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Sunday, March 30, 1997

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“The Shift”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Cathy (Shynla), Gail (William), Bob (Simon), Norm (Stephen), Reta (Dehl), Jim (Yarr), Drew (Matthew), and Greg (Olivia).

Elias arrives at 7:57 PM. (Time was thirty seconds.)

ELIAS: Good evening. This evening, I shall be inquiring of you as to your interpretation of your shift. As you have entered your season of consciousness, what is your perception of your shift? (Long, silent pause)

RETA: Well, I’ll be glad to go first if you want it from a religious background, my background. You might use a different interpretation, but in their minds they’ve been preparing for a greater awareness for a long time, in trying to broaden their vision. Their concept will take a long time. In your interpretation of the shift, we will have a larger awakening because of the energy sources coming into us through an enlarged new chakra so that we can speed this along its way. My interpretation of the shift is being able to have everyone more aware and knowing of who they are and why they’re here, which will result in more truthfulness and more helpfulness, more kindness and more love, to be able go on and do bigger and better things, which sounds to me very, very good. If it can happen in my lifetime, I think it would be interesting. Do I come close?

NORM: The nine inner senses evidently are going to be available at a greater level of awareness so that we can have communication between our different levels of consciousness and there will be less separateness in the world. That’s about as succinct as I can put it. (Another long, silent pause)

DREW: Can I ask what you meant by season of consciousness?

ELIAS: I have expressed this term previously within the forum of these sessions twice, within what you view to be much time ago.

Consciousness connected with physical focus moves through seasons, just as your planet holds seasons in nature. These seasons within consciousness are slightly different, for they endure for much greater time frameworks. You now enter a new season of consciousness within the creation of your shift. I inquire of you as to your understanding of your shift, that you may express to me your understanding. We have spoken many times of this shift, and within this new natural physical season upon your planet, your birth of Spring, we shall acknowledge also the new season of consciousness which is upon you.

As I have been aware, you do not hold an explanation to yourselves of the action of this shift. Let me inquire of you why you have chosen this shift within consciousness?

RETA: At one time you said that we were bored and that we wanted to widen because we were bored, did you not?

ELIAS: This is correct. Are you understanding of this statement?

RETA: I believe so. I think that we’ve gone through this period of time when we have not been very tolerant of each other and we have not been very understanding toward others, and that could reach out to not being understanding to our other consciousnesses, our other focuses, and I can see where if we could widen and be aware we could intermingle a lot better and make the world, our planet, much better for habitation and more exciting, because you would be spending more time in intellectual and growing rather than spending all your time fighting and fuming and finding faults. (Pause)

ELIAS: You have offered an adequate example, within a lack of understanding! (Laughter) Unlike yourselves, I shall address to you each unemotionally and with no value judgment. Therefore, I offer only truthful statements without a judgment. You do not hold an understanding of your shift or why you are creating this, and you exhibit this clearly. I shall recap our shift for you.

In very simplified terms, throughout your history upon this planet that you have created you have spent millenniums within each area of consciousness that you have designed to explore. This extends far beyond the time framework that you recognize scientifically. We have spoken of your Seers and your Dream Walkers, and for many millennium this was the focus of your species. Within this time framework, you created much experimentation and exhausted the limitations of that manifestation. As you move to exhausting your creativity within a particular focus or direction within your societies and your creations, you choose collectively to create a new focus, offering yourselves new stimulation and new areas to be expressing creativity. You moved into creating societies of which we have spoken, creating your mythologies and your elaborate, colorful stories.

As you exhaust this creation and become bored, (to Reta) as you have said, within your vast imaginations and creativity you move into a new creation. You choose to create a focus within a time framework which mirrors much more closely what you view yourselves to be. You create a religious focus with one singular god which mirrors one singular manifestation, as are you. Within this, you do not stifle your growth. You allow yourselves ample time framework to be experiencing and experimenting and exhausting creativity within the framework of the focus.

As you approach a point collectively to which you have created all that you view to be necessary for your experience, you choose to create a new focus. You are aware within essence and your connections, and also within your physical manifestation objectively, that you have accomplished all that may be accomplished within a specific focus. Within your design of counterparts and alternate selves, you have created the probabilities to allow you the experience to view all aspects of the focus. Therefore, you approach what you view to be the end of that particular focus and create a new focus, a new direction, one that allows you the freedom to once again explore and experience anew.

Each time framework within your history has not stifled you. Each focus that you have chosen to create has allowed you creativity and also learning opportunities, in your terms. You view presently in many negative elements of the focus that you have created to this point, for this offers you the explanation to move into a new direction. It offers you motivation to move into new areas of creation. I have expressed to you many times that this focus, this religious focus that you have created, is not negative. It has served you well, and for millennium you have continued with this set of belief systems. You now, as many times within your history, move into a position of recognition that you have exhausted your creativity within this particular direction. Within essence, your continuing desire is to be creative. You are motivated continuously to be inventive. You are natural explorers. Therefore, you are correct that you are bored, but these are the reasons that you are bored. Furthermore, you choose collectively to be creating of a new element of consciousness within a physical focus. All of your manifestations, in a manner of speaking, are experiments, and once again you experiment with a new area of consciousness within physical focus.

This manifestation of your shift, many of you are beginning to experience elements of presently. I have expressed to you previously that individuals not offering themselves information of this shift shall be experiencing trauma. You presently experience confusion, for you begin to view elements of consciousness that shall be deemed “normal” within the action of this shift.

