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Tuesday, July 22, 2003

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“Levitation, Materialization and De-Materialization”

“Healing a Friendship”

“Not Wanting Children”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Cris (Raunn) and Ginnette (Mylanne).

Elias arrives at (actual time not available). (Arrival time is 36 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good evening!

CRIS: Hello, Elias.

ELIAS: Welcome to you both!

CRIS: Thank you very much. Elias, I want to ask you some questions.

ELIAS: Very well.

CRIS: I have a girlfriend. Do I share future intimate focuses with her?


CRIS: How many physical focuses do I have?

ELIAS: Total numbering in this physical dimension, 609.

CRIS: From where comes the intense desire in me to discover the divine potential inside of me?

ELIAS: And your impression?

CRIS: (Laughs) I don’t know! I think it has something to do with past time in perhaps Egypt or something like that.

ELIAS: Your impression as to THIS focus. There are always influences of other focuses which interplay with every focus that you incorporate within any physical dimension, but you purposefully draw different energies of different focuses to yourself in relation to what you are choosing in this focus. Therefore, that is the motivation, not the bleed-through of other focuses that is directing you.

You are directing yourself. You are generating your choices and your preferences, and therefore you tap into other focuses that may generate similar energy. Therefore, what is your impression as to your motivation in this direction?

CRIS: I think it has something to do with trying to prove for myself and for others that there are no limitations and that every limitation can be surpassed.

ELIAS: Which is your intent in this focus.

CRIS: Then from where comes my interest in levitation and materialization?

ELIAS: The same.

CRIS: My intent to prove that there are no boundaries? Okay. What practical steps would be best for me to develop levitation and materialization? (Pause)

ELIAS: Perhaps relaxing your attention in association with physical solidity. Practice tipping a table.

CRIS: What do you mean by tipping a table? What do I understand by that?

ELIAS: In manner of speaking, it is a parlor trick. But it may also be an interesting exercise, in which you place your fingers upon the edge of the table, defocus your visual, but move your concentration to the table. As you concentrate and focus your attention, not necessarily your visual but your attention, upon the table, focus your energy. As you focus your energy, you project your energy to the table and you generate it to tip. And it shall. It may tip upon two legs, it may tip upon one and balance itself, and it shall occur.

You very much incorporate the ability to perform this very simple parlor trick, but it also, although being a parlor trick, reinforces your trust of your ability to be manipulating energy. What you shall notice is that the table shall appear, prior to its lifting, as not solid any longer. What shall occur is that you shall incorporate a visual of the table in which you actually view it as in motion. The actual solidity of it becomes less solid and it moves. The table itself, not the action of it lifting, but the actual structure of the table you begin to view the movement of it, generally speaking in a type of swirling motion.

Now; in this, what you are viewing is the actual movement of the particles of the table and you view the movement of the links of consciousness. Once you begin to view the movement of the table itself within its solidity, as you continue to concentrate your energy in focusing upon this action of it lifting, it shall lift.

CRIS: And how do I learn to lift myself?

ELIAS: In a very similar manner. Once you practice with some simple implication of lifting or levitating, so to speak, this reinforces your trust of your abilities. It also allows you the opportunity not merely view your abilities but to become familiar with them.

Many times individuals in their initial attempts to be generating this simple action surprise themselves so very much that once the table begins to lift, it drops, for their attention is interrupted in their surprise of their action. But once you practice, you begin to reinforce your trust of yourself and you do not frighten yourself or surprise yourself at your ability. Therefore, you may implement a very similar action in conjunction with your body consciousness, which shall allow you to generate a very similar action but with your body consciousness rather than an object.

CRIS: Do I use the same technique to materialize and dematerialize things?

ELIAS: Dematerializing is much more easily expressed than materializing. For in conjunction with your beliefs, it becomes much more challenging to generate the appearance of an object than the disappearance. You generate that action naturally many times, regardless.

Although you are not intentionally generating that and you excuse your action away, you dismiss what you have generated and you express to yourself the explanation that you have merely lost an object or misplaced an object. Many times, in actuality, what you have generated is the dematerialization of an object. Many times you generate that object reappearing in a different time framework, but you also excuse that action and express that ah, you have misplaced that object and now you have found the object. In actuality, many, many times this is not the situation. You are not as forgetful as you believe yourselves to be.

CRIS: So then how do I materialize, for instance, a rock out of thin air?

ELIAS: Many individuals inquire of this. This requires you to be genuinely trusting of yourself and accepting of your abilities, that you genuinely do incorporate the ability to generate these types of actions.

