, and you function within subjective consciousness. This is incorrect. As you move into non-physical focus within the area of transition, you continue to hold objective consciousness. You widen your awareness, which meshes the objective and subjective consciousness. You become more aware of the subjective activity. In this, as you become more aware of subjective knowing, you shall also understand and know what you seek as your truths.

RETA: Is there a method that I could use today to learn to not distort or mistranslate the truths? How could I have a feeling or knowledge or something to let me know that my truths are correct, and not distorted or mistranslated? Is there any method that I could use?

ELIAS: These are difficult areas. I speak to you to allow you to become familiar with yourselves. Until you recognize yourself and are familiar with yourself, you will hold confusion in what you think of as distortion of truths, for you will be untrusting of yourself. You will be continuously questioning. “Is this correct? Is this incorrect? Is this right? Is this wrong? Is this the way? Is this not?” As you widen your awareness and become more trustful of self, you shall also begin to identify these truths. You shall trust what rings true. You already trust to a slight extent what rings true to you, but you also discount much. As you learn to trust self more, you shall also learn to listen to your own language more. In this, you will understand. You will know. Each time that you experience small impulses and small knowings that you acknowledge, you will know. As you practice within physical focus, you become more accomplished at this action; this being also why we continue with our game, for this allows you the opportunity to be listening to self.

(Intently) Within belief systems, believe this. You may trust yourselves. You will know truths. You will also know non-truths. You may distinguish between them. (Pause)

VICKI: I have a question. Why did you use the term master when describing Michael’s experience last year?

ELIAS: I have expressed different terminology for you throughout our time period together, in emphasizing certain ideas. At that moment, is was important to be expressing to you this area of consciousness, and how removed it is to your own presently. Although you each occupy all areas of consciousness within this focus, you are not aware of those areas that you occupy within essence. At that time, certain terms were used to be emphasizing of certain concepts and ideas, just as I have expressed to you all that within terminology that others may use, it is not necessarily contradictory. They express terminology in alignment with the individuals that they are speaking to, and what they understand, and what they align with.

Within this company, within your intents and for the most part within your family identification, we have enjoyed much leeway with terminology. There is an allowance to be using new terminology; although within the beginnings of our sessions, so to speak, belief systems were strong. Hard-headedness was very strong! Energy, even objectively unknown between the twins, was very strong. Therefore, lending of energy within actions of projection was very strong also, facilitating projecting beyond what you understand.

Many individuals encounter phenomenon, and do not understand what they encounter. Therefore, within their excitement and zeal, they may be inclined to experiment beyond their understanding. This in actuality is not hurtful, but you may view this to be hurtful within your understanding, or you may view this to be frightening, as did Michael. Therefore, there was a necessity to be offering explanations with terminology that would be strongly assimilated. Now, as you have widened, as your awareness has moved, you hold the objective capability of understanding much more. Therefore, it is unnecessary for our “playing” with words.

NORM: My wife and I are very curious. Most of the people here have been associated, from what we read in the transcripts or in the sessions, with each other at one place or time in various developmental focuses, and I’m wondering if myself and my wife have had the experience with the other people in the group here.

ELIAS: This has been stated previously, Stephen. This question has been asked and answered.

NORM: Can you tell us where and when? (One point for persistence!)

ELIAS: (Chuckling) I shall express once again that this is available to you for your investigation!

CATHY: All you gotta do is a TFE! Piece of cake! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Piece of cake! (We all crack up) Shynla’s instructions! She offers these classes instructionally also!

RETA: Can I ask another question about truths and beliefs? We have a lot of people living today who cause a lot of trouble, in crime or with themselves or with their family or whatever, and in their belief systems they must believe that it’s okay or they wouldn’t do it. They’re harmful to other people, they distort what’s right and wrong, according to me anyway! So how will they know the truth? They think they know the truth. They think the truth is, it’s okay. How do we explain to these people?

ELIAS: And you believe you know the truth! (Laughter)

RETA: I know that they’re not helpful! They’re not doing something that ... Well, how can I say they’re not doing right? They’re abusive, they’re obnoxious, they’re full of crime, they’re harmful.

ELIAS: And this is contrary to your belief systems!

RETA: You bet!

NORM: You’re in trouble, Reta! (Much laughter)

ELIAS: (Chuckling) As I have stated, within the action of your shift you will widen your awareness and be accepting of belief systems. Therefore, you shall not be holding these ideas of right and wrong. In this, you shall not be judgmental; and if you are not holding the belief system of right and wrong, it is unnecessary to be acting out either element. It is unnecessary to be right. It is also unnecessary to be wrong. Therefore, its power is lost.

RETA: However, you have people that have this belief that they’re right in what’s harmful to other people, and they continue to do so.

ELIAS: Correct.

