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Sunday, June 29, 1997

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“Belief Systems, Belief Systems, Belief Systems”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Cathy (Shynla), Reta (Dehl), Norm (Stephen), Gail (William), Bob (Siman), Tom (James), Jim (Yarr), and Drew (Matthew).

Vic’s note: Mary usually sits on the floor during sessions, but recently some folks have had trouble hearing Elias. So, Ron rigged up a chair with an attached microphone so we can amplify his voice.

Elias arrives at 6:33 PM. (Time was fifteen seconds.)

ELIAS: Good evening. (Looking down at the chair) Ah! (Laughter) A new incorporation! This evening we shall be diverting from our subject matter of genetics, as we will be interacting within the subject of belief systems; for this being the most immediate situation presently that you all present yourselves with! (Grinning, and we all laugh) Therefore, this eve, you have the floor!

RETA: I’ll begin, if it’s all right. I’ve been reading another book which is enlightening on bringing all this together, and I finally realized that just even the words that we say in trying to project images that we want to have are awfully important. One of the words was “want,” and my goodness, here we’re always saying, “I want to do this, I want to do that,” and that “want” word comes to be a hold because you’re still wanting. Have you got a few others you’d like to explain, and explain how that works?

ELIAS: This word “want” shall lead us into our discussion of belief systems, for this is related to a belief system. You “want” for the reason that you perceive that what you are or what you have is insufficient. Therefore, you want differently. This also is related to your issues of duplicity, which also is a belief system. You feel that your creation is insufficient or “not enough” or lacking, or elements of your creation are negative or bad. Therefore, they are needing change. If you are accepting of the belief systems, you are also understanding that they are belief systems, and this is what is influencing your “want.”

In addressing to these belief systems, you may also be considering their hold upon you, and you may be attempting to alter your perception in viewing your situation differently; accepting that each moment of your creation is your creation of your reality, and you are accomplishing this quite efficiently and for the reasons of experience that you have chosen. Therefore, it is unnecessary to be “wanting” of other elements; although I am quite aware that within physical focus, and as you continue to hold belief systems quite strongly, this is definitely a reality!

The object of the action of the shift is to be accepting of belief systems, therefore neutralizing their energy and releasing you, allowing you the opportunity to alter your perception and eliminate your conflict; for as you want what you do not have, you create conflict! But if you are recognizing that it is unnecessary to be expelling energy in the area of wanting, you may redirect your energy more creatively and you may be creating of those very elements that you want.

RETA: Some more direct words would be like, “It’s happening.” Not “It’s going to happen,” but “It’s happening. I feel it now.” So I wouldn’t negate it by saying “want,” which can stop it.

NORM: “I have? I have wealth.” Or I have anything that I want ...

RETA: Want! See, that word stops you!

ELIAS: Initially, as I have stated previously, you may be choosing to engage this type of action to be reinforcing of yourself, although you are not in actuality changing the belief system, though this is what you are attempting to be doing; but within your attempt to be changing the belief system, you also offer energy to accomplishing the acceptance. The objective is not to be changing. You may change your belief systems at any moment. You accomplish only exchanging one belief system for another belief system, which continues to hold much energy and power. In accepting these belief systems, you neutralize this power and you offer yourself the opportunity to be expressing more creatively. In this, you may be actualizing what you want and it shall matter not, for you may not be so focused within the want any longer.

JIM: Can you define “accepting?” (Vicki and Cathy crack up)

ELIAS: (Grinning) Ah! Lawrence and Shynla are amused within their difficulty of this situation!

To your objective awareness presently, you have presented yourself with the idea that belief systems exist. You accept the idea that they are existing “sometimes,” as you are “sometimes” accepting the idea that you create your reality ... when it is convenient! (Laughter) In this, you have been teaching yourselves to be altering belief systems or exchanging belief systems or changing belief systems or “playing” with belief systems ... which in actuality is what you are doing, playing with belief systems, for you know not what else to be doing with these belief systems! (Laughter) Now that you partially incorporate the acceptance of the idea of the possibility of the existence of belief systems, you enter your next phase, which you view to be quite impossible to be accomplishing ... although you may be accomplishing! You will be accomplishing!

As you approach a belief system and you look to its affectingness, initially you are objectively attempting to not be allowing this belief system to be controlling of your behavior. Initially, this is sufficient within this present now, for you have not reached the point within this present now that you may actualize complete acceptance of a belief system; but you begin. In this, you may be behaving contrary to the belief system. Recognition of the identification of each belief system is quite important. In many aspects, you do not offer yourselves even the recognition of the belief system. Once you have recognized the belief system, in a moving towards acceptance of the belief system you must be objectively concentrating to be allowing an interaction and mergence of subjective and objective awarenesses. In this, you must be releasing your stubbornness to be holding to these belief systems.

The largest belief system, which is held within mass and affecting of all of your other belief systems, is that one which is expressed of right and wrong; for you incorporate thought processes and feelings, and believe they are right. You incorporate action that you believe is wrong, or you interact with other individuals and you believe you are right and they are wrong! This is influencing in many more areas than you allow yourself to view presently. It enters into all of your reality. You dress in certain manners, for it is right. You do not walk about your society with no clothing, for it is wrong. You speak in certain manners to each other and to yourself, for you believe this to be right. You eat in “right” manners. You do not place your food substances upon your ground and consume this in the fashion of a hog, for you believe there are right methods and wrong methods for everything! You do not wear your left shoe upon your right foot, for this is wrong! Within these very small examples, you may see how this belief system enters into every activity and thought and feeling within the entirety of your focus. This shall be the most influencing belief system and the most difficult belief system to be accepting; but you may, in very small increments, be allowing yourself to be attempting, and in this you begin with recognizing.

Acceptance is a neutralization of the energy which is expelled within belief systems. This energy is expelled within individuals and within mass. You must understand that these belief systems that you hold, hold energy of their own.

Thought is energy. It is reality! Your feelings are energy. They are reality! Therefore, you lend energy to the belief systems, which hold their own energy. In acceptance of the belief systems, you neutralize the action of adding to the energy collected within the belief system. Each moment that you continue in your right and wrong opinions and actualizing these, you lend energy to the belief system. You lend energy to the action of actualizing these belief systems, although you may not actualize them individually, personally, alone. You lend energy to the mass in non-acceptance of the belief systems.

The concept--which is a reality, but to you it is a concept still--of energy and consciousness is quite elusive to you, for you may not view this as a “thing.” You do not understand what energy and consciousness is, which they are the same. They are inseparable. In this, I may express to you that you may visualize an example to yourself and be pretending that consciousness and energy holds a form; that the energy created and lent to a belief system holds an actual form. It does not, but you may imagine in this manner for helpfulness to yourself. In this, you may visualize that each moment that you continue to be not accepting of a belief system, you contribute to its energy as growing.

Visualize a balloon. Initially, it holds no air. Each time you are not accepting of a belief system, you are blowing into the balloon. It is accumulating energy. It is growing for you are lending energy to this, which accomplishes creating more difficulty for acceptance of belief systems; for as you continue to add energy to them, you are not neutralizing them. You are reinforcing them! Acceptance is a recognition of the energy that is contained within the belief systems and the action that it creates itself, for it actualizes in energy and consciousness almost as a thing. It is a reality, no less than any other reality. You do not see your air, but it is a reality.

NORM: So acceptance is realizing that you are acting out a belief. You are realizing that you’re acting out a belief. You don’t want to eat like the hog does so you eat on a plate, and you realize that it is a right or wrong belief system, and that’s all you have to do is realize it. You can still act it out.

ELIAS: Quite. This is not to be expressing to you that you must be eating as a hog from this point! This is not to be expressing to you that you must be completely altering of your reality and your routines and your behavior. It is unnecessary to be altering of these things. You shall automatically alter your behavior within the acceptance of the belief systems. This is a natural byproduct of the acceptance.

You accept that your physical form functions. Therefore, you do not spend energy in creating this objectively within every single motion of your physical form. You accept that you may walk across your floor. You need not lend objective energy to this action in thought and express direction to your feet, for you accept that it is accomplished within an understanding of objective and subjective interaction. You accept this. Therefore, it occurs and accomplishes effortlessly. Your belief systems prevent many effortless movements.

JIM: Like walking on water.

ELIAS: Quite.

DREW: So if we identify a belief system, we’re just creating conflict for us. Having identified it, is it then best to turn our attention away from it, because by concentrating on it we lend energy to it? Is that correct?

ELIAS: It is correct that you lend energy to the belief system within your concentration of this belief system. Merely turning your attention away from the belief system may be slightly helpful initially, but it is not accomplishing neutralizing of the energy for you continue to hold the belief system. You only deny yourself the thought of the belief system.

