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Monday, March 31, 1997

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ďAnother Pretty Little BowĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), and Cathy (Shynla).

Elias arrives at 8:05 PM. (Time was ten seconds.)

ELIAS: Bon jour, Lawrence.

VICKI: Hello, Elias. I have a couple of questions for some other people and for myself also, as does Ron, so thatís why weíre here. Iím going to start with Uriel. He is very curious about a recent comment you made, that you would be offering information to him in the future. He wanted me to ask about it last night, but it really didnít seem appropriate.

ELIAS: This individual, as you have already become aware, holds connections with these individuals of this pyramid within consciousness, and also within other focuses. This individual has been involved within focuses which are presently relative to this focus and manifestation, and its intent. Therefore, he holds great influence within consciousness, and may be lending of energy to a great extent. You have already accomplished establishing partial remembrance within this area involving this individual. As to this individualís involvement with Rameau within this same previous focus, in your terms, the involvement was not of the individual that he assumes but of another individual, this individual being more closely related with these individuals within this pyramid. I express to Uriel that his involvement with Rameau, in respect to this particular focus in question, is not an involvement within his homeland.

VICKI: Is it Annette?

ELIAS: Correct. These individuals also have manifest several times within focuses together, within different relationships. This particular focus is the one focus which, to an extent, mirrors this present focus in the nature of relationship. Generally, these essences have manifest within focuses together, creating different types of relationships as friendships or as being related. Within one focus and now with this present focus, they incorporate two focuses holding what you would term to be a romantic relationship. This is not the type of relationship that they have shared within many of their focuses, although the connections are strong within the other focus, and in this they bleed through to this focus; for much of that focus, within these individuals connected within this phenomenon, bleeds through to this focus, for it is instrumental and influencing of your probabilities within this focus. I have expressed to you previously that these are parallel focuses.

You may also offer to this individual that he may be acknowledging more of self and incorporating less discounting of self, that he holds no less ability, objectively or subjectively, than Rameau, and that his connections within themselves are great independent of Rameau. Also, you may acknowledge to this individual that he may continue to attempt to objectively recognize the action that he engages subjectively, for he also projects no less than Rameau. The presence within this audience is consistent.

VICKI: Iíll do that. I finally recognized his presence one evening, but I donít think he believes me!

ELIAS: Perhaps he shall be believing Elias ... or perhaps not!

VICKI: I have a few questions also for Kaileen. She was surprised at her essence name because she had a name in her head for a long time I guess, and this name is Cahuenga. Sheís curious what significance this word holds to her.

ELIAS: This is a focus. Many bleed-throughs occur presently. You need only differentiate what you are viewing, what information you are tuning into, and allow yourselves the opportunity to be connecting with this information to decipher its position.

VICKI: Her other question is, sheís curious if you can give her some insight as to her connections with an individual named Rae.

ELIAS: (Accessing) Quite interesting! Express to this individual that within investigation of this name, there shall also be information of this other individual.

VICKI: The other person that I have a question for is Sena. Itís a dream question, and Iím going to read what she wrote to me. ďI was dreaming a regular dream, and suddenly a hole burned in celluloid flashed on the screen that was my dream. Thatís all the action there was, but a film is my symbol for this reality that I create, and a hole suddenly appearing in it is my equivalent of a hole in a veil, so to speak. My experience with what was behind the veil was that of an observer. I saw nothing with my dream eyes, but sensed that something felt like a void of nothing, yet everything. I could sense the rich bed of probabilities that became extant through our choices. Curiously, there was not a lot of emotion associated with the void. I thought this was an interesting dream in that I knew what was going on before I woke up, and actually composed a letter to you about it while I was still asleep. I remember my description of it as being really eloquent, but the closer I got to waking reality the harder it got to describe what I felt. So, would you ask Elias for some confirmation of what happened?Ē

ELIAS: This dream imagery has not occurred within your immediate recent days.

VICKI: Correct.