RETA: I won’t be their judge, because I can’t be.

ELIAS: Ah, but you are! (Laughter)

RETA: But it gets very ? sometimes, when they harm people you love.

ELIAS: There are no victims.

RETA: Oh, dear! (We all crack up)

NORM: You’ve gotta believe that, Reta!

RETA: It’s very difficult to believe that!

ELIAS: Each individual chooses. Each individual creates their own reality. No other individual afflicts you.

RETA: That’s gonna be hard for me to interpret, but I’m gonna work on it.

NORM: Because of this, I have a question. In the beginning, evidently, or not in the beginning, (laughter) but at some point in time, the gestalt of ... (Here, Elias is laughing so hard that Norm gives up, and we all lose it. I haven’t seen Elias laugh this hard in a while; a real belly laugh!)

ELIAS: Already you shall be quite careful within your choice of words! (Lots o’ laughter!)

RETA: Gee, that would be nice!

NORM: Before this physical focus was developed, before this earth was populated, I think there is a point in time when that was true! The gestalt of essences developed this earth for ... our pleasure and fun! (We all crack up again) Now you’re really laughing, huh?

ELIAS: Which Stephen does not believe! (Much laughter)

NORM: So the gestalt had an idea that this was going to be great for all of our focuses experience, alright? That experience is a probability. The development that actually occurred was as it is, and it produced good things and bad things. Now we’re talking about good things and bad things again! (Laughter) But we’re in the process of developing a new awareness in the shift, and that is also going to be for our experience and our widening of our awareness. Is there going to be the probability that there will be wars in that time?


NORM: How do you know that? (We all crack up again) Or how does anybody know that? We have our freedom, right?

JENE: He has a really big telescope! (Much laughter)

ELIAS: (Nodding and grinning at Jene) If you are speaking of your species and your individual dimensional focuses, I shall express to you that you shall push these probabilities from you. This is not to say that these probabilities shall not be actualized, for all probabilities are actualized. All probabilities are not actualized within your dimension, for it is not your choice. Collectively, en masse, you have agreed and chosen the action of this shift within consciousness. In this, you choose to move into a direction of non-annihilation of your species.

Now; I express to you that this is the probability which faces you presently, for this is the action that has been initiated; but you continue to hold the choice. You may continue and actualize this shift within consciousness or you may choose to not, in which case you shall choose other probabilities to be actualized within this dimension; but as the energy moves and is moving within the probabilities that you have chosen presently, you are moving into the action of accomplishing this shift. In this, your species shall not “act out” violence, as you now view it, with each other.

I have stated previously, this shift applies only to this dimension. Therefore, this shift applies to you. You shall be aware of other focuses, of other dimensions, of other realities. They may continue within their actions of unrest ...

RETA: In this same time frame? (Big grin from Elias) Excuse me! That’s a bad word!

ELIAS: Correct! (Laughter) Eventually, within your probabilities, if you continue to be choosing the probabilities that you are choosing presently, you shall also be affecting of the realities of other dimensional focuses.

NORM: All dimensional focuses really affect all others.

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: We’re, so to speak, the guinea pig then? Not the guinea pig, the experiment. The big experiment in awareness between the focus and the essence.


NORM: There are others that have already done this then, other dimensions that have already done this.

ELIAS: No, not within the creation as you are creating.

NORM: How many have we created? We have created quite a few focuses. Is that a good statement? Vicki? (Elias starts laughing)

RETA: She’s gonna say that’s been answered before! (Laughter)

ELIAS: I shall express, presently I shall be calling a recess for you, and you may interact and collect yourselves, and then you may continue with your questions, as you may choose to be more directed within your questions! (Grinning) I shall return shortly.

BREAK: 7:32 PM.
RESUME 7:50 PM. (Time was one second)

ELIAS: Continuing.

CATHY: I have a question. Is Sue a splintered counterpart of myself?

ELIAS: If at first you don’t succeed ... No! (Much laughter)

CATHY: Is she a counterpart?

ELIAS: Of yourself?

CATHY: I just asked that! Is she a counterpart period? She has to be a counterpart period, because everybody is a counterpart to something, right?

ELIAS: Correct. (Grinning)

CATHY: Oh, good! (We’re cracking up again) Well then, I’ll take one more stab. How about Mary?


CATHY: Forget it, then! (Still cracking up)

ELIAS: (Also laughing) I have expressed to you that all individuals that you hold relationships with are not counterparts.

CATHY: Well, what is she???

ELIAS: You may have strong drawings to individuals for you belong to the same family. Therefore, you hold many similar qualities, and you hold the same intent. There are many connections within consciousness. Not all of your connections are counterpart actions.

CATHY: Some of them are weird fragmentation things!

ELIAS: Quite right!

VICKI: I have a connections question. Why do Sena and I just want to stare at each other?

