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Wednesday, October 15, 2003

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ďThe Message in a Bee StingĒ

ďNot Eliminating but Choosing a Different PerceptionĒ

ďImagery Concerning DualityĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and KC (Nanaiis).

Elias arrives at 7:43 AM. (Arrival time is 14 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

KC: Good morning, Elias! How are you?

ELIAS: As always, and yourself?

KC: Iím as always, thank you very much! (Both laugh) Well, we were supposed to have this session on Monday, and instead I had this session with Mary and you know how she is Ė the quality of talking! (Elias laughs)

Iíll tell you what, I donít have a real rigid schedule for us to talk about today. But I have recently had two grandchildren Ė my son and my daughter-in-law had Benjamin and David Ė and Iíve been dying to know what their essence names are! I figured you were going to ask me for my impressions, but my impression already was more of... Well, interesting things going on with my impressions, because itís more of like a desire. I wanted those babies to both be Archor and that was before I knew Ė you are a stinker! Ė you didnít tell me I was fragmented of Archor! (Elias chuckles) Ranatad found out! I donít want to get off my track, so weíll talk about Archor later.

But the twins, I wanted them to be Archor, and I thought no, we donít want them both to be Archor, so Archor and Nihual. I thought oh, wouldnít it really be nice if we had Eliantan, and now of course we have Wingnu, and then I thought Iíll bet itís Baruch and Awan, and then I thought it would be nice to have Tomkin! You see my impressions are not working! (Both laugh)

ELIAS: (Laughs) Ah! But these are not actually impressions but more wishes.

KC: Those are my wishes! (Elias laughs) So now my question is are either one of these twins an essence I am already familiar with objectively?


KC: Okay. So I think you should not tell me the essence names yet.

ELIAS: Very well.

KC: I want to play. They are so cute! (Elias laughs) And now I get to be a kid again. I get to go to the zoo and read childrenís stories. Weíll wait for that and maybe I will get some impressions.

ELIAS: Very well.

KC: Weíll talk again and Iíll tell you what they are.

ELIAS: Very well.

KC: I also had some twin imagery. I, of course, have the grandtwins, and then I have a bird and I bought another bird and theyíre both Sun Conures, the same species of bird. At the Kentucky session there was a set of twins, David and Matt. I donít think thatís anything real earth shattering, but I havenít really figured out if there is some kind of significance in that for me or not, and I just wanted to know if there is.

ELIAS: Duality.

KC: Duality! Okay, good! Thatís not duplicity.

ELIAS: No. (Chuckles)

KC: The other day, I think it was Sunday, I was out in the store and there was a bug crawling on my neck, and I pulled it off and it stung me. I havenít figured out what that was all about except for one thing, it does bring your attention back into the now and onto yourself when something like that happens. Is that all that is?

ELIAS: And have you any other impressions?

KC: Well, itís my index finger on my left hand, and it swelled up and hurt really bad. I was with my partner, David. If I do have an impression, Iím certainly not noticing it, no.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) It is partially concerning moving your attention to the now and being present with yourself in the now. For you may express to yourself or I may express to you to be incorporating this action of paying attention in the now, but what does that mean and how do you do that, and if you are doing that, what are you actually doing and what are you actually paying attention to? Are you actually present in the now, or are you paying attention to some elements of the now but not actually to what you are doing and what you are actually generating?

Now; what was the energy that you were projecting?

KC: Well, the only thing I can think of is that I felt that... I donít know how to say this and keep my attention on me. I felt that I was feeling an energy from my husband that in conjunction with I was generating the energy that I Ė that we both Ė really didnít want to be where we were.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) Correct. Therefore, what were you doing? Forcing energy in opposition to your natural expression and not listening to yourself.

This is the action of being present with yourself in the now, genuinely paying attention. And what do you present yourself with but a sting, which is significant imagery. For this is a type of snap action, in a manner of speaking, bringing your attention to the now, but also in a manner that moves your attention to being present with yourself.

Now; in that moment, had you been listening to yourself, you may have offered yourself information concerning what you actually wanted and what you were actually doing, and allowed yourself to be aware of the energy that was being expressed by yourself and your partner, which is also associated with what you have been generating recently in frustration and irritation.

