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Thursday, October 23, 2003

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“Interacting with a Disengaged Focus”

“Not Enough Time or Money”

“Reconfiguring the Energy You Are Projecting”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Coen (Chemie).

Elias arrives at 5:11 AM. (Arrival time is 18 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

COEN: Hello, Elias! Interesting to meet you after all the sessions I read about you!

ELIAS: Ha ha! And how shall we proceed?

COEN: I’ve made a list of a few questions. I will just start and we will see where we end, okay?

ELIAS: Very well.

COEN: First strange question: I’ve meet a blue screen on my computer about a month and a half ago. Was it you?

ELIAS: An introduction! (Laughs)

COEN: So you helped me. That is nice to now! Because you know, I’m creating a lot of reality at this moment. My first question is my essence name. I’ve the feeling or the impression about Neoc or Chemie. Could you help me with that?

ELIAS: The latter.

COEN: The family, that must be Gramada.

ELIAS: Belonging to, yes. And the alignment?

COEN: Alignment, my guess would be, because of a dream I had a few years ago, Sumari or Sumafi.

ELIAS: Sumafi.

COEN: Orientation common?

ELIAS: Correct.

COEN: Final focus, I guess.


COEN: I have a strange feeling that the essence I belong to is pretty strong, or to put it in other words strongly involved with this reality. Do you agree with me?


COEN: Can you give me some information about the patterns of that?

ELIAS: I may express to you that you incorporate 2526 focuses in this physical dimension, and that this particular essence expresses a fascination with exploring this reality in many different manners.

COEN: That is a pretty interesting answer; 2526 is a lot of focuses.

ELIAS: Yes! (Chuckles)

COEN: Is my essence also involved in the start, as you call it, of the religious period?


COEN: So that’s the feeling I had that I’m strongly involved with this reality.

ELIAS: I may express to you, as I have stated, your essence generates a strong fascination with many different elements of this physical reality, for there is tremendous opportunity for exploration in many different manners, and this is a curiosity with you.

COEN: That explains my interest in many, many, many different fields of this reality.


COEN: Reading your sessions with Frank/Ulra, I noticed that his experience looks almost identical to mine. Can you give me some information about it?

ELIAS: In what direction?

COEN: He was involved with companies, he asked you about why his companies function yes or no, and his relation with his children or his interest in his children. It looks almost familiar to me.

ELIAS: I may also express to you, you engage counterpart action with this individual, and in some directions you parallel each other.

COEN: So it was not such a strange idea for me to read all his sessions with you.

Sometimes I see, in the corners of my eyes, it looks like kind of energy fields I’m being aware of. Can you give me information about it? I feel always familiar with them. I feel as if they belong to me and it gives me a nice feeling.

ELIAS: You are correct in your assessments. I may express to you that this is what may be described as a bleed-through from other focuses in other dimensions, and in this you incorporate many, many, many focuses in other physical dimensions. What you are allowing yourself is a momentary experience of physically viewing in a similar manner to the other dimensional focuses.

COEN: So other dimensions than the dimension I live in at this moment?

ELIAS: Yes, many.

COEN: Are those energy fields or just impressions or translations?

ELIAS: It is a translation of how reality is perceived in other dimensional focuses.

COEN: A more difficult area for me, my father just passed away and I had a vision of him with his brown eyes and the name Esmeralda. Is this a correct impression?


COEN: So his essence name is Esmeralda?


COEN: Wow! (Elias laughs) I almost stop talking now! This is really interesting for me. I had the impression in a dream that we were on the phone together. Is this interpretation real or a interpretation of my own feelings?

ELIAS: It is real, but it is also a translation. You are translating the exchange and the interaction into imagery that is familiar to you and that you may comfortably engage, but the expression of energy and the interaction is real. COEN: From what I read in your other sessions, it is his energy that is left. It is not really him.

ELIAS: No, there is an active participation of that energy.

COEN: My feeling is that he will return with my brother and his wife as a new focus. Is that a real impression? Is it a probability, I should say, or is this a crystal ball question?

ELIAS: It is not a crystal ball question. I may express to you an explanation. There is a probability that that essence may generate another focus. Therefore, in a manner of speaking, that would be correct.