More flowers shall not bloom upon your planet as your shift is accomplished. No messiah shall be leading you to a promised land. It shall rain upon your planet equally to the rain present. You shall continue to manifest natural occurrences as do you now, but you shall understand what you do. It shall not be necessary for you to engage your new game to establish contact with another focus of your essence, for you shall hold the ability within your awareness to tap this experience and information at will. Your understanding of probabilities shall be much greater.

You discount yourselves presently continuously, that you do not recognize the direction of your probabilities. I express to you acknowledgment, for within the beginnings of our meetings you were not recognizing of probabilities at all! Within your present now, you may discount yourselves that you are inefficiently connecting for you connect information after the fact, in your terms, but your “after the fact” appears quite quickly! You are beginning to see. Your interpretations of manifestations are accurate. You do recognize. You are learning to be trustful of self. You have moved much within a very small time framework, and as you view with individuals that you consider to be new within our forum, movement continues even more swiftly, for these individuals “catch up” to you quite quickly; this being part of the elements of this shift. You view presently an escalation of activity. You view correctly, for you manifest within consciousness more activity and you also manifest more objectively and more obviously.

Within the action of this shift also, in addition to your recognition of your own essence and your own focuses, you shall also eliminate much conflict, for it is unnecessary to be creating conflict if you are not concerned with what is outside of you. If your concern centers within and upon the elements of essence, you shall be manifesting this and you shall not necessarily be manifesting what you now view to be hatefulness. Within your religious era, this was purposeful. For the experience and the knowing of physical self, you have created situations and belief systems to be experiencing opposites in many, many areas; extremes. You have chosen your theatrical forum. You have created your crusades, your causes, your rights, your wrongs. You have experienced these elements to what you may view as their fullest within this manifestation. Therefore, you seek new stimuli. As I have stated, you are natural explorers. Therefore, you choose to explore your own consciousness. To this point, within what you view to be your linear history, you have created a curiosity and an exploration of all elements that you view to be outside of yourselves. Now you choose to turn inward.

Much movement occurs presently. I also express to you that not any of this movement should be classified as negative, for it all serves within the direction that you have created for the furthering and the movement of your shift; this being also how you are influencing, for you are. If you are viewing activity among other individuals within your societies as negative, you are lending energy to that element of consciousness. You have gained enough information to this present now to be altering your perception and viewing with your periphery. You may not understand all of the reasonings for all actions and probabilities, but you are quite capable of viewing the benefits of all actions. In this, you may lend energy to the accomplishment of this shift. This is not an action that you must concentrate upon within all of your time element. Acknowledgment is enough; for within consciousness there is no time, and the thought is reality.

I shall break briefly, and you may ask your questions upon our return.

BREAK 8:36 PM.
RESUME 9:04 PM. (Time was ten seconds.)

ELIAS: We continue. You may ask your questions if you are wishing, and I shall also be offering information later concerning movement within probabilities occurring presently, for the benefit of Michael.

JIM: I have some questions regarding the physical things that I still seem to be bringing to myself in relation to my foot and my leg, and realizing last week what I would term to be an imbalance in my hip. I have a maladjustment there that I’ve created for myself, and now I’m experiencing a lot of tingling in my hands and my feet. In my efforts to search for my answers, I seem to be drawing blanks or what appear to me to be blanks, and I was wondering if you could help me out here.

ELIAS: I will express it is much easier exploring and feeling energy of another individual and identifying conflict, is it not?

JIM: Yes. I’ve felt conflict and frustration in not being able to what I would term even heal myself, but then I don’t know if that’s really an issue. I know there’s a lot of trust involved in that, but I’m confused and conflicted and convoluted! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Ah, convoluted! I shall inquire of you Yarr, what do you notice of continuing probabilities?

JIM: In relation to the discomfort?

ELIAS: In relation to the issue which creates these manifestations, for you hold energy within your physical manifestation in relation to an issue which is ongoing. You have been observing probabilities for much of our time period together, within the direction of one issue. Therefore, how do you view the movement of these probabilities?

JIM: The issue of self worth, is that the issue that I’m mostly confronting myself with? Of trust?

ELIAS: Partially, and this is manifest in which direction objectively?

JIM: Yes, very much so physically.

ELIAS: Not only within your physical manifestation. You mirror another manifestation within your physical expression. Let us, in your terms, move backwards. We shall enter our time machine and explore these probabilities.

The issue has been in existence for much of your time. You have created a physical manifestation outside of your individual person to be exhibiting elements of yourself, which we have discussed much time ago. You have created a business to mirror you. In this, you have created many choices and many probabilities, and many probabilities have been actualized and involved.

We have been interacting with this issue for much time period. This issue, as you are aware, involves your own issue of worth quite intricately; and as this creation of yours, which you have given life to, moves through probabilities and creates new manifestations, you respond as a father to a child. In this, you have watched objectively many occurrences, but not completely associated the occurrences and the connection of the creation to the mirroring effect of physical creations within your physical body. At times, you are recognizing of this. At other times, you divert your attention and you attribute these manifestations to other situations, for you choose to distract yourself in not wishing to be confronting these belief systems and issues and this very elegant shrine which has been created in relation to the child, which is the business. As you watch this child move from foster parent to foster parent, you do not disassociate; and as you view the treatment of this child, to which you are not in agreement with, you hold upset energy within your physical manifestation. You have allowed at certain time periods, when you are feeling more secure and you are approving of the foster care, a reduction in your physical manifestation. You experience less irritation within foot or shoulder. You experience more generation of energy within your green energy center, do you not?

JIM: Definitely.

