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Wednesday, June 21, 1995

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Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), and Carol (Dimin).

Elias arrives at 7:50 PM.

ELIAS: Good evening. (To Carol) Welcome again. (Pause) I am of understanding that you are much confused of our last session. I was expecting this reaction. We will address, then, to this subject of your religious element of fragmentation. As I have explained, this concept is quite difficult for you. You will have many questions concerning this. We will begin, then, with your essence and how it fragments. We will use, once again, a physical focus example, in hoping maybe (emphasized humorously) this will be understood more clearly!

We will use an example of a person. This person is born. During the course of this person’s development, it grows and experiences. Let us say that at the age of ten, this person comes to a crosspoint in their small life, of some major choice. Let us say this child chooses to change its school. In one aspect of this child’s focus it chooses one school, and continues growing and developing. In making this choice, the child also chooses the other school in another dimensional probability. As our first child continues to grow and develop, it grows to adulthood and chooses to marry. In making this choice, in another dimensional focus another part of this individual chooses not to become married. This original person has now, in its relatively short life, fragmented twice. As it continues, it encounters situations with its employment. It chooses a career. In another dimension, the choice that was not made materializes, this being our third fragmentation. In this person’s continuing, it contracts some physical malady and dies, but in another probability it continues, and lives a normal, healthy, productive life.

Every crossroads and decision having to do with your developmental focus is a choice. Each choice is not singularly occurring. All things happen simultaneously. In addition to this simultaneousness of action, all probabilities, in one form or another in different dimensions, are actualized. This is a very simplified explanation. The reason I offer this very simplified explanation is that you have a tendency, especially if you have already chosen to not remanifest again, to lose interest in this physical focus. You also, in losing interest, forget the immense connections, and fragmentation, and affectingness of your focus on all other focuses. You, in your physical developmental focus, affect myriads of other dimensional focuses with every decision and choice you create, for every choice you do not manifest in your own physical dimension will be physically manifest in another.

Also, you may be, yourself, a physical manifestation of a probability not chosen from another focus. This is how ultimately interconnected you are. When I speak to you of our orange, and no sections or separations of energy, I am not speaking conceptually. I am speaking to you of reality, as I have explained several times. You table is no more solid than your are. You only perceive it to be so. This is this piece of your essence which wishes to experience this physical focus.

In this interconnectedness, I will also explain that this shift of consciousness is not limited to solely you. How can it be, if your essence is connected in all dimensional focuses? Therefore, your global shift, as you choose to think of it, is much greater than you realize. This is an interconnecting of all focuses.

You have questions of other “beings.” These other “beings,” as I have stated, some are expressions of your own essences fragmented in other dimensional realities. Some are not. Some are of their own essence, not physically manifest in this dimension. I put a question to you. Does it not strike you odd that these “beings” that your fellow humans “encounter” are always lacking in color? If possessing any element, it is very subdued in a form of a brown, which is almost still gray. Do you not find this, in your creative brains, interesting? Do you not find, in your perceptions, that their presentation of form and characteristics are always the same? These that “bleed through” a dimensional focus are fragments and developmental focuses of your own essences. You choose not to give them color, for they are a shadow of yourselves. Shadows do not possess color. I will say, in response to Lawrence’s interpretation of this encounter, that he is partially correct, or we may say, “on the right track.” This is one way for your essence to explain certain elements of the same principles which I speak with you of.

There are other experiences of these encounters which are an interpretation in your human physical focus. It should not surprise you, as being such sexual beings in this focus, that you would have sexual encounters and interpretations. This is a very simple concept. We find this quite amusing, that you stress your brains so hard to figure this out, when you create it yourselves! (Laughing) You speak to yourselves in your own language, which you understand, and then you change it around so that you won’t understand, and confuse yourselves! The reason these “bleed-throughs” are occurring, though, is that your essence is much more in touch with you than you realize, on every level of your experience and existence.

