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Monday, October 13, 2003

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“How Do I Drop the Veil?”

“My Relationship Doesn’t Fit the Pattern”

“What Direction Will Allow Me More Creativity and Freedom?”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Carleen (Neliswa).

Elias arrives at 10:41 AM. (Arrival time is 18 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

CARLEEN: Hello, Elias?

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! Greetings!

CARLEEN: Nice to talk to you. I guess I’ll just ask you, first thing, what is my essence name, my belonging-to family, aligning-with family, orientation and number of focuses?

ELIAS: Very well. Essence name, N-E-L-I-S-W-A (nel EES wah). And your impression as to essence families?


ELIAS: Aligning with.

CARLEEN: No idea!

ELIAS: (Laughs) Sumari, belonging to; orientation, common.

CARLEEN: I got that one.

ELIAS: (Laughs) Numbering of focuses, 816.

CARLEEN: And my husband’s? Same questions.

ELIAS: Essence name, M-O-N-G-E-Z-I (mon GAY zee). And your impression as to essence families?

CARLEEN: I don’t know for him.

ELIAS: Essence family, Sumafi; alignment, Borledim; orientation, common. (25-second pause) Continue.

CARLEEN: My son who has transitioned, same questions.

ELIAS: Essence name, S-I-Z-W-E-Y (SEEZ way). Essence family, Sumafi; alignment, Milumet; orientation, intermediate.

CARLEEN: Was my son’s suicide a choice not to participate with the dimensional shift a desperation of lack of choice, or did he choose suicide in conjunction with his own experience, as well as ours and others?

ELIAS: All of these.

CARLEEN: Is his essence focused or interested in interaction with us in this dimension?

ELIAS: It is not necessarily a matter of interest but availability, and yes, there is an availability. Interest would be associated with your expressions within physical focus. That is more of an objective expression.

CARLEEN: Any chance I’ll be able to communicate with him in this dimension?

ELIAS: Yes, if you are so choosing.

CARLEEN: If I choose, okay. How do I drop the veil? I also read about you could approach essences which help contact.

ELIAS: Yes. This is one direction that you may engage, or you may be engaging interaction directly.

Now; how you generate that action is by allowing yourself an openness to that individual’s energy, recognizing energy around you, so to speak, that you notice that familiarity of the energy. Remember, you configure the interaction. YOU create all of your reality. Therefore, you create the actual interactiveness, so to speak. The other individual projects the energy and you configure that energy in whatever manner is the most acceptable to you.

In situations in which individuals are engaging the energies of those individuals that have disengaged, they may choose to be configuring the energy in different manners than they have necessarily, in engaging that energy while the individual continued to participate in physical focus.

Now; there are many reasons for this difference in the configuration of the other individual’s energy. Some are associated with the beliefs of the individual who continues within physical focus, concerning the nonphysical expression of that energy, and therefore they do not necessarily allow themselves to configure the energy expression in an actual physical form. (1) Although, some individuals do allow themselves to generate that type of an expression in which they do actually engage interaction with a physical form of the other individual, for they allow themselves to create that.

But many times individuals shall create less solid expressions. They may hear the individual’s voice, or they may experience the energy and configure that in a manner in which an object moves. They may engage interaction within dream state, or they may generate physical sensations that they shall associate with a communication from the other individual. There are many, many, many different avenues in which individuals choose to configure the energy of the individual that has disengaged.

But it is quite possible to actually configure the energy in an actual form and to interact with the energy of that individual in an actual form. It is your choice and associated with your preferences and what you generate a comfort with in relation to the interaction of the individual’s energy expression.

CARLEEN: It sounds like it’s up to me to sort of make the request, to want the experience, and it can come in any way. How do I know it’s contact with his essence?

ELIAS: Let me express to you, the energy is available already. It is merely a matter of you not discounting or ignoring or dismissing what you generate in how you configure that energy. The energy is already expressed. Therefore, it is merely a matter of how you choose to configure that. This requires no thought and no method, merely an openness and an allowance of yourself to not discount what you present to yourself.

For you shall present to yourself experiences, but there is an automatic suspicion in relation to those experiences and an automatic association that discounts what you have created, in expressing to yourself that it is merely imagination and it is “only you.” This is the trap. It is not that you do not present opportunities to yourself to be open and to be configuring that energy, which is already available, it is a matter of whether you accept that and trust yourself and do not discard the experience as being invalid.

CARLEEN: So probably those two what I labeled as OBEs regarding his essence, were they contact with his essence or unofficial information?

ELIAS: What you would term to be contact.

CARLEEN: That’s good. (Both laugh) What I’ve been experiencing since my son’s transition – the trauma of his passing, panic attacks, shifts in my objective and subjective view of reality, dream awareness, and even in images when I meditate – is this all my personal trauma relating to the Shift?

