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Friday, June 16, 1995

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Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Debbie (Catherine), Julie (Peter), and Jo (Joseph).

ELIAS: Good ... morning! (Looks around and chuckles, acknowledging our first morning session ) We are all being quite silly this morning! (Laughter) I have much to address to you this meeting. I am aware that you have many questions. I was, unsuccessfully, trying to speak with Michael last evening. He is quite stubborn ... very much as a small child in this stubbornness! This is a good expression, though, of individuality. We will, in this session, regress temporarily to our focus previous of your political element. We will continue at a later time on our subject of your religious element, but first I wish to incorporate some continuing information of this political element of your essence.

There are many parts contained in it which we did not spend much time devoted to. Part will deal with your present situation of your planetary condition and weather. You are struck by the unusualness of your present weather conditions. At the same time your planet experiences, now and in your recent past, many eruptions in planetary conditions. Earthquakes. These conditions, I will express to you, are of your creation. We were speaking of your circle being completed. This is part of this circle. I have explained this to be a global event. All that concerns your planet is affected by your thoughts, and impulses, and emotional focuses. In any emergence from one state to another, there will be disruption in energy. This is what you are experiencing presently.

Make no mistake that you do not create these disturbances yourselves, collectively. You do. You speak of your planet in terms of “Mother Nature.” This is an invented term you have assigned to your earth. You are Mother Nature. All that “she” accomplishes, you are accomplishing. There is no separate entity of nature. You are the driving force and creating element of all natural processes. This is why I spoke comically at our last session, saying to you that your Christians should be more concerned with not creating earthquakes than they are in flying away with this Rapture. If they wish to fly away this is all right, but they will more likely create physical elemental disturbances in energy in your physical focus before they fly away.

You do this collectively, continuously. When you collectively experience an overflow of emotional focuses, with no interpretation and no blocking of impulses, it affects your environment. You will see an effect of your oceans, and your weather, and what you term to be natural disasters. Consider though, we are speaking of a global shift in consciousness. Does it not make sense to you then, that your planet will likewise experience shifts in its earth? You are surprised that there are so many of your earthquakes throughout your world recently. This should not surprise you. You are shifting. Your earth is responding to these shifts also, in like manner. To your people who fear these events, they would be well advised to examine their own fears and thoughts, for these thoughts and blocked impulses are creating the very thing that they fear!

There are many elements of your political elemental focus that we have not even begun to explore yet. As I have explained, this element involves all things and essences which you consider to be outside of your own essence, although they are not, but as we explained, you continue to view your essence as its own orange with sections, as opposed to undividable air. In this subject also is incorporated, along with your perception of nature, your connection to your creatures. As I have also stated, originally, you, being all-creating beings, have created them also, but in your terms this was long, long ago. Subsequently, they have developed their own consciousness and focus. They can be very instructing to you.

In this discussion of your animal creatures I will also direct briefly, in connecting with other dimensional focuses, to your misinterpretation, in part, of other “beings,” as you would call them. Some essences in this physical focus interpret “encounters” with these other “beings” as negative experiences. First of all, let us direct your attention to the fact ... I do not like this word fact ... it will do for now. I am having difficulty accessing a better one presently. Let us direct your attention to the fact that these “beings” are not “beings” at all. Some are only other focuses of your own essence interacting with your physically focused essence. (Here, Elias chuckles) Lawrence will bang his head on this table! (Laughter) Some interaction is with other essences, none different from your own. The only difference is their focus.

We have spoken already in the matter of your cycle ... excuse ... circle, that you are presently “crossing over.” (Demonstrates with fingers crossing together) You only do not do this intentionally yet. In closing your circle you will do this intentionally, and have a much clearer understanding and awareness of what you are accomplishing. In this unpleasant or negative encounter with what these essences experience, they would do well to incorporate this in their physical focus, and address this same situation to their treatment of their animal creatures, in violation of their consciousness. You, in your physically focused consciousness, do not appreciate being violated. Your creatures, in their physically focused consciousness, do not appreciate it either! You feel you do what is the best things for them, thinking you are wiser and know better, and are more responsible. I will instruct you to “think about this.” All energy has consciousness, even a rock. It only possesses a slower vibration. This does not mean it does not possess an awareness. How much more, then, is the awareness of a higher vibrational consciousness?