DREW: So having identified it, recognize it. How do we, without lending additional energy by concentrating on it, neutralize it?

ELIAS: Learn to be understanding of these belief systems. As you recognize each belief system, then also question yourself within this belief system: Why is this belief system important to you?

DREW: And is that not the same thing as concentrating on it and ...

ELIAS: This is why I express that it is not necessarily completely beneficial to be merely not concentrating on this. You may be examining and holding your concentration in this action to be helpful to yourself in your attempting to be accepting of the belief system. If you are merely concentrating upon the belief system and its existence, this shall serve no purpose for acceptance. If you are concentrating upon this belief system and attempting to be recognizing of it and of its energy and of your response to its energy, this would be a different action, and also more helpful.

Initially within your belief systems, obviously you are not going to be accepting of belief systems. You may be attempting to be accepting of belief systems that you view to be very small, that you view to be not mattering to you, but you shall not so easily allow yourselves to be accepting of belief systems that you hold strongly. This itself is a belief system! Therefore, you hold belief systems within belief systems within belief systems! It is a very tangled web. It is not “bad.” It is not inefficient, for you have created your reality in this manner; but it is limiting.

You may be choosing to not be addressing to these belief systems and not accepting them. You shall be experiencing trauma within the action of your shift, for it shall be accomplished, for this is what you have chosen; but you may be choosing not to be addressing to these belief systems. It is offered to you merely in an action of helpfulness, that you may not experience the intensity of conflict that you may experience if not addressing to these belief systems and allowing yourself movement into acceptance.

Your move into the action of your shift shall be much less conflicting and much more fluid if you are allowing yourself the opportunity to be accepting of belief systems, but this also is your choice.

BOB: I have a question. It would be right to assume that no one is completely accepting of belief systems as of yet?

ELIAS: Quite.

BOB: Can you describe for me what a person who was accomplishing this would look like, or how would they act, or how would such a person be if they were completely accepting of belief systems?

ELIAS: Of all belief systems?

BOB: I assume if you do it five or six times, it gets easier.

ELIAS: As you are accomplishing the action ...

BOB: So you just knock them down, one after the other.

ELIAS: ... you shall be experiencing more ease within this action, although you shall also be presenting yourself with very core, base belief systems and these shall be quite difficult for you to be accepting, for you shall be reinforcing of that energy automatically. But within the context of your question, an individual which has accepted belief systems may objectively appear to you to display some behaviors quite in line with your accepted reality. The difference shall be that they hold no mattering within the recognition of any belief systems. Their attention shall be focused upon self. This concept is also a concept still to you, for you do not quite understand within this present now how to be focusing upon self without believing that you are not focusing on other elements or individuals. Therefore, we return to our right and wrong!

An individual may be focused upon self, and this does not suggest that the individual within this reality holds no caring or understanding or interaction or helpfulness or opinions. It merely is meaning that they are not holding judgment within any aspects of your reality, for they recognize that this is unnecessary. It matters not. They recognize that their opinion, that their thoughts, that their feelings, that their creations are their reality, but all interaction matters not. It is important for their experience, but it is not important.

BOB: So a person who has accepted all these things realizes that nothing is important. (Starting to laugh)

ELIAS: But that all of their reality is important, within their action of becoming.

BOB: Okay. So this action of acceptance creates simply a knowing; not necessarily any additional upside in terms of either capability or ease of operation, just a certain sense of calm.

ELIAS: It shall create an ease of operation, for you shall increasingly eliminate conflict, which you experience constantly! You experience conflict in many different manners.

BOB: So the ultimate goal is the elimination of conflict?

ELIAS: Partially. As you recognize that belief systems are merely belief systems, relative only to this dimension and only to these experiences that you choose, you also allow yourself to be relaxing within these belief systems to be offering yourself more creativity. You expand your awareness and your abilities within your creativity, for you do not hold yourself within boundaries.

BOB: What would be an example of a potentially expanded creativity that I might find amazing?

ELIAS: Within your belief systems presently that you hold, you do not believe that you as an individual may project yourself through your space. This is impossible. This is a belief system! Therefore, you create boundaries upon your creativity. You limit your action. You believe that if you travel to your Bermuda Triangle, that you may cross over dimensions. You allow for one area within space arrangement upon your planet for amazing, impossible stories, and you accept this. You do not accept this within other areas of your planet. You do not believe that you may accomplish the same action in the position that you occupy in space within this very present moment within this room. You may ...

BOB: Oddly enough, I believe that I can, but I don’t know how.

ELIAS: You believe you need a method!

BOB: Well, I suppose that would be one way to put it!

ELIAS: Therefore, you limit your creativity and your action within the confines of your belief systems.

BOB: So all that I really need to do is decide that I’m going to do something, and the method is not important.

ELIAS: Correct.

BOB: Cool! Okay then!

DREW: Is it even possible for one individual, to use Bob’s analogy, is it possible for one individual to be in a place where he’s accepting of all belief systems? Because his behavior would seem, it seems to me in many cases, very odd to the rest of us. If an individual believed that the inability to walk on water was merely a belief system and was accepting of that, therefore neutralizing that belief system and walking on water, to the rest of us that would seem quite amazing. Projecting through space and all of these other things that it seems to me that an individual would be able to do using this scenario would make that person so extraordinary, in our terms, it seems that en masse we would almost prevent some individual from having those capabilities because it would make them so bizarre and so god-like to us. Is it a realistic assumption that one person could transcend before the rest of us so quickly and be able to do those things?

ELIAS: Within your present now within this dimension this is not realistic, that one individual shall be accepting of all belief systems alone, for the energy which is lent to belief systems within mass prevents this. Therefore, you move en masse, in recognition of no separation; for although an individual may think that they have accepted all belief systems, they are continuing to be influenced by belief systems which are projected through the mass.

BOB: Oh geez! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Therefore, you may not individually alone, viewing yourselves as separate entities, be accomplishing of complete acceptance of all belief systems independent of the mass. This is the action of the shift, that you all create this movement in recognition that there is no separation. You only provide yourself within this dimension a camouflage that appears separate. You are not separate beings! You are all connected within consciousness, which every “thing” is! Therefore, there is no separation. There is only the camouflage of separation. In this, you accomplish this shift only within cooperation of movement en masse.

RETA: I’d like to go back to that judgment and belief system ...

ELIAS: (Laughing) Lawrence is experiencing conflict!

RETA: I know that in trying, I can stop being judgmental of others. I can see that I could be a better person by not saying, “This girl wears her skirt too short,” or things like that. But when it comes to myself in trying to experience a better person, I have this right and wrong thing all the time! (Laughter) Because I’ve got to be a little better! How can I separate being a little better and making it work better from right and wrong, because you rate your level of right and wrong all the time!

BOB: You can’t!

ELIAS: You may not separate these elements. Therefore, you must be recognizing of their reality and accepting that they are reality, expressing to yourself the recognition that these are belief systems. It is unnecessary for you to expel such volumes of energy in becoming “better” continuously, for you already are! Therefore, what are you aspiring to? (Grinning)

RETA: Well, if I already am, I would rather be just a little bit better! (Laughter)

ELIAS: You may not be “a little better” than the best!

RETA: For instance, in my writing, if I’m making a lot of mistakes I find myself regressing to not being as good, but I’m being judgmental in saying I’m wrong.

ELIAS: Belief systems belief systems belief systems belief systems! (Laughter) We shall offer an award to Dehl for The Keeper of Belief Systems, to be placed next Siman’s award for Simultaneous Time Acceptance! Continue!

RETA: Oh, thank you! Now I’m just trying to get out of that spiral. I accept that maybe I’ve made some mistakes, and I improve and improve by trying to use more intellect and trying to use more energy. What’s the difference of that, between right and wrong?

BOB: There isn’t any!

ELIAS: Quite!

BOB: It’s the fact that you use the terms “mistake” and “correct.” All of these things are part of the same belief system that says that you’re not doing it right, so you have to do it better because you’re making mistakes!

ELIAS: (Nodding to Bob) One point!

RETA: Yeah, but if I keep making more mistakes, I’ll be fired. In my work, if I walked in naked I would be fired! If I make mistakes, I’ll be fired.

BOB: But that’s just following the rules! Rules are different.

RETA: Oh, are they?

BOB: Yeah. There’s a pragmatic way to approach things. I may hate my boss, but it doesn’t mean I won’t do what he says.

ELIAS: Excuse. I shall be relinquishing the floor (we all crack up) to The All-Knowing Siman, to be delivering information. You may ...

BOB: Can I sit in your cool chair?

ELIAS: ... be taking your break. (To Bob) Yes, you may occupy my chair! We shall return quickly.

