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Friday, May 02, 1997

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“Belief Systems/Counterpart Action”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), and Jim (Yarr).

Elias arrives at 5:47 PM. (Time was thirty-five seconds.)

ELIAS: Good day.

JIM: Good day. How are you?

ELIAS: I am always well!

JIM: I guess we are too, but we just don’t think we are, right?

ELIAS: Quite!

JIM: As you’re probably aware, I’ve had a lot of questions for quite some time, so hopefully you can give me some insight. I’ll start off with my main issue of the shoulder/foot deal. In going to the chiropractor, I’ve found that there’s a lot more energy blockages within my body that have been there, as you’ve mentioned previously, for quite some time; close to ten years. Are a lot of these involving the same issue that I’m dealing with now? Are the blockages just getting harder and harder and more massive?

ELIAS: It is not necessarily a case of becoming more massive. Within belief systems and issues, individuals create these issues for themselves and reinforce them for many years within their focuses, yourself also. In this, you have planted the roots deeply. The issue, if you are remembering, extends far beyond your objective imagery with your business. This was a projection of self, but for what reason?

JIM: To verify my own knowledge, my own self-worth; that I had something to offer outwardly from my experiences in life.

ELIAS: Correct; and this is tied to another individual.

JIM: Borloh?

ELIAS: No. Think to yourself of that which we have spoken previously in connection with this issue. This extends, as you are now becoming aware within physical objective imagery, for many, many, many years. You have carried this issue from the time of a boy. You have reinforced this issue in connection with this other individual over and over again. You attempt to be objectively proving yourself to self, and also to this other individual.

JIM: My father?

ELIAS: Correct. This is intimately tied together.

JIM: So it has been close to my entire life.

ELIAS: In these situations, with very many individuals, these are issues that extend so deeply and so consistently throughout an individual focus that it is what you view to be a process to be rooting out these belief systems and issues. Many individuals, yourself also, attempt to be attending to these issues, digging to the roots of the plant as though it were a fern, when in actuality the roots are that of an oak. So as you spoon away at the soil to be unearthing the tiny roots of the fern, the roots of the oak are untouched and continue their hold.

You have created much imagery within many years involved with this issue. As I have expressed to you all, although you may within an eye-blink rearrange your perception and your belief systems and dispel your issues, you do not understand this or how to accomplish this, for you all very much hold this duplicity of self. Therefore, your attempts are often thwarted, for you continue to spoon tiny bits of soil, not affecting the massive roots of the oak.

JIM: In duplicity of self, it would be the issue of the glorious creature that you are, and thinking that you are not?

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: Or believing through your experiences ...

ELIAS: You do not believe that you are a glorious creature!

JIM: I want to! (We’re cracking up here)

ELIAS: And as you do not believe this, you create imagery and you create your reality to reinforce what you do believe. You may learn a thing of this also, Lawrence! As you continue to hold a very strong and serious belief system that you are unworthy and inefficient at creating your reality, you reinforce this daily.

JIM: In expectations of how I think things should turn out?

ELIAS: In expectation that you fail; in expectation that you may not create efficiently. You want to be creating efficiently. You want to be moving into effortlessness and trust. You believe you are incapable.

JIM: Boy, that must be deep!

ELIAS: As you look to your objective imagery, you shall see what you choose to see, and as you choose to see, you shall reinforce your belief systems. If you are looking to your objective imagery and you are seeing inefficiency, or you are seeing that you have not learned enough to this present now or that you have not practiced enough or you do not understand enough or whatever, you reinforce this duplicity of self. Therefore, you may be wanting to be trustful of self, but you are reinforcing distrust of self.

JIM: I know from that last session , we went over this. You said, “You must realize, underline this word.” How can I begin to realize that? I try to tell myself, but ...

ELIAS: This is that which we have been discussing throughout our session times, and you are not the only individual that continues to not understand. Therefore, I continue to be instructing you all to be looking to self. It is unimportant [to be] looking to another individual and outside of self, for your answers are within, not without. You may not impress another individual other than superficially unless you are being, within self, trustful and unconcerned with the perception of other individuals; which brings us once again, as I have repeated recently several times, back to our little sapling.

