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Saturday, October 18, 2003

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“Same Essence Name; Political Focus; Sumafi Qualities; Dream Triggers”

“Mass Expressions of the Shift”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Bonnie (Lyla) and Wynn (Zai).

Elias arrives at 6:02 AM. (Arrival time is 15 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

BONNIE: Good morning, Elias! (Elias chuckles) How are you?

ELIAS: As always, and yourself?

BONNIE: As always! (Both laugh) I’m here with my husband listening on the phone. Maybe he wants to say hello.

WYNN: Hello, Elias.

ELIAS: Welcome! (Chuckles)

BONNIE: We have some questions for you.

ELIAS: Very well.

BONNIE: The first one has to do with my essence name. You told me in December my essence name was Lyla, and in reading some transcripts I found another person whose essence name was Lyla. Her name is Veronica, but she seems to have a different essence family.

ELIAS: These are not the same essence. This does occur, in which you may observe two different essences incorporating the same translation of tone into a word within your languages, and it is not automatically associated with the same essence.

I have been asked by individuals participating in the transcriptions of these interactions to designate in the time frameworks in which an essence is identified as incorporating more than one focus within the participation of this forum and being of the same essence. Therefore, if two focuses are identified with the same essence name and they are both belonging to the same essence, I do specify.

BONNIE: So we would have a similar energy signature then, is that what that means?

ELIAS: Yes. There is a similarity of tone which is similar enough that the translation of the tone which is designated as the essence name may be identified as the same name.

BONNIE: So if I were to meet Veronica, would there be a recognition of familiarity there?

ELIAS: In energy, not necessarily in choice of experiences, although at times that also may occur. But generally speaking, you would recognize a similarity of your energy and that individual’s energy.

BONNIE: Interesting. Both Wynn and I have a question on our focus, which is political. We are very interested in more information on what that means, to hold a political focus.

ELIAS: These focus types are identified in association with the manner in which you process information. A political-focused individual processes information more similarly to a thought-focused individual, but not entirely, for political-focused individuals also incorporate a significant awareness of intuition and may process information at times in somewhat of a similarity to emotionally focused individuals, in which you generate a combination of intellect and feeling. There is an awareness of energy in which you process information in a feeling manner – this is not emotions, for that is a communication – in which you sense and feel information, but you also process information in similarity to a thought-focused individual, which incorporates intellect. I may express that some of the similarities to the thought-focused individuals is that a thought-focused individual processes information in a literal manner.

Now; a political-focused individual incorporates somewhat of that action, but also incorporates the feeling of energy and the sensing of situations and interactions. Therefore, it is slightly different from a thought-focused individual.

BONNIE: So if I or Wynn were confronting a problem or a debate about how to make a decision, maybe on a budget item, can you walk me through an example of how I would process information?

ELIAS: You participate in the interaction in a less emotional manner. Other individuals may express more of an emotional response to any situation than you shall naturally express, but you also allow yourself to feel into the energy of the individuals that you are interactive with.

Now; in that, what you generate in association with that action is to process what you are allowing and receiving in relation to the energy of other individuals and what they are communicating in more of an intellectual manner. Therefore, you incorporate more thinking and analyzation in regard to the situation. You shall incorporate more of a process in the manner of logic rather than feeling. Are you understanding?

BONNIE: Yes, that’s helpful. Thank you. Wynn is particularly interested in the interaction of this with Sumafi/Vold, his family and alignment.

ELIAS: These are different components. The focus type is more associated with your personality and as I have expressed the manner in which you process information, which is affecting of the expression of your personality. The families are influencing in qualities that you express. They may also be influencing in behaviors that you exhibit or talents, and they also are influencing in some directions that you incorporate.

BONNIE: So the fact that he is Sumafi and Vold and I’m Borledim/Sumafi doesn’t change... We would both process information very similarly because of the political focus?

ELIAS: Yes. But you may exhibit different directions and different interests, different preferences, different qualities, different talents, for the families are influencing of those types of expressions within your focus.