ELIAS: This imagery is also a recognition of the motion of probabilities to which we spoke of yester evening. There are many connections as to be tied in our pretty little bow, once again!

VICKI: I would imagine!

ELIAS: There are many actions which have been occurring within what you view to be recent time period; not all immediate recent past, but a relative short time period. Many individuals have offered themselves imagery and also have lent energy into the movement that presently occurs. This movement that we engage in regard to our agenda is not singular. It is quite connected with much other movement throughout your planet, but within many individuals, more than you are aware of, there are direct influences and movements and recognitions within consciousness lending energy to the action of this agenda; this dream imagery being part of this too, connected with the event of which we spoke yester evening and also with more events and probabilities which I anticipate you shall be inquiring of, and as you do, I shall pull your pieces together for you.

VICKI: This dream is also connected with this event?

ELIAS: Correct, and also with this movement within this agenda.

VICKI: She was curious, in this particular dream, if maybe she was moving a little closer to understanding the dream mission.

ELIAS: It may be used within your dream mission to be gaining information, although the imagery is allowing for interpretations for objective manifestations. (Cathy arrives) Good evening, Shynla.

VICKI: Itís a pyramid thing!

ELIAS: Quite!

VICKI: So what about this event with the lady I saw in the bank?

ELIAS: Ah! Now we incorporate the anticipated missing piece!

VICKI: This was the missing piece?

ELIAS: Now I shall offer you your pretty little bow!

VICKI: Cool!

ELIAS: This is a projection and an intersection within another essence lending energy to these probabilities. All of these actions are connected. How this individual is connected to these probabilities is to be serving within consciousness to be reminding you of your city, which I have expressed exists, yet does not. I have expressed to you at your inquiry that what you term to be the pond is non-physical, but is physical. Your mountain and your pond and your caverns exist physically. Your city exists at this location, although not to your present viewing, for you have not created it yet.

This also is part of the probabilities involved with this shift and consciousness; the recognition of the instrumental action of the Seers and the reincorporation within physical focus of these essences. Therefore, you have been offered the opportunity to intersect with this essence, as it has been offering you information to be noticing of your city and its connection to the movement of your shift; which also involves this dream imagery, which is representative of not only a hole within a veil but also of an opening into a new existence, as your cavern opens to a new existence within your created city.

This is connected also to the action of these individuals choosing this very small mass event, in your terms, lending energy to the movement within consciousness of the shift and of this agenda, to be creating of questioning. These individuals created a dramatic scenario which calls for questioning upon your parts, for their action seems inconsistent. But you see, they do not view death as death. They do not view this action as suicide. They are traveling.

VICKI: How does that affect their engagement of transition?

ELIAS: Presently, as I have stated to you, they have not engaged transition.

VICKI: This is a very big belief system, how we view death. Will their viewing of it, being different, be affecting of their action of transition?

ELIAS: It will serve to hold no fear. It will not be influencing in their accomplishment of their movement through belief systems, but they shall not incorporate fearfulness entering new areas of consciousness, which many of you incorporate in relation to the idea of death.

VICKI: So to go back to what you were talking about with the lady in the bank, the essence thatís been delivering information, this would be the essence of Ordin?


VICKI: Okay. Well, Iím still a little confused. (A little? Ha!)

ELIAS: Ordin has been instrumental, although this is not the focus of this essence. (Pause, staring at Vic)

VICKI: Well? Which essence is it? (Now Elias is staring at Ron)

RON: I donít know. I was zoning.

VICKI: Ayla, perhaps?

ELIAS: One point!

RON: I have to go into my subjective library and look up what that was because I missed it objectively! (Laughter)

VICKI: So was Ronís interpretation of what he felt last night, was this correct? (Ron said he felt the energy of Ayla)

ELIAS: Yes. I have expressed previously that this essence has incorporated engagement already, within energy exchange accomplished with Paul.

RON: I know when youíre talking about.