But more specifically, let me explain to you that the individual focus of attention of that individual shall not be reincorporated in manifestation within your physical reality, for reincarnation is a belief. In actuality, this does not occur, per se. It does not occur in the manner in which an individual disengages and subsequently returns or repeats or remanifests within your physical reality. The individual continues in its choice and may be choosing to manifest within a different physical reality or it may choose to be moving into other areas of consciousness and generating different types of exploration.

Each individual is a unique attention of essence and chooses what direction it shall engage, but each attention does not repeat or remanifest within any particular physical dimension or area of consciousness, for it is unnecessary.

COEN: I understand. So the question should be that Esmeralda has strong probabilities that she will make or send a new focus to my brother.

ELIAS: Yes, but it shall not be that focus that you identify as your father.

Now; let me also express to you a clarification. At times, as you are aware, individuals may be interacting with an energy deposit of an individual that has disengaged. But there are also experiences in which the individual that has disengaged may be continuing to express the objective awareness and generating objective imagery in association with the physical reality, in which situations the individual continues to project an energy in association with other individuals that are known to them. Therefore, if the individuals continuing in physical focus allow an openness to receive that energy, they may be actively interactive with the actual energy of the individual that has disengaged.

COEN: So in this case that is a possibility?


COEN: I understand. Esmeralda or my father must have been Vold, I guess, in the essence family. Is that true?


COEN: Because of the way he lived, the way he thought, I recognized it. You also said in one of your session that you kind of loved those families because of their creativity and curiosity. I must say I have the same feeling, so I found this interesting. Sometimes you could kick their ass off and the other times they are very friendly! (Elias laughs)

Did I share many focuses with Esmeralda?


COEN: And I guess I will share in the future?


COEN: Can you say hello to him? (Elias laughs) Or should I do it myself?

ELIAS: You may, and I shall also convey your energy. Ha ha!

COEN: Thank you very much. Another thing about his passing away or disengagement, I get a lot of reactions from people how sorry they are and how sad they are and that kind of thing, but we haven’t got that feeling as a family. My question was I know I give myself a reflection of my own thinking, or is this a reflection of how beliefs work in this reality?

ELIAS: A reflection of beliefs – not that you are reflecting what you are expressing in any manner, but you are reflecting mass beliefs and offering yourself the opportunity to recognize that regardless of the expressions of mass beliefs, you are not bound to them. You may choose to be expressing your energy and your perception in any manner that you prefer.

COEN: I understand, thank you. I move on to another subject. Or if you have any information for me that might be interesting for me, I will be pleased to hear it in this area.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) I may express to you an encouragement that you may continue to be interactive with this individual if you are so choosing. You may surprise yourself at how easily that may be expressed and how much of a playfulness you may be engaging in that interaction.

COEN: You mean all kinds of blue screens popping up not being Elias but being Esmeralda?

ELIAS: If you are so choosing and offering yourself that openness. This individual expresses a strong curiosity in its ability to be manipulating energy in this time framework and is quite amused with allowing different types of energy expressions and generating an awareness of the responsiveness.

COEN: The word “manipulating” tells me a lot.

A question on another subject: I am working here in this tennis and squash center, and one of the things that always surprised me is that one way or another I did not made the money that I thought I should make with this company. I tried to analyze what kind of beliefs stopped me, and then I thought about my own father and my upbringing with the family and that you can only spend time on your family or on your business. Do you have any information about what kind of beliefs play a part in this challenge?

ELIAS: This would involve influences of a belief concerning energy itself and time, that you are limited in time and limited in amounts of energy that you may be objectively expressing. Therefore, this influences your perception that time and energy must be divided, and in that division there is not enough to adequately be accomplishing in both directions.

Now; this has become a truth in its absoluteness, but I may express to you that it is not actually true. You are unlimited in energy and you may experience the recognition of incorporating quite adequate amounts of time to be accomplishing what you want if you are allowing yourself to genuinely be aware of yourself and be present in the now.

The reason that time appears to be inadequate and that there is not enough time to accomplish what you want in many different directions is that the manner in which you USE time is inadequate. For you incorporate a significant measure of time not being present in the now, and therefore that influences your perception and time appears to be short.