Now; what you do exhibit in common with each other is the commonality of the Sumafi factor; although one being aligned and one belonging, it is a very slight difference of qualities. This generates a similarity in behaviors and in directions in association with attention to detail and repetitiveness, and also a quality of rigidness in some directions.

BONNIE: Can you give an example of that?

ELIAS: The Sumafi qualities express naturally repetitiveness, rigidness and what may be termed by many individuals at times to be an expression of perfectionism, a direction in which individuals strive to incorporate what you would identify as “the best.” An incompleteness is generally not acceptable. There is a drive to be completing any direction or any task or any choice that has been started.

There is also rigidness that is expressed in association with Sumafi, in at times it may be challenging for an individual aligned with or belonging to the Sumafi family to incorporate flexibilities in some areas, especially in association with their preferences. They are less inclined to be flexible with their preferences and [to] incorporate the allowance for other expressions than other individuals may be.

I may express to you also that the Sumafi family incorporates a tremendously strong quality of repetitiveness. This may be exhibited in many different types of expressions. It may be incorporated in the manner in which you consume food. You may notice that you automatically incorporate similar foods for long time frameworks.

BONNIE: That sounds pretty familiar! (Laughs)

ELIAS: Or you may incorporate an action. As an example, if you are traveling short distances to familiar locations, you may choose to incorporate the same route each time you visit certain locations and not incorporate an exploration of different routes to your destination. Or you may incorporate wearing similar clothing.

This also may be incorporated in other types of expressions and in this becomes somewhat frustrating at times for many individuals that are belonging to or aligning with the Sumafi family. For in association with their movement and their beliefs, there is a tremendous repetition in actions, and in that, it is easily expressed at times for these individuals to be somewhat discounting of themselves, for they view that repetition as a lack of movement. In actuality, it is not. It is quite purposeful and allows these individuals to accomplish addressing to different issues or beliefs or movements that they are generating, for the subject matter becomes less important than the action that is being incorporated.

An individual may be generating very similar repeated actions in behaviors within a relationship, and they may discount themselves and express to themselves that they should be moving beyond this repeated action or behavior that they continue to incorporate, and therefore become frustrated. In actuality, this is quite an efficient method that is incorporated by Sumafis, for in that repetition they allow themselves to move through certain challenges and allow themselves to assimilate information without concerning themselves with the actual situation, so to speak.

BONNIE: Wow, that’s interesting. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

BONNIE: Can we talk for a few minutes about intent, then? We’re both working on identifying our intents. Wynn has a particular interest in the rights of the individual, human rights, privacy, and he’s wondering if that is linked with the Sumafi and Vold or...?

ELIAS: Yes, there are influences in association with the Vold, but you may recognize that within any focus each individual incorporates their own individual unique intent.

Now; that intent shall be expressed in association with the qualities the family they are belonging to and the family they are aligning with. Therefore, whatever intent you incorporate, it may be ANY direction of exploration and it shall be configured in your experiences in conjunction with the families that you are belonging to and aligning with.

Therefore, you may incorporate an intent of exploring what you term to be equality and all of the avenues of that and all of the influences of that and all of the ramifications of that throughout your focus, and you shall configure your experiences in alignment with the families that you are participating with. Another individual may incorporate a very similar intent but may express it quite differently, as influenced by different families. Are you understanding?

BONNIE: Yes, yes. Is that an accurate capturing of his intent?

ELIAS: Yes, which is also quite interesting in association with the movement of this shift in consciousness, and especially within this time framework in regard to this present wave in consciousness addressing to the belief system of truths. For this particular direction of exploring equality generates an avenue to be examining many truths, and allowing yourself a considerable widening of awareness in relation to what is not true in truths, and how certain truths appear surfacely to be noble and good and in actuality incorporate as much measure of limitation as any truth.

BONNIE: May I ask you about my intent?

ELIAS: And what is your impression?

BONNIE: I have an impression that it relates to being female and the role of the female.

ELIAS: Exploration of gender in association with interactions and interplay of societies and individuals.

