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absolutes (“there are no absolutes!”)

Paul’s note: Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary defines paradox as: 1. a tenet contrary to a received opinion, 2a. a statement that is seemingly contradictory or opposed to common sense and yet is perhaps true, 2b. a self-contradictory statement that at first seems true, 2c. an argument that apparently derives self-contradictory conclusions by valid deduction from acceptable premises.

This topic provides a great example of what I call “the Zen of Elias.” The Zen aesthetic promotes the use of paradox and contradiction to force the rational mind to think out of the box of limiting beliefs and five-senses-only perceptions. So Elias sometimes offers seemingly contradictory statements to make us think about what he’s really saying “outside” of or beneath his words. This is called “subtext” and is an element in all perennial teachings.

“The subject matter of the Perennial Philosophy is the nature of eternal, spiritual Reality; but the language in which it must be formulated was developed for the purpose of dealing with phenomena in time. That is why, in all these formulations, we find an element of paradox. The nature of Truth-in-Fact cannot be described by means of verbal symbols that do not adequately correspond to it. At best it can be hinted at in terms of non sequiturs and contradictions.” Aldous Huxley, The Perennial Philosophy

To the rational mind, saying that “there are no absolutes” is in itself an absolute! The statement thus contradicts itself. For the skeptic, this “performative” contradiction invalidates the subtext. However, what if this contradiction is intentional? If we allow trans-rational aspects of our minds (e.g., inner senses or deep intuition) to explore this subtext, we may begin to see beyond the limits of deductive logic and the calcifying mold of linear languages. So there is much new information to be discovered in this age-old approach.

Elias also uses the concepts of engaging our periphery, inner senses, and unofficial information – different aspects of our deep intuitions that provide valuable trans-rational information. He also promotes the idea of equilibrium – a balance – between the rational and intuitional aspects of mind. So “the Zen of Elias” is an important teaching technique found throughout this information.

Finally, the point is NOT to take “there are no absolutes!” literally. For as you explore the information offered by Elias, you will discover that he also promotes the idea of Absolute Universal Truths. But these are esoteric, abstract qualities that apply to all-of-consciousness. That is, every field or what Elias calls Regional Areas of consciousness within all-of-consciousness.

For more info on the difference between absolutes and Absolutes, see the belief system of truth.

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “Truths are absolutes. Truths are those elements which are not confined to one focus, or to one dimension, or to one reality. Truths are those elements of consciousness that are filtered through all of consciousness. Your belief systems are based upon truths. All belief systems within all physical focuses are based within truths, but they are distorted and they are interpreted. Therefore, they appear removed from the truths. This is the method that you have chosen within physical focus. You translate all subjective knowing and activity. Therefore, in one respect you view the translation as distortion. In another respect, it is not distortion, for it is your creation of your reality. As to the significance of elements as compared to non-physical, we would view your translations as distortions.” [session 137, December 01, 1996]

ELIAS: “It is quite difficult to express to you all the concept that the walk around the shore is not ‘worse,’ that the boat crossing the lake is not ‘better’ or more efficient simply for the reason that it is faster. All of your choices are in alignment with your intent. The reason that you pursue these questions, the reason that your thought processes move within this direction, is that you engage this forum, for this is in alignment with your intent; to be offering yourselves information with regard to the shift and to the action of transition. Therefore, you inquire with these questions, but you limit yourselves within these questions also, for your intent is not singular within this focus; this being the reason why you have asked for this forum and this information.

“You look to this focus extremely singularly. You are offering yourselves information through this forum to be understanding of more than a singular attention. This physical existence, universe, manifestation, dimension, focus, is not all of you! All that is within this expressed creation of this universe that you view is one expression, one language; this being why you ask of these types of questions and why you experience confusion, not quite knowing; for you are beginning to offer yourselves information which engages your periphery and allows you to widen your awareness.

“You look to absolutes within this focus. You ask, ‘Are there mathematicians within non-physical focus?’ All that you view within this known created universe is of your own language. It is within your perception. It is not All-That-Is! It is one focus, one very creative, elaborate, glorious focus, but one; and you simultaneously experience countless. You may not number your experiences outside of this particular dimension! You are grander than grand!” [session 153, February 16, 1997]

ELIAS: “Color is a truth. You shall become aware that I speak of truths seldom, for truths are constants and absolutes throughout all of consciousness, which within any particular dimension, they are not recognized. They are distorted and not completely understood, and the importance placed on them is little. You search for truths within your beliefs and you look to philosophical areas or religious areas. Truths, within consciousness, are those elements of consciousness that are within ALL dimensions and that hold an element of significance within ALL areas of consciousness, physical and non-physical. Their translation may be different, but they are constants. Color is one. Tone is another.” [session 275, April 23, 1998]

RODNEY: “Could you be more clear about what you mean by absolutes?”

ELIAS: “Individuals lean in the direction very many times of accepting information that they may receive in opening themselves to these focal points, and they accept the information in absolute, literal terms, which it may NOT BE literal terms which are being expressed to you or that you are connecting to.

“Be remembering that all you create is within the realm of imagery, and all of the information that you access through these focal points holds translation and therefore an element of distortion as filtered through your belief system, and in this should not be considered to be literal or absolute.

“If you are receiving a vision in engaging your tarot cards and you hold a very strong impression that an event shall be occurring, I am expressing to you to not be moving in the direction of creating a belief within yourself that you have offered yourself this vision and therefore it absolutely shall occur, for this is not always the case or the situation. It is imagery.

“At times you may be creating what you have allowed yourself to visualize, but this is not set in stone, so to speak. ALL is within the realm of probabilities and therefore there are no absolutes, and your movement into directions of absolutes is a movement into areas of belief systems and limitations.” [session 315, September 12, 1998]

ELIAS: “I have expressed previously that within consciousness, which is ALL, there are no absolutes, and I have been presented with the statement, ‘But this statement is an absolute!’ Your language does not facilitate any type of conceptual words that may adequately offer you these ideas. Within my very statements to you, they shall appear inconsistent, for your language is based upon what you know within physical focus, what you create within physical focus, what your perception creates within physical focus.

“Therefore, I may express to you in truth, ‘There are no absolutes within consciousness.’ ‘No’ is an absolute. ‘Absolute’ is an absolute. ‘Yes’ is an absolute! I may present to you that energy is an action, and you may express to me, ‘An action of what?’ The what is a thing. You may assimilate that energy is a motion, but it is quite difficult for you to assimilate that it is a motion of nothing! There is no thing that it is a motion of.

“In this, as you move through the creations of consciousness, consciousness is directing of itself, but essence is directing of itself, but consciousness is directing of it, and it is directing of consciousness, for they are the same, but they hold configurations of distinctive groupings that appear different. There is complete mergence, complete harmony. There is no separation.” [session 333, October 19, 1998]

ELIAS: “This be the key point, is that you within physical focus en masse delude yourselves into the thought process of absolute definitions, and you express to yourselves and to each other that you all hold absolute definitions in certain areas, in certain subject matters, and you do not! Each of you holds differences in your perceptions, and your perceptions ARE your realities! Therefore, although you may conceptually express to each other that certain terminology, certain actions are absolutes, in actuality, they are not.

“You express the belief systems of cause and effect: if you are creating one action, you shall absolutely experience another action. This is not necessarily the situation, for I express to you, there are no absolutes!” [session 421, July 09, 1998]

LUANA: “When you speak about there’s no absolutes, how about the so-called laws of the inner universe (1), like something like value fulfillment? Is that not an absolute? Or colors?”

ELIAS: “Color is a truth but it also is not an absolute, for it is translatable in many different manners dependent upon the area of consciousness. You translate color within your physical dimension in a particular manner objectively. Color may be translated in quite different manners within other physical dimensions or within nonphysical areas of consciousness.”

LUANA: “I understand. How about value fulfillment? Is that an absolute?”

ELIAS: “No, it is a choice.”

LUANA: “That’s why you say nothing is an absolute, because there is always a choice.”

ELIAS: “Correct. You generate free will and choice, and the nature of consciousness is continuous change, a continuous exploration and becoming. Therefore, there are no absolutes, for all of consciousness is continuously changing. All is generated within the moment.” [session 1101, June 04, 2002]

ELIAS: “... This is the significance of this wave: your individual truths and how you view them and the strength of them. They may be incorporated in power to be empowering of yourselves, or they may be incorporated in power to be limiting you and to be generating you as a victim of yourself with them, and that may be very powerful also. This is the point of recognizing them and identifying them and understanding them.

“This expression of absolutes in distortion is another truth that you incorporate, that there are some absolutes and there are some not, that there are some expressions that are distorted and there are some that are absolutely not. This is NOT true.”

DON: “This is where my confusion came in, but I didn’t quite express it. If you can have a concept of something being less accurate and then another assessment being more accurate, that implies an assessment that is most accurate that would be an absolute...”

ELIAS: “No, it is not an absolute. I am speaking to you in conjunction with what you are expressing and in conjunction with your beliefs in this present time framework. It is pointless to be offering information to you that you cannot assess and that you cannot incorporate within your actual experience and your actual objective understanding.

“You and I have incorporated discussion concerning the lack of absolutes in conjunction with the lack of separation, and the expression of individuals generating singularities in conjunction with focuses and the inaccuracy of that. In this, to be offering the information that each of you individually is drawing to yourself, as I began, I am an avenue of your own questioning, of your own process. You are drawing this information to yourselves. Were you not to be drawing this information to yourselves, I would not be speaking to you.

“Each of you within your own individual process is inquiring of information that YOU want, and your method – or one of your methods – of offering yourselves that information is to incorporate a discussion with myself, individually or collectively. This also is a point that is significant for you to understand, for it is a very common occurrence with many, many, many of you that you become frustrated within yourselves and you discount yourselves: why have you not offered this information to yourself, why did you need to be incorporating a discussion or a conversation with myself to be offering yourself that information? That IS you offering yourself that information! For that is an avenue of one of your methods.

“I shall not offer information that you are not drawing to yourself, that you are not seeking. I am merely another one of your avenues.” [session 1496, January 17, 2004]

ELIAS: “Now; let me express to you, I have expressed many times previously that in shifting you shall not be expressing the judgments in the manner in which you have previously. But as I have also expressed many times, you are not eliminating ANY beliefs or any belief systems. Duplicity is a belief system also. Therefore, you are not eliminating duplicity; therefore, you are not eliminating judgment. You are changing it.

“Now; this is not changing a belief, and it is not changing the belief system. It is changing your perception through widening your awareness. As I have expressed from the onset of these sessions, even in being entirely shifted, so to speak, you shall continue to incorporate your preferences and your opinions.

“Now; previously many individuals viewed that statement to be a contradiction in association with judgment, for opinions express judgments, and preferences also express judgments, good or bad. But what you are doing in widening your awareness and in becoming intimately familiar with yourself and generating an acceptance of self and of your beliefs, recognizing your truths and the influences of them, is that you are moving into an understanding of your own individual guidelines, which are your opinions and your preferences. These are the guidelines that you incorporate in association with your choices, with your individual behavior, what you choose to engage and what you choose not to engage.

“But in the acceptance, there is a recognition that whatever your truths are, whatever your preferences are, whatever your opinions are, they are relative to you. They are not absolutes, they are not necessarily true, and therefore, they are not necessarily applicable to other individuals.

“In this, as you begin to generate a genuine understanding and awareness of this within yourself, you begin to express an acceptance of difference – which is not an expression of ignoring difference or being indifferent to difference, but genuinely being accepting of difference in genuinely knowing that another individual may choose differently, may incorporate different preferences, may move in different directions and display different behaviors from yourself, and they may be of a type that you do not prefer and therefore you dislike, but you accept them. It is not necessary to be expressing agreement to express acceptance.

“... Therefore, what you shall notice in what is changing is not that you shall not incorporate any judgment of any expression at all, is not that you shall be entirely neutral, but that in association with difference you shall express some neutrality while continuing to incorporate your own preferences and your own guidelines.

“The neutrality is merely expressed in the knowing that no expression, no choice, no behavior is actually right or wrong – it may be right or wrong to you, but in itself is not actually right or wrong; your assessment of right and wrong is your guideline for yourself, guiding your own behaviors and your own choices in a manner that you more prefer – and recognizing that although you would not prefer some experiences, some choices, that is not to say that they may not be beneficial to another individual, regardless of how bad you may view the choice or the experience to be.” [session 1586, July 03, 2004]

Elias “gems”

JENE: “I have a personal question. At our last session, you offered some information to me about [the concept of] didactic, and that I was moving. Could I have more information about that move?

ELIAS: Are you presently, within this now, understanding my avoidance of your term in definition of this word?

JENE: Well, we looked it up in the dictionary, and Mary also offered, instantly, ‘teacher’ ... No! (Laughing)

ELIAS: This being the term that I intentionally avoided. Express to me what you view and the concept that you see within the term ‘teaching.’

JENE: Assisting; sharing. I often put it in a simple term like flipping a switch; light bulb effect; the process of walking together with another essence, sharing what I’ve learned, the experiences that I know of, whether they’re completely valid or not in this now, but to this point.

ELIAS: I choose to be diverting you away from your traditional ideas of teaching. Within your ability to hold a didactic connection, (pause) you may be (longer pause) You are quite difficult! (Laughter)

JENE: I am?

ELIAS: I will express to you, Rudy [Jene], that each term that I shall choose to incorporate within this forum, you will automatically associate with. Therefore, you will also be requiring a diversion from each term. You may be, if you are choosing to be engaging your most efficient choices, quite ‘guiding.’ Bracket this word, for it will also require explanation, for I am not meaning your definition of guiding; but you hold this ‘guiding’ ability. You possess a tremendous awareness of inner senses. You block these inner senses, although you believe you do not, for you transfer within your own safety elements. Therefore, you allow some ‘guidance’ through some inner senses. You allow much interaction through intellectual engagement.

If you are allowing yourself to be accessing abilities that you hold greatly within this focus, you may be tremendously effective. You have already begun to allow your questioning, to open ideas for your own noticing. You are already connecting with what you view to be your new choices. You need only be trusting also of yourself, and be engaging within your inner senses and trusting of these. Essence is speaking to you. You are receiving your messages. You are choosing to be not listening! You have led, so to speak, yourself into the direction which may be quite efficient for you within this focus. It lies before you, (pause) not within healing centers. (Longer pause) You presently are in the presence of your direction.

JENE: I think I’m getting it. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. I will express to you that you may choose to be trusting and accepting and you may choose an effortless direction, or you may choose to be pushing and fighting and screaming and you may incorporate much effort; but your probabilities will, most likely, for there are no absolutes, remain the same. If you are listening, I may be helpful within your acceptance and your effortlessness, but this is quite dependent upon your allowance of belief systems to be flying away; for although you hold much knowing within your inner senses, you also hold tightly, intellectually, to many belief systems. This is not to say that belief systems may not be efficient if they are recognized, and your awareness is wider than your belief systems; to Lawrence [Vicki] also! (Grinning at Vicki) We are moving quite swiftly. To some individuals, it may seem that our agenda is not being engaged rapidly enough. Elias has not produced a manuscript as of this present now. We have produced a tremendous awareness. (Pause) You must be steady and unteetering before you may efficiently be walking, but you are on your feet! (Grinning)

JENE: That’s a great accomplishment.

ELIAS: Quite so; and you remain, with little tumbles! (Smiling) You are becoming more steady, and accepting and trusting of yourselves. I have postponed our discussion of our mass events, for I am aware that you are still requiring interjections of individual focus, which we shall continue until such time that I may disengage with you altogether. As of this now, we have much to accomplish! Therefore, within your present time element, this may be quite a while! (Laughter)

JENE: Well, that’s good. We enjoy you very much. We’d miss you!” [session 91, May 01, 1996]

VICKI: “I’ve been trying to define what has seemed to be a real feeling of uncomfortableness regarding some changes, or what seem to be changes to me, in the information being delivered. I want to be clear that I’m not talking about the majority of the information, which actually seems to be clearer, but there are certain things that seem to be maybe distorted in a way that they never used to be, or ... See, I’m not real sure, because I can’t really identify it. I just know that whatever it is, it’s making me uncomfortable, and I need to identify it so that I can not worry about it. So, I’m curious if you have anything to offer as to what’s making me uncomfortable?

ELIAS: These are difficult areas, as I have stated previously. The area to which we are presently engaging discussion with, probabilities, is quite difficult to be expressing within your understood language without incorporating distortion. What you view is not necessarily distortion within the information, but the automatic distortion within understanding of the information presented. I have stated to you all that this would be occurring.

Within my introduction to this subject matter, I was explaining to you that this area is quite easy for you to be incorporating misunderstandings and distortion, for there are no absolutes within this area of discussion; although you, within your desire to know, express a willingness to enter these areas. As I have stated to you, this information was chosen to not be expressed to you presently, until your understanding of essence and self is more comprehensive. Within my initiation of introduction to this subject matter, I expressed to you each to be examining your readiness, for we are quite understanding of the element of distortion that may be, within probabilities, occurring. Partially, you incorporate an understanding of this action. There are, in actuality, many events that have simultaneously occurred that have caused confusion within Lawrence’s [Vicki’s] perceptions.

