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Sunday, June 25, 1995

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Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Elizabeth (Elizabeth), Ron (Olivia), Bill (Kasha), Jo (Joseph), and, arriving late, Christie (Oliver), and Jim (Yarr).

Elias arrives at 6:43 PM.

Typist’s note: We are going to attempt to start incorporating footnotes. These will be indicated by an asterisk (*) and a number, and the footnote will be found at the end of the transcript.

ELIAS: Good evening. (Pause, and then grinning) You are all in a very playful mood! I am not sure if Michael will join us tonight. He may decide to fly away! (1) We will address to your choice, to begin with. You may choose your subject of our religious element, or you may choose questions. (Pause)

VICKI: I’d like to hear more about the religious element.

ELIAS: Which aspect of this element would you prefer to continue with?

VICKI: How about beliefs or belief systems, in this or other focuses?

ELIAS: Belief systems. Each focus incorporates belief systems. In any dimension that you manifest into, you must incorporate belief systems. These give you guidelines for how to perceive your world. This is not limited to this world. This incorporates all dimensions and all focuses manifest, not all non-manifested focuses or non-physical focuses, but all focuses which are manifested physically. Most belief systems are quite similar, just as most belief systems on your planet are basically the same. Belief systems have been developed, basically, from a religious idea. Different cultures develop different religious ideas. You classify these ideas and attach them to a religious focus, for the reason of group sameness. You do this to allow yourselves to identify with each other.

Originally, you did not incorporate religious belief systems. Originally, in this focus, where we will begin, for this is familiar to you, you did not need a religious focus, for then you were more connected with your essence state, and already were aware of your vastly intricate relationship to one another. Even in deciding to physically manifest and create a separation of physical bodies, you were still so connected to your essence state that you did not differentiate, even with a physical body. Only after you began to focus so singularly, in this physical manifestation, did it become necessary for you to develop independent belief systems.

First, you developed belief systems about yourselves. In doing this, you believed yourselves to be separate. Then you would ask yourselves, “But what am I separate from?” Each belief system you incorporate creates a question. Each question creates another belief. This would be how you began. Since your beginning, you have incorporated myriads of belief systems in this physical focus. Your belief systems do not only incorporate what you would term now to be religious beliefs. Your belief systems incorporate everything that has to do with your physical manifestation. They incorporate how you view everything. Your belief systems have been created from information fed to you through your physical senses. Your physical senses you have created to interpret everything in your physical environment, which also includes yourself.

When you hear a bird, you believe it to be singing. When you see a tide on your ocean, you believe it to be in motion. When you feel temperatures, you believe them to be hot or cold. When you smell a flower, you believe it to be pleasant. These are perceptions of your physical senses, which feed information to your physically created brain. This brain feeds information to your non-physical consciousness about physical realities. I have stated before, if you could experience a physical existence without being physical, you would not need to create this physical existence. Therefore, you need physical apparatus to interpret your physical experience. In this, you develop belief systems about what you experience, and what you perceive. Your belief systems incorporate outside information. Your belief systems, originally, incorporated your perceptions of inside. You have disconnected from these belief systems, and very effectively, I might add!

Because your essence is so vast, and this physical experience is only a part of it, you, throughout your history, have all had awarenesses of a “beyond,” something that exists beyond what you see, a “knowing” of more than what you physically perceive. In this physical focus, you are also curious beings. This curiosity serves as a motivation for exploration, but as you explore and ask questions, you develop belief systems about what you ask. This physical experience is a very “show me, prove to me” existence. This has not always been so, but as you have developed throughout your time, you have incorporated more physical elements, to where you believe that everything must have a scientific answer.

Long ago, in your history, you were not as scientifically oriented. This is not to say that the curiosity and desire for that direction was not there. It was, but your information was limited. Therefore, you allowed more of what you would call, or believe to be, mysticism. What is amusing of this is that you develop technologically, and you go nowhere! (Smiling) You incorporate more physicalness into your existence, and know less of reality! The difference now is that your intuition is “knocking” at you, and your essences are bored with your physical knowledge. It is not enough. You strive to incorporate more and more experiences, but they are never enough. This is why you have chosen to create this shift.