BONNIE: And the power structure, I suppose?


BONNIE: That rings true.

ELIAS: Which also may...

BONNIE: I have a few other questions for you. We’ve been trying to play with focuses, and Wynn was wondering if he had a focus as a spy in World War II and was caught in a forest.


BONNIE: Can you give him any detail on that?

ELIAS: And shall you not investigate? (Laughs)

BONNIE: (Laughs) It was worth a try. He also wondered if he had a focus as a Roman charioteer.

ELIAS: Yes; quite accomplished, in actuality.

BONNIE: And what timeframe was that?

ELIAS: And you shall investigate! Ha ha ha!

BONNIE: (Laughs) Okay. Then, one time when I was watching my daughter do ballet and drifted off in thought, all of a sudden I felt as though I was a male of some nobility and she was a female of nobility in a red dress. I had a feeling of Spanish descent. Is that another focus I’ve shared with her?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

BONNIE: What would the timeframe be for that? (Pause)

ELIAS: Thirteenth century.

BONNIE: Was it Spain?


BONNIE: And were we nobility?


BONNIE: That’s good. That makes me feel good! (Elias laughs) Was I around at the time of Amenhotep in Egypt?

ELIAS: In that time framework, yes.

BONNIE: Did I have any kind of relationship with him?


BONNIE: Is there a connection between me and Amelia Earhart?

ELIAS: Observing essence.

BONNIE: Aha. Was my son, Christopher, was he around at that time, or participating?

ELIAS: An acquaintance.

BONNIE: One time when I was trying the mirror exercise, I saw my face turn into kind of a white-haired man, a magician or a sorcerer or something weird. (1) Can you help me with what that was? (Pause)

ELIAS: This would be within a time framework of 1200s, European location, northern area that you now identify as Germany.

BONNIE: And was it a magician or a sorcerer role?


BONNIE: When I stand on the shores of Mississippi Lake, where our cottage is, I sometimes have an overwhelming impression of a great deal of traffic of great, huge canoes and native peoples. Did I have a focus at that location, another focus at that location?


BONNIE: And was I native, a female native?


BONNIE: Can you give me a time framework?

ELIAS: You may investigate! (Laughs loudly)

BONNIE: I got caught! (Both laugh) We’ll keep working on those then. (Elias chuckles) Could you tell me the number of focuses I have as a male and as a female?

ELIAS: Approximately equal.

BONNIE: And the number of focuses in this present time framework?

ELIAS: Five.

BONNIE: Are there any that would be easier to access?

ELIAS: Not necessarily.

BONNIE: How many focuses in this present time framework does my husband, Zai, have?


BONNIE: Could you also tell us how many focuses Chris and Lisa, our children, Mann and Cinnette, have together? Sometimes I have an impression of them being an old married couple.

ELIAS: Correct.

BONNIE: Have they been together for very many focuses?

ELIAS: Thirty-nine.

BONNIE: (Laughs) Wow! That explains that. Another question, can you help me identify my dream trigger?

ELIAS: The manner in which you discover your dream trigger is to pay attention to the imagery that is expressed within your dream state. In this, your dream trigger shall be an object or an action or an element that consistently appears in some form within all of your dreams.

BONNIE: In all of the dreams?


Now; recognize that the form may change, but the essence of the form is consistent – such as glass. A dream trigger may be glass, but it may be imaged in many different forms. It may be imaged in a vase, or it may be imaged in a window or a door or a goblet. It may be imaged in many different manners, but it shall consistently be glass – or water.

Some individuals choose a dream trigger that may be less flexible, such as a specific object that consistently appears within their dream imagery, regardless of whether it fits in the scenario which is being expressed.

BONNIE: My husband would like to know if his dream trigger is leaving his shoes at a door.


BONNIE: And is mine related to bathrooms?

ELIAS: Yes...

BONNIE: Why are they always plugged up?

ELIAS: ...a sink. Actually, a sink.

BONNIE: Recently in my dreams, I always seem to be taking care of children. I have... (Bonnie’s tape recorder can be heard in the background: “Tape is full. Please try other functions.”)