COEN: Can you give me an example of this? I am trying to work it out.

ELIAS: An example: in the time framework in which you may be engaging an activity with family members, you are projecting your attention and thinking of activities associated with work. In the time framework in which you are engaging what you term to be your work, you are projecting your attention to anticipations of activities or interactions with family. Therefore, your attention and your concentration are not in the now. It is being projected elsewhere, and therefore, you are not genuinely paying attention to what you are actually doing in the moment. In that, you do not allow yourself the opportunity to appreciate what you are generating in the moment, you limit your creativity, and therefore, you do not accomplish as successfully as you want.

But if you are allowing yourself to genuinely be present in the now, in the moment, and allow yourself to appreciate what you are generating and allow yourself to be expressing your creativity in whatever you are engaging in the moment, you shall begin to recognized that you incorporate ample time to accomplish in many directions.

COEN: In the last six weeks after my father passed away, I have the feeling that I am working more in the now than I used to do before. Do you agree with me?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct, for this has...

COEN: I use these moments to allow myself to develop working in the now or being present in the now.

ELIAS: Yes, you have incorporated this as a motivation, and it has influenced you in the direction of being more attentative to what you are actually doing.

COEN: There is still a lot of work to be done.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) Also pay attention to what kind of energy you are projecting outwardly, and this may significantly influence your successfulness in what you want in relation to business or family and friends.

COEN: Can you give me some information why I choose to work always with financial problems or future financial problems? Is this a kind of interest with me or...?

ELIAS: Not necessarily what we may term as an interest, but it is influenced by this same action of projecting your attention.

Now; as you anticipate difficulties or challenges in relation to finances, you do not pay attention to what you are actually doing now and you are not paying attention to what type of energy you are expressing, and that is significant. For, what type of energy you are expressing in the moment is very influencing of what you shall actually create.

Thinking does not create your reality; it interprets. But in this, there are several actions that may be occurring simultaneously. You may be thinking of the anticipation of future potential conflicts or lack of adequate finances, and what you are expressing is a translation and an interpretation of what you are actually doing now. In that, as you continue to express an apprehensive energy, you actually create precisely what you do not want, for this is the expression of your attention and concentration being fixed.

In this, also you incorporate a strongly influencing belief that value is achieved with struggle, which is also not true but it is a strongly expressed belief.

COEN: That you have to work hard to gain respect and money?


Now; I may express to you, quite the reverse is much more accurate. For as you allow yourself to relax and trust yourself, you express a very different type of energy outwardly, and that automatically and easily allows you to generate what you want without the struggle.

This is the significance of genuinely paying attention to what type of energy you are expressing, and in that, allowing yourself to reconfigure that energy, recognizing that you are actually not bound to that expression, that it is not actually true, that yes, there are possibilities of generating a struggle or inadequate finances, but there are equal possibilities of generating ample finances and no struggle.

COEN: Can you give me some more information? You are talking about different types of energy. What do you mean by that?

ELIAS: Pay attention to what you are actually doing, and significantly, what you are FEELING. Allow yourself to be present with yourself, and you shall begin to notice how often you are generating tension, which is reflected within your actual physical body consciousness. Your muscles contract and you express a tension, which is quite similar to Ulra, in being so very familiar that you do not even recognize it any longer, but it is expressed.

In this, as you begin to allow yourself to pay attention to what you are actually doing and feeling in the moment – I am not speaking of emotional communications in this now; I am expressing an identification of feelings, which are different – you may begin to recognize that you are feeling tension and you may begin to recognize that you are feeling your yellow energy center being quite out of balance.

Now; as you begin to pay attention to these feelings, you also may begin to pay attention to your emotional communications, recognizing the signals first which are present – anxiety, apprehensiveness, frustration. These are all signals and they all incorporate an emotional communication, which is identifying to you. It is offering a message from the subjective to the objective concerning what beliefs are influencing you in the moment.

Now; the reason that this is significant to pay attention to is that it may be quite difficult to reconfigure energy if you are not aware of the energy that you are expressing. How may you change it if you are not aware of what you are expressing to begin with? But once you begin to recognize, even in your feelings, you may intentionally reconfigure that energy. You may intentionally express a relaxation and allow yourself to move in more flexibility.

