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Thursday, July 06, 1995

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Participants: Mary (Michael) and Vicki (Lawrence).

Elias arrives at 3:13 PM. (1)

ELIAS: Good afternoon, Lawrence. (Smiling)

VICKI: Hello.

ELIAS: You are quite confused!


ELIAS: I am appreciating of Michael’s attention to my request. It was acceptable for his denial at your session time last night. Actually, this was quite pleasing to me, for he is becoming much more aware of his own essence speaking, and trusting in that. It was not absolutely necessary for my communication last evening, although I was attempting to give him the opportunity to listen to his essence. I am quite pleased that he did. My reason for speaking with you is to explain my pleasure at your outcome of feelings for your day yesterday, although I wish to give you information to think about.

VICKI: Okay.

ELIAS: In probabilities, those which you perceived to be negative manifestations in your reality were already chosen. This will be an illustration to you of our subject of probabilities. The only probability that you chose to change was a gift to yourself, this being this old woman. In giving yourself the enjoyment and good feelings of this old woman before following through with the other probabilities that you had chosen for your day, you allowed yourself to view your day differently. If this probability of this old woman would not have been chosen, you truly would have felt a different outcome of your day. Your “mood” would not have been very good!

VICKI: No? (Laughing)

ELIAS: In this, I wish to express to you, do not think of this old woman and your act with her as the cause of the resulting probabilities being manifest, for she was not. Had you not stopped, you would have been delayed anyway. You would have been delayed by another car not working properly, which would have resulted in wasted time, which would have also only added to your distress. It would have put you exactly in the same position, but with no gift of positive interaction. Therefore, this old woman was not the probability which created all other acts. She was only a diversion to allow you a positive experience amongst others, which would not be viewed so positively. I will be congratulating you though, tremendously, that you incorporated this positive act, and did not discount it after the resulting acts.

VICKI: It felt good.

ELIAS: (Smiling) This I will express to you: the next time you do something good or kind for another individual, and something goes wrong, remember you have given yourself the opportunity for a gift of positive input. In remembering this, it will allow you to view the other probable acts being actualized differently. Throughout your physical existence, you will always experience probabilities being actualized that you do not perceive to be positive. They happen to you, and they happen all around you. This is part of your experience, but incorporating what you perceive to be positive, in the midst of other probabilities, if noticed, can change your perspective. You are accomplishing a lot in your widening and awareness. This is why this probability was chosen as a personal gift. Does this help in your understanding?

VICKI: Yes, it helps a lot.

ELIAS: Good. I am also wishing to give you a message for our group.

VICKI: All right.

ELIAS: I am wishing you to request of them that for our session coming next, I would want them to bring pictures. They shall find a picture of an animal each. It does not matter what kind of animal. This picture of this animal should not be a photograph of a pet. They may look in their books or magazines, and find any picture of any animal which they find attractive. This will be fine. Also, I am wishing them to bring a single picture of themselves. It does not matter what the subject matter is of this picture, but preferably only a picture of themselves.

VICKI: Any age?

ELIAS: It does not really matter, although for our exercise which I have planned for them, they may identify with a more recent picture, in identifying with themselves as they are presently. At another time we may use another picture at another age for a different exercise. I am aware of the difficulties there are in incorporating the concepts of fragmentation and splintering. I have warned you all that this subject would take much time. There is much more involved than all of you realize. You are getting the idea, though! (Vicki laughs) I will be saving explanation of splintering in non-physical focus for our next session, for this is an important matter, and will be concerning all of these individuals in our sessions. They will be able to identify partially with this information.

VICKI: Should I have Michael bring pictures also?

ELIAS: This would not be necessary. You may explain, afterwards, our exercise, and he may engage this later. He will not be participating with the group, therefore it is not necessary for his pictures. I will give you no more information of these pictures, for we will discuss these exercises at our session.

VICKI: Okie-dokie. (What a geek!)

ELIAS: Also, I am wishing to extend my acknowledgment and thanks for your interaction and cooperation in our last session. This also was an identifying of essence to physical focus. It was very appreciated that you listened. (Pause) We will also express that Olivia be noticing what I will call a “knocking on his head!”

VICKI: Yes? (Laughing)

ELIAS: For my friend is waiting. He was quite right in interpretation of Paul’s greeting. It was received and acknowledged. It was not necessary for his awareness. I was aware and was acknowledging. You all do not understand the intricacies beyond your physical focus. Your own essences are involved simultaneously to your physical focus with myriads of actualities. These are interacting and connecting and intersecting continuously. It is much greater than you can perceive, although hold to your perception of our pool, and I am wagering there is no explanation for this pool! (Grinning in reference to the pool overflowing for no apparent reason) I will give you the opportunity to ask questions, if you have them.

VICKI: I do have one question. I had a hunch yesterday, after my incidents, that rather than replace my glasses, perhaps I can fix my eyes, and I intend to go ahead with that. It’s not really a question, it’s a statement, because sometimes in a statement, the verbalization of it, for me, then maybe I really will.

ELIAS: This is an excellent idea! (Smiling) I am encouraging you in this actuality.

VICKI: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite capable of accomplishing this act. You may find that you may take time in accomplishing, but this is because this is a new awareness. Do not be discouraged, for you do possess the ability to accomplish these things. If you may cure your throat, you may change your vision, this being quite a small thing in comparison to those who cure diseases. We will discuss diseases when we discuss your physically manifest body, in continuing with our religious element.

VICKI: I’ll be looking forward to that!

ELIAS: We have much uncovered country still ahead, but many wonders to behold still. You will be aware of my dear Paul more often. He will be with you, and in communication with you, and we are expressing also to you, and to Michael, that although Paul and I may play, there is no competition. (Smiling)

VICKI: Okay. (Chuckling) I didn’t figure there was.