KC: Well, I have been noticing, and I have forgotten the particulars now, but I have noticed that I have been forcing energy lately. I canít even give you the particulars, but that Sunday I did a lot of things I didnít want to do, or I allowed myself to be dictated to...

ELIAS: Correct.

KC: people and events outside of myself all day that day.

ELIAS: Correct.

KC: It was Monday, the very next day, I was talking to my sister, Eazon, about how I had noticed that I was forcing energy in another particular situation, more physical imagery to show me that I was forcing energy and forcing energy. I didnít have the session with you on Monday and I worked in the yard instead, which actually was what I wanted to do! (Elias chuckles) Aha! But then I did do something in the afternoon later that I didnít want to do, exactly. Sometimes itís almost difficult to know, because sometimes you do want to do something but not in that moment. You want to do that something later.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

KC: Then yesterday my signals were telling me that I was not forcing energy so much. I basically did what I wanted to do, and I even told some people no, that I was not going to do a suggestion that we had made earlier, I had changed my mind. So that was the bee sting! Now let me see Ė well, itís pretty much gone! (Both laugh) My goodness, I didnít expect there to be all that!

So, the truth wave.


KC: I read today a little bit of the California session that asks what is our attention and where does our attention lie and how we must pay attention to ourselves if weíre interested in this Shift. Thatís how we accomplish it, by paying attention to ourselves. With this truth wave, I feel like Iím starting all the way over at the beginning, Elias! And I think thatís part of my frustration.

I wanted to ask you this. With my tree that I asked you about in my first session and the trench and my association with my beliefs about that, I was able to understand the ďit matters notĒ concept and insert that with regard to the tree. Now I have my truth with the expressway. Iím nowhere near ďit matters notĒ with the expressway! (Both laugh) But I at least know how it feels to understand ďit matters notĒ in relation to the tree. So my question is, when I accomplish knowing that my beliefs about the expressway are not absolute, thatís when the expressway will matter not?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking. It is dependent upon how you direct your attention. Remember, you are not eliminating, and this is one of the strongest truths that many of you are addressing to, this truth that if you incorporate some expression within your focus that you do not like or that is unwanted, that it must be eliminated. Or if there is some expression within your focus that is uncomfortable or that you assess to be bad, it should be eliminated. That is an automatic association.

This is one of the most challenging truths to address to, and to actually assimilate and genuinely understand that it is not a question of eliminating but of accepting, and therefore allowing yourself to move your attention.

Just as we have discussed, this highway exists, you are also creating it in your reality, and you incorporate expressed beliefs concerning it. You are not eliminating those beliefs but allowing yourself to recognize which beliefs you have set into absolutes and therefore have generated truths of those beliefs, recognizing that you continue to hold those beliefs and are not eliminating them, but may choose to perceive them differently, for they are not absolutes and they are not true.

As the highway being an example, it is physical imagery to you in an example of not eliminating but choosing a different perception, and therefore in that non-elimination, you change your reality. You are not eliminating the highway, but you can choose to perceive it in different manners. In a manner of speaking, you have chosen to focus your attention upon this highway as your individual physical imagery or metaphor for beliefs and those beliefs which have been generated into truths.

KC: So if I move my attention with regard to... Oh gosh, weíve been over my beliefs about the expressway. First of all, the sound vibration is where my attention lies. I have also thought of that as symbolism of movement and energy highways. Iíve heard from other people, Fryolla, who lives near a similar sound, that she perceives it as the wind. ďItís just the wind,Ē or itís this or itís that. It doesnít seem to bother her. She likes probably to know that there are people there going somewhere, or she just thinks about it in a different way than I do. I think of it as an intrusion and she doesnít. Thatís one way that I could move my perception, is that right?

ELIAS: Correct.

KC: Occasionally I even do that. I donít know if this is going off on a tangent or not, but one of things I seem to be exploring in my entire life from the beginning is sound. I can almost feel the sound.

ELIAS: I am understanding. But you can reconfigure that energy just as you can reconfigure any other type of energy.

KC: And I do that by accepting my beliefs.

ELIAS: Yes, and choosing to reconfigure the energy in a different manner, recognizing that you incorporate this belief but also recognizing that you may choose how you express it.

KC: That is very similar to my belief that the trench will damage the tree.

ELIAS: Correct.

KC: I still hold the belief...

ELIAS: Correct.

KC: ...itís a belief...

ELIAS: Correct.