ELIAS: But this is temporary. You then reincorporate these nagging manifestations for you are attempting objectively, in your terms, to be letting go and disassociating. Subjectively, and beneath what you tell yourself objectively, you are holding tightly, for this holds an element of identity which is very important. Therefore, what you view as an abuse of this manifestation is an abuse of your identity, which the manifestation was created to be an exhibition of your identity and worth. Therefore, the abuse of this manifestation, or what you view to be an abuse, creates conflict, for this reinforces the issue of worth. This generates anger, for within yourself you express to yourself that you are refusing to be incorporating this element and treatment any longer. You shall acknowledge yourself, regardless of other opinions; but within the reality of the belief systems of duplicity the anger is rearranged within energy, for you also believe that this is wrong, and you place this energy to be held, until such time as you may move through this issue, into your physical manifestation of your body.

JIM: So attempting to exercise or correct anything physically ... won’t work!

ELIAS: Quite! Although you may experience temporary relief, but you shall recreate.

JIM: So the tingling I’ve been feeling in my hands, that’s related to all of this as well, as a further creation of anger or discomfort?

ELIAS: Quite.

JIM: So to begin to resolve this, to sign the adoption papers, so to speak, for my foster child and let this child move on, (laughing) I should not concern myself with what is transpiring? I try to disassociate myself and let those probabilities of those new people taking over occur, but then it’s that want and desire thing going on.

ELIAS: You are focusing outside. You must address yourself. You must realize, underline this word! that your manifestation is a projection. It is not you. Your worth is your worth within you, for your being. It is not dependent upon outside. You must move into an area of acceptance of self and realize what I so often offer to you, that you are a glorious creature within your very existence, and you need nothing more.

JIM: Okay. Thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. If you are needing of more helpfulness, I shall be here.

CATHY: I have a question about what you just talked to Jim about. Where does acceptance of someone else’s creation fit into his whole scenario, or does it? His acceptance of someone else’s creation.

ELIAS: If you are accepting of self and concerning yourself with self, you may be accepting of another individual’s creation of reality. Each individual creates their own reality for their own reasons. Just as with our little sapling, it should be of no concern to you. I am quite understanding that these are difficult, extremely difficult, underline, areas to actualize, for you hold very strong belief systems. This also is an element of your shift; that you are learning, as you are widening, acceptance.

I have expressed to you that tolerance is a natural byproduct of essence expression. It holds no effort. It is an automatic expression. Lack of judgment is a natural byproduct of essence. You incorporate these actions of intolerance or judgment, as you are influenced by your belief systems. As you begin to examine these belief systems and accept these, you also realize they hold no power. They hold no importance.

I do not express that you eliminate belief systems. I express that you accept belief systems as belief systems, and in this you shall understand and hold the ability to express naturally of essence. Therefore, the creation of another matters not, for you hold no judgment. The reason another individual is affecting of you is that you hold belief systems in relation to their creations, and as you hold belief systems you hold judgments as to another’s creation. Therefore, you are affected. Therefore, you experience conflict.

You hold these belief systems and their natural byproducts of intolerance and judgment for you do not accept and trust yourselves; for if you are trusting and accepting of self and eliminating the duplicity, you shall not hold a reason to be expressing through these belief systems, whose natural byproducts are intolerance and judgment.

This is extremely difficult for you. I acknowledge this, for within your creation you align with belief systems very strongly. They are automatic. You hold very deep issues that you have created throughout your focus.

(To Jim) I do not speak lightly of your child that you have created for I am quite understanding of the importance and significance of this creation, which holds much emotional and psychological affectingness; this being why I have continued to offer information within much time period to you of this situation.

Each of you hold issues that are known to only you. Each of you wrestles with your individual belief systems that you confront yourselves with, in your attempt to be widening your awareness and moving into this shift.

I shall be acknowledging to you that your movement is constant within this widening of awareness, or you would not inquire of these things.

JIM: That’s good to know! (Laughter)

ELIAS: This being of what we have expressed this evening, that you discount yourselves and you view that you are not accomplishing or you are disconnected or you are not viewing or you are viewing too late! I express to you that in actuality you are moving quite swiftly and you are accomplishing. Therefore, acknowledge yourselves! Do not wait upon the acknowledgment of Elias. It is meaningless.

CATHY: At least we have the noticing part down!

ELIAS: Quite!

CATHY: We don’t know what to do with it, but we notice! (Laughing)

DREW: Can I ask for clarification on something that you said to Jim regarding his business? You referred to it as his child and used the term, if I’m correct, that he breathed life into the manifestation. I inferred from your comments then that this manifestation goes on to create its own pools of probabilities and make its own choices. It that correct?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes.

DREW: But you also refer to it as a projection, which to me means that they mirror the choices that he is actually making. So my question I guess is, when you create a business, how independent is it in terms of how it develops and the probabilities it fulfills?

ELIAS: It is dependent upon your choices and what you choose to be actualizing. If you are choosing to be continuing within intimate relationship to this, it shall be mirroring you. If you are choosing to be disengaging, it shall continue within itself; but you may continue also to be affecting partially, for you may choose to continue to be projecting an aspect of yourself into the energy of this creation. In this, you are affecting of its movement and you are affecting of your movement for you are continuing a tie, so to speak, although you objectively express a wishing to be disengaging. Therefore, you are creating contradiction and creating conflict.

DREW: So how independent a business is or how it manifests is personal in each case.

ELIAS: Quite.

DREW: Earlier, regarding your explanation of the shift, if I understood you correctly you indicated that one of the reasons for the shift is because we have exhausted the creative possibilities for our current focus. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Correct, in a manner of speaking.

DREW: And so my understanding to date of endless creativity and boundless probabilities is somewhat in conflict with the explanation you gave tonight.