In some encounters of other dimensional focuses with your physical focus, they have tried to express some of these principles to you. I will explain to you this is your own essence, in the majority of these experiences, speaking to you from another focus or dimension. It does this because you think of yourself as an orange with sections. You do not listen to your own impulses, or what you perceive to be your own thoughts and feelings and impulses. Therefore, your essence speaks to you in terms that you may listen to.

We incorporate this into the political element for the reason that sometimes it is not your own essence which speaks to you. Sometimes it may be the essence of another, just as my essence speaks to yours. Another essence may choose to manifest in a fashion that will “grab your attention,” and it certainly does! I believe this to be a very inventive, imaginative expression for attention. I may consider it myself, sometime! (Very humorously) Would Michael not be surprised if I appear to him as a “little squashy guy?” (Much laughter, as these are Mary’s words for describing an “alien”) He is very silly, sometimes!

You attach characteristics to these other dimensional focuses that you can identify with. This is a cooperation between your essence and another, or your essence cooperating with itself in different dimensions, in ways it can interpret. There are some essences currently expressing themselves in a physical focus in the same manner as I speak to you, but they choose to identify themselves as what you would term an “alien” essence. This is another attempt at “getting your attention.” Essences have been speaking to you for centuries, the way I speak with you presently. There are many that will not pay attention to me, but if I appear to someone with wide eyes, and a strange characteristic of body, and strange clothing, I will say I will get your attention! And you will listen! (Said very deliberately and humorously, followed by much laughter) Just as some essences engage in theatrical performances for your benefit and attention, acknowledged, I also play with this, but I already have your attention! (Smiling) The next time you “feel” or “think” you are being responsible for your creatures, I would suggest to you that you ... ask their opinion!

I will also express to you of your emotional focus, that this be recognized and expressed in whatever direction it chooses to flow. I will instruct our emotionally focused essences present to help with your frustrated thought focused essences in blocking impulses and emotional expressions. These essences of the thought focus are much more powerful than they anticipate, as opposed to emotional expressions. As do emotional essences, thought element essences block these impulses of emotion and create our geyser effect. This is how you experience unusual weather patterns, or unusual air currents, or unusual tides. You all contribute to your expressions of floods or tornadoes or hurricanes or earthquakes, but simple weather variations are largely blocking of impulses. There is no expression for this energy. It must go somewhere! Do you truly believe that energy just disappears because it is not expressed? Incorrect. Energy never disappears. Energy is energy. It only refocuses itself and remanifests itself in a different direction.

We will address you to speak with Michael on this matter, since he will not speak to me. He has a very hard head! (Laughter) If he will learn to allow himself to express emotional focuses and impulses and experiences, tell him he will create better weather for his birthday, and maybe in connection with collective essences of like mind, they will not have rain. You may also express to him for me that he will hear me even when he doesn’t want to, although I can be as persistent as he is! We are quite a pair! (Said laughingly)

We will also address to the question of another essence in our focus. I will, from this point, speak to you in your terms. I am confident that you understand my terms, and can interpret accordingly. Therefore, it is not necessary for me to continue in this ridiculousness of “in my terms, in your terms.” You are all intelligent essences, and capable of interpreting on your own without my extreme help. This essence is of one you will speak of as “Seth.” This is not his name. It is a name he has chosen to identify his essence to you. As I have expressed, names are not important. This Seth essence I have had interaction with, and was of great instruction. This essence is no longer incorporated in my present focus. It has widened its focus and expanded to Michael’s visiting place. This essence will not speak to you in physical focus anymore. He had a tremendous message to deliver, and has done so. I, in admiration and respect, continue in this message.

In regards to this message, we will also address to Lawrence in his “Doubting Thomasness!” There are absolute truths. My focus is not a belief system. You in your focus are not a belief system. You incorporate belief systems for the purpose of interpretation, be it physical interpretation, or philosophical, or religious, or political, or artistic, or emotional, or thought. Beliefs are all interpretations of manifestation. They are not necessarily truths. Facts, in your dimension or other dimensions, are interpretations. They are not truths. There are universal truths that apply to every focus in every dimension in every universe, everywhere. I do not speak to you of new or different beliefs. I offer you expressions of reality. This is not a belief system. In this same regard, other essences, be they expressions of “aliens” or be they expressions of essences such as Seth, offer you this same information. This information, as I have stated, is reality, and an opportunity for you to widen your focus, incorporating the fullness of your essence to incorporate the whole.