Beliefs are very complicated developments. As I have stated to you, they are not intrinsic. They are always acquired. They are also very changing. This is why they are not truths. Truths do not change. Beliefs always change. It is in your nature, in this focus, to be changing. Even your physical development changes. You do not live for ninety years on this planet as a baby. Your body changes. It develops and grows, and experiences change. This is because you believe it should do this. You create your reality! If you believed that your babyhood lasted twenty years, you would be in diapers for twenty years! If you believe you may live for nine hundred and sixty years, as your Methuselah, you will live nine hundred and sixty years! Even down to your color of your hair is a belief system. You believe in your genetics, that if your parents display certain characteristics, you will, also. You have belief systems for things as simple as your clothing, of what you should or should not wear. I give you these examples so that there is no mistake that beliefs do not only incorporate religion. They incorporate everything in your focus. If you believe you will be sick, you will be sick! If you believe yourself to be an athlete, that is what you will be! If you invalidate continuously, yourself, you will be what you invalidate! If you do not remember, and you repeat that you do not remember, you will not remember! If you believe you are a great painter, you will paint greatly!

This is why I express to you how important it is that you notice, for your belief systems limit your development. They limit your widening, your awareness, your perceptions. They are also sometimes quite insidious. As I have said to you before, you may think you believe something, and then when faced with that very something, your beliefs may not be what you think. Just as, in small example, Michael thinks he believes in healing, and thinks he does not believe in your medical profession. He has shown himself this is not completely true, although I must commend him in his effort in changing those belief systems in actuality. This was a tremendous step and accomplishment.

This, also, I would like to address to you all, in using as an example, that the reason that I speak to you of widening your belief systems is that they affect everything. But, you do not just change belief systems. You do not just turn them off like a light bulb. How you begin to affect strong beliefs is to move through them, even when you do not believe, even when you are afraid, or not convinced, or not believing. In trusting of your essence, and moving through anyway, you will see for yourself. This is a very difficult thing to do, I understand, for if you do not believe something, you do not wish to consider other options.

Belief systems are very strong. I have expressed to you, in the past sessions, that your belief systems are so strong that you carry them beyond your physical expression. You carry them from one physical focus to another. (Elias is “cracking up” throughout the next sentence) What is quite amusing is when you incorporate conflicting belief systems, and then you confuse yourself ultimately, as Lawrence, who has incorporated different dimensions into belief systems! (Laughter) This creates much confusion, but in explanation you will see how strong these belief systems are. This is not to say that what you believe to exist, does not. It is only to illustrate that belief systems exist in that focus also, which will confuse this focus. Other dimensions and other existences believe other things. They are basically the same as your beliefs, for they are influenced by the same thing; experiences. They may have different experiences, they may incorporate different sense data, but they develop belief systems based on these things, just the same as you do.

There are different areas of this subject. I may express to you, it would be easiest for you to accept and understand belief systems of another dimension, which could be considered a completely different species from yourselves. There are also belief systems in alternative dimensions, which are splinters of your own dimension; alternative selves of you, other probabilities. Each incorporates belief systems. You may, in this physical dimension and focus, believe that you must drive your car on the right side of your road. In another dimensional focus, they may incorporate a belief system that they do not use roads to drive on, that they will drive on your grass, and never touch a road. Each focus incorporates its own beliefs.

I could, theoretically, spend with you hours explaining different dimensional belief systems. This would be very informative for you, but quite useless, for the belief systems that you hold are those that you incorporate and deal with. They are the ones that affect your reality. In this also, as I have said many times, you create your reality! If this was the only thing that I could ever say to you, it would be the most important! Every thought, every emotion that you experience, is a reality. Everything you perceive, you develop a belief system around, and this creates your reality. In many of your belief systems, you do yourselves much harm. You close yourself from your essence. Even when you believe yourselves to be widening and incorporating your essence, by incorporating fear into your reality you block, not only yourself from others around you in physical focus, but from yourself to yourself.

Your essence will not violate you. Therefore, if you incorporate anything in this physical focus, your essence will allow you to experience this, even to your own destruction. It will not interfere with your beliefs and your desires. If you create something in this physical reality, your essence, in respecting this, will allow you. This is why your essence does not step in on your part, to prevent you from hurting another person or yourselves. You may create whatever you think of. You may create whatever you feel. You, in this focus, are the only one that may change this, or not.