As to the issue of changing: Within this engagement, the phenomenon itself, as you are already aware, is changing, as it is always changing. As to the distortion element: As it has been stated, there is always a degree of distortion incorporated within the information that you receive, although within following the intent, this distortion is minor.” [session 112, August 14, 1996]

RETA: “… I have a very deep belief in my religion which is quite acceptable to me, and I’m trying to change or adjust or allow this to come through, these new concepts to come through. Is there a better way to do that?

ELIAS: I have expressed to you all, your religious belief systems are not wrong.

RETA: Oh, I don’t think it’s wrong. I think it’s lovely!

ELIAS: They are what you have created. All of your belief systems are what you have created. Therefore, they also serve you in certain areas. There is no conflict within your religious beliefs and truth, if you are looking for truth; for your religious belief systems are based in truth. They have sprung from truth.

RETA: That’s interesting that you might mention that because on the way up here we were discussing how you would explain truth and light.

NORM: How do you determine truth?

ELIAS: Truths are absolutes. Truths are those elements which are not confined to one focus, or to one dimension, or to one reality. Truths are those elements of consciousness that are filtered through all of consciousness. Your belief systems are based upon truths. All belief systems within all physical focuses are based within truths, but they are distorted and they are interpreted. Therefore, they appear removed from the truths. This is the method that you have chosen within physical focus. You translate all subjective knowing and activity. Therefore, in one respect you view the translation as distortion. In another respect, it is not distortion, for it is your creation of your reality. As to the significance of elements as compared to non-physical, we would view your translations as distortions.

NORM: Are you acquiring new truths in your area or region? (Pause)

ELIAS: I would express to you that truths are not new. They are.” [session 137, December 01, 1996]

DAVID: “I feel I’m very creative. I write songs and I’m doing lots of things, but I never seem to be able to manifest them into reality, to where they give and I see things grow and I can make a living from this. I’m here in California, not knowing whether I should be here, should I go back to England.... Again, what is my purpose?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Your purpose merely is to be experiencing, but I am understanding of your question! (David chuckles) I shall express to you that your terminology may alter to, ‘What is my direction of attention?’ For your purpose merely is to be experiencing within this focus.

You are choosing to be partially manifesting within the elements of your intent within this focus. You choose presently to be allowing many of your accomplishments to be experienced within counterparts and other aspects of essence presently, for within your belief systems there is underlying conflict with the actualization of the creativity. There is tremendous desire to be actualizing in the area of creativity, but you also hold underlying belief systems which are influencing of this.

You believe yourself, in your brain so to speak, to be tremendously creative. You offer yourself examples of this creativity, and actualize many elements of this. Within belief systems underlying, which you do not allow yourself to view, you hold duplicity in not quite believing that you are adequate enough. Therefore, you block the actualization of this creativity. You believe privately that you are not quite accomplished enough or good enough to be competing with other individuals that you view to be more creative, and that you may not completely hold within the competition. Therefore, your desire moves you tremendously and you attempt initially to be setting forth these elements of creativity that you hold, but you do not allow the completion of the directions that you move into, for you have not allowed yourself yet to be trusting your own creation.

DAVID: So that results from fear, base fear of something. That’s subconscious. Therefore, I’m not aware of how to make this work! Will I spend the rest of my life going down the same road, never actualizing any of these things?

ELIAS: Within the most probable present probabilities, no. I express in this manner in acknowledgment that each moment, you hold the choice to actualize any probability. Therefore, I do not project information in absolutes of what you may be creating futurely, for you may change any probability within any moment. It is ludicrous for any individual or essence to suggest to you in absolutes of future events, for there are no absolutes. I may suggest to you that your most probable action presently is to be allowing yourself to be dealing with these belief systems and therefore accepting self and your abilities, and in this allowing yourself the opportunity to be actualizing completely your creativity.” [session 189, July 03, 1997]

JIM: “You spoke a couple of weeks ago of force within energy. Is it within that mergence, as in the table-tip or with an offering of energy, is that where exchange and creativity occurs, an action within that force? (2)

ELIAS: I was speaking of a specific element within a specific inquiry of spin, which is not spin. I shall amend the word force to compulsion. This is a more adequate terminology for this particular action. It is a compulsion.

Within your ideas and thought processes, you think of a force as a thing, a field, something tangible. This is an action; just as you think of a spin as something tangible, something that you may view. What I was speaking of within the action of these particles is a compulsion that is exercised. Therefore, this would not necessarily be the same action that you are speaking of within what you view of your table and its tipping, or other elements that you may view. What you have viewed is an allowance of yourself to view the lack of solidity within your reality momentarily.

You view your reality to be solid. You view in absolutes. Mark this, Stephen [Norm]! You view in absolutes! Within physical realities, there are no absolutes, for they are fluid. It is merely your perception that allows you to view solidity within a time framework. Your time framework is very influencing and important to what you view. It is intricately involved in what you view. If you are slowing your time framework or speeding your time framework, your elements within your reality shall appear much differently and shall respond differently.

JIM: Thank you. That explains a lot.” [session 246, November 30, 1997]

TOM: “Elias, I have a question. Can you explain for me what we perceive to be the laws of physics – action, reaction, positive, negative? Are these just something that are created by our belief systems, or do these have some actual permanent significance?

ELIAS: Let me express to you that within this dimension and within your creation of your reality as you hold the understanding of it presently and pastly, they are reality, but they are limited to this particular dimension, for they are entirely influenced by the belief system of cause and effect.

You move into the area of creating mass belief systems as explanations to yourselves of elements that you do not understand. Therefore, you have created the belief system that for each cause of action, there is an effect or reaction. This, as I have stated, is directly influenced by your mass belief systems, which have been hold (held) for many millennium. These have been offered to yourselves by yourselves, in explanation for actions that you create.

Let me offer you an example which may be quite easy for you to be understanding in the area of belief system, and you may apply this also to your sciences that you have created your new religions with, for you hold tremendous belief systems and ‘faith’ in your sciences! (Smiling) Therefore, they also have become another source of belief systems, another religion which is no different from all of your other religions. It merely expresses belief systems in a different manner that you accept more rationally as opposed to mystically within your present time framework, for now you move into the area of technology, a new exploration.

But in the example that I offer, you hold belief systems in the area of your planet. You look to your solar system, you look to your universe, and you create belief systems in the area of what you term to be astrology. Obviously this is not scientific, but it serves as a very good example in reality, for in the area of the belief systems of astrology, you believe that your planets move in certain orbs and certain directions and are affecting of you as individuals and en masse according to their movement. In actuality, YOU are creating of THEIR movement in mirror image to YOUR movement within your focus individually and en masse. Therefore, you have reversed the concept of the action within your belief systems, for you believe that you as individuals, and even within mass, are not capable; do not hold the ability to be creating of all of your reality.

(Humorously) YOU are not manipulating of all of the elements of your reality! THEY are independently creating themselves, or some supreme being within consciousness is creating of them, which is out of your sphere! But you, within this meager small ‘learning planet’ upon this ‘plane’ of existence in this very ‘low level’ that you aspire to move outside of in your quest to become more ‘enlightened,’ could not possibly be creating of all of your reality! Therefore, you create belief systems that shall offer you explanations of what you are creating, for obviously YOU are not creating it!

In this, your sciences do not acknowledge the reality of the energy of consciousness and its preceding, so to speak, within linear time frame, of physical manifestations or actions. In this, they create explanations with limited information, for they do not allow themselves to be accessing the information that shall offer them the actual actions that are occurring. You may step before a carriage and it may be physically engaging you and running you over, and as it runs over the top of you, this is an action, and your belief system dictates to you individually and en masse – which mass belief systems hold great strength and energy – that you shall be injured; you shall bear physical evidence that you have been run over by the carriage. But you may arise and you may choose not to be creating of this, and shall bear no markings of the action at all. Within your sciences, it is dictated that for every action there is a reaction; there is a cause and effect. But there is not necessarily an effect for all cause. (Smiling)

They view behaviors of certain elements of physical creations that you have created to be interactive within this dimension for specific purposes. In this, they view them to be consistent, although they are not always consistent. Your physicists move into the direction of attempting to create a block, a box that they may place physical elements in and express, ‘These physical elements always exhibit the same behavior.’ But they do not! At times they deviate from the behavior, for although they may many times move in the direction of displaying the same behavior for the reason that you have created this action purposefully for certain workings of your manifestations within this particular physical dimension, and links of consciousness are in agreement with this and choose to be compliant, each link of consciousness IS consciousness and holds free will and holds it own ability for choice. Therefore, at times, links of consciousness, which are comprising of choice and are the make-up of elements that you view to be as atoms or other physical elements ... which to this time framework, you continue to not view these mysterious atoms! But these links of consciousness that make up these atoms may be choosing not to be compliant, and therefore creating of a different behavior and not being consistent.

You may also view in amazement individuals that you consider to hold strange powers or tremendous abilities within enlightenment within your own physical environment, within your own physical time framework; ‘masters’ or mystics that defy the laws, so to speak, of your physical reality. If you drop an apple, gravity shall pull it to the ground; cause and effect. But one of your masters may drop an apple, and it may float and defy your laws of gravity! YOU may float, if you are so choosing to create! Levitation is NOT a fantasy. It is a reality! And how may you explain this within your laws of your sciences, that you hold these fields that are absolute? THERE ARE NO ABSOLUTES within your physical dimension. ALL may be challenged. It is merely a choice within consciousness.

Therefore, to your question, yes. It is directly influenced by your belief systems, and in altering your belief systems, you also alter your reality. This be the reason that you MAY alter your reality, for as it is presented presently, it is directly filtered through your belief systems.

This is not to say that your belief systems are bad. That perception moves you into the area of duplicity. Your belief systems are not bad. They are not good, either. There merely are, and they are that which is creating of your reality. But in not holding to your belief systems so very strongly, you also allow yourselves the expansiveness of your creativity and the ability to explore more of your reality.

As you hold to these belief systems tightly, you also create your box for yourselves; not for consciousness, not for the manifestation of consciousness or even physical matter, but for yourselves in your explorations, for you limit yourselves in not allowing yourselves to move beyond and view that there is much more to your reality than you allow yourselves to view. If you are allowing yourselves an openness and not boxing yourselves into your scientific belief systems so very strongly, you may view many more elements of your own creations that shall be quite surprising to you! You have already created many objective evidences of this for yourselves, which you term to be ‘accidents,’ that you do not understand: your element of your Philadelphia experiment (3), that even within this present now moment you do not understand. It is not an accident! It is a tapping into more of your reality which does not fit within your scientific belief systems. You hold many examples throughout your history of these types of action that you have ‘accidentally stumbled upon.’ And I express to you, there are no accidents!

(Intently) You purposefully create certain actions to offer yourselves evidences that there is more to your reality than you allow yourselves to view, and then you ponder and you question and you retreat to the safety of your sciences and your religions, which offer you familiarity, but offer you also partial explanations for certain aspects of your reality that you may feel comfortable with.” [session 291, June 26, 1998]

MARGOT: “My essence name has been spelled with a ‘J’ by me, but in a Patel [Paul] session, it was spelled with a ‘G.’ You’ve never spelled this name out for me. Would you do that? Is it a G or a J?

ELIAS: Interesting. Within this tone of essence there is no conflict within this area, for there is a fluctuation of tone within this particular essence. Therefore, there is an altering in translation at times of the interpretation of what you would term to be spelling within your language. This is not an uncommon action. This also is the reason that I have expressed previously within another engagement of session with another individual that there are no absolutes in any area of consciousness, although you identify with absolutes, for this is an element of your reality within physical focus and allows you a security, so to speak, in your thought processes, and within your belief systems holds you upon what you view to be as solid ground ... although this is quite amusing also, for there is no solid ground!

But I shall express to you that this is an example of fluctuation of tone, in SLIGHT – VERY slight – aspects of essence, which may be translated as it is filtered through different areas of consciousness into an objective difference within your language. At this PRESENT now, I would be offering the spelling of Giselle [Margot] with the beginning symbol of G.


ELIAS: Correct.

MARGOT: Thank you!” [session 306, August 09, 1998]

RODNEY: “There is a popular notion among certain circles, what they term to be a map of consciousness, so to speak. (Elias grins) One is called The Enneagram (4), as popularized recently by an author called Helen Palmer. It is supposedly derived from an ancient Sufi tradition. This is the first one, and the second one is a mapping of behavior based on the concepts of Carl Jung, and it’s currently designated under the terms, The Meyers-Briggs System. (5) I was wondering if you would comment as to whether or not there’s any relationship between the division, so to speak, set up in these systems and the families of consciousness, which you’ve described, and the alignments that are possible within those families. Are there any connections here whatsoever?

ELIAS: Let me express to you that individuals do access within physical focus information that is in alignment with these families of consciousness and their intents, although they also attach their own interpretations and influences of their belief systems to these areas. Therefore, they do not necessarily identify them completely with the families of consciousness, but I may express to you that they have tapped into some of the information that is in conjunction with these families of consciousness and their intents and their creations within this particular dimension.

Now; let me also express to you that there are deviations in this, for it is colored by the individual’s own belief systems and interpretations, for at times certain individuals are searching, so to speak, for the ‘blueprints’ of creating of their reality. Let me express to you that this is or may be quite a controversial subject matter, for in one respect it may be said that there are blueprints, so to speak, of each physical reality, but within another respect this is quite limiting and is suggestive that there is a certain method that must be adhered to within the creation of any given physical reality, which is not entirely correct, for physical realities may be altering themselves at any given moment and changing their realities into very different types of realities, and although you may make agreements for the creation of certain realities, the blueprints, so to speak, may be altered, for they are not absolute.

THIS be the area that there is an entering of distortion factors and that you may be recognizing of the alignments with certain belief systems in conjunction to information which is being tapped into. Therefore, what I express to you is that there are certain elements of the information which is presented that IS in conjunction with certain elements that have been created, in like manner to accessing world views or energy deposits within consciousness in non-physical areas of consciousness, but these aspects of information that are accessed are also filtered through perceptions, interpretations, and belief systems, and therefore hold elements of distortion.

RODNEY: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. Let me express to you that movement into the area of the dream mission, which your individual of Doctor Jung has accessed much in this area also, is much more efficient and less distorted than movement into areas of accessing information and then creating interpretations for that information. In investigating of the dream mission, you may be offering yourself less of a distortion factor in accessing this type of information.

Be remembering, though, that in any accessing of information in the direction of looking for blueprints, THERE ARE NO ABSOLUTES. And therefore, this may be remembered when creating your interpretations for information that you access.

RODNEY: Very good. Thank you!

ELIAS: You are welcome.

RODNEY: I will remember the “no absolutes” in particular!’ (Elias grins and nods) [session 309, August 22, 1998]

RODNEY: “I have engaged myself for some years in the use of the Book of Changes called the I Ching, and in the use of tarot. More recently, I am beginning to use tarot for myself more effectively. I’ve rarely, rarely, rarely used these two tools to assist anyone else. I’ve always used them to assist myself. I’ve always felt that it was myself talking to me through the medium of the cards or though the medium of the book. I’d like you to comment, if you would, on the accuracy of that feeling, and comment on whether or not there are any other entities involved in my using these tools.

ELIAS: These are focal points that allow you to direct your attention in the area of opening your own awareness to more of your own information in an objective manner.

Within dream state, you offer yourself the communication between the focus and essence, so to speak, and this is translated into imagery which is presented in what you term to be dreams. This is a subjective interaction of awarenesses.

In waking state, you engage certain focal points, or props, so to speak, which allow you to direct your attention – your objective attention – in a more accepting manner, and allows you the opportunity to be connecting to this same type of information that you may receiving within your dream imagery.

In this, there is also a translation occurring, but it is a translation within objective terms that you may more easily be understanding, for you do not view this translation to be quite so abstract. In this, you may offer yourself much information of self, although many times you do interject influences of your own belief systems, for these are translations into your objective awareness. Therefore, there is an element of your own distortion through your own belief systems.

This is not to say that this may not be quite helpful and valuable information that you offer to yourself, for it may be. It may also be helpful at times for other individuals.

I am not discouraging of this action, and I am also not expressing to you that you need be fearful of engaging this action with other individuals also. Merely be recognizing that in this action, you are engaging a tool that operates as a focal point to be directing your attention, and that you shall be allowing yourself to be connecting to information with another individual within the first layer of consciousness, which you view to be removed from your objective waking state. You may be tapping into the line of probabilities that they are presently creating, and there is no judgment upon this action.

I merely caution you to not be entering areas of absolutes with other individuals OR with yourself in engaging these focal points and the information that they provide you.

RODNEY: Could you be more clear about what you mean by absolutes?

ELIAS: Individuals lean in the direction very many times of accepting information that they may receive in opening themselves to these focal points, and they accept the information in absolute, literal terms, which it may NOT BE literal terms which are being expressed to you or that you are connecting to.

Be remembering that all you create is within the realm of imagery, and all of the information that you access through these focal points holds translation and therefore an element of distortion as filtered through your belief system, and in this should not be considered to be literal or absolute.

If you are receiving a vision in engaging your tarot cards and you hold a very strong impression that an event shall be occurring, I am expressing to you to not be moving in the direction of creating a belief within yourself that you have offered yourself this vision and therefore it absolutely shall occur, for this is not always the case or the situation. It is imagery.