BREAK 7:24 PM.
RESUME 7:32 PM. (Time was one second)

Vic’s note: Elias arrived amidst conversation, just sitting and listening and grinning at everybody.

NORM: Reta ...

BOB: Oh, you’re already back!

TOM: Yeah, he’s been back!

RETA: Are you there? I’m sorry! (We’re all losing it)

ELIAS: Continuing. Let me express to you, (chuckling) you are not necessarily “shoulding” on yourselves. You are carrying beyond “shoulding” on yourselves!

You may continue with your questioning in this area, that you may be allowing yourself a furthering of understanding; although I must be interjecting for Siman, you need not “catch up” and others may not “catch up” to you, and it matters not for you are simultaneous anyway, (laughter) for you have accomplished already! Therefore, it matters not that others may appear to be the tortoise, with you as the hare!

BOB: Now, you wouldn’t be sarcastic with Siman, would you???

ELIAS: (Feigning a shocked facial expression) Elias??? I do not incorporate these elements of your physical focus within my area of consciousness. It is merely your perception! (Much laughter)

BOB: Interesting body language from someone so accomplished!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Playful! (And quite dramatic too!)

BOB: Yeah, I see that!

ELIAS: You were not joining us for much of our playfulness within our recent interactions. Therefore, I may be focused upon playing with you now! (Grinning at Bob)

CATHY: Can you change a belief system and still be widening?


BOB: Which one?

CATHY: Any one.

ELIAS: Quite; for you may be changing or altering belief systems within your process, which you believe to be necessary of attempting to accept belief systems. This may also be an explanation to you of what I express, that you move in increments. Therefore, you may opt to be exchanging one belief system which seems to you to be very strong, and you may within yourself view yourself to be moving into an area of compromising temporarily with another belief system that you view to be less affecting. This will be lending energy to you to be accepting. You shall not be awakening one morning and experience this revelation that you have accepted all of these base belief systems, for you hold another belief system that this is not possible. You must be engaging a process. Therefore, you limit yourself within time frameworks of your movement. This also is not “bad.” It matters not, for all is simultaneous and is accomplished. Therefore, it matters not what you view to be slower movement or faster movement within accomplishment. You shall accomplish! It matters not the time framework in which you are accomplishing. It is not “better” to be moving “faster.” The objective is to be. It matters not your incorporation of time framework. As I have stated, it is accomplished already, for all is within simultaneous time.

I shall be attempting to create a new word within your language for simultaneous time, which is so very inconsistent! It shall be more efficient to be introducing a new “hau fau.” (Chuckling) (1)

TOM: I haven’t heard that in a while!

VICKI: Okay, I have a question. Let’s say I own a business and I sell things and that’s how I make my living, and I hold the belief system that it’s very wrong for people to come in and steal things from me and not pay me for my merchandise. And let’s say that I figure out how to accept that belief system. Then what happens?

ELIAS: You assume that you are not affecting of any other beside yourself.

VICKI: So are you saying that within an acceptance of the belief system, within a true acceptance, the action would no longer occur?

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: Really! Okay ...

ELIAS: Within a true acceptance of the belief system, you are also lending energy within consciousness to all other individuals within your focus to be accomplishing also. Therefore, within a true expression of acceptance of a belief system entirely, it shall not actualize with you, for it holds no energy with you.

VICKI: So you wouldn’t draw that experience to yourself?

ELIAS: Quite, for you are not lending energy to its actualization.

BOB: I don’t understand that in any way, shape or form! Just because an action isn’t wrong or right doesn’t mean that it won’t occur, so whether or not she believes that it’s wrong for someone to steal from her or not ... Let’s say for the moment that I understand that she’s accepted this--does not view it as either right or wrong for someone to steal from her. Being that theft then would hold no good or bad or right or wrong or anything, there would be nothing, one way or the other, to keep some other individual from doing it even if everybody else in the world accepted that theft was neither right or wrong, because it would simply be an experience and then they could either do it or not do it. So why would they not do it?

ELIAS: Lawrence shall not draw this experience to himself ...

BOB: Why???

ELIAS: ... within the acceptance of this belief system. You also draw experiences to you for your experience, within the actualization of your belief systems. If you do not believe that you shall be robbed, you shall not draw this energy and experience to yourself. You shall not lend energy to its action. Therefore, you shall accomplish the entirety of your focus and not be robbed. If you believe that you may be robbed and lend energy within this belief, you also actualize this. If you believe that you may be robbed and you are accepting entirely of this belief system, neutralizing its energy, you do not lend energy to its accomplishment. Therefore, the action is the same as if you do not believe this.

BOB: It seems like they’re separate issues that you can accomplish or approach from different directions. You can believe that robbery is wrong, but not believe that you will be robbed. So you can still hold the belief system that robbery is wrong, but if you effectively believe enough that you will not be robbed, you will not be robbed.

ELIAS: This is the point! You are not lending energy to the actualization. I have not expressed to you, within the forum of these sessions once, that your objective is to be eliminating of belief systems. You shall not be eliminating of your belief systems! (To Vic) Underline this twice! (To Elias: As I have expressed to you previously, the computer will not underline twice!)

I express this many times to you. You shall continue your objective physical creating within belief systems, but within an acceptance of these belief systems; therefore neutralizing their energy and expanding your awareness and your abilities as you push the walls of these belief systems outward from you. Presently, you occupy a closet. As you accept these belief systems, you expand the walls of your closet to an auditorium. The belief system exists still, for you create within belief systems. It merely holds not the power and energy that it held previously; therefore expanding your abilities, your manipulation of energy, your creation of your reality more creatively, and eliminating much of your conflict. You are not eliminating belief systems. You are eliminating conflict!

BOB: So the belief system of right and wrong remains as some sort of shell through which we make practical decisions without as much passion or ... oh, what’s the word? I don’t want to use conflict. That’s like your word. (Laughter) Well, I want to be more creative!

ELIAS: Very good! Expanding already!

BOB: So you still continue to operate within some sort of right and wrong framework that is simply there for the sake of predictability as opposed to moral turpitude, or whatever you want to call it.

ELIAS: It does not exist for predictability.

BOB: Okay.

ELIAS: It shall exist as a framework of cooperation.

BOB: Like stopping at a red light would, so that somebody doesn’t run into you.

ELIAS: If you are choosing this scenario, yes, that you may continue to create within the framework of this physical reality, within the design that you have agreed upon and created; but you shall allow yourself an expanded creativity and awareness that you do not hold presently. Within your element of right and wrong, presently you lend energy to this in holding to the belief system. This lends energy to the actions of right and wrong. If you are neutralizing the power of these belief systems by accepting the belief system, you also are not lending energy to the actualization. It matters not. Therefore, you shall occupy your time framework with other creations. You may allow yourself to explore your cosmos rather than occupying yourself with judgments of right and wrong, and judgments of activity and creations that others are choosing to experience.

BOB: Okay.

VICKI: The examples I’ve had recently have been suggesting to me that if I stand firm, and in fact am quite pushy with other individuals with my belief systems, everything turns out okay.

ELIAS: And this is surprising to you?

VICKI: Yeah!

ELIAS: Why would you not be drawing this experience to yourself, within your reluctance to be accepting of belief systems? Why would you not reinforce objectively these belief systems?

VICKI: That’s what I’m doing, and I’m really confused about it!

ELIAS: You are battling. You approach intersection with core belief systems. You are not quite so willing, any of you, to be accepting of these belief systems objectively. This action of accepting belief systems is a mergence of objective and subjective awarenesses. The objective is rebelling, for this action of belief systems and holding to them is familiar. It is also reinforced throughout all of your focuses that you view to be past. This may hold many focuses. Therefore, within your experience and your reluctance to be moving into this unfamiliar area, initially you shall draw to yourself a reinforcement of those very belief systems and express to yourself, “Why shall I be accepting of belief systems? I may be accomplishing quite efficiently within them.” But you shall also experience much trauma within the accomplishment of your shift, for they shall be accepted! As I have stated this eve, it is your choice. You may be choosing not to be accepting of belief systems if you are so wishing. You shall also be creating much conflict within yourself, but you may be choosing this experience. It is not wrong, either!

VICKI: Well, I understand the concept. But it gets really confusing when you have a thought process that you are trying to accomplish something, but the imagery that you’re offering yourself is totally reinforcing of what you’re not trying to accomplish! I don’t know where you go with it from there!