ELIAS: This being a subject matter which has been presented previously which you, among others, have not quite understood. I have expressed to you, in an attempt for your understanding, that your probabilities are not “already.” They do not exist before you. They are not in front of you. You do not choose from an existing well. You create, within infinite possibilities, the probabilities that you choose to actualize. Within this, all other probabilities are actualized, but not within the limitations of the terms that you think of.

You limit energy into singular actions, (to Cathy) do you not? “I am choosing this action. Therefore, my probable self is choosing this action.” You believe you are choosing to be eating a piece of cake. (To Vic) Acknowledgment this evening.(?) Therefore, an alternate self is not eating a piece of cake, and another alternate is playing with a piece of cake, (laughter) and another alternate is smashing a piece of cake. Incorrect! These actions occur as you choose and as you create them. If you are creating an alternate to be smashing a piece of cake, if you are creating an alternate to be playing with a piece of cake, they shall be. If you are not creating an alternate to be engaging these actions, they shall not, but the energy which is expelled shall be manifest. You may incorporate the action of a counterpart which shall play with a piece of cake ... or not! You may engage this energy within another individual and they may not encounter cake at all, but they may manifest energy within a direction to be accomplishing the probabilities.

These are, as I have expressed to you previously, very difficult areas. I have offered you very simple explanations to this point, of counterparts and probabilities and unofficial information, but I have also expressed to you that these are very difficult areas to be explaining within the confines of your language and your understanding. More information is offered to you continuously within this forum, for you continue to widen and hold the ability to assimilate the information. (Twenty-second pause, which is unusual)

(Intently) Energy holds quite a different reality than that of which you are aware. Therefore, it may manifest in many diverse directions that you may not even comprehend, and these are the elements of which we speak.

DREW: I don’t know if it makes sense for me to pursue this question with this new explanation of probabilities, of how those can be exhausted, how the creativity of those probabilities can be exhausted, which then will lead to our shift.

ELIAS: Within your physical focus; within the confines of your belief systems and what you view to be your imagination within physical focus, you, in a manner of speaking, exhaust your creativity. I have not expressed to you within this evening that you exhaust all of your probabilities; but you do, within different focuses such as your religious focus of which we speak presently, exhaust your creativity, in a manner of speaking, which is caused in effect by your limitations of thought processes which are influenced by belief systems. Therefore you choose, in your terms, to break out of the confines of these established, accepted belief systems. Within essence, you may never exhaust probabilities. Within physical focus, in reality, you may never exhaust all probabilities. Within your thought process you may, for you may not view all of your probabilities. You do not see all of your choices.

I have expressed to you also that you create the action of counterparts, that you may be experiencing all angles of each subject, event, action, emotion, more efficiently. Therefore, within the action of all of these counterparts throughout your time period, which you now view to be several millennium, you have accomplished much within experience. Therefore, you view your creativity to be exhausted within this particular direction.

DREW: And in addition, our widening awareness and experience as a result of that widening awareness no longer fits into the structure of the religious systems we’ve created, and is another reason for our needing to shift into a new awareness or structure.

ELIAS: Quite correct.

DREW: Thank you for clarifying that. I have more things I’ll ask later.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

VICKI: I have a question about this recent mass event. I’m curious about the mass statement being made, outside of my personal speculations which are filtered through my personal belief systems.

ELIAS: Or are you wishing to be viewing how this mass event is fitting into your probabilities?

VICKI: That too!

ELIAS: Ah! This event, you are correct, you may view to be unofficial information. You are aware that your shift has begun. You are within the action of this shift. I have expressed to you many times that as your time period progresses, you shall witness more and more events that are expressive of this shift, this being one. You also provide yourselves with the opportunity to be practicing at your connections within consciousness, which you are accomplishing. I have been acknowledging of this, this evening. As the movement accelerates, which it is, you are all affecting of each other more. Therefore, you manifest more within objective awareness. Presently, individuals within your society do not understand the significance of what you now view to be small events attaining mass attention, but they attain mass attention! Therefore, recognize in this small event, for it is a small event but it is affecting of multitudes ...

RETA: But in its affecting the multitudes, it’s being broadcast through our media system in one way and interpreted through a lot of people’s minds or consciousness in another way. In this mass event, what is its real purpose?

ELIAS: It matters not how it is perceived. It matters that it is perceived. It is unimportant as to your opinion of the motivation behind the event. The importance lies in the attention, that it shall generate the attention of the masses. This also is quite affecting within you, to be offering you the example of the affectingness of a very small event. You do not believe that you are affecting within consciousness of multitudes. I express this to you often. You do not believe this. You are. Within one event, one very small event, multitudes have noticed. It has gained much attention. It has also lent energy to this shift.

RETA: In what way? I mean, it’s gotten attention, but how does that widen the shift? To me, it was based on nonsense, but how do I know? I’m judging, of course.

ELIAS: It matters not how you view the action of this event. It matters that you notice; for regardless of how you view this event or regardless of your individual judgments of this event, your perception is altered.

RETA: For good or bad, or just altered?

ELIAS: Just altered, which is the point. You are needing to be altering your perception to be widening. If you are continuing within your box of your belief systems, within the narrowness of your thinking, you shall not allow your periphery and you shall not allow other information. If you are altering your perception, you shall be allowing information. You shall be affecting of yourself and you shall be offering yourself the opportunity to be preparing for the incorporation of unofficial information.

Many may express, “I do not believe such things.” You have expressed many times, “I do not believe extraterrestrials.” You may believe also. It matters not. You have incorporated the thought process, which is different. This is affecting. It matters not that you fit these events into your belief systems. You are allowing yourselves en masse to notice, and what you notice is outside of your accepted official belief systems.

NORM: There’s a lot of people on this earth that do not have an opportunity to do what we do within this forum. Are they being affected on the unconscious or subjective level?