ELIAS: This action occurs infrequently with some individuals. This action occurs within the physical presence of some individuals, as they interact subjectively within each other’s physical presence. Therefore, they feel objectively blank. (Grinning widely)

VICKI: Oh! I had the same experience just looking at a picture! This would be for the same reason. Hmmm. Okay, I have one other question. Do you want to comment on the question that was presented by this essence in transition, regarding how to achieve a greater subjective focus? (Pause)

ELIAS: This is difficult, for the understanding of this individual is limited in certain areas. In certain areas, the understanding is quite great. A suggestion: If this individual is choosing to be incorporating this helpfulness, which also is a probability, focus initially upon one feeling. Identify the one feeling throughout each focus. This may be a beginning point for clarity and less confusion. There is much confusion presently with this individual, and much scatteredness of attention. Therefore, if this individual may focus the attention upon the commonality of feeling within each of the focuses, not all feelings, one only, this may be helpful in allowing what you think of as a starting point.

VICKI: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. You may also offer to this individual the suggestion to be listening also, for this individual listens as well as do you! (Laughter) Therefore, much escapes this individual!

NORM: I have a question about my dreams. I would say maybe twenty percent of the time, I will wake and I am sweating very profusely. What is the reason for that? Is that due to changing of belief systems, or what would you say that is due to? (Pause)

ELIAS: No, this is not an occurrence as a result of altering belief systems. Your body consciousness is quite connected to your subjective consciousness. Therefore, it responds to your action. You may experience certain symptoms physically, and you may experience them repeatedly in response to subjective activity. This is not to say that it is designated as moving through a belief system. You may be engaging other activity within your dream state subjectively, and you may be affecting of your physical expression. You may also be intersecting with another consciousness. Therefore, you may be responding to another consciousness and actualizing physical symptoms.

You look at actions that you create repeatedly, and you think of these as holding one reason. You do not look to the individual events and evaluate what the action is in actuality, for you may create the same physical action for different reasons. You may be accomplishing different actions subjectively, but translating objectively the same.

GAIL: I have a question that sort of parallels with that. Within having personalities and integrating them, I’m aware of body memories and actions of each even now, and in that, I’m wondering if we also have the ability to remember simultaneous physically focused actions and memory objectively now.

ELIAS: Within the action of your other focuses.

GAIL: Well, doing TFE’s, do we not do that?

ELIAS: Correct.

GAIL: But we’re aware of it objectively in this focus.

ELIAS: Correct.

GAIL: Can we not do that without being in a TFE?


GAIL: Okay. Doing the exercise, will that help us in being more aware of the actions to remember?

ELIAS: Yes, for as you become more familiar and more aware of your own particular clarity within this particular focus, you also shall allow yourself the ability to differentiate with other stimuli. As you are affected and as other elements influence this focus, you hold the ability to identify this action if you are clear within the particular focus. If you are understanding and knowing clearly of your focus, you shall intimately know all of its elements. Therefore, you also shall hold the ability to identify those which are not of you, so to speak.

GAIL: In that the exercise will help us, will also working with our energy centers help us in that regard?

ELIAS: Yes, for you are familiarizing yourself with all of your elements.

GAIL: Thank you. (Pause, and Cathy and Jene both start talking)

CATHY: Go ahead.

JENE: No, Shynla, go right ahead! (Laughing)

CATHY: I wasn’t gonna ask that! (What, Cathy?)

JENE: I don’t even know how to form the question, so please just tap in, will you, and answer? (Laughing) I have this interest in transition and am curious as to the criteria for movement in transition, either for refocus or non-focus. Is there is a criteria? I’m thinking about Scott. Scott’s been gone eleven/twelve years, and the energy is still scattered. I still experience his energy in a scattered kind of direction in different areas. Is there a criteria for movement in transition? Is there, I’m gonna use this word, a time frame? Is there a “what” that moves during transition? Do you know what I’m trying to say?

ELIAS: There is no time frame.

JENE: Right. Well, I know that, but that’s the only way I know to explain what I want to know at this moment.

ELIAS: Therefore, you view a time frame. You express eleven/twelve years, which appears to you to be a significant piece of time. Within the area of transition of non-physical focus, this does not appear the same; although objective awareness is still held to different degrees. Therefore, a time element or sensation of time is also still identified, [but] differently than you identify, for there also is an influx of simultaneous time. Past and future overlap, but as individuals continue to hold objective awareness, their understanding of simultaneous time is not what you would term to be complete. Therefore, they view a movement of time partially, differently than you, but they also view the overlapping of past and future. This may be confusing.

Now; within your time element, as comparison, I have expressed to you that your time element is a slowing within consciousness, creating a thickness which is developed for your experience. Within non-physical consciousness, this time aspect would then appear to be accelerated. Therefore, what you view to be eleven/twelve years may be eleven/ twelve minutes within the awareness of the individual, for it is quite accelerated.