ELIAS: Experiment with other creations. Allow yourself also to be merging, although I am very aware that you are not understanding of this action. I have expressed to you that the acceptance of belief systems is very difficult. The reason that it is so very difficult is that you hold to this familiarity of your reality. I have also expressed to you that you are reinforced within all of your other focuses within this dimension which lend to this energy, and although the shift within another dimension of this reality presently is accomplished, it also is not within this dimension of this reality; for as I have stated, you are creating of all of your probabilities within each moment, not ahead of you. Therefore, it has also not been accomplished.

I am understanding the difficulty of these concepts, but this is reality. In this, initially you experience much difficulty and stubbornness in holding to your belief systems, for this is familiar to you. You block your understanding of acceptance, for you do not wish to understand; although in part, you do. That part of your objective awareness that expresses to you that you do wish to be moving and accepting of belief systems are those urgings of subjective awareness being allowed to bleed through. If this occurrence were not happening, you would not be concerning yourself with this issue at all. Therefore, movement is occurring. Subjective awareness is bleeding through and urging objective awareness. Objective awareness is wishing to be holding to those familiar creations of reality, but as you continue to be allowing of this action of subjective bleed-through, you also reinforce objectively the motivation to be exploring your belief systems and experimenting with them and eventually accepting of them ... or not! You may be choosing to be throwing in your towel!

NORM: Question in regard to this: The method of thinking that we all have objectively is through our belief systems. It is inherent, intrinsic in our thinking, that we think through our belief systems, our beliefs. That’s correct, is it not?

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: And are you saying here that in the future, in the sideways future, our intuition, our impulses, our inner senses are going to be part of our method or most of our method of thinking? Is that what will be our method of thinking in the shift?

ELIAS: Very much so.

TOM: Will it be an acceptance, more or less, of everything, of all belief systems? More of an acceptance of all?


NORM: In the mergence that you were talking about, is it a mergence of all your counterparts and aspects and other focuses and so on?


NORM: Or with your inner self?

ELIAS: This is not a mergence with all of these aspects. It is a mergence of your subjective and objective awareness, allowing for an expanded awareness within your physical experience.

BOB: Because your objective and subjective does not need to merge, because it already is.

ELIAS: Quite, but not to your perception, for you do not acknowledge the subjective interaction and you do not recognize the subjective objectively.

BOB: But to a great extent, everything you do objectively is the result of, or in concert with, subjective.

ELIAS: Absolutely.

BOB: And unofficial information to some extent is the times when you can’t quite explain to yourself why you did things in a certain way, or you are confused as to your actions. If you were more aware of your subjective and objective linkage, you would be less confused. You would know why you are doing things.

ELIAS: Exactly. You shall objectively hold the awareness of how you create your reality, and you shall hold the ability to consciously, objectively, intentionally manipulate your reality and the energy that is within your reality. You shall not be inquiring of yourself, “Why am I creating of this?” You shall know. You shall understand. You shall not be expressing to yourselves, “I do not understand or know how to be altering my reality.” You may alter your reality automatically. You shall not be expressing that you are making mistakes, for you shall realize that all is your experience. You do not make mistakes! You believe you make mistakes.

NORM: We created this confusion of our thought processes as an experience of our religious era. We did not make a mistake. We did that on purpose.


NORM: How stupid!

ELIAS: Not! (The group erupts in agreement) Quite! Contrary to this statement, how efficient and creative! You have created your reality for the purity of the experience--underline also!--which I have expressed many, many times! You choose to be creating in forgetfulness, for the purity of experience! You may not experience complete poverty if you are wealthy!

RETA: Hey, I like the religious experience!

TOM: Speaking of religion, I don’t know if this is the right time or not, but pertaining to the ... (Elias is staring at Tom, grinning, and then starts laughing)

ELIAS: And we shall return to your religious fascination once again!

TOM: I’m getting pushed at it! I can honestly say I’m pushed at it. Any aspect that comes up, it automatically draws my attention to it, and I sit there and dissect it and come up with my own conclusion anyway. But I’d like to hear from the All-Knowing Elias pertaining to the All-Knowing Torah!

ELIAS: First of all, may I be inquiring of you of your interaction with your counterparts, which experience all these religious elements with you? (Grinning)

TOM: I know, I know. I have been! In fact, I got one the other day, an entirely new individual that I have no clue where he came from, and it was right after reading ... well, you tell me! Who in the hell did I run into? Who came to me in the mirror and who came to me in my dream that’s kind of pushing me off toward this religious aspect of it? I can’t really dial in on what focus of this is mine.

ELIAS: My expression to you has been to be listening to these other aspects and counterparts and noticing of their experiences. This shall be quelling your curiosity.

TOM: Got it. But I would still like to hear it from the All-Knowing Elias, (laughter) just pertaining to the code, and the probabilities of what could happen with the mass consciousness thinking that death and destruction could happen, when we can actually change that.

ELIAS: And you may also quite objectively answer this question for yourself, but I shall offer to you also that these are probabilities. Notice now, within your society and within individuals presently, the acceptance of the idea of probability grows. In this, this action lends energy to the accomplishment of the shift and diverts energy from the accomplishment of your religious predictions, for more and more individuals move into the beginning actions of this shift, although they do not recognize what they are accomplishing or lending to. In this, you may look all about you and you may view individuals express increasingly more frequent their belief in probabilities and not absolutes.

TOM: True. You’re one hundred percent right on that, but you’ve got the skeptic who’s gonna look at them as probabilities, and then you’ve got the others looking at them as prophecies that can happen.

ELIAS: They may happen if you are choosing, but you are not choosing; and you may reinforce yourself by looking to the evidence which is presented all about you in acceptance of concepts beyond religious elements, which is increasing. Be remembering also James, that you lend energy to the accomplishment of the destruction within the religious predictions and prophecies by concentrating upon them!

TOM: I do realize that, especially with how it’s kind of grabbed me by the ass in the last two years, looking at religion, all forms of religion. I’ve really indulged in religion, all forms of it ... of destroying it, knocking it down. I shouldn’t say destroying it, more of an acceptance of it as a belief system.

ELIAS: But you hold belief systems of the “wrongness” of these religious belief systems and concepts and ideas, and as you hold this belief system, you lend energy to its creation!

TOM: And of its termination.

ELIAS: This is not to say that you may not occupy yourself with a fascination for information of religious elements, but do not be lending energy to the creation of those elements within the religious prophecies by holding judgment upon the religious elements and the entirety of your religious era. It has quite well served you throughout your time period. It has been a magnificent creation for all of the mass upon your planet for ages. It merely is unnecessary to be continuing with this action presently. Therefore, you choose to move into a new creation of conscious awareness within the accomplishment of the action of this shift.

NORM: Will there be a physiological change in the human brain when this occurs, the acceptance of belief systems?

ELIAS: This is more probable.

NORM: And this will have to do with the myriad of hormones and enzymes in the human brain?

ELIAS: It shall be an alteration in construct and action and function. This presently, within your present now, is being observed with individuals. The activity within their physical brain is altered.

NORM: How’s mine looking?

ELIAS: (Grinning) Quite efficiently within your present now, within your choice of creation! (Norm laughs)

CATHY: You asked!

TOM: Standard answer!

BOB: You are what you think!

GAIL: Was that the view in my dream that I had?

ELIAS: Express!

GAIL: I had a dream that I was looking down on someone’s brain and watching the energy pattern of it.

ELIAS: And viewing a movement from one side to another side--yes. You hold instruments within your technology presently that you may in actuality view part of this action now. Your technology and your instruments may not measure the extent and all of the action which is accomplished within your physical brain and your neurological pathways, but there is significant evidence presently presented within your sciences to be causing much questioning of activity which is occurring. This is a direct action also of the movement of your shift. You shall notice differences within temperature, within movement, within your actual synapses.

RETA: Did you not say also that there was a chakra that was going to be enlarged? More efficient or whatever?

ELIAS: No. There shall not be an energy center enlargement, but you shall be acknowledging of what you view to be a new energy center.

RETA: And where will that be?

ELIAS: This would be physically located between that area of your breast and your larynx. It shall be between your blue and your green.

RETA: So now you’ve said that we’ll have that new energy, but the other chakras will not necessarily be enlarged. It will be just that we have the new energy source.

ELIAS: Correct. It is present.

RETA: What is the color?

ELIAS: Pink.

RETA: Pink. Oh, yes, I remember.

GAIL: Is that the energy center that I exchanged with Michael in New York?

ELIAS: This energy center shall be helpful in aiding to movement within other energy centers. This energy center also shall be manipulating of these physical alterations within your brain, and also within your elements of body temperature and organ temperature. It shall be allowing of the physical incorporation of subjective actualization. Therefore, what you view to be an increase in psychic activity is governed by this energy center.

NORM: And that influences the brain.


NORM: And the brain is not a digital or an analog device. It is different than either one.

ELIAS: Quite. It is not a machine.