KC: ...and I can choose just the opposite to that belief or in contradiction to that belief, but I have not eliminated the belief.

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes. You can choose differently, for you can choose how you express that belief and how you express the energy, knowing that the belief continues and that it is expressed, but every belief has many different influences and many different expressions.

KC: I think the trick is going to be believing in my ability to actually do that, because thatís where Iím stuck right now.

ELIAS: I am understanding, but also another element that is an obstacle with you is that you continue to struggle with the belief, and that perpetuates the expression or the influence that you do not want. As you continue to concentrate upon the influences of the belief that are distasteful to you, you continue to perpetuate them. You offer yourself moments in which you move your attention and you do allow yourself to reconfigure the energy briefly, but you return to the concentration upon the aspects of the belief that you dislike.

KC: Yes! And I find myself doing that intentionally! Iíll notice that Iíve reconfigured the energy, and then I will move my attention on purpose back to that familiar belief and the sounds.

ELIAS: Yes. This is an element of these truths that you continue in that familiarity in association with your belief which is expressed. In that, what you do is reinforce the solidity of the truth and you question your ability to actually be reconfiguring energy.

Now; this is significant, my friend, for this is a very common action that individuals incorporate. You question whether you actually incorporate the ability to reconfigure energy, and even in the moments that you do reconfigure it, you continue to question that and express a skepticism of whether you are actually altering your reality or not.

In this, it is amusing to interact with individuals that express to myself that they wish to be materializing an apple within their hand, for although they do not BELIEVE me Ė which what you express that you believe or do not believe is not necessarily an expression of your beliefs Ė in this, I may express to each of you that even if you allow yourself to materialize an apple within your hand from nothing, the likelihood of your acceptance of that is quite thin. What you probably would generate would be to dematerialize it again and to attempt to materialize it again, and continue to question whether you actually accomplished this action and generate a skepticism of whether the apple is genuinely real or not, or whether you have merely imagined it.

KC: Yes, well, let me tell you about something that happened this morning Ė I think! (Both laugh) I get up in the morning and I feed the cat and then I read a little or just do some exercises, like the white-light exercise or sometimes the clarity exercise, and then I feed the birds. My husband gets up and goes to work, and I get on the computer. So I did all that this morning, Iím sitting at my computer, and my cat scratches on the door to get in Ė but I had not let the cat out! I swear I had not let the cat out. (Elias chuckles) So I opened the door and let the cat in.

I know youíve said in one of the Elias sessions that animals can do that, they can go out, they can come in, they donít really need you to open the door. But I got up, I let the cat in and I thought to myself, ďWell, if you can walk through the walls to get out, why canít you walk through the walls to get in?Ē But in the meantime Iím thinking, ďWhen did I let the cat out?Ē I canít remember letting the cat out. I donít think I let the cat out, Elias. I have to ask you, what happened? (Elias chuckles) I thought, ďOh I just forgot that I let the cat out,Ē and maybe I did.

ELIAS: And you did not.

KC: (Gasps) Well, thatís the example of creating the apple and not believing that you did it! I have to say that my cat was in and the next thing I knew my cat was out all by himself, without me. (Elias chuckles)

So, when I move my attention and perceive the expressway in a different way then, I can just start believing that Iím actually doing that. One reason why I move my attention back to the expressway to make sure the sound is really there is because I donít believe Iíve really done anything.

ELIAS: I am aware.

KC: Okay. Iím going to try that. I have not moved the expressway, but I actually kind of decided not to because this is going to be my next project. (Elias chuckles) But I moved the expressway... Well, you know, maybe I did move it an inch and moved it back, who knows! (Both laugh)

I have a want, and I know I can create this, but I just want you to tell me that Iím right. I bought another bird, so I have two birds now. Of course, there is my belief about birds, that you canít introduce these birds, they wonít like each other because one bird will not recognize the other bird in the flock, it will be an intruder and so on. Iím thinking okay, those are my beliefs and other people hold the opposite beliefs. They can put two birds together and they just become the best buddies. So the belief shouldnít matter, I should just be able to create what I want either way.

Of course, my old bird despised the new bird and tried to attack her. We have two people with two birds, one on each shoulder, and we canít get the birds too close together but they are only two feet apart and theyíre not attacking each other. Then I have my method: I decided to put them on the kitchen table in the morning for breakfast. I only did that twice and theyíre already not paying any attention to each other; theyíre not attacking.