In your concept of fragmentation, in your physical focus and understanding, which you attach cause and effect to, you must understand that for every cause you choose, you also choose, not an effect, but another cause. You do not only fragment in developmental focuses. You also do not only fragment in this developmental focus. All other focuses that may be considered non-human fragment also. You are like a picture of a lotus flower, whose leaves are continuing on and on and on, and all of those fragments fragment themselves also. Some fragments are your children, this being that they were not physically focused before their birth. At their time of conception, you may have chosen an element of yourself, not being expressed, to create a new essence. The possibilities of fragmentation are endless.

As I have stated, you may fragment in the past or in the future. You may choose to fragment, at this moment, in another universe, or another galaxy on another planet, simultaneous to now. This is why there are parts of you that you cannot explain, that you feel affinities for inside you, that seem to have no logical explanation. Our explanation to this is that your universe is not logical anyway! (Laughing) If it were, your scientists would not be so confused! If you look at your smallest elements available to you in your physical focus and grasp now, if they behave in many universes, and if they “blink in and out,” and you accept that these are what you term your building blocks of your physical existence, then why would you be any different? You are composed of these elements, the very same.

Your physical expression is no more than a collection of countless atoms. Atoms are inconsistent, illogical probabilities. So also are you inconsistent, illogical, “blinking on and off” physical expressions, and as you blink on and off, you are in your off state in another dimension. Your blinking only occurs so rapidly as to not be perceived by you, but as we have stated in previous sessions, you are manifest in such a slow vibration anyway that it would not be very difficult to have faster vibrations all around you, in expressions of yourself.

I am perceiving of non-understanding. It will be much help to you to at least try to not think of your essence as an orange. Working with your dreams can be quite helpful in this area. (To Vicki) I was quite pleased at your attempt and effort, and your perceptions and interpretations, of your encounters of your dream state. I must also explain, as I play with you often anyway, Venus De Milo was just another throwing in, although I found this interesting that Michael chose to interpret so seriously! (Laughing) This is interesting, for this was not a serious encounter. This illustrates your attraction to finding hidden meanings everywhere! You do keep yourselves quite entertained in this focus, and are very creative!

Getting back to our subject of practicing with your dreams, you will find these concepts of fragmentation will be much easier for you to accept, even if you do not understand them. Interacting in your dreams allows you to view other dimensions, other languages which your essence speaks to you, other yous. In becoming more familiar with your essence, and your ability and your creativity through your dream state, you will also be able to connect more positively in your waking state. You may ask yourself any question, and yourself will answer you. The concept or the reality of fragmentation is also not limited to physical focuses. I may, and do, fragment my essence continually in my focus. Each focus, regardless of what it is, does this. This should not create conflict with you, for if the Universal One and Whole is all creating, and if you likewise possess all that it is, and are also all-creating, why then would you not create? It is what you do! (Pause) I will allow for your questions, for this will take you much of “soaking in!”

CAROL: Do I understand, part of the fragmentation is our children?

ELIAS: It can be. This is not to say that it is, always. It is only to say that it can be. It would be recognizable to you in viewing an aspect, which is very dominant in a child, that is a desire and latent ability in yourself. An unexpressed desire often manifests, in the creation and fragmentation, in your children. This is not a rule. It is only a possibility. This, also, is not to say that this essence necessarily was fragmented in this particular developmental focus. It may have been created as your child in another developmental focus, or it may have been fragmented as your child in another dimensional focus. It may not have even occurred in this recognition of planetary systems. Most often there will be a strangeness, though, in recognition, not always in understanding of this recognition, but of a recognition between the parent and the child. The parent will identify parts of itself that it sees in its child. The child will see, in the parent, undeveloped parts that it possesses that it did not choose to manifest. This may contain confusion in some aspects for both individuals, but for the most part, neither will dwell on it too much. Only in bringing it to their attention will they begin to question, and focus, and begin to understand. (Pause) One evening, at a future session of ours, we will request the individuals present to bring a favorite family or individual picture. In doing this, I will allow a brief commentary from the individual. In return, I will interpret your fragmentation and your focus for you each.

CAROL: Is there anything that you can specifically tell me tonight about my two children? I have many questions about my relationship with them, and to them.

ELIAS: Questions to them?

CAROL: About my relationship with them and to them, and how we came to be together.