At times you may be creating what you have allowed yourself to visualize, but this is not set in stone, so to speak. ALL is within the realm of probabilities and therefore there are no absolutes, and your movement into directions of absolutes is a movement into areas of belief systems and limitations.

RODNEY: Thank you very much for that answer.

ELIAS: You are welcome.” [session 315, September 12, 1998]

FEMALE: “Is there such a thing as a divine plan for every one of us on this earth at this time? Like individually, do we each have a divine plan already set for us?

ELIAS: Interesting question! Let me express to you that within the accepted belief systems within your dimension, you create many different words for different aspects of your reality. Essentially, many of these concepts are the same and hold the same meaning, but they also hold elements of distortion, for they are influenced by your belief systems.

In this particular question, you express an inquiry of a divine plan. In a manner of speaking, I may answer you with yes, for YOU are divine and you have created your own plan, in a manner of speaking.

Let me express to you that your plan, so to speak, is in actuality a line of probabilities that YOU create as you enter into physical focus. In this, as you choose to be entering into this dimension and physically manifesting, you create a line of probabilities that you potentially shall follow.

Now; let me also express to you that there are no absolutes. Therefore, you may be creating of any line of probabilities, and you may also be altering these probabilities at any given moment within your focus. You may also move outside of your own individual pool of probabilities and be incorporating other probabilities that you may view to be unlikely into your pool of probabilities.

These are situations that individuals move into within an individual focus, where you view the individual to be creating very unusual choices or circumstances within their focus. They may be moving in one specific type of direction throughout most of their focus, and suddenly they are altering the entirety of their focus and moving in a completely different direction. This would be a situation of pulling probabilities from outside of their individual pool of probabilities.

You each create a pool of probabilities as you enter into a physical focus. Probabilities are created within the moment. The pool of probabilities is a pool of potentiality. It is not a pool of actual events or choices that lie before you that you may choose from. It is an area of potentiality, and in this potentiality you may move in any direction of which you choose in creating your own probabilities.

Each probability is created within the moment. It does not lie before you. It is not as a tree with thousands of leaves, each representing a different probability, that you may pick one probability and actualize that one within your physical focus. The probabilities are actualized within each moment, but within the potentiality in the pool of probabilities and the immaculateness of your creations, all of the probabilities that you create within a focus fit together perfectly as an immaculate puzzle with no mistakes. Although you view that you are creating mistakes within your focus, you are not, for each choice that you are creating of, regardless of your own judgment of your choices, is perfectly chosen to be creating of a certain direction and moving you within your pool of probabilities to be creating of certain events and certain action and certain directedness in your focus, to move you in the directions of your specific intent within your individual focus.

THIS would be your divine path, for you are the god! And in this, YOU be the divine being creating of your own line, which is what you term in your terminology to be your path, and you are creating of all of the avenues that steer you along your path, so to speak.

I do not express this to be a path, for this is reinforcing of the held belief systems within physical focus that you are placed upon this planet by some cosmic power outside of yourselves, and you are destined to be following a path, and upon this path you are certainly upon a mission! (Grinning) No, you are not!

YOU have created this physical focus. You manipulate EVERY THING within this physical focus. Every creation upon this planet, every molecule of this universe, YOU have created and continue to create and are manipulating all of these elements as your theater, and you are all your own directors and this is your forum, your theater that you create your own play within. You have created this physical dimension to be experiencing. This, if you must be moving in the direction of holding a mission, would be your mission, to be experiencing.

This particular dimension focuses its attention upon physical creation for the experience of emotion and sexuality, and this is reflected in every aspect of your creations. Every element within your dimension holds an attachment of gender, and you project emotion into every aspect of your focus, for this is what you have designed this particular dimension to be experiencing. There are countless physical dimensions, this being merely one, and in this particular one, this is the direction that you have created.

You are experiencing many other types of experiences in other physical dimensions. You are not merely this singular form that you view. You think, within your thought process, of your reality as being limited to merely what you view physically within THIS one focus of attention. This is not the all of your reality. This is not the all of you! Each of you are wondrous creations, are wondrous creatures that inhabit countless dimensions simultaneously.

All of your focuses are occurring now, simultaneously, within this dimension and within all other dimensions, and within THIS very creative dimension, you have created the perception of linear time. What an excellent creation! VERY creative, for in this you have created sub-dimensions within your dimension, for this dimension is a physical dimension, and within this dimension you have created the sub-dimensions of time aspects. Therefore, you have past and you have future. All of these time elements are also occurring now, presently, simultaneously. You view expansiveness of yourself in holding other focuses – past focuses, future focuses. They are all occurring now. You merely hold the perception that you hold past focuses or future focuses.

I have offered an analogy previously that I shall offer to you that may express a visual, that you may be understanding more of the vastness of yourselves, although this analogy is also quite limited.

In this, I express you to view yourselves as being a room. Your physical self is a room, and within this room there are hundreds of televisions, and each of these televisions holds one channel, one picture, one play, one scenario, and each of them are different, but they are all contained within this one room.

Each of the screens are a focus of you. They are all a creation of you, an aspect of you, and they are all contained within you. You are one of these television screens. You are one focus of attention of essence, just as within your physical body you may focus your attention upon several different areas of your physical form simultaneously. You may be aware of your vision, of your hearing, of your finger tapping, of stimulation of side of your body, of a throbbing toe, all simultaneously. In like manner, your essence is aware and interactive with all of these focuses of attention simultaneously, and viewing all of these television screens at once.

Time within its linear form is merely a perception that you have created for your experience within this particular dimension, that you may be experiencing fully in a much slower manner, that you may savor each of your experiences that you create within physical focus. You have created quite an amazing dimension within this particular reality!

FEMALE: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

FEMALE: ... I have a question about my relationship. I’ve been seeing somebody since January. Can you see a permanence in this relationship going on for a long period of time?

ELIAS: Ah, the crystal ball! (Everybody cracks up) Now we shall move into the area of the soothsayer! (Chuckling)

FEMALE: He’s laughing at me!

ELIAS: I shall express to you, first of all, this would be your choice. I may also express to you that all of your choices are probabilities, or the potentiality for probabilities. In this situation, there is a potentiality for the most probable probability, for there are no absolutes. Therefore, my crystal ball is broken! (Laughter) You shall be continuing within this relationship for a time period. I am not expressing that you move in the direction of the most probable probability of what you term to be permanence, but for a time period, you may be playful and you may be moving in the direction of pleasure, which I am quite advocating of!” [session 324, September 23, 1998]

ANON: “I know that you were discussing a lot about our belief systems, and that it is really important for us to look at the belief systems, and I know that we created these belief systems to begin with, and I’m wondering why it’s necessary for us to change them. I guess they’re not really serving us any more, but how is this going to help us, to change them?

ELIAS: First of all, let me express to you that you are not changing the belief systems. You are merely moving in the direction of accepting the belief systems. There IS a difference.

In your thought processes, you think to yourselves that if you are changing your belief systems, this shall be affecting of your reality and be creating of more efficiency within your reality.

In actuality, what you are accomplishing in the action of changing a belief system is not changing a belief system! The belief system remains. What you ARE moving into is changing your perception or your viewpoint, so to speak. You have moved your viewing from one aspect of the belief system to a different aspect of the belief system, but the first aspect that you have been viewing continues to remain within the cage. (6) You merely are not focusing your attention upon that particular bird any longer. You are focusing your attention upon a different bird.

At times, you may even move in the direction of viewing the same bird, but viewing different angles of the same bird. Initially you view the head of the bird, and then, in attempting to ‘change your belief system,’ you move your attention to the tail of the bird, or you occupy your attention with the colors of the bird or the size of the bird.

The bird continues to remain within the cage. The belief system remains the same. You are merely moving your attention in different directions. This is altering of your perception, but it is not accepting a belief system.

The point of accepting a belief system is to be not eliminating the belief system, but to be eliminating the judgment, and if you are eliminating the judgment, you are also greatly affecting of your conflict that you create within yourselves and within each other. And this would be the point, for within this shift in consciousness, you move in the direction of creating a new type of reality.

In this, I am not expressing that within the accomplishment of this shift you shall be altering your physical form, and you shall be moving about your planet as strange, unusual-looking little creatures and that you shall be consuming of strange vegetation, and that the entirety of your planet and your existence within this physical focus shall be altered radically within these types of manners, but the entirety of your reality SHALL be altered in different respects, and these alterations ARE quite radical, in a manner of speaking.

How you perceive your reality as it is established presently shall be altered. Your structure of your reality shall be different. I have offered information in this once, and I have expressed to individuals that I shall not move in the direction of often repeating that information, for that moves in the direction of what you perceive to be predictions, and I choose not to be lending energy in this direction, for this is another belief system.

I have offered information previously as to the action of this shift and how it shall be definitively altering of your reality in very radical manners, but I also am not moving in the direction of perpetuating your own belief systems in the areas of prophecies and crystal balls and predictions, for all actions are, as you are aware, probabilities, and therefore they are not concrete. They are very changeable within every moment, and although some probabilities are more probable than other probabilities in their actualization into this particular physical dimension, they are probabilities. Therefore, they are not absolutes.

There are no absolutes! You WANT absolutes, but there are no absolutes!

In this, your acceptance of your belief systems allows you to hold an opinion concerning your belief systems, that you may choose to move within them or you may choose not to move within them, but you create no judgment that you attach to them. There is no right or wrong or good or bad that concerns your choices. They are recognized as merely choices, and in this you offer yourselves tremendous freedom, and this be the point.

For within the alignment of these belief systems and the movement of all of the aspects of these belief systems and all of your judgments which are attached to these aspects of belief systems, you limit your own expressions, your own acceptance, and your own creativity. You create limits upon yourselves, and in this, as you allow yourselves to be accepting of belief systems, you not only open the door for the birds to fly free, but you also open the door for the freedom of your own creativity and your own expressions.

You guard yourselves. You do not allow the freedom of your expression, for you fear how this shall be perceived by another individual. You shall guard how you speak, what energy you project, how you think, for you hold an awareness that thought is energy, and although other individuals do not engage their inner sense of telepathy and actively engage in mind-reading with you, you DO hold an awareness that in some subjective manner THEY hold an awareness of your energy, which you project through your thought processes, which is translated as energy projected outward from your physical form in the direction of other individuals.

And do not delude yourselves into the thought process that other individuals are unaware of your projections of energy! It is unnecessary to physically view, to see or hear or touch energy, to KNOW that it is present and to KNOW that it is being manipulated.

You all have encountered experiences with other individuals in which you KNOW what another individual is thinking, and they may say nothing. You may not allow yourselves to engage this continuously, but you ALL have created this experience within your focus. Not one individual has not experienced this particular action! It is natural to you. It is a movement of your inner senses, which ARE natural to you. You merely do not open yourselves to actively engaging these inner senses continuously, but regardless that you notice the workings of these inner senses, they ARE working and you DO allow yourselves to be connecting to their workings occasionally.

Therefore, you hold an awareness that it matters not that another individually, physically, audibly expresses to you. You hold an awareness of their energy and of their thought processes.

(Firmly) There are no secrets within essence!

You may move in the direction within physical focus of fooling yourselves and deceiving yourselves that you hold the ability to be creating secrets from other individuals, but within essence there are no secrets, for there are no judgments. And in this, it matters not what you choose to be creating! You create your secrets, for you hold duplicity and you engage this belief system. You do not move in the direction of secretiveness if you are not creating a judgment that you have engaged something bad or unacceptable or that you fear other individuals shall place a judgment upon, but you have already placed a judgment upon your very creation! This be the reason that you are creating of this shift and that you are addressing to these belief systems, for your own freedoms.

How very often do you each engage the thought of how very liberating it may be that you may express yourselves without limitation? And if you are accepting belief systems you discontinue judgment, and therefore you MAY express yourselves in all of your creations, in all of your thought process, in all of your emotions, in all of your directions of all of your expressions, for it shall matter not. It shall not be hurtful to other individuals, for they shall not be engaging judgment, and it shall not be hurtful to yourself, for YOU shall not be engaging judgment, and THIS is the point.” [session 328, October 03, 1998]

NORM: “Okay, I’m going to try to explain this in the best possible way that I believe that I could do it, and that would be that the links of consciousness have functionality everywhere in All-That-Is. They have functionality everywhere, and they can be everywhere, and they can decide what to do at any time in our material world, and they evidently have knowledge somehow of everything that goes on, and they have qualities that are unbounded.

ELIAS: You are correct in this assessment....

NORM: Okay. To me, they are the ultimate and most beautiful creativity that has ever, ever been done, so to speak, because it is the primal element of All-That-Is. (Here, Elias gets ready to say something, but stops) And when they synergistically get together, forming literally infinite types of organizations and numbers, the organization can become an infinite set of just numbers of links of consciousness, and then the qualities of the links of consciousness are infinite, so that the quality of the organization of links of consciousness is also infinite. So we are looking at a set of infinities that certainly won’t get boring for any essence! Am I saying that correctly?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) You are correct in this statement also.

Let me express to you that the most difficult concept for you within physical focus is the idea that these links of consciousness hold no separation. This appears to be contradictory, for you think in terms of absolutes and boundaries, and in this these links of consciousness do not hold what you may term to be absolutes or boundaries. They are ever-changing and continuously within a state of becoming.

This be the reason that you as essence are continuously within a state of becoming, for you are comprised of these links of consciousness, for All-That-Is And MAy Be is links of consciousness within different configurations of organizations to be creating different types of structures that function in different manners, creating different types of explorations of consciousness, of itself. It is not an exploration of what may be beyond, but All-That-Is, for All-That-Is is infinitely exploring within itself.” [session 329, October 11, 1998]

BOBBI: “I have a question about an experience I had last spring. Vivien hypnotized me and told me to go to a place ... I believe she said that I needed to go, and I was expecting an other-focus experience. As it turned out, I wound up in a place that was like viewing huge petals of flowers, or a cloud. It was various shades of blue; very beautiful, very huge. I was kind of floating in towards it, and as I got more towards the center, little gold squiggly things were coming out of the middle. At the time, it was difficult for me to convey. She was asking what was I experiencing, what was I visualizing, and I’ve had a lot of confusion about exactly where I was in that experience.

ELIAS: In this state of relaxed focus, you are offered directions by the individual that is facilitating, which you shall be complying with as you choose to be relaxing your focus of attention. But in certain situations, the direction that you are being offered may be left to your interpretation, as it is not specifically designated. Within the action of allowing you to choose your own direction, at times there is also a confusion of the language while you are relaxing the attention of the particular focus.

As you enter into this area of relaxing your attention, the individual may express to you that you may be moving into an area that you ‘need’ to be focusing upon, but within your interpretation of this, you may move in the direction of an area that you WANT to focus upon, for the word ‘need’ does not translate well within subjective areas of consciousness, for in actuality, there is no element of need. This is an aspect of belief systems which is recognized by your subjective awareness, that even within your physical manifestation, there is in actuality no actual need of any element, action, or direction.

In this, you automatically translate into a more subjective language and reconstruct this particular instruction into more of an area of a want – what you choose to be focusing upon. Therefore, this opens your window of movement into many different directions, for it is merely dependent upon that moment and what that particular aspect of yourself chooses to be viewing, at their choice within that moment.

In this, your choice within the moment was to be merely viewing to yourself the lack of separation between yourself as you view yourself objectively and that which you create objectively, knowing that in actuality there is no separation, but also continuing to focus your attention within physical elements.

Therefore, you have chosen to focus your attention in the area of presenting yourself with imagery that is of physical creations, but slightly different, for within the lack of separation, the appearance of these links of consciousness that pull together to form your physical creations are not as tightly bound. Therefore, they appear differently within your visualization. You offer yourself a truer visualization than what you physically view with your vision.

Within your physical vision you view objects, and these objects appear very sharp and clear to you, holding very distinct colors and shapes. In your allowance of viewing within this type of relaxed focus, you allow more of your subjective awareness to be entering into your objective viewing. You continue to hold certain elements of form in what is familiar to you, therefore you identify certain shapes, but you also hold a knowing within you that your identification of these shapes seems inadequate.

You view an object, and you express to the other individual in response that this object is a cloud or this object is a flower, but as you are viewing within the experience, the term flower or cloud does not seem quite adequate to be describing what you are actually viewing, for they do not entirely fit what you view within physical focus. In this, what you ARE viewing is more of the lack of separation of yourself and these elements. They are not what they appear, just as you are not what you appear, as we have stated previously within the context of this session. They are elements that are projections from you. Therefore, they are essentially what you may term part of you.

They are not separate entities. This be the reason that they seem clear, but slightly unfocused. They seem within your visualization to hold a crispness and a vividness, but they also simultaneously seem unfocused. They do not hold the solidity that actual objects hold, but they also hold more brilliance. This be the quality of vividness that you offer yourself in these types of visualization. In this, this is allowing yourself to view other elements of yourself, knowing that these elements are parts of yourself or aspects of yourself that you may also choose to be exploring.

Now; this shall lead us once again into the area of viewing the aspects of you. We have discussed all of the you’s of you, which are aspects of you, but there are more aspects of you than merely the you’s of you, for as I have stated previously, all that you view within this physical dimension is a projection of you. There is no separation. It merely appears in your perception, within each moment of linear time, that you are separated and that you hold distinction as entities, separate and apart from any other type of entity.