ELIAS: As this has been incorporated already, there is an openness to be allowing of the interaction of this essence. Therefore, it manifests an energy recognition with you. It is not hurtful, although it is different within energy recognition from what you are accustomed to.

RON: Itís almost uncomfortable.

ELIAS: You may be expressing terminology as oppressive. I suggest to you that this family, if you are recalling our discussions, has been quite influential within, quotes, ďrevolutionary actions.Ē Clue! Therefore, if you are objectively thinking of revolutionary actions you shall associate oppressiveness, this signifying the emotional quality of this action and this family. You shall also recall, this family incorporates extreme emotional qualities ... a flair for the dramatic! (Gee, I donít recall much drama going on around here lately!) (The essence family referred to here is the Vold family)

VICKI: Well, then I would want to ask about Paulís interaction with Kaileen and several other individuals recently, in which he was ... I didnít really understand what he said, but he was connecting this individual of Kaileen somehow with Ayla also, and it wasnít clear. Can you elaborate on that? (Pause) Am I just being dense?

ELIAS: No, Lawrence, although with respect to my dear pupil, of which he is, at this time, for this one time, I choose to allow his attempting to be clarifying of himself for this is good practice, and as you are practicing he may be practicing also, for we anticipate, as I have stated, the inception to be created soon. Therefore, practice shall be beneficial for this essence, and if you are continuing to not be understanding I shall offer you a complete explanation, but with respect to this dear one, I shall allow his attempt to be explanatory himself. Be remembering of your Seven, whom had a tendency to be jumping ahead of himself at times.

VICKI: Iíd like to ask another question about this small mass event.

ELIAS: You may.

VICKI: What do you term this in your terms? Do you term it a mass event?

ELIAS: I shall express that it may be termed a mass event, or a collective event.

VICKI: So this of course is being objectively perceived by the majority, as we were talking about last night, as a pretty crazy bunch of people that committed a pretty crazy act, and thatís how the media is presenting it, in a very singular direction. My question is, whatís going on subjectively with this event as opposed to what appears to be going on objectively?

ELIAS: This has been expressed within our session of yester evening.

VICKI: Okay. Well, I can probably pick that up when I get to the transcript. Iím willing to do that. I just have a lot of curiosity about it. I canít help it! (Laughter)

CATHY: I have a little dream question, since youíre here. I was wondering, in my dream where Drew took his glasses off and handed them to me, when I looked through his glasses I saw two of everything. The only thing I can think of is that when I did the mirror exercise I saw two of everything, and if I remember correctly that had something to do with my dispersed essence?

ELIAS: Correct.

CATHY: Does that perhaps mean that Drew has some kind of dispersed essence or something?

ELIAS: No. This is your language to you, be remembering. This would be a reminder of you and your connectedness and your dispersement, of which extends to this individual also.

CATHY: You mean the remembrance part extends to this individual?

ELIAS: The dispersement.

CATHY: Iím confused now!

ELIAS: Within the focus of your essence, you choose the action of dispersement which allows you a mergence with other essences, as projecting aspects of your essence to other essences; in like manner to Rose, another dispersed essence.

CATHY: Oh. (Much laughter) Just have to think about that, and think about it, and think some more!

ELIAS: Not all essences choose to be incorporating this action, as I have stated previously. In actuality, a minority, so to speak, of essences incorporate this action. You, being Seer also, choose to be a dispersed essence. This allows you to be incorporating aspects of your essence within other essences. I shall offer to you that if you are choosing to be engaging your new game ever, your experience may be different from these individuals, for you may find yourself experiencing focuses that you may not attribute to you. You may experience your own essence focuses, and you may also experience other essence focuses, for you are dispersed within them.

CATHY: Gee, that would be exciting! (Cathy, youíre so droll!)