If you are recognizing that you are apprehensive and you are generating tension, you may express to yourself the recognition that this apprehension is not an absolute. Therefore, you may actually incorporate even one moment of allowing yourself to incorporate one very deep breath to release energy. That allows you a physical action to incorporate beginning to relax your energy.

As you relax your energy, you may be evaluating what influences are being expressed. You may be perhaps recognizing that you are generating an association with past experiences and generating them into absolutes, anticipating that what has been created in the past shall always be created in the future, which you may automatically recognize that is not true – that negates choice. In this, as you allow yourself to recognize that these influences of beliefs are not true, you open a door to choice.

In actuality, my friend, I may express to you, if you are incorporating merely several days of allowing yourself to genuinely pay attention to how often you project your attention out of the now or how many times you incorporate this apprehension and tension or how many times you discount yourself in your association with absolutes with regard to past experiences, within a very short time framework you shall begin to amuse yourself. You may begin to view the humor, how ludicrous these expressions are and how easily it may be reconfigured.

COEN: You will give me the energy to help me with it, I hope.

ELIAS: I most certainly shall! (Laughs with Coen)

COEN: The rest will be done by my own essence and Esmeralda, I guess.

ELIAS: You incorporate much supportiveness.

COEN: Thank you for that last remark; I understand.

I would like to change to another subject. You told me so much, I have to think about it. I know you are right, so now I just have to play with it. I would like to say work on it, but that is a struggle so I will say play with it.

ELIAS: Very well, and I am acknowledging of your choice of terminology. Perhaps you shall actually implement that! Ha ha ha!

COEN: You got me there! I have another question. My youngest son had a birth defect or an illness when he was still with my wife to be born... Now I have difficulties with the English language. Can you give some information about the challenge he put to himself or my relation with it?

ELIAS: And your impression?

COEN: My impression is that he is in a final focus – we are talking now about Ralf, my youngest son – and he has just one thing left to be done, and that is to work with his illness or to experience his illness, and he has done it within a family or within a focus with essences in which he feels comfortable to do so.

ELIAS: Correct, but this is also a choice to be experiencing a different type of exploration and to be experiencing a type of interaction with other individuals in association with differences of manifestations. In this, there is also an offering to you, and your choice to be incorporating this relationship to offer yourself the opportunity to be genuinely experiencing actual real supportiveness rather than help and a genuine expression of acceptance of difference, which is quite significant in this time framework.

COEN: Is he also, my youngest son, an example of the new generation being more flexible and “I do what I want”?

ELIAS: Yes. Yes, quite definitely.

COEN: Compared to my eldest son, who is more in my line in the way of thinking, I guess.

ELIAS: Although there is more of a directedness individually with that individual than has been expressed with you. You are developing that and you are allowing yourself a widening of awareness and therefore are becoming more directing of yourself, but that individual has incorporated somewhat more of an expression of that, being younger and incorporating a different time framework and experience in association with this shift in consciousness.

COEN: You are now talking about my younger son?


COEN: The eldest?

ELIAS: Yes, but you shall notice that different ages do incorporate different awarenesses and openness. The younger children in this time framework now are expressing much more of an openness and a directedness than older children, but the older children also incorporate more of an openness than what you term to be the adults.

COEN: Sometimes I have the feeling when babies look at me – I have now for a few years – that they see me in a different way than we see them. I am talking about babies of one or two years old. It is very easy for me to smile to them and they smile back. Could you give me some comments on than?

ELIAS: You are correct, they do view you quite differently. (Chuckles)

COEN: How do they view me?

ELIAS: Small ones are quite responsive to energy and are very aware of the language of energy.

Small ones do not merely view individuals physically. They also view the energy that you express and they pay attention to that energy quite strongly. They also incorporate more of an objective knowing of themselves and of their reality, of which you are a part. They incorporate more of an objective knowing that they are creating the projection of you, that they are configuring the energy of the actual physical manifestation. This remains concept to many of you that incorporate older years, but it is quite reality with small ones.

COEN: I understand. A question about my focuses in the past and in the future: of course, I tried to find a famous focus, and I came to the name of Karel de Grote or Karel the Great, in France. (1) Is that correct?


