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energy centers (body)

Paul’s note: Elias also uses the term “energy centers” to describe what he terms “energy deposits.”

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The energy centers

Color/Tone | Sound/Tone (1) (Pronunciation) – Description.

black | nah (naw) – the stream of essence communication (impulses) into physical focus.

magenta | ra (rah) – connects us with Regional Area 3.

white | som (sum) – connects us with Regional Area 2.

purple | mai (may) – located on the “top" of our head, actually centered outside of our physical body. This crown energy center, along with the white, magenta, and black, deal with non-physically focused energy. Thought-focused individuals process information concerning their reality through the purple energy center.

indigo | whou (whoo) – located in the center of our head, paralleling the space between our eyes.

blue | rai (ray) – located in the throat. Politically-focused individuals process information through the blue energy center.

pink | si (sea) – a “new” one, located in between heart and throat.

green | ti (tea) – located in the heart.

yellow | wah (waw) – located in the stomach. Emotionally-focused individuals process information through the yellow energy center.

orange | mu (moo) – located in the genitals.

red | lo (low) – located in the base of the spine. Religiously-focused individuals process information through the red energy center.

Elias “gems”

NORM: “I had read about chakras before, but I didn’t realize that perhaps there was truth to chakras. Why are chakras there?”

ELIAS: “As I have stated previously, these are designated as a belief system, within the terminology of chakra and the identification that is attached to these chakras. They hold religious belief system qualities. They are a religious belief system.

“Now; you do incorporate energy centers within your physical form which may be correlated to this belief system of the chakras, although the explanation of them may be slightly different. These energy centers are affecting of your physical manifestation; your physical form. Just as energy powers you, energy powers your physical form also. These energy centers are consciousness centers within your physical form, which provide the information and motivation within consciousness to be manipulating of your physical form.”

NORM: “Can you see a personality by looking at their chakras then? Their chakras look different?”

ELIAS: “Your energy centers are not physically, absolutely located within an absolute area of your physical body. They are not an object inside of your physical body. They are energy, which radiates from within outward. Therefore, they also are creating of the energy field which surrounds your physical form. In this, you may visually see actual colors of a physical energy field which surrounds your physical form, this radiating out from these energy centers and manifesting in what you call an aura. At different times and for different reasons, being influenced by different energy centers, your energy field may appear to be different colors, or a mixture of different colors. One may be, at any given time period, more predominant than another, or you may have no predominant color and you may have an intertwining of all of the colors. Color is a truth. It is an absolute.”

NORM: “A reflection of the personality?”

ELIAS: (Smiling) “Just as with symbols, they are a representative or a reflection of another element; but they are, within themselves, also themselves, and hold their own integrity. Therefore, with this manifestation also, it may be viewed to you as a reflection of light within different vibrations, but it also holds its own integrity and is an absolute.” [session 133, November 17, 1996]

ELIAS: “You have created belief systems in the area of what you term to be chakras, which I term to be energy centers, which are actual physical energy centers within your physical forms which project energy around your physical form which you term to be an aura, which is your energy field. These are very real elements, but you have also developed many belief systems in these areas. Each one of these energy centers holds the quality of consciousness of specific colors which function in different manners.” [session 275, April 23, 1998]

ELIAS: “Color may be translated into action. It may be translated into personality. It may be translated into manifestations, thought processes ... ANY element within your physical dimension that is expressed as any type of creation – interactions, emotion, thought, action, any event, any situation, any creation – for they all hold a quality of vibrational action, for all is energy. Therefore, as color is also energy within a vibrational speed, so to speak, it may be used in conjunction with any type of expression within your physical focus.” [session 412, June 08, 1999]

ELIAS: “... emotionally-focused individuals input information concerning their reality through the yellow energy center.

“All of you incorporate eight energy centers within your physical body consciousness. In this, certain energy centers facilitate the processing of information concerning your reality, and also allow you the expression outwardly, through your perception, of that same energy center, which creates your reality.

“Your yellow energy center does not create your reality. Your perception creates your reality, but the process[ing] of information concerning your reality moves through this particular energy center, as being an emotionally-focused individual.

“Individuals that are religious-focused shall process information through the red energy center. Individuals that are political-focused individuals shall process information through the blue energy center. Those individuals that are thought-focused shall process information through the purple energy center.

“This is a function of your physical manifestation within this particular physical dimension.” [session 622, May 26, 2000]

ELIAS: “... I may express to you, you may engage thought and you may manipulate energy in a physical manner to be affecting of the movement of these energy centers, but the affectingness of the movement of them shall be much less in that type of action than it shall be in allowing the natural subjective communication and direction to them.

“Now; you are inquiring of specific methods in how you may be interactive with these energy centers and be affecting of them.

“In this, I have spoken to individuals previously in association with the movement and affectingness of certain energy centers.

“As I offer information to individuals, you may be noticing and recognizing that my interaction with individuals shall also be associated with information concerning their perception and their beliefs in what they are creating, for these aspects of their expression are quite influencing of how they shall be affecting of the movement of these energy centers.

“For the mechanics of what is occurring in the movement of your energy centers is that your subjective awareness is offering specific direction to each of these energy centers in relation to all that you are creating within your reality.

“Therefore, as you are aware, your subjective awareness engages beliefs as does your objective awareness, for these are an integral aspect of this physical reality.

“In this, as your objective and subjective awarenesses move in harmony, incorporating many forms of communication between them, you create movements and direction which is expressed through these energy centers. Some of those directions may be involving the physical performance or function of your physical body. Some of these directions which are expressed to the energy centers create other manifestations.

“The energy centers are the energy expression, or physical manifestation in this physical dimension, of the essence of you. They are the expression of consciousness, translated into physical dimension, which are in actuality the essence expression of you in physical form, so to speak. Therefore, all that is created within your physical reality, in the physical aspect of it, is expressed and manifest through the projection of energy from these centers.” [session 755, January 11, 2001]

JOE: “These energy centers, these chakras, which I was going to explore with you further today but I got off on this tangent of mine, does the central focus and all of the probable focuses rely on the same energy centers, or do each of the probable or alternate selves have their own energy centers?”

ELIAS: “Each probable self incorporates its own energy centers. Each alternate self incorporates the same energy centers as you recognize.”

JOE: “Okay, so the same energy centers that I have would also be affective of all alternate selves, but probable selves are actually almost – I don’t know if this is the right term – a fragmentation that have their own energy centers.”

ELIAS: “Figuratively speaking, yes, although they are not fragmented.”

JOE: “Yes....”

ELIAS: “I am understanding of your meaning in your terminology.”

JOE: “Okay. I know what I’m trying to say, but trying to come up with the right vocabulary sometimes is a little tough.”

ELIAS: (Laughing) “Ah, the limitations of physical language!”

JOE: “Yes, indeed. (Elias chuckles) And I think even a mastery of it, even a total mastery of it, would be totally limiting too.”

ELIAS: “You are correct.” (Chuckling) [session 758, January 14, 2001]

Elias “gems”

RON: “How about the chakras? I always wondered what role they play in the body.

ELIAS: Your chakras, as I have explained previously, are energy centers. They do play a very important role. You will find that if more attention and study was concentrated on these energy centers, there would be much less need for your medical doctors incorporating surgeries.

Each chakra affects certain areas of your body, each directing certain elements of energy, each also exhibiting certain vibrational qualities; just as within your actual color spectrum, each physical color associated with light exhibits a certain vibrational quality. All light does not vibrate at the same speed. Each color exhibits an individual speed for vibration, this being incorporated also within your physical energy centers within your body. Different parts of your body also incorporate different vibrational qualities. Therefore, different colors or combinations of colors spinning together can be affecting of different body functions.

Your strongest vibrational color, being that of purple you will notice, is your crown chakra, which is located within your head. This is not a symbolic location. This is in actuality a vibrational energy center which is directing of all other energy centers, this being the most instructional center and also being the most powerful in exuding energy; this center also being the most powerful, in receptiveness, for what you term ‘psychically.’

Physically, your fourth chakra, which is green, is your most healing chakra; this energy center directing its energy to maintaining your physical body functions; keeping your physical expression in tune, so to speak. When you have created a situation of illness or disease or have incorporated an accident creating bodily harm, this center of green is the center which directs attention to these areas. You may also spin this color in opposite direction and create physical maladies with its energy.

RON: What’s the proper rotation?

ELIAS: This would be, in your terms, clockwise. This should not be strange to you, for you base the proper rotation of all things in this direction, the reason being that this is the proper rotation direction. You, in what you term to be unconscious, direct your clocks and all of your rotating elements to follow this direction. You also unconsciously understand that a counter-clockwise direction incorporates the idea of ‘undoing’ something. This idea did not just come from nowhere. An individual in ancient times did not stand and express, ‘I believe we should rotate clockwise,’ for there were no clocks! This was a natural expression. Your planets revolve in this direction. All energy revolves in this direction in a creating manner. In an uncreating manner, or what you term as negative, the rotation is reversed; this being true of even your elements of your atoms, in expressing that your electrons are negatively charged and rotate counter-clockwise and are not creating elements within themselves. They must incorporate a positive interaction to be creating. Positive charge needs not have another element to be creating. It may be creating by itself.

Therefore, in returning to our chakras, they spin clockwise. This in actuality though is good information for you to be possessing, for you would not be wishing to be spinning your chakras consciously in visualization in the opposite direction and possibly creating uncomfortableness within yourself, although I will express to you that if you were to be visualizing your chakras and deciding to spin them, you would automatically spin them in the correct direction. Your desire would need be so-called ‘unconsciously destructive’ to actually spin them otherwise. Chakras incorporate many elements, and I will explain to you that we will speak to these individually and collectively but not all at one time, for this also will be a subject needing of much attention. It will also be involving belief systems, and affectingness of all parts of your body. For now, I will briefly give you a small list of your energy centers and characteristics.

Your first chakra, in color of red, being the base or grounding color; this color connecting you with physical focus and grounding you to this focus. You may term this to be an anchoring energy, allowing your focus in your physical consciousness to continue to be directed singularly.

Your second chakra, in color of orange, the basic element of this color being affecting of sexual desires and implementation; this being the energy center which is controlling in physical manifestation of your procreation, and also creating your desires and physical expressions and creating mating ritual; this center being life-giving.

Your third chakra, in color of yellow, this being your emotional center, this being the most affected chakra for emotionally-focused individuals, this being why they may be expressing of feelings in their ‘middle;’ this chakra also incorporating detachment, allowing your emotional detachment of expression. It not only incorporates creating or pulling in of emotional energy, but also incorporates detaching and letting go and allowing to ‘fly away.’

RON: Do you have to spin it the other way to do that, or does it just spin clockwise, that color?

ELIAS: This is actually a good question; but no, you do not need to spin this consciously the other way. You will find though, that in familiarizing yourself with these energy centers and accomplishing visualization of them and learning to align them, when one – most likely yellow – is out of alignment, it will be spinning the other direction, or it will be spinning very slowly or sluggishly, or it will be bouncing; and also, this yellow will be your most difficult to pull back into alignment, for it is quite stubborn. It is also the color responsible for influencing you to create your shrines, yellow being a very powerful color in physical focus. Emotional-focuses are very powerful in physical manifestation, and yellow controls these.

Your fourth chakra, in color of green; this being your heart chakra, this being the energy center creating of love. Distinction: not emotion; love. I am not expressing of romanticizing. I am expressing of truthful love, which does not incorporate a singular emotional expression. There is a difference. Also, this color of green is concentrated for healing; this being the energy center invoked in connection with healing disease or emotional problems or psychological problems, and all physical problems; this color also exhibiting bravery, your expression of assertiveness coming from this energy center.

Your fifth color of blue; this being the energy center controlling communication.

RON: That’s Michael’s [Mary’s] favorite! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Absolutely! (Smiling) This being in your physical expression your most powerful tool. This chakra also exhibiting loyalty, this being where you will express your energy for loyalness to anything. In weakness of this energy center, you will find individuals who do not seem to be able to accomplish true loyalty to anything, and have problems also with communication. You may find that your inhibited individuals, that you express to be shy, are having difficulties with this energy center. This particular energy center causing many problems with physical focus individuals, this also being a difficult energy center to spin properly. It does not jump as your yellow, but its rotation does not always spin properly, therefore causing an individual to become too extroverted or too introverted. This may be affected greatly with alignment of chakras. This also being your most instrumental chakra for pulling in energy of other essences; it also being your most powerful chakra for connecting with essences.

Your sixth chakra, of indigo, this being your dark blue or navy in color; this being your intuitive chakra. This energy center is your thought-focus. Your thought-focused individuals spin this chakra very well and very fast, this chakra being the least destructive of all seven in not spinning in absolute harmony with the others; this energy center also being quite affected, though, by its rotational speed, and in spinning quite slowly will be resulting in individuals whom you would deem also to call ‘slow,’ this being where your term came from, for their energy center is spinning slow. They may not be half-witted, but they are slow. In spinning this chakra faster, you will notice that you describe your individuals as ‘quick-witted,’ this being the expression of the energy center spinning quickly. This being also your most creative chakra. Oddly enough, you will find very few individuals who will express that their favorite color is indigo; strangely enough, this being the most creative color and energy center, being of the second-most highest vibrational quality.

Your seventh chakra, of violet or purple, being your most connected with consciousness in all forms, in all regional areas. This chakra, as I have said, is your most directing energy center of all others. It also possesses the greatest power of them all. This energy center, connected with properly, may open worlds to you. All of your intimate connection with consciousness and essence must pass through this energy center first.

... This final energy center, being used in conjunction with all other energy centers, enhances them all. It also would be the one energy center with enough power to align yellow, this also being a complimentary color.

White connects all energy centers. In visualizing color, you may connect them all as beads on a string in alignment, with your string being white; this being incorporating of all of your color vibrations simultaneously.

... Also, I will express to you, and to you all, that it would be helpful to you to investigate material available to you concerning your chakra systems, this being helpful in directing your focus to alignment of chakras. You will be surprised at how much is accomplished in simply aligning these chakras. Just as you incorporate your chiropractor for aligning your physical body and you are physically feeling better after you are aligned, in aligning your energy centers you will also notice quite a difference physically. You pay little or no attention to your energy centers. Therefore, they are ‘spinning all over.’ In allowing their energies to be scattered, you also allow confusion within your physical body. This, without belief systems, creates conflict within your physical body expression.

I have explained that your physical body possesses consciousness. This consciousness is a collective unit which is created by the incorporation of each individual cell. They each possess their own consciousness. Incorporating all of these billions of cells that are comprised within your physical expression creates a consciousness of your body, this being also why a physical body may express movement directly after your consciousness has removed itself in passing from this physical focus to another focus, for the consciousness within your body has not removed completely until later. You believe consciousness to be such a magnificent creation that it must be a possession only of your mind. In actuality, all energy possess consciousness. All matter is made of energy. All physical expression is created from energy. Therefore, everything you view possesses consciousness.” [session 29, August 13, 1995]

“In our last session, we were speaking of your physical body – not of health in general! (grinning) – and also incorporating your energy centers. I will explain to you one energy center this evening, giving you some information and illustration of the basic elements of this energy center. We shall begin with your first energy center – which basic color being red – of your base chakra, as you express this.

I will first explain that this term ‘chakra’ is a religious terminology. This is not to be confused with my explanation of this energy center. This religious interpretation will show to be closely related to the identification of function of this energy center, but also incorporates many religious belief systems. I will not be incorporating religious beliefs in relation to these energy centers. Therefore, if you are reading material concerning these energy centers, be aware that they incorporate belief systems.

Your base energy center, as all of your energy centers, incorporates all colors of your spectrum; its basic color vibrating at the speed of red, though. This center is affecting and controlling of your feet, your legs, your large intestinal tract, your nervous system, your spine, all of your bones within your body, and also male and female organs.