Sorry, sorry. Darn machinery. (Elias laughs) In my dreams I seem to have babies with me all the time. Some of them seem to be mine, some of them seem to be other people’s. I’m always shepherding children around or carrying children or trying to organize children from one place to another. Is that simply part of the Borledim family, or is there something else to that?

ELIAS: And your impression?

BONNIE: Well, it just seems to be part of me and part of who I am.

ELIAS: Correct, and an expression of imagery... (The tape recorder again says, “Tape is full. Please try other functions,” and Elias laughs) relation to expressed qualities of nurturing, and in a manner of speaking, moving in an expression of supportiveness.

Remember also that dream imagery, although abstract... (Tape recorder continues its message and Elias laughs)

BONNIE: I’m going to stop trying to tape and just talk to you.

ELIAS: (Laughs) Ah! Therefore you have received the message to incorporate another function! (Laughs loudly)

In this, dream imagery is the objective expression or translation of subjective action. Remember, subjective action and objective action are always in harmony. Therefore, what is being generated subjectively is also being generated objectively in some manner. But the objective expressions are much more abstract, and in this, many times you offer yourself dream imagery as a validation in association with what you are generating objectively.

BONNIE: Can you give me an example of how that works? If I dream that I’m organizing children and getting them and their stuff down the hall or to another location, what am I communicating to myself there?

ELIAS: You are offering yourself a validation of the movement that you are generating objectively, validating that you are in alignment with your natural expressions and natural qualities associated with the Borledim family.

BONNIE: But in objective reality, I’m no longer working with children.

ELIAS: It is not necessarily that black and white. This is what I am expressing to you in identifying that your objective imagery is abstract. You image in the dream this type of imagery for you understand that imagery and therefore you incorporate that type of imagery as a validation. The imagery that you may be generating objectively may appear to be different, but it is moving in the same direction. It is concerning an action of nurturing and supportiveness.

Now; this may be expressed in many different manners, not merely in association with children.

BONNIE: Interesting. So, when I have a dream and I see the sink, how do you use a dream trigger?

ELIAS: To incorporate the use of a dream trigger, what you do is allow yourself an awareness within the dream state of the identification of the dream trigger – which in itself initially may be somewhat challenging, for you may be participating in a dream scenario and you may be noticing different imagery, but not necessarily generate an association that this particular object is the dream trigger.

But once you recognize within the dream that you are presenting yourself with a dream trigger, you may move towards that object, or whatever expression it is that is your dream trigger, and allow yourself to move into it in whatever manner you choose, but allow yourself to be absorbed into it.

That is the portal, and that allows you to project to different areas of consciousness. It essentially ejects you out of dream action and allows you to project into other areas of consciousness and freely move. In this, you may direct yourself in whatever manner you choose and offer yourself information in whatever direction you choose.

BONNIE: And this could be in other dimensions, not just our physical?

ELIAS: Yes! In any area of consciousness – in other physical dimensions, in other areas of nonphysical consciousness. You may incorporate a flexibility to move freely in whatever direction you choose.

BONNIE: I’ll try that! (Both laugh)

I need some help interpreting the communication that my aching hips were giving me all summer.

ELIAS: And your impression?

BONNIE: I tried all the silly sayings that have to do with hips or getting up off your butt and all those sorts of things, and none of them made sense. I refused to listen to it and I decided I was going to water ski all summer anyway, but at times the pain was very great. I would have to guess it was associated with my beliefs in aging. Would that be correct?

ELIAS: Partially, but also it has been an expression that you have been incorporating in association with this wave in consciousness. Remember, one of your qualities is rigidness, and in this, it may be easily translated into an expression of stubbornness in refusing to allow yourself to move into an identification of your own truths and the strength of those truths.

BONNIE: When I get this signal, how can I address it?

ELIAS: First of all by recognizing that in those time frameworks you are expressing that rigidness in excess. You are not allowing yourself the freedom of a flexibility. There is a balance. That rigidness may be beneficial in some expressions, but there is a balance in which it is significant to also allow yourself to incorporate a flexibility.