Would you please tell me that I can create my perception in such a way that I perceive these birds actually getting along with each other and enjoying each otherís company?

ELIAS: Yes, and this is interesting imagery that you are presenting to yourself. For what have I expressed to you is the significance of these double imageries?

KC: Duality.

ELIAS: Correct.

Now; duality is significant, for it is an element of the blueprint of your reality, and in that, what is the direction of duality? Harmony.

KC: When you told me that was duality I thought Iíll have to go back and read about duality again. Iím gonna do that because I think that would help me understand. I want to understand that. Iíve read about that once but I didnít pay much attention to it at the time.

ELIAS: The reason that this is an element of the blueprint of your reality is that it sets into motion a natural complement in every expression, in every direction, in all of your manifestations Ė a natural complement, which is the harmony.

KC: Thatís how I feel about my partner, David/Flynn. We complement each other.

ELIAS: Correct.

KC: There was a time when we wondered, you know, we donít have much in common. We donít both enjoy golf, he doesnít enjoy needlepoint or painting pictures or raking the leaves. He enjoys numbers, heís thought-focused, heís common; Iím soft, Iím emotionally focused. Yet, we are perfect for each other in my opinion, because we complement each other in very many, many areas.

ELIAS: Correct.

KC: So thatís duality!


KC: I understand that much better! Okay!

ELIAS: You are presenting yourself with imagery concerning duality, and in that presentment you create doubles to emphasize the complement of duality and to emphasize the harmony of it, and in this, to redefine your understanding of duality. For generally speaking, you and many other individuals generate an automatic association to the term ďdualityĒ in a negative manner. In actuality, if you are associating in relation to negative and positive, it would be more associated with a positive, for it is a complement and what generates a natural harmony. It permeates every aspect of your reality and of yourself.

KC: Aha! So how does this tie in with the expressway?

ELIAS: Paying attention to you and recognizing that all is not black and white, that there are natural complements, that you may incorporate what you want even in association with an expressed belief and manifestation that you are not in agreement with.

There are natural complements to every aspect of your reality. It is a matter of how you move your attention and how you manipulate energy, and allowing yourself to recognize that every belief incorporates some elements that you may deem to be negative and positive. It is merely a matter of what you choose to focus your attention upon and what direction you choose to move within.

KC: Would another example of that be someone... Are you still there?


KC: Okay. Someone chooses... I really would rather just tell this story. The little email group of the 11:11 dimension, that would be Cynthia and Oona and myself, Nanaiis, and Myranda, Iím very fond of little groups and Iím very fond of these essences. Now, one of these essences, Myranda, loves... Well, we call her the bean spiller, because she just loves to share everything, which I can see the duality in that. I love that she shares everything. She shared an 11:11 party information with the entire E-list, which could be the entire world, for all I know! I donít know if I felt a twinge at that time or not; I probably did. But later on she said something about it Ė I donít know how she worded it, this is my wording Ė she said, ďI hope you donít mind that I did that,Ē and I didnít say anything because I thought I kind of did mind that she did that, I sort of wanted to have a little party first. So I wrote to her that I did not want to share that information but maybe this a chance for you to make your choice, I make my choice, and we can share our perceptions and see how those choices come out in physical imagery.

I havenít talked to her any more about that. That is in the now kind of where it stands. But I should be able to make my choice and accept her choice also.


KC: How can we compare perceptions? If she perceives reading emails that people went on an 11:11 party and they report their impressions, put it all together, have sessions with you and it all gets confirmed, but I donít perceive that, I donít perceive any emails about any 11:11 party, and can I have a session with you and I get that confirmed? (Laughs) Can I tell her that and can she tell me what she is perceiving, and we can actually know the other person is perceiving differently than we are?


KC: Oh! Wouldnít that be fun, Elias?

ELIAS: Your realities do not have to match, for your perceptions are different and therefore your realities are different.

KC: It was just like my husband, Flynn, and the glass on the sink! I have a glass that I like, itís mine, and I set it on the sink and keep water in it. Now and then he will use my glass and put it in the sink, so that it doesnít have water in it anymore and I have to get out a new glass. I have asked him to leave the glass there on the sink with my water in it, then he uses the glass again, and oh, the story goes on and on. You have to just repeat this a dozen times or so. Finally I said, ďHow many times do I have to ask you not to use my glass?Ē And he said, ďYouíve never asked me not to use your glass!Ē (Both laugh) And he is correct, isnít he?