The vastness of what you are, in many respects within physical focus, is incomprehensible to you. This is also the reason that within the early throes of these sessions I have been encouraging of individuals to be engaging their conceptual sense, for this shall lend more of an ease in understanding to you of many of the concepts that I present to you, remembering that all that you designate as concepts are in actuality reality. They are merely not a reality to you within your perception.

Let us view the workings of consciousness – what IS consciousness – and the distinctions of essence and consciousness. You may notice throughout this information that I express a distinction between essence and consciousness. Essence is consciousness, but there is consciousness that is not essence. Essence is also unlimited. This be the area that is very difficult for your understanding within physical focus, for you are so very accustomed to thinking in singular terms. All that you create within your physical dimension moves in this direction.

You create things. You identify things. Even things that you may not see you classify as things, and this creates great difficulty within your thinking and your imagining of how there may be an element that is not a thing and that may be some quality in itself but unbounded simultaneously, that may be thought of in the manner of a distinction but not separate, (to Bobbi) which this is directly correlating to your experience.

In this, I have spoken previously of links of consciousness. Links of consciousness are not things either. They are elements of consciousness, but they hold no form. They are not within what you term to be a time framework, although they may be inserted into a time framework, but the time framework itself is comprised of links of consciousness, and these links of consciousness have no necessary space arrangement. They exist within all space arrangements simultaneously and within all time frameworks simultaneously.

Now; links of consciousness may group together, and in specific types of groupings together create a tone, and they may choose collectively to be creating in conjunction with that tone what may be identified as personality. The personality is a specific organization of movement within a vibrational quality of a collective expression of these links of consciousness, which in this type of configuration is creating what we term to be essence.

(Intently) Essence is not separate and apart from consciousness. There is no separate and apart from consciousness. There is no boundary to consciousness. There is no limit to consciousness. Therefore, there is no thing, no element, no action outside of consciousness, for there is no outside. Within consciousness, the configuration of these links of consciousness creating personality tone is the designation of essence.

These configurations are not separate and apart from each other, for be remembering that I have expressed to you, each link of consciousness occupies all space arrangements and all time frameworks and all of consciousness. Therefore, one link of consciousness may be an element that is within the configuration or grouping that comprises itself to be creating of your essence, and simultaneously, that same link of consciousness occupies all other essences. (Pause)

Let me express to you, you hold many different qualities. Each of your qualities are your qualities. You hold preferences. You express a perception. Your perception is unique to you. Where is your perception? What is your perception? Think of any quality of yourself. You are an individual that expresses gentleness. This would be a designation of a quality that you exhibit. Where is this quality? Present to me your gentleness! (Holding one hand out, palm facing upward, staring at everybody) What is your gentleness?

VICKI: It’s just expressed in action.

ELIAS: Form this to an object. It is not. It is a quality. It is a thing, in a manner of speaking, for it is a projection. What it is, is energy. What is energy? Energy is not a thing. Energy is movement. It is a motion, an action.

FRANK: Of what? Of consciousness?

ELIAS: It is an action of links of consciousness. Energy itself, as you identify as a thing, is an action. It is not a thing, although you identify energy as a thing.

The links of consciousness are not a thing. They are an existence, but they are not an entity. They are not a thing. You may not touch them, you may not hold them, you may not see them. They merely ARE.

I have attempted to be discussing in this area previously with individuals, and as this has been presented within this very session, Ellius [Forrest] has attempted to be moving in the direction of this subject matter (7), but THIS subject matter is quite difficult for you to be understanding and you are very resistant to this subject matter, for you think in terms of things and absolutes, and within the very construct of your language, your very words are contrary to the explanations themselves.

I have expressed previously that within consciousness, which is ALL, there are no absolutes, and I have been presented with the statement, ‘But this statement is an absolute!’ Your language does not facilitate any type of conceptual words that may adequately offer you these ideas. Within my very statements to you, they shall appear inconsistent, for your language is based upon what you know within physical focus, what you create within physical focus, what your perception creates within physical focus.

Therefore, I may express to you in truth, ‘There are no absolutes within consciousness.’ No is an absolute. Absolute is an absolute. Yes is an absolute! I may present to you that energy is an action, and you may express to me, ‘An action of what?’ The what is a thing. You may assimilate that energy is a motion, but it is quite difficult for you to assimilate that it is a motion of nothing! There is no thing that it is a motion of.

In this, as you move through the creations of consciousness, consciousness is directing of itself, but essence is directing of itself, but consciousness is directing of it, and it is directing of consciousness, for they are the same, but they hold configurations of distinctive groupings that appear different. There is complete mergence, complete harmony. There is no separation.

The closest expression that I may offer you within the confines of your language is to be incorporating the word of mergence, for within this word of mergence, you develop an idea within you of more than one thing absorbing into each other, and this presents you with a very small concept of a lack of separation. But even within the mergence you hold separation, for you hold that there are several things that are coming together and absorbing together, and there are qualities of these individual things that shall be distinct as they are merged.

In this, if you are moving to the direction of one singular link of consciousness – which is not a thing – one expression of energy, how may that one expression of energy occupy all space arrangements, occupy all time frameworks, and be all of consciousness and all of all essences simultaneously if it is a thing?

You express to me, this is very big. These concepts presented to you are presented in very small manners, in very small measure, but these concepts are far vaster than you comprehend, and you move not even close to actualizing their reality in your reality.

This be the reason that I express to you of skipping shells, for I hold the awareness that you may not understand information that I may offer you, but of what use shall this information be to you within your reality? For you may not be applying this information to be beneficial to you within your physical reality, for you may not even conceive of its reality!

FRANK: Do we need to?

ELIAS: No. This be the reason that I focus my attention with you upon your physical reality and what you create within your physical reality, and how to be manipulating energy within your physical reality more efficiently and moving into areas that you have chosen to be creating within this physical dimension with more effortlessness and less trauma. I am quite understanding with no doubtfulness that this type of information may be fascinating and quite interesting to be listening to within physical focus, but it is not useful to you in many areas within your everyday movement.” [session 333, October 19, 1998]

PAUL: “I have another question for you, and I think I’ve debated this with Vicki too. I don’t think I’ve talked to Mary; maybe I have. But anyway, given that you offer information, in your terms, within the intent of the least distortion, are you to be considered an infallible source? (Elias chuckles, and Paul laughs)

JO: Can we believe what you tell us? (Laughing)

ELIAS: I shall express to you that infallible implies an absolute, and in this there may not be any infallible element within consciousness, for there are no absolutes.

Therefore, I may express to you that the information that I offer to you is correct within its translation and is offered for your understanding of your reality, but as to an expression of infallible, which is your projection of your idea of gods, this would be incorrect, for this is offering the idea that there are certain expressions that may not be changed, and this would not be correct.

There is no absoluteness within essence. It is merely not possible to be translating to you the lack of absoluteness within the confines of your language, for your language itself implies certain absolutes. This be the reason that I am encouraging of you to be conceptualizing in assimilating this information, for language is a translation which is quite limiting at times.” [session 336, October 27, 1998]

JIM: “Elias, there’s something just this morning that happened just after I’d woken up. I was sitting, and there was ... I noticed an immense swirling, a visual sensation, like this swirling veil of something. I could look at a piece of furniture, and the furniture itself was not swirling, but it was like something in between, the space in between was swirling. What’s happening there?

ELIAS: This you are offering to yourself, as you are allowing yourself to widen your awareness and open to your periphery. This is an experience that I have been expressing to individuals from the onset of this forum, that shall be occurring with individuals as they are opening their awareness within consciousness.

In this, you allow yourself to view more of your reality, and view that the reality that you have perceived to this point as being solid and absolute is not necessarily what you perceive.

Now; I have expressed previously that your reality in this dimension is not an illusion and should not be confused in the belief system that it IS an illusion, for it is not. You are creating your reality and it is quite real! It is real relative to this dimension.

In this, what I am expressing to you is that within the confines of this dimension and how you have created your officially accepted reality, it IS quite real and you DO create solidity in this physical reality, but it also is not absolute.

As you widen your awareness, you allow yourselves to view that there are no absolutes, and you allow yourselves to drop the veils that you have created within the solidity and thickness of your physical reality. What you are accomplishing in this action is allowing yourself to relax your focus, your hold upon your perception within this physical reality, and as you are accomplishing of that action, you also relax the tension and thickness of your time framework.

Now; let me explain to you that your element of time within this dimension is much more affecting of all that you create than you realize, for it is the element of time that is inserted into your physical reality that is creating of your physical matter and objects and solidity that you perceive within this dimension.

As you relax your focus and your hold upon your perception of time, you drop certain veils which hold together, in a manner of speaking, your perception of solidity, and in this, you begin to view the movement and the motion of consciousness as it forms itself within the element of thickness of time, and it begins to separate, in a manner of speaking.

You may view this same type of action as you are tipping a table in your parlor tricks. You shall view the molecules and atoms of the table separating and swirling, so to speak, for you allow yourself to view the movement of these physical elements, which you do not normally – in a manner of speaking – allow yourselves to view, but ALL of the solidity and matter within your physical dimension is continuously within motion. Although you view stationary solidness, this is merely a perception.

ALL that you view is energy. ALL that you view holds consciousness, and in this, I have expressed previously, another word that you may engage to be synonymous with energy is motion. You think within your thought process that energy is a thing, but it is not. It is an action. Consciousness is an element that creates all that you view as it moves in cooperation and intent, but energy is merely the action that consciousness creates, and this movement or motion is that which is creating of all of your reality. The differences in movement are the elements that create your physical matter and your physical universe.

What you have allowed yourself to experience is a loosening of your hold upon your perception of time, and in this, you also allow yourself to view a loosening of what you view to be solid.

Now; you may also allow yourself to be experiencing in this manner – dropping this veil – and you shall view your solid objects, as a chair or a table, and this also shall appear to swirl and may disappear temporarily, for you are relaxing the tension of the time framework, the time element, and as you relax your perception of the time element, you also relax the movement, and in this, you relax the tension that holds the solidity.

In this, you may also view that you are creating your own tiny area that may be likened to your Bermuda Triangle. You are creating of your own small, tiny window to move through that shall not hold the barriers, so to speak, that the solidity of time element holds.” [session 350, January 03, 1999]

JENE: “Now, what is right under my nose? (Laughing) I’m asking straightforward because I haven’t found it, unless it’s the teaching of what I have done for twenty-three years, of the make-up itself. Or is that just another door that’s opening, and eventually I will get what you were saying to me?

ELIAS: We return to what you shall physically express of long ago! (8)

JENE: Long ago, yes! (Laughing, and Elias chuckles)

ELIAS: I am aware that many times, within your physical terms and within your beliefs and your thought processes, the words that I express to you seem elusive and symbolic, and they are not. But as you each hold to your beliefs so very tightly and you hold to your perceptions in the familiar – this is key – as you hold to the familiar within your perceptions, many times you do not view in actuality the more-ness of reality, but limit yourselves in very familiar physical terms.

Now; I am not expressing ‘cosmic floatingness’ or elusive elements of consciousness that are ungraspable that exist within your universe and are not available to you! But within physical focus, you are so very accustomed to automatic patterns and thought processes that many times you create your own process, and your process is to be seeking and searching to the point that in your terms, you give up, and in this giving up – which is not giving up but merely turning your attention – you chance to turn your attention away from the familiar and venture into the unfamiliar, which is your natural expression.

For much time period from that point of that statement, you have moved in the direction of looking very physically to events, interactions with other individuals, employment, creations in very officially accepted definitions. In that, be remembering that I have expressed to you that you hold a didactic ability, and I have also expressed to you that this – what I express – is not necessarily in the conventional terms of your definition of teaching. But you have continued to move in the direction of conventional terms and the official accepted reality, looking outward to employ, to physical abilities; what your hand may produce, what your movement physically may produce. Production is what has held your attention. What I have expressed to you is what you are moving into now, in what you have allowed yourself in this break point, to be looking to Rudy [Jene] and your expression of self; not what you may produce, not what you may be creating physically with your hands, but what you are and what you offer in what you are.

In this, as you begin to allow yourself that acceptance of self – which I have spoken to you of many times – and you allow yourself to be naturally moving in conjunction with that expression, it may flow through your physical hands, but the physical hands are not the object. They are not the point. You may translate in whatever manner you choose, but this is not the point, and this be what I have been expressing to you for much time framework.

You have addressed me with specific questions in quite absolute terms, and I have answered in unabsolute terms, for we are not speaking in absolutes, for there are no absolutes, but within physical focus you want absolutes, for this is familiar and this offers you comfort, but it also limits your abilities.

Your natural expression of self is much greater than what you allow through your physical hands. They are merely instruments; not that they are not an element of the expression of your physical projection of essence – for you are not a vessel and you are aware of this – but that they have been perceived as the ‘production maker.’ In this, YOU are the producer; not what emerges from your physical creation, but what you project within yourself outwardly as yourself and what you offer to other individuals in that expression.

You have allowed yourself within this particular focus a great many experiences. You have also allowed yourself within this particular focus an acquisition of much information. Now move into the mergence of the information and the experiences, and allow a free flow of your being naturally. You may move into the direction of being YOU.

Once again, I hold the awareness that this may be seeming elusive, but I express to you, there is a partial element of your expression that you enjoy. There is a partial element of your physical production that you allow yourself pleasure and fun within – partial. In the actual creation of color and tone and shading, you allow yourself pleasure. There is another element of your physical production that you do not experience pleasure and you rail against.

I express to you, you have inquired many times, ‘Which direction shall I proceed within?’ And I say to you, proceed in the direction that expresses YOU, the focus of Jene within this time framework and this physical expression of focus, what Jene wishes to express in pleasure and fun; not in ‘supposed to,’ not in ‘have to,’ not in ‘must,’ not in obligation, but that expression which allows you a free flow of your energy of YOU.

And regardless, you may express counter back to me, ‘Ah, but Elias, you do not occupy physical focus, and I hold financial obligations and bills and debts and I must be responsible and I must be attending to these, as they are my reality!’

Yes, they are your reality, and I am not discounting of this. I am also expressing to you that it is unnecessary to be moving in the direction of pushing, for you may allow yourself to attach to and believe what you express to other individuals: ‘Your universe is a safe place and it shall provide for you and you need not worry, for all that you need shall be with you.’ You are quite accomplished at offering this information to other individuals, but you do not allow yourself the experience ... the experience and information.

Now merge with self, not concerning [yourself] with personal responsibility for all other individuals, but afford yourself the generosity that you afford others. You are equally as worthy as any individual that you extend to, but you do not extend to YOU, and I express to you that you are creating a great injustice to self, for no other individual that occupies physical focus upon this planet holds more worthiness and deservingness of your attention. They merely may express in dramatics that may gain your attention objectively, but you are attempting in desperation in your own dramatics to gain your attention also.

JENE: Okay. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very, very welcome.

JENE: (Emotionally) I appreciate that. I think I might be able to understand that now.

ELIAS: And in this, acknowledge your movement.

JENE: Yes.

ELIAS: For within our initial meetings, you were not understanding objectively.

JENE: No. No, I was not.

ELIAS: Of which I held awareness. But you were assimilating subjectively and you were moving, and I expressed acknowledgment to you continuously ... although you did not believe me! I expressed ongoing, ‘You are moving,’ and now you come to fruition and you see objectively, you ARE moving.

JENE: That’s great.

ELIAS: Much affection to you.

JENE: Thank you, Elias.” [session 411, June 07, 1999]

RODNEY: “I went to a conference (9), and this lower back pain that I have currently seems to be associated – at least in my mind – with events that occurred there. I was wondering if you would comment on that.

ELIAS: I shall express to you that you create this type of physical affectingness at time frameworks within your focus in which you are experiencing discomfort within yourself.

In this, as you move into certain positions within your thought process and your feelings emotionally in interaction with other individuals, as there may be inner conflicts occurring, you express this outwardly in affectingness of yourself physically rather than be expressing, outwardly, conflict with other individuals.

Now; let me express to you that at times, you do not allow yourself entirely an objective awareness of the conflict that may be arising within you, but you be creating this type of physical affectingness regardless. But at other time frameworks, you DO hold an awareness that you are moving into an inner expression of confusion and of conflict, with respect to other individuals and the direction that they may be moving into.

Now; this is created within you in response to what you may identify as concern or a ‘wanting’ with regard to the other individuals for their widening of awareness, which shall facilitate more of an ease within their focus.

But I express to you that the reason frustration and conflict ensues in these situations is that subjectively, you also quite hold the knowing that you may only be influencing with respect to other individuals as they allow you to be influencing, and in this, you do not hold the power, so to speak, to be creating another individual’s reality. You wish not to be placing judgment upon their choices and their thought processes, but you battle this within your inner feeling of concern and compassion, and this creates a conflict and struggle within yourself.

Now; this be once again addressing to the issue of acceptance.

Now; I express to you and to all other individuals that this action of acceptance is twofold, in the acceptance of self and the acceptance of other individuals. I move in offering information to you each to be concerning yourselves with self first, for this allows you automatic byproducts of being accepting of other individuals. But I shall express to you also that at times, you may be moving in directions of acceptance of self, and you may also be expressing difficulty within you in the area of acceptance of other individuals and how they are creating their reality.

