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Monday, April 28, 1997

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ďThe All-Knowing EliasĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), and Ron (Olivia).

Elias arrives at 9:16 PM. (Time was eight seconds.)

ELIAS: Good evening, once again!

VICKI: Good evening. I just have one question. Iíve had this question for a while. It might sound a little presumptuous and stupid, but I donít care. The question is, why is it that you focus so much on certain individuals? For example, there are a few individuals that you offer a lot of personal information to. Another person could ask the same kind of a question, and you may deliver a one or two sentence answer or you may suggest that the person investigate for themselves. But there are a few individuals that you offer a lot of personal information to, and Iím curious why.

ELIAS: I address to each individual individually. Some individuals request information for they are not willing to exert the energy to be investigating and discovering the answers for themselves, although they hold the ability within objective consciousness to attain their own answers. Within your progression within society, you have become lax in your self-motivation. Therefore, many individuals shall seek information in whatever form they may attach to, in an attempt to not be exerting initiative and energy of their own. This is quite identifiable within consciousness; and within this scenario, upon questioning, I am encouraging for these individuals, which are many, to be investigating of their own answers to their own questions, for it is available to them.

Some individuals do not follow this same direction and are inquiring of information, but are not truly wishing for this questioning to be responded to. Therefore, slight responses are offered. Some individuals hold issues that they are not ready in actuality to be addressing. They may ask for information, but they shall block subjectively their reception. Therefore, they do not wish this information. Therefore, it is not offered. Some individuals, as yourself, request information and are within themselves actively seeking their answers, but are not availing themselves of all of their choices. All of these situations are quite obvious and recognizable within consciousness. Therefore, these individuals may be offered more information. Also, some individuals may be offered more information without inquiry, for they may assimilate this information, but objectively they restrict themselves from inquiry.

VICKI: I guess then that I have to assume that my own perception is somewhat clouded, or certainly not as clear as your own.

ELIAS: To this present now, you are correct. You objectively may not clearly assess another individualís movement within consciousness and their direction and their openness. You base evaluations upon objective imagery and events and responses objectively. These are not always an indication of movement that an individual may be engaging within consciousness, which shall objectively show itself, but not necessarily within your immediate time period.

VICKI: Iíve guess Iíve been assuming that my perception of objective behavior and imagery is a mirror of subjective activity.

ELIAS: This is correct; although as I have been stating to you all recently, which you have not quite understood yet, you are very locked into your time framework. Therefore, you associate your objective imagery with the assumption that it is mirroring subjective movement within the same time element, which is not necessarily the case. You may be displaying objective imagery of future or past subjective movement. You may intersperse this with mirroring action of both present, but it is not constant; just as your dream imagery moves out of sequence within time frameworks. You are always mirroring back and forth with objective and subjective activity. You are not always reflecting this mirror image within the same time framework continuously. You express enough interspersed objective imagery of the present now, which is mirroring subjective movement within the present now, to create what I may express as an illusion of a continuous flow of one time framework; but in reality, the time framework is not limited to what you objectively view as this present now, for within subjective movement all is this present now. Therefore, it does not distinguish between past and future and your objective present now. It intermingles as the subject matter dictates.

VICKI: Alright. I kind of understand that. One other thing. In our Sunday group sessions lately, sometimes I find myself getting bored. Do you have any suggestions or feedback as to why thatís happening, or what I could do to amuse myself?

ELIAS: You may attempt to be altering your perception, or practicing with this concept of altering your perception in regard to other individuals and their interaction. You find yourself drifting or becoming bored for you are uninterested in the exchange of other individuals, but these other individuals, as was stated within yester eve, are you! And you, they! Therefore, although you may feel you have no interest within the direction that another pursues, all is relevant and all offers you the opportunity to be accepting of other individualís expressions, which shall be helpful within your movement of the shift. Or, you may be wishing to disengage, and you may allow yourself subjective activity if you are wishing. This is your choice. You may gain information by participation. It is your choice.

VICKI: I would prefer not to be having that particular response occasionally. Thatís why Iím asking about it. Iím not quite sure what to do about it, but I would prefer not to have it.

ELIAS: These are difficult areas which you all face. You limit yourself, within your thinking of the shift, to the grandeur of very large belief systems and the attack of these unwanted elements; the widening in consciousness. You do not think of the mundane areas of your objective imagery that you engage and deal with within your daily life, that is offering you the opportunity to be practicing and to be accomplishing more efficiently your own mergence, your own acceptance, your own tolerance with other individuals. This would be the point. All of these actions are included within the motion of the shift.

VICKI: So I should be viewing that particular experience as an opportunity. (Elias nods) Okay, Iíll attempt to do that. Thank you.

RON: Can I ask one little teensy tinesy question? Iím just curious why it is that every time I interact with Bruce, Paul comes storming in like a herd of elephants! (Elias chuckles)

ELIAS: First of all, I will express that this is your choice.

RON: Yeah, and I accept that choice. Iím just curious as to what it is about Bruce and Paul and I, what that particular connection is.

ELIAS: There is a fondness of Paul to this individual. Therefore, there is a draw within that essence to be communicating and to be exchanging. At the same time, there is also a withdrawal within yourself which allows for this communication. Your reasonings are different. Your reasoning is that you view Paul as holding more adequate ability to be interacting with this individual. He is more conversive. (Smiling)

This also, simultaneous to this direction, involves in your movement an allowance, within what you view to be a safe environment to be practicing with the exchange of this essence. It serves beneficial purposes, for you shall become more acclimated to the energy exchange and more comfortable within the expression of this, and therefore allow yourself more interaction; which as you become more at ease with this exchange, you also shall be allowing more of the exchange. The objective with this essence is to be not only communicating within the written word. Therefore, as you offer yourself more opportunities to become comfortable, you may also relax your own control to be allowing more of the exchange and facilitate this action of verbal communication; although, as I have stated to you several times, this is your choice. It is not an absolute. It is also not necessary. It is a choice. It is a preference for this essence that you engage, but you ultimately hold this choice.

RON: It almost seems like itís a learning situation for both Bruce and I; Bruce in his acceptance, and I in my own.

ELIAS: Quite.

RON: It seems like weíre kind of sharing this experience.

ELIAS: This is correct; this being also why this individual is chosen exclusively, for the most part, to be engaged. This individual focus of Uriel has many connections to my dear friend. Therefore, there is a fondness and a comfortableness which lends to the ease of the exchange, which also lends energy to you in facilitating this exchange.

RON: It seems like an interesting subject to choose in Bruce, just because of his problem with the whole acceptance thing.

ELIAS: As this shall be instructive with him also.

RON: Okay. I knew all that stuff, but I had to ask anyway!

ELIAS: I am quite aware, for Olivia is very, very wide! I bow to your wideness! He shall be deemed an ascended master! (Laughing)

RON: Alright! I wonít be happy till I channel god, though.

ELIAS: Ah, but you are!

RON: Oh yeah!

ELIAS: And shall I inquire of my dear friend, has he clarified his communication to this present now? Although I am aware of this answer!

RON: No, I havenít talked to Paul for a long time, probably since that particular situation, until today.

ELIAS: Within your energy exchange and communication, you may choose to be reminding the student that he may be re-addressing within physical focus and clarifying himself, for clearer understanding of those individuals to which he is attempting to be helpful! He may not be helpful if he is not understood; which has already been expressed to him, but you may be reminding him of this also if you are so choosing ... with my blessing! (Chuckling)

Very well. I shall be engaging you both upon the morrow. Au revoir!

Elias departs at 9:46 PM.

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