As to a method of movement, there is no method. Each individual focus experiences transition individually, for you each address your own belief systems. This also is dependent upon your desire and intent within choice of remanifestation or non-remanifestation.

If you are choosing to be not remanifesting, your action shall be different; for if you are choosing remanifestation, it is unnecessary to be completely moving through all belief systems, for you shall continue some belief systems within other focuses.

This is not karma! You are not “carrying bad elements with you.” You are continuing to hold to belief systems, as you are choosing to not be discontinuing your cycle of physical focus.

Within the choice of non-remanifestation, the action is different, for you choose to be moving through all physically focused belief systems. This includes not only this dimension and time element, but all of the belief systems of all of your focuses, which may be quite a feat, dependent upon your focuses.

If you are focused physically within many dimensions simultaneously, you hold many belief systems. You also simultaneously attempt within transition to be, as this individual views, attacking them all; although this would be the more difficult approach, just as you within physical focus are aware that the harder that you try, the harder it is to accomplish. The harder you push, the less you move. In this same respect, if you are viewing all of these focuses and all of these belief systems as needing to be attacked and overcome, you are in effect accomplishing the same motion; pushing against the wall, and not allowing yourself the freedom of movement. (Pause)

In allowance of belief systems, and in allowance and acceptance of all aspects of the objective, without judgment, you accept and you allow yourself the freedom of movement within transition; this being the action also that you engage presently within physical focus, for the action initially of the shift and of transition are very similar. You are widening and accepting belief systems. You are allowing yourselves to be in touch, so to speak, with your other focuses. You are connecting with essence. In this, the action is the same.

The choice is not always chosen at the moment that an individual moves from a particular focus. The choice, sometimes, is made later, in your terms. In many respects, as I have stated previously, many individuals do not understand the area of transition, for they are continuing within their objective awareness. In this, they hold to physical thought. They do not understand the symbolism; the translation. They continue within the belief that the objective thought is all there is within reality. This, as per their choice also, may be requiring of what you term to be a time period for adjustment.

Be remembering of our analogy of birth into physical focus. You, at birth and as a small one, are adjusting within time. You are acclimating to your new environment. Much of the activity that prevails is subjective. Much of your reality is subjective in relation to non-physical, for this is what you remember.

In this same manner, as you move to non-physical in disengagement of physical, you also must acclimate to a different environment. You move into a different area of consciousness that you must blend into. This is what you would term presently as a learned process. In actuality, it is a remembered process. You allow yourselves to remember, but in what you would term to be most cases, this is not an instantaneous occurrence, and is a process, for you choose it to be a process. (Pause)

JENE: Thank you.

RETA: Can I ask a question on that? I’m thinking of you saying that changing into this physical focus is difficult, or maybe not difficult, is a transition from using the subjectivity. Would that show up in some children who have a difficult time getting into the objective as hyperactivity, or retardation, or anything like that? Would that show itself in a physical way, from not being able to make that adjustment quickly?

ELIAS: To your question, yes; it will show itself. To these specific manners, no. There are different actions within physical focus that you choose to manifest for these different experiences. You may observe the action of which we have been speaking within small children naturally, if you are listening to their games. If you are observing small ones, you will notice that their observation of objective reality is different than yours.

RETA: So their games would be the prime place to pick this up.

ELIAS: Correct; the most obvious. Children play as a reflection of what they know. You may view small ones that play games of (pause) robbers and cops. Each child engaged within the game holds no fear. Each child plays the role and makes no judgment. They may alternate roles. “I shall be the robber, and you shall be the cop. Now I shall be the cop, and you shall be the robber.” They make no distinguishment, for they understand that there are no lines. They experiment within their playfulness objectively, knowing confidently that they hold the abilities to accomplish whatever they choose. Therefore, you may observe many elements of subjective activity within small ones. Within their verbalization, they speak of invisible friends. These are not imaginary, as you perceive them to be. You only do not view what they view; for the imagination is reality.

NORM: In the coming shift, the children will have a different experience in going from the transition of the subjective world to the objective world. It will be different. In the shift, it will be different how young children progress towards the objective world.

ELIAS: They are already beginning. You will view differences within your small ones within your present time period.

NORM: Their childness will continue for a longer age period.

ELIAS: You may view partially in this respect, although it is not necessarily that their childness will continue for a longer time period; but they are allowing the openness of subjective activity, and they are not aligning with as many belief systems as strongly.

NORM: Can we help in that methodology? Can we produce a way of raising children that would be better?

ELIAS: Yes. In being the straight little sapling, you shall be producing what you term to be “better” children, although they are not better! (Grinning, and laughter)

RETA: More aware children.