In this you will see the reason that you may not necessarily focus on one particular color in connection with healing based on the position of this particular energy center. You may injure a bone within your arm. In directing energy from only your green energy center, you will not be affecting this injury very well, for its base energy is located within your red energy center; this being the reason that you must connect different energy centers to be affecting of certain ailments. This does not mean that a single energy center may not be affecting of other ailments singularly by itself. It is dependent on the particular affected part of your physical body.

This base energy center also being the focus of much religious belief systems, more so that some of your other energy centers. Your eastern religions attach a gender of female to this particular center. This center does not incorporate a gender, as all of your centers do not incorporate a gender. Eastern religious beliefs also incorporate the idea that this particular center is more powerful than other centers, being the base for what they will express as the Kundalini; this being completely a religious belief. This belief in actuality has nothing to do with the energy center itself.

As I explained at our last session, this center is associated with what you will think of as grounding; this being that the rotation and energy radiation of the center, being affecting for the most part of your lower extremities, radiates downward; this being the only energy center radiating energy in this direction. All others radiate out or up. This particular center, in conjunction with yellow which is focused with emotion, is extremely helpful in dealing with your nervous system. If you are experiencing difficulty in sleeping, this would be a proper energy center to be focusing on. I also expressed that dependent on your spinning of these centers, you may affect more or less of whatever you are concentrating upon.

I will also express that our friend Donovan may incorporate this particular energy center, in conjunction with fourth, in affecting of intestinal problems.

I will be, at different points within our sessions, expressing to you of individual energy centers basically one at a time, this allowing you the opportunity to explore each center by itself without confusing different elements of different colors between different energy centers. You may also, in practicing your meditations, focus on this center and visualize red. If you are experiencing difficulty in only experiencing red in a spherical shape in your visualization, you may choose an object of this color to focus upon. Apples do nicely! They are quite round and spin nicely in visualization. (Pause, during which Elias appears to be listening to something)

I will also briefly make one comment in regard to Regional Area number twenty-six, (grinning, as Vic cracks up) which would not be understood within physical focus in this dimension at all! And Lawrence [Vicki] may explain Regional Area number twenty-six to our group, this being a validation that I am listening! (2)

You may ask questions.

RON: Is there any way you could describe the speed at which a chakra spins? I can visualize the red. I can visualize the ball, but I don’t really know how fast to spin it, and I remember that you had spoken last time about the speed being very important, the speed at which it spins.

ELIAS: This would be dependent on your purpose. I will express to you in technical terms that your base energy center of red would be spinning at approximately twelve revolutions per second. (3) This would be what you would describe as being your slowest or heaviest energy center in rotation, this also emanating the lowest vibrational quality of one thirty-third thousandths lengths of wave; this referring to light wave spectrum, this being your longest visible color light wave length. In spinning this energy center faster, you may be affecting, depending on your focus, of different elements of your body. If you are experiencing tremendous nervousness, you may experiment with reducing your speed of your revolutions of this energy center to ten or even eight, this creating a calming effect within your nervous system which is filtered through your entire body. Also, within meditation this energy center may be useful in slowing its revolution, for it will be more quieting of the brain, nervous system, and neurological activity. Was this sufficient?

RON: Yes. Thank you. (Pause)

VICKI: Well, I have a question. Would this energy center be one that would be involved with any sort of menstrual problems?

ELIAS: No. This will be our next focus and our next incorporation of energy center of orange. Although I have expressed that this energy center incorporates male and female organs, your center of orange, being your second energy center, incorporates these organs also; the difference being that your orange energy center incorporates these male and female organs as its MAIN energy affectingness, being also connected with bodily fluids. Therefore, in female menstruation this would be incorporated with orange.

VICKI: ... Well, I have another question about the red energy center. You said it has to do with our bones also. If one were to break a bone, could you conceivably affect that with this red energy center?

ELIAS: Yes. I will explain to you that the only reason you do not affect ANYTHING within your physical expression involves your belief systems. You do not believe that you may affect your bones or your TEETH (grinning) or elements of your physical body that you may see, but this does not mean that you may not affect them. As you grow and widen your perception, you will expose yourselves to more amazing experiences. Your issues of what you term psychic surgeries are not a fantasy; these being quite a reality! You may physically penetrate your physical barrier of tissue without ever making an incision and without spilling blood. You only do not incorporate the belief system to allow yourself this experience. In widening your awareness, which is completely your choice whether you incorporate or not, you may physically cut your flesh and concentrate energy to remesh it back together. You may physically view this before your eyes.

There is no thing that you may not accomplish within physical focus. You only do not believe that you CAN accomplish. If you may ‘poof away’ within your Bermuda Triangle, as we have discussed, do you not think it would be an easier accomplishment to mend a bone? (Smiling)

VICKI: So is this red energy center also connected with the teeth?

ELIAS: This being correct.

VICKI: So, if one wanted to make half of a tooth whole again, are there specific suggestions you could offer? Where to start?

ELIAS: I will give you a starting point, being based with your red energy center. I will not give you step-by-step medical instructions for reconstructing teeth! (Laughter)

VICKI: I understand!

ELIAS: You may focus with your red energy center, incorporating your creation of a tooth; incorporating its construction and what you have created it out of, incorporating all of its natural materials. As this red energy center also incorporates nervous system, which are also located within teeth, you may incorporate this also. I will suggest that you incorporate slightly fourth energy center for healing helpfulness. I will also express that you incorporate sixth energy center, as this being the center ruling and dominating your head; this being why I have expressed that your energy center system is more complicated than only focusing on individual colors if you are incorporating a specific element of healing.

I will offer to you also another color – which you will not find within your charts of your chakras but is quite incorporated as an energy center – of pink; this being quite a powerful color also for connection and for healing.

... In addressing also in the direction of color, I will express a directing to misinterpretation, once again! In incorporating of the color orange and body fluids, this being to the exclusion of blood, which is incorporated within the color of green in your fourth energy center for your circulatory system. I will acknowledge, though, a correct interpretation of your discussion of viewing. The healing process of your flesh would incorporate other colors beside red, this incorporating colors dealing with elements of other parts of your physical body which other energy centers are controlling. We will be discussing this in future sessions. Your ‘assignment’ (grinning) for this session is to be concentrating on red and incorporating its elements and familiarizing yourself with this energy.

I will also express, in relation to the spinning or revolutions of your individual energy centers, these increase in increments of twelve per center, therefore spinning more quickly as you progress upward within these colors. I will also express that in aligning your physical spine, you would be incorporating all colors of all energy centers, as they will align in conjunction to your spine. The spinning of these energy centers varies, as I have said, depending on your focus. Independently they spin at their own revolutions naturally, without your conscious incorporation or knowing of this situation.

Before we move on beyond this particular subject, I will also express that your sixth and seventh chakras or energy centers, of indigo and purple or violet, are not located physically on what you visualize as your spinal column; your sixth chakra or energy center being located in what you visualize as the center of your head, paralleling the space of your eyes. Your seventh energy center, being known as your crown center, is located on the top of your head, in actuality being centered outside of your physical body. Eventually, I will also incorporate a brief explanation of three more energy centers which you all incorporate which are located above your head, which are all spiritually oriented but also affecting of communication through essence and connection with other essences, as projecting out and receiving in energy from other regional areas; these being in the colors of black, white, and magenta or dark pink. (Pause)

I offer this information as to assure that you do not become confused in incorporating reading material which may sometimes place these energy centers only within the area of your actual physical spine, which they are not completely incorporated in this area alone. You may affect physical spinal adjustment yourself though, just as you may affect any physical alignment or repair of physical body.

I will also offer, in regard to light waves, this is not incorporating lengths as you think of them. This is transmission waves to create visibility of light; your violet vibrating at one sixty-seven thousandth of a length at the top of your spectrum, all others vibrating between these lengths. In spinning these individual energy centers and aligning, if you are visualizing these centers to be spinning at the same revolutionary rate and incorporating them within a perfect line, you will experience a sensation of balance.

You may also, in incorporating your spiritual color of white, send this energy, or light if you prefer to visualize this, down through the core of each of these energy centers within a straight line and back up through these energy centers out through your purple or top energy center, and you will experience a very pleasing waterfall effect of energy emerging from these energy centers out through the top of your head and cascading down your body. It is quite pleasant and quite invigorating. You may experiment with this exercise and be quite pleased at the sensation that you experience.

You may very safely play with your chakras within your physical body individually if you are not focusing on affecting a certain ailment or disorder within your body. If you are only focusing on playing and spinning and aligning these energy centers, you may do this quite safely within each of them, or even in combinations of colors, and experience pleasant physical expressions.

My only caution is expressed, when affecting energy centers, when your consciousness is removed from your physical expression; for when your consciousness is incorporated within your physical expression, your energy centers will affect positively or they will not affect at all. They will not affect you negatively. Therefore, you need not be concerned with playing with them and not understanding their abilities or their affectingness. You may not cure a dis-ease – hyphenated – or you may not affect a physical disorder, but you will not injure yourself by playing with these colors. Where your knowledge of these energy centers becomes beneficial is when you are wishing to positively affect something specific, or in healing.

Once again, though, I will caution each of you, as you all possess the ability to incorporate what you term out-of-body experiences: if you are experimenting with this state of consciousness, I would be advising you not to be poking energy centers! (This is in reference to Mary’s poking of her blue chakra during a session, which made her cough quite a bit)

Now you may ask questions.

VICKI: I have a question about that subject. In my continued efforts with my vision, would I incorporate indigo and green?

ELIAS: You may begin with these colors, and also incorporating pink. I will be expressing further instruction for this area and incorporating other colors of energies, but this may serve as a beginning.” [session 31, August 20, 1995]

“Very well. Then we will move on and continue with our discussion, briefly, of your chakras, incorporating orange and also yellow, this being in your second and third energy center positions; your second energy center being with its basic color reflecting in orange. This energy center incorporates your reproductive organs, your physical kidneys, your bladder, your adrenal glands, and your skin, to incorporate watching skin close together. Your third energy center, in color of yellow; this center incorporates your stomach, your gall bladder, your liver, your small intestinal tract, your pancreas, and your breathing, which is affected by diaphragm. This is not to be confused with other energy centers which control lung capacity, and the function of breathing. This center affects the diaphragm. This would be connected with activities such as musical singing, (to Ron) which is projected from diaphragm, not chest, this being controlled by your third energy center.

Returning to your second energy center of orange; as I have expressed, this center’s main function is involved with your sexual orientation and desires, this being its main radiating function. All of your sexual desire and stimulation is generated within this energy center, this center also being life giving. This center generates the focus for parenting, and is instrumental in creating bonds between parent and child within physical focus. When this energy center is not blocked, and functioning and spinning properly, the bond and communication between parent and child, or between individuals involved within sexual relationships, will be operating smoothly. I am not expressing that this energy center focuses within the bounds of interpersonal relationships in influencing the individuals in any other area except sexually, this being a connecting energy center between physically focused individuals in a purely physical element.

Connected and incorporated with other energy centers, this sexual energy center may be instrumental in creating manifestations and expressions of a more intense, or what you may term ‘higher nature,’ than only physical. By itself, it generates only physical attraction and incorporation. These organs that it is affecting of; sexual organs, kidney, bladder; are all physically connected within your sexual focus, and also influencing in your sexual activity and performances. Incorporated with this also are your adrenal glands, which, you are all quite aware, are affected to a degree within sexual focuses. Also, the implementation of touch, being connected with your skin, is all tied together connecting with the main energy propellant of this particular center.

... The subject, in itself, of sexual orientation and connection with your physical body will be a subject we will reserve unto itself, for this also incorporates many diversities, and will need some time for explanation. Basically, this second energy center focuses in controlling and projecting this orientation, also being directly affecting of which sexual orientation you have chosen within physical focus.

Moving to your third energy center of yellow; this center, as I have expressed, is ultimately controlling of emotional-focus. Emotionally-focused individuals will be experiencing this energy center more intensely, and noticing this energy center more, that otherwise focused individuals. Within emotionally-focused individuals, all information processed passes through this energy center first. You within physical focus believe that you perceive all incoming or outgoing information to be expressed through your brain first. This is not correct. Emotionally-focused individuals process all information initially through this yellow energy center. Individuals who are emotionally-focused may not entirely perceive of this process. They may believe that they are thinking first of any given situation. I will express to you that in noticing and rewinding your tapes, you will observe that whether you initially were aware or not, or whether the initial process of information was only for a second, as you term this, all of your information is processed first emotionally, this being the function mainly of this energy center; this being also why emotional individuals incorporate, within their physical body expression, ulcers, which are created within their stomach or small intestines, which are both affected by this energy center. Emotionally-focused individuals are more likely to incorporate substances which will be affecting of liver, this being incorporated with this energy center also.

You will notice that the organs connected with individual energy centers are connected in functions that incorporate emotional balance or imbalance. Emotionally-focused individuals incorporate physical ailments more than thought-focused individuals. This is not a rule, but generally speaking, this does ‘follow within suit,’ as you say, within your physical focus. In creating physical ailments, many physical manifestations are created within the trunk of your body, this mainly being controlled by this energy center. This energy center radiates out and up. Therefore, it is also connecting and greatly affecting of other energy centers physically located above itself. I have expressed that this center is very powerful. All of your emotional expressions may be controlled through this center. This is not to say that all emotions are generated by this center, for your fourth center of green also radiates some influence within emotional expression, but basically, yellow is the most affecting.

You may also notice that within non-emotionally-focused individuals, this energy center seems to cause much problems. You do not have to be an emotionally-focused individual to experience conflict with yellow. Individuals who are thought-focused may not pay attention to this yellow, and when this energy center becomes out of alignment, it is not focused upon, for you are not used to dealing with emotional-focuses. This becomes where thought individuals throw themselves out of balance. If you were to be viewing a movie screen of the alignment of your chakras, normally they would all be spinning nicely within a straight line. A thought-focused individual experiencing conflict will throw this yellow far off to the side, and have much difficulty ‘reeling it back’ into alignment. Also, I expressed that this energy center is quite stubborn. It does not just ‘pop back in’ so easily.

I will bring briefly into this energy center also belief systems, for in your present time, you are encouraged, whether you are an emotionally-focused individual or not, to be expressing of emotions continuously. You are taught that this is healthy and very ‘good for you,’ to be open with your feelings. We are back to our psychology! I am not expressing that you should not be open with your feelings. Quite to the contrary, I have a new exercise which I will discuss later with you. I am expressing that individuals are focused differently. Some individuals are not emotionally-focused, and it is a ludicrous situation to be expressing to these individuals that they should be connecting continuously with feelings that they do not perceive exist! (Vic’s note: thank you, Elias! Love, Ron, Vic, and Mare)

This is also not to say their feelings do not exist. They do. They only do not exist within the intensity that emotionally-focused individuals experience them. I have expressed to you previously that thought-focused individuals are very out-numbered by emotionally-focused individuals. Therefore, within your standards of the ‘norm,’ which you have created as your officially accepted rule, you automatically focus on all individuals being the same, and expressing in the same way. Obviously, they do not express the same. You may also achieve a balance within yourself, and being aligned, and still be emotional or non-emotional. (Pause)

Our small incorporation of a greater, not ultimate, but greater balance within an individual, using Ron as our example, does not incorporate a tremendous emotional-focus. There is not a tremendous outpouring of emotional expressions within this individual. At the same time, this individual incorporates a greater balance, but is thought-focused, therefore will not express tremendous outpouring of emotional expression. This is not to say that thought-focused individuals do not express or experience emotional-focus. It is also not to say that emotionally-focused individuals never think. They only incorporate differences. (Pause)

This I will say to you, for this week in your concentration of exercise and connecting, should be an interesting experiment for you, to be noticing orange and yellow. All of you experience orange and yellow all of the time, whether you express these experiences or not. They are quite incorporated within your accepted physical focus, so much so that these two energy centers dominate your culture and your focus. You are quite a sexually oriented focus, therefore this center, you may see, is quite dominating, and also quite accepted. You are also an emotional physical focus, or you are encouraged to be an emotional-focus. You notice also that these two colors within your spectrum, being created of red and yellow creating your color of orange, which incorporates physical focus and emotion, create the situation of your sexual expression.