BONNIE: How do I do that? Do I do that through a thought process, or do I just physically try to relax my body?

ELIAS: Remember, thought does not create reality; it translates.

Now; this is not to say that you may not incorporate thought to be translating what you are doing, but pay attention to what you are doing and what you are expressing and how you are expressing your energy, what you are actually generating within you – what tension, what rigidness, what you are not allowing in flexibility – and allow yourself to intentionally relax your energy and examine what you are expressing in rigidness in that time framework. It may not necessarily be associated with the precise moment. It may also be associated with what you are doing in the surrounding time framework.

BONNIE: How broad a time framework are you referring to?

ELIAS: Not broad, within a limited time framework. It may be associated with what you are incorporating within the day or within several days.

BONNIE: That’s helpful; that’s a clue I didn’t have. (Elias chuckles) Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

BONNIE: We’re very interested in the reading that we do with the transcripts. We often find things that we like to discuss and sort out, and we try to see them in the real world. Recently I was reading some work by a man named Steve, and he channels or expresses information from essences that he calls “The Group.” I’m interested in what that is, whether that’s him or whether it’s another communication method going on, and I have some questions about the content of what The Group has said.

ELIAS: Very well. I may express to you that there is an incorporation of an offering of energy from other essences, but the information is being expressed from the individual’s essence.

BONNIE: So it’s coming from his own essence but he’s having assistance from other essences?

ELIAS: Yes. A supportiveness in energy, not necessarily in actual information but in a supportiveness of energy.

BONNIE: In the discussion, in the content where they talk about the power grid of our country and how it’s being modified and how the blackouts are related to the power grid and the magnetic grid of our earth as part of the Shift, is that accurate, is that happening? (2)

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking. This is an explanation which is also being filtered through beliefs, but it is in a manner of speaking what you would term to be along the lines of what is occurring. It is in association with electrical and magnetic energies, in individual expressions and en masse.

In this, electrical energy is output. Electrical energy is projection. It is energy that is projected outwardly, by individuals and en masse. Therefore, you also associate in imagery in physical expressions of electricity. Magnetic energy is an energy of receiving. Therefore, that energy is more expressed in association with the individual.

There is a tremendous expression and movement and energy that is being expressed in association with this shift in consciousness with regard to magnetic and electrical energies and their natural expressions. This is associated with mass expressions of energies, which is being exhibited in physical manifestations of power outages, so to speak.

BONNIE: And the other physical manifestations that we’ve had – the hurricanes, the massive forest fires, the epidemics of disease like SARS or mad cow disease – are these random parts of our reality, or are these related to the Shift as well?

ELIAS: Weather conditions and patterns such as hurricanes or tornadoes or blizzards, any of those types of manifestations and earthquakes, those are all associated with the energy of the individuals collectively in particular physical locations. Those are not necessarily associated with this shift in consciousness. They have been occurring throughout the entirety of your history, for they are associated with YOUR energy, collectively.

Now; some weather conditions which are being expressed in unusualness, or rather that the response to the weather conditions is unusual, may be associated with the Shift. Not the weather itself necessarily, but the response to it, such as heat waves in which masses of individuals choose to be disengaging. That action is associated with this shift in consciousness. The weather that is being created is associated with the energy of the individuals in that physical location.

BONNIE: As part of the Shift, we have been experiencing some elections here in our province and locally in our local governments and there seems to be a tremendous increase in dissatisfaction with our current forms of government, of organization, almost an opting out. Are we about to shift our entire system of governments as well?

ELIAS: Eventually. This is occurring in many locations, in many governments, in many countries, and that also is associated with this shift in consciousness, which I have expressed previously. For you are shifting your attentions and your directions to be emphasizing the individual much more, and de-authoritizing your authorities.

For, the direction of this shift in consciousness is to be directing of yourselves individually and not generating the action of allowing other individuals to dictate your choices. This is what you are viewing in the dissatisfaction of the controls, so to speak, or the rules of the governments, and the individuals moving in more of a direction of steering their own ships. This is quite associated with the Shift, and it is not merely occurring within your country.