ELIAS: Absolutely.

NORM: And would you say that they do not need objective ideas such as what we have the opportunity to acquire here in order to be able to appropriately enter the shift?

ELIAS: I shall express to you all once again, you do not need this forum. It is unnecessary for your awareness for you to be interacting with Elias. You choose to engage this interaction, and the exchange is accomplished. Individuals throughout your planet shall draw themselves to information which shall be helpful to them. This is not to say that individuals shall all understand all that will occur; this being your objective in being helpful within consciousness. You view quite slightly presently a movement within consciousness, within yourselves objectively being affected. This affectingness causes confusion. At times it may cause you conflict, for you create conflict many times when you are confused. In this, you also shall experience moments of questioning where you shall be questioning of self and identity, as I have expressed to you often, and you may also question your reality. You hold information to allow you a footing, for you have asked. Therefore, you may experience these things but they shall be temporary, and you shall be accepting and understanding of what you experience. Others may experience these same occurrences, and as I have expressed to you previously, they will believe themselves to be entering insanity.

NORM: They choose this reality. They choose that trauma.

ELIAS: Yes, but I also express to you, in like manner to other individuals which I have addressed previously, I am not in agreement with the thought process and the direction that you move in within this statement. It is not merely, “Oh, well! These individuals create their own reality. It is of no consequence to me.” For what another creates, so do you also. What another experiences, so do you also. As you lend energy to the shift you lend energy to yourself, for there are no separations. There are no sections. Therefore, aspects of yourself choose, in your terms, the trauma, but you do not. Therefore, you may be helpful to other aspects of you in lessening this trauma, in recognition that it is unnecessary; not that it is “bad,” but it is unnecessary.

I shall break once again, and you may continue. You shall have your opportunity, Lawrence.

BREAK 10:14 PM.
RESUME Elias pops-in at 10:26 PM. in the middle of heated discussion. I was in the other room, but from viewing the tape, I don’t think anybody noticed right away. He just sat and listened as Reta was expressing her views on how public appearances should be handled. At one point she says, “Elias is listening to me!” Elias says, “Quite.”

RETA: Well, what’s your input, Elias? You’ve been listening to me. I’ve been concerned for weeks that this information should go forward, and that just letting it happen is not as fruitful as planning a little bit so that you can make it happen in a good way.

CATHY: There’s that word! (Laughter; the word being “good”)

RETA: After all, I’ve been in business. I wouldn’t go out and just go on the street and start selling pharmaceuticals. It takes nine years to get one out. It takes twelve years for experimentation. So you do all this and you finally send out a two-dollar bottle! It’s important to have the background, with all the material you have and all the inventions, to get that two-dollar bottle out in the proper audience.

ELIAS: I will express to you that it is important to hold awareness. It is important for individual preparation. It is unimportant to be selective of individuals within audience. These individuals have been within preparation for much time.

RETA: So you believe those that will come to hear have been being prepared?

ELIAS: Not all.

RETA: But most of them.

ELIAS: No. Some individuals shall be drawn for they have been prepared specifically also. Most individuals shall draw themselves for their own information and understanding. It matters not of those which appear within this forum. It is of concern to Elias also, of the welfare and well-being of Michael.

RETA: I’m very concerned.

ELIAS: Much preparation has been incorporated already, not only within the forum of these sessions.

RETA: And can you understand my desire to be helpful?

ELIAS: Absolutely, and I may also express that your vehemence within what you express shows the quality of Sumafi; a wishing of the least distortion. This is shared by these individuals also. I offer to you that within consciousness, the helpfulness and preparation is already offered. This essence shall have incorporated many individuals from the onset of these sessions. With respect to Michael we have incorporated few, for the preparation continued. It has been, in your terms, an ongoing process. Michael has been needing to be engaging of many belief systems and personal issues to be moving into a position of compliance with this agenda. This has been, to your way of thinking, supervised by these essences throughout this engagement. Much helpfulness has been offered to facilitate this action, which he also exhibits much subjective movement. These essences are not intrusive. Therefore, it has been Michael’s choice as to the actualization of this agenda.

RETA: Can you advise me on how to listen to your helpfulness, or to watch for those that are being helpful, or tell me how I can be more helpful?

ELIAS: You may be helpful within supportiveness and lending energy. You may be helpful in your crusade to be offering this information to new individuals.

RETA: Methods written, or by word, or just by lending energy?

ELIAS: You may choose for yourself which method you are wishing. You may incorporate your helpfulness in offering information to other individuals, and allowing them the opportunity to participate within this forum as they are drawn.

RETA: Okay. As we expand this forum, should it be more public, or should it be confined to those we choose to invite, or should it be just by the written word, expanding by the written word?

ELIAS: This inquiry was made within the beginnings of our sessions. This also held the same motivation, which is what you term to be pure of heart; a concern of this information and of the individuals that are participating in the delivery of this information. It was stated at that time that this information knows no bounds. It is not limited to any individuals, but it is limited within the confines of what is comfortable for Michael. Therefore, it is his choice. As he has chosen within this present now, he shall allow this information to be incorporated with many more individuals. We have waited for only his choice.

Within the process of this energy exchange, many opportunities have been offered to be instructional to Michael and helpful within practicing in anticipation of this movement. I shall express to you that this movement incorporates many more elements than you are aware. Many elements within individual issues and belief systems have been addressed. This has been a process initiated some time ago, and continuing. This agenda would not be becoming had these issues not been attended to.