ELIAS: Olivia will interact with Paul. He is quite safe, and will experience much joy in this endeavor. Also, you may express to Olivia, there is no issue of control. Contrary to what she and Michael believe, they are each quite in control of their own focus continuously. Even as I speak now, if Michael was wishing, he could retake possession. He does not, for we have an agreement, and for his trust has grown enough.

VICKI: He had a wonderful dream about that last night.

ELIAS: (Smiling warmly, and speaking softly) I have expressed in our sessions that Michael and I have been connected many times. I will express, for his benefit, in private company instead of our group environment, this connection is much greater than is perceived. He is not only fragmented, but was such a beloved fragmented part that it was agreed and chosen to share physical expressions together. Much intensity of great love is shared. This I am confident that Lawrence will be understanding of, for the same expression is realized with Olivia.

VICKI: Yes, it is.

ELIAS: You will find that even through what you each perceive to be time, or different dimensions and different focuses, you will still be connected. You will not remanifest, but Olivia will. Your connection will not diminish. It will be felt, just as Michael expresses in his fantasy of “split-aparts.” There has been much information that I was wishing to give to Michael. This is why, partially, he did not receive sooner what I expressed last night. Also, partially it is because he did not ask. He has asked for connection in what he terms a past life. He did not ask of true connection. Now he will be more understanding, and you may express to him, as this will be his final manifestation also: I will be waiting.

He may also connect, only for the fact that he is a hopeless romantic at heart, (Vicki laughs) that on his newly acquired recording, which Elizabeth has given as a gift, I will offer one song, and he will know when he hears it that it will be from me, for I will interrupt it briefly. Also, I am acknowledging of your recording, for this was also a confirmation of my expression, for if there was no outside confirmation, Michael, in his extremely logical brain, would discount this as a fantasy, and as it is not, I have offered confirmation, as he trusts Lawrence.

I will also offer much acknowledgment to Olivia in connecting with Elizabeth. This essence, being fragmented from Paul as you and Olivia, is weary. She has experienced much, and although to you in physical focus seems so young, her experience is great. She is quite spiritual, and has been in many developmental focuses, and has been quite helping of other essences, and has grown weary of this physical focus. She has chosen to continue this manifestation at length, but it is to be acknowledged of essences that will be helpful to her on her sojourn. She has chosen a difficult path on this final manifestation. She will have no problem, for she is extremely strong in physical manifestation. We are, though, expressing much love and acknowledgment to Olivia, and to Lawrence, in recognition of Elizabeth’s essence. (Pause)

VICKI: One question. Is there ... what is it about Michael and Olivia that makes this “process” more easily accomplished?

ELIAS: Much to their disbelief, they are each more in touch with their essences than they realize. They view themselves, in physical focus, as “just nice guys.” They experience much, and they move through positively. This is because they are in communication with their essence. They both have a deep sense of trust in themselves, although they may not perceive this consciously, or may argue. In reality, this is truth. It is quite interesting that those in physical focus that trust so much, view themselves as so skeptical! (Vicki laughs) This is only for the reason that they have filtered out what is not true, and continue this process. Being in communication with their essences, they know what is true, and can identify when faced with a non-truth. They view this as being skeptical. This is not correct. It is only a filtration in their focus of truth. A true skeptic believes nothing, and accepts not even truth. Each of them may hold back in their expressions, but are quite aware of truth. Each of them also has incorporated much trust into their physical focus through connection with essence. Lawrence also possesses this ability. You are just more “not believing.” This is amusing, for you believe me! (Smiling)

VICKI: Absolutely!

ELIAS: And for you believe Paul, but you do not believe Lawrence’s ability. This is your difference, a lacking of trust of essence. You may change this.

VICKI: I’m working on it!

ELIAS: I know. (Smiling)

VICKI: Speaking of a lack of trust of essence, have you been in connection with Catherine this week?

ELIAS: Yes. I am continuously watching.

VICKI: Is Catherine okay?

ELIAS: Catherine incorporates much fear. She has much confusion. In her essence, she identified with this truth. Catherine incorporates such a degree of fear that she blocks everything away from her. She is wishing for connection, but is too fearful to connect. She felt too close, and therefore felt a need to discount truth. This would be a true skeptic, in not accepting truth. Contrary to what Catherine or others believe, it is no “badge” to wear to be a true skeptic. All that is accomplished is a blocking of one’s own self. This is unfortunate, for in blocking you not only create your geyser, which she has done quite well with Lawrence, but you also create the opportunity for trauma, which could very well be avoided. But, as we have stated, every individual has free will and choice. This is her choice. This is her free will. This is nothing but to be respected. Fear not, for I will be watching, anyway. She may not be offered the opportunity that she has been offered presently, but she will not be alone. There are many to guide her, even without her acknowledgment. (Pause) Are you wishing any other information?

VICKI: Not that I can think of. Thank you very much.

ELIAS: Very well. I was not intending for long conversation, only wishing to acknowledge, and offer helpful information.

VICKI: And I appreciate it very much.

ELIAS: You are welcome. You may also be assured that you may speak with me when you wish.

VICKI: Thank you. (Whispering)

ELIAS: Then, I will bid you adieu.

VICKI: Adieu.

Elias departs at 4:07 PM.


(1) Mary’s note: I must say that although Elias always is very loving and gentle in all of our sessions, he seemed to be even more so in this one. His softness and affection throughout this entire session seemed somehow accentuated, and was very noticeable. I believe, because of this expression, along with the material presented, each person that has viewed this session was very moved.

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