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Saturday, April 19, 1997

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Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Cathy (Shynla), Gail (William), Bob (Simon), Drew (Matthew), Tom (James), Norm (Stephen), Reta (Dehl), Guin (Sophia), Carole (Dimin), Christie (Oliver), Donovan, Mary, Stella, Teri, Colleen, and Gail. (The names in parenthesis are what Elias terms “essence names/tones.”)

Vic’s note: Many thanks to all the folks who came and offered their support and energy during this first public appearance. I know that Mary would want me to express her appreciation to each and every one of you, including the folks who weren’t physically present but participated within consciousness. Also, we would like to thank Gail at Angel’s Corner for allowing us the opportunity to use her facility.

Elias arrives at 3:15 PM. (Time was thirty-five seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon. (The group responds)

This day, we shall be addressing to information that is relevant to many of you and useful to all of you. I am expressing to those individuals that appear newly, welcome!

You speak within physical focus of goals. You set goals for yourselves which you attempt to attain, and you are disappointed many times, for you do not materialize what you focus upon within your goals. You set time frameworks for yourselves to be accomplishing these goals, and you become distressed with yourselves as you do not accomplish successfully. You look to many different teachers which express to you to be affirming to yourselves positive thinking, and that in this, if you are concentrating singularly enough, you shall materialize what you want. I have expressed previously that you manifest what you concentrate upon, although this becomes misinterpreted; for it is unnecessary to be continually concentrating upon one specific area. Many times you defeat yourselves in this very manner.

Let us also look momentarily to your history in regard to your shift; for all of these elements are to be considered within this present now, as you wish to be manifesting your wants. (1)

As you are moving into your shift in consciousness presently, you are also dealing with and moving through many, many established belief systems. Throughout this present century you have, en masse and individually, been attacking these belief systems. You have created world wars to be attacking and breaking down the established, held belief systems. You are moving out of your religious element and time period into a new time of consciousness.

Within many of your mass events, such as your wars and many conflicts, religion plays a very strong role. It is correct that religion has played a strong role throughout history within warring events, but presently within this century you war against the religious focuses in general; not to be converting other individuals to a religious thought process, but to be eliminating the thought process of religious ideas; for within you intuitively, you recognize the movement in consciousness away from this element into a new birth and a new area of consciousness within your physical focus. This is relevant to you each individually also, for each of you holds many belief systems that you must widen and accept before you may be manifesting many of your wants.

Each of you may sit and may express quite solid physical wants within this particular focus. You may want better health. You may want more finances. You may want another house. You may want a new career. You strive towards these things, and you aim at them as goals. Then you concentrate quite singularly upon these; affirming to yourselves over and over that you shall attain this, thinking quite positively, in your terms; and you view no materialization, and you become frustrated. You individually are also battling many belief systems as you are moving into the action of this shift. Therefore, you do not automatically create differences, for your belief systems block your wants.

You may think within your thought processes that you hold no belief systems. Therefore, what may be blocking of your movement in attaining your goal? I express to you, each of you holds belief systems presently that shall be restraining you. One of the belief systems is that if you are expressing affirmations to yourselves over and over, you shall materialize what you want. You may look to yourselves, and you may see that this does not work. In some cases this may be accomplished, but there are other factors that are accomplishing the materialization of the wants within those individuals; for they set out what they desire, and they let go. They hold no expectation. Therefore, they receive what they have chosen and focused upon to be creating.

You spend much time in one sense affirming to yourselves what you desire, and also simultaneously you are reinforcing your belief systems, expressing that you may not attain this. Within yourselves, you express to your inner self that you are not worthy of what you want. You may become “enlightened” and you may attribute your lack of movement to belief systems of another focus. “An alternate self or another focus of myself holds this belief system. Therefore, it is affecting of me.” You are not victims! You create your reality. You create all of your reality. If you are accepting of self and trusting of self, you shall materialize that which you set before you to create.