Do not misunderstand that I advocate lack of concern or caring for all other individuals, but you may not hold true concern for other individuals until you hold true worth and concern for yourself; for if you do not value self, you may not value anything else. In this, you hold a portion of value for self. That is why you hold duplicity. You hold both ideas of self; that of trustful and that of not trustful. That element of self that you do place some amount of trust within allows you the ability to project outwardly to other individuals a caring and concern and trustfulness; but you shall find that within you, given the opportunity, this shall be dashed quite quickly in the face of the distrustfulness, for this you hold more strongly. All elements of your societies reinforce this.

We have spoken of counterparts and their relationships, and the exchange that is offered within this. Within the relationship of this father and son, there is an exchange that you have not completed. You have not assumed you. You engage within a counterpart role with this individual, but you must be moving into assuming your own probabilities and your own acceptance of self to be dissolving of this counterpart action.

Within belief systems, individuals may suggest to you that this is psychological repression of feelings with regard to this individual. I suggest to you that within my terms, this is bunk! (Much laughter, as it was pretty darn funny hearing Elias use the word bunk!)

You have engaged within a counterpart action for a purposeful exchange, but you have allowed yourself to continue within this action and devalue self; not seizing other opportunities that you have presented yourself within your past to be dissolving of this counterpart action and assuming acceptance of self, and therefore continuing within your own probabilities disassociated with this other individual. This is not to say that you disconnect and you do not interact with this individual, but you do not share a combined experience any longer, which you continue within this present now. It is a choice.

Within your feelings, you have felt for much time that you are wishing to be dissolving of this counterpart agreement, but you also reinforce yourself in continuing to express to yourself that you are not quite finished! One more task; one more attempt. The action has served its purposefulness to you both. You may, if you are choosing, continue within this action for whatever duration you please; although you shall also, within this choice of probabilities, experience conflict ... which you may choose, or you may choose not.

JIM: Each time physically, it seems to be more uncomfortable.

ELIAS: As you spoon closer within your soil to the actual roots of the oak, they shall appear more obvious and more real.

JIM: They’re very real. I just want to get off of it!

ELIAS: I shall offer to you also, as I began to be expressing with James, and in expressing with him, I explained that he is not alone within his feelings. Nor are you. I explained to him, as I shall explain to you also, that within this present now, many of you shall be experiencing a time period of these types of feelings. You are consciously rearranging your reality. You are adjusting and acclimating yourselves to the unfamiliar, and you are, in your terms, leaving behind the familiar. There are many repercussions within these actions.

JIM: Which I’m bringing to myself physically?

ELIAS: They are natural occurrences. You may feel physical expressions. You may feel a complete lack of physical expressions. You may feel a void, or you may feel overwhelmed with confusion and too many feelings. You may feel and experience many different objective expressions. Within this movement of attempting to be incorporating more subjective activity and understanding this, and also attempting to be allowing yourself to trust self more, as I have stated, you are moving into unfamiliar areas. In this, your objective awareness is not always willing to just be stepping aside. It is accustomed to a type of reality. It is resistant to changing that reality so radically.

JIM: Yep!

ELIAS: Therefore, you may also experience time periods in which you feel disconnected, or you feel “What is the point?,” or you feel “Why do my efforts not bear fruit?” This is your objective awareness speaking to you, in discontent of impinging change.

Just as I have expressed to Matthew, you may look to your imagery of your small devil upon one shoulder and your little angel upon your other shoulder. As one whispers to you that you are accomplishing within your movement within consciousness, the other expresses, “This is a lie. You are only confused.” The other battles back and expresses, “I speak the truth to you. Look to yourself and your accomplishments.” And as you look, the other once again expresses, “This means nothing. You are not accomplishing within your core issues, are you? Therefore, do not listen to this little angel upon your shoulder, for it deceives you.” And the little angel continues. But you, within the middle, become confused and distracted and throw up your hands and express, “I cannot continue! I do not understand! I do not know where I move.” You shall move, and the little devil upon the shoulder shall also be convinced.

JIM: Keep moving, keep trusting, keep letting go, accepting ...

ELIAS: Which I am realizing that you view this as insufficient for an answer and inadequate for helpfulness, but what may I express to you of magic methods that you do not possess within yourself?

JIM: True. I possess everything within myself, so just as I create it, I can create this or I can create this ...

ELIAS: Believe this. Allow yourself to believe those elements as strongly as you believe that you may not accomplish.

JIM: Okay. I can do that.