RON: Iím confused about information that was offered last night concerning Katarina. (1)

ELIAS: This individual continues to be lending energy. I have expressed to you previously that this individual is instrumental within the action of the energy exchange that you engage, as likened to Lawrenceís position and influencing within this energy exchange. It is unnecessary for you to incorporate physical proximity with this individual. The energy is lent, regardless. Within recent time period this individual, subjectively and also objectively, has incorporated thought processes within this direction, lending an increased amount of energy to be facilitating of the movement of this energy exchange that you incorporate, therefore furthering this action and allowing you to be approaching your verbalization.

RON: Okay.

ELIAS: Therefore, as individuals may disengage from this forum, they have been drawn to this forum for a reason, and their interaction does not discontinue merely as they physically disengage interaction with you within these sessions. The contact has been made, which objectively creates a reality within the individuals, which serves to strengthen the lending of energy projection. (Pause)

VICKI: So itís all really real, huh?

ELIAS: Quite! Absolutely!

VICKI: To go back to your comments about the city and how this fits into these probabilities, which I donít really understand but I will, I suppose itís also not an accident that I have this piece of paper that Iíve been meaning to share with our group for two or three weeks now from this individual, I canít remember his essence name, Malhai, is that it? In which heís had quite a few interesting dreams about a city. For example, the first sentence on this one is, ďIt seems to be located near a range of mountains, the portions I have visited most recently,Ē and he goes on for quite some time about his connection with this city, so I imagine that would be fitting into there too.

ELIAS: And interesting that you have not shared this information that you have held until this time, as you gain objectively the information in connection of all of these probabilities. (Pause)

VICKI: So, do you have anything to say to Michael tonight?

ELIAS: Let us review. Number one, express well done. I acknowledge in objective action incorporated this day, for many individuals will not be realizing of this difficulty which is incorporated. Also, acknowledge interaction of Dehl in not controlling or directing, and allowing movement within probabilities naturally. (Staring at Vic)

VICKI: Got the message!

ELIAS: It is unnecessary to be directing of probabilities. They have been set into motion. Control is a facade. It is an illusion. It is unnecessary.

VICKI: This is probably one of the reasons this individual irritates me sometimes, isnít it now? (Itís that mirroring thing!)

ELIAS: Quite!

CATHY: She wasnít trying to get you to wear a flowered dress in your dream last night though! (Cracking up)

ELIAS: And were you noticing of these colors?

CATHY: Of the dress? (Pause) Pink and blue seems to stand out in the flowers on the dress. It was such a weird dream!

ELIAS: This being paralleling of colors also within Michaelís dream imagery, to which he may be expressing also, ďSuch a weird dream image!Ē (Laughter) And also incorporating irritation!

VICKI: So why does the alien thing seem different? Whatís the ďmore to it?Ē

ELIAS: It is a new creation, and it is also directly influencing and involved with the action of the shift. Therefore, it is different ... although it is not!

VICKI: Itís just objective imagery, correct?

ELIAS: Correct. This has been stated.

VICKI: But it appears to be different because of the action of the shift, and so it stands out.

ELIAS: Correct. It is removed from your accepted, official belief systems. (Pause) Are you wishing more questions?

VICKI: No, I think thatís enough for me tonight.

ELIAS: Very well. (To Ron) Are you wishing of more questions?

RON: Just one. Why did the chicken cross the road? (Laughter)

ELIAS: Ah! I was incorporating such disappointment that this was not inquired of within our session of yester eve!

RON: I just didnít get around to it.

ELIAS: For the experience!

RON: You know, I thought thatís probably what you would say!

ELIAS: Which you may incorporate, as an addition, I choose to be placed objectively below our Einstein! I would not presume to be placed above our Einstein, for I am not a master. Yet! (Chuckling) Although I may create myself to be!

Very well. I shall re-engage with you soon. Continue with our agenda! It is important. It is reality. Affectionately to you all, adieu.

Elias departs at 9:04 PM.


(1) Katarina is the essence name of a very nice fellow named Jeff who attended sessions last year for a while. Elias said then that Jeff would be instrumental within Ronís energy exchange with Paul.

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