Understand, even in completing your circle in this physical focus, you will not incorporate the whole. Your essence, as I have explained, is far beyond your comprehension. It is not possible in this physical expression to incorporate all of it. It is not possible in my focus to incorporate all of it, although my incorporation of my essence is far beyond your expression, or awareness, or comprehension. But, just as you are “becoming” essences, I also am a “becoming” essence, as also is the Creating Universal One and Whole, “becoming.” (Pause) We will allow for your incorporation of your questions. (Here, Elias takes a drink, and because this is our first morning session, this is the first time Mary has been drinking coffee. He makes a disapproving face, and says) Michael has odd taste!

VICKI: Would you like some water?

ELIAS: This is OK, thank you.

VICKI: I have a question regarding the animal creatures. I was reading another book of channeled material the other day, and this personality essence stated that sometimes we choose to focus, in our focus here, as an animal, for a different perspective. Is this true?

ELIAS: Partially. I will explain to you that you do not reincarnate as an animal. You do not choose to come back as a dog. You do not choose to focus in a physical developmental focus as an animal. You may choose, though, for a perspective and experience of understanding, to send what you would term a piece of your consciousness to inhabit an animal form. You will be quite aware that this is not you. It is comparable to putting a piece of your body, as a finger, in a cup. (Here, Elias puts his finger into Mary’s coffee cup and says, “very cold,” smiling) You experience the sensation. Your finger is not you. It is only a physical expression which you allow and experience. You do not look at your finger and say, “This is me!” (Laughter) You do not project a piece of your consciousness to an animal and identify it as being you. There is a difference.

I will address to this animal subject, though. You sometimes attach too much consciousness to these animals, and other times you attach much too little. They may not be an essence the same as you, but they do possess a consciousness, and may refocus. They may not refocus as a human, but they may refocus as another animal for its perspective and experience. A lion may serve out its days in one physical focus as a lion. It may then, as you term, die. It may refocus as an antelope to experience the other side of its existence, therefore incorporating a total harmony and connection and understanding of nature. In this respect, you may choose to project a piece of your consciousness even to a plant, to experience its perspective of nature. Is this sufficient?

VICKI: Yes. Thank you.

DEBBIE: Is it alright that we eat meat? We’re eating other animals, living things. I have a problem with eating meat.

ELIAS: This is a belief system. It really, in reality, makes no difference. If you wish to incorporate a belief system that does not incorporate meat or some sort of flesh eating, this is fine. It will not hurt you. It is only an assimilation of a different energy. If you wish to identify with plant energy instead, you will create a belief system to incorporate that. In your early stages of development in physical focus, you chose to connect in a much more natural condition. In this way, just as some animals, as your lion, consume other animals, humans did also. You have continued this practice throughout your existence. I will also express to you, though, that just because you choose to consume plants, they also possess a consciousness.

All things consume each other in a physical focus. This is the way that you designed it to be. There is no one way that is more acceptable than another way. All energy possesses consciousness. Even what you deem to be not living, as this table, possesses a collective consciousness of atoms. If you do not consume anything with a consciousness, your physically focused consciousness will not be here either! (Laughter) It is merely your choice.

JULIE: Certain animals seem to have possessed some tremendous abilities that ... for instance, I saw a gorilla speak in sign language, or you’ll see a bird sing or speak as humans do. How do you explain that? (Elias chuckles)

ELIAS: It is amazing that when we are physically focused, we feel we are so the center of the universe, and so consumed with our consciousness, that it is so superior! Your animals possess great ability in consciousness. You only do not recognize this. Many of your animals possess their own language that they express to one another. I would say all your creatures possess their own individual languages. What I expressed earlier was that some animals possess what you would deem as a higher intelligence of language. This is not necessarily correct. But, humans are so intelligent and feel so superior to all the small creatures that could not possibly possess all these things! (Said very humorously, followed by much laughter) This is incorrect. All energy is consciousness. All consciousness possesses intelligence, even one cell.

JO: You had mentioned in an earlier session about unsafe essences or hurtful essences. Is that always an agreement before this focus, or can possibly an essence be like a rogue essence and decide to do something on his own?