ELIAS: This was a pulling of great desire on both parts of essences. I will give you a small example of a desire in pulling together of essences in a physical focus, using Michael as example. This may speak to you of these essences of your children in a deeper connection. Michael and his daughter of Elizabeth chose for a separation of time between them. In this physical focus, they did not understand this agreement. Nevertheless, this was an agreement. There was a necessary period of separation for both to come together in understanding of each other. This was an extended separation over many years. Through physical circumstances, their reconnection was quite difficult. There were many obstacles preventing their reconnection physically. Each of their desires, though, were so great, even in not being expressed to each other or to any other individuals, that their energy drew them together again in connection. In this same manner, your children, knowing your essence previously, in your terms, drew again to you. It is not necessary for conventionalisms in a physical focus for connection. They have been connected to you for a very long time. You will be surprised to know that your daughter is, in actuality, a fragment of your own essence. This is a very strong bond. Your son has been connected in his essence to you in many focuses, and beyond those focuses, physically. You may experience frustration or conflict in this physical focus, in lack of understanding of their expression of their physical focus. This does not mean they are not exceptionally connected. You may not agree with alignments of your son, and you may not agree with belief systems of your daughter. It is not important.

VICKI: I have a question. When you started out talking about the fragmenting, you said every decision ... (Here, Elias takes a drink) My question is, were you meaning that literally, when you said every decision that you make becomes reality in another dimension?

ELIAS: Yes. I am not speaking to you conceptually or figuratively. I have expressed this. I am speaking to you literally. Just as you play in the physical dimension, and say that somewhere in your world you have a double, in reality, somewhere in your universe you have thousands of mirror images!

VICKI: That’s scary!

ELIAS: This is not to say they all look like you. Some may be ... “gray and squashy!” (Smiling)

VICKI: Speaking of that, I think I have a partial understanding of what you’re talking about. My question is, why, for so many years, have I been so fascinated with this alien subject?

ELIAS: For your essence has always identified the truth and reality of this. In creating your last physical manifestation, your essence is more in touch with you, or you are more a part of it, than you realize. You possess a greater understanding and connection of truth. Your interpretation may be grounded in a physical focus, but your awareness of truth is there. Each individual chooses its own connection and focus in this regard. This, individually for Lawrence, has been a focus, for this is a dimensional focus that you have had much involvement with, and identify closely. You have chosen manifestations and focuses in that dimension. As with Dimin has chosen focuses not of this planet, and identifies with that, therefore carrying forth to last manifestation, there is a greater awareness and identification with that focus.

VICKI: One other question. Michael’s and mine’s dream plans,

ELIAS: Yes? (Smiling)

VICKI: Is this a possibility? (Laughing)

ELIAS: Is what a possibility? (Also laughing)

VICKI: Our plans to get together. Our appointments. Our dream appointments.

ELIAS: (Smiling) You have already started with this endeavor! I ask you, why you ask me if you can do this? You are both, as are all of the essences involved with me, as are all essences everywhere, possessing the ability to create whatever you wish or you choose, in whatever focus you choose to create it. Your dreaming state is only another focus. It is equally as real as this reality of waking state!

CAROL: Can you be of some assistance with my dream state, because I don’t remember. I’ve come only to the point where I’m aware that I’m dreaming all night long, but I remember nothing. Or is that part of the plan?

ELIAS: Actually, it is part of a plan. There are stages of this dreaming state. These are the easiest to focus on, just as in another culture, when teaching small children the act of meditation, they do not expect the same results in a three-year-old that are produced in your Dali Lama! (Laughter) In your dreaming state, this is a natural function for you. In this culture, though, you have been taught that dreams are imagination. They are not “real.” Therefore, you have practiced many years at not paying attention in this regard. Now, I come and tell you to pay attention! You may not turn this back on like a faucet, automatically. So, you must practice. It has taken you much time to not pay attention. It will take some time, but not much, to pay attention.