ELIAS: They are naturally more aware, in your terms, subjectively. This would be what you may term as your evolution; not the evolution of the physical form, but the evolution of the movement of consciousness, and the allowance of more creativity. (Pause)

NORM: Are there some schools teaching or recognizing this now, in regard to child psychology? My daughter is involved with this sort of thing, my youngest daughter, and she feels that some of the professors are going the right way.

ELIAS: You may view, throughout your globe presently, the affectingness of the consciousness of the choice of this shift; for it has already been engaged, and you already create within these probabilities. Therefore, all that you view about you shall be reflecting of this shift. It has begun already. There is physical evidence that you may view presently, acknowledging this shift in consciousness. You are creating it, and as you are creating it, you are shifting the consciousness of all elements of your species. Therefore, it reflects in religion, in child-rearing, in sciences, in governments, in communities, in individual lives; and all is affected by the individual. (Pause)

NORM: It also seems to me that the American Indians must have had more of an awareness and a connection between their objective and their subjective world, or essence, than any of the conquerors of these Indians had. They were really preceding us in many ways.

ELIAS: (Grinning) This is amusing. You view, within your terms of good and better or worse, certain cultures as being better and other cultures as being worse. Interestingly enough, you do not view, as I have offered previously, the lion to be better than the antelope, although the lion overcomes and consumes the antelope. You do not view the antelope to be better for it is passive. You view them the same. It is merely nature. In this same respect, you within your species create differently. Some conquer, some are passive. Your intents are different.

(Humorously) You view that if you are more spiritually connected, for you hold more rituals or you speak to other species, that you are better, and you view those that do not exhibit this behavior as worse! You are all the same. You choose different intents. You choose different actions for different experiences. Your Indians of America are not better than your Industrialists. They are different. Your Romans are not worse that the people that they conquered. You are all equal. You choose different actions, for you choose different experiences. Be remembering also, within our discussions of counterparts, you hold counterparts within all of these other areas. Therefore, you are not better or worse than you! (Laughter)

VICKI: I have a question about intent, regarding our conversation in the break and the essence families. You refer to yourself as Sumafi, correct? (Elias nods) And we also know that these essence families apply to physical focus. So would it be correct to assume then that you are applying those terms to yourself in terms of intent?

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: And within other focuses there are other essence families ...

ELIAS: ... or pools of consciousness which align with each other. Correct. For your understanding, I express to be Sumafi, for within the pools of consciousness that I align with within the area of consciousness that is occupied, it would be comparable; for the intent is the same.

VICKI: Are you saying that the intent, within your alignment with different dimensional focuses, is the same?


VICKI: So, if you were talking to a roomful of little gray squashy guys, your intent would be the same. (Our term for “aliens”)

ELIAS: Yes. We shall be also entering this area very soon, once again, of your extraterrestrials, in offering more information as to this “phenomenon.” (Grinning)

RETA: If you were to be very scientific and explore the universe, you would be able to find, just in the Milky Way alone, sixty-five planets like the earth that would be homes to people, but in your instructions, that’s just another dimension that we may be focused in. Is that right?

ELIAS: Correct.

RETA: And I can be all over the universe ...

ELIAS: ... simultaneously.

RETA: Simultaneously! And like for instance, if I were interested in music and that was more or less the art that I chose, would I be doing that in all those dimensions? My intent would be art or music?

ELIAS: Not necessarily.

RETA: So then I would bring in other, I haven’t got it all straight yet! (Elias is chuckling) But you don’t think I’d be Sumari all the way in all those dimensions, mainly leaning that way?

ELIAS: No. These essence families, as has been stated, are relative to this dimension. They are relative to this area of consciousness.

RETA: So in those other places in the universe it would be other essence families, but I would be there.

ELIAS: Correct. The naming may be different. The intents shall be the same. The alignments shall be comparable. This is not to say that you shall interact with different essences within different dimensions, for you all occupy all of these dimensions. Therefore, you cross over. Therefore also, those that you intersect and interact with within one dimension, you also encounter within another dimension. There are slight alterations of the families or pools of consciousness, for there are alterations in the intents and the desires, as per the physical focuses.

NORM: And there’s uncountable numbers of these.

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: And they are continually being created. True?

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: We the essences are creating new universes.

ELIAS: So to speak.

RETA: You said that we will probably encounter or connect with the same ... For instance, would my husband and I connect here, and in all the other dimensions we’re likely to connect too?

ELIAS: Not necessarily all.

RETA: But many.

ELIAS: But you may choose many, or you may choose few! (Grinning)

RETA: And the choice is made in the essence, in the essence family, for all these things that we’re going to do, or are doing at the present time. So if I choose four out of a thousand or a thousand out of a thousand, that’s my choice.