I must also say to you, that it is quite saddening to us, in expressing this reality to you, to witness a resigning of self in this physical focus, to the effect of saying, “Oh well, I am experiencing.” (At this point, Elias becomes more serious than I have ever seen him before) THIS IS INCORRECT! DEFINITELY! There is no “Oh well, I am experiencing!” Every experience you choose, you affect probabilities, as I have given you examples previously of thoughts and feelings of a card, and a flower, and a painting. Whether, in physical focus, you are aware or not of how you affect every other essence, you do! This is reality! You may blindly go through physical focuses and never be aware of this truth, but you all present here, without exception, have decided not to physically manifest again. Therefore, I speak to you differently than I would speak to others. This is why it is important that you hear. This is also why it is important that you understand these concepts, for they are not only concepts. They are reality!

Also, one of the reasons you have asked for this audience and help is concerning this fact that you will not be physically remanifesting. You will also not be in a focus of what you would term, presently, as “mundane.” You are all very connected and intelligent essences. You have “things to do.” You have accomplishments still ahead. It is important for you to connect. I will speak in this company differently this evening, than I would were other essences present. These essences present in this company, I am expecting more interaction from. You are practicing, and you are noticing. You are working hard. I am acknowledging of this. I am praising of this. I am also expecting of this continuing. I am expecting of this in connection with each other, also. (2)

As I have stated, you are not an orange. I do not expect you to think of yourselves as an orange. You are capable of incorporating much more, and in not incorporating much more, will only be a result of existing, limiting belief systems. As I have said, I am not here to change belief systems, only to widen perceptions and incorporate more into your focus, which you are quite capable of accepting. (Pause) Is this enough to think about in this one area? (Long pause)

VICKI: This is a lot to think about. (Crying, then another pause)

ELIAS: Yes? (Looking at Elizabeth)

ELIZABETH: OK. I had a dream the other night about a small black boy, that I had a very deep connection with, and I got very emotional in this dream. I was wondering if you could tell me anything about that?

ELIAS: I will first explain to Elizabeth, I did not ignore you. You did not want to listen. I did respond, but you were busy. (Smiling) This was an interesting dream. I will first explain to you that all things are a probability. Nothing is an absolute. In a probability, this would be a precognitive dream, this meaning that this is a viewing of an incident happening in what you term to be your future. This is not and should not be surprising to you, of all individuals, that you would experience a future focus, for you have done this throughout your life. (Smiling) You have spoken to yourself from a future viewpoint to a smaller one. You have been in connection with your essence and your recognition of no linear time from a very small child, in this developmental focus. You have had many precognitive dreams before. This is because you are watching what is happening in your other focuses. You watch what happens in your past, and you watch what happens in your future, all the time, not only in your dreaming state while you are sleeping, but in your waking state also, in what you would call your daydreaming. It is only a fading out of wakefulness to watch other dimensions. This dream, although being very emotional, was not what you would call a bad dream. It was ending in a positive dream.

In this dream you experienced this tremendous overwhelming emotion, for if you choose this to happen in a future probability, when it does you will remember, and you will not be overwhelmed with emotion, for you will know the outcome. This is another way that you speak to yourself. You are quite correct in your stating that you appreciate your own company very well, and you do, and you speak with yourself all the time. This, I will say, may be quite instructing to all of you. (Here, Elias looks at everyone. Then the cat approaches him, rubs on him, and he pets her) Hello, little kitty. You are very nice! (Laughter)

In practicing this same expression, you may all become quite in touch with your essences. You will experience what I have expressed to you many times, of not separating in the idea of time. Time is merely an idea. It is not a reality. This is why you may accomplish these things. You may speak to a future self or a past self presently, for there is no time element. Even those of you who do not experience this, do experience losses of time. You do involve yourselves in your feelings or your thoughts so completely, at “times,” that you are unaware, in your consciousness, of time at all! You choose to not incorporate this into your belief systems. This is why you find such difficulty in accepting. I am not speaking to you of things you do not already know, only things you have forgotten. (Pause) Was this acceptable in an interpretation?


VICKI: I have a question. (Here, Christie arrives)

ELIAS: Welcome to Oliver!

CHRISTIE: Hello. (Grinning)

ELIAS: Yes? (To Vicki)

VICKI: In a recent session, you said that quite often, when we have what we call a nightmare, we will not “feel so good.” And in really trying to work in this dream area, several times this week I’ve had days where I did not feel good, and other days when I felt wonderful after remembering a very positive dream experience. The days I did not feel good, I have no memory of a nightmare. I guess my question is, what is a nightmare?