Now; that trust is also expressed in conjunction with your beliefs. You may recognize that there are individuals that study, so to speak, many different methods primarily in association with Eastern religious beliefs, and these individuals, through many years of what you term to be discipline and study, incorporate an ability to materialize objects from what you term to be nothing and even dematerialize at will. They also incorporate the ability to, at will, levitate themselves.

Now; this is no special gift. The reason that they allow themselves this ability, which you incorporate the same ability, is that they defocus their attention upon their beliefs. This is not to say that they do not incorporate the beliefs that you incorporate – they do – but each of you incorporates expressed beliefs. You all incorporate all of the beliefs within all of the belief systems, but not all of them are expressed. These individuals, in their study and their practice, move their attention from those beliefs that are very strongly expressed – concerning solidity, concerning gravity, concerning how objects are created – and in this, it is not that they do not incorporate the beliefs that you do, but that they move their attention and allow themselves to express different beliefs. In that, they allow themselves to generate this type of action.

Now; for those individuals, they incorporate many years of discipline and study. That is not to say that this is necessary, but it is necessary to recognize the limitations of your beliefs.

Now; in this, you generate physical manifestations continuously within your focus. Every object surrounding you – every structure within your reality, every manifestation of every other individual, yourself, your universe – you are continuously generating this same action, for physical manifestations are a projection of energy filtered through a configuration of time. Therefore, they are manifestations that are generated, things from no thing.

For consciousness is not a thing, it is not a measurable, and it is not an entity. It is an action. Therefore, YOU are an action, just as your table is an action. But in its configuration and in association with time, it appears solid. You appear solid. You are energy, but the configuration of energy in association with time generates a physical solidity. This is a natural function that you incorporate to generate physical manifestations from no thing, and you do it naturally.

But in concentrating your attention objectively and viewing your hand and expressing to yourself, “I wish to materialize a stone within my hand,” you view nothing. Remember, thought does not create reality. You create what you concentrate upon, and what you concentrate upon are your beliefs, and that is evidenced in what you do, in what you create.

Therefore, in addressing to your beliefs concerning time, concerning gravity, concerning the solidity of objects, and recognizing that you generate absolutes in relation to these expressions – they are what they are – therefore, they are an absolute within your perception. Once you recognize genuinely, not merely thinking, but once you genuinely realize and accept that these are not absolutes, you begin to recognize that your choices are much greater and your abilities much vaster than you have allowed yourself to view what you perceive previously, and therefore, you generate much more freedom.

CRIS: What is my essence family?

ELIAS: And your impression as to your essence family?

CRIS: I have no idea.

ELIAS: Very well. And are you wishing essence name also?

CRIS: Yes.

ELIAS: Essence name, Raunn, R-A-U-N-N (RAHN). Essence family, Sumafi; alignment, Gramada; orientation, common.

(To Ginnette) And are you wishing the same?


ELIAS: Very well. Essence name, Mylanne, M-Y-L-A-N-N-E (mih LAN). Essence family, Sumafi; alignment, Sumari; orientation, soft.

CRIS: Thank you, Elias. I will now leave... Oh no, just one last question and I will get Ginnette. Why do I create this infection on my throat like I have to scratch my throat?

ELIAS: Offer your impression first.

CRIS: I think fear of not daring to speak out freely.

ELIAS: (Nodding in agreement) Very well! This is quite in association with communication, in association with your blue energy center, which is the energy center that is most influencing of communication.

Now; this is associated with outward communication and communication inwardly, your own communications and listening to your own communications to yourself, and restricting your allowance of yourself to be expressing of yourself outwardly in association with other individuals.

Now; I may also express to you first of all an acknowledgment that I am aware of your energy that you are expressing somewhat more freely now than you have previously. Also, you are somewhat more mindful, so to speak, or aware of how you are expressing, which is to be acknowledged, for you are expressing somewhat more of an acceptance within yourself, and therefore, you are also generating a natural by-product of expressing more of an acceptance with other individuals. But there continues to be somewhat of an affectingness that you are generating in physical body consciousness in association with this communication, for outwardly you continue to express somewhat of an attempt to be instructing or convincing to other individuals outwardly in interaction if other individuals express difference.

Now; that is also a reflection of what you are generating inwardly. The influence that is being expressed is that there is a threat if other individuals are expressing difference to yourself; therefore, there must be a justification for your stance. Therefore, it is expressed in either instruction or an attempt to convince, which is somewhat camouflaged in the expression of debate. But what is debate? An attempt to convince.