Within this present now, Michael incorporates an understanding of the necessity for attention and focus. In this, there is no room for consuming issues. Therefore, these have been addressed to. Movement presently incorporates difficulty with this individual, for many very strongly held belief systems and issues of personal responsibility have been held throughout this focus. Now they are being moved through and accepted, but not without conflict; this being, in your terms also, a process.

Vic’s note: I can certainly attest to the personal responsibility issue!

Many probabilities have been set into motion in the effort to be accomplishing this agenda. Within objective physical manifestations of events, many occurrences have taken place which all intertwine and relate to each other. He does not recognize yet the interconnectedness of all of these events, but they are intimately intertwined and affect the accomplishment of movement into our new direction. In this, he has incorporated interaction involving Rudy, and also involving Elizabeth, and also the manifestation of Rose; these being very difficult issues to be addressed. Also, personal issues of what he views to be personality. Within other focuses, this individual chose different types of manifestations. In preparation for this phenomenon, this individual has chosen a different personality to be expressed physically within this focus, creating for much time period singular focuses and much isolation. This has been instrumental in allowing subjective activity to occur prior to the onset of this phenomenon. Now this becomes an issue within itself, for this agenda rearranges the action to be incorporated. There is no longer the luxury of isolation.

Within a recognition of this, as I have stated, much preparation has been incorporated. Events and probabilities have been drawn to lend accomplishment in moving into new areas. Much movement, as I have stated, has occurred within recent time period. Interaction of my dear friend (Paul (Patel)) has accelerated also. All of these events are connected. This very small mass event also falls within these probabilities. None of these actions are coincidental. Fear not and be not concerned, for helpfulness is offered already; and as we continue and as we actualize this agenda, more individuals are drawn, not coincidentally, to be offering helpfulness.

There is no need for what you view to be protection. It is established. That which is needed within objective expression and imagery shall be accomplished also, for those that shall be accomplishing these actions shall be incorporated within this forum. Those which are involved presently have already been being prepared. Therefore, worry is unnecessary. Much preparation has been incorporated within this forum of certain individuals who shall be lending much support with Michael, and I have individually been involved with these individuals personally for much time.

I shall ask Matthew also of your intention, for this being your choice, as of all individuals; but you have been drawn not accidentally and incorporate a role within this agenda also, as you are aware.

DREW: I am available to be helpful in any way I can.

ELIAS: Agreed.

Katarina incorporates helpfulness within consciousness continued, which is facilitating of the oncoming of actualization of my dear friend (Paul (Patel)) within greater physical exchange. Therefore, it is unnecessary that an individual, as you may notice, be physically incorporated with you, for their energy may be incorporated to facilitate action regardless; and we shall express presently back to Olivia of your message to Elias of the inception, for the energy lent by this individual shall be helpful in actualizing more information completely, which you have been prepared for.

NORM: Will Charles L. be interacting with this group at all, with the telephone call I had this morning?

ELIAS: I express to you that I wish not to be entering areas of commitment of yes or no to these questions, for these are probabilities and each of you holds choice. Therefore, all action is probable. Be remembering, as I have expressed to Dehl, that you are influencing. You hold more influential power than you realize. This is not to be instructing you to be recruiting converts, for we do not incorporate this action. You are not disciples! But you may be sharing of information. (Pause) Lawrence!

VICKI: Yes! I would like to ask another question about this mass event. What I wonder is, there are people who would enter this forum and experience things that they would term as insanity, as you put it, or they may view from outside and think that these individuals are insane within their incorporation of this forum. And of course, there are many people presently within the media that are viewing the action of these people within this mass event as insanity.

ELIAS: Quite.

VICKI: It seems to me that there’s no less validity within their direction of information and their action and their present experience than there is within ours or anybody else’s.

ELIAS: Correct. (Pause)

VICKI: Well, that’s the end of my question in that area! (Laughter) I thought we might have a little argument about that, but I guess not. So there really is no difference. It’s the same.

ELIAS: I have expressed to you, you shall draw information to yourself. You place judgments upon belief systems of other individuals for you disagree. Therefore, you view another individual holding different belief systems from yourself as not acceptable, and you also, if this individual is not conforming to official accepted belief systems, deem them as abnormal. You must discover the “wrongness” of them, for their behavior is unacceptable; just as Aileen’s child is unacceptable within behavior. It is no different. The accomplishment has been made. It matters not. The energy has been lent. Therefore, it matters not. The energy has been lent to this forum, to be continuing and incorporating its agenda.

VICKI: Really!

ELIAS: Really! (Much laughter)

VICKI: That’s interesting!

ELIAS: All of these probabilities overlap and are intertwined, as I have expressed.

RON: Can I ask a question about probabilities? Are objective probabilities more prone to changeability than subjective probabilities?

ELIAS: No. Probabilities are probabilities. They are choices and neither is more subject to changing of, for they are all choices and you may change your direction spontaneously within either.

RON: It seems that objectively you tend to alter your choices more often than you would subjectively, because subjectively you already would incorporate a more efficient choice because you have more of an understanding of which choice would be more efficient.

ELIAS: Ah, but you objectively choose the mirror image of your subjective movement. Therefore, your imagery objectively is influenced by your movement and choices subjectively.

RON: That makes sense.

ELIAS: (Grinning) Thank you very much! (We all crack up)

DREW: Regarding this mass event, when you say that their experience is as valid as our experience in this forum, there is a difference however, in terms of belief systems relative to truth, is there not?

ELIAS: As I have stated many times, truth within physical focus is relative.

DREW: Relative to what?

ELIAS: To your belief systems.

DREW: Well, in other words ... Let me rephrase the question. Their belief system that they will be rendezvousing with a UFO subjectively is further from the truth than what we’re learning in this forum. Would that be safe to say?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. It is an interpretation. An alien craft, within their belief systems, may mean subjectively the same as essence.