This is sounding quite simple. This is truly one of your most difficult tasks, for you do not accept and trust yourselves. If you are trusting of self you may say, “I choose excellent health,” and you may give no more thought to this choice and it shall be, for you believe and trust that it shall. You hold no doubt. I wager to say, no individual within this forum may express that they hold no doubt! This being the area that you may practice your affirmation, but not in the manner that you are accustomed to; as you are reciting to yourself phrases over and over as a machine, hoping that within yourself eventually you shall believe yourself and your affirmation. I express to you, you may affirm anything to yourself; and then, believe this.

You, once again, shall not betray you. You are your highest expression, and you shall always look for your highest value fulfillment, and you shall accomplish this. You may express that you experience conflict; for you are striving and striving, and you are not accomplishing what you choose to be accomplishing, and your existence holds much struggling and conflict; and you may even express that you do not understand your purpose or your point. If you are allowing yourself the freedom to accept self, and to know that you have manifest to experience and that no experience is worse or better and that you are perfectly creating within every moment of your focus, you shall eliminate much of your conflict.

I have expressed this many times, although to this present now within your physical focus, you do not understand. You wish to be seeking out individuals that shall map your road for you, that shall express to you, “Move this way. Accomplish this. Occupy yourself with this job. Be creative within this area, and you shall be successful.” You shall be successful when you are believing in you. When you are allowing yourself to loosen your hold upon the duplicity of self, then you shall be accomplishing; but as you continue to view better and worse and you are striving and not addressing to the belief systems that you hold, you shall continue within your conflict. Do you not think that if this were not so, that throughout your ages individuals upon your planet would not have already formulated the method for complete, ultimate successfulness in every area?

You are inventive creatures. You are extremely creative. You may build machinery to explore your physical space, but you may not solve these tiny individual problems of successfulness within individuals; for no prophet or psychic may express to you a method for accomplishment, if you are not trusting of you.

I shall allow you questions, if you are wishing.

DREW: I have a question. In your terms, would it be true to say that success is ultimately acceptance?

ELIAS: In my terms, it is not important. In your terms, it is important.

DREW: Well, it seems that if trusting self and allowing yourself to physically manifest what is in alignment with your intent and your value fulfillment is really the most efficient way to eliminate conflict, it seems that wants would be in opposition to that.

ELIAS: Not necessarily; but if your wants become obsessive or if your wants are occupying the majority of your thought process, then you are thwarting yourself.

DREW: Wouldn’t a trusting of self and a belief and an understanding that no experience is better or worse lead to an acceptance of, “Any experience is okay and in alignment with intent?” And if I were to put myself in a position of that kind of trust and acceptance of whatever happens, it seems that that would eliminate wants.

ELIAS: You shall have desires which are in line with your intent. Your wants shall become temporary.

DREW: Temporary until they’re fulfilled? Why would they be temporary?

ELIAS: In this, I may express that within reality your ongoing wants are also temporary, but within this context I express that they shall be very temporary; for you may desire movement into new areas, as you are always becoming and exploring, but you shall not experience conflict with these wants which are connected to the desire; for you shall allow yourself, within trust, to manifest. Therefore, these shall be temporary. You experience conflict for you do not manifest. Therefore, you continue your cycle over and over. You do not manifest; therefore, you concentrate more; therefore, you experience more conflict; and as you experience more conflict, you concentrate more, and you experience more conflict!

DREW: Would wants that are not in alignment with our intent be a result of belief systems?

ELIAS: Absolutely.

CAROL: Would you repeat that?

DREW: The question was, would wants that are not in alignment with our intent be a result of belief systems?

CAROL: (Sighing) Thank you.

NORM: Bummer!

DREW: And so this kind of brings me back to this idea that ... Because you know I like methods! They’re helpful for me. If I want to apply what you’re talking about, the first step for me would be to concentrate less on my wants and just have more of an allowance of action, whatever that action is, without judgment about it.

ELIAS: Partially.

DREW: Okay, what’s the other part??? (Laughter)

ELIAS: You look to your concentration as a means of manifesting. You concentrate upon these areas that you wish to manifest, which the more you concentrate upon these, in essence what you are accomplishing is reinforcing the underlying belief systems; for if you do not hold these belief systems that you may not accomplish, it would be unnecessary to continue to be concentrating upon the objective; but as you doubt and do not trust, you continue within your concentration and you continue to reinforce the belief systems.