NORM: And the synapses have totally different activities than is currently thought, then?

ELIAS: Partially.

NORM: And you say the temperature is going to lower?

ELIAS: The temperature shall alter.

RETA: And be what? The normal temperature right now is ninety-eight point six.

ELIAS: You shall be altering partially of your physical form temperature in what you term to be a lower degree, but you shall also, within the creation of certain actions, be incorporating an increased temperature within certain areas internally.

NORM: The synapses, are they directly involved with the energy exchange with the inner self? Are they the method of energy exchange with the inner self?

RETA: The inner senses.

NORM: No, the inner self.


NORM: What is?

BOB: What is the “inner self?”

NORM: The inner self is my energy, my essence.

ELIAS: Your subjective awareness. Your physical brain is manipulating of your form, but it is manipulated through subjective interaction.

NORM: Subjective interaction with what?

ELIAS: This would be a communication to the energy centers, which then translate to the synapses.

NORM: And the energy centers being the chakras.

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: And the information flows both ways, from the subjective to the objective and then the objective to the subjective. In other words, you right now are enjoying the energy exchange with Mary, or Michael, and you’re doing that through this method?

ELIAS: Not entirely; this being similar to the physical action that you incorporate also. It is not what you think it appears to be. Your subjective awareness communicates to your energy centers. Your energy centers communicate to your physical brain. With cooperation of the energy centers and interaction, they are creating of the message that is transmitted to every cell of your physical form, but it is not a method in a line. Energy does not move from here to here to here. It moves all around, intertwined, and functions together.

NORM: So me, the real me ... (laughing)

ELIAS: You are the real you!

NORM: (Still laughing) I’m more ethereal than objective, really.

ELIAS: Within the entirety of essence, yes.

BOB: So you still have energy centers even when you’re not physically focused?

ELIAS: These energy centers within their design are related to your physical focus, in allowing communication with your physical body consciousness. You believe, once again, that your brain controls all communication physically to your form. This is incorrect.

BOB: ’Cause you have no brain, and I mean that respectfully! (We all crack up) Correct?

VICKI: Brain dead.

ELIAS: Quite! Very dead! (Much laughter)

BOB: You know I didn’t mean it in a bad way! You understand what I’m saying.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Quite. You are correct.

BOB: So all of your intellect, if you will, is not intellect in terms that we understand. What we think comes out objectively as a function of our brain, and what you say as words comes somewhere from consciousness.

ELIAS: Correct.

BOB: Which is where our subjective information comes to our brain from.

ELIAS: Correct.

BOB: So the energy centers are merely a vehicle to get from our subjective consciousness to our brain. If we were not physically focused, we wouldn’t need energy centers in order to communicate from our subjective, or we wouldn’t have a brain to communicate to. We would just be ... null. (Laughter)

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: Just a brown nut.

BOB: See, I’m getting this shit!

ELIAS: But also ... Congratulations! (Grinning at Bob) ... also, the communication does not all filter through your physical brain. Each energy center communicates directly to the cells within consciousness, for each cell holds consciousness.

BOB: Sounds reasonable to me!

ELIAS: Thank you! (Laughter)

RETA: Anyway, so when you’re bringing this energy through all the chakras, and you’re saying that they entertain different parts of the body to keep it working and so on, and I know you bring different types of energy through all the chakras. Say you’re bringing a hundred percent energy in, and I know it goes up and then out the crown, is it a constant flow that way? Are you losing part of it, or how does that energy system ... why does it go out as well?

ELIAS: You may not lose energy ...

RETA: But I’m thinking about the crown chakra, where it’s always showing as a plume of energy expelling from the body ...

ELIAS: Incorporate our information which has been delivered upon each of these energy centers, for you are presently incorporating belief systems which have been expressed to you which are not completely correct. Each energy center radiates, but the explanations within your belief systems of chakras are not completely correct. The information has been offered to you, that you may understand the actual action of these energy centers; for they have been distorted within the identification of chakras. Therefore, you may incorporate this information which has been offered previously, and if you are continuing to hold questioning, I shall be offering you more explanations.

RETA: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. We shall break briefly, and you may continue if you are wishing. We shall also be continuing with our game! (Some hoots and hollers here)

TOM: Elias, before we take the break, my mother recently passed away, and I’m just curious ‘cause I’m just curious. How is she doing in transition? Because she had such a tough physical focus.

ELIAS: The “toughness” of your physical focus is not necessarily bearing upon your transition. The toughness of your belief systems is very bearing on your transitional state. This individual incorporates the beginning throes, which in your terms [she] has not even begun the action of transition.

TOM: She doesn’t even know she’s left, then.

ELIAS: The individual is aware of change in reality and consciousness, but continues to quite objectify and be creating of objective illusions which appear to be the same as this objective reality. The action of actual transition has not begun, in your terms.

TOM: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. We shall break.

BREAK 8:35 PM.
RESUME 9:01 PM. (Time was one second)

ELIAS: Continuing. (Three or four or us begin talking at once)

GAIL: Can I ask about my little dream first? Since we were talking about energy centers, it also reminded me of another dream that I had where I was standing, manipulating an energy center and then flicking it into the air and what came back was a little pinwheel with all the colors of the rainbow on it, and I was wondering what the meaning of that dream was.

ELIAS: This is an incorporation in symbolism to you, of the interaction of color vibration which exists within all of these centers. You identify the energy centers with specific colors for this is the overriding tone, although they incorporate all of the color spectrum--each one. Therefore, as you push out the energy center, it returns to you within the full spectrum as an identification.

GAIL: Thank you.

VICKI: Okay, I do have some questions for some other people tonight, although I know that Jim has a question and he’s been waiting to ask it for a long time, so ...

JIM: Well, as long as we’ve got plenty of time ...

TOM: It’s up to Cathy, isn’t it? (Much laughter, as Cathy has recently taken on the role of “session monitor,” amidst much teasing)

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Continue.

JIM: Thank you. With the current experiences I’m bringing to myself, as far as physical sensations and self-healing and drawing experiences of others within lending of energy within healing as in the last couple of days, is that coming from a subjective desire or an objective want?

ELIAS: This is a subjective motivating to be drawing experience and information to yourself. Be remembering, within the incorporation of this information that you draw to yourself, that instruction which has been offered to you with this essence in your allowance for subjective bleed-through into feeling affectingness. Be remembering of the exercise that you were instructed to incorporate with Lawrence within our session, and be recognizing of this action. You may be also incorporating with William, if you are so choosing, to be exchanging information which may be helpful to you within this area of exploration. You shall be noticing, as we were speaking earlier, of temperature changes, for this occurs presently. Therefore, you shall be recognizing of the lowering of temperature outside of the body form, and the increase of temperature of affected area surrounded by decrease in temperature. The affected area core shall raise in temperature, but it shall be surrounded by a lowering of temperature encircling this.

JIM: So with the creature, the horse, it exhibited a lower body temperature than is normal for that animal. And then when I lent energy, I felt a great deal of heat and I felt a great movement of energy in the hindquarters of the horse.

ELIAS: The heat that you are feeling is the affected area. The lowering of temperature is the new incorporation of manifestation. This is being offered to you as an example in lending helpfulness for your understanding, as you are not concentrated within this present now within the interaction of your own species yet. You incorporate action within your creatures for practicing with identification.

JIM: So for this creature, the following morning it chose to move into a non-physical focus. Its heart rate began racing after conventional medicine was offered. If I were there, would I have been affecting in any other way for that creature?


JIM: That was its choice.

ELIAS: Yes. This has been offered to you, as I have stated, as an example of that which you shall incorporate with individuals. The creatures shall not be lowering of body temperature. Individuals within your physical focus shall be. This shall be normal, in your terms. It begins already.

JIM: So the owner, Debbie, of this horse, she’s experiencing the same physiological problems that the horse died of. Is that an inner link between her and her horse? Was the horse taking on some of her pain and discomfort?

ELIAS: This is the reverse empathic action.

JIM: And she experiences lower body temperatures. Are Borloh and Debbie linked in consciousness as twins, so to speak?

ELIAS: No; counterparts.

JIM: So really, there’s nothing more that I need, that I feel to learn any other method, other than trusting myself and the exercise with Lawrence? There’s nothing, qi chong or any of these other energy healing methods? It’s not necessary to be ...

ELIAS: It is unnecessary. You may avail yourself of this information if you are so choosing, but it is unnecessary. Be allowing the incorporation of information that you have already received, and the subjective interaction and knowing and the allowance of this to be incorporated objectively into feeling, sensing. Use and manipulate your physical senses in cooperation with your inner senses, to be identifying to you and to be lending understanding in the ability to manipulate energy. Be remembering, you may not alter the choice of any creature or individual. Each aspect of consciousness chooses for itself all of its actions. Without agreement, you may not be helpful in lending energy to the accomplishment of altering any other’s creation. Within this also, your lending of energy is only to be instructing of physical cells and tissue to be remembering its natural state.