Your energy centers, in connection with your color spectrum, are much more intricate than you realize. I will also express to you that within the incorporation of each of these colors and energy centers, and their main expressions, there is no incorporation of right or wrong; for you automatically, within physical focus, attach right and wrong to all of these expressions. They are merely driving forces behind expressions, which you create for experiences. (Pause) Are you wishing questions of these two energy centers? (Pause)

JIM: I have a question. Do the, you mentioned I believe, with the orange, that it emanates from without, and also up.

ELIAS: Incorrect. Orange radiates out.


ELIAS: This is correct. Yellow radiates out and up.

JIM: In this radiation, is that, so it’s not, if we’re, say we’re concentrating on orange, there’s no specific, like we shouldn’t just concentrate here, it should just be orange in general, in seeing, seeing the wheel spiraling in a clockwise, and, or just let it flow?

ELIAS: You may, if you wish ...

JIM: Or whatever you want to do! (Laughing)

ELIAS: If you wish to be incorporating this all-consuming color of orange, you may also experience an overwhelming desire to be physically intimate with your wife! (Laughter)

JIM: Oops! Okay.

VICKI: Darn! (We’re all cracking up here)

JIM: That’s usually a two-way thing, though.

GUIN: That was going to be my question. If you focused with another person, if you focused on orange, that would make you more intimate with each other, correct?

ELIAS: This would be correct.

JIM: But orange, he said, does, if I’m to understand, doesn’t emanate out. Is that, I mean, doesn’t, (We all start talking here)

JO: It emanates out.

JIM: But you can’t, to emanate, to emanate orange, the physical sensation of, that’s all sex is, is just a physical sensation for yourself. Can that physical sensation be pushed out with orange?

ELIAS: Absolutely! You will notice that I have expressed that this energy center of orange emanates out, not up or down, this being a connecting color. It emanates or radiates its energy out to be connecting with energy of another individual, this being its purpose. This is a very connecting color; this being why, of all physically felt energies, you will feel the sexual energy being dominant, and this feeling, to be satisfactory, is created to be connected with another individual physically. The intermingling of this energy center and color may express tremendous energy, and also may, with the incorporation of indigo or purple, be expressed not only physically, but also out to the universe, this being an ultimate expression of union. You will understand, if you are experiencing of this situation, that the radiated power of this orange energy center may, in connection with indigo or purple, be a very efficient propellant for energy expression universally. This is a creation of a quite beautiful energy manifestation, and I will express to you that the incorporation of this physical expression of this energy center, in connection with higher energy centers, will be felt universally, equally as intensely, or more, as you experience within your consciousness in physical focus.

... Your energy centers are connected. They function within the designs of your physical body as you have created it, and it expresses certain functions which you have very (pause, smiling) efficiently incorporated. You have all studied, within your schools and classrooms, the workings of your physical body, and within your reproductive systems. As I have expressed earlier, yellow is quite influencing with orange. I have also said your red and yellow, being primary colors, create orange. Therefore, elements of both are incorporated within orange. In our expression of red previously, I explained that this also incorporates your male and female organs, this being the pull, in both sexual orientations, downward in energy; in females, being the pulling energy affecting menstruation, in males, the pulling which creates the situation of ejaculation.

Within the female body, certain elements have been created within a cycle which incorporates physical sensation. There are elements that may be incorporated, in conjunction with energy centers, that may be helpful for uncomfortableness of normal cycle experiences. Natural elements that you yourselves have created within nature, therefore being natural, may be used in cooperation with energy centers. In other developmental focuses within your species, heat applied with rocks were incorporated, with the energy radiation of orange, to be elevating of discomfort. I am not expressing that you place hot stones on your stomach! I am only expressing an example of incorporating natural elements in alignment with energy centers.

You may also, in dealing with these energy centers, incorporate the three colors of red, orange, and yellow, in balancing and spinning. When I am expressing of this type of spinning for a directed purpose, I would express to you to be spinning these chakras in unison. Do not be concerned that their natural rotation incorporates different speeds. In spinning them the same speed, and allowing a harmony within them, you will find a helpfulness of lessening of emotional expression, a lessening of physical expression, and a lessening of blood flow. Shynla [Cathy] may not need to incorporate her diaper! (Cathy and Vicki crack up) You will notice also that if you are focusing on specifics, and blood flow being one, you may incorporate, partially, green also, in being not only healing, but greatly influencing of circulatory system, which is regulating of blood flow.

VICKI: That would be spinning the same speed as the others?

ELIAS: Correct. I will suggest that we spin a brief break! When we resume, you may incorporate more questions of your chakras, or we may deviate to your other questions briefly, if you wish.

BREAK: 8:06

ELIAS: In continuing, you may ask your questions now.

CATHY: Okay. So if we can spin our chakras and slow down a blood flow, can we spin them and cut the frequency down? Because it’s just a belief, isn’t it?

ELIAS: In actuality, this is correct. If you are concentrating properly, and incorporating awareness, and disregarding belief systems, you may actually stop this cycle completely.” [session 33, August 27, 1995]

ELIAS: “We will continue with your energy center in color of green, this being what you commonly focus upon as your heart chakra, this energy center radiating up. This center is affecting of hands and arms, circulatory system, heart, lungs, respiratory system; this center also being controlling of your sense of touch. This center radiates energy for healing. This energy is affecting in connection with other individuals for healing, and also for self-healing. This color of green may be connected with all other colors in conjunction with healing.

This center also focuses, to a lesser degree, on emotion. It does not incorporate the power of emotional energy that is incorporated with yellow, but it is affecting; this center also being the energy center which is generating of love. This expression is not emotional, physically focused love. This is also not to be confused with emotion generated by orange, which may seem to be love, although it is not. (Laughter) This expression of love is an expression of connection and understanding in appreciation of self, and what you term to be nature, and the universe; this love transcending what you view in physical focus as an emotional expression. This is not to say that you will not emotionally feel an expression of this love. It is only to clarify that the emotional expression is not necessarily the true expression of what love is, in reality.

Moving upward is your fifth energy center, in the color of blue. This energy center also radiates up; this, as I have stated, being your center which is connected with communication, this also being a very connecting energy center to consciousness. This center is affecting of, obviously, throat, vocal chords, which I believe is Michael’s [Mary’s] favorite thing to play with (humorously), ears, your sense of hearing, and your shoulders. This center of blue also is quite affecting of the nervous system, this being also in conjunction with red, which also affects nervous system. This energy center is affecting in your energy levels, in your psychological outlook. If you are experiencing depression, this is a block of this energy center.

This center is also, as I have briefly explained previously, connected with your self-image within physical focus. As it is the center of communication, it regulates and determines much of how you view yourself, for you focus, on a large part of viewing yourself, in how well you communicate with others. Your skills of communication are what you view in physical focus to be your greatest connection. Therefore, if you experience difficulty with communication, you also experience difficulty with your self-image. Communication extends farther than only verbally speaking to another individual. Your skills of communication, through this energy center, are your ability to connect and convey images and ideas adequately for another individual’s understanding. You may be using your blue energy center in expressing verbally continuously, but if another individual is not understanding this communication, then it is pointless. Therefore, within connecting of physical focus with each other, this energy center is your most valuable.

This center also is directly affecting of your ability to be engaging within this phenomenon that you view now. If this energy center of blue is blocked, this communication of this phenomenon will not occur. This blue also connects quite often and very powerfully with your next energy center of indigo, these both being vibrational qualities of blue. They are very slightly removed from each other. They are in constant communication and rotate their energy very closely, therefore are very affecting of each other; your energy center of indigo being also very instrumental in this phenomenon that you view presently, this being a cooperation of these two vibrating blues, in opening, which accomplish the 0allowing of another energy to focus through. (To Vicki) Be concentrating on your blues! (Smiling)

Indigo is affecting of your eyes, of your nose, of your ears, and of your brain; indigo affecting the most complicated system and control within your physical body expression. This center focuses mainly with the workings of your physical brain, this being important, as this is the processing organ for all information within your physical expression. This is not to be confused with consciousness! I am expressly explaining to you the direction of this energy, which controls your body expression, this being the center which is regulating of all physical functions. All of your bodily expressions or incorporations are regulated through this center. When you are incorporating a cold (to Vicki) or a case of tonsillitis, (to Elizabeth) you are creating this first within the energy center of indigo, which is planting the creation within your physical brain, which is sending the message to your physical body parts to incorporate this function.

When you are focusing on healing and affecting a creation within your physical body, you may incorporate this indigo, in expressing to your brain to ‘uncreate’ this. I will deviate briefly on this subject to explain to you that in this process of uncreating, you are not ‘poofing away’ a creation! Your physical body incorporates all germs, as you view them, all disease cells, as you view them, all maladies that you may contract within physical focus. They are natural to your body system. Therefore, when you are uncreating a situation, in actuality what you are doing is replacing this situation back to its normal state. You have inflamed cells and functions, to suit your purpose. You are not eliminating anything! You are only returning your physical expression to its natural state.

I will also express to you, (Elizabeth) as you have chosen to involve yourself within this ’walk,’ (AIDS walk) all of these individuals (the group) expressed to you that this is a created choice; although these individuals (with AIDS) may not wakingly, consciously understand or incorporate the idea of what they have created; and they obviously have not figured out how to uncreate it. I will express to you that if you are researching, you will find that your symbol of your astrological sign, which is the lion, incorporates this disease cell, and has from the beginning. It also does not incorporate the disease! You also all incorporate this same disease cell. You choose not to activate it.

There is much within your physical expression of your body which your sciences and medical profession do not know about your body, and every single cell that it incorporates. Just as they have discovered, after many of your years, that your cancer cells are normal to all physical expressions, so also are these ‘K’ and ‘T’ cells. Therefore, whether you are creating the situation of incorporating AIDS, or a cold, you are creating essentially the same thing, and you will be uncreating it the same way, with the understanding that you are returning your body cells to their natural state.

I have expressed to you that you do not ‘catch’ an infection as you catch a ball! This is a truth. You create it with existing material, this being also a very extensive function of indigo. In this, you may view the most obvious one for expression that you may physically perceive. You may actually view the effects of indigo and your energy system’s ability, influenced by belief systems.

I will deal with our color of purple at our next session, for I will spend more time with this energy center, for this energy center is not connected with any one physical process. This energy center incorporates consciousness. (Pause)

RON 2: Elias, would foods that we would eat, would they raise or lower our energies in these particular colors? Will they deaden them?

ELIAS: In regard to what you express as deadening an energy center, no; but you may be affecting of these energy centers and your energy levels, as you view this, by the consumption of some elements. I will express to you, as I have stated previously, that basically what you consume or what you do not consume is related to a belief system; but I will also express to you that now, within your age of your technology, and your mass production, and your hormones, and your antibiotics, you may choose to avoid these elements, if you wish. I will explain. They will not kill you! You only believe that they will be affecting you. In actuality, what they affect is the same as what I expressed to Yarr [Jim] of other substances. In this, what you term to be food may be classified in this same way. Some elements that you consume may contain a ‘thicker energy,’ which may involve a more difficult process of incorporating this and absorbing this to your own energy. This is not to say that it will not be absorbed or incorporated, for it will. There are some energies which are more easily incorporated and connect more easily with your own energy, these being substances that do not incorporate different synthetics.

In this, I am explaining to you that I am not advocating that you become a vegetarian! If you are wishing to be consuming of meat, your physical body was designed to consume this. You may consume whatever you are wishing to consume. Some elements, as vegetation, are comprised of a lighter energy quality. These would be incorporated easier, but all incorporates a consciousness, so all will be eventually incorporated. This is a physical cycle. There is, in reality, nothing that you may consume that will be actually harmful to you, for your physical body possesses the ability to incorporate everything. It is only depending upon your individual belief systems, and how well you believe them, that you may be affected by different elements. If you are actually wishing, you may consume rocks, and sustain yourself!” [session 36, September 10 ,1995]

ELIAS: “Now I shall continue with your energy center, ending with purple. In this I will briefly incorporate your white, black, and magenta, for they are connected to this purple. In viewing this energy center, this would be placed at the top of your head. This energy center does not focus with physical manipulation. It is not incorporated with physical functions, indigo being your last physical function color. This energy center is the energy of you. This purple is who you view yourself to be within a particular individual physical focus, this being the energy center of Ron or Kali [Jim] or Shynla [Cathy] or Sophia [Guin] or Lawrence [Vicki], or Vicki or Guin or Cathy or Ron or Ron [2].

This energy center is your physically focused consciousness, this center being your most connected and your most powerful, this purple being the color that you will visualize the easiest and the most often, if you are visualizing at all, for this purple is your identification of consciousness, symbolizing you. Michael’s [Mary’s] purple prism appeared for his viewing, and was a reflection, in an object, of the ‘sum-ness,’ speaking as u-m, not as o-m-e, of his consciousness. This consciousness is not to be confused with essence. This is individual, physically focused consciousness. Each manifestation, physically oriented, possesses its own purple, this being the consciousness that allows each manifestation, each splinter, its own focus and consciousness.

This energy center radiates up and down. It radiates its energy in direction to all other energy centers physically focused, in controlling, and directing, and creating with them. It radiates up as a bridge and connection to other consciousness’, these other consciousness’ not necessarily meaning apart from your own.

Purple connects with white, black, and magenta, these being other areas of your own consciousness; your white being that area of consciousness which is directly connected and focused within Regional Area 2; your magenta being that area of consciousness focused wider, of Regional Area 3; your black being that stream of consciousness of essence communication to physical focus.

This black, I will explain, you may view as a beam that penetrates through other areas of consciousness and passes through, changing the message from essence and conforming it into something you may understand and interpret, this being impulses. Your impulses do not come from Regional Area 2. They do not come from Regional Area 3, or 4, or 5, or whatever. Your impulses come from essence, in its totality. They are interpreted through many layers of consciousness, and inserted into Regional Area 2, and translated into impulses that you may pull into physical consciousness.

Your impulses come through purple, this being why I expressed from the beginning that your impulses are not emotions, which would be focused through yellow. They are not thoughts, which would be focused through indigo. They respond to emotions and thoughts, they provoke emotions and thoughts, but they are themselves neither.

... Now, before continuing with your energy center of purple, I will offer you another thing to think about regarding your dream state, which you are all so fascinated with and continuing to connect with. Long ago, within our sessions, I made a suggestion to you all, and all of you, without exception, misinterpreted. I suggested to you that instead of focusing upon a waking dream, that you focus on your waking state as a dream. Each of you took this information and applied this to your waking state and viewed, during waking hours, that you were feeling as if your were in a dream. This is quite interesting, for what I was in actuality expressing to you was to view, within your dream state, your waking time. You view your dreams during your waking time. You awaken in your morning and you think about our dream interaction. What I suggest to you is that you do the same within your dream time. Dream about your waking state, and within your dream time view your waking state as your dream.

VICKI: I attempted that exercise for a period of time, and I never, in my memory, I was never successful. I kind of gave up.

ELIAS: This exercise, you will find, is more difficult, but this will also illustrate to you the reverse of what you are presently doing, and it will reinforce to you what you are accomplishing in recalling your dream state. It is difficult to recall your dream interaction within your waking time, for you replace your barrier immediately when you awaken, to separate one state of consciousness from the other. Therefore, if you are attempting and succeeding in the opposite, of viewing your waking time as your dream within your dream time, you will gain a new perspective, for your dream time and your dream ‘you’ is no less real than your waking you. Your dreaming you is the same you, viewing consciousness from a different perspective.

Your dreaming you has access to your waking you, as you are aware of. You notice that if you are very focused upon an activity occurring within your waking hours, such as your work, often times you will incorporate these scenes into your dream state. Your dreaming consciousness is much wider, and much more willing to incorporate your waking self, but your waking self, which is the same self, places a very strong barrier and does not wish to be incorporated, for it wishes to be the focal point of your consciousness. Therefore, it creates a separation, and invalidates the dreaming part of you. In letting down this barrier of your waking consciousness, you may incorporate a greater awareness, and a communication between the two aspects of your consciousness.