This all concerns perception. Each individual holds differences in perception, and as I have expressed within our last meeting, all of reality is HIGHLY individualized. Therefore, each individual’s perception is their reality, and may be different from your reality.

In this, the reason that frustration, confusion, and conflict enter into the scenario is that within your officially accepted reality – your societies, your communities, en masse – you identify certain elements of your reality as absolutes, and in this identification of absolutes, you create assumptions that all other individuals hold the same absolutes as do you.

In this, you become confused, for you are projecting energy and interaction and communications with other individuals within the assumption that their absolutes are absolutely the same as your absolutes, and they are not!

I express to you, in very simple terms, very basic words that you hold within your language you believe to be absolutes; very simple, basic concepts you believe to be absolutes....

RODNEY: Could you name a couple?

ELIAS: I express to you, let us look to common concepts: honesty and dishonesty. Look to your identification of any of your religious precepts. Look to your commandments. These are what you assume to be absolutes: murder, stealing, lying. These are absolutes that you all hold the same definition for: honor, honesty, compassion, love. You hold the same definitions for all of these concepts ... but I express to you, you do not!

(Intently) You ASSUME that you hold the same definitions, and you look to your reality and express that all individuals MUST hold the same definitions for these terms and these concepts, but each individual’s interpretation and perception of those concepts is different. Therefore, in your interaction with other individuals, you express within the thought process of the absolute, AND THEY DO ALSO, but your absolutes are individually different.

RODNEY: It’s like we’re looking out of different windows.

ELIAS: Quite. Therefore, you may be looking to the same object out your windows, but you are viewing different angles of it. Therefore, it appears slightly different to you each.

RODNEY: I understand ... I think I understand!

ELIAS: In this, as to your question concerning your discomfort within your back physically, what you are expressing to yourself in this creation is the recognition of your inner conflict within YOUR absolutes, for within your thought processes and your concepts of information that you have drawn to yourself, you view that this shall be helpful to other individuals if it is incorporated within their understanding within certain guidelines. Therefore, there is a wish within you to be helpful to other individuals, in that they may be assimilating information that may be beneficial to them, but in the reception of information, the information that you draw to yourself may not be interpreted in a manner of helpfulness to another individual in the same manner that it is with you.

Therefore, you look to these types of situations, once again, as absolutes. ‘If this concept is helpful to myself, it shall also be helpful to another individual.’

RODNEY: And it’s not.

ELIAS: It may not necessarily be, for their interpretation is filtered through their perception, and their perception is different from your perception, and how they process their information may be approached from a different angle. Therefore, what may hold meaning with you, in a manner of speaking, holds no meaning with another individual, and may be inconsequential to another individual!

RODNEY: Right.

ELIAS: This creates an inner conflict, for you hold a desire to be helpful and to be offering the expression of helpfulness to other individuals in objective expression.

In this, I express to you that you may be the most helpful within your expression in interaction with other individuals as you turn your attention to the acceptance of their perception, their reality, recognizing that this IS reality and it is not worse or better than your own reality, and continue to be accepting of your reality, recognizing that it is benefiting YOU.

In this, as another individual may be inquiring of you and seeking information from you, this is their expression that they may be opening to the allowance of influence which may be extended from you. Objectively, this is your signal, so to speak, that there is a willingness within another individual to be receiving influence within their reality from your expression, but you find yourself at times projecting that influence that you hold and it returns to you within energy, for it is not received.

(Intently) This is the choice of all individuals, yourself also. You all hold free will. You all create your individual realities, and no other individual may be interrupting of that. Therefore, it is your choice to be accepting or not accepting the influence of any other individual objectively, and it is their choice also.

Objectively, you are signaled, so to speak, in knowing that an individual is expressing a receptivity to you within your interaction. Once an individual is not expressing this receptiveness within your interaction, this also is an unspoken projection of energy, which is a signal to you that within their reality, within that moment, they are not accepting of your influence and they are not assimilating the interaction of which you are engaging.

RODNEY: ... I have a dream that I had a few days ago, and I’d like you to comment on it. I find myself in the dream fully clothed holding a young boy, I believe in my right arm, and I’m holding onto a long tether, a line of some kind ... I’m holding onto this line, which is coming out of some kind of a flying object very high in the sky, and the line is coming down to me, and I’m in the water. I’m in a huge river of some kind – big waves, rapids – and this tether is helping somehow. I record in my journal that there is an individual in this flying boat who is good and our protector, and someone else who is bad and against us.

The next thing that happens is that the line gets tangled in a huge tree, and I lose it for that reason. Then we come upon some land where there is a very old village, and there are some strange people there who are protecting something, or appear to be, and they present me with this huge dog – it’s kind of a test – and I go into myself and I find that part of me which is very gentle and loving, and it’s like I send this dog my gentle, loving energy, and the dog responds and I pet it, and when I do that, I am accepted by the people of the town. I almost think that I would like to live there.

I go for a walk, and it seems like it’s on the other side of the town. There are all of these huge tree trunks sticking out of the marsh, and they are dead and dying, and there’s a fog and a mist there. I’m fascinated by this vision, and I wonder what it will be like ... what it looks like when it’s flooded again from the water. That’s the end of the dream.

It appears to me that the dream is about, in many respects, my dying, or at least my subconscious. The dog seems to be part of a guardian, or THE guardian, and I seem to have negotiated a good standing with this guardian. Could you comment on the dream in general, and particularly about the individual in the flying boat who I perceive as being bad and against me?

ELIAS: Very well.

In this, I say to you that you are not presenting yourself with imagery concerning disengagement or death. What you have presented yourself with in this imagery is an accounting of your movement within your focus in this present time framework, and slightly futurely. It is an overview, so to speak, an assessment of your movement and your position, in a manner of speaking, of your focus presently; an evaluation, in other terms.

In this, you image yourself to be within waters that appear to be moving within rapids. You hold to this tether that is connected to this boat, which holds these two individuals that are steering the boat.

First of all, I express to you that you image yourself within this water as yourself, within certain time frameworks and scenarios in your focus, in the midst of turbulence. But within the midst of these expressions of turbulence, you also hold to this line which is attached to this boat with these two individuals above you.

Now; be remembering you also hold a small one within your hand as you are within the midst of these turbulent waters. In this, the small one that you hold is your imagery of all other individuals that you feel responsible for.

RODNEY: Really!

ELIAS: It is your responsibility, within your imagery, to be protective of this small one and to be holding it free from the turbulence and the movement of the rapids within the water, therefore offering it your expression of protection. This is the imagery which is expressive of elements of personal responsibility that you hold within yourself in relation to other individuals.

Looking to the boat and the two individuals within it, these are the expression of what you would term to be equal powers; one being that of what you view to be essence, which appears to be kind and protective of you, and the other being the imagery of the expression of yourself, which you view to be fighting against essence ... and [to be] the holder of belief systems which may be damaging and bad.

RODNEY: You’re saying that the person in the boat, who I thought I saw as being bad and against us, represents myself?

ELIAS: Correct, for you as the focus hold the belief systems, and of course, these are very bad! (Chuckling) And quite damaging to you! HA HA!

In this, you image yourself in the vein of negativity. Subsequently, you view that the line becomes entangled with the tree, and therefore you seem to lose the grip upon this rope.

RODNEY: Right.

ELIAS: In this, the rope represents, within your imagery, experiences which are created within your focus.

Now; these experiences may become quite distracting at times.


ELIAS: Therefore, you are paying attention to the experiences, viewing them once again as absolutes. Therefore, you are distracting your attention with many of the entanglements in these experiences, and losing sight thusly of the two individuals within the boat, as it appears that they slip away from you.

RODNEY: Yes. Alright, so the line being entangled in the tree is kind of symbolic of the confusion and conflict I create for myself.

ELIAS: Quite, in your entanglement in experiences which distract you from your attention in viewing self and essence.

RODNEY: Okay. Alright....

ELIAS: Now you move to this village.


ELIAS: And within this village, you view these individuals within this tribe. In this, you have imaged this village in this manner quite purposefully. It follows in continuation with this dream imagery, for now you turn your attention to the simplicity of your creation of your reality and the effortlessness of your reality.

You image this in the symbology of primitiveness, for you equate primitive with simple.


ELIAS: Therefore, you image this village in primitive terms, which is your suggestion to yourself of the simplicity of your reality, and this holds great attraction to you, and you express the longing to be continuing in that simplicity ...

RODNEY: I understand that!

ELIAS: ... without the complication that is introduced into your reality. Therefore, there is a very strong draw to continue to be interactive within this village. They offer you this creature, this dog, which you project to, and it is receiving and accepting.

In this symbology, in the simplicity of the reality within your imagery, you have offered yourself the offering of an image or a ‘holder of self’ which shall be accepting of your expressions and shall be receiving of all that you express outwardly and wish to be offering. It readily is accepting of that, and is holding of your expressions in acceptance.

RODNEY: You’re talking about the dog.

ELIAS: Correct. This is the expression of you in your acceptance of yourself in simplicity.

RODNEY: Wow! The dog was a beautiful, tan, amber color.

ELIAS: And this is the presentment to yourself, as this color resonates with your individual vibrational quality.

RODNEY: Yes, I feel it does.

ELIAS: Correct, for you within this focus resonate at a very similar vibrational quality.


ELIAS: Now; subsequently you move into the area of this fog or mist.

RODNEY: Right. Elias, the dog therefore was not truly protecting anything, was it?

ELIAS: No. It is holding of all that you assess as precious and valuable, which is yourself.

RODNEY: Wow. The other people in the village seemed to be waiting to see how the dog reacted to me.

ELIAS: Quite, for this is the expression of you, and shall you be accepting of yourself or not?

RODNEY: Thank you!

ELIAS: You are welcome.

Now you move into the expression of the mist, and your curiosity and your anticipation for the flood waters.


ELIAS: Now; this is your identification, in imagery, of the recognition of cloudedness within certain movements of yourself – assimilating information, moving through your focus in conjunction with this shift in consciousness, and widening your awareness.

Now; within this action of widening your awareness, you are opening to the gray, which you image as the mist or the fog. You are moving out of the expression of absolutes and cause and effect and black and white, and moving....

RODNEY: Everything in this image was gray, or a tone of gray ...

ELIAS: Quite.

RODNEY: ... even the soil, except for the tree trunks, which were darkish.

ELIAS: Quite.

This is the imagery that you present to yourself in expression that you are moving into this gray area in which there are the presentment of endless choices for you, but it is misty – it is clouded – for you have not yet entirely allowed yourself to be recognizing all that is presented within this grayness, for it is unfamiliar to you in your widening of awareness.

But you DO distinguish some objects which seem to be darker than other elements within the gray. Therefore, they are more distinguishable. In this, you are imaging to yourself that certain aspects within this gray area are becoming clearer. As you widen your awareness, your focus is tuning clearly.

In this, you also hold the anticipation of the flood waters, that they shall be once again covering this area.

Now; you do not hold fearfulness of these flood waters ...

RODNEY: No, I don’t.

ELIAS: ... but an anticipation of them. This is the rush of energy within consciousness and the accomplishment of the shift that you anticipate.

RODNEY: Wow. I thank you!

ELIAS: You are very welcome, my friend.

RODNEY: I thank you, I thank you, for all of the above!

ELIAS: And I express to you that this is quite creative imagery that you have offered to yourself quite efficiently in your evaluation of your focus presently.” [session 416, June 27, 1999]

DEANE: “Immediately after our last session (10), I pulled out a bottle of Cointreau to have a drink in your honor. Part of that bottle was broken, and I cut two of my fingers. Also, not long after, I was stung by a wasp on my left wrist, and then shortly after that, I was stung again on the other hand. Then I poked myself with a wire in my finger! I thought there was a message in this pain and damage to my hands, but all I got was that I was pushing this drinking thing with you too far, and I’m not so sure of the accuracy of that. I would appreciate your comments.

ELIAS: I express to you that you are presenting yourself with interesting imagery in conjunction with the consumption of a substance, in your terms merely, but this is not in conjunction with myself. I shall express to you that I have received your expression of shared pleasure and enjoyment with acceptance, and that it matters not within myself what you choose to be engaging to be expressive of your emotional qualities within yourself and directing them to this essence.

What you HAVE presented yourself with is imagery that is related to mass belief systems, and imagery which involves your partner also and her alignment with mass belief systems, and your deviation from these mass belief systems IN ACTION, but not necessarily in underlying beliefs.

Let us express that within mass belief systems within your culture in your society, there are held very strong judgments in the area of the consumption of any type of substances that may be viewed to be engaged in ANY form of excessiveness.

Now; let me also express to you that the term ‘excessiveness’ is quite relative, for excessive may hold one meaning for one individual and hold a different meaning for another individual.

In this, you are presenting yourself with imagery holding messages twofold.

One is the addressment and noticing of your own underlying belief, which moves in the direction of questioning the consumption of such substances as you designate as alcohol and what affectingness that may or may not incur within your physical form, as you are dealing presently with different aspects of your physical body being affected, and therefore other elements are coming, so to speak, to your attention also in different areas that may be affecting of your physical body.

The other area that you are presenting to yourself is the movement outside of the mass belief system in action and the affectingness that may be incurred in these types of actions in influence of other individuals – how you may be influencing of their reality. But be remembering that you may only be influencing of another individual’s reality if they are receptive or in agreement to receiving that influence.

In this, you present yourself with many different angles of what you create within your reality. You have created the engagement of physical painfulness to be attaining your attention, for you have dismissed your attention from your initial noticing. Therefore, you present yourself with other actions that may continue to pull your attention back into this same subject matter.

Now; be also remembering that you are presenting this imagery to yourself for yourself, not in conjunction with myself, for....

DEANE: I understand.

ELIAS: In this, it also matters not what you choose in your actions as to what you wish to be engaging within your physical focus.

Let me express to you that within the area of physical pleasures, ALL physical pleasures are viewed within mass belief systems as holding negative elements. They are acceptable merely in moderation, and certain physical pleasures are acceptable merely if they are engaged in conjunction with productivity in some area.

I express to you, this is a mass belief and a mass expression. It is not necessarily the actual situation, so to speak, for in actuality, it matters not what you engage as a choice. You may be consuming of any element that is available to you within your physical focus, and you may also engage this in pleasure, and it shall not be harmful to you. It is merely your belief systems that incorporate harmfulness, as dictating to you that the engagement of physical pleasures shall be harmful to you, and as you believe this, you concentrate in this area and it shall be, for you shall create it in that manner.

In this, you offer to yourself a noticing – a noticing of your choices, the ability to notice how your choices may be influencing with other individuals, a noticing that other individuals may hold a different perception, which also parallels another issue that you engage presently. Therefore, you present yourself with imagery in like manner in this situation, in how your behaviors and your creations within your reality are affecting of other individuals within their reality, for their perception may be and is different from your perception. Which is to say, their reality is different from your reality, and there are no absolutes!

This be the key point, is that you within physical focus en masse delude yourselves into the thought process of absolute definitions, and you express to yourselves and to each other that you all hold absolute definitions in certain areas, in certain subject matters, and you do not! Each of you holds differences in your perceptions, and your perceptions ARE your realities! Therefore, although you may conceptually express to each other that certain terminology, certain actions are absolutes, in actuality, they are not.

You express the belief systems of cause and effect: if you are creating one action, you shall absolutely experience another action. This is not necessarily the situation, for I express to you, there are no absolutes!” [session 421, July 09, 1999]

ELIAS: “Each of you is different. Each of you creates your individual reality. Each of you holds a highly individualized, unique perception, which is the tool that you implement to be creating your reality, and this becomes clearer and clearer as the energy increases and intensifies, for you begin to view within your everyday experiences – in ALL of your experiences – the pronouncement of these differences and how very individualized and unique each of your perceptions are, even in elements that you view to be absolutes, even in elements that you create within your reality that you agree upon.

A tree is a tree – no! Your identification of a tree as an entity is similar, but it is not the same, for each of you holds a different perception of the tree. You merely agree on a basic concept.

NICKY: Because that is being brought to the forefront at this time, so to speak, is that one of the reasons that it seems to get to the core of your being lately in responses to different people or actions or what they’re saying, is that you’re noticing the differences? Are you taking notice then of really what your own thing is in comparison to someone else’s?

ELIAS: Quite, and this is unfamiliar, and what is this creating? This is threatening to your individual identity.

NICKY: Okay. Now is that the same type of thing that Mary and I were just talking about? We were talking about how each of us has done it – been talking with someone, and they could be saying just about anything and that’s okay, but as soon as you come into your own home and deal with people that are what we would call closer to us – family, boyfriends, girlfriends, whatever – and they say something, you go to an automatic response of wanting to defend yourself.

But on the outside, it’s like you take everything. It’s like, ‘This is okay. This is where this person is coming from. That’s not how I think, but that’s okay too. Look at the differences.’ But when you come into your own household, so to speak, it’s like, ‘Okay, what’s going on here? Why do I feel like I’m being attacked? Why do I feel like I need to defend myself?’

ELIAS: Quite, for you – in very physical terms – feel a need to be expressing your point, your opinion, your perception, for this is the expression of you, in your assessment. And in this, what you are projecting is your identity, and you express this more strongly with individuals that you perceive to be holding relationship in closeness to you, for you allow those individuals more penetration than you shall allow other individuals objectively. And in this, you threaten your own individuality and your identity, for you are encountering the action of a recognition of mass belief systems, that there are absolutes and that you all create in conjunction, in agreement with each other, and as you begin to view that this is not necessarily the case, you become threatened in your foundation, so to speak.

