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Friday, September 26, 2003

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ďEnergy Center Rotation and TonesĒ

ďDifferences in Information on the ShiftĒ

ďAn Exercise in an Energy Center ĎFountainíĒ

ďExercise: SillinessĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Bill (Khalil).

Elias arrives at 10:26 AM. (Arrival time is 24 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

BILL: Hello, Elias!

ELIAS: (Chuckles) And how shall we proceed?

BILL: Well, I think weíll start with a few bookkeeping items. I was curious about my color tone and about musical pitches that would be harmonic to my essence, maybe musical chords.

ELIAS: And your impression as to your color?

BILL: I would say itís like an emerald green.

ELIAS: Focus color.

BILL: Thatís my focus color?


BILL: Is there an essence color or...?

ELIAS: Yes. (Pause) Essence color, darker green, forest green. Musical chord, A Ė A minor.

BILL: Is there a specific pitch, rather than a chord? Is there a specific pitch for my essence, is there such a thing?

ELIAS: As one note?

BILL: Yes. (Pause)

ELIAS: Second octave, bass clef, A.

BILL: While weíre discussing that, there are some pitches given for the energy centers, and Iím wondering if those are correct as theyíre given elsewhere. I couldnít find it; I looked it up.

ELIAS: This is dependent upon the individual. You may incorporate sounds or musical notes in association with your energy centers, but it is dependent upon the individual and what resonates with the individual. In this, the only consistent expression would be that each tone would be increasingly higher with each energy center, the red energy center being the lowest note.

BILL: While weíre dealing with energy centers, just a point of clarification, please. They rotate, you said, clockwise, which to me, being in the center of a ring of energy, would appear as Iím looking forward from that energy center to rotate from left to right, as if the disc were over me in that manner. Does that make sense to you?

ELIAS: If you are visualizing from top to bottom, figuratively speaking, as though each energy center were a disc, this would be how it would be rotating, clockwise. If you are viewing presently your floor, that is the direction.

BILL: That makes sense to me. Thank you. The three higher energy centers, nah, som and ra, had no pitch specified for them in this system that someone else had attached these pitches to. I wondered if those also had a specific pitch thatís within the audible range, the top three centers.

ELIAS: Yes, you may, but once again this would also be dependent upon each individual and their preference of tones, and sequentially increasing the note.

BILL: In seeking those tones, I would just simply focus my attention in the area of the energy center and seek that which is resonant, is that correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

BILL: Well, that clears that up. (Elias chuckles.) I had a few questions about some impressions. I got a name, Marika. I wondered about that in terms of my daughterís essence name. Would you confirm that or correct me?

ELIAS: This is a name that has been incorporated in physical focus in other focuses by yourself and by that individual, but it is similar in sound to the essence name.

BILL: Her essence name is...?

ELIAS: Monica (moh NEE kah).



BILL: You told me that she was Milumet. What is her alignment?

ELIAS: And what is your impression?

BILL: I think Borledim. (Pause)

ELIAS: Zuli.

BILL: Zuli? I let my thinking run away with me there. (Elias laughs) Iím a little bit curious about my wifeís belonging and alignment. What would they be?

ELIAS: And your impression?

BILL: I think Gramada and Sumafi.

ELIAS: Reverse.

BILL: And her essence name? (Pause)

ELIAS: Tylann, T-Y-L-A-N-N (TIE lan).

BILL: Thank you. I get an impression of a woman with gray hair, and I get the name Maureen. Am I on a right track there?

ELIAS: As a focus?

BILL: I couldnít isolate whether that was counterpart action or a focus, or if it was just maybe...

ELIAS: Of yourself, yes.

BILL: A focus?


BILL: Elias, I was wondering if Iím in transition or what the date of my transition was.

ELIAS: Yes, approximately four years.

BILL: Am I a final focus?


BILL: Iíve been wondering, for the sake of others too, if there are others doing something similar to your present enterprise with us, in other cultures, for instance in Asia or Africa, and what form those would take as far as... Well, they must have their own individual direction in moving those cultures in the action of the shift. Could you speak to that a little bit?

ELIAS: As to other individuals that may be channeling information within other cultures, yes, there are in actuality many other channeling expressions that are occurring now. There are many more that are expressed in the manner of channeling information from their own essence, which is no less valid in information; but it also is dependent upon the individual, how they choose to be incorporating the action and what their intent is and what their family is that they are belonging to, in whether the information shall incorporate distortion or not.

I may express that there are what you would term to be very few individuals within this present time framework that are engaging an energy exchange with another essence and that are engaging that action in a manner that allows for the least distortion.