ELIAS: Correct.

RETA: But I’m making it in that essence family that I belong to?

ELIAS: No. You choose to intersect a pool of consciousness which we designate as an essence family. This is your choice. It is not designated the same within every focus.

RETA: So I’m making that choice to be in this essence family. I have to back up in my time. As a separate consciousness, somewhere out there in space, I’m making a choice to align with this particular essence family. Where am I at that point? Wow! I’m losing my space!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Each focus chooses its own intent and desire, therefore choosing its alliance with an individual essence family. Within the choice of the essence family, it may also choose to align itself with another essence family within one individual focus. You may choose to continually align with one essence family. Generally, you do not.

RETA: But me as a consciousness separately makes those choices, before I become part of any of those alignments or families.

ELIAS: No. Each focus chooses for itself.

You may choose a break, or you may choose to be ending.

JENE: Break.

ELIAS: Very well.

BREAK 8:50 PM.
RESUME 9:07 PM. (Time was one second)

ELIAS: Continuing, again!

JIM: I have a question, or a request for information, additional behind the scenes information regarding the situation of last week, after our meeting Sunday afternoon and then what transpired the rest of the day. I’d like to understand a little bit more of the entirety of that expression. (They ended up putting an animal down)

ELIAS: What was your communication with this creature?

JIM: Initially, my communication was that the creature wanted to be more involved with us. Borloh received the information that this creature did not wish to remain physically focused as it existed, and it was wishing to move on through physical focus into non-physical focus. My impression of giving energy, I got to a point where I felt that that expression was more involved with non-physical, was received more non-physically.

ELIAS: Why do you hold difficulty in acceptance of the exchange?

JIM: Because of the belief that I hold that an exchange into non-physical is a death, and that this is something that isn’t pleasurable, I suppose. But it’s made me see too, that this animal is not afraid. This animal accepted that expression, and this animal didn’t see it as that.

ELIAS: The communication was offered in an allowance for your interaction in accomplishing this movement, but you do not accept this communication.

JIM: I want to. In reviewing it and seeing it and accepting it more, I will.

ELIAS: You hold the belief system that you have created wrong-doing. If, within your belief systems, an individual of your same species communicated to you a wish for helpfulness in this same manner, you would hold no belief system in opposition.

JIM: True.

ELIAS: You hold the belief system in opposition, for you do not trust the communication. This creature does not speak to you in words. Therefore, you do not trust the transmission of energy that you receive.

JIM: Or am I aware of it. (Long pause) I guess I’ll view the situation. I can’t see right now what that communication really is.

ELIAS: Be remembering of our interaction as of last week, and instruction to you to be listening and trusting of self.

JIM: Okay, I will.

ELIAS: In this, be trusting of self in the identification of other elements within consciousness; just as within the allowance of trust of self, you isolated affected area of Lawrence, therefore receiving communication within energy. In this same manner, you have received the communication of the creature of its desire. You discount this communication, for you distrust your own self and interpretation. If an individual person verbally speaks to you and expresses, “I am desiring of your helpfulness for discontinuation of my physical focus,” you will be in compliance with this request, within your belief systems personally. As the creature communicates this same request to you, you do not acknowledge this, for you do not believe your own interpretation. You do not trust the communication. You believe this is a communication that you wish. Therefore, you discount yourself.

JIM: So Borloh’s interpretation was received with less distortion. Her perception was received with more clarity

ELIAS: Now view this interaction, for as I have stated to you, the communication and the lending of energy would be flowing together.

JIM: That’s the alignment that you spoke of.

ELIAS: And as I expressed to you to be requesting of lending energy from Borloh, you were in compliance with this, but at the same time were enacting the action of which I spoke initially, for you chose to reverse roles, so to speak, and be discounting and non-trusting of that expression. The reverse counterpart action; this being what I have expressed to you to be noticing.

JIM: Absolutely. Thank you very much. And for the exercise that day too. That was an experience I shall not forget!

RETA: I have a question on the teaching that you’re doing. In many areas, we see this shift coming about, and with the same discussions that Seth has had, that you’ve had, are there a lot of teachers out there doing this at this present time with groups such as we are, or is it just one or two of you that are simultaneously doing this teaching?

ELIAS: There is much action in relation to this shift occurring simultaneously presently. As to this particular expression of action that we engage, not many.

RETA: But there are a few. Are all of these teachers such as you taught by Seth or work with Seth, to bring this shift about?


RETA: But these teachers that are still teaching are all teaching the same concept of the shift?

ELIAS: Correct.

RETA: All over our globe?