In this, we will move very nicely back to our purple, in explaining that your purple is not only what you term your unconscious self, but also your waking conscious self. Your unconscious self, as I have explained, is accessible to you. It is not hidden. It is available for your viewing, whenever you wish, this being part of your purple. This consciousness is your desires and motivation, which you call your unconscious, and it is also your very physically focused waking you, right here, right now, consciousness.

What Guin has tapped would be incorporating a merger of this purple to white; also a merger of purple to magenta. Your consciousness area, which incorporates other developmental focuses and the awareness of these, is located within your Regional Area 3, this being, as I have stated, your area of transition. It also incorporates the awareness and knowledge of all developmental focuses that your essence incorporates. Therefore, in accessing this area of consciousness, you bring forward to your waking consciousness the awareness and viewing of other developmental focuses. In this, you should be excited, for although you may place a value judgment on experiences viewed within other developmental focuses, you have accessed the awareness of consciousness, and you have allowed yourself to view that what I express is true. There is nothing hidden from you. All things are accessible to you within your own self.” [session 38, September 17, 1995]

ELIAS: “As to your expressions physically; within the energy of these energy centers, and the action of their mass events of consciousness bodily, they also are affecting of surrounding areas, and all of the individual consciousness connected with the particular energy center; just as you experience an earthquake within your area of existence, it is affecting of all individuals which reside within this area. In this same manner, a mass event, within energy, may occur within an energy center, and all of those areas affected by that particular energy center will also be involved. Therefore, as you are engaging energy of one center, you will notice an affectingness in many areas, seeming to you to be unrelated. If you are reincorporating our information upon these energy centers and their affected areas, you will observe that they are not centralized to only one area of your physical body. (Pause)

You, within your physical expression, may hold elements within cells that you may view as a ‘virus.’ Within your subjective self, you may create a Source Event to be affecting of your entire physical expression; to be rearranging your reality. An energy center connects with this intent and creates a mass event; generating energy, affecting and releasing chemical reactions within your physical expression, activating this virus; which is then instructed, through yourself and your energy, to be actualizing of your desire. Therefore, this same cell holding this virus instantaneously multiplies into thousands, and very quickly creates your expression.

Within the focus of our building blocks, your subjective self, in communication with your objective self, has been allowing thought and thought and thought and thought, building block upon building block upon building block, until energy is built to a degree to create an action of a mass event within the energy center, which releases; creating this action and affectingness, setting into motion your desire and creation. You hold the ability to be changing of this reality, as I have expressed previously, but you also re-instruct your building blocks. It is helpful, sometimes, for your awareness, to be actually instructing dismantling; although your desire, and your wishing or willingness to be dismantling of your construction, serves as your objective expression to your subjective self, which then will be dismantling your construction for you, so to speak; although you are cooperatively engaging this action. [session 96, May 26, 1996]

ELIAS: “Also, within your exercise of clarity (4), add to this exercise ... as you are all accomplishing so very well! (Humorously, and chuckling) Within your energy centers, engage two energy centers. Mingle these energy centers as they radiate and envision these, within your clarity, moving around your body, up and down, as hoops. In this, notice your sense of touch. Notice your feeling of your skin as your energy centers radiate and move up and down your body.

In this, I shall be waiting for your descriptions of what you notice, for your noticing shall not only be a sensation of movement against your skin, up and down your body. You shall experience, if you are noticing and clear, different sensations dependent upon which energy centers you choose to be engaging, for they shall be affecting of different elements of your physical expression.

These exercises are offered to you not as time consumers. They are offered to you to allow you the opportunity to be clear within your manifestation within physical focus, and be appreciating of your creative power.

As I have stated previously, each area of consciousness that you focus upon, each area of consciousness that your attention is held within, is important. No area is more important than another area. Therefore, it is important that you realize that this area that you occupy within your attention presently is all-important. You do not occupy this area of consciousness, physically focused, merely to be striving for another area of consciousness. Each area is all-important within itself. The confusion that you experience within one, as a result of lack of understanding, shall be repeated within another. Therefore, you attempt to be clear within this area.” [session 149, January 19, 1997]

NORM: “My wife and I have been reading about chakras, and I’m kind of interested in the relationship between the chakras and the psyche or the soul, and what happens to the chakras upon death and our going to Regional Area 3. In other words, is the chakras part and parcel of the soul? Or is it a manifestation of the gestalt of consciousness of the cells of an organ, for example? (Vic’s note: Norm said Regional Area 3 instead of Region 3!)

ELIAS: First of all, I shall add to your previous question and express to you that you may also, within another focus, another choice of physical reality, hold belief systems with no thought, and you may think on this!

As to your energy centers, these are a creation in direct relation to your physical expression, your body. They are energy centers which are directing of the functioning of your physical body. I have expressed to you that your physical body consciousness does not operate independent of your consciousness. It does not speak to you and tell you what it needs. It is spoken to and directed by your subjective consciousness, which it then translates to your objective consciousness. Your subjective consciousness is directing through these energy centers. This is how it is instructional to the physical workings and and functioning of your physical body.

You do not consciously tell your body how to function. You do not consciously pump your heart. You do not consciously breathe. You do not instruct every muscle within your physical body to move. Subjectively, you do communicate all of this information, which is transmitted through these energy centers, which then communicates to the cooperative cells, which in collective consciousness together operate the physical mechanics of your body.

As you choose to disengage physical focus in what you term to be death, these energy centers are part of your subjective expression. Therefore, these energy centers remove from communication with your physical body consciousness. In this, within transition you may continue to experience physical elements for you experience memory of these energy centers, but within physical manifestation the body consciousness discontinues functioning for it is not being instructed any longer by these energy centers.

NORM: Interesting. The science of medicine considers that the primitive part of our brain, if I’m saying it right, the medulla oblongata, is the one that controls our basic functioning, such as the heart rate, the lung rate, the oxygenation of the blood, the pressure, etc. That is being instructed by the energy centers?

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: At the end of this basal part of the brain, there is a gland called the pituitary. Is it at the center of one of the energy centers?


NORM: And then further up is the pineal. Is that at the center of the topmost chakra?

ELIAS: It is not at the center.

NORM: But close to it?

RETA: Is part of?

ELIAS: Yes, affected by; but your physical glands are not at the center of any of your energy centers. These energy centers are independent of your physical body; just as your mind, that you identify as you, that creates your thought processes, is independent of your physical brain. Your brain within your physical body does not create your speech pattern. You need not think to speak.

NORM: That was developed by essences in the beginning, our ability to speak?

ELIAS: This is all creations within cooperation of consciousness in designing this physical focus, as any physical focus.

RETA: On the chakras, picking up energy or bringing energy to the body, is that energy directed to the chakras or is it coming down through the head and through the body from the spine, I mean from the area? In other words, is the energy being drawn into the body, or is the energy started within the body and then expelled?

NORM: He says it’s from the essence, or from the consciousness.

ELIAS: In to out.

RETA: Okay.

... NORM: Can I ask a question in regard to the communication between Elias and Michael’s [Mary’s] body? Is that through one of the chakras?

ELIAS: There is a concentration more highly recognized through two of the energy centers, and within the exchange there is a response held more within one energy center.

NORM: And which one would that be? The one that comes out here? (Indicating the top of his head)

ELIAS: The energy center which is responsive, in what you would term to be a concentration of physical recognition of non-identification and rejection, would be what you would view as blue. Within a receptive energy center, this would be the top, or purple.” [session 150, January 26, 1997]

RETA: “Did you not say also that there was a chakra that was going to be enlarged? More efficient or whatever?

ELIAS: No. There shall not be an energy center enlargement, but you shall be acknowledging of what you view to be a new energy center.

RETA: And where will that be?

ELIAS: This would be physically located between that area of your breast and your larynx. It shall be between your blue and your green.

RETA: So now you’ve said that we’ll have that new energy, but the other chakras will not necessarily be enlarged. It will be just that we have the new energy source.

ELIAS: Correct. It is present.

RETA: What is the color?

ELIAS: Pink.

RETA: Pink. Oh, yes, I remember.

GAIL: Is that the energy center that I exchanged with Michael [Mary] in New York?

ELIAS: This energy center shall be helpful in aiding to movement within other energy centers. This energy center also shall be manipulating of these physical alterations within your brain, and also within your elements of body temperature and organ temperature. It shall be allowing of the physical incorporation of subjective actualization. Therefore, what you view to be an increase in psychic activity is governed by this energy center.

NORM: And that influences the brain.


NORM: And the brain is not a digital or an analog device. It is different than either one.

ELIAS: Quite. It is not a machine.

NORM: And the synapses have totally different activities than is currently thought, then?

ELIAS: Partially.

NORM: And you say the temperature is going to lower?

ELIAS: The temperature shall alter.

RETA: And be what? The normal temperature right now is ninety-eight point six.

ELIAS: You shall be altering partially of your physical form temperature in what you term to be a lower degree, but you shall also, within the creation of certain actions, be incorporating an increased temperature within certain areas internally.

NORM: The synapses, are they directly involved with the energy exchange with the inner self? Are they the method of energy exchange with the inner self?

RETA: The inner senses.

NORM: No, the inner self.


NORM: What is?

BOB: What is the ‘inner self?’

NORM: The inner self is my energy, my essence.

ELIAS: Your subjective awareness. Your physical brain is manipulating of your form, but it is manipulated through subjective interaction.

NORM: Subjective interaction with what?

ELIAS: This would be a communication to the energy centers, which then translate to the synapses.

NORM: And the energy centers being the chakras.

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: And the information flows both ways, from the subjective to the objective and then the objective to the subjective. In other words, you right now are enjoying the energy exchange with Mary, or Michael [Mary], and you’re doing that through this method?

ELIAS: Not entirely; this being similar to the physical action that you incorporate also. It is not what you think it appears to be. Your subjective awareness communicates to your energy centers. Your energy centers communicate to your physical brain. With cooperation of the energy centers and interaction, they are creating of the message that is transmitted to every cell of your physical form, but it is not a method in a line. Energy does not move from here to here to here. It moves all around, intertwined, and functions together.

NORM: So me, the real me.... (laughing)

ELIAS: You are the real you!

NORM: (Still laughing) I’m more ethereal than objective, really.

ELIAS: Within the entirety of essence, yes.

BOB: So you still have energy centers even when you’re not physically focused?

ELIAS: These energy centers within their design are related to your physical focus, in allowing communication with your physical body consciousness. You believe, once again, that your brain controls all communication physically to your form. This is incorrect.

BOB: ’Cause you have no brain, and I mean that respectfully! (We all crack up) Correct?

VICKI: Brain dead.

ELIAS: Quite! Very dead! (Much laughter)

BOB: You know I didn’t mean it in a bad way! You understand what I’m saying.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Quite. You are correct.

BOB: So all of your intellect, if you will, is not intellect in terms that we understand. What we think comes out objectively as a function of our brain, and what you say as words comes somewhere from consciousness.

ELIAS: Correct.

BOB: Which is where our subjective information comes to our brain from.

ELIAS: Correct.

BOB: So the energy centers are merely a vehicle to get from our subjective consciousness to our brain. If we were not physically focused, we wouldn’t need energy centers in order to communicate from our subjective, or we wouldn’t have a brain to communicate to. We would just be ... null. (Laughter)

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: Just a brown nut.

BOB: See, I’m getting this shit!

ELIAS: But also ... Congratulations! (Grinning at Bob) ... also, the communication does not all filter through your physical brain. Each energy center communicates directly to the cells within consciousness, for each cell holds consciousness.

BOB: Sounds reasonable to me!

ELIAS: Thank you! (Laughter)

RETA: Anyway, so when you’re bringing this energy through all the chakras, and you’re saying that they entertain different parts of the body to keep it working and so on, and I know you bring different types of energy through all the chakras. Say you’re bringing a hundred percent energy in, and I know it goes up and then out the crown, is it a constant flow that way? Are you losing part of it, or how does that energy system ... why does it go out as well?

ELIAS: You may not lose energy....

RETA: But I’m thinking about the crown chakra, where it’s always showing as a plume of energy expelling from the body....

ELIAS: Incorporate our information which has been delivered upon each of these energy centers, for you are presently incorporating belief systems which have been expressed to you which are not completely correct. Each energy center radiates, but the explanations within your belief systems of chakras are not completely correct. The information has been offered to you, that you may understand the actual action of these energy centers; for they have been distorted within the identification of chakras. Therefore, you may incorporate this information which has been offered previously, and if you are continuing to hold questioning, I shall be offering you more explanations.” [session 188, June 29, 1997]

ELIAS: “Now, individuals may be expressing at times an identification of color tone, and expressing within their belief systems to you that you align very strongly with this particular tone or this particular tone. In actuality, what they are expressing to you is that within the moment, you may be accessing those particular vibrational tone qualities within your own individual energy centers and connecting with those areas. In this, the purple is connected to your uppermost energy center, and the magenta is connecting to other Regional Areas. This connects to Regional Area 3 of transition.

LINDA: I don’t understand ‘Regional Area.’ Can you define it?

ELIAS: I have created, for physically-focused individuals and their understanding, definitions of different areas of consciousness. I have offered much information of energy centers which are located within your physical form. Beyond your physical form, you also hold three other energy centers, which are located physically ... (Linda indicates the area above her head.) Correct.

LINDA: So they would be what we call Soul Star and Source Star and something else? Is that the same thing, different terminology?

ELIAS: Different terminology.

LINDA: So, I know the Soul Star and the Source Star. What’s number three?

ELIAS: You have your energy center of black, of white, and of magenta. They are not above each other. They are beside each other, and rotating. One is connecting with Regional Area 2, one is connecting with Regional Area 3, and one is connecting with ... connecting! (Laughter)

LINDA: So Regional Area 2 would be your Soul Star or your Source Star? In my terminology, what would you ...

ELIAS: Regional Area 2 would be all of your identification of subjective consciousness; all of your identification of where you initially create your reality for this physical focus. This would be what many individuals term to be your unconscious ... which is not unconscious!

LINDA: And then three would be ... ?

ELIAS: Regional Area 3 would be that area of consciousness one more area removed from you objectively, which engages a collective consciousness and also the area of non-physical transition.

LINDA: Okay.

ELIAS: The black is your color of connecting within the collective consciousness physically-focused.

... GAIL: Elias, you spoke of the pink energy center in connection with healing. Would you expand on that, please?

ELIAS: This would be in conjunction with the same action as your green energy center. You have created this new energy center of the pink, for within mass consciousness you have turned your attention so very strongly to the area of healing; this being also an interjection of the Tumold family. Therefore, in acceptance of this, you have en masse created within agreement, within your physical forms, another energy center; that being your pink.” [session 220, September 20, 1997]

JIM: “Switch to the area of auras or energy fields around a person. I have a good friend close by who can see an aura around people, and he sees it around me, and he has told me that I have had a very ... I don’t know what the word is ... distorted aura for a period of time. I relate that to the stress of cancer and conflict. Is this correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: Do I still carry some of that in my aura right now?


JIM: Can an aura be physically manipulated, or is it consciousness only that can change it?

ELIAS: Both.

JIM: Both!

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: How does one physically manipulate it?

ELIAS: Through your objective awareness. You may physically, consciously, objectively manipulate your energy centers within you and also be affecting of the energy field which surrounds you, for this is a projection of the energy centers that you hold within you physically. Your aura, so to speak, is an energy field which is projected around your physical form, which is directly related within energy to the energy fields that you hold within your physical form. Each energy center within your physical form radiates, and within this radiation of energy it creates an actual energy field around your physical form. Therefore, you may be objectively affecting of these energy centers, and in this you may also be affecting of the energy field which surrounds you.