But there are many different expressions that are occurring throughout your world presently in which individuals are offering themselves information concerning this shift in consciousness. They may not identify it in those terms, they may be incorporating different words, but they are incorporating the concept of a shift in reality.

Now; individuals present themselves with information in many, many different manners. Many individuals present themselves with information through familiar avenues, so to speak, through religious organizations or through different types of organizations that are associated with established, familiar beliefs; but it matters not, for metaphysics is beliefs also.

Therefore, it is merely a matter of the individual and what they draw themselves to, what information they prefer and also what the individualís intents are and what are their most strongly expressed beliefs. Some individuals are choosing not to offer themselves much information concerning this shift in consciousness, but that may be in association with their intent and perhaps they are choosing to be exploring conflict.

BILL: Yes, that makes perfect sense. I look at all these cultures and I see different personalities exhibited by each culture, each individual lending their own personality to the expression of the whole. Itís quite a mosaic. I like the way you explain it. So those that are choosing the Shift will create some kind of a bridge belief system out of whatever they hold originally, some kind of bridge to the equivalent of how they relate to this shift. Is that clear, as Iím stating that? (Pause)

ELIAS: Perhaps, or perhaps not. You all are moving with this shift, and I may express to you that individuals choosing not to be moving in conjunction with this shift or in agreement with it shall disengage and not participate within your physical reality, for it has been chosen by the collective, by all of you that are participating throughout your world.

In this, some individuals may be choosing to be in agreement with the actual shift in consciousness, but not choosing to be moving in their physical directions with it and therefore generating trauma and conflict, but that is also their choice. It is not that they are unaware of what is occurring, in your terms, around them. It is what they choose in how they shall move. Some individuals, in relation to their direction and their beliefs and their intents and their individual value fulfillment, may choose to be experiencing the conflict and the trauma.

Those of you that draw yourselves to this information and to interaction with myself have chosen to be moving in a direction of the least conflict and the least trauma, and therefore offering yourselves information to prevent that action, and also choosing to offer energy to the whole, so to speak, to ease the expression of trauma and conflict even in association with those individuals that choose it, that it may be lessened than it might have been.

BILL: Thatís almost a statement of my Tumold intent. (Elias nods) Thatís very interesting.

Many years ago, when I had my initiation to transcendental meditation, within 20 seconds of the time that I began my mantra, I felt like I was literally melting and running out of the chair as far as being completely relaxed. I shifted to a ďnowĒ focus. (1) have had the impression that that, and wanting to return to that state, has been a driving force for me and has been... First of all, Iíd like to ask if that is a prime driving force still, and secondly, if I will return to that. I mean... Iíve actually lost my second question. Perhaps you can respond to the first and Iíll think of the second.

ELIAS: It is motivating. I may validate that it is a motivating force within you, and in this, I may also respond to your question of whether you may regain that or not, and I may express to you, yes, this is a choice. I may also express to you, my friend, that you are trying too hard and complicating.

BILL: Oh, I love complication!

ELIAS: It is not as difficult as you perceive it to be, for in this, all that is required is that you allow yourself to relax and defocus.

BILL: This in a way brings me to a question that I really wanted to ask. When I usually sit in the afternoon with your sessions Ė and I get so much from them each time I read them Ė itís different each time. Iím wondering about the processes of my mind at that moment, whether Iím internally focused on self or is it just all intellectual stuff? Iíve often wondered while Iím sitting there reading if youíre connected with me, if you can feel what Iím feeling at that time.

ELIAS: Yes, I am continuously interactive. But if you are aware of my energy objectively or not, it is present continuously and I am there.

In this, there are several actions that are occurring in these experiences that you engage as you are engaging these transcriptions. You are connecting with my energy, and you are generating several actions simultaneously. You engage the transcription, and it is continuously changing, is it not?

BILL: Oh yes, that it is.

ELIAS: This action occurs for there are several movements that are occurring. One, each time you generate interacting with these transcriptions, you change it. You change the past. For what you read, what you have already read, you have changed the past reading to be a new reading. In that new reading, you offer yourself new information and you offer yourself new understandings. And this is magic!

BILL: Oh, it is a new experience for me each time and I wonder at it. Sometimes it almost seems that I not necessarily defocus Ė Iím there Ė but I deliberately want to give myself freedom to really go anywhere I want to go. Iíve chosen that time from the day as a gift to myself, in as much as I will accept it. I think I use the conceptual sense and to a degree the empathic sense at those times and thatís where I expand, but I could use a little help in maybe broadening that out.