ELIAS: First of all, I will express to you that the reason that you did not “feel so good,” congratulations on feeling, (laughter) the next day was not because you had a nightmare. You do not remember your dreaming events, which has caused much frustration. In feeling this frustration in your dreaming state, you expressed that feeling the next waking day. Sometimes you are frustrated before you even wake! You are doing very well, but you are still doubting. Therefore, you create a frustration before you wake, and therefore you wake not remembering, and reinforcing that frustration! One frustration did not come first, before the other! (Laughing) They are both simultaneously reinforcing each other! (Elias and Vicki both laugh)

A nightmare is different. Usually, a nightmare is not what you perceive it to be. You perceive it to be a fantasy, of unusual proportion, of your imagination. Usually, it will be perceived to be something fearful. Nightmares are not always an invention of your imagination, although we will express in footnote that imagination is reality. (We have been planning to include footnotes as a new thing) Nightmares may be any expression which you deem uncomfortable, whether they be what you perceive to be an invented scene, or whether they be something that could or does actually, in physical waking time, happen. Many times, nightmares are created for the express purpose of allowing the individual to express emotion. They are also a safe expression for fear. You may experience a tremendous depth of fear in a nightmare, and nothing will happen to you. You will wake, and you may feel “not so good,” but physically, you will be fine. You may have a nightmare of being run over by a train, but when you wake you will still be there, and your bones will not be broken.

You are expressing a desire and a need to feel physical feelings or emotional feelings. You may sometimes dream of an earthquake, for you may be quite afraid of an earthquake. In this expression, you allow yourself to experience this fear without physically manifesting this, in this focus. This is not to say it is not being physically expressed and manifested in another focus, for it is, but it is not affecting this focus. This is why I express to you that your dreaming state is quite reality. All things expressed manifest, physically, in another dimension. (Jim arrives) We are welcoming to Yarr.

JIM: Thank you. Good evening.

ELIAS: I cannot stress enough times that energy expressed is reality. All energy is reality. All thought is energy. All emotion is energy. All is reality.

CHRISTIE: Therefore we should, for the better part of us, we should think positively. Our thoughts should be positive.

ELIAS: Correct. Actually, you are very correct, Oliver, for all negative expression of thought or emotion will become manifest negatively in reality, and all expression of all energy affects all essences, in all dimensions, in all focuses. There is no separation. There is no division. There are no sections.

JO: No oranges.

ELIAS: Exactly, Joseph. No oranges.

CHRISTIE: Well, I have to tell you, it’s helping. Like I mentioned the last time, I’ve been talking to a friend and telling him a few things that you’ve said, and it’s really helping his life in the experience-mistake mode. Where I’ve kind of expressed to him that his self esteem wasn’t too high because he felt that his experiences were mistakes, and by shifting that thought he’s feeling so much better about himself, because he doesn’t feel that he’s so poorly made anymore. It’s like, “Oh, ok, experiences, that’s good,” and it really has helped his self esteem.

ELIAS: Is it not amazing how liberating truth is? (Everyone agrees) Many religions express giving you truth, that it will be liberating to you, but real truth needs no religious belief system behind it, and can be ultimately liberating in itself.

JIM: If we have negative thoughts about something that we wish, that we don’t, the mind is ... As the mind works, stupid and negative thoughts come into the mind. Is there a way to “clean house?” Is there a way to stop some of the garbage that comes through our minds, so to speak?

ELIAS: As I have stated, negative, as also positive, are relative. Ideally, if you could only focus on positive, that would be wonderful, would it not? You are not singularly focused beings. Part of your experience is what you call negative. In not wishing to express negative, the best way to “clean your house” is to acknowledge; not necessarily to dwell constantly and feed energy to this negative, but not to block, either. Negative is only another expression and experience. In not acknowledging and in not experiencing, in a pushing away of negative, you block. When you block, you create our geyser. In not creating our geyser, you must experience. You must view this as another form of experience, and accept and acknowledge. You may even “hate” something or someone, (smiling at Jo) and not need to express physically this emotion, for you allowed yourself the experience, and you acknowledged this experience and emotion. It is not wrong or bad to experience these feelings. In not allowing yourself to experience negative emotions, you create more negative. In not stepping through doubt or fear or negativity, just as you so easily step through positive and happiness and joy, you hold on to this experience. In holding on to this experience you block yourself, and you negatively affect all others, and you make yourself miserable! (Laughter)

CHRISTIE: This is interesting.