BONNIE: Is the same impact taking place on our system of schooling and education?

ELIAS: Eventually.

BONNIE: It’ll be on a much longer timeframe, or...?

ELIAS: That is expressing much more resistance, generally speaking, for beliefs are very strong concerning children and that they do not direct themselves.

Now; this is changing, for individuals are recognizing that they do direct themselves and that they are unwilling to allow other individuals to dictate to them. Therefore, eventually the children themselves shall initiate the alteration of their education.

BONNIE: Are the children of Rose, the nine children, are they engulfed in changes of this nature?

ELIAS: Yes, but not more so than any other small ones in this time framework.

BONNIE: So what are they doing? What is their influence?

ELIAS: As I have stated previously, these small ones are not to be associated as leaders, so to speak. Their role as manifestations of the essence of Rose in this shift is to be expressing a particular type of energy. Not that they may necessarily, any of them, be recognized publicly or be in any position of authority or be in any position of leadership, so to speak, for this would be contrary to the movement of this shift.

What they are expressing is a particular type of energy, and this is the reason that it has been chosen by that essence to generate all of the these manifestations as male. For the energy of this shift is altering from the male energy of intellect to the female energy of intuition. Therefore, all of these nine manifestations incorporate the gender of male but the energy of female – which incorporates no association with sexual preferences; it is merely a different expression of energy.

BONNIE: I’d like to thank you, Elias, and ask you, do you have any advice for us as we continue this exploration?

ELIAS: (Chuckles) As always, to be paying attention and to be noticing an allowance of balance and flexibility. Recognize that this wave in consciousness which is occurring presently may be quite challenging at times, but it also incorporates the potential to be tremendously empowering and liberating. Therefore, pay attention to what you express as your truths. But remember, one of the largest truths that shall be being addressed to is that of eliminating. And remember, you are not eliminating. (Chuckles)

BONNIE: Eliminating what?

ELIAS: In any direction. You are not eliminating beliefs; you are not eliminating your truths; you are not eliminating expressions that you deem to be uncomfortable or negative. You are allowing yourselves choice and changing your directions, changing your perceptions, which also changes your reality.

BONNIE: It has been a real pleasure once again, Elias. Thank you very much for talking to us.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome, and perhaps at our next meeting – ha ha! – your partner shall not be so very silent. (Both laugh)

WYNN: I’ll speak the next time, Elias!

ELIAS: Very well! And perhaps we shall incorporate some playfulness! (Laughs)

BONNIE: Oh, we’d like that. Thank you.

ELIAS: To you both, my friends, as always in great affection and my continued encouragement and supportiveness, I appreciate your dear friendship. To you both in fondness, au revoir.

WYNN: Au revoir.

BONNIE: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 7:04 AM.


(1) Transcriber’s note: Mirror exercise, from session 51, November 01, 1995: “I will give you an exercise, as we are incorporating a desire to be ‘fading’ or ‘blinking out,’ and wishing to be viewing other aspects of your focus. You may place yourselves before a mirror. You may do this with your lighting slightly dimmed, as to not glare or distract your concentration; and while you are viewing your image within the mirror, be concentrating on your essence, and watch your features change.”

From session 85, April 01, 1996: “You may, in indirect lighting, not very bright, view within your mirror. As you are gazing at yourself and allowing your consciousness to drift, you will view shifting, within shape, of the form before you. You may view another developmental focus. You may view another dimension. You will view another aspect of your essence. This allows you to connect with another portion, so to speak, of your essence, and also allows you personal validation of things beyond your present perception. Therefore, the more that you practice exercises in altering your perception within consciousness, the more you also validate your own self; this allowing you to, little by little, widen your perception.”

Exercises: find out more about noticing self and widening awareness.

(2) Transcriber’s note: There were huge power outages that occurred across the northeastern U.S. and southern Canada in August 2003 and in Europe six weeks later.

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