Now; this is not to say that you may not be freely expressive of yourself in your opinion and in your preferences and in association with your beliefs. This is the freedom of your expression, which I may express to you is greatly encouraged for this is an aspect of your freedom in directing of yourself, but not to be comparing or convincing or instructing of another individual – allowing yourself your freedom without justification and also allowing yourself to receive the expression of other individuals in openness without judgment. In that action, you may notice a marked difference in this blue energy center.

CRIS: Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

CRIS: I will now leave you with Ginnette.


ELIAS: Hello!

GINNETTE: I have also prepared some questions.

ELIAS: Very well.

GINNETTE: Why is it so difficult for me to feel what the calling in this life is for me?

ELIAS: For you do not necessarily incorporate a calling, so to speak. Some individuals recognize what we term to be their intent much more obviously than other individuals.

Now; partially, I may express to you, that you may be incorporating somewhat more of a challenge in identifying what your intent in this particular focus is in association with your orientation. Many individuals that incorporate the orientation of soft generate a challenge in identifying their intent. Eventually, each of you begin to recognize what your intent is. Your intent is the general theme that is expressed throughout the entirety of your focus, the general direction.

Now; within your intent, there are many, many, many specific directions that may be associated with that general theme, and this is recognized by allowing yourself to evaluate your experiences throughout the entirety of your focus, not merely now and not merely what direction you perceive yourself to be moving within in the future. But throughout the entirety of your focus, each of you incorporates a theme, so to speak, which is the identification of your intent.

At times with soft individuals this may be somewhat challenging for them to identify, for you are continuously changing. Therefore, in this continuous change and the incorporation of change, many times it appears that there is no general theme, but there is. It may not appear as obvious as another individual or as physical, so to speak, as another individual, but there is a theme. If you are allowing yourself to investigate and to pay attention, you shall allow yourself to discover your theme or your intent, regardless that you also incorporate tremendous change throughout your focus.

It is merely a matter of paying attention. Many times many different situations and experiences may appear initially quite unrelated, but if you are genuinely paying attention and allowing yourself to view, you may discover the theme that connects them all.

GINNETTE: Can you give me a hint of this?

ELIAS: I shall challenge you to be investigating and genuinely evaluate your experiences throughout your focus. I shall challenge you in the same manner that I challenge all individuals that interact with myself, and I shall express the same offering to you that I do with other individuals.

Investigate your theme and allow yourself to attempt to evaluate what your theme is, and I shall be anticipating our next meeting in which, if you are choosing to present this question again and offer your impression, I shall validate, and if need be, I shall also elaborate and clarify WITH you, not for you, the identification specifically of your intent.

The reason that I express this challenge is that each individual incorporates a natural curiosity in association with their beliefs as to what their purpose is within this physical reality. This, in your beliefs and in your associations, is a very large question, and it is important that you offer yourself the experience of the discovery of its answer. For I may offer you identifications of answers to many different questions, but they incorporate little meaning if you are not aware experientially of what I am identifying to you; it matters not. For without the experience, whatever I may offer to you remains concept, and in remaining concept, it swims intellectually but you do not grasp the practical implication and application of the concept. Therefore, it incorporates little meaning. But if you are generating your own experience in association with information that we share, this is a quite a different matter. In this, you generate a much clearer understanding of what we are discussing.

GINNETTE: Why did Helene, a good friend of mine, make a rupture with me? Nevertheless, we had a very good intimate connection.

ELIAS: And your impression?

GINNETTE: Something about abuse?

ELIAS: Be more specific.

GINNETTE: To let me see that I have to pay more attention to myself instead of to other people?

ELIAS: Partially. This is YOUR participation. If you are inquiring as to what the other individual’s motivation is, I may offer you an explanation – and I may also qualify that I rarely offer this type of explanation, for in actuality it matters not, for what is significant is your participation. But I may also express to you, in this situation, which may be somewhat helpful to your understanding, the other individual incorporates an uncomfortableness in a reflection that you offer to them. It is difficult or challenging for that individual to view the reflection of what they want but are not creating. Are you understanding?

GINNETTE: More or less. Not completely.

ELIAS: The other individual incorporates wants; you all incorporate wants. This is not to say that you all create what you want, and this is not to say that what you want is wrong or that it is merely what you think you want. Many times you do identify, even if it is general, what you want. That is translated within your thought mechanism, identifying what you want. This is not to say that you always allow yourself to create that. It is dependent upon your beliefs and how you restrict yourself and what direction you are moving within. Many individuals limit themselves and restrict themselves in fear.