ELIAS: I am always interesting! (Smiling, followed by laughter)

CHRISTIE: I know you are! There was a time in my life when I had a home, and then I didn’t have a home. I had to sell it, and for a while I was very upset about that, and I probably obsessed about it a lot. And I thought, as I was evolving along, that the longer I stayed stuck being upset about this thing, that, I don’t know, maybe there would be repercussions or something. And then I was thinking that maybe our experiences, we’re here to experience things ... this is years ago I was thinking about this. And that we really have to let go of those things to move on, to be able to experience other things, and by hanging on to them, we’re making it difficult. (3) So, what you’re telling me now is that what I was thinking four years ago, or three years ago, or something, was I was kind of on the right lines. That’s what you’re saying here, because this is pretty exciting!

ELIAS: This is correct. Just as you let go of positive impulses and feelings, they create no repercussions, if you let go of negative perceptions, they do not create repercussions, either. This is a very difficult thing for you to do, although you may all accomplish this in your state of conscious awareness now. The reason, as I have explained to Catherine, that you hold so tightly to these experiences is that they fascinate you. Joyful experiences are common to you, and have been a part of your reality, always. Negative experiences are, relatively speaking, a new experience. Therefore, you play them to their fullest extent. They, to you, fascinate you, as a mouse fascinates a cat. The cat does not necessarily wish to devour the mouse, but it does wish to play with it, and experience that playing, and continue to experience that playing, and even when the mouse is ... dead, (laughter) the cat continues to experience this playing, for it is fascinated with this motion, just as you continue to play with this emotion of negativity, over and over and over, until it is dead, and still not moving, and you still push it around for its experience! (Laughter) For it is, as I have said, not a natural element of your essence. It is a physical experience, and it fascinates you, but you have been fascinated enough. This game is coming to its end, and it is not necessary for your fascination or experience anymore. (Pause) Shall we “experience” a brief break, and continue briefly? (Laughter)

BREAK 8:13 PM.


ELIAS: Now, in continuing, we will allow for questions.

VICKI: I have a question for Michael. He’s wondering about his dream in which his mother was at a session, and asked her own questions to you, and wondering if you had any comment on that dream.

ELIAS: You, in this focus, as I have stated once before previously, have a tendency to believe that when you die, you are “all knowing,” and that your consciousness perceives of all things. This is incorrect. This will serve well for an illustration of belief systems. You believe you understand this concept that when you die, you do not know everything. You, in your perception, accept my expressing to you that I do not know everything, but this shall serve as an example of a conflict of belief systems.

This essence of his mother is in transitional state. In this transitional state, she is not physically focused. Her perceptions are wider than they would be in physical focus, but are also still influenced by physically focused belief systems. In this transitional state, she has incorporated some widenings of belief systems. Others have dropped away. She is not “stuck” in belief systems, as we have explained about some essences, but she is incorporating a wider understanding of beliefs. She is readying for remanifestation. In doing this, she is also exploring wider perceptions.

This was an individual who did not believe in the concept of reincarnation. One physical focus was believed to be all that there is. In understanding, in transitional state, that this is incorrect, the information was requested concerning this issue. This information may have come to this essence in many ways. This essence chose to come to me, but in choosing to come to me, also chose to come to her daughter. This was done for a wider understanding of Michael, that he may understand better of what he would call the “other side” of this physical focus. This she did, in visiting Michael in this dream, as a gift, expressing to him that he will also have questions when he refocuses after this developmental focus.

These questions that she was asking of me were not, as Michael perceived them to be, silly, or even unusual. If an individual ends a physical focus holding to closed belief systems, they will experience what they expect to experience in non-physical focus. This individual began experiencing what her belief systems had already expressed to her. In being in transition, she was realizing of the reality that there are no closed systems, but in not being “all knowing,” was requesting of information of her own developmental focuses. This would not have been a question this individual would have asked for in this physical focus, for it was not incorporated in her belief systems. In her realization in her present state now, she asks, just as in this focus you experience presently, you have asked. It is no more silly for her to ask these questions than it is for you to ask these same questions. It is only a curiosity of connecting with one’s greater self. In remanifestation her awareness will be widened, therefore allowing greater experience and more joyful experience. This essence is collecting all information which you are collecting presently. This individual will also know presently, for she will remanifest after your shift, and will experience the incorporation of physical expression and essence consciousness.