As you continue to focus upon this one area and concentrate upon this one area of this disease, you also affect certain energy centers and their functioning, and in this you alter their spin; and as you alter their spin, you also alter the energy field around you. This is not negative. It merely is.

JIM: To create a harmonious or a healthy aura, one has to get one’s thoughts in alignment, in harmony ... no conflict?

ELIAS: Your aura IS healthy! It is merely disrupted by differences within the spin of the different energy centers.

JIM: So I have an energy center that is spinning out of harmony with the other energy centers?

ELIAS: Correct, and you may objectively within your waking consciousness be affecting of this. You may examine these energy centers. You may visualize these energy centers, and you may align them and balance their spin also. You hold the ability, although I express to you also that I am very aware that this is SOUNDING to be quite simple, and within objective awareness within physical focus it is not quite so easily accomplished; for you may view an energy center which is not within balance or harmony to the other energy centers, and you may also hold difficulty in realigning that particular energy center and balancing its spin to be within harmony of your other energy centers. This occurs for you hold belief systems and issues within certain areas, and THAT be what is affecting of the imbalance, and if you are not addressing to the issues and belief systems, the imbalance may continue; although I do express to you, within all reality, that even without addressing to belief systems and issues, you may instantaneously realign an energy center and create a balance and harmony once again.

In this situation, you have already prepared yourself subjectively within the issue and the belief system, and are ready to objectively immediately address to the situation. This be what you may also term as your miracles, for you have already addressed to certain situations subjectively ... and then address to them objectively and create an instantaneous balance.

JIM: Will it be easier to do with my friend, for example, who can actually see these auras? With his assistance?

ELIAS: This is dependent upon your belief systems. You hold the ability yourself. YOU are affecting of YOU. Another individual may be helpful in expressing to you what they view to be the areas that are not in balance, but ultimately, you are the individual that is affecting of your own creation and your own reality. Another individual may be helpful to you, just as I have expressed within our exercise of the inner landscape. (5) Another individual may merge with you and view your inner landscape. This would be comparable to another individual viewing your energy field around you, and in this they may view aspects of what you are creating and where the disharmony lies, and in this they may be expressing to you of what they view; but they may not be affecting. YOU must be addressing to these situations and YOU shall be affecting of their uncreation or their realignment or their balancing, and reestablishing harmony.

JIM: I almost don’t know where to begin on that. I can’t see it, is the problem. Hmm.

ELIAS: It matters not that you view another individual’s energy field or that you view your own energy field. You may attempt within your own meditative state to be visualizing these energy centers within you.

JIM: Are they like what is pictured in the chakras?

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: The seven chakras?

ELIAS: Correct. They are quite the same, although I do not move in the direction of the ‘chakras,’ for these hold many belief systems attached to them; but the energy centers themselves are reality.

JIM: In those areas?

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: That are outlined as chakras?

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: Good! I know nothing about chakras so I won’t be affected by that belief!” [session 232, October 31, 1997]

BOBBI: “The three energy centers that are outside the body ... the magenta then corresponds with the pink, Borledim? Is that correct, if I’m lining them up with the colors of the essence families?

ELIAS: The PINK would be in alignment of tone to this family.

BOBBI: The pink energy center?

ELIAS: Correct.

BOBBI: Okay, then I’m not aware of that one. Where would that be? That’s within the physical body?

ELIAS: Correct, which is located between the green and the blue. (Bobbi indicates this area on her body) Correct.

PAUL: Is that the new one, as it were?

ELIAS: So to speak.

PAUL: So to speak! The eighth? (Elias nods)

CATHY: So, are your energy centers not in alignment when you have conflict? (Pause)

ELIAS: Correct.

CATHY: So if you were in the now and you were noticing your thoughts and your feelings in the now, and you were aware of the belief system or the issue that was causing you conflict ... if you were to do an exercise of spinning your chakras and attempting to align them again ... I guess you would have to do that as well as either relax your hold on a certain belief system or something like that to get them back in alignment, because subjective and objective works in harmony?

ELIAS: You may be objectively affecting and realigning these energy centers, which I have expressed to Yarr [Jim] that this may be temporarily affecting. But also, IF you are aware of the issues and belief systems that are affecting this situation and IF you are moving through these issues and accepting the belief systems that are influencing of these issues, it is unnecessary for you to objectively realign these energy centers, for they shall automatically realign themselves. In noticing their LACK of alignment, you may offer yourselves information to be addressing to the issues that may be causing of this situation. It is another avenue for you to be offering yourself more information about yourself. Any time you are experiencing conflict, you are also experiencing elements of emotion. Therefore, you may be assured that your yellow energy center is being affected.

NORM: Did I offer myself, in the last week or last several weeks, an objective example of conflict, in that almost every component of my computer either started making noise or had a problem? And as I have kind of gotten over many of the conflicts or attempted to get over the conflicts, I think it was Wednesday or Thursday I tried my computer again, and the noise in the fan just slowly went away and everything came back to normal. Now, was that me or you?

ELIAS: You! Now you may notice how you objectively are affecting of elements around you!

BOBBI: I have another question about this pink energy center. I’ve been reading about the other colors. What does that one do?

ELIAS: In your terms, it works in conjunction with the green energy center. It provides a healing energy to you.

BOBBI: Healing of all sorts?

ELIAS: Correct.

BOBBI: Not just primarily physical?

ELIAS: Correct.

BOBBI: There are auras? People do have auras?

ELIAS: Correct.

BOBBI: And do these correspond to activity in energy centers?

ELIAS: Yes. Your aura, so to speak, or your energy field which surrounds your physical form, is the radiation of energy projected by your energy centers, and in combination with each other they create an energy field around you.

BOBBI: Then when people say they see an aura of one certain color, where do the other colors go? I guess if all of your energy centers are projecting color, and if you’re seeing one color ...

ELIAS: What you are viewing is the predominant color which is the most affecting within the moment, which appears visually to you to over-shadow the other colors. They are present, but you view the one that is the most predominantly affecting within that particular moment.

SUE: Can so-called aura photography sometimes take an accurate photograph of the aura?

ELIAS: To this point within this now, your photography is not entirely accurate, for it magnates to the lower vibrational tones and it records these more easily than the higher vibrational tones.

SUE: Okay, so would red be within the lower?

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: Is this Kirlian photography, or something based on that?

SUE: I think it’s something similar. I think this was a little bit different. It was an aura photograph that I had done.

JO: “Where, may I ask, is the pink energy center in the body?

ELIAS: Between the green and the blue.

JO: I don’t know where those are!

PAUL: Throat and heart, in between. (Pause) I have an energy center question. Since October, you have given information about Dream Walker interaction based on the nine families. I’m wondering, in my own lucid dreaming experiences, I’ve recently become aware of this area (forehead) and this area (top of head) with different actions, and I’m wondering about the connection to this type of ... energy exchange probably isn’t the right term because it’s just Paul here doing his lucid dreaming adventures. But I’m wondering ... it’s become consistent that I project out of this area (forehead), and I’m wondering what the relationship of that energy center is to that type of action? Recently I had one where I shot out this way (top of head), and it was a very different action to this one (forehead.)

ELIAS: These are related to belief systems. You hold mass belief systems in the area of what you term to be chakras. This be the reason that I do not speak of these, but of the actual energy centers. Their actions are not entirely in alignment with your belief systems concerning them, but the belief systems concerning those energy centers which are located within your head and the top of your head are concerning of what you THINK of as spirituality. Therefore, you allow yourself a focus upon these areas as a focal point, allowing yourself the lack of conflict between accomplishing an action and the belief systems of these particular energy centers.

In actuality, these energy centers are not necessarily more facilitating of an action connecting within what you term to be altered states, or accessing information or accessing dimensionally. It is merely your own allowance within the accepted belief systems to be focusing upon these particular energy centers, and you allow yourself expanded experiences.

PAUL: So it’s personal imagery for me as opposed to a more, I guess, universal action.

ELIAS: Correct. You may accomplish the same action connecting with your red energy center, but you do not hold the belief systems that allow you the ability to create this action. Therefore, you facilitate yourself in compliance with your belief systems.” [session 264, February 01, 1998]

NATHAN: “I’d like to ask one more question about the colors of the essence families. Are these actually the colors that we radiate? Are these the colors that would be the color of our aura?

ELIAS: No. Let me clarify.

You hold energy centers within your physical form. These energy centers move in vibrational quality to colors. They are in harmony with the vibrational quality of each of the colors within your color spectrum. In this, what you term to be your aura, your energy field, the colors within that energy field are the radiation of those physical energy centers within your physical body radiating outwardly and surrounding you in what becomes an energy field around you, which is equally physical and part of your physical form as that which you may touch (slapping Mary’s leg) and see.

You may also train yourselves to visually perceive energy fields. In this, you may also offer yourselves and other individuals information as to your conditions, for your energy centers within your physical form respond to you. They respond to your subjective direction. Therefore, as in example, if you are experiencing an intensely emotional moment, your energy field shall be reflecting the energy center which is affected, which will be your yellow, your solar plexus. This energy center is directing of your emotion, and it is very affected and is affecting of your energy field around you. Therefore, if you are viewing an individual within a moment of extreme emotional expression and you are allowing yourself to view their energy field around them, it shall appear to you for the most part to be yellow.

Your energy field changes within the dominant color in alignment with what you are creating. You do not hold the color basically within your energy field of the essence family that you are belonging to or that you are aligning with. These are vibrational tones that you align with and that you magnate to, but this is not your individual expression which shall be projected within your physical energy field.” [session 280, May 14, 1998]

JENNIFER: “I have a question about energy, and the energy centers that we call chakras. I’m curious as to how we can tap into them more effectively for spiritual growth.

ELIAS: I have offered information of these energy centers and your abilities to be tapping into them quite detailed previously, which you may be accessing and you may be inquiring of Michael [Mary] to be helpful to you in this area. But I may express to you that these energy centers are quite powerful, and you may be accessing them and manipulating them, and this may be generating much more of an objective awareness of the energy that you hold. In this also, as with our previous exercise offered this evening, move gently into these areas, for you may be accessing great power ...” (6) [session 287, June 18, 1998]

JOHN: ” … during the break we were talking about the energy which we project, something which you talked about earlier, and I guess you’ve talked about the eight centers of alignment within us with which we project the energy, and I was wondering if you could tell me personally where you see maybe misalignments. And if there IS something out of alignment, what exercises beyond those which you have told Michael in previous sessions can be done to help put the energy centers back into alignment? (25-second pause)

ELIAS: You hold affectingness within the radiation of several of these energy centers. You may be choosing to be focusing your attention upon elements that you view to be stressful within your focus, for you are translating this energy into a holding of energy within certain physical areas, and in this you are affecting the radiating of these energy centers. One energy center is affected within its rotation.

You may be aligning of all of these energy centers, but I shall be expressing to you that if you are moving in the direction of noticing elements that are triggering, so to speak, anxieties within you, that you move into automatically, you may be affecting of the blocking of energy which is affecting of these energy centers and how they are radiating.

The energy centers within the upper portion of your physical body radiate upward. In this, some of these energy centers also radiate outward. You are allowing the radiating of upward movement, but not outward, and in this action you are also holding to your own energy.

Within the rotation and the radiation of energy centers within the lower portion of your physical body, your orange energy center radiates outward – not up, not down, but outward – and in this you are affecting of the radiating of this particular energy center also. This energy center is governing of sexuality, and you are holding to energy in this area. As you allow yourself to address to these issues, you may be quite affecting of your own spin and radiation of your own energy centers, which shall also be affecting of your energy field which surrounds you.” [session 328, October 03, 1998]

JIM: “I read recently about magnetites. They’re exploring some of the connections within our bodies. Is there a relationship with that type of thing and magnetism? Being that we created the magnetic field, we are the magnetic field. Is the purpose and location of magnetites within the body what we’ve created to maintain physical focus?

ELIAS: Let me express to you that this is a natural expression within this particular dimension. You have created physical forms, physical bodies, that are an expression in many elements of electrical and magnetic impulses.

In this, you have created a complex structure physically – within your creation of physical matter, in conjunction to your time element – but this is a manipulation of electrical energy. It is translated into a physical matter form, but within its basics, in a manner of speaking, the energy is of electrical magnetic expression.

Therefore, these qualities, which you shall find throughout all elements of your physical dimension, are affecting in many different expressions of your physical form and may be used in conjunction with manipulating energy in different manners, for this is a natural expression that you hold and that is basic to your physical reality. Therefore, in manipulating this type of energy, you may efficiently also manipulate many different circumstances, situations, and actions within your physical reality.

JIM: Hmm. Okay. So there isn’t any particular anatomical location where magnetism centers within the body or produces a magnetic field that’s focused more intently? Or is it just throughout the entire energy field of the body, so there is no central focus within the energy field?

ELIAS: Within your energy field, you do hold a point of focus, which would be in association with the energy center of purple.

JIM: Okay. That makes sense. And the purple, as you’ve expressed previously, is directing of other energy centers?

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: Okay. The white, black, and magenta energy centers, they’re clustered together, or is there somewhat of a succession of them within our relationship with our body? They’re clustered above the purple, and they work in conjunction or are clustered somewhat together? Is that a correct term?

ELIAS: Correct. They shall be relatively associated closely with each other, although you may view what you term to be white slightly closer to the physical energy field than would be the positioning of the black and magenta.” [session 368, March 05, 1999]

JOE: “I’m going to ask one question concerning my health. I don’t know if you can help or not, but is there anything that I could or should be doing to heal my back? (Pause)

ELIAS: Yes. I express to you, first of all, within objective physical terms, you may look to your balance. This is the outward projection physically of the inward subjective expression. What you have created outwardly in physical objective terms is the mirror image of being out of balance, in a manner of speaking.

Therefore, in physical terms, you may look to the alignment of your feet, your ankles, and your knees. Once these elements are aligned in what you term to be properly and are offering you adequate support and balance, this shall be physically affecting of your physical creation.

Now; I shall also express to you that inwardly, you may be recreating the outward expression – even if you are eliminating it temporarily – if you are not addressing to your inner balance also. I have offered you the expression of a physical affectingness which you may engage objectively which shall be affecting physically, but it also shall be affecting merely temporar[ily] if you are not addressing to inward balance. Once you are addressing to your balance inwardly, you shall be eliminating of this particular objective expression of painfulness that you hold within your back.

Now; as to the inward expression, I express to you that you may look to self in your alignment within this focus of Milumet, and recognize that there are elements of belief systems in the areas of religious belief systems and metaphysical belief systems that you are attempting to be moving away from and struggling within. In this, you are creating a lack of balance within yourself.

You may be also addressing to your energy centers, and you may be addressing to those energy centers of blue and indigo and purple. These energy centers are fluctuating in their radiating and are reinforcing this element of a lack of balance.

I express to you that you create the movement of these energy centers. They are quite real, and you are quite directing of their movement and their balance. You may be addressing to this and you may be addressing to your inner balance within your beliefs, and in those expressions, you shall also be affecting of your physical back.

But do not discount the physical outward expression either, for it is not merely your physical back that you are affecting, but your feet and ankles and knees, which you may not necessarily entirely objectively feel physical pain within, but they are radiating energy out of balance and affecting of your back.” [session 408, May 30, 1999]

JIM: “In our last session together, we talked of the tone associated with the colors within our energy centers. In understanding that the colors are comprised of essence and the tone it holds, which I assume is the intent, within white and magenta, is there a sound within our language that those colors hold, as we’ve learned with our other essence families, names, and so forth? (Pause)

ELIAS: You are wishing for a translation into a word?

JIM: Yes; correct. (Pause)

ELIAS: Within a word, translating the tone of white and magenta, you may translate physically a tone for the vibrational quality of white into a word which may be similar to that word within your eastern religious belief systems which they attach to in their sound of chant tone of Om. You may translate this as som. (pronounced as rhyming with home, with an emphasis on the ‘M’)

JIM: Som?

ELIAS: Correct.


ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: Okay. Fascinating!