NICKY: Yeah!

(Vic’s note: double yeah!)

ELIAS: You view yourselves quite conversely to the reality of this situation. You view yourselves continuously expressing that you wish to be independent, unique, individualized, and that you create highly individualized expressions, when in actuality, YOU DO NOT many times. You create within the confines of what is accepted and familiar and agreed upon en masse, and this is familiar and this is comfortable, and as you are presenting to yourselves the reality – underline reality – that you ARE highly individualized, that you ARE highly unique, that your perceptions and your realities ARE different, this becomes fearful to you, for it is not in conjunction with the mass belief systems and it is not in conjunction with the familiar reality. You are comforted by sameness.

View your very words to each other. If you are experiencing some unusual quality within your focus, [if] within your day you are experiencing some element that you express objectively to be strange, you immediately seek out another individual that shall verify and validate the same – not different – the same experience, for this is comforting to you, for you do not wish to be creating singularly. You do not wish to be different.

But you express to each other continuously in your language that difference is excellent, that you welcome difference, that you view uniqueness and individuality and independence to be good. You have attached to all of these terms within your language positive assessments. In actuality, the experience of these terms you do not view so very positively, but you view with fear.

Therefore, in conjunction to the expression of your neighbors, as you term them to be, as they view change emitting within your energy or within Michael’s [Mary’s] energy or within any individual’s energy, this creates a movement within themselves of retreat, and in this, there is a resistance that is created.

Now; if you are also creating your reality objectively in OBVIOUS expressions of differences, this shall be creating of even more resistance, and especially within this time framework. As I have been over and over expressing to you all, this final year of your millennium holds tremendous energy, and therefore, in this time framework, the expressions that are being created – the events, the situations, the responses, the reactions, the behaviors – become extreme. They may move in extreme of calmness or they may move into trauma. This is your choice.

NICKY: I remember you saying that before. I remember thinking, ‘Oh my god, I’m done with the trauma part.’ It’s like, it’s wearisome. But then I understand that it doesn’t really matter, ’cause if that’s where someone’s at, that’s where they’re at.

ELIAS: Quite!” [session 434, July 30, 1999]

MARGOT: “… I had a question this morning that came to me from Vicki, and I’m going to read it just as she said it. She says: ‘Why didn’t you just leave gender out of orientation right from the get-go? You certainly didn’t incorporate gender into your dissertations on thought/emotionally-focused folks, and we very much associate these qualities with gender.’

ELIAS: I am understanding of Lawrence’s [Vicki’s] confusion in this area, but I also have offered information in the inclusion of gender purposefully, for your belief systems are very strong in this area, and you hold certain identifications with respect to gender that need be addressed to for your allowance of understanding in this area with respect to this particular belief system.

Therefore, as your belief system includes the element of gender into all of these areas – and it does – I have chosen to be offering information to you which includes the subject matter of gender also, for this also IS an element of this particular belief system. Therefore, it would be inadequate to be NOT including information in the area of gender as we are discussing this particular belief system of sexuality.

Therefore, although the information may be incorporating elements of confusion initially, as we continue within our discussions in this area, elements of the information shall become clearer. But it matters not, for within physical focus, in addressing to this particular subject matter, there would be confusion regardless of how I may be choosing to be approaching this particular belief system.

I wish to be incorporating all elements of this belief system. In this initially, as I began addressing to this particular belief system, you shall be noticing that I began this discussion in the direction of your belief systems, for as I have incorporated information previously in what you term to be the past, I have incorporated this type of action in other areas also, for initially it may incorporate more confusion, more distortion, and trauma if offering you the beginnings of the information in the direction of completely outside of your established belief systems. But within this, I also purposefully state, as I am offering information within the context of your belief systems, that this is what I am offering. I am offering information within what YOU identify.

As you shall recognize, within the beginnings of this particular subject matter, I have stated to individuals that within the context of their belief systems, I would not continue to be offering information in that manner to be reinforcing of their belief systems, but merely offering an introduction that you all may understand slightly easier within the initial offering of the information.

This offers a concept to you that we may expand upon, but as you review the information that has already been offered, I have not expressed in absolutes. Therefore, I have also continued to hold the door open to be expanding upon this information and moving you all through the identification of this particular belief system step-by-step, for this shall create resistance within you in assimilating this information if it is offered too quickly and outside of your belief systems too extremely.

This be the reason that I have incorporated information with respect to gender, to be offering an initial identification of the subject matter, but we also now move outside of the identification of gender, and information has been offered to you all that these are quite different elements of this belief system.” [session 442, August 08, 1999]

ELIAS: “I express to you, you hold a tremendous curiosity, and in this curiosity, there is an innate knowing that you hold the answers to your questions within you. But this creates another question within you: How do you access these answers that you hold?

You have many, many questions and you have a tremendous drive in curiosity, but you hold confusion in how you may be accessing your own information, and we shall be exploring THAT element within this session.

MARISA: Well, that was one of the things. It’s just like, I think I’ve gotten ... set aside, I almost want to say, more time, like spent quiet time just saying, ‘Okay, whatever, show me something,’ you know? And most of the time, it’s like when I’m just being quiet, you know, in my bed, or actually when I’m riding alone on the trail. For some reason, if I’m on a horse in a forest, that’s when it’s really very strong.

It was just after I saw you last time. I had such a vivid memory. I don’t know, it was just ... it was so strong, and it was scary, this one. You know, even though there was a lot of friction going on in that, it wasn’t scary before, and this one was very scary, and it was really weird ’cause that’s the first time I’ve been outside Margaret too. (11) I’ve never not been in her! And this time it was like back and forth, back and forth, like sometimes I was in her and sometimes I was like outside watching, you know, ’cause you told me the two types of observers. And I was in a forest and I was gathering something. I think I was like an herbalist or something, and I was gathering something to store for medicines and putting it in my basket, and I remember I was wearing these really long skirts, you know, something with an apron or whatever, and I was down there picking, and I knew Ian (12) was in the field next to the forest. And I was like, ‘Well, of course! You never go anywhere alone!’ And he was cutting something, like hay, and it was weird because what struck me is that he didn’t have ... in my practical mind, I’m thinking, he doesn’t have a kilt on. He had pants on, and I was just ... I don’t know.

That’s the way I saw him, but that’s when I wasn’t in Margaret. I was outside watching him cut, and he had on pants and it was hot, and I remember his hair was just like all on his neck and plastered and sweaty. He had no shirt on, and he just kept on cutting, and then I was back in Margaret, and she was picking stuff, and then I realized the sound of the forest had stopped, and it just startled me. I kind of felt like a deer. I just started looking around, like realizing something was wrong, and I saw these men (starts crying) in the trees, and I knew it was bad, and I was in trouble, and I just froze, and I was like, my first instinct was to run, run really fast.

And I remember I just gathered up everything and just started running into the field where Ian was. And I remember just like, I can feel that breath, like I wasn’t fast enough, you know, just like ... and I was like breathing hard so I could run fast to get to him, but at the time, I was breathing hard and screaming his name, and I knew I was in big trouble, and my skirts were wet, and I couldn’t run fast.

And then they ... you know, it’s like I could smell them more than I could see them, and I could feel them like behind me, and I was like, I could just feel her terror! And we broke through the lining of the trees, and then I started screaming, and it was really weird. Then I was not in Margaret. Then I was watching Ian, and I could hear him all of a sudden go like this. He just like stopped his work when he heard me screaming, and he was like ... I don’t know what he said ... ‘Maggie, Maggie?’ And all of a sudden, he picked up a sword that was there, and then I could see him running, and the sword was like all the way up here. He was like pumping his hands and running, and then I ... when I broke through the trees, it was really weird!

Sometimes what I think is going to happen and what happens are two different things, you know, when I’m in her. I thought he was gonna hug me and comfort me, but instead he got his hand and just swept me to the side and threw me to the ground. And remember, I couldn’t see what happened because my hair fell over my face and I was tangled and I was just shocked and I got the breath knocked out of me, and then it was almost like I let go and I was really Margaret, and then she realized that he did this because they were so close behind her ... there was no way. He threw me out of the way and he killed those people! And I don’t know what happened after that, but I remember just being hysterical, and he just like picked me up and just went like this, an ‘it’s okay’ sort of thing, and he just hugged me and then that was it. And then I was gone. I wasn’t in her any more.

But that shook me for so many days! I was just like ... and then like sometimes I’d feel submerged lightly in it again, I want to say. And it was the weirdest thing ’cause I told my friend what happened, and I don’t know. I don’t think she understood it because she was just like, ‘Oh, how romantic!’ And I’m like, ‘You know what? It was not romantic. It was terrifying!’ I said, ‘Don’t you understand? It’s like there! It’s like, life is nothing! There’s no hospital. Someone gets cut, there’s no penicillin. It was a very real threat! All I could think of is like, I was terrified for both of us! I mean, there were lots of them!’

Gathering information later, I realized that these men were like outlaws or something, and just totally not accepted in the clan. I don’t know if they thought I was like easy pickings there. I was like, ‘Don’t you realize? A woman alone is fair game! If he wasn’t there in that field, I would have been killed, and probably not pleasantly!’ And no one seemed to understand that. And even when I was in the woods just last week with the horse, I was terrified! I was like, here I am in my own woods. I’m like looking around, making sure that there’s no one there, and there isn’t, there isn’t, but I’m scared just to even look. I’m just like, thank god I’m riding Ricky because if I had to get away, I could with him. No one could catch him, you know? And I don’t need to think that here, but I do.

ELIAS: Let me express to you that this experience that you have offered to yourself in a respect offers you a unique opportunity, for in one area, this offers you the opportunity to not merely view but empathically experience the events within another focus. You are correct – this is a different time framework. It is a different culture, a different society, and in your very physical terms, there are very different rules. The rules that apply to you within YOUR reality presently do not apply within that reality.

This experience does not merely offer you the opportunity to view and to experience another focus. That is one element of this experience, which offers you a validation into the reality of other focuses. This is not imagination. This is reality. But this is merely one aspect of what you offer to yourself in this experience.

In examining this experience, you also view the differences – the differences of thoughts, the differences of choices, the differences of responses. As you have stated within your own terminology, what you may anticipate or expect in an action that may be chosen in that focus may be quite different from what is occurring in that focus.

There are many messages that you are presenting yourself with presently.

Now; I am moving slowing in this direction with you, for I wish not to be overwhelming of you, for I hold an awareness that you have been availing yourself of much information, but you also have created a situation within your focus in which you intake so very much that you confuse yourself. You are, as we express, a little sea sponge, and you have absorbed to capacity all of the water, and in attempting to be absorbing any more water, it merely spills out, for your capacity to hold any more presently is quite limited.

Let me move you into a direction of attention to be recognizing that you are providing yourself with many different angles of information simultaneously. In this, you provide yourself with experiences of another focus, which validates that reality. You provide yourself with the recognition of differences and the reality of those differences.

You are also providing yourself with an introduction to the concept of no absolutes, which this concept I have introduced recently within this forum, but it shall be requiring of much explanation for individuals within physical focus, for it is very contrary to your thought processes and your belief systems. But in conjunction with the information that is being offered, you are tapping into this information regardless of whether you avail yourself of the written word of it or not. You are paralleling the offering of information in offering yourself imagery and experiences.

In this, you open yourself to the beginnings of the assimilation that there are no absolutes within consciousness, within your physical dimension, within your experiences. It matters not. What you view to be absolute is not, necessarily.

You also allow yourself the opportunity to view the emotional qualities that are expressed and how energy may be translated from one focus to another and may be VERY affecting. It matters not that you may be riding through your woods and that you objectively view that there is no present danger. You may be affected regardless, for another focus experiences danger.

MARISA: Yeah, like are you saying that when I was in my woods, and really, actually I was safe, maybe Margaret or someone was not safe at that time? I feel that a lot, that we mix over a lot, ’cause I was just like, I’m looking at all the signs. Like I look at my dog, she’s fine. Horse is not nervous. I’m the only one that’s nervous. So when I was in there, I was like, I think it must be Margaret that’s nervous at this point.

ELIAS: Quite. In this, you offer yourself the opportunity to view that other focuses ARE affecting of each other, that you are affecting of that focus, [and] that focus and all of your other focuses are affecting of you. Regardless of your objective situation, the energy is affecting.

You are offering yourself this imagery in EXTREME, that it shall be very impactful to you, but this also creates a situation in which you assimilate the information more quickly. It is not merely the situation that you are offering yourself the realization of the affectingness of energy.

As I have stated, you are offering yourself many different messages in these experiences.

You are also offering yourself the recognition that although energy of other focuses may be affecting and may bleed through, you also are offering yourself the opportunity to be accessing your ability to distinguish what you are creating and what another focus is creating.

This is another element of your experience that you provide yourself presently – an understanding that although you may feel consumed within a moment, it may not be the energy that you are creating and projecting within THIS focus. It may be energy that you are allowing to bleed through from another focus, and as you offer yourself this example in extreme, it offers you the ability to distinguish between the two. This is difficult for many individuals many times, for it IS you, but it is not THIS you.

In this, many individuals hold difficulty in identifying what they are creating and what another focus may be creating, but you have created a situation in which you experience in extreme. Therefore, you offer yourself a feeling, an emotion, and even physical sensing of one experience, and simultaneously, you objectively view yourself in this focus to be experiencing quite differently.

This creates the distinction within you that you may allow yourself the identification that this energy is a projection of another focus, and you may choose to be accepting of that energy in the manner that it is expressed and allow yourself to be experiencing that, OR you may discontinue the flow of that energy in the manner that it is expressed, turning your attention to YOUR now, recognizing what YOU are creating in YOUR objective reality, and you may reconfigure that energy to be expressed in the manner that YOU wish to be expressing it.

Now; what I have just explained to you is a physical, verbal explanation of a process that occurs automatically, without thought, without time, and without objectively, intentionally altering the energy, for in actuality, all you need be moving into within the moment is turning your attention to the now, for within the moment that you turn your attention to YOUR now and what YOU are experiencing, you automatically create the choice to reconfigure the energy which is being projected, and it shall automatically move into an expression surrounding you that shall be beneficial to you. Therefore, you shall automatically discontinue the feeling of the experience.

Let me offer an example. Let us look to your experience.

You are moving through your woods. You momentarily experience an overwhelming feeling of uncomfortableness and fright. The feeling is occurring within the now. Your attention is within the now. But the feeling is the response to the energy which is occurring within the now of the OTHER focus, which is now also in your focus, but it is not YOUR now. It is HER now.

Therefore, the energy that she is projecting within her focus, you are receiving in the manner that she is projecting. You are not reconfiguring that energy. You are allowing yourself to be receiving it in the manner that it is expressed. Therefore, you also are experiencing the same feeling.

But in identifying that this is not YOUR energy in THIS focus, that this energy is a projection of the OTHER focus within the now, you may turn your attention to YOU, to YOUR focus, to YOUR objective placement within YOUR woods upon YOUR horse participating in YOUR ride.

MARISA: Do you mean to tell me that, say, if I’m experiencing this and it’s a scary experience or whatever, or terrifying, or not a very positive experience, I have the ability to really just turn that off and just be in my present situation right now if I choose not to accept that at that time?

ELIAS: Correct. Now; in actuality, this is what I am expressing to you, that you have offered yourself much information and many messages, and I wish not to be overwhelming you in explanation with all that you have presented yourself with. But in actuality, you are not ‘turning off’ the energy. You are merely reconfiguring that energy and not accepting it in the manner that it is being expressed.

Therefore, in your terms, in your thought process, you are turning it off. But in actuality, what you are in reality accomplishing is reconfiguring that energy to be compliant with your energy within your focus.

The energy continues to move. The energy itself continues to be expressed and it continues to hold the intensity. But you may reconfigure that energy merely by turning your attention; not by concentrating, not by choosing objectively another direction for that energy to be proceeding within, for this is not how you reconfigure energy, but merely by turning your attention slightly, you automatically reconfigure that energy, pulling yourself into YOUR now, allowing yourself to be smelling YOUR trees, not her trees, allowing yourself to view YOUR earth and YOUR foliage, not her earth and her foliage, recognizing within the now that you sit upon YOUR horse, not move through her woods upon foot or upon her horse.

They are different. They feel different, they smell different, they are viewed different. But the intensity of the experience that you have offered to yourself consumes your now and overshadows your now, and therefore, you do not discontinue the experience.

This is not wrong and it is not bad either, for it is offering you the opportunity to distinguish the differences between yourself and this other focus. It is offering you the opportunity to view that there are no absolutes, that energy is fluid, that it is continuously within motion, that it may be altered in every moment, and it may be reconfigured into ANY expression.

This offers you a great freedom, for within this type of experience, offering yourself the viewing within a situation in like manner to dream state but objectively expressed, in which you feel quite realistically and objectively certain experiences but they are not actually objectively occurring, you provide yourself with an element of safety.

In this element of safety, you provide yourself with the ability to move and manipulate your energy more freely, recognizing that each moment holds great freedom and that you may alter situations, expressions, thoughts, emotions, experiences within each moment. You offer this to yourself in safety, that you may recognize and realize that you may be creating of this same action in YOUR objective reality.