ELIAS: You need not replace belief systems, but you may add a belief system that you can accomplish.

JIM: Okay. That’s neat. Thank you. I’ll see where I can go with it.

ELIAS: I shall break, and you may continue with your questioning.

JIM: Okay. Thank you.

BREAK 6:27 PM.
RESUME 6:50 PM. (Time was ten seconds.)

ELIAS: Be remembering also that as you engage or disengage counterpart action, it is not only affecting of yourself. It is also affecting of your counterpart. Therefore, as you release yourself from this action, you also release the other individual from this action.

JIM: Which would benefit both of us?

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: Okay. So just one short one along these lines. In going to the chiropractor and getting manipulation and feeling better, that’s not really the method that I need to move through. As you mentioned previously, I will continue to remanifest.

ELIAS: You may release energy within this method if you are so choosing, and you may experience physical relief. You shall not eradicate the situation or symptoms completely until you are dealing with the issue, but this is not to say that you may not be affecting, physically, energy deposits. Just as if you are slashing your leg into a gaping wound ...

JIM: Geez! (What a visual, eh?)

ELIAS: You may apply pressure and bandage, and it shall contain bleeding. It shall not piece together your flesh, but it shall have some affect.

JIM: So with any injury, it’s not so much the ... Is it just as much the action of acquiring the injury as ... You choose to acquire the action of that injury. So when that injury would heal, the action or the issue that led to the initial slashing is still there? If it heals, has that issue been dealt with through objectively being aware of the subjective method?

ELIAS: If you are healing a situation, then you are dealing with the issue and you are arranging the energy differently. You are also directing yourself differently. In this, you are accomplishing the healing; be this within physical elements, or emotional or mental, or within shared actions.

JIM: Okay. Because I can physically ... If I get a cut, I trust that it’s going to heal. With the injury in my neck, of actually a bone that’s out of place and that has been displaced, that’s just as easily healed as a wound.

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: And I don’t apply any effort really to healing the wound, so I don’t really need to focus on and apply effort to heal my spine.

ELIAS: These are difficult areas, for they involve belief systems also. You may not expect of yourself that you shall be addressing to all of your belief systems simultaneously, and moving through to acceptance with them. Belief systems in many areas are very intertwined. They are as a tangled web that you see no beginning to, and also no hanging string for an end, to be unraveling of this web. Therefore, eventually you begin to realize that as you address to one, you involve another; and as you turn your attention to the next, you view another; and they multiply, for they are all intertwined with each other. In this, you have created one situation within a counterpart action which has been influenced by belief systems, and therefore allowed to be perpetuated beyond the time that you may have chosen to disengage this action. In this, you have involved other belief systems, for you have involved other actions. You have created objectively other imagery which is all related to the same issue, but all of these imagery projections also carry their own belief systems with them. (Big sigh) Just as the business carries belief systems of its own with it, the physical expressions carry more belief systems with them.

Let me offer an analogy. You have set out upon a ship. You have chosen to be sailing upon this ship to a destination, in cooperation with a shipmate. You travel through distant seas and many different types of weather. You approach a port to which you may part company. You may continue upon the ship, gather supplies, and move on, as your shipmate may discontinue the voyage and engage other activities; but as you dock, you choose not this probability. Therefore, you put to sea once again. You continue with your voyage. As your supplies run lower, you approach another port. You may choose to dock, and once again the probability is presented that you may continue your voyage, acquire your supplies, and your shipmate may continue upon the land. Once again, you do not choose this probability. Therefore, you do not dock. You continue on. Your voyage becomes very long, and your supplies become very weak.

You approach another port, and at this point you express, “I am growing very weary and weak. I wish to be gaining my supplies, and I wish for the parting of our company.” But within your belief systems, you have spent much time with your shipmate. You have grown quite fond and familiar. Therefore, you do not dock once again, and you continue your voyage. Almost completely out of supplies, you begin to become angry. You are dissatisfied with your voyage. You are starving and feeling quite uncomfortable. You are unhappy. And as you approach your next port, you are ready to be discarding of these belief systems of faithfulness and loyalty and companionship and obligation. You express, “I set to the dock. I gain my supplies. You are free to continue as you wish, and I shall put to sail once again, upon my ship alone. I wish you well, and I wish myself well also.”