DREW: The conundrum that I have with this whole situation is that if we ultimately accept and allow action to occur naturally, it’s very possible that the action that occurs and which is in alignment with our intent is not in alignment with what we objectively think we want. It may be completely opposite, and it’s the letting go of belief systems about some things being good and some things being bad that is the tough one for me, and the reason why it’s really hard to let go and trust. Because it’s almost like setting a boat to sail and just letting it go wherever the tide takes it and trusting that even if it crashes against the rocks that’s okay, because there is no good or bad. But it’s this fear of crashing against the rocks that keeps me at the rudder of the boat, steering it in the direction I want to go, even if the wind is in another direction and I’m fighting it the whole way. So it’s a real puzzlement, about how to let go of these belief systems about good and bad and just be accepting of whatever happens.

ELIAS: Your attempts to this present now are unsatisfactory to you. Therefore, why do you not choose to explore another avenue? (Pause) Fear!

DREW: Exactly.

RETA: May I ask you then ... All of us would like to be in line with our intents, naturally. But some of us have never developed an instinct or an intuition to trust ourselves to know that intent, and perhaps we’d all like to know sooner instead of later what our intent has been so we can accomplish these things. Can you give us a few ideas on developing an understanding of our intent, or of ourselves and our belief systems?

ELIAS: Look to yourself and examine the entirety of your focus. Look to the commonalties throughout your focus presently. Your intent shall be manifest from the beginning. You shall be following with this throughout the entirety of your focus. Therefore, look and view the events and the desires within you throughout your focus, and you shall arrive at the intent that you hold. Be understanding that regardless of whether you realize objectively what your intent is, you shall manifest in line with this intent. You may experience conflict, for you hold fearfulness and you allow belief systems to block you within your movement; but you shall be manifesting within the designs of your intent.

RETA: If I were to follow my inner feelings I would really believe that I know most of my intent, but I would say the conflict comes when I do not allow myself to go that way, or that I allow others around me to discourage me from that.

ELIAS: Quite; for I express to you to look to self. Trust self. This is of utmost importance; not to be following of another or allowing conflicting influence of another, but to be a straight little sapling and to be concerned only with self. (2)

You shall not betray you! You know within you which direction you wish to proceed within. You allow yourselves, as you do not trust yourselves, to be swayed by other individuals and circumstances and belief systems. It is quite difficult within physical focus to be trusting of self, and knowing that you shall not betray you. Individuals express, “Trust within the universe, and it shall provide for you.” I shall express to you, this is not quite so far off. Trust self, and you shall provide for you.

CHRIS: Is that why at times when, I mean on a small scale of this grand idea, if you let something go, you have something on your mind that you want to find or that you want to do, you just let it go and trust that “It’ll come up, I’m not gonna make a big deal about this,” and then in my experience, it just shows up. You know, something in my mind says, “Oh, look under there,” and I find it. So basically you’re just saying that we can do this very same thing on a grand scale, and that’s what this goal thing and the purpose thing all comes from. Is that right?

ELIAS: Absolutely. Effortlessly!

CHRIS: So we really don’t have to do anything.

ELIAS: Your belief systems dictate to you that you must do much, that you must be striving, that you must be expelling tremendous effort or you shall not accomplish your goals. I have expressed to you ongoingly, you may accomplish all effortlessly. You create effort with conflict, for you do not trust.

BOB: Effortlessness doesn’t necessarily imply non-action, though.

ELIAS: Correct.

BOB: So to use Drew’s example of the boat, you don’t just get on the boat and wait for it to float someplace, whether that be on the rocks or out to sea. It’s still appropriate to be at the rudder. You just have to trust that you’re going to steer the boat in the proper direction, and have some sense of where you want to go.

ELIAS: Trust your directions. You are the director. You are the captain of the boat.

BOB: So not steering the boat would be not accepting or trusting. It would be simply giving up. (Elias nods)

DREW: But it is true to say that your intent, or the experience you’ve chosen for this life, is to crash into the rocks, is it not?

ELIAS: If you are choosing! (Laughter)

CHRIS: But we are where we’re supposed to be at this moment, and everything that’s come before was supposed to have happened, and everything is okay.