If you may be reconfiguring energy that is projected to you by another focus which holds such great intensity and overwhelmingness in emotion, you may also be altering of the reality that you create within any given moment, and THIS is the area of no absolutes, for you all within physical focus attach to the belief that there are absolutes. You create an element within your physical focus, it is created, it is absolute – not necessarily!” [session 443, August 08, 1999]

ANNE: “Can you see the future?

ELIAS: The future is now!

ANNE: That’s a whole other question!

ELIAS: For it is all occurring simultaneously.

ANNE: I don’t understand that.

ELIAS: And those individuals that express to you that they DO understand that concept, you may be assured that they are deluded, for they do not either, (chuckling) for you occupy physical focus! Your attention is focused within this physical reality, and you have created this physical reality with a linear time framework, and therefore, this is what you know, and you process all of your information through what you know objectively. Therefore, you do not hold a realistic understanding of simultaneousness of time or that there is no time, which also is acceptable, for within your physical reality, this is not a reality!

ANNE: Is it a reality in your reality?


ANNE: Is it important that we understand this? Does it direct us, does it guide us?

ELIAS: It is not important that you understand that time does not move in linear fashion outside of its creations within certain physical realities, no. There is an element of importance that you know that physical time is not an absolute, and therefore, I offer you information that I hold the awareness you do not understand. It matters not that you understand.

What holds importance is that you offer yourselves the ability to view that there are no absolutes, that what you perceive as an absolute in your physical reality is not necessarily an absolute. You perceive time to be an absolute. It is not.

This holds importance in offering you the ability of what you are so very familiar with, in comparison, for you may look to the concept of time being simultaneous or there being no time, which offers you the realization that time is not an absolute as it is expressed in your reality, and this may be translated also into comparisons in any other area of your reality, for NONE of your reality is an absolute. Although you view it to be an absolute, it is not.

‘No’ is not an absolute term. ‘Yes’ is not an absolute term. There is no cause and effect, merely what you create. Your belief systems are very strong, and therefore, for the most part, you do create within the confines of them. Therefore, as your belief systems dictate that there is cause and effect, for the most part you shall create within those limitations, but it is not an absolute!

Therefore, no element within your reality is unchangeable, and THIS holds importance, for this offers you the realization of freedom – that there is no element of your reality that is unchangeable or impossible.” [session 445, August 13, 1999]

JOANNE: “One night last week, I was sitting in my happy chair, and the backs of the other chairs were sort of wiggling and moving, and then I stopped by my mom’s house, and a portion of her house was doing it also, and I was wondering what that was!

ELIAS: This is merely your recognition that objects within your physical focus, that which you identify as solid physical matter, is not as solid as you believe it to be. It is all within motion continuously, and although even your scientists express this to you, you believe what you view much more than what you are told. Therefore, as you view an object and it appears to be quite solid, it reinforces your belief system that matter is solid and may not necessarily be penetrated by any other solid matter.

You are offering yourself the opportunity to objectively view that solid physical matter within this physical dimension is not in actuality solid. It does hold density in its concentration, which offers it the appearance of solidity, but as it is consciousness and it is energy, which is continuously in motion, it also is not the solidness that you perceive it to be objectively.

Now; you may also express to me, ‘Why shall I view this type of information? It matters not if the wall or the chair is solid or if it is not.’ But I express to you, in your exploration of your abilities within consciousness, objectively expressed in this time framework, it DOES hold importance that you allow yourself to view realistically that your physical matter is not necessarily solid.

This reinforces the validity to you that you hold the ability to penetrate any element within your physical dimension, and that THERE ARE NO ABSOLUTES. You may view a wall and you may express to yourself that this wall is solid matter and it may not be penetrated by your hand, but think to your tile! Within your intent, this is your expression, to be offering objectively the example and the expression of the impossible as being possible.

JOANNE: I’ll have to play with that one when I get home! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha!” [session 447, August 17, 1999]

MIKE: “I’m in a place right now, for the last few months, where I’ve been juggling a set of creations where I’ve been having a somewhat difficult time with getting specifically what I want.

I’ve got a metaphor, a brilliant metaphor, about ordering something off the menu, for instance a chicken sandwich, and the waitress brings chicken salad instead. All the elements are there, you have the lettuce, the tomato, some sauce, the chicken, even some bread, but the presentation of what I ordered is not what I want, necessarily. The elements are there, but the presentation of it is not necessarily what I had a taste for. I’m curious as to why I’m doing this.

ELIAS: To be presenting yourself physical objective examples of translation, translation of thought, and to allow yourself the objective examples as methods, so to speak, in allowing yourself to be turning your attention more clearly to choice, and understanding that although your thinking moves in conjunction with what you are choosing and your direction, your thinking is a translation. Therefore, there is an element of abstractness in thought.

Now; I am not expressing to you that thought is as abstract as objective imagery, but there is an element of abstractness.

Now; in presenting yourself with these types of expressions of objective imagery, you allow yourself to recognize that thought, although it is reality, it is not solid. It is not absolute. Therefore, as a translation it is not as black and white as you assess it to be.

Let me express to you, Mikah [Mike], you have become very familiar with the action of holding your attention upon the mechanism of thought and incorporating a precise analytical movement in relation to thought. But in that action you have also created an association which is quite solid and moves quite easily into an expression of absolute, black and white. Therefore in your movement into these concepts that we are speaking of now, you are providing yourself with imagery that allows you somewhat of an ease in that familiar action of analyzation, to be viewing the lack of absoluteness in association with thought and allowing yourself to move more into a recognition of how the translating mechanism moves in association with choosing.

MIKE: ... What you’re saying is that when I’m saying that I want a chicken sandwich, that’s a translation that I really desire a chicken salad, and so I create a chicken salad?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. What you want are the components. How you configure them in these types of situations is a choice to be offering yourself examples of how the thought aspect of yourself is not necessarily in opposition or off the mark with the choice aspect of yourself, but may be translating slightly differently. The components are the same, [but] the configuration of the translation may be configured slightly differently. This is not to say that you are not creating what you want, but you are offering yourself the opportunity to view that thought is not absolute.

This is a confusing area for many, many, many individuals, for you very easily move into the absolutes in your translations and the black and white. You create a thought process and express to yourself, ‘I want this specific object; I want this specific thing; I want this specific action or interaction.’ I am expressing to you, your thoughts concerning what you want may be accurate, but aspects of the specifics may not necessarily be as accurate.

You may want, in this one example, these components and your translation may be that you want these components to be configured in a specific manner, but in actuality the configuration of the components is not as significant as the components themselves. Are you understanding?

You have provided yourself with this type of example for within your movement presently this is not an intrusive or tremendously conflicting type of imagery that shall be disruptive of your movement or generating a tremendous expression of conflict or frustration. Therefore, you choose to be imaging in this manner.” [session 974, December 28, 2001]

FRANK: “... One other thing I want to ask you about, it’s sort of the last thing here, and this actually might require a lot of discussion so maybe you can sort of give me a quick overview of it. One of the things I’ve wondered about for a long time is in concert with this idea of it matters not, no one is a victim, nothing happens that somebody doesn’t create for themselves.

As you know, generally speaking most individuals in our society believe in certain moral concepts, and so we teach our children, for example, don’t lie, don’t cheat, don’t hurt other people, physical violence is not good. But yet if we have this concept of it doesn’t matter, then is it irrelevant to talk about these things or try to instill these concepts in children or in other people? How does all that fit together?

ELIAS: Quite literally, my friend, it genuinely does matter not.

For as you recognize, your reality is generated through your perception, and each individual incorporates their own unique perception. In this, in concentrating your attention upon self and not concerning yourself with the expressions of other individuals, you do not lend energy to the perpetuation of expressions that you do not prefer.

For the most part within your physical reality, individuals generally choose expressions in association with their preferences. You may express within your family unit what you associate as guidelines for behavior with the children within your family and with your partner. But if you allow yourself to genuinely examine this information and these concepts, you may also allow yourself the recognition of what is meant by there are no absolutes.

You express certain guidelines of morality, what you perceive to be honesty, truthfulness, right conduct, appropriate behavior, ethics, but another individual may perceive those expressions that you view as correct or valuable as inconsequential. You may express your beliefs that you should not incorporate the action of stealing, and you may define what you associate as stealing; another individual may define it quite differently. You may express that right behavior is to be expressing honestly and your definition of honesty may be specifically defined, and another individual may perceive it quite differently.

In expressing rigidity in morality and in expressing rules of behaviors, you are also reinforcing the belief in absolutes. You may express preferences and opinions within your reality, but also recognize that those are relative to you and your perception and also create an acceptance in which you do not generate judgment concerning tremendous differences in association with other individuals’ perceptions and choices.

This is not quite entirely familiar yet, for you continue to grapple with the concept that you do generate every aspect, every moment, every manifestation of your reality – even other individuals – through your perception individually, and that you actually do create every aspect of your reality and that you choose it. These are not entirely accepted concepts yet and therefore are not entirely generated as your reality yet. They SHALL be, but within this present now they are not yet. But you also may offer yourself conceptually the recognition of how conflict is created in the lack of acceptance and in the continued association with absolutes, that there are absolute rights and absolute wrongs, and that an individual does not create every aspect of their reality, which you justify with the absolute rights and wrongs.

FRANK: So, really what you’re saying here is that again if you really, really accept this idea that we create it all, none of it matters what anybody else’s morality or actions or ways of living are.

ELIAS: Correct.

FRANK: Well, that’s a tough one for me at least, and I think for a lot of other people, too.

ELIAS: You are correct.” [session 1088, May 23, 2002]

PETER: “We had a discussion at dinner last night about evil with some people who know nothing about Elias or Seth. (13) Pat and I were saying we didn’t believe evil existed and this other party was saying that the terrorists were evil and other characters throughout history were evil. I just realized as you were speaking that it’s possible that they were right and we were right, that evil did exist but now the belief has changed and evil no longer exists.

ELIAS: Beliefs do not change. They remain the same. Your perceptions change; perception is continuously changing. Your association with beliefs changes, and the expression of acceptance of beliefs is a change within your reality.

But I may express to you, your statement that you are both correct is correct, for evil as an entity, no, does not exist. This is not an expression within your reality nor within consciousness. As a condition, evil does not exist.

As a perception, as an expression, yes, for evil may be defined as the absence of compassion, and compassion is defined in understanding. Therefore, the absence of understanding is the expression of evil. But this is not bad; it is merely an expression of perception. Therefore, you are correct [that] you are both correct.

PETER: I was with you all the way up until you said this is not bad. If we don’t have compassion and understanding, we kill each other. Isn’t that bad?

ELIAS: It is a choice. It is an experience.

PETER: That we mentioned last night at dinner, too. We were trying to talk about evil, and ultimately they said, ‘Killing another person is evil. There’s no two ways about it. That’s not even discussable.’

ELIAS: And this is an expression of absolute, and this is what you are shifting.

There are no absolutes. Your perception generates one reality and you generate your individual opinions and preferences. But they are not absolute; they are relative to your perception. Another individual incorporates a different perception – it is not absolute, either. It is relative to their creation of their reality and their preferences and their opinions.

I have expressed many times, you shall continue to incorporate your individual opinions and preferences after this shift is fully realized. Incorporating opinions and preferences is not necessarily associated with judgment. For in the recognition of no absolutes, you also recognize that you prefer to be expressing in certain manners, and you generate thoughts in translation of the beliefs that you recognize you are expressing and through choice, but you also recognize that perception is individual and that there are no absolutes. One is not right and one is not wrong.

PAT: So I accept the other people’s perception as valid.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAT: Valid for them.


PETER: I don’t want to be facetious, but then after the shift the only absolute will be that there are no absolutes, which means that there is an absolute. Does that make sense?

ELIAS: I am understanding your expression, which has been presented many times, and even this is not an absolute!” (Laughs loudly) [session 1104, June 08, 2002]

ELIAS: “This day we shall be identifying your next wave in consciousness, which is the most affecting of those individuals belonging to the family of Sumari. This would be the belief system of truth.

RODNEY: When you said ‘belonging to the family of Sumari,’ how about those aligned with Sumari?

ELIAS: This shall also be quite affecting of those individuals, more so than individuals belonging to or aligning with other families; although, as you are aware, you all participate in these waves in consciousness.

Now; shall you identify any element of this belief system of truth, any aspect of it?

TED: It is, throughout all of consciousness, unchangeable. That’s the definition I believe I have.

ELIAS: Of truth?

TED: Of truth.

RODNEY: But as a practical down-to-earth matter, it should represent accurately my awareness of something. If I were to repeat what someone said, or if I were to explain what I did, then my common definition of it would be that I presented that information as accurately as possible to the person.

ELIAS: And therefore expressing truth.

RODNEY: That’s the definition I grew up with.

JON: Truths are absolutes. (Elias nods)

RODNEY: Then of course there’s my mathematics, which I’m starting to get it’s not so absolute. (Elias chuckles)

SANDY: And one person’s absolute is not necessarily my perception.

BARRY: But it comes from somewhere else; it doesn’t come from you.

RODNEY: Also, an aspect of the belief system of truth is that it’s good to be truthful and bad to be a liar.

ELIAS: What do you identify in yourselves as truth?

DIANNE: That we exist is a truth.

BARRY: Anything that comes from the universe through us.

JIM: Our strongest belief systems we identify to ourselves as truths.

ELIAS: Correct!

RODNEY: What was that?

JIM: The belief systems that are strongest to us individually, we would call that a truth...


JIM: ...because if somebody says something to contradict that...

RODNEY: For the tape, what is your name? (Transcriber’s note: Thanks, Rodney!)

JIM: I’m James, Jim/Andrel.

ELIAS: THAT is correct, and THAT is what is being addressed in this wave in association with this belief system of truth. You express it each and every day within your focuses. You associate with it continuously. Many of your automatic responses are associated within yourselves as truth.

Many of your beliefs are not even identified as beliefs, for you identify them as truth. Therefore they are not questioned. You do what you do, for this is true. You do not question many expressions within your environments and within each other, for you assess that they are truths and therefore they are absolutes within YOUR estimations.

This particular belief system may be one of the most insidious and one of the most difficult to identify and to notice, for this particular wave addresses to all of those automatic responses that you do not notice, and you identify them as merely truth. Therefore, they are entirely unquestioned.

You all incorporate many beliefs that you do not notice, that you do not pay attention to, that you do not question, for you assume that it is a truth and there is no other manner in which it may be perceived. This generates tremendous conflict, for it is a tremendous lack of acceptance.

This is what generates the tremendous conflict that you witness now within your planet, within your world: individuals that express their truths and their differences in their truths, and there is no bending. For you do not question your own truths, and therefore they must be absolute and they must be accepted by all other individuals, for your truth is THE truth and another individual’s truth is wrong, and it is questioned.

I expressed previously that there was a possibility that you would be addressing the belief system of emotion, and that altered. That has been altered in association with the mass expression of energy which is occurring throughout your world, not merely in this small area. But the tremendous expression of conflict which is being exhibited throughout your world has moved the collective consciousness in the direction of choosing THIS belief system to be addressing now.

In this, I may express to each of you, I am aware of the challenge that you are incorporating even identifying your own expressed beliefs in this time framework. Now it is more challenging, for you are not merely moving yourselves into an awareness of identifying your own expressed beliefs but becoming aware of what your truths are, and recognizing that they are not truths.

CAROLE: But Elias, isn’t that what we’ve been doing all along? I don’t hear anything that seems different here, or am I missing something?

ELIAS: In theory. This is what you think you have been moving into.

CAROLE: Many times I feel like none of this is truth; it’s all beliefs. So sometimes that leaves me in a really strange place, just feeling like I understand that it’s just all beliefs. Even if I take two aspirins, I say to myself, ‘This is just a belief, and I’m going to choose to believe it,’ or inside me I do, I know that, because I take it. So I always just watch whatever it is I do, and that’s how I know what my beliefs are and how I create my reality. But I don’t think any of them are truths.

ELIAS: But most individuals within your world do. I may be acknowledging of you, that you pay attention to what you do and you pay attention to your emotional communications and to your translations of thoughts, but within your world most individuals do not.

Now; what is your participation in this action? If you are aware of you, if you are familiar with yourself and you are recognizing and identifying your expressed beliefs, now move your attention to how you project energy outwardly and how that offers a contribution within your world in what manner you choose to be generating that energy and how it is affecting of other individuals.

CAROLE: I used to do a lot in that direction, as we’ve talked about before, do talks, do a TV show, do seminars. Then I decided not to do any of it anymore, because it felt like I was putting myself in a position above, and I no longer have that understanding or belief that there’s above or below, so I totally withdrew from any of that, and I don’t do it at all now unless somebody specifically wants to talk to me. If somebody says something to me and I understand that it’s a belief, I don’t say to them – well, sometimes I may say to them ‘in my understanding,’ I use that term ... I’ve drawn back from pretty much all of that.

ELIAS: I am not merely expressing being aware of the energy that you are projecting outwardly in interaction with other individuals, but all of the energy that you project in any action.