Within this small story, you have offered yourself the opportunity to change the probabilities several times. You choose to continue. In like manner, you now approach your time that you have depleted your supplies; and as you do not allow yourself to be releasing of those elements that you hold to strongly, you have no room for new cargo.

JIM: You don’t have to get a bigger ship either, do you!

ELIAS: No. (Jim is cracking up)

JIM: In a book that I just recently finished, the author called himself a bio-energetic healer. Is he Tumold, or aligned with Tumold?

ELIAS: Aligned.

JIM: Is he Gramada aligned with Tumold?

ELIAS: No. (Accessing) Zuli.

JIM: So his actions of lending of energy is the alignment with Tumold, of which we all, and myself, have the ability to accomplish. (Elias nods) Okay. The book that I’ve wanted to write for years and years is pounding on my head more and more, and I believe that I saw it in the library in the city; My Earth Sojourn. That’s a direction, or that’s a probability that I should seize and take and move with?

ELIAS: This is also connected to this issue.

JIM: Of proving of my knowledge or proving of my ...

ELIAS: As you accept self and you accept trustfulness within self and express a genuine acknowledgment of worth, you shall also allow yourself to be freely, creatively expressing.

JIM: So that’s where the hold up is then. To get back to my creatures, the little goat that I’m experiencing right now and his expression ... Here again, he just seems not to want to respond in what I view some sort of response should be, in his ...

ELIAS: Why do you view a “should?”

JIM: There again, I guess it’s expectation. And then not seeing that, then I invalidate my giving of energy or my interpretations.

ELIAS: Absolutely. I have expressed to you many times that these are choices. Every aspect of consciousness holds choices. Every creation chooses its own manifestation for its own value fulfillment, and also for the value fulfillment of consciousness. In this, you may express energy. But why do you hold continued expectation of viewing manifestation in the manner that you wish to view?

JIM: I’m not respecting or accepting his choice.

ELIAS: Which shall return us to what I have expressed previously. (Firmly) If you are not accepting of self, you shall also not be accepting of all else. You may think you are accepting of all else, and you may piously express to yourself that you are an accepting, good, loving individual; but you shall also find yourself not accepting of others creations, be it a creature or another individual of your species. (Big sigh) But you continue to involve yourself with this type of agreement and expression within these creatures for your own noticing, until you are accepting.

JIM: Does subjective movement pertain to an awareness of your subjective self in your objective awareness? What would be described as subjective movement in consciousness?

ELIAS: To your way of thinking, you have thought within belief systems for much time within your modern now that your subjective consciousness would be classified as your subconsciousness. Within your belief systems, movement within this area of consciousness, subconsciousness, is out of your control and moves without your permission within whichever direction it chooses, be that beneficial or not. Before the institution of your school of psychology, subjective awareness and movement was thought of as the individual’s soul; the spirit; that element of self which motivates you and also moves out of your control, to your benefit or your detriment. I express to you that subjective movement and awareness is not out of your control. It works in harmony with your objective awareness.

Objective is the outward view of perception of reality. Subjective deals with the subject; you. It is the inward view and creation of reality. You form your reality in harmony of both. Objective movement, information, input, assessment, understanding, is assessed by your outer senses. Subjective movement is assessed by your inner senses. Together, they create your reality. Together, they create what you view as your self; that part of you which is not brain, but is mind.

JIM: So mind would more relate to the subjective self?

ELIAS: It is a combination; for it is taking in information from both objective and subjective awareness and combining these to be creating outwardly your reality. You also create objective reality and subjective reality, which you may view as opposite sides of one coin. Objectively, you may create events or movement, body expression, without thought process. You also project and affect elements within your world, within your environment objectively. Subjectively, you also create a reality within your sleep state and other altered states of consciousness, in your terms. Together, they create what you recognize as you.

JIM: Okay. So in the statement, “Your objective attention directs your action,” your subjective attention would also direct your action, or create the action?

ELIAS: Your subjective action creates your desire.

JIM: Okay, and where we create the conflict is when we question the desire?

ELIAS: You create conflict as you are separating objective and subjective movement, not allowing these elements of oneself to be moving within harmony to each other.

JIM: Okay, so there is a lot of subjective awareness. Objectively I’m becoming very aware of subjective awareness, but I’m blocking it. Okay, thanks. If the body ... This has been brought up a couple of times. If the body is not a vessel, then why does it still remain in physical focus when seemingly the consciousness of it leaves? A dead body would still have a consciousness, would it not?