ELIAS: Yes. Within this expression of this particular phenomenon, as has been stated, this is not common; although I have also stated that within consciousness, many are teaching within different aspects. There are many elements occurring presently with respect to your shift that you may view as unusual phenomenon. Some you may view as not unusual. Some you may view as quite natural, as you move within your established belief systems into more engaging areas. We have discussed this also previously, with respect to individuals who concern themselves with your planet, your ecology. These individuals become more aware of the actual intertwining of yourselves and what you view to be nature, and the lack of separateness of these elements.

Movement occurs in many ways. You draw yourselves to the experience that you will most efficiently benefit from, and what you will listen to. Some individuals draw to themselves little gray squashy guys, (grinning) for this will attain their attention, and they will listen. Some listen to essences such as myself. Many essences also offer information, not in this fashion, but in a manner which shall be helpful.

RETA: Would you say that we’re reaching out into Region 2 to get information also for this shift?

ELIAS: Subjectively, yes. All of your creations within Regional Area 1 are originated within Regional Area 2.

RETA: And in that area, more of the shift is being presented for us to listen to?

ELIAS: (Pausing) Within Regional Area 2, the shift is accomplished. Therefore, you draw for your manifestation and accomplishment into Regional Area 1.

RETA: In these many ways that you’ve said.

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: There are four different ways that we think; the political, the religious, the emotional, and the thinking process. Are they going to be the same after the shift? Will they continue, or will they change in the number of people that are ... Will there be more religious-thinking people then?

ELIAS: No. These elements of essence shall continue within physical focus, but this is always a choice of your manifestation. You choose how you shall manifest, and how you shall express.

NORM: In remanifestation, do we quite often go through all four of them?

ELIAS: You may if you choose, but this is not necessarily always the case. Many essences choose to be manifesting in like manner within their focuses, choosing perhaps one focus to be manifest within a different element of consciousness; but this also is not necessary, for you hold counterparts which add to your experience. Therefore, if you are choosing to manifest within one element physically of essence, you are not “missing” the experience of the other elements, for you experience these through your counterparts.

CATHY: (To Norm) Oh, go ahead!

NORM: What is my thought process?

ELIAS: Which element do you focus through? (Smiling)

NORM: Yes.

ELIAS: I shall express that both of these new individuals express through emotional focus.

RETA: I’m surprised. (To Norm) I’m not surprised with me, but I’m surprised with you!

ELIAS: You automatically think that if you display a logical, rational thought process, that you may be a thought-focused individual. I express to you that there is a tremendous difference between a thought-focused individual and an emotionally-focused individual; for thought-focused individuals do not experience emotion in the same manner as do emotionally-focused individuals. They do not respond to experience, generally, through emotion. They respond through thought. This is not to say, as has been expressed previously, that thought-focused individuals do not experience any emotion. It is only to express that they experience little emotion.

NORM: In thought processes, I find that when I’m speaking, I quite often have difficulty picking a word, but I have a picture, a pictorial graph. Is that also the difference between one individual and another, that they think in words or they think in pictures?


NORM: And that’s mixed throughout everybody?


NORM: So I would be an emotional, pictorial thinker. Is that what I am? (Laughter)

ELIAS: If you choose to be viewing yourself in this manner!

NORM: But I can choose, I really can choose to express myself, or think in words rather than in pictures?

ELIAS: These are indications of what I have expressed previously as your inner senses, which shall show themselves more distinctly in certain aspects. Some individuals shall experience more feeling. Therefore, they may interpret in what you classify as mental images, which are not pictures. Some individuals are visual. They view mental pictures, as if viewing a movie screen. Some individuals hear sound. Some individuals see words. These are all different manifestations of inner senses.

Each of you has an inner sense that you naturally develop more than your other inner senses, just as you naturally develop outer senses more than others. Some individuals have highly developed sense of smell. Others may have highly developed sense of hearing. You may have a highly developed, or as to this point highly developed, inner sense visually. Your psychics attach psychic words to these inner senses, which you may recognize as clairvoyant or clairaudient. These are designated psychic words for inner senses that you naturally possess. Each individual develops their inner senses in the manner that they pay attention to the most efficiently. Some individuals are very visual. Therefore, they also shall develop visual inner senses. Some are more audible or word-oriented. Therefore, they shall also develop inner hearing.

NORM: Thank you.

CATHY: I have a little dream question. What are all those little people in my dreams? What’s the deal? And don’t forget the little teeny tiny sheltie! (Laughter) And Vicki had some too.

ELIAS: (Humorously) Very, very small images! My, my, Shynla. What may this be expressive of?

CATHY: You’re asking me??? Little teeny tiny belief systems? (Much laughter)

ELIAS: (Grinning) Or perhaps very big belief systems, and very tiny trustfulness!

CATHY: Oh, no! Oh brother! That’s special! (Elias is chuckling)

JENE: I’d like to verify an impulse experience last week, Sunday, Saturday, and Wednesday, with essence family Rose. (Pause)


JENE: I’d like to know if my impulses were correct, that I was surrounded by the essence family on those two particular days.