ELIAS: Much of what you are expressing is actual interactions with that energy of that individual, generating somewhat of an allowance for yourself to be creating your own avenue of interaction but not expressing a trust or a certainty within yourself, and therefore generating many different types of experiences in a type of experimentation to discover what allows you the most comfort and the least incorporation of fear.

CARLEEN: That feels right.

ELIAS: For you are generating a movement into unfamiliar expressions, and although you may express an excitement and a desire to be generating new and unfamiliar expressions and experiences, they are unfamiliar. Therefore, they may also be somewhat overwhelming or unnerving or fearful.

CARLEEN: They are. In fact, for a while I was feeling like I was going a little bit insane. I knew subjectively that it wouldn’t happen, but I scared myself. (Elias laughs)

ELIAS: Perhaps if you allow yourself to recognize that you are merely exploring, that you are not generating actual harmfulness to yourself and that in any of these experiences you are not actually generating an action that shall be detrimental or harmful to you, you may also express more of a calm. Even in the unfamiliarity of the experience, recognize that you are not being hurtful to yourself in the moment, and therefore dissipate the fear. It may be confusing but not hurtful.

CARLEEN: Yes, it’s not really hurtful. Could some of this have to do with my fear of death?

ELIAS: Yes, which is also quite common, for it is a tremendous unknown.

CARLEEN: No memory of any of that.

ELIAS: Correct, and therefore it is very unfamiliar. But let me express to you a clue. Movement into disengagement is not very dissimilar to generating an out-of-body experience.

CARLEEN: I’m not sure I’ve had one of those experiences, unless one of those OBEs might have been like that. I felt I went somewhere.


CARLEEN: To see him, I thought. Okay, that helps.

ELIAS: Therefore, it may not necessarily be an action that incorporates such fearfulness. For in actuality, it is merely a choice, and in that choice, the actual action may be experienced quite similarly to a movement of an out-of-body experience.

CARLEEN: Next question, I guess my health issue. My hemorrhoids, is this related to resistance in life, my beliefs about lack or scarcity, or my internalizing my unhappiness? Could you give me some insight into that?

ELIAS: What is your impression?

CARLEEN: Maybe all of it! Holding onto, maybe not allowing myself the experiences that I’m asking for?

ELIAS: No. Look to your imagery and allow yourself to evaluate the association with what you are communicating to yourself in your physical expressions. This is a creation that you generate in association with forcing your energy in frustration and forcing your energy, pushing your energy in directions in impatience. You generate this tension of your energy field, which you are reflecting in physical manifestations.

CARLEEN: That’s valuable. I’ll have to think about that one. Impatience, yup, that sounds a lot like me. (Elias laughs) Thank you.

What’s the basis of my marital relationship?

ELIAS: In what capacity?

CARLEEN: Are we here to support each other on the journey? It’s different. It doesn’t seem to be like... Sexually, it’s different. Just some insight into my marital relationship – we’ve been together 27 years. A long time for me, but maybe not for you!

ELIAS: Define “different.”

CARLEEN: Well, I worry that it doesn’t fit the pattern of the type of belief systems that we have. It doesn’t seem to, in many ways. I’ve been celibate for probably 15 years, which doesn’t fit the pattern of – well, maybe I don’t know – of other relationships. I just want an idea of what it is, why we’re together.


Now; first of all, let me express to you, do not compare. Your experience is your experience, and it is unique. It is not comparable to other individual’s, regardless of whether many other individuals align with mass beliefs that set directions of what is to be expected with any type of relationship. What you create is your choice and is associated with your beliefs and your preferences.

Now; you choose to continue in partnership with this individual regardless that it appears to you that the partnership is not expressed in the manner in which it should be expressed. Does this concern you?

CARLEEN: Not enough, really, to stop the relationship. (Both laugh) We both choose to be together.

ELIAS: What concerns you is your own judgments concerning the construction of your relationship and that it does not fit the mold.


ELIAS: Therefore, if it does not fit the mold, there must be some expression that is wrong with this, for it should fit the mold, and if there is no expression wrong with the relationship, there must be some factor that is wrong with either of each of you that participates in this choice to be engaging this relationship – which I may express to you, these are quite associated with truths and this is the reason that you are questioning. For there are strongly expressed truths that are absolutes – or so you solidify them to be – in association with each type of relationship and how that should be expressed in its ideal, and if it is not, there is some element of it that is awry or that is wrong. And I may express to you quite strongly that this is not true.

In this, individuals that choose to couple themselves with each other choose that for many different reasons and experiences. Individuals that choose to be engaging relationships in what you term to be long-term expressions generate that for they express a value fulfillment in that experience of sharing with another individual. This is not to say that that expression of sharing may be always considered good, in your opinions, or even comfortable. Some individuals choose to be generating long-term relationships and generate continuous conflict, but that expresses their value fulfillment. Other individuals may be generating a cooperation with each other but in similar manner to yourself may not necessarily fit the design of mass beliefs and what an intimate relationship should be.