ELIAS: When we were speaking of unsafe essences, we were partially focusing in difference to Lawrence, and his essence not being a danger to itself. In speaking of unsafe essences, I do not mean to suggest unsafe as evil. An essence may, of course, choose at any point, just as you may choose at any point, to change its focus. In this regard, it may decide to become unsafe, in your terms, where it may have not been previously. This always does, though, incorporate an agreement when it involves another essence. You may, as an essence, become unsafe to yourself. This would not incorporate an agreement with another essence. It will only be your own experience, or an expression in physical focus of fear. When another essence chooses to experience what you understand as negative, or what you will term as evil, it will incorporate other essences which are in agreement with it. We will explain in our next session, in our exploration of your religious element, this issue of good and evil, and its meaning, and its expression, and its reality. We are knowing this will be welcome information to Peter, although he will not agree with me! (Julie laughs)

JO: That’s interesting. Thank you. I have another question. In the last session, you said that an essence doesn’t need to help another essence. Is there ever a request to help another essence?

ELIAS: Quite frequently. You all presently, in this company, have requested. As I have stated, you asked. I am responding. If you request, there will be a response. No expression of energy is ever wasted, no expression is ever unnoticed, and no expression will ever be invalidated by another essence. This is not including your physically focused expression. You do invalidate in this focus, often. In your essence state though, an essence will not do this. It is not in any essentialness of you.

JO: So, it is possible to make an agreement before this focus to help each other in this focus?

ELIAS: Absolutely. You make many agreements, and you make agreements not in this focus. You also make agreements for future or for past, as they are all present anyway. You make agreements continually. You may decide to be an assisting essence. As I was speaking in our last session, I did not intend to give you the impression that helpfulness was discounted. I only wish to express to you that this is not your purpose. It is your choice. Some essences in this physical focus confuse these concepts, and believe that they have a purpose that they may not deviate from, and that other essences are in tremendous need of their help! (Laughter) This is not correct. It is only agreements.

Essentially, your essence needs nothing that it does not already possess itself. This is not to say that it will not welcome assistance when it is “stuck.” Others being helpful will offer assistance. You will accept. These are agreements. We only wish to express to you to not lose sight of your individual essence power. If you give all of your power to another essence, then you confuse your own essence. It knows what you are capable of. You create confusion and conflict when you insist, in your physical focus, on denying your ability. But, just as in your physical focus you turn to others physically focused for assistance with physical or emotional or thought problems, you accept their help, and acknowledge that you do not always possess an understanding physically of the solutions. In other focuses, you also accept assistance to help you adjust more easily and more quickly.

JO: Is there ever a disagreement of essences, where they disagree?

ELIAS: Only in certain focuses. In your essence state this is not the case, but in different focuses, parts of essences disagree all the time! (Elias smiles, and we all laugh)

JULIE: This is off the subject, but I was just curious. I experienced what we term a seance when I was younger. And several things in the room moved, lifted off the floor, whatever, etc. Was this a combination of our energy? Did we move these things? Or can you explain that?

ELIAS: Yes. I will ask first ... (Chuckling, referring to Julie) He will be angry at me again! I will wish to draw Michael back briefly for his own body, and I will address to your question momentarily, if this is acceptable. (The group agrees)


ELIAS: We will continue. We were addressing to Peter’s question of a seance and objects moving, and wondering if this was your own energy accomplishing this phenomenon. I will express to you that, as we have stated previously, if you shift your focus, you may even see us. In this same manner, it is depending. Quite often, the collective energy involved in this manner of a seance will draw, by requesting, another essence which may not be physically focused. Sometimes in this forum, the requested essence will playfully make its presence known. I will address to you that when you view objects in your physical realm moving, this is most usually not your collective energy. The reason for this is because, in this physical focus, you do not individually and collectively believe that you can do this. This is not correct, but it matters because you do not believe in your own ability. Therefore, even collectively, you will not move your table or your chairs, or flicker your lights. This will be the energy of another essence. It will sometimes oblige you in manifestation of physical movement. Other times it may manifest its energy in a fashion that you may visually perceive of this essence. I have done this with you, in this forum of ours, previously. Not all of you view my essence, but this is only because you are not looking.

JULIE: I want to so bad, and I don’t understand because I think that I do.

JO: You doubt.

JULIE: I don’t know about that.

ELIAS: This is correct. When you express you “think” you do, but you do not know, you have automatically invalidated your perception.

JULIE: Well, because I feel the desire so much, but you have said even though you feel it, and you subconsciously though, you may not.

ELIAS: This is correct in some instances, but in invalidation of your perception and your ability, you rationalize what you view.

JULIE: It makes me angry, because I feel that I desire it so much!