KC: Yes, I had to write a wicked husband story about the whole thing. (Both laugh)

I decided to have a new plan, similar to the trench and the tree plan, in which Ė and I thought this was significant Ė when I chose to continue my energy exchange with myself in the form of my tree and accepted the belief about the trench, the entire city changed their plan, and I didnít say a word. (Both laugh) Elias, I really want to tell you this. They would come, the city engineer would come, he would bring hordes of people, he would bring tree people and sewer pipe people, and he would show me how they had changed the plan: ďWeíve decided to do this for the tree and for this and for your yard and because youíre so wonderful!Ē (Laughs) And I would just look at them and smile and say, ďOh, thatís a fine plan! Oh yeah, thatís good!Ē

ELIAS: Ah, but you do not create your reality!

KC: Oh no! (Both laugh) And I can change my perception just like that with the expressway.


KC: But see, for me itís gonna have to be fun. I think thatís another place where Iíve been forcing energy, isnít it?

ELIAS: (Chuckles) Yes.

KC: And I did the same thing Ė I think Iím still working on this one a little bit Ė but with the coffeepot. I know these are little things, but Elias, they are my... (Polly, Maryís dog, suddenly begins barking and growling)

Polly! (Elias laughs) Can you hear her? Oh, sheís barking! Uh-oh, Elias, the dog is barking Ė what does that mean? (Both laugh) This is very unusual.

ELIAS: And what is your impression? (Polly continues to bark)

KC: I really like Polly, but I really wish she would stop barking. (The wind chimes start ringing loudly) My impression is the coffee... I said that these were little things! (Loud yipping from Polly, and Elias laughs) Is that it? And theyíre not little? So, Elias, if you can make that dog stop barking! (Laughter) Do I discount my truths?

ELIAS: (Laughing) No, but you are offering yourself information. Repeat: ďsmall things.Ē

KC: Small things... Oh! Thatís right, because Iíve actually been turning my attention to the small things because they donít seem as overwhelming as the big things.

ELIAS: Ah, but they are what comprise the big things.

KC: Yes, youíve said that, and so thatís sort of why I did it. I started with my coffeepot because the first cup always spills... And Pollyís not barking! (Laughs) I decided that I was not going to be the victim of the person who designs these faulty coffeepots anymore. I was going to believe that this person may or may not know how to design coffeepots, and I believed that the first cup always spills, but I was going to choose not to spill the first cup. And by golly, the first cup didnít spill!


KC: Of course, I didnít believe I really did that! (Both laugh)

ELIAS: Of course!

KC: I have to try to do it every morning, just to make sure. (Elias laughs) Thatís kind of how I want to address to the truth wave. And I really want to tap into this truth wave, Elias. I really donít want to just kind of float along and not take advantage of this.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

KC: Thatís my desire, so I can trust that thatís where my direction is taking me.

ELIAS: Yes, and perhaps you may allow yourself to incorporate playfulness in association with these truths and your addressing to them. Incorporate less seriousness, and more inspiration and playfulness. For example, you generate a seriousness in association with your highway. You are attempting in that seriousness to be difficultly moving energy and it is a chore, which does not accomplish very well. Perhaps, if you allow yourself to incorporate playfulness in addressing to these truths, you may be incorporating fun and it may generate much more of an ease.

For example, you may play with visualizations of perhaps hot air balloons. That rather than vehicles of automobiles rushing upon your highway, there are many brightly colored hot air balloons flying across your highway, which also incorporate a sound, but that sound may be more pleasing to you for it is more associated with floating and flying and freedom. That is an example of generating a playfulness in association with addressing to a truth.

KC: Iíll have to give this expressway business a try. Iím thinking maybe sailboats! (Laughs)

ELIAS: Ah! They also incorporate sound.

KC: Yes, they do! Iím more familiar with sailboats, and they do incorporate sound and they even have a motor...


KC: ...that incorporates sound that doesnít bother me. Well, Iíll play with that a little bit.

I canít believe how fast the time is going! (Elias laughs) How can that be, since there is no time!

ELIAS: Ah, but there is in your reality!