ELIAS: If you are choosing to be incorporating this movement in those time frameworks, allow yourself to incorporate your reading as you do, but notice as you are engaging these transcriptions, your attention IS focused, you are attentative to what you are reading, and you are attempting to absorb, so to speak, what you are reading. You are also surprising yourself with your reading, for it is changing, and you are aware of that changing.

In this, you may also allow yourself a brief time framework subsequent to your actual engagement of the reading to merely relax and allow yourself to drift. That is the defocusing. That is what shall allow you to move into that recovered experience.

BILL: I think that I place a judgment on when I do that. Because I do that defocusing afterward, and it gets so quiet inside that I think that Iím doing nothing and Iíve tried to recognize that Iím a witness and the experiencer at that point. But a lot of times, Iím aware ten minutes later, or sometime later, as having been busy. I couldnít begin to say what I did during that time.

ELIAS: You may also generate a very similar experience to what you are attempting to recall merely in focusing your attention upon your energy centers and generating the exercise of springing a fountain from all of the energy centers. (2)

BILL: I have spent a great deal of time with energy centers. I have a tape, I have a tone to play, and Iím judging the experience because Iím judging it according to how vividly I see it or how vividly I visualize it and whether I can feel it resonate. I think in that I need to...

ELIAS: Relax.

BILL: ...relax and stop judging it. (Elias chuckles)

I have been wondering about two people in particular as possible counterparts. Iím thinking about Carol D. Sheís interested in your material. Sheís from the West Coast. I wonder if she might be a counterpart.


BILL: And also my friend Naomi, from Tennessee.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

BILL: When I engage a counterpart, does that indicate other connections in either past or future lives?

ELIAS: It may.

BILL: Iím wondering if interaction with counterparts automatically leads to a more aware state for both participants, both counterparts?

ELIAS: That also is dependent upon the individuals and what they offer themselves in information and whether they are paying attention or not, and allowing themselves to be noticing. It is not an automatic expression.

You may encounter and interact with hundreds and hundreds of individuals that you engage counterpart action with, and you may pay attention to certain individuals and that may be influenced by the counterpart action or it may be influenced by your preferences and personalities. It also may be influenced in a familiarity, if you have engaged other focuses with the individual.

But you engage counterpart action with many, many, many, many individuals, and in this, not all are even within your time framework. They may be within other time frameworks, for they are all simultaneous, regardless. In this, you do not always recognize the action of counterpart between yourselves.

Generally speaking, what gains your attention in association with other individuals is a familiarity which is expressed in energy in sharing focuses with the other individual, OR in association with your beliefs, you are drawn to similarities. You all draw yourselves to similarities, and you all hesitate with differences. You may tolerate differences, and many of you may even be moving into an acceptance of differences, but there is an automatic association to be hesitant.

BILL: Let me, for a moment, I wanted to ask you how many focuses I have that are physically occurring in this timeframe?


BILL: In a way, thatís fewer than I expected. Iíd like to confirm an impression. I have had an impression a number of times that the planetary influences, that each planet has its own consciousness, its own dominating consciousness like a personality that indeed would almost tend to validate the art of astrology. Iím wondering if even the more distant stars, the phenomenon outside of our solar system, since itís all consciousness, could I not look at a star as an individual thought of my own, as I perceive it?

ELIAS: Yes, for you create it.

BILL: I see a really magnificent order in that perception, and Iím wondering if that is my Milumet expression. Would that be an identification of a particular characteristic of Milumet in that realization?

ELIAS: Yes, but it is not exclusive to Milumet; but yes, it is a quality of the Milumet family.

BILL: In my expression, I have given myself a demonstration over the past years of restriction of my breathing and in expressing my frustration in not being aware of choices. You told me about that in a previous session. I wonder if you can validate that Iím making any progress in clearing those issues and in moving toward my value fulfillment.

ELIAS: Yes, and I may also express to you, you are always generating your value fulfillment. (Laughs)

BILL: (Inaudible)

ELIAS: Were you not, you would not be in this physical dimension!

BILL: Iíd be disengaging.

ELIAS: (Laughs) And within this time framework, that would be accomplished quite easily, for there is an energy that is generating an ease in that choice, from the onset of this millennium.

BILL: My friend Carter/Cynthia asked you once, he said, ďElias, am I going to get it together in this lifetime?Ē (Elias chuckles) I keep thinking that is the direct approach, and Iíd like to ask you the same question. Am I going to get it together in this lifetime?

ELIAS: (Laughs) And I may identify with you, my friend, you already have! HA HA!

BILL: All right!

ELIAS: (Chuckles) What do you wish to ďget togetherĒ?