DREW: Symbolism.

ELIAS: It is imagery. I have expressed to you that many individuals encounter alien creatures. What they in actuality encounter is themselves. They encounter their own essence. Their imagery is created in the form of a little gray squashy guy! (Grinning)

RETA: Now when they go ... Getting out of physical focus into truth and into their essence in transition, are they still in that spaceship? Are they still with that alien? How long does it take them to understand truth?

ELIAS: Within the area of transition they shall not be upon a craft, for within the area of consciousness of transition they shall be merging objective and subjective activity to be removing objectivity and belief systems.

RETA: They’re gonna be disappointed, you know.

ELIAS: Not necessarily. They may be temporarily incorporating the experience they seek before they are entering transition. Each of you shall experience that which you seek before entering transition; although some individuals, incorporating lunacy, (humorously) shall be experiencing transition within physical focus! (Much laughter) Therefore, they shall skip a shell and they shall not enter into the area of creating what they choose within what you think of as fantasy before entering transition, for they are already entered into transition. (To Vic) There shall be no alien craft waiting for you!

VICKI: Oh, that’s so disappointing ...

ELIAS: (Dramatically) I am understanding of this. We shall call a moment of mourning. (Much laughter)

VICKI: Now wait a second! Couldn’t I conceivably connect with the experience of these individuals presently?

ELIAS: You shall not ride the ship! (Laughing) Partially, yes. You may within consciousness connect with the experience of these individuals presently empathically, for they have not entered transition. Although you shall not ride the ship! (Laughter)

VICKI: Maybe I shall ride the ship!

ELIAS: I challenge you!

VICKI: I hear that!

ELIAS: We shall note this also for Michael for dream imagery, that you may be not turning away with the next encounter! (Chuckling)

VICKI: It’s quite possible!

BOB: I have a question. It seems likely that the experience of these thirty-some people collectively might not be the same ...

ELIAS: Quite right.

BOB: ... that where we view them all as being somewhat in concert both in intent and action, that the actual result may be quite different, some of them reluctantly going along, some of them jubilantly going along, some of them having different perspectives. Even if they have the same attitude towards this event, the chances of them all arriving at the same place seems somewhat unlikely to me. Would that be an accurate assessment of their action?

ELIAS: Very accurate. Each shall incorporate their own individual experience.

BOB: So they could all be scattered to the winds, so to speak.

ELIAS: Each will manifest the experience of their beliefs. Each will view what they anticipate to view. Not all images are the same.

DREW: I have a couple of questions on a personal note, if we can digress for a moment. In my widening, I have been allowing and aware of many experiences this week. Three in particular stand out. In the past, over the years, even since I was little, quite often, usually around bedtime, I would have the sense of a presence, of not being alone. In the past when I would feel that I would be afraid, and wish the presence well but wish it away. The other night I had the same feeling, but instead of wishing it away, allowed the feeling to be present and accepted it. In addition to the sensation of a presence, if you will, washing over me and through me, I was surprised to have the feeling that this presence was the same presence that I have been aware of over the years. It was familiar. I was wondering if you might have any comment or insight.

ELIAS: Many times, individuals allow themselves this type or similar experiences. Some individuals do not understand what they are allowing. Therefore, they become confused and frightened. As you allow yourself more trustfulness within self, therefore allowing more openness, you banish these fears and you may realize the familiarity of this energy. This energy is not the energy of another essence. This energy is energy directed to you of yourself, of your essence.

Within metaphysical belief systems, an individual may express to you that this is your “higher self” visiting you. I express to you that you are your higher self. It is an awareness of your subjective focus, which you allow within an objective awareness. Many individuals incorporate this action as children and attach an image and a name, creating an invisible friend. Some individuals interpret fearfully, and as a child invent a monster or a demon which is visiting them within the darkness; this being a bleed-through of belief systems held within other focuses attached to this focus, within a small one.

I shall also express to you that this is valuable information for you to be noticing and understanding; for this, as other information that you have incorporated recently, is validation to you of subjective movement which is moving very, very swiftly. This has been an openness for much time, although misunderstood and therefore regarded as suspect; but as you incorporate presently more information, you hold more of a willingness to be allowing of activity. This is a natural occurrence that you have allowed. Many, many individuals do not allow this interaction at all.

DREW: Is there any uniqueness or significance to these times when I feel this energy, or is it just an awareness of an energy that’s always there?

ELIAS: An awareness of an energy that is always there; although you may, at times, notice that you may be reinforced and supported with this energy as you may experience some uncomfortable events, or you may be subjectively engaging belief systems. Therefore, you may not incorporate immediately a recognition objectively of this movement, but your essence shall. Therefore, it shall be present and supportive in the event of allowing itself to be objectively noticed.

DREW: Okay. A couple of other things. I’m having some unofficial information right now as I look at you. I don’t want to call it an aura, but kind of an energy around your head, or a shape as you move.

ELIAS: It is an energy field.

DREW: Interesting to watch. Wow! I have to take my eyes off of it because it’s kind of compelling. Let me ask you about a couple of other things that happened this week. During a TFE that I did recently, I had the feeling while I was in it, particularly during specific images, physically of my body having the feeling of stretching, and at certain periods of time being very dizzy. A few days later, while relating the experience to Gail, particularly these same images, a few minutes later I had the same dizziness for the rest of the night. Would that just be disorientation as a result of the imagery, or is it more significant than that?

ELIAS: This is not only disorientation, although initially there occurs an element of this. This stretching sensation that you experience is a physical incorporation of body consciousness adjustment. Within another focus, the body structure is different. Therefore, the physical feeling is incorporated as a recognition within body consciousness, in an attempt to be adjusting in size.