Michael believed this questioning to be silly, for he believed that she should know these answers now that she is not in physical manifestation, just as you may have individuals that you have been connected to, which are not in physical manifestation. They do not know everything, and ask questions, also. They do not experience in the same way that you experience, for they also do not experience what you deem to be negative, excepting initially, if their belief systems were very strong to create this. Other than an initial experience, as holding over of belief systems, there is no expression of negative. She presently experiences a quite pleasant focus and is learning much, incorporating vast amounts of knowledge.

This was also an expression of connection of one familiar essence, in demonstrating a crossing of dimensional focuses. Michael, for all his trying, many times does not believe in this crossing, for he has not personally experienced this in this focus. He has forgotten other focuses and experiences. He believes these experiences happen, but to other individuals, and not necessarily to himself. As I have stated, he is moving very quickly, though, in incorporating new belief systems, and is experiencing very rapidly, in a very concentrated amount of your time, what you all have experienced throughout your lifetimes. To some of you, in these experiences, he has caught up; to some of you, in these experiences, he has surpassed. This was only another experience to validate a reality for his understanding of other realities. I am quite sure, with this explanation, this will make much sense to him, and he will have no more questions of this kind.

VICKI: I have one other question about Michael. What was wrong with his stomach the other night? (4)

ELIAS: This was a correct interpretation of his, in that this was, in actuality, a physical malady. We are wishing to express tremendous applause in his attempt of trusting, for now he will see that his trusting was well worth it. If Michael had not followed through with this trusting, even beyond a lacking in beliefs, he would have experienced your physical surgeries. This was a duplication of a same malady of Kasha, which in your physical focus you believe to only be affected by your medical profession. This is not truth. This is a belief system. There are many ways to heal yourself. You only do not believe. You will see physically, with your own visual perception, that this area has no distention presently. The infection is not present, either. It has been accomplished with no physical opening of body. I understand that this is very difficult for you to accept and to believe, but you and your bodies, and other essences, when you do not know how, are quite capable of healing themselves without outside interference. You may remove infecting parts without physically interrupting or cutting of your physical body. Your ability and your energy is much greater than you can even conceive.

Yarr was asking of energy centers. This energy center, being of what you would speak of as your second chakra, in color of orange, in spinning properly and radiating energy properly, is quite healing. It is not necessary for your physical body to experience pain, and when it does, you have the ability to change this. He will, as will you all, learn of your energy centers and connecting colors much more, and will understand your abilities to manipulate your own powers.

I commend this action, for it required much focus on his part. Also, the choice of Elizabeth and Lawrence to not participate was not an expression of a lacking of interest or desire in this matter. It was a recognition in essences, of Michael’s need to understand and trust. This, in reality, was helpful, in that he now may not attribute this success to you. He does attribute this success to me, but in cooperation with himself. He does recognize his participation, and this we are greatly acknowledging of. (Softly, and with much feeling) He is of exceptional desire, and we are expressing of tremendous love to this essence. (Pause, followed by a silence, during which you could have “heard a pin drop”) Is this sufficient?

VICKI: Yes. (Crying again, and another long pause)

JIM: I’d like to ask, my expressed past physical focus relating to the Incas, of a Shaman. Am I an old ... a new soul coming to this, within this world, so to speak? Have I been around for a long time?

ELIAS: We will express, relatively speaking, you would not be considered as old of a soul, in fragmentation, as Joseph, but you would also not be considered as new of a soul as Michael. You would be considered ... in the middle! (Laughter) We would express that in these physical developmental focuses, you have experienced many. We would not say to you that your time dating would extend as far as Joseph. This expression of Inca was brought up, as was different developmental focuses of you each, for it was the closest, relatively speaking, in relation to affinity. You identify with this focus, for it was satisfying and joyful. These types of developmental focuses are the most easily retrieved for explanation, for you identify with them. This is not to say that you did not manifest many times before this, but as Catherine was disappointed with her “pot merchant,” (laughter) many of you would be disappointed with “mundane” lifetime expressions, as you would say. Most of your developmental focuses, in connection to all of you, were not what you would express to be great or special, although they are all great and special, but you would not perceive them to be. This was one of tremendous creativity and connection with essence, therefore you identify with this focus readily. You have been many other individuals, in much less glamorous circumstances. I do not think you are wishing me to give you details of an Irish fishmonger. This would not necessarily be so colorful!