KC: But there is in my reality. I create it, right? (Laughs)

Iíve been curious. Thelma has come up with a Dream Walker name impression for herself, and I donít think anyone has asked you about it yet. The word that she uses is, I think, Devawanke. Is that the name of her Dream Walker?


KC: Oh my gosh! She is gonna be so excited! And Elias, please, is your Dream Walkerís name Dude?

ELIAS: (Laughs loudly) No!

KC: It was just a little kind of fun thing, anyway! (Elias laughs) The Darlingís color, has that altered from a bright yellow? I perceive it now as a clear lower-key yellow, actually.


KC: Iíve got a whole lot of things. Does Archor hold a current focus that I know named Lill, an elderly lady?


KC: No wonder I absolutely loved her! (Elias chuckles) I need to see her again now. Oh my god!

Iím having a heartbeat rhythm and a right ear tone that I want to know if that is Ayla.


KC: Oh, good! I can stop worrying now about having a stroke and disengaging! (Both laugh)

This actually happened a while back and I never did ask. I was sitting at a restaurant and I could swear somebody was fondling my ankle. I looked at it and nobody was there. Ashrah suggested that it might be Tomkin. Was that Tomkin?


KC: Oh well, Uncle Tom! I love him. (Elias laughs) The essence name Indiwa, I had an impression that might be an essence fragmented of Awan, Melody and myself, Nanaiis.


KC: And I have to laugh about Baba-Nana. Yes, you already answered that question! Does Baba-Nana favor focuses in India?


KC: Dawn and Mark, thatís Awan and Baruch, had an impression that I am a very slim black woman called Viola, whose name is really Panisha, and I wear a scarf around my head and I live in New Orleans and I practice voodoo. Is that correct?


KC: Oh, I knew it would be! The Great Marble, I thought that I saw interior carvings on the walls of the Great Marble, and then Anji asked if there was a crystal inside the Great Marble and you said yes. I donít see a crystal inside the Great Marble but I see carvings on the walls. Whatís that?

ELIAS: Not inside, outside.

KC: Gosh, the Great Marble. Did you get my joke about the Great Marble? Itís a Charlie Brown joke about the Great Pumpkin! (Both laugh)

Are there 36 essences that fragmented this essence of Wingnu?

ELIAS: Thirty-four.

KC: Weíre going to have to divide the Wingnu questions up into various peopleís sessions, Iím afraid. Am I one of the essences that fragmented Wingnu?


KC: Was Archor also included?


KC: Good, because that answers one big question. And Eliantan, is he included also?


KC: There is a painting by the painter John Singer Sargent and I call the painting ďLily, Rose, Rose, Lily.Ē I have a future focus named Lily Robin and that focus has a twin named Rose, and Rose is Oona. Now, the two girls in the painting by John Singer Sargent are Dolly and Polly Barnard. I wanted to know if Dolly is Oona and Polly is Nanaiis.


KC: Is John Singer Sargent Cynthia?


KC: Oh my god! My motherís name was Ginny Rawe Weber, and I got the impression that that might be Myiisha. Is that correct? (Pause)

ELIAS: Observing.

KC: My brother, Ottell, is he the Mr. Hardcoop that was in the Donner Party that got off in Winnemucca, Nevada?


KC: Is my sister, Mary Jo, is she Reasin Tucker, a captain of the first relief to the Donner Party?


KC: Oh, Elias, it gets easier and easier. I really like it! (Elias laughs)

I made up a name for myself when I was in high school, Trinity Kim St. Claire. Is that another focus of mine?


KC: Kofi Annan is the Secretary General of the United Nations and his wifeís name is Nane Annan, and I want to know if that was a focus of Inanna.


KC: And then Kofi Annan is not Nanaiis.


KC: Not even observing essence?

ELIAS: Partial.

KC: Is there a connection between Nane Annan and myself?

ELIAS: Other focuses and counterpart action.

KC: I had an impression, and itís the impression itself that Iím interested in. Myranda has a focus as twins in the Mayan culture, I think itís about 15,000 BC or so. We were doing a Mayan party, and she, in that focus, one of the twins was pregnant and you killed the other twin. Tsk, tsk, tsk, for shame, for shame! (Elias laughs loudly) During that party I was not there, I did not have a focus, I was everywhere. When I was reading Myrandaís post, I had been in the place that she was talking about. She was in the woods, or her other twin was in the woods Ė yes, I was there. She was in a cave Ė yes, I was there. She was somewhere else and some other action going on, and oh yes, there it is. Then I thought to myself, ďHow am I going to get myself into that tiny little body?Ē I wondered, and so does Myranda, if she is pregnant and thatís my initiating focus?