ELIAS: Quite; this being how you may look to yourselves and be accepting of self. There is no difference with “supposed to be” or “choose to be.” It is the same, for all things are choice. All actions, all probabilities, are choice. You have chosen every action within your focus. You are where you have created yourself to be. If you are experiencing conflict within what you have created, you may look to yourself inwardly and explore the belief systems that hold you, that do not allow your movement and cloud your choices, to be experiencing no conflict.

You hold many, many belief systems, many of which are in line with obligation to other individuals. You create your reality dependent upon your belief systems of the expectations of others. You must be appearing at your work place at a specific time. You must be accomplishing a specific task. You must speak within a certain manner, as to not be offensive to another individual. You must be caring for another individual. You must, you must, you must! All of these musts are belief systems. You may choose to hold these belief systems, and they may be efficient, and you may not experience conflict within them; but you also may experience conflict, and as you do, then you may evaluate these belief systems, recognizing that all that you accomplish, all that you do, is filtered through belief systems. Some of these belief systems are efficient for you; some are not. (Pause)

STELLA: I have a question. I read in the flyer today ... because I just found out about this today ... the word Sumafi. Is that a family of consciousness type of thing?


STELLA: Would that be related to Sumari, like what Seth was about? Do you know about Seth?


STELLA: You sound very much like Seth.

ELIAS: There are in actuality, in conjunction with this particular dimension and physical focus, nine essence groups or families which have created this particular physical focus upon this planet; Sumari being one of these essence families, Sumafi being another.

STELLA: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

RETA: I guess the second half of her question was about the Seth material. I was just going to answer sort of halfway for you, that we all understand the Seth material and it’s all in alignment with what Elias talks about.

STELLA: I’ve been studying Seth since 1980, and it’s like all of a sudden I’m in this group hearing about you create your own reality! It seems like for a long time, I’ve been reading about it. You know, reading all the books and wanting to learn everything, and then it seems like when I quit reading so much and trying so hard, it’s happening. Because I find out now ... you say not to betray ... I cannot betray myself anymore. Whatever it took, it got me to where I cannot do it anymore, and it seems like now in my life a lot of people are being displaced or hurt by my actions because I refuse to betray or hurt myself. And it’s happening, and as that happens I want to buy more flowers for myself because I’m reclaiming that part of myself that I lost and gave away, and now I’m becoming more of a whole human being. And so I’m very much indebted to the Seth material because it brought me to understanding what’s happening today in my life, which is just wonderful! (Pause)

ELIAS: I shall allow you a break, and if you are wishing of more questions, you may inquire as we return.

BREAK 4:10 PM.
RESUME 4:30 PM. (Time was twenty seconds.)

ELIAS: Continuing. (Silent pause) Once again, much chattering within brain waves and much silence within mouths! (Grinning)

DREW: Well, I’ll follow up on something that was asked earlier, and that was the difference between where we should be and where we choose to be. For the sake of discussion, I will define the word should as that place in our life where we would be if we were making choices that were aligned with our intent, whereas the choices we make aren’t necessarily so. We could live a life, choose a life, that’s full of conflict, and find ourselves in a position now manifesting a life which is not in alignment with our intent and is full of conflict. If we were to make a shift in our lives to make choices more in alignment with our intent, it could completely change where we are and the direction or course of the rest of our lives. Is that not true?

ELIAS: You are making an assumption that if you are experiencing conflict, you are automatically not in alignment with your intent.

DREW: Okay, why would we be in conflict if we are in alignment with our intent?

ELIAS: You may choose to be in conflict. You may choose to experience an entire focus within physical focus of conflict, for this experience.

DREW: So the conflict itself would be in alignment with intent. But it is also possible, using myself as an example, that I may have lived my life to this point making all of my choices not in alignment with my intent?


DREW: That’s not possible.


DREW: Because that wouldn’t be fulfilling value, and I would have disengaged.

ELIAS: Quite.

DREW: So on some level, to some degree, my life is in alignment with my intent.


DREW: But not necessarily one hundred percent.