JIM: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

VICKI: Okay, for one person whose name is Sarah; she has read the essence family information and feels a very strong draw, or the strongest draw, to the Sumari and/or the Milumet families, and wonders if her impressions are correct.

ELIAS: (Accessing) Yes.

VICKI: Sumari aligned with Milumet?


VICKI: She would also like to know if she and her boyfriend engage counterpart action.

ELIAS: (Accessing) No. This would be a different type of connection. This would be an identification of our explanation within yester eve, of many manifestations and relationships within these focuses, creating what you identify as your soul mates.

VICKI: And her last question is, she would like to know her essence tone.

ELIAS: Shyl. S-H-Y-L.

VICKI: The other individual that I have questions for, her name is Laurel. Her questions are: What is my connection to Seth, if any? And also, what is my connection to your group and Elias?

ELIAS: This individual has drawn itself to the information of this teacher previous, in your time framework, as a preparation for this action presently. The individual incorporates an understanding of some of the information within the overview which was presented with this previous teacher. The connection is to the energy and information. The connection within essence is not to the essence of the teacher. The connection also is objectified within this focus as counterpart action with the individual to whom she resides with. This also has been a preparation for the incorporation of this continuing information with this essence. The connection to these individuals within this forum and to this essence is an identification of the action of the shift subjectively, not entirely objectively, and a lending of energy in the action and movement of this agenda. (Pause)

VICKI: Thank you.

ELIAS: This individual also holds parallel counterpart action with Dimin. Therefore, this may be incorporated also objectively as what may be viewed as a connection to this group, for Dimin incorporates much action within the operation and functioning of this group of individuals, although not objectively.

VICKI: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

DREW: Can I ask a couple of questions, since we’re talking about belief systems? Imagery seems to be a good way to discover some belief systems, and I’ve had some imagery lately I’d like to ask you about. One has been spiders and spider webs, both in dreams and objectively. I’m wondering if you can clarify that.

ELIAS: An incorporation to be noticed objectively of fear ...

DREW: Really!

ELIAS: ... for within the web of belief systems, you also hold to these which you translate fearfulness within; for although there is a reluctance to be altering or accepting of belief systems, there is the desire to be accomplishing within this action. This presently incorporates fearfulness, for there is a knowing that you must be looking within, which is frightening. There is also a knowing of incorporating actions within expanding awareness that presently hold fearful aspects to you. Therefore, you are experiencing conflict in wishing to be accomplishing within your desire, but also holding fearfulness in moving forward in this action. This is your objective imagery to yourself, in acknowledgment of this.

DREW: I have a general question about imagery, but let me ask you also about the other imagery I’ve also been having, which has been when I’m driving. Big trucks seem to get in front of me, or slow me down, or pull in my way. What’s that all about?

ELIAS: This being also closely related to the other action, in feelings of “smallerness.” (Elias is making up words again!)

DREW: Smallerness???

ELIAS: Feelings inwardly of being surrounded by elements which appear to you to be too large to be taking on.

DREW: So now when confronted with imagery like this, or a couple of weeks ago we talked about imagery of the rubber and bouncing back and that type of thing, what do you do with this information? Is it just for our attention, and then for our addressing those issues? Or like with the rubber and the bouncing back, does that represent desire to be bouncing back, or like the probability of bouncing back ...


DREW: Okay.

ELIAS: You offer yourselves objective imagery that you may notice, that you may offer yourself the opportunity for understanding, and in this you may be more efficiently addressing those issues which you are presenting to yourself.

DREW: So in the case of the spiders and the trucks, they are ways of my becoming aware of belief systems? And in the case of the rubber, a signpost for action that I am likely to be taking? It seems like imagery can mean many different things.

ELIAS: It does!

DREW: It can represent action, it can represent belief systems, but it’s all about noticing?

ELIAS: Yes; this being a very important word. I have incorporated this word from the onset of these sessions, to be noticing. I have instructed these individuals to be creating a sign to BE NOTICING, for this offers you the opportunity to understand and to recognize. This is objectively your method for communication of subjective activity and information. If you are noticing, you shall be offering yourself the opportunity also to be altering your perception. You may not alter your perception if you do not notice what you are expressing to yourself, but within your desires you do communicate subjectively to your objective awareness and offer yourselves imagery and information that you may move with and manipulate; but if you are not noticing your communication to yourself, you shall not be accomplishing as efficiently.

DREW: If the imagery changes or disappears, does that necessarily mean that the issue has changed or disappeared? Or is it possible, for example, if in a few weeks the spider imagery disappears, that the issues are still there? And I have for some reason decided no longer to notice or to ...

ELIAS: It is dependent upon your choices within probabilities. You may discontinue the action of incorporating this imagery in not wishing to be addressing to the belief systems, or you may be addressing the belief systems and you have attained your attention. Therefore, it is no longer necessary to be incorporating your objective imagery. You shall understand and know which direction you have chosen by your behavior and your actions. You shall know within you if you are addressing to belief systems. You shall be creating of more imagery, although it may be different, and you shall be experiencing differently. You shall also know if you have chosen not to be addressing these belief systems, for you shall resign yourself to them and continue within the perpetuation of their energy.

DREW: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. (Smiling) I was almost incorporating disappointment with Matthew, in being very quiet this evening!

DREW: It’s been a couple of weeks. I’m a little rusty!


CATHY: I have a question for Mary. “In my dream I got a word, and I want to know if it’s correct. The word is withal instead of within.”

ELIAS: Correct. Incorporate this into your transcribing. I shall also express to you that it is unnecessary for me to be offering your fill-ins, for we shall be covering this information futurely more extensively. Therefore, you have not lost information. (2)

VICKI: This would be your belief system! (Much laughter)

ELIAS: (Grinning) This would be your belief system!

BOB: No, yours! No, yours! No, yours! (Cracking up here)

RETA: I was going to say how I and others certainly appreciated your traveling to New York and being there with all of those people that were there. And I just wanted to know, in your terms, what we achieved?

ELIAS: The furthering of the action of this agenda, which is to be presenting information in relation to this shift that you presently engage.

RETA: And do you see ... well, I see ... in visiting with those folks, that it will expand more quickly? Do you feel any particular energy systems from any of them that are quickly reacting to this?

ELIAS: This has already been incorporated. It shall expand.

RETA: We met with some very unusual people for one afternoon, in the physical quantum theory discussion. Would it be at this time, or would that be later in our time frame, to get that group of people together or send them transcripts?

ELIAS: This is your choice. Presently, all expansion is accepted.

RETA: And you’re prepared to visit with these folks? I know you’ve always been prepared. What should I say? Anyway, thank you!

CATHY: No, are you prepared?!

ELIAS: Quite!

NORM: We noticed, Elias, that you were really turned on by this. (Elias starts laughing)

BOB: Much to everybody else’s distress!

ELIAS: (Grinning) I have much experience within physical focuses and experiences of showmanship!

NORM: Oh, yes!

RETA: Oscar Wilde himself!

ELIAS: (Humorously) Although I am quite personable also within the genuineness of self ... and humility! (Laughter)

BOB: Aren’t we all, though? (Here, Elias and Bob say “Quite!” at the same time, and we all crack up)

ELIAS: (Chuckling) I shall be expressing to Siman: First of all, yes, you have altered your spelling! (Much laughter) Secondly, you shall be incorporating much playfulness with these twins non-physically! I shall be expressing, quite a handful, in your terms!

BOB: I’m up for it! (Elias laughs) S-I-M-A-N?

ELIAS: Correct.

BOB: Cool! Simultaneous man ... Siman! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Quite creative! (Chuckling)

BOB: Yeah, I thought so!

VICKI: I rather like the P-S-Y, though!

GAIL: I do too!

BOB: It’s just not right.

VICKI: I understand.

ELIAS: Are you wishing of more questions? (Pause) On to our game!

GAIL: (Clapping) Yea! We get the game back!

BOB: I don’t have any impressions, though!

ELIAS: How disappointing from “Si-man!”

BOB: Well, I may get some shortly!

ELIAS: Very good!

CATHY: Okay, I want to know if we can do two questions instead of four.

ELIAS: You may incorporate whichever numbering you are choosing.

CATHY: Two. It takes up a lot of room on the paper, you know? It takes like a really long time, and we’re getting more people.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Quite considerate, Shynla!