BILL: Well, it is the expression of ease, the expression of effortlessness.

ELIAS: Ah, but you are generating much more of that effortlessness now than you have previously.

BILL: Thank you. I wanted to validate that more.

We have a little time, and as interviewers do, I would just like to turn you loose for a little while (Elias chuckles) because I know as soon as I hit the door there will be oh, why didnít I ask that? I would love to give you an opportunity for a few minutes just to address what you see most directly in my... Perhaps surprise me with something that you recognize that I might address to, might be interested in.

ELIAS: Or that you are already aware of. Very well. (Pause) What you may allow yourself to evaluate and address to, that I view within your energy presently and has been ongoing and continues, is this discounting of yourself in association with intellectual processes.

BILL: Very correct.

ELIAS: There is no wrong expression with your intellectual processing, my friend, and you do discount yourself and you do doubt yourself that you are not processing well enough or rapidly enough or accurately enough. You express a harsh energy with yourself and that you should be expressing better or smarter or faster. This is entirely unnecessary, and I may even incorporate the term of ludicrous! Allow yourself to relax and accept and appreciate how you explore and how you evaluate.

For let me express an identification to you that I view in your energy. The manner in which you process information and the savoring of it allows you a genuine appreciation in your understanding, which if you were to be incorporating more rapidness, you may miss. Therefore, I express to you, accept your methods. They are not bad and they afford you a genuine appreciation, which many individuals do not allow themselves.

BILL: Wow! That hits the spot. (Elias laughs) I love that! Yes, trust has been my issue and validation. I connect with that a great deal. (Pause)

I know Iím going to have other questions for you, but that just fit so well that I think Iím going to let it end on that note,

ELIAS: Very well.

BILL: Itís a little bit early.

ELIAS: Very well. I may also express to you, remember to be incorporating your playfulness.

BILL: Yes, I do have my serious side, donít I?

ELIAS: Ah, and so you do! (Laughs) Your exercise is to be incorporating one intentional objective action of playfulness each day. No Ė one intentional objective action of SILLINESS each day!

BILL: I accept, I accept.

ELIAS: Which shall be more of an expression of playfulness. (Chuckles)

BILL: I do have a serious side. I wondered if I felt like a wet blanket when I walked in.

ELIAS: (Laughs) I shall be prodding you to be incorporating this humor and this playfulness and silliness. Ha ha!

BILL: Please do. Itís a great alternative to creating complication, difficulty and struggle. I think Iíll make that trade.

ELIAS: Very well! (Humorously) And I am quite accomplished at this expression; therefore, I may be quite helpful!

BILL: Iíll be looking for you.

ELIAS: Remember, if you are generating the judgments of good and bad, laughter is good! (Both laugh loudly)

BILL: I think Iíll generate that much more often.

ELIAS: Very well, my friend! I shall be anticipating our next meeting, and our participation together in this physical proximity. To you, as always, in great affection and appreciation...

BILL: Thank you very much.

ELIAS: friend, au revoir.

BILL: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 11:15 AM.


(1) Billís note: From my notes on the experience in 1973, I was suddenly aware of a most profound relaxation, so complete that had I not just visited the bathroom, I would have made a huge mess. I felt as if my body might just liquefy and leak through the chair onto the floor. Not only was the shift to this relaxation quick, but seamless, effortless and completely ďnatural.Ē The shift in my being, my awareness, was even more profound, however, and at least as effortless, ďrightĒ or ďnatural.Ē I was vividly aware of having no fear, of total psychological, emotional and spiritual adjustment and health, of a physical health far more stable than we normally know, and of the inherent goodness and loving nature of my soul/self and All That Is. Acceptance of my self, others and THE IS was total and automatic. My awareness, both my intellect and now a magnificent intuition, was sharply focused, yet broadly conscious. I knew with a rigorous reason and certainty that all things are a part of the ONE. I knew that the love, beauty and order were, to quote Abraham, ďstaggeringly dominant.Ē

(2) From session 31, August 20, 1995: ďIn spinning these individual energy centers, and aligning: if you are visualizing these centers to be spinning at the same revolutionary rate, and incorporating them within a perfect line, you will experience a sensation of balance. You may also, in incorporating your spiritual color of white, send this energy, or light if you prefer to visualize this, down through the core of each of these energy centers within a straight line, and back up through these energy centers, out through your purple or top energy center, and you will experience a very pleasing waterfall effect of energy emerging from these energy centers, out through the top of your head, and cascading down your body. It is quite pleasant and quite invigorating. You may experiment with this exercise, and be quite pleased at the sensation that you experience.Ē

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