ELIAS: I have stated previously that all of your choices shall be in alignment with your intent. They may not all be the most efficient, and you may, as I have stated previously, not pursue your choices directly in alignment with your intent, which shall also be causing conflict; but all of your choices shall be in alignment with your intent. Some are only diverted. It is the same as the scenario of walking across your street directly, or crossing your country and then returning to cross your street! (Laughter) You shall cross your street. You shall accomplish, and you shall be in line with your intent. You may choose more diverse methods, as you are fond of, to be accomplishing.

DREW: Okay. Thank you. (Pause)

RETA: Can I change the subject just for a minute, till someone else comes up with a question?

ELIAS: If you are wishing.

RETA: I have a friend who is in the medical profession, and he was wondering if you ever lecture on processes of the body. Would that be possible? Healing and processes of the body?

ELIAS: We have discussed many functions of the physical body, although there are areas within Michael that are not accepting of belief systems as of this present now, which we are respectful of. Therefore, information is offered as to healing process and its efficiency, but not necessarily to be healing of specific ailments.

RETA: Okay. I wasn’t even thinking about healing specific beings. I was thinking about understanding specific ailments; not even healing them, but understanding the function of, and how to ...

ELIAS: Correct.

RETA: I do respect Michael. When he changes his mind, maybe we can discuss that.

ELIAS: We have discussed many functions of the physical manifestation, and the action of the occurrences within these manifestations. This is acceptable. I have offered information of diseases previously, for clarification and understanding of what is being manifest within physical focus; for your understanding within your medical profession is not very comprehensive, of the action that occurs within consciousness in many areas of disease.

RETA: This person wants to become aware of the mind/body experience and feels it’s necessary. He’s of the medical schools here, so for him to want and desire to get the mind involved too is really good, and he wants to learn enough so that he can also teach others.

ELIAS: This shall become more prevalent to your objective awareness as you move more into your shift. You shall be witness to more events, as I have stated, and also you shall witness more opening within periphery of individuals within all areas; your sciences, your medical profession, and also your religions.

CAROL: As long as we’re on that sort of subject, can you speak to us a little bit about the healing modalities that are non-medical? There seems to be so many quote unquote “new” modalities coming in, and expansions on some of the ones that have been used on this plane for such a long time. I have a lot of curiosity about those that are chosen to do that, and whether there is a real difference between the energies that come in and how the healings are done.

ELIAS: If you are referring to energy exchange, yes; there is a real difference as to some actions. This is not dependent upon your method of use of tools. It is dependent upon the openness and receptiveness of the individual which is directing of the healing process.

To this point, many individuals dabble with healing processes. They do not understand the energy exchange which is occurring or not occurring. If you are availing yourself of information to be engaging an energy exchange, this is one method of healing. In your terms, this would be classified as a similar energy exchange as to what you witness presently; an exchange of essence into physical focus, directing energy. There are equally as efficient methods of conducting healing processes within physical focus, not necessarily engaging an energy exchange with essence.

Also, you may be engaging an energy exchange with your own essence; other facets of your own essence which lend energy through your physical focus. These require an openness and a mergence of the individual directing the energy and the individual receiving, understanding that you are lending energy to be instructing of the physical body consciousness to return itself to its natural state.

Many individuals enter the area of healing focus believing, within a belief system, that they are healing another individual. (Firmly) No individual, no essence, heals another essence or individual. All individuals heal themselves; but you may be influencing and helpful within an energy exchange.

Now; as I have stated, you may engage within an energy exchange of another essence, as with this phenomenon, only directing into a healing aspect; or you may tap the energies of your own essence, other facets of your own essence that you may direct temporarily through this specific focus in lending energy, then merging with the individual that you are focusing upon.

You may also, if you are trusting within self, direct your energy within this particular focus. You hold the ability completely within an individual focus, which requires no “extra” helpfulness. You are ultimately powerful. Therefore, you may direct your energy and merge with another individual, and be instructive within body consciousness of this other individual; lending energy and direction for the individual to be healing themselves.

You may choose any method or tools that you deem advantageous to your focusing, but the actual exchange is accomplished solely within energy and the mergence of the individuals. When I express to you that you merge with another individual, I express this literally; mergence. You shall merge to another individual temporarily, and experience empathically their experience; therefore allowing yourself to be directing of your energy within the needed areas.