RON: Sergeant Shynla! (Much laughter)

ELIAS: Incorporating her “role” quite efficiently! (Laughing)

CATHY: I do have a question about one of the entries that’s already in the game. Is this connection in Zuli, of freedom dancing with personality expressions, is that correct?

ELIAS: Yes. It was not expressed very efficiently, but it was accepted and this is the category for incorporation.

CATHY: Okay. I’ll go first. I have some game connections for Elizabeth: Zuli, aspect personalities, Maya Angelou.

ELIAS: One point.

CATHY: Zuli, habits, fingernail biting.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Acceptable.

CATHY: For Darrick: Gramada, habits, eating.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Acceptable.

CATHY: Ilda, books, The Hobbitt.

ELIAS: One point.

CATHY: And for myself, I would like to connect, in the names and the locations of the babies, Oliver, location, Czechoslovakia.

ELIAS: Very good, Shynla! One point!

CATHY: Rituals, Milumet, meditation.

ELIAS: One point.

CATHY: Okay, I’m done.

JIM: I’ve got some. Tumold, quotes, “Physician, Heal Thyself.”

ELIAS: Acceptable.

JIM: Borledim, hobbies, golf.

ELIAS: Less probable.

JIM: Tumold, vegetable, peanut.

ELIAS: Less probable.

JIM: I’ll quit!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) You are all very rusty this evening, but you shall be incorporating this remembrance of connecting quite quickly, within your connecting game.

GAIL: Well, I have one that I’m going to try. With the babies, the one that’s in Australia, Lee, the front part of the name is E-M-U.

ELIAS: Alter middle letter.

GAIL: W. (Elias shakes his head)

DREW: But the last letter is correct?

ELIAS: Correct

BOB: N? (Gail repeats, N?)

ELIAS: Very good! One point!

GAIL: I have one more. Richard Bach as an author for the Sumari?

ELIAS: One point.

DREW: I’ll try a book. Tom Sawyer under Rose. (Borledim)

ELIAS: Acceptable. (To Norm and Reta) I shall offer: Joe, aligned Zuli. Susan, Sumari.

RETA: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome; as promised. (To Vic) I am not forgetting of this agreement! (Chuckling) We were only not playing our game!

VICKI: This is true. Okay, for Mary; occurrences of nature, Tumold, tide change.

ELIAS: Ah! We enter correctly presently. One point!

VICKI: Leisure time activities, Milumet, sun-bathing.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

VICKI: For myself, in musical notes for Sumafi, B-flat.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: And I’m going to try a Source Event.

ELIAS: Ah, becoming quite brave, are we not?

VICKI: Yeah! The Ilda family; the facilitation of multidimensional or inter-dimensional exchange and communication.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: Cool! (Elias chuckles)

RON: So if I would have tried Source Event in Ilda as expression, what would you have said?

ELIAS: Less probable.

RON: Sounded kind of liked what she said, though! (Elias laughs) Okay. Vibrational tone qualities, Ilda, awareness.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

RON: Religions, Vold, sun worship.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Acceptable!

RON: Okay, I guess that’s it. (Elias stares at Tom)

TOM: Don’t look at me! (Laughter, and Elias chuckles) I looked at the game board for the first time last week in months!

ELIAS: Therefore, obviously you may not receive an impression!

TOM: Oh, I did a couple of times!

BOB: Well, whip ‘em out!

TOM: When in doubt, whip it out? (Laughing)

GAIL: Damned kids!

TOM: Well, I did. I got it for one of the kids. I got one right here in Valencia. I got a car lot in Valencia. I don’t know why ... one of the babies. That’s when I thought of a car lot in Valencia. I don’t know why, but I got it, for whatever reason.

ELIAS: This would not a game connection unless you are choosing to be entering a new category, but this is a connection.

TOM: Okay ...

RON: Figure that one out!

BOB: What’s the category?

TOM: New essences?

ELIAS: Counterparts.

TOM: All right!

BOB: Of the babies?

ELIAS: This is your choice, to be entering this area! (Laughing) (To Tom) Very good.

TOM: Thank you, Elias.

BOB: How did you guys know there was going to be a game tonight?

RON: We’re psychic!

CATHY: He said so two weeks ago.

TOM: But we just got the transcripts today, so we ...

BOB: Oh, that’s right. After we got back. I remember that.

ELIAS: Are you wishing of more questions this evening?

TOM: Well, I was kind of curious how you felt about last weekend in New York. I mean, what was your feeling towards the response that Mary and Ron and Bob and Gail and Vicki and Cathy and everybody felt?

ELIAS: Expected.

TOM: It was just expected? So you saw the crystal ball? (Laughter)

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking. (Chuckling)

BOB: I could explain it in simultaneous time for you.

ELIAS: Quite!

RON: You just did!

BOB: I already did ... but I may yet!

ELIAS: Futurely!

VICKI: I have another question regarding other dimensions and our focuses within them. I guess I’ve been assuming that other physical focuses in other dimensions are quite dissimilar to focuses in this dimension, or at least they would appear so to us, but I’m starting to wonder now. You’ve said there’s countless other dimensions.


VICKI: Are there what you term other dimensions that incorporate physical focus that might not seem so dissimilar to us?


VICKI: So that’s why some of those numbers seem small. If you think about focuses that people have connected with, I guess we kind of just always assumed, even though something might have seemed a little dissimilar, that we were connecting with this dimension, but this isn’t necessarily true.

ELIAS: Quite correct.

DREW: Are there physical dimensions where we essentially are the same, but there’s other aspects of the dimension that are different? The laws governing the dimension, for example, physically. But we would see another focus and it would look like us?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking. These would be what you may term to be subdivisions of this dimension. They are other-dimensional focuses focused within this dimension.

DREW: So anything physically focused outside of this dimension would look different, in terms of the focus itself?

ELIAS: Not entirely. They may appear quite similar.

BOB: Is that a function of our belief systems?


VICKI: It would be a function of our creation, wouldn’t it?

ELIAS: Yes. This would be ...

BOB: Wait a minute! Our creation of other dimensions?

ELIAS: ... within essence.

JIM: Is that what I viewed in my dream the other night, when you were there channeling, an energy exchange with Mary, and you were riding a bicycle? Is that another dimension?

ELIAS: This is imagery, within your symbolism to yourself, of the acceleration of this action within this agenda.

JIM: You were accelerating! It was quite amazing!

ELIAS: And we continue!

DREW: Speaking of dreams that you were in, I had a dream two weeks ago that was very long and very impactful. I’ll spare everybody going into the entire length of the dream, but you were in it in two different places. In one part of it, I was driving and the car went out of control. I took my foot off the gas and my hand off the steering wheel, realizing it wasn’t out of control. I smiled to myself and said, “Okay, Elias. Take me where you want to go.” At which point you took me to a certain area, actually directed me into a certain area, which I for some reason didn’t go into that area when I finally got there. And then later in the dream, I was in session and explaining this to everybody and you appeared strictly in silhouette, but very large and very intimidating to me. But you were there in two parts of my dream; at one point kind of directing me was the feeling I had, and the other was kind of overpowering in a sense. First of all, I’m correct that this was you?

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: It was good to see you! And do you want to offer anything in terms of what I should take away from that?

ELIAS: Be recognizing that this interaction within your dream state is to be offering helpfulness to you within your desire to be interactive within this forum and this shift, and your own awareness and your recognition partially of your resistance to this in fearfulness. Therefore, helpfulness in direction ... correctly interpreted ... has been offered to you, that you may not experience such fearfulness.

This projection of image of silhouette, within the imagery of your session time, is symbolism beginning to offer you a perception of the largeness of essence; which may, as I have expressed to all of these individuals, appear quite intimidating initially if you are viewing too rapidly, for you hold very strong belief systems which block your memory of essence and its vastness. Therefore, in increments, you are allowing yourself to view the expandedness or largeness of self.

DREW: That makes sense.

NORM: I feel that I’ve had dreams, and apparently, I would say that I have fearfulness too. I’m trying to identify what the fearfulness really is. Could you offer any help?

ELIAS: Elements which are unfamiliar to you, actions which are unfamiliar to you, events, occurrences, energy which is unfamiliar to you, may all create the action of fearfulness. In this, you present yourself, within this present now, many new aspects of action and consciousness and bleed-through information, which is unfamiliar. You block your objective awareness of this fearfulness, in your excitement and desire to be moving into the action of expanded awareness. Therefore, you do not always allow yourself to view what you may term as the fearfulness underneath. Do not concern yourself with this, for you incorporate a similar pushing within desire as does Michael. Fearfulnesses exist within the creation of reality with this individual also, but he also incorporates the desire and allows the pushing forward, so to speak, regardless. In this action, the fearful aspects dissipate. They shall fall away automatically within this pushing through, as directed by your desire.