CAROLE: Even in an interaction where you just feel like an adjunct, because lately I’ve been trying something new. Because of my doing what I was just describing, I felt in some ways I had really isolated myself, so lately I have been doing random acts of kindness, if you want to use that term, and I am enjoying the energy that I get back from that. I used to do it all the time when I was a Catholic, a Christian. I had to be a good girl and all that. But then I did away with all that, and now I feel like I’m in a different understanding but enjoying doing that. It’s like I’m a whole different energy ball here.

ELIAS: I am understanding. I shall also address to a statement that you incorporated which many, many of you express quite similarly, that you do not incorporate a particular belief any longer for you have altered your behavior or you have chosen to move into different directions or expressions. Let me be clear: none of you do not incorporate a belief any longer. You do not eliminate beliefs. You may change which beliefs are expressed; you do not change the belief. You do not eliminate the beliefs, but as you change your preferences you also change expressed beliefs. But you incorporate ALL of the beliefs within ALL of the belief systems, and they are not eliminated if you continue to participate in this particular physical reality. Therefore, you do continue to incorporate that belief, you merely choose not to express it, which there is a difference.

Now; you may also incorporate an expressed belief and not allow that expressed belief to dictate your choices. You may incorporate choices that appear to you to be contrary to an expressed belief, but in actuality this is the point, to identify your beliefs, to recognize what their influences are and to allow yourself choice. For in not recognizing your beliefs and in not recognizing the influences of the beliefs, you continue to express automatic responses without thinking and many, many times without offering yourselves any emotional communication, for it is so very automatic. Automatic responses are as easily expressed as breathing, which does not require your attention.

LUANNE: Elias, is that saying if people don’t recognize their beliefs then they can’t really speak the truth, because they don’t know what their truth is?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. Regardless of whether you identify your beliefs or not, you each express your own truth. You shall identify certain expressions within yourselves that you define as truth.

This is what may be somewhat tricky. For as we have stated, many of your truths – all of your truths – are beliefs, but as you identify them as truths, you do not see them as beliefs.

DIANNE: Nor express them?

ELIAS: You do express them, but you do not identify them as beliefs.

Your sun rises every day. You view this as a truth. Your night follows your day. You view this as a truth. There are many, many, many expressions within your perception that you do not question for you view them as truths. They are absolutes; there is no question.

RODNEY: And that is not an absolute, the sun rising every day?

ELIAS: Correct.

TED: If you’re an astronaut, it rises many times a day.

LUANNE: Are there any absolutes?


JIM: So the problem is when trying to communicate your truth to somebody who is different, it almost ... there becomes a question of honesty, rather than truth. You’re not being dishonest if you’re communicating your truth to another individual whose truth is different than yours, but they may perceive it that way. Is that where the conflict that you’re talking about is coming to Sumari, the wave that we’re going to be addressing?

ELIAS: The conflict is expressed in identifying truths as absolutes, and in that rigidness of the absoluteness there is no expression of acceptance, and as you recognize that truths within your physical reality are not actually truths, they are beliefs. This is not to say that they are not real – they are quite real – but they are not absolutes. They are not truths. You associate them as truths and therefore you generate a perception of absolutes, and in that perception of absolutes there is no allowance for difference.

JUNE: So if we speak for our truth, the conflict is when other people speak of their truth, that we want their truth to be our truth? Or vice versa?

ELIAS: Both.

JUNE: So if there is no absolute, then everyone speaks from their own truth?

ELIAS: You speak from your own beliefs, your own expressed beliefs. This is the point.

There are truths, and what is the definition of a truth? A truth is some expression which is translatable in every area of consciousness in some manner. What is translatable in every area of consciousness, in some manner? Reality, tone, color – not YOUR associations.

JUNE: What about the idea that we exist? Does that translate into every...

ELIAS: Awareness, yes.

JUNE: So awareness is what we are.

ELIAS: Yes.” [session 1368, June 07, 2003]

BEN: “One of the things that I’ve been thinking about, along with this idea of a truth wave, is... Well, I’m going to use not necessarily your terms for beliefs and truths. I’ll use the traditional ones and then we can go from there.

ELIAS: Very well.

BEN: One of the things I’ve been thinking of is this idea of a religious belief and the concept that you create your own reality. This is being presented as if this is true, but I don’t see how that’s any different than saying something like there is a heaven or a hell, which we consider to be a belief. The flip side is sort of the idea that you create your own reality. But in what sense is this not just another belief, and how can we presume that this carries over everybody? Am I getting my question out right?

ELIAS: I am understanding.

BEN: In what sense is “you create your own reality” a truth and not just a belief?

ELIAS: For it is applicable to all of consciousness, in every area of consciousness, in every reality. It translates in every area of consciousness, not merely your physical reality.

BEN: I guess my question is it doesn’t seem to be any different than a religious belief in this physical reality, where you say, for example, if you don’t confess your sins you’re going to go to hell, and it doesn’t make any difference whether you’re Jewish or Muslim or whatever else, that this is the way things are. You know what I mean? Why is this an absolute almost, if there are no absolutes?

ELIAS: I am understanding, and you are correct. It is not an absolute, for believing is not the same as beliefs. You may believe or not believe many concepts, but that does not necessarily have a bearing upon beliefs or what you assess to be real or not real. But in association with your question, as reality is created by perception in association with objective physical reality, that is not an absolute either, for it is a matter of your perception.

BEN: I guess to me, it’s like where do I get off thinking I have the answer over anyone else?

ELIAS: You do not. You...

BEN: But it’s like you can say, “You create your reality, and you can believe it or not believe it, it’s still true,” and to me that almost seems like a religious belief.

ELIAS: I am understanding your confusion – or rather perhaps not confusion, but your challenge in this presentment.

BEN: I guess it has to do with me. It’s going back to emotional communications, which I’m sure I’m going to be touching on today. I guess it’s this idea of developing a self-righteous attitude. In some sense, I can say it bothers me when you come across as a know-it-all, for example. But I guess the emotional communication is this is something that I’m afraid that I’m coming off as or this is a reflection of myself, rather than being about you.

ELIAS: And you incorporate a judgment in association with that, for you believe that you should be expressing in particular manners. But you also incorporate judgments concerning different behaviors and what is acceptable and what is not acceptable. You automatically associate that if you are expressing a trust in yourself and an acknowledgment of yourself in your power, that that automatically elevates you above other individuals, which it does not, for every other individual incorporates the same abilities and the same qualities of essence and consciousness as do you. They may express in different manners, but that is not to say that one manner is better and one is worse, or one is right and one is wrong.

This is the point of this particular wave, which is generating a significant affectingness in individuals, addressing to this whole concept of truths, and somewhat struggling with this concept that their truths are not actually true and that other truths are not actually true. This challenges how you view yourselves and how you view your reality, and it challenges your ideas of absolutes.

BEN: I think part of it, for me, is quite individual, because I think that this is a very sort of Ilda idea, a sort of exchanging idea. I sometimes want to be in the position of being able to be, in a sense, open-minded. I have issues with myself when I find myself going too far to one side or to the other. I really do feel in some sense a middle ground for the exchange of ideas. So for me personally, if what I’m hearing is correct, the whole truth idea has to do with finding myself too much on one side of the pendulum or the other.

ELIAS: In what sense?

BEN: In the sense that it’s sort of like going you create your own reality – I’ll just say that that’s so – and that’s like going okay, this is fine for me. But there are other people who I could say this to who are possibly going to say no, that’s not true, and to me that’s perfectly acceptable. I don’t need for people to agree with me. So to me, the idea that I’m saying to myself whether you agree with me or not, this is really true, that’s the challenge to me.

ELIAS: Ah! And this is how you generate the absolute. What you are expressing is precisely the point, to be recognizing what is your truth but also recognizing that that may not be another individual’s truth. This is how you define the lack of absolutes, for it is a matter of perception.

In this, you may express to yourself that you create all of your reality. I may express that in conversation with you. That does not generate that statement into an absolute, for what you create in your reality and how you create your reality is a matter of choice and perception. And you are quite correct, you may express with yourself and other individuals that incorporate similar beliefs that you create all of your reality, and you may present that to another individual and they may disagree. They may incorporate different expressions and they may express to you, no, I do not create my reality, God creates.

It matters not. What is significant is that you recognize what your truths are, what your beliefs are, and that you recognize what beliefs and truths are associated with your preferences, realizing that they are not absolutes and that they are associated with objective perception, and in this, other individuals may be creating quite differently. That is not to say that they are wrong, and it is not to say that you are right and that you incorporate all of the absolute answers of consciousness.

For, there are no right answers. There are merely choices and experiences, none of which are right or wrong. It is merely a matter of which beliefs you align with and how you intertwine your own expressions of duplicity, which is also not right or wrong. It merely is your opinion and how YOU view and how YOU align with, in association with your perception.” [session 1443, September 24, 2003]

End Notes:

(1) Paul’s note: Luana refers to the laws of the inner universe presented by Seth/Jane Roberts in The Early Sessions: Book 2 of The Seth Material (1996). According to Seth,

“Beneath [the subconscious], pure and simple, undistorted, there for the searching, absolutely free for the asking, is the knowledge inherent in the inner self pertaining to the inner universe as a whole, its laws and principles, its composition. Here you will find, undistorted, uncamouflaged, the innate knowledge of the creation of the camouflage universe, the mechanics involved, much of the material that I have given you, the method and ways by which the inner self as a basic inhabitant of the inner universe, existing in the climate of psychological reality [Frameworks 1, 2, 3, 4, ...], helps create the various planes of existence, constructs outer senses to project and perceive the various apparent realities or camouflages, how the inner self reincarnates on the various planes. Here you will find your answers as to how the inner self transforms energy for [its] own purposes, changes [its] form, adopts other apparent realities, and all this free for the investigation.” [session 45]

According to Seth, the laws of the inner universe are:

Value Fulfillment
Energy Transformation
Capacity For Infinite Mobility
Changeability & Transmutation
Quality Depth

Find out more about Seth's laws of the inner universe.

(2) Paul’s note: Jim participated in an earlier table-tipping exercise in which four or five people sat around a circular, plastic table, laid both their hands on its top and then successfully raised or tipped it up on one set of legs WITHOUT lifting from underneath.

Transcripts: find out more about the table-tipping exercise in session 234, November 05, 1997.

Jim also refers to earlier comments by Elias in which he discussed our concept of quantum mechanical “spin” and the forces involved.

Jim’s question is also a good example of the new questions that inevitably arise as aspects of the information are finally assimilated.

Transcripts: find out more about “spin” in session 238, November 16, 1997.

(3) Paul’s note: a reference to the “Philadelphia Experiment” in which the U.S. Navy supposedly experimented with powerful electromagnetic fields to make the Destroyer Escort – USS Eldridge – optically invisible in October of 1943. This is a classic X-file-type story as the U.S. Navy has categorically denied this event ever took place.

According to what is now really a legend, as the ship became “invisible” and then “returned,” there were disastrous consequences on the crew – including insanity, burns, and becoming fused with objects on the ship. The ship may indeed have “traveled interdimensionally” to Norfolk, Virginia and back to its Philadelphia Navy shipyard dock, all without moving “around” space in conventional terms but “through” it.

Vic’s note: regarding the Philadelphia Experiment, here’s an excerpt from session 06 dated May 14, 1995:

VICKI: “Concerning the concept of time, in OUR terms ... (laughter)

ELIAS: Thank you! (Grinning)

VICKI: ... would you please comment on the Philadelphia Experiment?

ELIAS: You wish to know if it is possible?

VICKI: I wish to know if it happened!

ELIAS: There are many more facts involved, but it IS possible for you all to supersede time and space. These are relative terms and concepts. They in actuality do not exist. This is why it can be accomplished. You do not need fancy experiments to do this! There are many scientific people who do not believe they can accomplish this without much measuring of everything! They ‘accidentally happen upon’ very natural states, and then they feel they have discovered something wonderful! They try to keep this information to themselves, not because it would be harmful but because they wish to hoard it and they do not wish to share, and they also do not understand. You in your focus have the ability to accomplish the same things as they do. They only BELIEVE that these things must be accomplished in specific environments. Their problem is that they do not understand what they have done. If they were to shift their focus, they would not know what to do! Their measuring instruments would not be necessary. This unnerves the scientific community.” [session 06, May 14, 1995]

(4) Paul’s note: the enneagram is an ancient, nine-sided diagram which was first introduced into the West by George I. Gurdjieff (1866-1949). Gurdjieff was a man of Armenian and Greek ancestry who studied the mystic, Sufi teachings throughout the Mid-East in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. He brought a version of these teachings back to Tiflis, Russia with the blessing of his teachers, just before the First World War broke out. His intent was to share this flavor of Eastern thinking and perception with the West. He went on to create various learning “centres” throughout Europe and had many influential students.

In recent times, the enneagram has come to be known as a diagram representing nine basics personality types. Hence the word, enneagram, derived from ‘ennea’ meaning “nine” and ‘grammos’ meaning diagram. The enneagram is also used as a tool for noticing self – self-awareness, self-remembering, and cultivation of spiritual knowledge.

(5) Paul’s note: The Myers-Briggs system is a personality typing tool based upon well-known research by psychologists Carl Jung, Katharine C. Briggs, and Isabel Briggs Myers.

Carl Jung first developed the theory that individuals each had a psychological type. He believed that there were two basic kinds of “functions” which humans used in their lives: how we take in information (“perceive” things), and how we make decisions. He believed that within these two categories there were two opposite ways of functioning – our senses or our intuition. We make decisions based on objective logic or subjective feelings. Jung believed that we all use these four functions in our lives, but that we each use the different functions with varying degrees of success and frequency. He believed that it is possible to identify an order of preference for these functions within any individual.

Today, personality typing is a tool with many uses. It’s used in the areas of personal growth and self-development; for example, career guidance, managing employees, inter-personal relationships, education, and counselling.

(6) Paul’s note: Elias uses the analogy of birds in a cage to represent the relationship between individual beliefs and belief systems.

ELIAS: “... I shall reiterate, in my analogy of belief systems in comparison, that the belief system itself is as that of a bird cage, and the aspects of the belief system are all of the birds that the cage holds. These cages, the belief systems, hold many, many, many birds. There are hundreds of aspects to each given belief system.” [session 301, July 25, 1998]

ELIAS: “The bird cage is neutral. It is merely a cage. It CONTAINS something; it contains the birds. The birds are that which flutter and fly and peck at each other and at you, and hold much energy and are very affecting and are at times quite fascinating also, and quite colorful! But once the cage is empty, the cage remains; but it holds no affectingness, for it is empty. It then becomes ornamental. You may place the cage wherever you choose. You may look within your home and you may express, ‘I am pleased with this cage upon my mantel. I view that I shall move the cage to a table.’ It matters not. The cage remains the same. It is merely a cage. The birds may be quite messy, and you may be quite careful where you shall place the cage with all the birds contained inside!” [session 307, August 14, 1998]

Digests: find out more about belief systems; an overview.

(7) Paul’s note: referring to an interaction in which Forrest Landry explored his own metaphysical theories with Elias. I should note that there are still two recorded sessions, #266 and #267 from February 1998, that have yet to be transcribed and made part of the public record. So the closest exchange I can find reference to is the following:

Transcripts: check out session 269, March 19, 1998.

(8) Paul’s note: follow these links to read the interaction between Elias and Jene.

Transcripts: session 90, April 28, 1996 and session 91, May 01, 1996.

(9) Paul’s note: Rodney attended the Seth Network Int'l. conference that took place at the Holiday Inn, Water Street, Elmira, New York, from June 17-20, 1999.

(10) Paul’s note: referring to Deanne’s previous phone session.

Transcripts: find out more about Deanne’s toast to Elias in session 410, June 04, 1999.

(11) Paul’s note: Margaret is the name of a focus of Marisa’s that she discussed at length with Elias in an earlier session.

Transcripts: find out more about session 390, May 01, 1999.

(12) Paul’s note: Ian is the Scottish focus that Marisa’s focus of Margaret is involved with. See the previous footnote.

(13) Paul’s note: Like Elias, Seth is a self-described “energy personality essence.” Jane Roberts engaged her own energy exchange with Seth from December 1963 until her passing in September 1984. Seth/Jane produced over 40 books of material during that time that now forms a body of the perennial philosophy called the Seth Material. (The Early Sessions, Books 1-9 are now available, [sessions 1-510].)

Digests – see also: | accepting self | agenda | altered states/projections of consciousness | aspects of essence | “astrology” | becoming | being in the now | belief systems; an overview | bleed-though | choices/agreements | creature consciousness | desires/wants | dimension | dimensional veils | disengage (“death”) | distortion | dream mission | duality and change | duplicity | effortlessness | energy deposits | essence; an overview | essence families; an overview (Sumari) | essence tones | fear | focal points | focus of essence; an overview | forum | fun & pleasure! | imagery | imagination | information | inner senses; an overview | inner senses; conceptualization | inner senses; empathic | intents | links of consciousness | love | manifestation | mass events | mergence | mirror action | noticing self | objective/subjective awareness | officially accepted reality | Paul (Patel) | perception | engaging periphery | probabilities | prophecy | religion (spirituality) | science | separation | sexuality and emotion | sexuality; gender, orientation, and preference | shift in consciousness | simultaneous time | skipping shells | tiles | time frameworks | transition | trauma of the shift in consciousness | triggers | trusting self | truth | unofficial information | value fulfillment | vessel | waking state/dreaming state | widening awareness | you create your reality |

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