ELIAS: You may translate the tone of magenta into a physical sound of ra. (pronounced as rhyming with ha, and rolling the ‘R’)



JIM: R-A. Okay! I’m not sure where I’m going to go with those, but I shall investigate! (Elias chuckles)

I’ve had a lot of imagery lately of white, and you’ve expressed in previous sessions that this is somewhat of a connecting color with all of our other energy centers, and that also within healing, this is a good energy to see, to project. What is the intent of white? I know it’s connected with Regional Area 2, but is this a family, so to speak, as our other essence families? I know it’s not physically focused within this dimension with the other nine essence families, but how does white and magenta – I guess specifically white – work with us, and how is that related within healing exactly?

ELIAS: Let me express to you, Yarr [Jim], that each color is a vibrational tone. It resonates, as I have expressed to you previously, with the certain intents of each essence family, but it is not synonymous with the essence family in particular. It merely resonates in tone and vibrational quality, in similarity to the intent of the particular essence family.

Therefore, in a manner of speaking, what I am expressing to you [is], pink is not the color of the family of Borledim, or the family of Borledim is not pink. They are not synonymous. I am merely designating a symbol of the color of pink associated with the family of Borledim, as it resonates in very like kind, so to speak, of vibrational quality and tone, which may be associated with the intent of that particular family.

Now; as to the quality of white, I express to you that this particular color encompasses all colors. Therefore, you may view, in a manner of speaking figuratively, this color to be interconnected or expressive of a collective connection to all of the other vibrational qualities of other colors. Therefore, as you are presenting yourself with the imagery of this particular color, what you are offering to yourself is the recognition more of the lack of separation, of not merely individuals but of all that you create within your physical focus, and of all of the interconnectedness of all actions also.

In this, you may be combining this color of white with any and all other colors within your spectrum. You may be manipulating this particular color in conjunction with combinations of colors or singular other colors, and you may facilitate movement much more easily in any particular direction manipulating with this particular color, for it is intermingled and interconnected with all other colors and provides a type of bridge, so to speak, between all other color vibrational tones, for contained within it are all of the tones, all of the vibrational qualities. Therefore, it may be a link, so to speak, between any and all other vibrational qualities.

This be the reason that it may be manipulated so very efficiently and easily in conjunction with any particular action that you choose to be creating, for it holds this interconnectedness, which offers a great versatility.

In this, you are merely offering yourself imagery to be suggesting to you the advantage that you may offer yourself in connecting with this particular vibrational quality and allowing yourself to be engaging that energy and learning, in a manner of speaking – or remembering, in another manner of speaking – to be manipulating efficiently of this particular color, recognizing its interconnectedness with ALL colors.

Color may be translated into action. It may be translated into personality. It may be translated into manifestations, thought processes ... ANY element within your physical dimension that is expressed as any type of creation – interactions, emotion, thought, action, any event, any situation, any creation – for they all hold a quality of vibrational action, for all is energy. Therefore, as color is also energy within a vibrational speed, so to speak, it may be used in conjunction with any type of expression within your physical focus. Are you understanding?

JIM: Yes. It’s fascinating! We’ve talked a bit about physical manifestation with the body and its elationship to color. What about mental? What area does that fit into within our energy centers?

ELIAS: This would be quite similar, for as I have expressed, color is energy. Therefore, it may be manipulated in conjunction with all functions, with all actions, with all creations and manifestations.

In this, your mental state, so to speak, is a creation of a cooperation of physical energy – in conjunction with your physical body – and the expression of thought process, which is another expression of energy creation, and it also is influenced by the energy projected through emotional expressions.

Therefore, in the functioning and movement of all three of these elements within your physical reality, you produce what you term to be your mental state, and in this, you may be incorporating different vibrational qualities of energy in conjunction with color to be manipulating energy and affecting of these expressions also.

Be remembering that in the expressions of mental state, you shall be incorporating the energy of each color vibration that shall be in movement in conjunction to the expressions. What I am expressing to you is that you may be remembering the physical aspect of body consciousness, which is influencing.

Your physical brain holds an involvement in function of your mental state, for this is the area of your physical body form that you have designated to be interactive and functioning in this manner to be creating of mental state, incorporating also your energy projection through thought process, which does not necessarily become produced by your physical brain. This is a nonphysical creation into physical reality through energy. This is consciousness which is creating of your thought processes, not necessarily your physical brain activity. It merely is in movement in harmony with your physical brain, which produces physical chemical responses which project the energy outwardly into your reality. In conjunction with this also is your emotion, and this also is not projected from your physical brain. (7)

In this, as you are incorporating all three of these elements of your reality, you shall offer yourself the information as to your own direction of which colors of vibrational quality you shall incorporate in usage, so to speak, in conjunction with certain situations or activities or events which you are attempting to be manipulating within your physical focus.

JIM: ... Within our physical body, is there a location of energy focus? Eastern culture refers to it as the solar plexus or the don tien point, just below the navel. Do these points hold somewhat of a concentration of our energy centers, or is that more of a belief system?

ELIAS: There are developments of belief systems that may be surrounding these particular areas, but I shall also express to you that in actuality, these belief systems have been developed in conjunction with a knowing of an intensity of energy in this particular area.

Now; this is not to say that each of your energy centers does not hold equal expression of energy ... or equal amount of energy, in another manner of speaking. What I am expressing to you is that as your reality holds the base points of sexuality and emotion, these are the ingredients of your reality in this physical dimension. They are the base elements of all of your reality.

In this, these two energy centers of orange and yellow may be much more active automatically and may be much more expressive in energy, for you are continually engaging the energy of these two elements in all of your creation of all of your reality. Therefore, they are continuously interactive and involved, in a manner of speaking, in every element of your creation.

Emotion and sexuality are elements that hold involvement in every aspect of your reality. These designations of vibrational qualities in energy centers are held within the orange and the yellow energy centers, and this be the reason that your religious beliefs attach great significance to these particular areas, for they are quite expressive within your reality.” [session 412, June 08, 1999]

JIM: “In our last few sessions, we’ve been discussing color and sounds and so forth, and you gave me some information on the qualities and intent and so forth of white. I was wondering if you could run through the other colors of our energy centers that we hold. I feel that color in itself holds an intent, and that we chose those colors for this particular dimension within that, and I feel there’s a lot tied up in that.

ELIAS: Color does not hold an intent. It holds a quality.

JIM: A quality, okay. So the qualities of the colors....

ELIAS: An intent is a direction of expression. Color does not hold a direction of expression. It holds a quality, which is different. It is not directing attention.

JIM: So within our energy centers, the intent of the organs that the energy centers work with....

ELIAS: YOU hold an intent. Your organs do not hold an intent.

YOU hold an intent, a direction of attention, and you direct your attention within your energy and manipulate your energy in all of your manifestation through your intent. But the expression of your physical manifestation, your physical body, does not hold an intent in itself. Your physical organs do not hold an intent within themselves. Your energy centers do not hold an intent individually.

YOU hold an intent as a focus of attention in this dimension of essence, and this creates a direction in which you manipulate energy to be expressing. Color does not hold a focused direction of attention.” [session 502, November 11, 1999]

RHONDA: “Am I thought or emotionally based?

ELIAS: Emotional-focus.

RHONDA: What does that mean, Elias?

ELIAS: Within this physical dimension, essence manifests focuses in quite specific manners to be creating of certain types of functions and perceptions. In this, you may focus within this dimension in a type of functioning manner which manifests in four categories, so to speak.

Now; these functions – which are identified as emotional-focus, thought-focus, religious or political-focuses – are influencing of your perception. Your perception is the tool that you incorporate in this physical dimension which creates your reality, and in a manner of speaking, processes information concerning your reality.

In this, the type of focus that you incorporate – such as an emotional-focus – is influencing of the function of your perception; how it shall process the information that you intake and how it shall express the creation of your reality.

In this, emotionally-focused individuals input information concerning their reality through the yellow energy center.

All of you incorporate eight energy centers within your physical body consciousness. In this, certain energy centers facilitate the processing of information concerning your reality, and also allow you the expression outwardly, through your perception, of that same energy center, which creates your reality.

Your yellow energy center does not create your reality. Your perception creates your reality, but the process[ing] of information concerning your reality moves through this particular energy center, as being an emotionally-focused individual.

Individuals that are religious-focused shall process information through the red energy center. Individuals that are political-focused individuals shall process information through the blue energy center. Those individuals that are thought-focused shall process information through the purple energy center.

This is a function of your physical manifestation within this particular physical dimension.

Now; this particular function is influencing of how you create your reality, for it is influencing of your perception within this physical reality.

In this, in similar manner to your physical nervous system within your physical body, it is influencing of the functioning and the creations of different elements of your physical body. Your blood flow, your organ functions, your physical movement and motor abilities are affected by the influence of your physical nervous system. This nervous system that you incorporate physically is an integral element of your physical body functioning.

In similar manner, the type of focus that you create in any particular manifestation is also influencing of all of your creation of your reality. It is influencing of your personality type, it is influencing of your perception, and it is the manner in which you process information in relation to this physical reality.

Now; in simplistic terms, emotionally-focused individuals respond inwardly to information and stimulus through the yellow energy center and the responsiveness of their emotions. This is not to say that individuals that are emotionally-focused do not also process information and incorporate the functions of all other types of focuses, but that they initially input and output their creations and their reality through the expression of emotion.

Individuals that incorporate thought-focus within a particular manifestation input and output through the action of thought initially. Those individuals that incorporate the focus of religious-focus input and output through feeling; not emotion, but through feeling. Those individuals that incorporate political-focus input and output through sensation.

Therefore, each of these identifications of a particular design of manifestation within any focus creates a type of color lens, so to speak, through which the individual shall perceive their reality.” [session 622, May 26, 2000]

JOE: “A while back, you and I had a session and I asked you about my back, and you pretty much told me about my balance and about chakras. I had kind of set that aside for a while because I’ve been so busy, and then I finally got around to it, and now I’ve become fascinated with chakras. So, for the next couple of sessions, if you don’t mind, I’d like to ask you about chakras.

ELIAS: Very well, and how shall we proceed?

JOE: I understand that the direction of spin is clockwise, correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

JOE: Now, what I don’t understand is, do they spin on a horizontal axis relative to the spine, or are they spherical and they spin in a spherical motion, like geometrically they’re a sphere? Or doesn’t it really matter? I’m just kind of confused about the actual physiology of the placement of these things and their actual geometric shape.

ELIAS: Correct. In this, I may express to you that these energy centers may be visualized in a spherical form. This may be the most efficient manner in which you may allow yourself to visualize and engage these energy centers, in like manner to a ball, so to speak.

The energy centers are a concentration of energy which you create in specific areas of your physical body consciousness that direct energy in relation to certain functions and movements of the physical body consciousness that you create in the physical manifestation in this dimension.

Now; each of these energy centers may be viewed in the core of its concentration as a sphere, and they radiate energy outwardly from that core of spherical energy, so to speak. The direction of the motion of these energy centers moves not in the direction of the spine, so to speak, but crossing the direction of the spine.

JOE: In other words, the axis of the rotation would be the spine?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes.

JOE: Okay. Now, can almost all healing be affected through the manipulation of these energy centers? (10-second pause)


JOE: Exactly how or in what way ... I’m not doing very good at asking this question. How do you access these energy centers, and how do you physically or mentally cause the manipulation necessary for the healing? Is there a specific set of guidelines that you can give me to be able to visualize, access, and control these energy centers?

ELIAS: Let me express to you, these energy centers are not entities in themselves that are not an aspect of you, in a manner of speaking.

I am aware that within the physical thought association that each of you create in relation to your reality in this physical dimension, you automatically move into an association of viewing different aspects of yourselves as entities and things in themselves, in a manner of speaking.

For example, you view your physical body to be an expression of you, but you also automatically separate, for this is the design of your physical dimension, to be separating. And in that separation, you view yourself or what you identify as the essence of you – your personality, your mind, that which is identifiable as the core makeup, so to speak, of yourself – as being some expression without form that is challenging to allow yourself an actual physical identification of.

In this, you view your body as somewhat separated from that core expression of you, and in this, you view many different aspects of your body – your organs, your muscles, your bones, your tissue – as once again yet another separation, in that each of these aspects of your physical body are contained within a structure of a physical form, but each of these aspects of that physical form is a thing in itself also, and therefore separate.

Now; in like manner to these automatic associations that you create in relation to your physical body, as you move your attention to an identification of energy centers, you create the same type of association within your thoughts and your identification of them, viewing them to be a physical manifestation or an entity in itself holding a particular function; which in a manner of speaking, this is correct, but it is also misinterpreted somewhat.

For as you create that type of an association, you separate yourself from these energy centers, and approach them and your interaction with them as though they are things in themselves that you may be manipulating in particular methods, as you would manipulate the movement of an object that you perceive to be outside of your physical body.

What I am expressing to you is, the difficulty and the challenge that is presented in this type of association is that you approach each of these energy centers in similar manner to how you may approach a ball – that you view to be an object outside of yourself – and your manipulation of its movement, that if you are pushing the ball in a certain manner physically, it shall move in a particular direction.

If you are interacting with this object in a different method, you shall create a different type of action or effect. You may roll the ball by interacting with it in a particular method and design of energy. You may bounce the ball by creating a different type of action, which is a different method. You may toss the ball. There are many different movements that you can create with this object that you view as interactions and methods of movement that affect different expressions, so to speak, of the object.

Now; in relation to viewing energy centers, as you approach your interaction with these energy centers and you are associating with them in a similar manner to the ball – outside of yourself, so to speak – you may be in actuality affecting much less of the movement or the instruction of those energy centers than you shall be if you are allowing yourself to recognize that these energy centers may be associated with you in the same manner that you associate your identification of yourself as you – that undefinable, formless aspect of you or expression of you associated with your personality and your perception, which you automatically express and need no thought process or direction through thought to enact its function.

Are you following thus far?

JOE: Somewhat.

ELIAS: Very well.

Let me express to you, I may offer to you the identification of these energy centers and express to you that you may visually view them in a type of form, for this is an association that is familiar to you.

You associate with aspects of your reality through what is known to you in this objective physical experience and dimension, correct?

JOE: Correct.

ELIAS: I may not express to you the identification of some aspect of reality that does not fit within the objective physical associations that are known and familiar to you, for you shall incorporate a lack of objective understanding and recognition of that information.

Therefore, [I am] recognizing that you have created a specific physical dimension in which all of your objective recognition, understanding, and knowing is associated with that which may be viewed through the physicality of your dimension.

In this, as I recognize that this is the design of your physical dimension and the design and blueprint of the function of your objective awareness, I offer to you explanations and definitions of certain aspects of your creations that may be translated into physical associations. This lends to the objective assimilation and understanding of your interaction with certain aspects of what you create, which may not necessarily be physical expressions of consciousness or of energy.

Now; in this, I may express to you an identification of an energy center in physical terms as a sphere and [as] creating specific functions and movement in specific directions, but the point that I am expressing to you now in relation to these energy centers is that they are not manifestations of your expression of energy that need be directed through objective thought or an actual physical manipulation of energy.

A physical manipulation of energy that you create may be to move your physical legs to accomplish the action of walking. Although for the most part it is unnecessary for you to engage a thought to be directing of that movement, you may at times create a thought to be directing of that type of movement, and it shall be expressed in the same manner as it is expressed without the thought.

In relation to your energy centers, in a manner of speaking, you are manipulating a physical action of movement. But in another manner of speaking, you are creating a direction which is offered to the energy centers which automatically and precisely follow that direction which is expressed subjectively, not necessarily through thought.

Now; I may express to you, you may engage thought and you may manipulate energy in a physical manner to be affecting of the movement of these energy centers, but the affectingness of the movement of them shall be much less in that type of action than it shall be in allowing the natural subjective communication and direction to them.

Now; you are inquiring of specific methods in how you may be interactive with these energy centers and be affecting of them.

In this, I have spoken to individuals previously in association with the movement and affectingness of certain energy centers.