As to the element of dizzy, this is not completely disorientation; although initially, as I have stated, partially it is, for some individuals do experience, at times, this type of disorientation. As you have incorporated much subjective activity and have allowed yourself the opportunity to be aware of much subjective activity, two elements occur. Physically, your body consciousness acknowledges this, physically affecting equilibrium, as you term this. Mentally, or what you think of as mentally, your consciousness is attempting to be assimilating the action which is occurring. In this, it is affecting of physical expression also, as we have spoken previously of opening neurological pathways which are newly exposed. Some individuals experience painfulness within physical head. Some individuals experience dizziness. Some individuals experience discomfort, and also nausea. These are physical expressions in response to subjective activity which you are allowing to be recognized objectively.

This dizziness also accompanies, in this case, that which other individuals have experienced previously in a noticing of blinking. Individuals physically express this sensation as disoriented, or fuzzy ... I am liking this word! ... or strangeness. You do not experience being “gone,” but your perception appears to be distorted for you are allowing a bleed-through of your blinking which interrupts the flow and consistency of your attention objectively, therefore creating a disturbance. This is not always the case with such symptoms, but within these occurrences this is the same action which has been incorporated within a noticing of blinking with other individuals within this forum. This also serves as an indication for you to be noticing of the swiftness of movement, for you have been incorporated within this group a small amount of your time period. Some time element was occurring before other individuals were experiencing of this action.

DREW: There was one other experience, and I’ll be brief because I know it’s getting late. And then if you want to address this halo I’m seeing around your head ... It’s really pretty strong! I don’t know how to describe it because I’ve never seen it before. It’s very interesting!

ELIAS: It is ...

DREW: It has no color.

ELIAS: ... an allowance of yourself to be viewing the reality of the energy exchange, to which there have been many individuals who have allowed this also.

DREW: There was one other experience I had, which was waking up, I think I was awake, and I sat up in my bed in my bedroom and looked around and, knowing it was my bedroom, at the same time didn’t know where I was. This happened last week after a session. So while I intellectually knew and was telling myself I was in my bedroom, it was almost as if I was seeing it for the first time and didn’t know where I was.

ELIAS: This is a reorientation in reentry of consciousness into body consciousness. Therefore, you have allowed yourself the awareness momentarily of being engaged in that which you term to be out-of-body, which we have classified as our OOB. This offers you further subjective validation objectively, therefore allowing you to view that you may accomplish these actions and that you do accomplish these actions, regardless of whether you are intentionally objectively planning them. You engage this action within every sleep state. You engage this action many other times also, but you always engage this action within your sleep state. You do not always allow yourself the opportunity to view and experience this removal of consciousness from body consciousness.

DREW: This was actually the reentry I was experiencing?

ELIAS: Correct; which momentarily shall feel, within your sensory perception, to be strange and unfamiliar.

DREW: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

GAIL: I have a quick question. What are all the high-pitched sounds that I’ve been hearing lately?

ELIAS: (Accessing) This is an objective translation of tone. You have incorporated the event of allowing yourself to be noticing of alternate selves within previous time period, and you presently allow yourself the differentiation of individual tones of these alternates. This is an incorporation of acquainting yourself with yourself.

GAIL: It’s funny because I know that I’m gonna hear it before I hear it. It’s like I know it’s gonna hit me before it hits me ...

ELIAS: For the tone has already occurred. What you hear is the translation.

GAIL: Oh! And they are different.

BOB: Is subjective activity consistent in magnitude and frequency?

ELIAS: In relation to?

BOB: Drew is asking about whether or not this sense of himself, this subjective self as you identify it, at times seems to be stronger than other times, and he asked whether or not that was because of a noticing and you said for the most part that it was, but it occurs to me that there would be periods of time, just like with objective activity, that subjectively you might be more active or louder, or the nature of your subjective activity would be such that it would be more noticeable as opposed to other times.

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking. The energy is not different. The energy is not more intense or less intense, or more abundant or less abundant.

BOB: That would be true either subjectively or objectively?


BOB: So in subjective terms energy is consistent, but in objective terms energy varies.

ELIAS: In subjective terms, energy is consistent in itself. It is not consistent in its movement, its vibration, its motion, and its interaction. Therefore objectively, energy is not consistent. It is consistent, once again, within itself, but it is not consistent within its manifestation.

BOB: So action is different.

ELIAS: Correct.

BOB: So it is conceivable that as Drew’s awareness grows, that his ability to recognize more subtle activity would grow ...

ELIAS: Correct.

BOB: ... but that now he is recognizing, for lack of a better term, the more agitated or the bigger events of subjective activity as opposed to the smaller ones, if I can use that terminology knowing its limitations.

ELIAS: Correct, within what you are expressing. Yes, and as this continues, the recognition of the quieter voice shall be actualized also. (Pause)

We shall be ...

NORM: I have a question, if I may. This last week I’ve been evaluating this focus in regard to value fulfillment, and it seems as if I feel that this is essentially complete. Am I right on that?

ELIAS: There is no completion.

NORM: I understand that. Is ... There is no completion. Okay.

ELIAS: If you have, in your manner of thinking, accomplished or completed your value fulfillment within an individual focus, you will cease the focus. You shall disengage the particular focus, for it shall be unnecessary for you to be continuing.

NORM: I have one more question. Is disentanglement from camouflage automatic upon death?


NORM: So it’s part of the transition.

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

We shall disengage for this evening, and I shall affectionately bid you all ... (to Reta) Continue your crusade! (Laughter) ... a very fond au revoir!

Elias departs at 11:46 PM.

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