NORM: So the desire, the pushing, is not negative. It’s positive.

ELIAS: Quite.

NORM: Is there anything that I’m doing negatively?

ELIAS: No, for there is no negative! (Laughter)

BOB: You just said there was a positive!

ELIAS: These are ...

BOB: Relative terms.

ELIAS: ... Stephen’s terms.

DREW: The fearfulness would indicate movement. If we’re feeling fear about things we haven’t felt in the past, that implies some action or movement ...

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: ... which ...

ELIAS: ... is not to be viewed negatively!

DREW: It’s growth. It’s whether or not we allow that fear to stop us from growing, or we move through it.

ELIAS: Correct. You are accomplishing; just as you shall be acknowledging of yourselves also within your movement and accomplishment, as I have stated that the accomplishment of this expansion is also intimately linked with the movement through belief systems and issues of the individuals within this forum and within the pyramid. Therefore, the expansion continues and accelerates. In this, you may acknowledge yourselves that you are accomplishing, for this action would not be occurring presently.

VICKI: I have another question I just noticed here ... I must have written it down some time ago ... for Howard, who attended a session here recently. His question is, he connected a B-flat minor chord with himself and a C-7th major chord with Margot. I don’t know if it was a dream connection or a waking state connection. It doesn’t really matter. He was curious as to your comment on that. He was presenting it to me in terms of how this makes more sense to him than putting essence tones into names or words.

ELIAS: This is an identification of a different translation of essence tone. It is merely a choice, this being a translation also in like manner to words; for the tone, as I have stated previously, is not an identification of notes or color. It is a wave in energy, but it may be translated into an identification of sound or notes or color or words, for naming. It is merely a choice.

BOB: So I have a question then, in the fact that I thought I heard you accept that Margot was a B-flat and he was a C-7th major, or ...

VICKI: He made them into chords rather than singular notes.

BOB: But you acknowledged that those were proper translations. Does that mean in some relative terms that the difference between the one note and the other is similar to the difference in energy wave form? That there’s some relative similarity that allows the translation to be put in musical terms?

ELIAS: In the same manner as you translate into a word of a name.

BOB: Okay, but when you say correct ...

ELIAS: It is no more accurate or correct than the name. It is merely a different identification translation into your objective awareness.

BOB: Okay, but so is it that there is some relationship between those two chords that is similar in tone? Or is it simply that whatever impression he gets that he uses as a naming of that tone is proper simply because he chose it, not because there’s some mathematical relationship between the two musical chords that is similar to the ... Is this making any sense to you?

ELIAS: It is not a mathematical connection, but it is related.

BOB: So it’s not random; just whatever he chose would have been correct.


DREW: If he had said A-minor, he would have been incorrect.


TOM: Do we happen to know what Drew’s essence family is? And Norman’s or Reta’s?

RETA: Yes. We’ve already done them.

TOM: Okay, ’cause I have no recollection of them.


GAIL: I have a question. When I got back from New York, I was sort of presented with a gift for two days. And I was wondering, since I was really trying objectively to not accept other people’s feelings, that was totally subjectively, right? That I accepted that little two-day session ? (3)


GAIL: Will this be reoccurring, by chance, with me?

ELIAS: Offer yourself the information that it is unnecessary, if you are not choosing to be accepting; for although you move physical location and you now view that you may be the only empath to be experiencing with other individuals, (humorously) other individuals shall be helpful also. Therefore, you do hold choice.

GAIL: So I can just pass it right along.

ELIAS: You may.

GAIL: Okay. Well, I will!

BOB: Why does this hot potato have to exist?

ELIAS: (To Gail) You may dissipate this if you are choosing. (To Bob) It does not “have to.”

BOB: Okay, but ...

ELIAS: It is a choice to be assuming energy.

GAIL: But that was subjective, right?


GAIL: And objectively, when I found out, it decreased rapidly.


GAIL: Okay.

ELIAS: These elements of your consciousness work in harmony, as I have expressed. Therefore, you do not offer yourself this experience outside of both elements of consciousness.

GAIL: So objectively, I also agreed to take this on?

ELIAS: Partially. You only do not allow yourself recognition within thought process; but you allow yourself the thought process, which holds great energy, to be disengaging, which is also incorporated within harmony subjectively.

GAIL: So I just need to recognize it earlier, or sooner.

ELIAS: If you are choosing.

GAIL: Well, I do!

BOB: But it’s not her creation?

ELIAS: Partially, yes.

BOB: So her notion that it is coming from someplace else is incorrect, and partially it is correct.

ELIAS: Partially, it is quite. It is her choice to be manifesting the energy in this manner. This is her choice.

BOB: So she could choose euphoria as this energy came to her, and she could capture it, take it, and use it for her pleasure.


BOB: (To Gail) Do that! (Laughter)

GAIL: Well, I’ll work on it!

ELIAS: Or, the energy may be deflected ...

BOB: Towards me, and I could feel it!

ELIAS: ... and not accepted within physical expression. It shall rearrange itself. Energy is always expressed. Therefore, it shall rearrange itself and manifest in whichever area that energy consciousness is choosing. Michael is projecting of energy which is unwanted, for it is inefficient within certain time periods. It is not required that another physically focused individual accept this energy. It may be allowed to rearrange itself.

BOB: So it can just bounce around in the cosmos.

ELIAS: The cosmos! (Grinning)

BOB: So nobody has to take it!

GAIL: Well, I’m going to start paying attention earlier! (Laughs, and Elias chuckles). I don’t want that again!

RETA: Did you record that?

ELIAS: Although I shall express to you that the projection of energy which is chosen by one individual to not be experienced moves more easily away from the physical expression of that individual if another individual is pulling the energy to them.

GAIL: And I actually did that???

ELIAS: This is the action that you view in helpfulness, but you do not need be holding this energy! You may be helpful in the movement of the energy, but it is unnecessary for you to hold this energy.

GAIL: Believe me, I won’t! (Elias chuckles)

NORM: I have one question that’s been on my mind for a while. You mentioned earlier that an electron has over one million links, and reading more about this, that the links have the ability to move anywhere in the cosmos, so to speak.

ELIAS: They are ...

NORM: ... everywhere.

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: They are everywhere, but ... For example, in one blink ... There is a fixed set of links in an electron, and every electron has that same set; not the same links, but the same number of links. Every electron has that. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Within the choice and agreement of physical manifestation and its construct presently, yes.

NORM: That means that these rules can be guiled/extended? (Guiled is the word that Norm used, but he asked me to insert “extended”)

ELIAS: Yes. No system is closed! There is no absolute within rules, of your creating within energy.

NORM: And from one blink to the next blink, the links could have exchanged?


NORM: And they do?


NORM: And that’s for their experience.

ELIAS: Partially.

NORM: What else?

ELIAS: There are many actions occurring within all constructs of energy and its exchanging. As I have stated also, each link of consciousness simultaneously occupies every area of consciousness; each link. It does not move from one to another. It is within all.

NORM: Tremendous! Seth indicated that if you could see him, he was like a brown nut.

BOB: What??? A brown nut???

NORM: A brown nut. But that is a set that could be changing also, of links.

ELIAS: Absolutely.

NORM: And those links could be ... The reason why they’re doing that is to gain ... One gains the experience of everything that Seth is by becoming part of it? By becoming part of the brown nut, and then going on to the next brown nut, and so on? Is that ...

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes. It is the action of becoming; the continuous exploration of consciousness.

NORM: Wow! (Elias chuckles)

ELIAS: I shall re-express to Stephen, (blows air at Norm)! (When Elias blows air at us, he is “blowing us away”) (Pause)

Very well. We shall be disengaging this evening, and you shall incorporate the opportunity to be connecting with your game for our next session. Very affectionately, I bid you all au revoir!

Elias departs at 10:15 PM.


(1) “Hua fua” is a term we discovered while transcribing a session sometime last year. Interestingly enough, nobody “heard” it during the actual session. When we asked about it, Elias said it was a Sumafi word. He refused to give spelling, saying that it was not translatable into our language. Basically, this “word” seems to be a greeting of sorts.

Digests: find out more about Hua fuas.

(2) This is in reference to the “static tape” of 5/18/97, which is still not completed. There’s so much static on this tape that it’s virtually impossible to transcribe accurately. We’re working on it, slowly but surely.

(3) This is in reference to Gail’s empathic acceptance of Mary’s physical and emotional affectingness, as resulting from too many hours in session in Elmira. Other folks also offered helpfulness to this event, within the utilization of their empathic inner sense and/or their engagement of counterpart action. Thanks to all of you!

Digests: find out more about inner senses; empathic.

Digests: find out more about counterparts; individual.

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