ELIAS: The next time you “think” you view me, do not rationalize away this perception, for undoubtedly you will be seeing my essence. I have been perceived in this collection of essences in our sessions in many ways, by many of these individuals. Not all visually “see” my energy, but some, as you and Elizabeth, not present now, “feel” my energy and presence, and perceive of my essence in another focus, but as realistically as others will visually perceive.

JULIE: So when I ... no, I definitely haven’t seen a visual, but my perception, as I stated to Lawrence before, I feel that you’re an old, kind man. Is that my perception of your essence?

ELIAS: It could be.

JULIE: That I see you as an old sweet man, or whatever.

ELIAS: This is quite interesting, only that this would be a developmental focus that I have affection to, in which focus I identified myself with this image in that one developmental focus. Generally, though, I more closely identify myself, for your perception of me, with the focus of Elias. This focus, physically speaking, I have remanifested many times in a physical manifestation of creation, physical features being created so similarly as to almost be exact. I am very good at this creativity. This physical perception would not necessarily be an “old kind man.” It would more suit my purposes to view myself physically as a “young, virile, strong, large man!”

I do identify my essence in a male perception, as do you, as do you all present here. I find an affinity for that orientation which more closely identifies with my feeling of myself. You have physical pictures of another developmental focus of mine, which was my last manifestation. This is a very close visual perception of that which I identify with. You may see me in that perception, for that will be what I will materialize to you, although emotional perceptions are also quite correct. Most of Elizabeth’s perceptions of my essence are emotional feeling projections, as opposed to actual visual perceptions. Even in this focus of this emotional element, you may even visually see my essence. It may not appear in the form of another being, per se. You may only visualize energy fields. This, also, will be a correct perception of my energy and essence materializing.

JO: So, that is to say, we basically see what we want to see?

ELIAS: Very true. Some do not wish to visually perceive. In their belief systems, they block this perception out of fear. Others will, shall we say, try too hard. This will automatically block your perception, just as viewing what you term another essence’s aura. If you look too hard, it will escape you.

JULIE: I understand that, more than I feel the fear.

JO: You try too hard. You block yourself.

ELIAS: All things, naturally, are effortless to your essence.

JULIE: It’s like, I lie in bed at night, “please let me see, please let me see!”

JO: The want is there.

JULIE: “Talk to me, let me see something,” and my eyes are squinted real tight.

ELIAS: This will relate also to our subject of our circle, in your perception in your dreams. Initially, if you force and try too hard, you will have nothing. If you allow yourself to drift, as we have expressed in our waking examples and exercises, you will experience. Initially, your task is in letting go and drifting. Eventually, you may take command of this situation and sleep state, just as presently your focus is to let go, and when your circle is completed you will be in control of your actions and penetration to other dimensions in your dream state.

Also, initially, do not focus so intently. Eventually, you may speak with Michael of how much control you may develop. You will acquire more control in this sleep state as you practice, and you will be able to direct your sleep state to go where you wish it to go. You will also be able to interpret for yourselves all of your symbolism in your dreaming state. You may even come to this point, as Michael, as to reject an essence, as me, from this state. (Laughter) I give him much credit in his ability and his learning. This is all a result of desire. As your desire is great, so your accomplishments will be also.

JULIE: If I see Michael or Mary’s face in my dream, that’s not Elias, is it?

ELIAS: No. This will be interaction with you and Michael, in the form of projection. This will be an agreement in your essence state. This happens frequently already. This happened with Michael and Lawrence. This also happens with Michael and Kasha. Michael is very fond of “romping through the cosmos!” (Laughter) He is having much fun in this experiencing of other dimensional focuses, and becoming very strong in this direction.

JULIE: Because I wake up and I think, I think I saw Michael, or Mary, in my dream last night, but yet I don’t remember anything that happened.

ELIAS: This is correct. You will also notice, in speaking with each other, you will see that you remember a brief period of your dreaming state, that you saw each other. You believe your dream state to be only that of imagination. I have explained this is incorrect. This is a completely real, dimensional focus. Much more of your reality in your essence is accomplished and noticed and perceived in this sleeping state. This is why you engage in this state, as I have explained.