ELIAS: This, I shall express in distinction, is an impression. An impression is a knowing.

JENE: Well, I thought I knew. I’m just checking!

ELIAS: Correct. An impulse is an urging for action.

JENE: Well, I had an urging for action on Wednesday, so I used it. That assisted my impression.

ELIAS: This is a thought! An impulse is not necessarily accompanied by a thought or a feeling. It is an urging for action, within self, not related to thought or emotion, although you may translate subsequently into thought or emotion; but initially, it is neither.

JENE: Okay. Fine! (Elias starts laughing)

ELIAS: And round and round and round on your hamster wheel!

JIM: I have one quick question on the dream with the three people on the beach. You said that those were aspects. Could those individuals also be defined as facets, or were they mainly aspects?


JIM: Is a facet. So one of those individuals has been in both of my dreams; on the beach, and when they were lifting me up, correct? (Elias nods) Okay, I’ll dream again. Thank you.

NORM: It is my understanding, in some of the sessions that I’ve read, that most of the people here have been born in the springtime. At least some of us have been born in the springtime, in what you would call the sign of Aries. Is that common here? That means that I was quite prejudiced. Both my wife and I are Aries people, and that was a choice, but what does mean to us?

ELIAS: That you have chosen to be born within this time of your calendar year! (Grinning, and laughter)

NORM: Do people, when they remanifest, do they tend to do that same thing, to be born in that same time of the year?

ELIAS: Not necessarily! (Laughter)

GROUP: (In unison) Only if they choose!

JENE: If you’d like to be a schizophrenic, you can be a Gemini next time! (We’re all cracking up again)

NORM: I was just curious!

CATHY: Okay. So other than the clarity exercise, is there any other little thing that I can focus on this week, so that maybe I could be a little more trustful of self? I’m going into this little job I’m going to do, and freaking out as usual. One little focus point you might give me? (Elias is grinning) Which one? What?

RON: Try to figure out who Sue really is! (Much laughter)

CATHY: Stop it, Ron! (Cracking up again!)

ELIAS: (Also cracking up) Counterpart to an African! (We’ve lost it now) Oh, excuse. Splintered counterpart! (Another belly laugh) Oh, Shynla! You ask for methods, but you choose methods that you are quite happy with already! You choose to be manifesting this anxiety that you experience repeatedly, for does this not give you pleasure?

CATHY: Well, it must!

ELIAS: It is entertaining to yourself!

CATHY: I must be bored. The twins do conflict. I do anxiety.

ELIAS: You may quite easily choose otherwise. You choose not. You choose to continue within this manifestation. This allows you attention from self!

CATHY: Ooo! Slam!

ELIAS: Realize that you may acknowledge yourself and receive the same attention. And if you are attempting this experiment of acknowledging self and your accomplishments, you may find that you may be enjoying of your attention in this respect more so than you enjoy your attention in your anxiety.

CATHY: Okay! (Quite sarcastically)

ELIAS: I shall express also ... if you are choosing to be listening. It is your choice. (Pause, and Cathy nods) Very well. This also is a manifestation of a reversal of pride. Within your belief systems, you believe that it is not good to be very good!

CATHY: Oh. I do? (Nervous laughter)

RETA: We do that to ourselves. We don’t allow ourselves to ...

ELIAS: Therefore, although you believe that you are accomplished at your activity, you believe expression of this is not good. Therefore, you manifest anxiety.

CATHY: Well, I have to agree with that. Just never thought of it that way.

ELIAS: (Intently) There is nothing wrong with acknowledging your accomplishment. You are a perfect being. (Here, Cathy gets a horrified look on her face, and Elias shakes his head back and forth)

RETA: There, that doesn’t hurt, does it?

CATHY: Okay ... (She wants to disappear now)

ELIAS: And we continue working with Shynla!

CATHY: Okay ... (She really wants him to stop)

ELIAS: ((Firmly) You are worthy. It is not arrogant for you to be acknowledging of self.

CATHY: Okay, I got it.

ELIAS: No, you don’t! (And we’re cracking up again) You will! We shall continue, little Shynla! (Chuckling, and a pause) Very well. I shall be disengaging this evening.

RETA: Thank you for your time. (There is no time, Reta!)

ELIAS: You are welcome. I shall be interacting with you quite soon. This evening, I shall bid you all a very affectionate au revoir.

Elias departs at 9:52 PM.

Vic’s note: I have entitled this the “There are no rules session ” because this is the theme of this session, in my opinion. I would like to say to Norm and Reta that many of us, myself most of all, have tried to condense this material into general statements that we can develop new belief systems around. It never works! As Ron said so eloquently: The only rule is, there are no rules! Love, Vic

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