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: And it would still dream then as well, wouldn’t it? (Pause) And can we take it with us? (Jim’s cracking himself up again)

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking. Within the individual elements, the individual cells, yes; it continues to be dreaming. Within the collective, no. Within the aspects of energy ... atoms, molecules, cells ... which are physically manifest, it holds its own independent identity. Therefore, the elements independently continue and also engage dream state until each individually is choosing to rearrange itself into another form of energy. They do not all rearrange at the same time. They individually choose.

The collective functions within direction of your subjective consciousness. As that is removed, the collective ceases to be joined. Therefore, it disconnects collectively, and each element experiences its own reality separated from the collective. Therefore, if you are choosing to be burying of this body, you shall witness decomposition of physical form. This occurs in stages, for not all of the elements choose to be rearranging themselves into other expressions of consciousness at the same time. You may choose differently, as I have expressed previously, and you may choose disengagement within such fashion that the body consciousness shall be rearranged immediately, all together.

JIM: As in burning, or ...

ELIAS: No; as in you may be consumed by another creature. If you are burning or cremating you are changing form, but you are not completely changing physical form immediately, and not all at the same time. Some elements of self, within your objective expression of body, do not respond to fire. Therefore, they shall not decompose at the same time as those elements of the body which are flesh.

Some individuals choose to be preserving of the body consciousness, and may continue within the expressed form for many centuries after discontinuation of consciousness within the manifestation. In this, you view mummification, or individuals solidified within rock of lava. But as to your question of these elements’ continuation of dream state, yes. As they are continued to be physically manifest, they shall also continue to engage this activity.

JIM: Okay. One more thing on the business, on the pet store, with Rudy. This process that has gone on here recently, did this occur to bring us together a little bit? I don’t quite understand what has transpired here with that in the last three or four months. I know there’s probably a lot involved with it. I think it’s more connected than I can perceive right now. I don’t want to take up much more of your time with it, but I feel that there’s ... Something has happened within this agreement, and I’m not sure where it’s moving to or why some of these circumstances have occurred.

ELIAS: This being another set of probabilities which is very intertwined. Within certain aspects, Rudy has followed probabilities within agreements to be lending energy to the new agenda. I have also expressed to Rudy many times that he holds an issue with fearfulness, which creates a situation of not listening. This continues. There are many probabilities before you. I expressed to Rudy initially concerning this endeavor, what you may express objectively to be positive. I expressed reinforcement of this movement; but much has been disregarded subjectively subsequently.

JIM: It seems that follows through on both our parts.

ELIAS: The action for furthering the movement of this forum within an expansion was followed; not to the objective knowledge of the individuals involved, but it was followed within probabilities; for this action is of importance and holds great movement. Therefore, there is much energy and power within it; but within individual movement and probabilities and choices, there is much fluctuation.

JIM: Okay. So we just keep observing, and keep our awareness, and keep ... I don’t know. It seems ...

ELIAS: I continue to interact with this individual to be helpful, but much blocking occurs. There is much fearfulness.

JIM: On her part and others involved with this? Myself?

ELIAS: They are different. Your issues we have discussed, which are different. Rudy holds other issues which involve very large shrines.

JIM: Okay. We’ll leave it at that, then. Also, a question for Rudy ... Scottie’s essence name? Her friend.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) I shall offer essence name of Furlough; and I shall also inquire of this individual, why it shall be noted and listened to objectively audibly if it is not listened to subjectively? This question is not requiring an answer for this essence, for I am aware already; but this individual may inquire of himself!

JIM: Okay. This has been wonderful. Thank you. I’ve come to know you as a dear friend the last few years.

ELIAS: Ah, for much longer than this!

JIM: I’m remembering some of that as well.

ELIAS: This too shall become more frequent, and shall be at times adding to your confusion, although you shall move through this also. Be implementing of our little sapling story and acceptance, and you may be affecting and helpful with Rudy for his listening.

JIM: Okay. Thanks, Raz. (Elias chuckles) Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. Are you wishing of more questions?

JIM: That pretty well sums it up for the deep ones. I appreciate your helpfulness.

ELIAS: Very well. I shall thusly bid you a very fond adieu.

JIM: Adieu. Good night.

Elias departs at 7:50 PM.

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