It is not necessary for the maintenance of your physical body. It is necessary for the maintenance of your connection with your essence. You will be surprised at your connection with other essences, particularly now, in your focusing in your dream state with participating essences in our sessions. You may even plan trips together. It is only a matter of practice. You will also notice in your waking state, as you have perceived in your past, when you have what you term a nightmare, you feel “not so good” the next waking day. When you play in your sleeping state, and explore, and allow yourself to connect with your essence and fly, you will feel quite good in your waking state! (Pause)

JULIE: Dreams fascinate me. I have so many of them, and I remember them really well most of the time. They’re so vivid.

ELIAS: Now you must take this perception to its next development. Your first step is in remembering. Your next step is in noticing what is happening, or noticing scenery, being aware of where you are and what you are doing. After noticing, your next step is to implement conscious manipulation. You are all capable of doing this. You may manipulate your environment in your sleep state even more easily and better than you do in your waking state. After you have accomplished manipulation in this state, you move to your step of conscious projection. In this, you show yourselves your ability not only to manipulate environment, but to change it. You allow yourselves an opening to an awareness of a “greaterness” of your essence. Once you are accomplished in projecting, you may start to incorporate more than one focus or dimension simultaneously. Beyond this, you may project and simultaneously focus in other dimensions.

You may explore any part of this universe, or all parts simultaneously, whichever you choose. You will find that the more accomplished and comfortable you become in this state, the more playful you will become with it, and the more joyous you will feel in your waking state. You will have an awareness of a knowing within you consciously, wakefully. Try in experimentation to consciously have a waking dream. You will be amazed at its reality. Reverse your role in your sleep state and suggest to your consciousness that your waking state is your dream, and your dream is your real waking state. (Pauses, smiling) You are confused! (To Lawrence)

VICKI: I just haven’t been able to do it! (Laughter)

ELIAS: This all takes practice. Lawrence is accomplishing much, and accomplishing first steps in recalling dream states. As I have said, these are all successive steps, and as I have said in previous sessions, you cannot just go to sleep and “fly away to the stars!”

JO: I had a dream years and years ago, and I was not familiar with what had really happened, and it was a dream that I remember vividly to this day, every single aspect of that dream. I was very young, probably a teenager, a young teenager. Was that an unexpected trip to another focus?

ELIAS: In very vivid dreams, as I have expressed, this may be an expression of a memory. It may have been an expression of a previous developmental focus. Very often memory recall of previous developmental focuses are quite vivid. Also, quite often, these types of dreams will be of a repeating nature until there is a recognition of them and of their memory. In other senses, very vivid dreams may be a penetration into another dimensional focus in which your essence is presently involved. It is more common, though, for you to pierce what you term to be a past life recognition, as this is, in reality, simultaneously occurring. So, in essence, you are only piercing the veil of another dimensional focus of your essence, and viewing it occurring at the same time as this focus.

Elizabeth presently engages in this activity with Mattie. Michael also has engaged in this activity, but no longer engages this now. He can be instructive to you in explanation of dream sequence, in regards to simultaneous past developmental focuses and activity in them. Elizabeth, on the other hand, engages in simultaneous dimensional focus. This is not entirely consisting of past developmental focus, as it is also a recognition of dimensional penetration. There is, as opposed to Michael’s previous dreaming focus in this matter, Elizabeth engages this new essence Mattie, and exchanges with her. Therefore, it has taken on another focus, independent of a previous developmental focus.

There are other instances where your sleep state will indicate to you, equally as vividly, what you would term a future event. As a future event is no different than a past event, being simultaneous to this present, it is not unusual or difficult for you to recognize future events. This is also why I will suggest you keep a record of your sleep state. You will be enjoyably surprised to see a dream materialize in your future. (Pause) We are hearing a squeaking.

VICKI: It’s from Debbie’s tape recorder.

JULIE: There’s so much of part of my dreams that I want to understand.

ELIAS: You will come to a point where you will understand while you are in the midst of this sleep state. It may not appear to make sense in your waking state, but you will have a conscious memory in your waking state that, at the point of the dreaming state, you did understand.

VICKI: I have a question, to change the subject, about the four basic elements. Do we also have a politically focused and a religiously focused personality?

ELIAS: Yes. This is correct. A politically focused essence will manifest itself in this physical focus in the same regard as your individuals as Mother Theresa, or Ghandi, or your individuals in this country of Martin Luther King Junior, (you are choosing very long names in this focus!) or of one known as Jefferson, or James Carter. There are very many politically focused essences. An essence which focuses itself politically will incorporate the thought focus and the emotional focus, but it will express the element of political interest, which is incorporating of other essences, more strongly. That will be its most powerful element of its essence, and its most expressed.