As I offer information to individuals, you may be noticing and recognizing that my interaction with individuals shall also be associated with information concerning their perception and their beliefs in what they are creating, for these aspects of their expression are quite influencing of how they shall be affecting of the movement of these energy centers.

For the mechanics of what is occurring in the movement of your energy centers is that your subjective awareness is offering specific direction to each of these energy centers in relation to all that you are creating within your reality.

Therefore, as you are aware, your subjective awareness engages beliefs as does your objective awareness, for these are an integral aspect of this physical reality.

In this, as your objective and subjective awarenesses move in harmony, incorporating many forms of communication between them, you create movements and direction which is expressed through these energy centers. Some of those directions may be involving the physical performance or function of your physical body. Some of these directions which are expressed to the energy centers create other manifestations.

The energy centers are the energy expression, or physical manifestation in this physical dimension, of the essence of you. They are the expression of consciousness, translated into physical dimension, which are in actuality the essence expression of you in physical form, so to speak. Therefore, all that is created within your physical reality, in the physical aspect of it, is expressed and manifest through the projection of energy from these centers.

Are you understanding?

JOE: I think so. I think I have a glimmer of it, but as you already know, I can be pretty dense sometimes!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

JOE: Basically, I think in a nutshell – and you can tell me if I’m right or wrong – these energy centers, or their dynamics, I should say, are a function of subjective understanding, and they really aren’t influenced that much by attempts at objective manipulation. Is that correct?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking.

Now; I may express to you, they are affected somewhat through an objective manipulation or through what you term to be objective methods. You may be somewhat affecting of them, or affecting of their movement.

As an example, I may express to you that you may allow yourself to physically visualize any particular energy center [and] recognize the color vibration that is expressed and associated with that particular energy center. You may be noticing of its physical rotation and radiation of energy, and you may choose objectively to be manipulating that movement by expressing an objective suggestion or direction to that particular energy center, and you shall notice that it shall follow your objective direction and therefore alter its physical movement. But the affectingness of that direction shall be expressed, in the recognition of your objective awareness, in much less of a capacity than it shall be as you allow the direction from the subjective awareness.

Now; in this, let me offer to you an example that may offer you more of an objective clarity in relation to this type of interaction and affectingness. Let me express to you that you may allow yourself to visualize your energy center which is physically located within the solar plexus. You may allow yourself to physically view the incorporation of the vibrational quality in color of yellow. Therefore, you may view a yellow sphere radiating this energy, so to speak, which expresses itself in relation to that yellow vibrational expression.

Now; in this, you may notice objectively, as you are viewing this particular energy center, that it may be radiating energy quite extensively. In physical terms, you may view the energy radiating from this core sphere as extending beyond your physical body and outwardly from your physical body in a considerable extension in actual physical measurement, so to speak, that which you commonly measure in inches and feet, so to speak.

Now; as you view this extensive radiation of energy, you may objectively express a direction to this particular energy center, and the direction may be to retreat that energy radiation closer to the core sphere, and the energy center shall respond, and you may in actuality physically view this expression of yellow energy moving or receding closer to your physical body and receding within your physical body to the point that it may be contained in a closer, tighter, so to speak, proximity to the core sphere, in a manner of speaking.

Understand that these are objective physical expressions that I am offering to you, that you may allow yourself an association that offers you an understanding.

In that action, you have offered a direction to the energy center in physical expression, and it has responded and created the manifestation of that direction. But what you have affected is merely a physical manipulation of how that energy center may be expressing energy in physical terms. You have not necessarily affected the actual function of what that energy center is creating, or what it is expressing in actual physical creation within your reality.

Now; let us express in this example that what the yellow energy center in that time framework may be expressing and projecting to your avenues of communication and to your perception – and therefore influencing your perception to be creating an actual physical reality – may be an expression of confusion.

Therefore you, in your expression of your reality through your perception, are creating an actual manifestation within yourself, and also outwardly in your reality, of confusion.

JOE: That’s pretty normal for me!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha! (Joe cracks up) Ha ha ha! Now....

JOE: I didn’t mean to interrupt! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

In this, as you direct objectively a movement of this energy center and it alters its physical expression, the physical expression or FEELING that you notice within your objective awareness may slightly subside, in a manner of speaking, but it shall not create an action in which you eliminate that confusion. You are merely altering your objective interaction with it.

As you allow yourself to incorporate or to use your objective awareness to recognize and define what you are actually creating through the movements of these energy centers and through your subjective communications, you automatically create a communication from the objective to the subjective, and in that, you shall create much more of an affectingness of the direction of these energy centers.

In a manner of speaking, it is a difference of expressing a communication through many different channels, and creating a communication which interacts directly with the source.

JOE: Which is the subjective self.

ELIAS: Correct.

And the manner in which the objective creates its communications in relation to the subjective is allowing itself, so to speak – for this is in actuality you – an understanding, a recognition, and a defining of what you are creating. And the manner in which the objective awareness creates those definitions and understandings is – in the circle of yourself – listening to and translating the subjective communications, which are expressed through physical affectingnesses, emotion, through impressions, impulses, intuition. These are subjective communications.

The most obvious communications that you offer to yourselves from the subjective awareness to the objective awareness are those of emotion and physical expressions, physical affectingnesses in relation to your body consciousness. These are communications that you offer to your objective awareness that contain information, which I have been expressing to other individuals also recently, and in....

JOE: Are we talking about subjects that are directly influenced by the yellow energy center?

ELIAS: This is the example that we are incorporating in this now, but the manner in which these energy centers function is the same within them all.” [session 755, January 11, 2001]

JIM: “The other area that I would like to look at are the attributes and qualities of our energy centers, other than the physiological, anatomical parts that we’ve talked about in the past.

Recently I was reading an author who expressed about her teachers and so forth, and that the fourth energy center of green ‘rules our compassion, forgiveness, generosity and love. The fourth chakra stimulates our highest ideals.’

And I’d like to ... if you could offer some information on moving through all the energy centers along these lines? I know they’re affecting. I’d like to get some insight as to how they relate to other aspects of our lives, I guess. We’ve reviewed the tones of colors, which I understand a lot of that as well, and there’s some other things there that I’d like to get some insight into.

ELIAS: I have offered previously the identification of non-physical, in a manner of speaking, expressions of each of these energy centers. As example, I have expressed that the orange energy center moves in expression of sexuality. The blue energy center moves in relation to communication.

In this, these energy centers are an expression of you. They are not governing of you.

JIM: I understand that.

ELIAS: YOU create specific manipulations of energy that you project into a physical expression. This is the manifestation of these energy centers. They are as physical as your physical body. You do not visually view them – although you may, for they are a physical expression of energy.

JIM: We can physically feel them.

ELIAS: Correct. And if allowing yourself, you may even incorporate your physical vision and view the expression of these energy centers. You may view the actual colors. You may view your actual energy field which surrounds your physical body, which is an incorporation of the expressions or the projection of energy of all of your energy centers that you incorporate within your physical body.

In this, individuals may create associations with the expressions of each of these energy centers, and attribute certain qualities or emotions to each of these energy centers. But I may express to you that there is a considerable expression of distortion in these types of associations, for there is an association with emotion which is attached to each energy center in these types of expressions that individuals incorporate, such as what you have presented to yourself within the incorporation of the book – the identification of certain emotions in relation to certain energy centers. Your identification of love in this physical dimension, your definition of compassion, incorporates an association with emotion. Associating emotion with each of the energy centers is a distortion.

You identify an expression of energy in the incorporation of the movement of one energy center in association with emotion. This, in a manner of speaking, is the avenue, in physical terms, that you offer to yourself, figuratively speaking, as the pathway for the subjective communication of emotion through a physical energy expression, and as you are aware, this is expressed through the yellow energy center. The other energy centers that you incorporate do not facilitate that exchange.

Emotion is a communication. It is not a reaction, it is not a response, it is not a gauge, and it is not merely identified by defining the signal of the feeling. It is an actual communication which is offered by the subjective awareness to the objective awareness. In physical terms, the pathway which is incorporated to facilitate the physical action of that communication is through this one energy center. The other energy centers are associated with other communications.

JIM: Okay.

ELIAS: As you do not define emotion as a communication, you associate many emotions with other expressions, for you associate emotion with action, as a reaction.

In this, as you look to the qualities of each energy center, you easily create an association of different expressions of emotions in relation to the qualities of those energy centers. You may attribute different expressions of emotion to an energy center that expresses a quality of spirituality, but the emotion is a communication. It is not an identification of a response in relation to an action.

What shall you associate with spirituality in relation to emotion? Joy? Incorrect. In that type of association, you are expressing a reaction or a response in association with an identification of a quality or an action.

JIM: The qualities being what we had spoken about previously of the energy centers?

ELIAS: Correct. This type of expression of beliefs or associations of emotional qualities or expressions in association with the different energy centers is born of religious beliefs.

JIM: It seems that the lower energy centers, so to speak, or the slower, for me seem to have a more energetic effect, whereas the higher energy centers seem to have a calming effect – the higher the vibration, the more calming the energy; the slower the vibration, the more vibrating the energy.

ELIAS: (Quietly) And not necessarily. This is your association...

JIM: That’s my perception.

ELIAS: ...within your interaction with your energy centers, but it is not necessarily the expression or the rule.

JIM: Sure.

ELIAS: In actuality, those energy centers incorporating what you term to be a slower vibrational quality may be allowing a calming physical affectingness, a clarity, for they allow you to slow your perception and view clearly what you are creating.

JIM: They do possess different qualities at different times, in different situations and different actions.

ELIAS: Yes. You may incorporate them in either fashion. It is your choice within the moment in how you shall incorporate the manipulation of that individual energy center. It is not locked to an absolute of action in relation to its vibrational quality.” [session 766, January 26, 2001]

JIM: “Finally, as we discussed back in 1995, at a point in that session you said, ‘I will acknowledge, though, a correct interpretation of your discussion of viewing the healing process of your flesh, which would incorporate other colors besides red, this incorporating colors dealing with elements of other parts of your physical body, which other energy centers are controlling. We will be discussing this in future sessions.’ (8)

Could we discuss some of that now? (Laughing) I don’t know if there were future sessions of much of that; I know many of our sessions discuss this. I know that some individuals feel there’s some distortion within that session and the relationship of the physiological and physical attributes connected with the energy centers. Some of the information is somewhat scattered throughout many sessions, and I was wondering if we could tie that up, so to speak, and get some additional information in that area and end up with that.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, my friend, I have offered certain expressions of information concerning energy centers to allow an acknowledgment of the reality that you do incorporate actual energy centers within your physical manifestation.

Now; let me also express to you that I have purposefully not offered much continuation of information in relation to the expression of these energy centers, for to this point within your physical time framework there continues to be expressed extremely strong associations with beliefs concerning these energy centers. Therefore, there is tremendous potential for misinterpretation and distortion and reinforcement of beliefs in association with these energy centers.

Now; let me express to you, my friend, an identification of a movement which may allow you more of an objective understanding and clarity in relation to my choice to this point to limit this information, as to not be reinforcing of the beliefs that are already expressed. For in this, as you collectively are moving your attention in relation to this shift in consciousness and you are moving your direction away from your religious expression, you create a tremendous challenge in attempting to be moving your awareness and your attention into a very different type of expression.

In this process, you have created what may be figuratively viewed as stepping-stones, so to speak, that allow you less expression of trauma and an avenue for transition out of the religious expression and into your new design and redefinition of your reality in association with this shift.

(Starts speaking louder) One of these stepping-stones that you have created in this process is a tremendous alignment and movement in mass expression in association with what you define now as metaphysics, and in this translation and transition (starts tapping again), you have moved some very strongly held religious associations with beliefs and translated them into your metaphysical associations.

Therefore, once again, quite in alignment with the theme of this discussion this day between yourself and I, what you have actually created is another abstraction. You have created a camouflage, creating an expression which APPEARS differently objectively but is not necessarily different.

JIM: Okay, I follow you there. So in working with Dale, doing this CD that she wants to do with tone and related to healing and so forth, this would fall into that category.

ELIAS: Correct! For you are continuing to create the direction in association with the familiar expression of the associated beliefs. You have merely altered the objective imagery and expression and camouflaged the expression, and therefore your association – viewing this as an absolute – is different. You define to yourselves that you are creating an entirely different movement, that your direction is entirely different and not associated with the expressions of the familiar beliefs, but you are continuing to express the association with the religious beliefs. You are merely camouflaging them in the disguise of what I have expressed to you as your new religion.

In this, I am not expressing to you that you are creating a movement to be associated in duplicity as bad. You are merely creating a transitional movement which, within your process, may be expressed as a stepping-stone, therefore not overwhelming yourself with a reality that is so very different objectively in association with the familiar expressions that you shall create trauma within yourselves and your experiences.

But in my offering of information to you, I choose selectively in recognition of the strength of the expressions of your beliefs and the knowing of the reinforcement movement that shall be incorporated in the expression of information that I may offer within any particular time framework. And in that expression, I may offer to you limited aspects of information concerning any particular subject matter merely to acknowledge to you an actual existence, so to speak, or validation of reality within your physical dimension and your associations with energy; but I also choose, in relation to your physical movement and your TIME factor, when I shall be offering other information concerning certain subject matters, as to NOT be reinforcing the strength of your automatic responses and alignment with your beliefs.

JIM: (Sighs) I’ve been holding off on helping her with this project, and I can see why now, where my impressions are coming from.

ELIAS: And this is significant, my friend. Pay attention to your choices and your communications! For this is the expression within you that shall offer you the information concerning your individual direction. This is your indicator.” [session 876, Tuesday, August 07, 2001]

INGRID: “Can you please tell me my color?

ELIAS: And your impression?

INGRID: In the last ten years or so I was completely into yellow. But now, since maybe one or two years, I stay a little bit out of it and the tendency is more into green. But I really don’t know. It’s just a guessing.

ELIAS: Let me express to you first of all that a preference in relation to color is not necessarily an indication that this particular color is associated with a focus color or a signature color. Generally speaking, individuals are drawn to particular colors in preference in relation to the vibrational quality of those colors and how those particular vibrational qualities resonate with expressions of the individual in relation to their energy centers and a particular expression of energy that the individual may gravitate to.

In relation to your preference for an extended time framework concerning this color of yellow, this is not associated with a focus color or a signature color, but rather an association that you generate in relation to the vibrational quality of that particular color and its association with emotional communications. As to the association with the green, you generate this expression in relation to moving your attention more into a direction of self and in relation to the green energy center and the qualities that are expressed through this energy center, in relation also to healing in an inner manner, so to speak.

INGRID: Healing myself?

ELIAS: Yes. As to the expressions of color in association with essence, the quality of vibrational tone that is generated by your essence is a silver translation.

INGRID: Like mother of pearl, something like that?

ELIAS: Yes, but incorporating more of what you may term to be a metallic quality of color.

INGRID: What does this mean? Does it have a special quality, this silver? Is it in relation to a special quality, because sometimes I did hear you say in a session there are certain qualities associated. Is this a special quality expressing, or just in general?

ELIAS: Each color generates a specific vibrational quality which may resonate with the tone quality of the essence. Therefore, in a manner of speaking, it is a general expression.” [session 1004, February 10, 2002]

JIM: “... I want to also discuss the energies of our body and our brain wave frequencies, as they relate to beta, alpha, theta and delta (9), and the connection of those with our body and with our energy centers, and get some insight and some information on the brain wave frequencies and their relationship to our energy centers and color. I seem to be involved quite a bit in this area, and I’ve noticed quite a few things myself, but I’d like to get...

ELIAS: And what have you noticed and what are your impressions concerning these relationships?

JIM: It seems what we admit as brain wave frequencies consist of our own vibrational tone. In relationship to the energy centers, it seems that the beta relates to the lower energy centers, the alpha within the mid energy centers, the theta within the upper, the blue and indigo, and then it seems delta moves more into the violet, white, and black energy centers as being the very, very deep state of awareness, of consciousness – not unconsciousness, but just within ourselves within consciousness.