COEN: Oh! I am now a bit silent, because I will have to trust my feelings and impressions in the future, or in the now, as you would say. (Elias laughs) So it was not a coincidence that I found that easily on the Internet, the information about Karel the Great.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) You may investigate.

COEN: Could you give me some more hints where to find interesting information?

ELIAS: In association to other focuses?

COEN: Yes.

ELIAS: I may suggest to you that this may be an avenue in which you may be generating a playfulness and fun. Generate this as a game and allow yourself to be not merely investigating of famous focuses, but recognize that you incorporate many, many focuses in this physical dimension. You do incorporate famous focuses, but many of the focuses that are not necessarily famous or incorporating notoriety are quite colorful and may be quite interesting for you to be investigating, for they generate interesting experiences in many, many different directions. You incorporate many focuses that are quite dodgy! (Laughs)

COEN: What do you mean by dodgy? Now I have a language problem!

ELIAS: I may express to you that they are interestingly shady characters. (Laughs) You incorporate a curiosity in generating experiences on the edge. Ha ha ha!

COEN: It looks a bit like my father, but okay! (Elias laughs) I will try to find them. I also have the impression of an older lady or woman in China as a focus.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

COEN: It gives me a nice feeling. When I think of her, I can imagine her and know how she lives and know how she works. Is that a past focus or a future or present?

ELIAS: Past.

COEN: I have a lot of work to do with 2526 focuses! (Elias laughs) Okay, I’ll accept your challenge!

Especially in the last few weeks, when I ask myself a question I receive the answer almost immediately. Is that your help or my communication with my own essence?

ELIAS: Both.

COEN: When I investigate my focuses, when I ask a question, you or my essence will answer me?

ELIAS: It is a combination of both, in cooperation together, yes. COEN: We did share focuses together?


COEN: Interesting to work it out, or could you give me some information about it?

ELIAS: You may investigate one focus...

COEN: I was afraid you wouldn’t answer me.

ELIAS: I shall offer you clues! You may be investigating one focus within the time framework of 1600s – fellow shipmen, pirates. Ha ha ha!

COEN: Let me guess, Esmeralda played a role in it.

ELIAS: Yes! (Laughs)

COEN: Thank you for your help.

I also read a lot about the Seth Material and Jane Roberts, and I felt strongly a connection with them. Do you agree with me?


COEN: It almost felt as if we worked together, played together, for instance in the episode in Denmark. I strongly have the feeling “yes, and I played a role in it.”


COEN: I will do my homework, but first I need to struggle to find the truth and the answers!

ELIAS: (Laughs) Remember to be playing the game rather than generating the struggle.

COEN: For the Game, I would like to add Rotterdam with the Gramada family. Do you agree with me?

ELIAS: One point.

COEN: Thank you very much. I have more, but that is still in my computer. I cannot remember at this moment, but I will try to find more for the Game.

We have a few minutes left. You gave me an awful lot of help and an awful lot of information. Do you have anything to add to it, or do you say let’s meet next time?

ELIAS: Now I shall challenge you to actually incorporate this playfulness, and I shall be projecting my energy to you to be reminding you to be incorporating this playfulness. (Laughs)

COEN: As long as you give me answers when I ask you a questions in my mind!

ELIAS: And so I shall!

COEN: I am looking forward to it, to be quite honest.

ELIAS: Very well!

COEN: Final question, and then I will stop.


COEN: My episode when I studied at Bath University in the UK, was that also a preparation to be interactive with the Seth Material and with you?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

COEN: So I would not be afraid of the English language and it was open to me.

ELIAS: And you express quite well! COEN: I try! You make it easy for me. I am finished, Elias.

ELIAS: Very well, my friend. I shall be anticipating our next meeting and I shall be offering my energy to you.

COEN: Thank you very, very, very much.

ELIAS: I express to you tremendous affection, my friend.

COEN: And my love to Esmeralda, okay?

ELIAS: (Chuckles) It is received. In fondness, au revoir.

COEN: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 6:06 AM.


(1) Transcriber’s note: Just as a point of interest, Karel de Grote is Charlemagne.

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