CAROL: One of things that I’ve been taught, when I was being taught to be a healer, was not to be an empath, and now you’re saying that in fact it’s good to become the empath. It was part of the protection process, that we wouldn’t take on someone else’s illnesses or problems.

ELIAS: This also is a belief system. You shall acquire another’s illness or disease or problem, as you state this, if you are believing that you shall. You shall manifest what you believe you shall manifest, and you shall in actuality materialize these. It will be reality. It is not necessary to create this reality, for it is filtered through a belief system.

If you are merging with another individual, you are not assuming the identity of the other individual. You may not! You may merge. You may not be. You may not take over and assume another individual. This does not happen! Within a mergence and trustfulness within self, and acceptance within self, you shall know within that you hold the ability to be affecting by influencing and lending energy; but you are also not obligated to be receiving the creation of another individual to be dispelling it from another individual. This is a taught belief system.

CAROL: Thank you very much.

NORM: I have been curious for some time as to what you do, other than the activities that we’re experiencing now with you and Michael. Can you classify your activities other than this channeling? Do you have “likes” that you like to do?

ELIAS: Ah! (Humorously) I am quite gallivanting through the cosmos! (Much laughter) Also, intersecting crafts every so often! My dearest friends may be extraterrestrials! (Grinning)

NORM: Well, tell us about it! (Elias chuckles)

ELIAS: Essence is very multidimensional. It is not a scenario of when I am not engaged with you, for all is simultaneous. Therefore, I am engaged with you continuously, and also simultaneously engaged with many other elements of essence.

NORM: Can I ask you, have you been creative lately?

ELIAS: Always! (Laughter)

NORM: Could you give us an experience?

ELIAS: Are you wishing of grandeur, or may I be expressing of small creativity? (Grinning)

NORM: I’ll let you have the choice! You’re the captain!

ELIAS: Some activity that I engage simultaneously is involved with transition; not only of my own essence focus, but also in helpfulness within what you may term as stabilizing energy to other essences’ focuses within the area of transition. Also, within non-physical focus I am instructive to other essences, as Paul ...

NORM: As Paul? (Paul is a non-physically focused essence)

ELIAS: Correct. ... for their movement and connection within their intent and desire. Therefore, you may express that I conduct classes within physical focus, and also within non-physical focus.

NORM: You said that you help stabilize energy of those that are in transition.

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: Why is that important?

ELIAS: Many focuses entering into transition move through their initial belief systems, and as they move through these initial belief systems they find themselves in what they create and view as a void. This is unsettling, for the individual does not understand what they are creating. Therefore, other essences are helpful within this area of transition, to be stabilizing and offering helpfulness within direction.

NORM: Their creations are not appropriate?

ELIAS: No. Let me offer you a quite simple example.

You are a physically focused individual. You disengage physical focus. You die. You, within this particular physical focus, hold deep religious belief systems; let us express Christian religious belief systems, for all of these individuals shall be familiar with these belief systems. Therefore, as you move into the area of transition at your death, you manifest these belief systems. You shall appear within your heaven. This shall be temporary, for this is a manifestation of your belief systems. It is what you expect. Therefore, temporarily you shall experience your creation of heaven. As you move into the action of transition, your heaven shall begin to dissipate, as a picture moving out of focus. It shall appear snowy and defocused. As this continues, you shall begin to lose your sense of time. As you lose your sense of time and you are losing your imagery you begin to feel ... for you are continuing to objectively feel to this point ... you begin to feel unsettled. This begins to unnerve you. At this point, other essences approach to be helpful. They provide stabilizing energy. This allows you to create imagery that you may understand as you move through transition. This is also helpful to you in acclimating yourself to simultaneous time.

This may be a long process, in your physical terms. These individuals may not be completely aware of the exchange and offering of other essences, for they continue to hold objective consciousness. As they dissolve their objective consciousness and move into their subjective consciousness only, they shall become aware of other essences.

NORM: So the true goal of transition is really the dissolution of the objective consciousness.

ELIAS: If you are not choosing remanifestation.

NORM: Oh, you want to keep some of that then. Keep the good stuff!