JIM: That’s fine, thank you. (Jim laughs)

CHRISTIE: I once did a past life regression, a couple of years ago, and saw myself as an eleven year old child living in the country, and I crossed a street and was killed by a wagon of some sort. This is what I saw, and in this lifetime, when I was ten, I thought that when I turned eleven, that would be as long as I was going to live. As I attributed, when I heard this past life regression, I thought perhaps it was remembering. I don’t know.

ELIAS: This is correct. Just as Elizabeth has had expressions in this developmental focus which were rememberings of past developmental focuses, you have experienced this also. It is much more common for children, in their lack of indoctrination of belief systems, to identify with previous developmental focuses. Some identify more realistically and consciously than others. You, in this respect, like Elizabeth, this would be an expression of your awareness of consciousness. This is also why you experience less conflict in shifting, for your consciousness is already incorporating in this focus, and has been aware from a small child.

This developmental focus was of this country also, previous to Mary. Many times, although being of an agreement, when an individual ends a physical focus at a young age, especially if it is a traumatic ending of that focus, the consciousness of that child will not completely incorporate in transitional stages. It will be carried to future developmental focuses. This experience was also felt by Mary, and repeated in Christie. If choosing to remanifest, this experience would not be repeated, for it has been understood. So, it is unnecessary to repeat and focus on this emotion.

CHRISTIE: I see. So, in essence, in our life now, if we have an emotion that we don’t understand why it’s happening, and we focus on that to get a better understanding, that’s kind of like a smaller example of the larger thing that’s going on in different developmental focuses. In other words, if something happens in another developmental focus to where we’re not understanding, we, when we do focus on that, and understand it, just in this lifetime, in the smaller ones, then that’s kind of ...

ELIAS: Correct.

CHRISTIE: So, it’s another way of letting go.

ELIAS: This is also correct. Lack of knowledge creates lack of understanding. You will remember, in very early previous sessions, I explained to you that it is important for you to acquire knowledge. This is important, for it creates understanding. Understanding will create awareness, and awareness will enable a widening of consciousness.

CHRISTIE: And a widening of consciousness will help in the ... (Here, Elias and Christie both complete the sentence together) “shift.”

ELIAS: (To Vicki) Yes?

VICKI: Is there ever a time when, to have knowledge of a developmental focus, would help in this shift?

ELIAS: All knowledge is beneficial. If you are focusing on previous developmental focuses simply for curiosity, it is not that instructive. Knowledge of previous developmental focuses may be instructive if you are experiencing trauma. On experiencing trauma in this developmental focus, which you cannot explain, it is sometimes helpful to incorporate other developmental focuses. I will answer your question, although you are not experiencing trauma in this shifting, but I am in recognition of what you are asking. (Smiling)

There have been many developmental focuses in mystical developments, for your essence has fragmented in other dimensional focuses. This has been an awareness for many developmental focuses, although not understood. In not understanding, you have incorporated much mysticism and searching out of belief systems, trying to incorporate what you do not understand. You were not ready, in your consciousness, to understand. Therefore, you incorporated other belief systems of religious focuses. These did not always incorporate Christian belief systems. You have been quite connected in (pause) a geographical location of what you now call Turkey. This belief system would be what you would also call a gypsy, a wanderer, (smiling) with belief systems of earth magic. This is quite interesting that you are so attracted to confusing yourself, not only in other dimensional focuses, but in these physical developmental focuses, from earth magic to Christianity! (Laughter) This accounts for your conflict. You are now in much more understanding of your confusion, but you will also understand that now you may incorporate all these belief systems, as I have stated, which we do not wish to eradicate, only widen. You will find them not conflicting. Essentially, all are, in some way, correct, for all expression becomes reality, which you now will understand and have the ability to incorporate. Are you understanding?

VICKI: As well as I can, in my confusion! (Everybody laughs)

CHRISTIE: I have a question. I have an incredible fear of spiders, and I have always thought that perhaps I was laid in a desert in another life, and spiders were crawling all over me, and my fear in this lifetime is just an extension of that. Now, is there any of my past lifetimes that I could maybe come to terms with, and get over this nonsense?

ELIAS: This is correct. Your impression is incorrect, but your fear is stemming from an ending of a physical focus in connection with a venomous bite. This, in your focus presently, should not be of concern to you, for even if you were to be bitten by a venomous spider, you would not die. Previous developmental focuses did not possess the technological ability to change this, and extend life. You always possessed the ability to fix this yourself, but you did not believe this. But now, whether you believe in your own ability or not, your science can fix this. Therefore, your fear does not merit your attention any longer. (Pause) What shall this little creature do to you? (Smiling, followed by laughter)

JIM: I have some tarantulas at the store, if you want to try it out!