There are also religious element focuses. These will not be so universally known to you, for they do not focus in this political arena. Their interest is solely in their own essence, and its quest for widening its awareness in relation to itself and the Creating Universal One and Whole. It will generally isolate itself with little regard for interaction with other essences, although incorporating partially the other elements of its essence, as do you all to some degree. An example of this element focus would be of what you term your Dali Lama. Their interpretation of their essence may not be so far removed from your own, but their quest is very singularly focused, much to the exclusion of the other elemental focuses of your essence, just as you (indicating Vicki) exclude your emotional elemental focus.

VICKI: Is the religiously focused personality very rare?

ELIAS: In the context of the exclusion of the other elements of the essence, relatively speaking, yes.

VICKI: Is there anyone in our group that has a politically focused personality?

ELIAS: Not yet.

VICKI: Thank you.

ELIAS: Please understand that each focus, as much as it may be the dominating element, it is not balancing to your whole to focus singularly. You are not a better person if you are religiously focused. You are also not a more complete person if you are only politically focused. It is only with the incorporation of all elements of your essence, and a widening awareness, that you become balanced.

JULIE: Would you say that a politically focused personality or essence person had many belief systems, or stronger, or more belief systems, that another essence?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. It does not limit to any particular focus of essence elements in regards to belief systems. You develop your belief systems in accordance with your focus, but this does not mean that one focus will have more or less that another. They will be different.

VICKI: So the point would be, then, to incorporate all of these elements into your personality, with a balance of all.

ELIAS: This is correct, although each essence will always have a disposition of one element, which will be stronger and more focused than the other elements. This is not a negative thing. It is only reality of the individuality of essences. You would be very boring if you were all clones! (Laughter)

VICKI: Do we have a tendency in our developmental focuses to basically carry that focus with us?

ELIAS: Absolutely. You may choose once to focus with another element being predominant. More likely, though, you will fragment that element for the experience of that being the major focus. If you choose to experience complete emotional focus, you will choose to fragment your essence, and attach the emotional focus to that fragment.

VICKI: This is the situation with yourself and Catherine?

ELIAS: This is correct, although I did not concentrate all emotional focus into Catherine, but quite largely so. (Smiling)

JO: Is the reason I knew my essence name was Joseph because I’m more in touch than I thought or than I knew?

ELIAS: This is correct. You, as in the same regard as Elizabeth, or as Olivia, are in actuality more connected in this focus than you realize. This is the name that you have chosen to identify with, as Elizabeth has chosen to identify her essence as Elizabeth. If you were to refocus in this physical reality, you will most likely choose your name as Joseph or its derivatives, depending on your sexual orientation, and this time let it be known to your parents, as did Elizabeth with Michael. This does not happen very often, but in the strength of the essence and its creativity, it is capable of expressing its wishes, regardless of other essences already physically focused. Your identification with the name Jo, even though your birth name is not Jo, has surfaced from your desire to be known in connection with your essence and recognized, therefore, by other essences in your true state.

JO: Apparently, my real father’s name was also Joseph.

VICKI: Does Jo have similar ... what are Jo’s connections in this group?

ELIAS: You will give us a moment. (Pause) There are many connections with this essence in connection with Oliver, in time periods of sand and pharaohs. There are also connections with Oliver again, in this country of this United States, in previous developmental focus of Mary. There is connection to Kasha in the developmental focus of Eastern American Indian heritage. There is connection with Michael and Catherine in developmental focus of France. This is not a new soul. This is not a new fragment. There have been many developmental focuses dating very, very far in history. There are far historical focuses beyond your present Christian calendar of dates. This would be in a development of a peasant female in Near Eastern geography. Many developmental focuses. Many, many experiences. Also, much fragmentation in this essence of very creative and imaginative form. Much creative expression in allowing fragmentation of previous developmental focuses in development of their own essence capacity. Elizabeth is presently engaged in this activity with Mattie.

JULIE: You spoke of Peter, I don’t know if this is inconsequential or not, of being in a flood at one time. Are you able to say when and where, or is that much difficulty for you?