CAROL: May I ask a question about that? Does the same process hold true, like with me, for Star-Borne? When the transition occurs, is it the same type of a transition or is it different? Does it happen differently? Is the reality different?

ELIAS: All transitions from one area of consciousness to another area of consciousness are, in your terms, basically the same; a similar process. They are an emergence into a new area of consciousness. Therefore, there is an adjustment period; although as I have stated previously, some individuals are choosing at some time periods to not be engaging this transitional period, and may be slinging themselves through areas of consciousness, (laughter) which may also create tremendous disturbance within the individual, for they have not allowed themselves a period of acclimation.

DREW: If an essence decides to remanifest, it’s a completely new focus it creates, correct?


DREW: Then why would old belief systems, from the previous manifestation disengaged, be held? When you were talking to Norm, you said that those belief systems are shed unless there’s going to be a remanifestation. But since the remanifestation is new, wouldn’t it have its own new belief systems and its new intent and its own value fulfillment?

ELIAS: Ah, and we continue to be thinking in terms of singularity! You are you, as this body, as this person, as this entity; and you shall die, and you shall move as one singular entity into an area of non-physical focus ... (humorously) which you shall walk through, obviously, for you shall still continue with your body, although it shall be translucent now ... (laughter) and you shall move down your path and you shall look to your fork in your road and express, “Ah! This fork back to physical focus, this fork to non-physical focus.” You are obviously one entity, so you must choose! Incorrect! You are myriads!

DREW: But doesn’t each focus have its own belief systems?

ELIAS: To an extent, yes.

DREW: But there are some common belief systems ...


DREW: ... throughout the entire essence through all focuses, and those are the ones that are maintained if an essence is going to remanifest.

ELIAS: It is dependent upon your design of remanifestation; how you choose to remanifest. If you are choosing to remanifest with similar experiences, yes; you shall hold these belief systems and carry them, so to speak, into another focus. This is not karma. This is a choice. You may choose a different experience. In this, you may also choose to be acquiring new belief systems. You do move through many focuses which hold common belief systems.

CHRIS: Elias, when you were describing the transition that we go into, unmanifestation or I’m assuming when we die, it sounded very much like the transition that we have here. I mean, it’s almost exactly the same thing. I mean, you get what you expect, people come into your life to help you ... I mean, I’m kind of blown away by that! That sounds like here!

ELIAS: Ah! One point, Oliver!

CHRIS: One point! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Quite; this being the reason why I express to you the importance of now, the importance of your realization of your creativity and your self within the now; for you shall move into another area of consciousness within transition, but you shall be actualizing the same process, in your terms. Therefore, you have your prototype already!

Very many individuals shall look to physical focus and devalue this physical focus. They shall express to you that you are “less than”; to be an element of your species upon this planet, you are less than. You are not! You are your highest expression. There is no greater within consciousness. And how may you be appreciating of self within any area of consciousness if you are not appreciating of self within this area of consciousness? (Pause)

Are you wishing of more questions this day? (Pause)

Very well. I extend to you all great affection, great lovingness, and embrace you all as you continue upon your quest to materialize your wants and move efficiently through your belief systems. I express to you all affectionately, au revoir!

Elias departs at 5:20 PM.


(1) Following is Elias’ first explanation of the shift, taken from Session 11 dated May 31, 1995. For a more comprehensive commentary, refer to Session 160 dated March 30, 1997.

“You all notice a change in consciousness of your world. Even those who are unaware notice a changing shift in consciousness. This is a new emergence into a wonderful awareness that you have all agreed and decided to accomplish. You are moving in an age not unlike that of your beginnings of your Christian church; a tremendous conscious effort in creativity and motion which changed the focus of your world for a great duration of time, in your terms, of this planet. Another great shift is happening. This is because you are ready and anxious. Some are more ready than others. This focus is not one that you are familiar with. This is why we choose to help in avoiding trauma. This is not a religious focus, as you may be used to. This is a new emergence of your consciousness, in union with its own essence; a widening of your awareness and vision.”

(2) Vic’s note: the sapling story is in transcript #37 dated September 13, 1995.

Digests: find out more about the sapling allegory.

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