CHRISTIE: Great! You can help me become one with the spiders!

ELIAS: We would be expecting this from “Silver Fur,” of “small fuzzy!” (Laughter)

JIM: We have those, too!

ELIAS: And we would be asking, Joseph has no questions?

JO: Actually, I understand everything a lot easier than I would have thought. So, at this time, no.

ELIAS: So, you are catching on! (Smiling)

JO: Big time!

ELIAS: This is good. And, we will be asking, Kasha has no questions?

BILL: Not right now. I want to feel, I want to absorb what you talked about tonight.

ELIAS: Acceptable. (Pause) And, you have played this week in your dreams. We will be expecting of more of this playing, and if you require my assistance, I will be at your service. (Bowing) We will request that we do not have to perform too many more surgeries! We do not need to be so dramatic in our dreaming state! But playing is good, and I will express to you that I will be interacting with you soon, and I will be with you, more than you know, before then. And, I will say good evening to you.

BILL: Good evening, Elias.

JO: We’ll see you later this evening!

ELIAS: Obviously! (We all laugh, say goodnight, and end at 9:53 PM.)


(1) Mary was also in a very playful mood. When Elias first appeared, she decided to “hang around” for the first few minutes, during which time she was “playing” with the colors of her chakras. As a result, Elias’ voice was affected, in that it was very “throaty” for a while, after which time it returned to normal. His comment, as to Michael not joining in, was in reference to Vicki’s suggestion to Mary that she might want to try “listening” to the session that evening.

(2) It was very interesting how Elias orchestrated this part of the session. Ron was present throughout the entire session, except for the short time in which Elias addressed us as essences who have decided to not physically remanifest. During this time, Ron removed himself from the room, went to bed, and then rejoined the group shortly afterward. He told us during the break that Elias’ voice had been very hypnotizing, and he had suddenly become very sleepy. Interestingly enough, Ron feels strongly that he will remanifest. Also, Jim and Christie did not arrive until just after this portion of the session.

(3) Here, Christie looks at Vicki and says, “I know you’re going to hate this one!” Vicki responds, “I love it!” This is a standing joke between Christie and Vicki, because Christie’s questions are so long, and she talks so fast, that they are difficult to transcribe off the tape. The reason Vicki said “I love it” is because Mary had recently agreed transcribe the material off the tapes. Christie, Mary’s response to you is, “You’re right, Christie, I do!”

(4) Thursday morning, Mary began experiencing pain and swelling in the lower abdominal area. These symptoms became increasingly worse throughout the day, culminating in extreme pain and distention, and discoloration of the area. Mary had been with Vicki all day, and in their conversation about this, they made an “agreement” to get together that night in a dream, and “fix” the problem then, rather that going to the hospital. Please note that Mary did not believe this would really work, and figured that if she lived through the night, which she thought she might not, she would go to the hospital in the morning. Also, please note that Vicki felt very agitated and responsible all night, to the point of not being able to sleep. Neither one really believed this would work. Finally, also note that Kasha’s malady, referred to by Elias, was appendicitis.

That night, in her dream state, Mary projected to Vicki’s house to enlist her help, as per their agreement, but Vicki told her she was “too tired to go.” Mary then projected back home to enlist Elizabeth’s help, which had also been agreed upon, but she was also “too tired to go.” Elias then came to Mary in her dream, and when Mary asked for his help, he proceeded to manipulate the second chakra. Mary saw him remove an orange ball from her abdominal area and handle it for a while, after which he “zapped” her with it, replaced it, and said, “How do you feel?” Mary then realized the pain was gone. When she awoke Friday morning, there was only a twinge in the area, and no swelling, and by Saturday morning she was completely fine.

She still isn’t exactly quite sure how this happened, but she sure is grateful! Her continuing comment on this is, paraphrased, “You don’t need to believe you can do something like this, you just need to move through your non-belief and your fear, and do it anyway!” Vicki’s continuing comment on this is, “Wow!” Also, Vicki would like to say, “Elias, thank you very much for removing my guilt, regarding my decisions to not take Mary to the hospital, and to not join her in the dream that night.” Because let me tell you, folks, I was scared to death! Thanks again, Elias! And also, thank you, Mary. I love you both with all my heart, more than I know how to express. But, I’m learning!

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