In realizing that you are experiencing dreaming, this is good. Now, work with your consciousness and connection to remember. Even if you only remember an impression, and not necessarily a visualization, it will be reinforcing to your physical consciousness, which will in turn allow you more freedom. The more you practice, the more accomplished you become. The more accomplished you become in this state, the more connected you become with your essence, Also, the more fun you will have! This is not only for the sake of only having fun, although that is acceptable, but you will experience a more joyous existence in your waking state. One affects the other. They interact continuously. But, any part of your expression being blocked is detrimental, in one way or another. All energy, which I have stated, must be expressed. It will be expressed, one way or another. Your sleeping state, in contrary to what you have been taught in your culture, should be held as something very special and very cherished, for it is a more realistic and encompassing expression of your essence. You also will find you have much more freedom and ability to create whatever you wish to create, in this state.

VICKI: I can’t wait to go to bed! (Laughing)

CAROL: I’ll have a whole new viewpoint on it. (Pause) May we ask some questions for Donovan?


CAROL: Specifically, having to do with instances concerning his wife, and Roselyn Bruier’, and what Donovan seems to think may have been possession. (Here, Elias expresses complete exasperation, to the point of changing his body position, which has only happened once before, and with much facial expression. We all laugh)

ELIAS: We will express, once again, this subject. (Elias sighs, and we laugh again) I have explained this subject to our friend Donovan personally, but he does not listen, but I am used to this with Michael, and I suppose it is a common focus to this development. In the case of his experience with the woman that was, what he perceived to be, “possessed”: First of all, let us explain that there had been an agreement between this woman and his wife. It was an agreement of energy exchange. This energy exchange was a shared expression of discontentment and manifestation of anger, and an expression of unhappiness in this focus. In feeling a lack of ability to express these emotional focuses in an appropriate manner in intensity, it was decided to manifest this energy in the form of splinters. These splinters are of personality energy. This is not to be confused with psychological splintering of personality in physical. Some individuals, from blocking and creating our geyser effect, choose the expression of this energy through mystical interpretation. They may express “frighteningness” to you without hurting you. They may express violent behavior and have no repercussions to themselves in a physical focus, for they do not claim physical responsibility for their creation. In expressing this, they manifest their emotional expression of energy into another “ghostly form.” (Said humorously, followed by laughter)

As for the situation of the experience of prison visitation, this individual possesses a partial understanding of essence connections. Understand, partial! This is common with this focus. We will express to our good friend Donovan, did he not know something was up with this individual originally, when she chose to have a party with the gain of monetary compensation for spiritual expression? This is not to say that this individual is not connected. She is. She is also misdirected in her physical focus, and has allowed a very physically focused element to be consuming of her direction. I will express to Donovan that in order for audience with this individual, whom he believes to have discovered, would cost him much money now. This expression of this individual was not the result of an actual visualization of “evil” essences or entities, which we know there are none of, anyway. It was merely an expression of uncomfortableness of this individual in the physical forum which she had placed herself. Our friend is very trusting, and can be misled. Do you feel this was a sufficient answer?

CAROL: Yes, I certainly do. Thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

CAROL: It may be more that Donovan wanted to know!

ELIAS: Do you have any more questions for this evening?

VICKI: I have a lot to think about!

ELIAS: Very well.

RON: Could I ask one question?

ELIAS: Yes. (Smiling)

RON: I’d like to know who the essence is that joins you in some of these sessions, that sits with you. The large man.

ELIAS: This is not an essence of “joining me.” This is a manifestation in a visualization of me. I am acknowledging your very good perception of my essence, and may I ask you a question? (Ron nods in agreement. Note that this is the first time Elias has ever asked a question of this kind of a group member) So, what do you think of me??

RON: I’m highly impressed!

ELIAS: Thank you. I do try! (Laughing)

RON: And, you do well!

ELIAS: (Said with much humor) I would say, I am very artistic and creative, would you not agree? (Much laughter) And modest, too!

VICKI: And wonderful!

ELIAS: Yes! (Again, much laughter) I will be much looking forward to our encounter and expressions of playing from this time, until then, at our next session, and I will be expecting of an expression of your playfulness in this time. You may allow yourself to play. It is healing, and it is “good for you!” And maybe, I will visit you also, or maybe I will present you with Venus De Milo! (We all laugh) Until our next “encounter,” in which I may present myself with “large eyes and strange head,” (much comical gesturing) I will bid you good evening, and good dreaming!

GROUP: Thank you. (We end at 9:20 PM.)

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