KC: Thatís my initiating focus! Oh my gosh, it was so funny, Elias! It was so funny! I was everywhere and I thought how am I going to fit into that little tiny baby! (Both laugh) Is my name in that focus Elya-Fee-Na?


KC: Oh my goodness. That is fabulous! Did I leave and go off to see another focus of you in that focus?


KC: Okay, because I called it ďoff to see the wizard.Ē (Both laugh)

Now, I have a question for Ricarro. I think no one has asked this yet. His impressions for his friend Khadija, he believes that she is Sumari belonging and Ilda or Vold aligned.


KC: Sheís Sumari belonging and which aligned is she Ė Ilda?


KC: He would also like her orientation, focus and the focus designation.

ELIAS: And the impression?

KC: He didnít give me any! But Iíll bet you anything sheís soft.


KC: I donít think sheís emotionally focused, I think sheís political...

ELIAS: Correct.

KC: ...and a continuing focus.


KC: My, how did I do that? (Both laugh)

ELIAS: Those are impressions!

KC: Did I connect with Ricarroís energy to do that or just with Khadija?

ELIAS: The latter.

KC: I really like her, and I donít even think she knows I exist. Weíve all shared focuses together, though, so I donít even have to ask you! (Elias chuckles) Ricarro would like to know how many focuses he shares with her.

ELIAS: Forty-one.

KC: Holy cow, thatís a lot! For my friend Cathy/Felicia, is she a final focus?


KC: And her son Patrick/Derricka, is he a continuing focus?


KC: And Cathyís partner, Mike, is he a continuing focus?


KC: And her daughter, Katie, is she a final focus?


KC: She would like to know the essence names of her husband, Mike, and her daughter, Katie.

ELIAS: First individual, essence name, Dejha, D-E-J-H-A (DEE jhah).

KC: Ooh. And her daughter Katie?

ELIAS: Essence name, Synonn, S-Y-N-O-N-N (SEE non).

KC: And my very last question: Cynthia has designed a portal tile. He doesnít know what question to ask about it, so I will ask you. I think he designed it specifically for our parties in the 11:11 dimension. It has an Elias-blue background and the portal itself is an orb, magenta. It looks like an orb in that itís shaded. In the sky appears like mesh, it appears softly and disappears. My impression is thatís things that are there that we donít see yet, but they are there and we will see them. Thatís about my only impression of the tile, but he would like to have a tidbit of information about it. He didnít say this, but I would like him to insert it into the city.

ELIAS: YOU have inserted it in this now.

KC: Oh! Is that fair? Am I allowed to do that?

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! Yes!

KC: Oh! Well, Cynthia wonít mind! (Both laugh) Thatís wonderful!

ELIAS: And you are partially correct in your impression as to those elements unseen but may be revealed, and you may also investigate the other action of this tile, which you are already aware of but you are merely not generating the association yet.

KC: Okay, I will do that. I have only one more tiny little question. There is a serpentine-tunnel tile under construction. Weíre not inserting it yet, weíre still designing it, and I wanted to know if thereís a connection in that tile. My intent in designing that tile was to make a nice connection, an intentional connection between the A-N-D action and the 11:11 action.


KC: Iím still playing with that tile. Itís a lot of fun and I almost donít want to finish it! (Elias laughs)

Elias, Iím going to have to call you back, because I have another whole page!

ELIAS: Offering yourself a reason to be objectively interactive!

KC: Yes, excellent!

ELIAS: Very well. I shall be...

KC: You can say goodbye to me! (Laughs)

ELIAS: Very well! (Laughs) Remember, be playful, and I shall be encouraging you with your sailboats. I shall be anticipating our next meeting, and as always offering you tremendous affection, my dear friend.

KC: Thank you very much, Elias. I freely share my energy with you, too. I love knowing you. I just love knowing you.

ELIAS: Ha ha! In great lovingness, my friend, au revoir.

KC: Au revoir, Elias.

Elias departs at 8:48 AM.

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