In this, you each offer sharing with each other in manners that are valuable to each of you. You generate contributions to each other in that sharing, which offers different information and allows you to each explore different aspects of yourselves individually. In this manner, you allow yourselves to become more intimately familiar with yourselves, which in actually has been quite efficient.

CARLEEN: Sounds good! (Laughs)

What’s my intent in this life? What direction may I move into that should be more efficient and allow me less limitations and more of my own creative expressions?

ELIAS: I shall express to you, as I do with all other individuals that interact with myself, the encouragement to be allowing yourself to discover your intent. The manner in which you achieve that is to be examining the entirety of your focus, not merely now, and discovering the theme that moves through your entire focus and all of your experiences. For you choose many, many different directions in association with that one theme, but they are all motivated by that intent, that theme that is the general direction of your focus.

Now; how may you generate less obstacles and more freedom within your movement is a different matter, for that is not necessarily associated with your intent. For, generating less obstacles and more freedom in any individual’s focus is associated with their beliefs and whether they allow themselves an awareness or not, and how they choose to be generating their movement in directing themselves rather than being directed or allowing other individuals to dictate to them. In this, I may express the same to you.

The discovery of your intent shall be validating information for you individually, and offering yourself that investigation and that discovery shall be much more powerful than any expression that I may offer to you, for you shall connect your own experiences. Therefore, it shall be much more real and significant to you.

But in association with moving into an expression of offering yourself more freedom, I may offer suggestions to you in association with that. Pay attention to whether your three main aspects of yourself, your three main functions of yourself are in harmony or not. If they are, you shall experience much more of an ease and an allowance of yourself to be trusting yourself. If they are not, it is significant and is worthy of your evaluation and noticing.

In this, pay attention to the harmony which is expressed between your communications, your choosing or your actual doing, and your thinking. In this, if any one of those elements of yourself are not in harmony with the other two, you are offering yourself information. Paying attention to that generates much more of a familiarity with yourself and how you are actually creating any expression in any moment. As you notice that you may be generating a communication to yourself, listening to it and generating a harmony with what you are actually doing but thinking in a different direction, you may stop and evaluate what you are misinterpreting.

Remember, thinking is NOT a communication; it is a translating mechanism. It is translating information that you are offering to your objective awareness. If it is moving in a different direction from what you are doing or what you are communicating to yourself, you are misinterpreting some element of your communication, which is worthy of your attention.

Once you genuinely begin to be familiar with what you are actually doing and you become more familiar with paying attention to that, you shall generate much more of an ease and much less obstacles, for you shall recognize the moments in which you are presenting an obstacle to yourself, and in that moment, you shall also recognize other choices.

What generates hindrances are moments in which you are unaware objectively that you incorporate choices, or moments in which you are objectively unaware that you incorporate more than one choice, moments in which you perceive yourself to be locked into the expression of merely once choice. Be aware of the moments in which you are viewing your reality in quite black and white terms. That is a signal, for none of your reality is black and white, or either/or, or absolute. It is continuously changing. Therefore, what may be an applicable expression in one moment may not in another. But if you set your perception in absolutes, you lock yourself into a box and you do not allow yourself to express your freedom, for you generate an association that certain experiences must always be expressed in one manner. That is what generates truths. But truths, remember, are not true. (Chuckles)

CARLEEN: That feels right.

Would you spell my essence name one more time? In my excitement, I was not able to write it down.

ELIAS: Very well. N-E-L-I-S-W-A.

CARLEEN: When I meditate, I get these flashes of images, sometimes falling asleep as well, of faces and places. What’s that all about? Is that just a mechanism or am I actually seeing different focuses or different counterparts or...?

ELIAS: Yes. Generally speaking, these are other focuses. At times you may be connecting with counterpart action, but many times you are allowing yourself a connection with another focus.

CARLEEN: So, just relax and when this happens don’t be fearful, just enjoy it?

ELIAS: Correct! And allow yourself to express your curiosity and allow yourself to merely participate in what you are generating and explore. In doing that, you shall allow more information and you shall generate more impressions, more elaborate impressions. Not merely a form or a face or a location, but in association with those images you may also offer yourself more impressions that elaborate upon those visualizations.

CARLEEN: Why am I so fearful about it? Like my husband says, “You’ve asked for this experience, but you’re afraid.”

ELIAS: For it is unfamiliar. This is not uncommon, my friend. Many individuals generate an allowance, and in their zeal and excitement to be creating these unfamiliar actions, therefore validating to themselves that they are actually participating in this shift in consciousness, overwhelm themselves. (Laughs)

CARLEEN: Does my impatience have something to do with that, too?