This individual incorporates elements of fear which restrict the movement in generating what they want. But you express a reflection of that, a reflection of the want which is not expressed. This individual incorporates a want, is aware that it is not being expressed, is aware that it is not being accomplished, and views within your energy the reflection that it is within you, and therefore that becomes what you may term to be a source of irritation, not in anger, [but] in painfulness, irritation.

Now; as to what you are generating, what are you generating in this participation?

GINNETTE: The fact that not seeing her is very painful, very painful. I miss her a lot.

ELIAS: But what are you doing? Now view from the other direction. For you are reflecting an element to this individual, but this individual is also reflecting to you.

Now; what have I identified is this individual doing, what? This is significant and the reason I identified that, which I qualified and expressed to you I do not engage very often, but it is an example. Therefore, what have we identified that the other individual is doing? What?


ELIAS: And therefore, the other individual is generating a fear and therefore is generating what action? Denying choices and retreating.

What are you doing? Not fear, but denying your choices. You are denying your own expression and therefore restricting yourself. Regardless of what the other individual is choosing, regardless of what behavior the other individual is displaying, what do YOU want?

GINNETTE: I want to have full contact again.

ELIAS: More specifically – that is an outside identification. What do you want within yourself? (Pause)

You want to express yourself. You want to express your affection, your appreciation freely, but you deny yourself that expression. Why? For your attention projects outwardly to the other individual in expectation, that you want to be expressing yourself but you expect the other individual to respond in like kind. You also are denying yourself, for you are allowing the other individual’s choices to dictate your choices. You shall wait for the other individual to act first, therefore offering you permission to respond. But if the other individual does not incorporate the action first, you may not act, for your choices are dependent upon the other individual’s choices and direction, and they are not.

It is your choice to be expressive of you, regardless of how that may be initially received by the other individual, in a genuine expression of affection and appreciation. The other individual may initially, in their fear and their lack of acceptance of self, shield, and may be rejecting of the allowance to receive that energy and that expression. But if this is your genuine desire and you continue to allow your free expression without expectation, the other individual shall recognize that energy, for energy is experienced and recognized much more clearly and immediately than any other type of communication that you may express within your physical focus. Individuals know energy. And in this, that is an expression of supportiveness, and this individual desires supportiveness but not with expectation, and all of you recognize expectation immediately.

Therefore, you may contemplate this and perhaps allow yourself the freedom of your expression regardless, and generate no expectation. You may surprise yourself, for you do create your reality. Regardless of what the other individual is creating, it is whether you trust yourself and pay attention to yourself, and you create what you want.

GINNETTE: I just have one more question. Why am I not wanting children?

ELIAS: I may express to you, in this time framework this is becoming more and more commonly expressed and less and less unusual with the female gender.

Now; recognize you have moved into your new millennium, your new century. In that movement, you have also moved into the objective insertion of this shift in consciousness into your physical reality. One of the elements of this shift in consciousness is a shift from the male energy to the female energy, which is expressed differently. The male energy is intellectual, the female energy intuitional. In this, there is a tremendous shift in energy within your reality, and this is also redefining your roles. It is not eliminating your beliefs, but it is redefining your roles.

The emphasis of this shift in consciousness is upon the individual and directing of themselves, not upon the direction of authorities or allowing other individuals to be directing in expectations, but each individual directing themselves, which is shifting beliefs. This is not to say that the beliefs are being eliminated. They are not. But your association with them is shifting, for you are directing of yourself and generating your own choices in association with what you want, not what is expected.

Throughout your history, there has been a very different expression of energy, and therefore, there has been a responsiveness with you all in association with authority of some type or another, not necessarily even an individual. It may be a concept, it may be a philosophy, a belief which generates expectations. Not necessarily that other individuals generate the expectation, but in association with the beliefs, you generate the expectation of yourself. “I incorporate this gender; therefore, I am expected or I expect myself to produce in a specific manner in association with my gender.” But this is shifting, and the female gender is not necessarily designed merely for procreation. These are beliefs. It is a choice.

GINNETTE: My questions are answered. Thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are very welcome, my friends. I am greatly encouraging of you both. I shall be offering my energy to each of you. (To Ginnette) You, to be more playful! In this, I am encouraging of you each, and offering my energy and affection to both of you. I shall be anticipating our next meeting. To each of you in the truth of love, au revoir.

CRIS: Au revoir. Thank you, Elias.

Elias departs after 55 minutes (actual time not available).

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