It seems that even though beta is designated as a very lively energy state of high vibration, where you’re doing a lot of tasks and a lot of things and focusing on things, it still seems to be based within your lower energy centers in a way; but then they do seem to move quite a bit, too, and they all interact. You’re always in beta, alpha, theta, delta – I mean, you hold all of those energies within your waking and sleeping awareness.

ELIAS: Correct, but I may also express to you what you are assessing is quite logical but not necessarily entirely accurate. It is partially accurate, but not entirely, for I may express to you that you may reverse this beta and delta in your assessment. For let me express to you, in actuality this delta vibration is more associated with your red and yellow energy centers.

Now; I am understanding your logical assessment of the vibrational qualities and these different states, so to speak, of brain activity or of consciousness, so to speak. But allow yourself to recognize, Yarr [Jim], that your red energy center is extremely powerful, and this energy center vibrates, you are correct, at a slower speed, but this is quite purposeful for this energy center allows you clarity. Therefore, the red energy center generates the most clarity. The reason that it generates the most clarity is that its vibrational quality IS slower. Therefore, there is less opportunity for distortion or confusion.

Also, the yellow energy center is one of subjective communication, which is what you may term to be the communication of essence, you as a whole. Therefore, this is associated with the delta also.

Now; the beta is that of the abstract, and therefore resonates more with the energy centers that vibrate more rapidly.

JIM: Okay, which would be your violet and indigo.

ELIAS: Correct, for this allows for the creativity of the abstractness of your physical manifestations.

JIM: You could say when you’re busy and you’re doing things, you’re kind of more in your head.

ELIAS: Correct, and you are also generating more of the abstract and imagery, which requires an intensity of energy. In order to generate physical manifestations, physical imagery, it requires an intensity of energy. Therefore, your creativity and your abstract designs are generated in these vibrational qualities.

JIM: Okay, that makes perfect sense.

ELIAS: As to the identification of the other two, you are correct.

JIM: So then alpha would be within green and...

ELIAS: Orange.

JIM: Then your theta would be in the same areas, wouldn’t it?

ELIAS: Pink, blue.

JIM: That’s why when you move into the theta state, I guess, your concentration seems to become very focused within areas.

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: And you receive information easier, so that would be your communication, wouldn’t it?

ELIAS: Correct, but this is also associated with objective communication. For the subjective communication is focused through the yellow energy center, and this is associated with what you term to be the delta.

JIM: Okay, the yellow being more subjective communication.

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: Well, that’s cool! That makes a lot of sense. That ties in a lot.

So my studies here recently, or for quite a while actually, with biofeedback and moving myself into those different states of awareness and trying to maintain a theta consciousness within my objective state seems to be I really have a drive to move to that area. Throughout the day and so forth, I see myself within my own energies and it really feels good to move into the alpha and even theta states objectively.

ELIAS: Correct, which they are.

JIM: Then actually moving into the theta, then, you’re also moving more into subjective awareness and subjective communication directly as you move down deeper into theta and then move into delta. So you’re actually connecting more subjectively, in a way?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes, for you are generating an allowance and an openness of the objective awareness, which may be more receptive to clarity and understanding of the subjective, which generates a clearer and more precise movement between the two. The point is to thusly allow yourself clarity in your objective awareness of what you are generating subjectively – not that that they are different, for they move in harmony and they move together – but this offers you the opportunity to become more clearly aware of what you are actually generating. For the objective awareness does not always pay attention to what you are actually doing, for it is occupied with what you are thinking or what you are feeling, but not necessarily what you are DOING. Therefore, this type of opening allows the objective awareness to translate more clearly and to recognize much more clearly what you are actually generating, and therefore you also become aware of what you are CHOOSING.

JIM: I can identify with that, and then understanding more and more of my orientation as soft, I’m understanding the language better and the communications more clearly and understanding my own language, I think.


JIM: Well, the only other is with the biofeedback machine that I’m going to incorporate within my practice, which seems like a pretty neat little piece of technology. Nothing that we can’t do ourselves, but for me, I’m looking forward to using it as a learning tool. Also it seems to be a unit that, as a Reader, assists in reading people subjectively. Is that a correct interpretation of the biofeedback unit or what it can do?

ELIAS: Yes, which is quite understandable, and I may express to you this is quite natural. For as in all of your movements within your physical dimension and all of the equipment that you design, you create these instruments as reflections of your own abilities. Therefore, they are extensions of you.” [session 1144, October 04, 2004]

JIM P: “In my continuing saga, which you’re well aware of, working with my horses and creatures, presently I see a lack of confidence and a feeling that I need more knowledge. I need more expertise in an area of not trusting what I already know in helping one particular horse deliver herself of her creation. I’ve gotten a lot of information here, a lot of insight from what you’re saying about how to once again shift into what I need to project, what I’m projecting myself and what she’s projecting to me, that mirror image of what we need to do about it.

ELIAS: Correct, and in a situation such as this, it is significant to be aware of the energy of what you are interacting with. You are not always interacting with another individual. You may be interacting with a creature.

This is a significant point, for creatures are very similar to your leprechauns, for creatures do not incorporate the beliefs that you do. Therefore, their language is different and they respond to energy immediately. They are eternally present; they are always in the now. In that, they reflect energy very well. They are experts at reflecting energy. For they are very similar to your leprechaun, as they don’t incorporate beliefs. They express no judgment in relation to the energy that you are projecting. If you are projecting an energy of concern, they will receive that energy and express very similarly to your leprechaun: ‘Oh, you want concern? You may have a reason for it.’ They do not distinguish that this is good or bad. They are responding to what you are projecting.

Now; let me also express that creatures also do create their reality and generate their own choices. They are not merely manifestations of reflections of you; although, as I have expressed, they do that very well. But they also generate their own choices, and therefore they can create their own manifestations in relation to their own choices.

In interaction with a creature, it is very beneficial to be aware of the creature’s energy. Let me express to you, viewing energy is very easy. Any individual can view energy physically. You can visually see energy; it surrounds all things. But things that you term to be living, it surrounds more intensely and it surrounds in a larger area. Therefore, it is easier to see. It is merely a matter of practice, initially defocusing your vision slightly and allowing yourself to actually see the energy field. In like manner to humans, if a creature is creating some type of manifestation physically, you can visually see that in their energy field.

Generally speaking, the energy field of a creature, regardless of what type of creature it is, will appear to be pink, for they do not incorporate different associations as humans do with the different energy centers. Therefore, there is little to no fluctuation of color in the energy field of a creature. Whereas, with a human, there can be a considerable fluctuation of color, dependent upon which energy center is being expressed the strongest. There are multiple colors within the energy field of a human.

In humans and creatures, within their energy field if there is a physical manifestation being generated, there will appear to be a darker area in the energy field that you can actually see, and the extension of the energy field in that area that is darker will be recessed. It will not appear uniform with the rest of the energy center. This occurs in humans also, and in actuality, to a degree this occurs in plants, this indentation of energy in the precise area in which the creature is generating a manifestation.

But what may be interesting in relation to energy fields is that if you are allowing yourself to visually see them, you can see your own energy approach another manifestation’s energy, whether it be another human or a creature. If the human or the creature is not willing to accept your energy, your energy will stop and it will not penetrate the other energy. If it is willing to receive, your energy will naturally merge and penetrate and mingle with the other energy.

In this, it is important once again to remind yourself of motivation, expectations, and in this, recognizing and accepting the choice of another individual or of a creature, and to recognize the difference between a reflection and their own choice. For they are such good reflectors, at times that may be somewhat confusing. But if you are paying attention to you, what you are doing, the associations that you are generating and the shockwave that you are projecting, you will generate the ability to distinguish between the choice of the creature or whether it is a reflection of you.

JIM P: Elias, that was great, thank you. So when I look at this mass that she has and I say, ‘Gee, that looks nasty,’ I’m feeding that. So the next time I look at it, it really looks bad.


JIM P: So she’s going, ‘Oh, it looks bad? Okay, well, how’s this?’

ELIAS: Yes, precisely.

JIM P: With her, is this more of a co-agreement with her that she’s manifesting this, or is this more of a reflection on my part that she’s assisting?

ELIAS: Both.

JIM P: Thank you so much.

ELIAS: You are very welcome, my friend.” [session 2227, March 17, 2007]

Library: find out more about the energy centers appendix.

End Notes:

(1) Paul’s note: here’s the except from the session in which Elias delivered this information:

JIM: “In our last session, as far as color goes, I had asked for the sounds of white and magenta. I didn’t quite know why or what that was about, and I wasn’t quite understanding of the answer you gave me, but some situations have presented themselves to me to where I began to connect with that, especially within a healing expression, using the word ‘som’ and visualizing white. It seemed to help with the building of energy and the lending of energy, and within myself. Can you offer the other sounds for the other colors that we hold within our energy centers? I have an impression that perhaps yellow might be ‘woe,’ but I’m not quite sure. (Pause)

ELIAS: Very well. Vibrational tone qualities associated with vibrational qualities of colors, in association to each other. Recognize that these are translations, once again, into your physical language, and not entirely accurate.

JIM: Okay.

ELIAS: Red: lo, L-O. (pronounced low) Orange: mu, M-U. (pronounced moo) Yellow: wah, W-A-H. (pronounced as rhyming with saw)

JIM: Hmm. I was close, huh?

ELIAS: Quite! Green: ti, T-I. (pronounced tee) Pink: si, S-I. (pronounced see) Blue: rai, R-A-I. (pronounced ray) Indigo: whou, W-H-O-U.. (pronounced hwoo) Violet or purple: mai, M-A-I. (pronounced may) Are you wishing of black also?

JIM: Yes, please. Sumafi!

ELIAS: Nah, N-A-H. (pronounced as rhyming with saw)

JIM: Great. Okay, thank you. I’m gonna play with those. Just one clarification on indigo, W-H-O-U, that was pronounced ‘who?’

ELIAS: Hwoo. (emphasizing the ‘H’)

JIM: I’m sorry. Once again?

ELIAS: Hwoo.

JIM: Hwoo?

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: Okay, thank you. That’s gonna be interesting. Okay, thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are welcome.” [session 429, July 21, 1999]

(2) Vic’s note: the transcript reads, “And Lawrence [Vicki] may explain Regional Area number twenty-six to our group, this being a validation that I am listening!” In actuality, Elias said “Regional Area number six,” but meant to say twenty-six as he did in the previous sentence. This was a reference to a comment I had made to Mary in the previous week, in wondering what occurs in Regional Area twenty-six.

(3) Vic’s note: the transcript reads, “I will express to you in technical terms that your base energy center of red would be spinning at approximately twelve revolutions per second.” When this information was delivered, Elias said “twelve revolutions per minute.” This was later corrected by Elias.

Both of these footnotes are good examples of the difficulty involved in translating this information into our language, and of the process involved in focusing the energy to provide the least distortion.

(4) Paul’s note: the clarity exercise is a tool that sharpens the physical senses by enhancing our ability to concentrate, observe, and focus in the present moment. While fine-tuning the five physical senses, its purpose is also to maintain the clarity of focus in altered states and projections of consciousness.

ELIAS: “The point of the exercise in clarity is to be allowing you the opportunity to be manipulating outer senses, which may also offer you more of an understanding of how to be manipulating inner senses more efficiently and to be using your inner senses in conjunction with each other as you use your outer senses in conjunction with each other, but you do not allow yourselves to be efficiently manipulating your OUTER senses, which you are quite familiar with!

Therefore, I have offered that particular exercise that you may become more familiar with manipulating these senses that you hold familiarity with, and in this you may offer yourself the opportunity to more efficiently manipulate your inner senses, which shall be offering you more information within consciousness, and also, it shall be helpful to you in manipulating energy within the action of this shift.” [session 336, October 27, 1998]

Exercises: find out more about the clarity exercise.

(5) Paul’s note: a reference to the inner landscape exercise, whose goal is to create a visualization that presents imagery related to whatever challenge, problem, or illness you wish to explore.

Exercises: find out more about the create an inner landscape exercise.

(6) Vic’s note: And here, the tape stops. Bummer! According to Mary, this was due to a faulty plug. I must say, it’s very interesting that we keep “losing” information related to these energy centers! Maybe it’s the “great power” thing....

(7) Vic’s note: I have changed one word in the following sentence: “It merely is in movement in harmony with your physical brain, which produces physical chemical responses which project the energy outwardly into your reality.”,/P>

(8) Bobbi’s note: from session 31, August 20, 1995.

(9) Paul’s note: contemporary dream researchers define various states of consciousness that range from beta – the waking state – at approximately 14-30 cycles per second down to delta – the deepest sleep state – at approximately .4 cycles per second. The alpha state is the one we use to relax and fall asleep. Theta and delta are most commonly associated with dreaming sleep, and deep dreamless sleep.

There has been work done on what are called subtle energies for several decades. Though mostly unknown to conventional medical researchers, these have been mapped in Buddhist and Hindu chakra systems for thousands of years. However, we’re slowly bridging the gap between the East and West, the inner and outer.

Interestingly, in a Kris session channeled by Serge Grandbois, Kris mentioned that there are two additional brain states that our current instruments are still too crude to pick up that continue beneath delta and move into, what he calls, negative numbers. He calls these additional states samma and rappa, and claims that when he uses Serge’s brain in these states to access certain areas of consciousness that hold particular kinds of information.

Follow this link for more info the Kris Chronicles.

All of this suggests that it will eventually be possible to determine if someone is authentically accessing what Theosophists call Akashic Records, Elias calls energy deposits, Dzogchen Buddhists call mind treasure (terma, gongter), and Jane Roberts called her psychic library through mapping these brain states. I believe that all these phenomenon are in the same ballpark. We will even develop technologies to help train inner astronauts, or what Seth called dream-art scientists, to access and accurately translate vast storehouses of information that currently exist in remote regions of consciousness.

Finally, the following is a summary of Elias’ information in this session by Luana Alika.

BETA: is associated with the abstract and resonates more with the VIOLET (at top of head outside the physical body/thought focused) and INDIGO (center of head behind the eyes) centers. These vibrate more rapidly. Violet and indigo allow the creation of the abstract physical manifestations; that is, when you are generating physical manifestations, physical imagery, it requires this intensity of energy. You are ‘more in your head.’

ALPHA: Is associated with the GREEN (in the heart area) and ORANGE (in the genital area) energy centers. It also is associated with objective awareness.

THETA: is associated with the PINK (between heart and throat) and BLUE (in the throat/politically focused) energy centers. When you move into the theta state your concentration becomes focused in these two areas, and you easily receive objective communication and information.

DELTA: is associated with the RED (base of spine/religious focused) and YELLOW (stomach/emotionally focused) energy centers. The red center is extremely powerful. It vibrates at a slower speed, which is purposeful for it allows the most clarity. Because its vibration quality is slower there is less opportunity for distortion or confusion. The yellow center is associated with subjective communication, which we term to be the communication of essence, our whole.


So, if you start with theta (objective awareness, BLUE and PINK energy centers, at throat and between throat and heart) and move down to delta (subjective awareness, YELLOW and RED energy center, at stomach and base of spine), you may have more clarity and understanding, for it is the subjective which generates a clearer and more precise movement between the two awarenesses (objective/subjective). That is, the point in moving from theta to delta is to allow yourself clarity in your objective awareness of what you are generating subjectively. Remember that the objective and subjective move in harmony.

When you accomplish accessing the red and yellow energy centers you become clearly aware of what you are actually generating. The objective awareness usually is occupied with what you are thinking or feeling, but not what you are doing. This kind of opening allows the objective awareness to translate more clearly AND to recognize what you are actually generating. Therefore you also become aware of what you are choosing.

Biofeedback equipment helps to read people subjectively. The biofeedback equipment, as well as all equipment that we designed - as well as all our movements in this physical dimension - reflects our own abilities. They are expressions of us.

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