ELIAS: (Laughs) Yes. I may express to you, allow yourself to relax and allow yourself to move in these experiences more slowly and therefore more comfortably.

I may also express a suggestion to you, for what may be overwhelming at times is that you generate these actions incorporating a speed, a quickness, which is also not uncommon. This becomes perpetuated in an excitement that you are actually generating new experiences, but the more rapidly you create them, the more overwhelming they may be. Therefore, recognize that the excitement is a natural expression but it also reinforces the rapidness of the experience. For what occurs is as you generate an excitement, you increase the intensity of your own energy, and that generates a more rapid vibrational speed of your energy. In that, what occurs is you naturally begin to express a physical tension within your body consciousness; your physical muscles respond and become more tense. In this, as you continue to generate all these actions, they merely perpetuate each other in a circle. That generates the overwhelmingness and at times may be an expression of your fearfulness.

Now; in these moments, if you allow yourself to notice that you are generating this excitement, you may intentionally calm yourself and relax, and the motion shall slow. As it slows, you shall dissipate that overwhelmingness and you shall allow yourself to move with these experiences much more easily.

CARLEEN: A couple more questions before we end the session. A little more about the essence of my son – could you give me a little more detail as to what’s happening with him, how he’s doing and where he might be going? I get the impression that he will not put his attention to this dimension any time soon.

ELIAS: Let me express an explanation to you, first of all. The idea of reincarnation is an expression of beliefs and is incorrect. In a vague type of a manner it is somewhat correct, for you do incorporate many focuses, but they are all simultaneous and one focus does not return as another focus. Each focus is unique to itself. It is its own unique attention, and that attention chooses what experiences it desires to generate.

Now; that attention may choose to be focused in this physical dimension, as an example. At the moment that the focus chooses to be disengaging from this experience of physical manifestation, that focus of attention continues in different directions, for it is unnecessary to be generating a repeat of its exploration within the same direction. For, each attention is an element of essence, and the essence is focusing many, many, many, many attentions in that dimension or in many different dimensions and directions, all simultaneously. But in expressing the uniqueness of each focus of attention, it incorporates its own choices and its direction and its free will. Therefore, it continues to choose different directions associated with different experiences.

Now; therefore, you are correct in your impression that that focus is not returning, for no focus returns, but it continues in different directions. In this present now, I may not necessarily offer you an identification of what that focus of attention’s direction shall be in what you term to be futurely, for that choice has not been generated yet.

In this present now, this individual has begun transition in nonphysical expression but also continues to express some objective imagery and generate some objective reality. Therefore, what I am expressing to you is that the individual has not shed the objective awareness yet. Therefore, there continues to be some expression of objective imagery that is being created, but there is an awareness now that that objective imagery is being created merely by itself and that it is not participating in actual physical focus any longer. Therefore, the process, so to speak, of transition has also been engaged.

Now; the action of transition is to shed the objective awareness and also to shed the beliefs that are associated with this physical dimension, therefore allowing that attention to move in its natural expression of merely the subjective awareness and choose what direction it desires to move into in its next adventure.

CARLEEN: Right now, in this focus, there is an attachment to him and I worry that I will not see him again. That’s probably the desire to communicate with him again. But you said this is possible, then?

ELIAS: I may be assuring you, I am understanding what you are incorporating as meaning in your desire or your fear of seeing or not seeing again. It is expressed differently, but I may assure you that you shall not be disconnected and you shall incorporate the intermingling and the experiencing with that individual, so to speak, in the time framework in which you also disengage, for there is no separation within consciousness. There is merely the illusion of that in association with your beliefs within your physical reality. But outside of physical realities, and even in some physical realities, there is no separation.

Therefore, the experience that you incorporate in whatever connection and interaction and intimacy that you may generate within your physical reality is dwarfed in association with what you experience in the intertwining and interconnectedness of essence and of consciousness. There is not even a barrier of a physical form.

CARLEEN: Thank you very much, Elias. It’s been a pleasure. Much gratitude. My time is just about up. I hope to talk to you again sometime.

ELIAS: Very well, my friend. Be comforted, for although you may not visually see this individual, the energy is present. (Chuckles)

CARLEEN: Thank you.

ELIAS: I express to you my great affection and my anticipation of our next meeting, and I shall be offering my energy to you in support and encouragement. To you this day in great lovingness, au revoir.

CARLEEN: Good-bye.

Elias departs at 11:37 AM.


(1) Originally expressed as: “Some are associated with the individual’s beliefs that continues within physical focus concerning the nonphysical expression of that energy, and therefore they do not necessarily allow themselves to configure the energy expression in an actual physical form.”

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