ELIAS: Give us a moment. (Pause) This was a developmental focus also of a time ... excuse ... this is also a connection with Jo. This time was in ... I am not completely clear on geography. It would be related somewhere in the Middle Eastern geographical location. Very ancient. This would be in a developmental focus of previous to this Christian calendar of years by, we would term, almost 600 years. There was a flooding of a river. In this developmental focus, you were a mother. This situation occurred of a destroying of a village from a flooding. You, in this focus, had covering of water, an experience of drowning with young child. This was an attempt at being protective of this child. It was unsuccessful. It was agreed on. It was, although in that developmental focus a traumatic experience causing much emotional discomfort, also causing this essence to refocus quickly in this physical expression in an attempt to readjust that previous focus emotionally. Essences sometimes do this, more often that you realize, actually depending on a previous experience of developmental focus.

They may choose to “slingshot” back to this physical focus. Sometimes they may do this to their own confusion and disorientation, in their haste. They eventually, in the particular physical focus, will adjust, but sometimes the trauma of this action may cause many years, in physical terms, of discomfort. There are very many aspects of your religious element of your essence, this being one of them, which we will speak of in our session addressing to this religious focus. I will not be able to explain all facets of this element, as it is too wide to explain in only one session, but we will begin ... at the beginning! (Laughter)

JULIE: So you’re saying my essence does have a religious personality?

ELIAS: This is an incorrect interpretation, although in many focuses you have aligned yourself with religious belief systems very strongly. You have aligned yourself with Christian belief systems very strongly and very deeply in the focus of several developmental focuses in Vatican, identifying with this church very strongly. (Pause)

VICKI: Are you finished?

ELIAS: (Smiling) I am not covering my mouth!

VICKI: I think I forgot my question. It was about Seth. (Pause) So Seth was focused in the teaching realm that you are focused in now?


VICKI: And now he is no longer focused there?

ELIAS: No. (Pause) Partially ... I have stated in the beginning of this session that I will speak “in your terms.”


ELIAS: Allowing that, you will interpret encompassing “my terms.” Incorporating the simultaneousness of non-existent time, Seth is incorporated in my focus, but is also not.

VICKI: Would there ... this phenomenon of channeling, would that always be coming from the teaching place?

ELIAS: No. It will more easily come from my focus, but it is not impossible for an essence to connect with you from what you would view as Seth’s focus now. Just as other essence elements of Seth incorporated from a wider awareness of focus, (as opposed to another level), he may also, if he chose, interact with you presently also, just as any essence which Michael encountered in that state which Seth now occupies also may speak to you if they choose, just as I may incorporate in the future a wider expression of my essence to speak with you, which you may view as another essence, only because you think of oranges! (Laughter) Those expressions of those awarenesses are rarely expressed in this physical focus, only because you would not understand or comprehend what is being related to you. Its only purpose in any expression would merely be to express itself to you so that you will be aware of its existence.

VICKI: Thank you.

ELIAS: I will also address to a very inconsequential question, as dealing with our wonderful friend essence Donovan. My transmission will never be the same as Seth’s, for I am Elias. There is nothing wrong with my “radio transmission.” It is only softer, for I choose it to be softer. (The next sentence is spoken very loudly) IT IS NOT THAT I MAY NOT PROJECT VERY LOUDLY IF I WISH, BUT I DO NOT WISH!!! It is inconsistent with my basic nature. (Much laughter)

VICKI: Well, I can tell you that Olivia likes your basic nature much more that Seth’s, anyways.

ELIAS: I do also! (Laughter)

JULIE: I don’t know who Seth is, so I’m really confused.

ELIAS: Seth is an energy personality essence, in his terms. He spoke in this physical focus, for a time, to instruct you with much great wisdom, and compassion, and love. His interest was for your development and continues now, as was before him also. (Pause) Are you having more questions?

JULIE: Not a question. I had a thought, and that’s it, just you were speaking of Seth, and they said that ...

ELIAS: Excuse. We will acknowledge that Peter is having a thought!

JULIE: (After much laughter) As you will find out, it’s an emotional thought, though. I have not experienced ... I guess, did you say Olivia, or Ron, liked Elias better that Seth? Well, I’ve never had the option to choose, but as always, I feel so wonderful when I’m around Elias, and I just have this greatest feeling around Elias, and it’s always so pleasurable, and I want to thank you.

ELIAS: Thank you.

JO: It was an emotional thought! (Laughter)

ELIAS: He is trying. We are giving credit for even small incorporation. Then, I will bid you good afternoon, and I will expect your playing mirthfully in your dream state, and I will, as promised, be visiting with you, and you will notice!

JULIE: OK! I’m looking forward to it. Thank you.

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