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Sunday, July 02, 1995

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Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Elizabeth (Elizabeth), Debbie (Catherine), Ron (Olivia), Bill (Kasha), Julie (Peter), Carole (Dimin), Jo (Joseph), Ken (Robert), and, arriving late, Christie (Oliver).

Elias arrives at 6:11 PM.

ELIAS: Good evening. We will continue with our discussion of our religious element. I will allow, first, for questions from you. (Pause) Welcome to Peter.

JULIE: Hello.

ELIAS: We are viewing a new essence. Welcome.

KEN: Thank you.

ELIAS: We will begin in addressing your confusions. You may ask questions. (Pause)

VICKI: I have some questions for Michael. Does this thing about neurological pathways have to do with why the probable me was gray, and went out of focus after a minute? (1)

ELIAS: (Smiling) He is doing very well. This is a difficult subject to address. I will explain that in designing this physical manifestation, in disconnecting from your essence, you created a separation in consciousness. In doing this, in possessing a physical expression in the form of your body, you incorporate physical elements of this body. In this, one of these elements is your brain, this being the most processing part of your body for information. You all are aware that you do not use all of your physical brain. This is by choice. Originally, you did use all of your physical brain, but, in separating your consciousness from your essence, you have designed “blockings” in your physical brain. You do this to allow your physical manifestation its fullest expression of experience. This does not mean that neurological occurrences are not going on in those parts of your brain. It only means you do not recognize and physically process this information.

I have stated previously that you all possess the ability to intersect with alternate selves. In this particular manner, it is more difficult. In order to intersect with an alternate you, you must open a new path, neurologically, to incorporate new information. This is not as difficult as you perceive. You believe that you must have electrical things going on in your brain to expand its awareness. You do not need to understand the physical processes. You only need to possess the desire and trust to allow these pathways to open. In doing this, you may intersect with other probabilities.

In this situation, the reason there is a lacking in color is, that if you choose to intersect with another probability, until you become more familiar, you believe your own identity to be threatened. You are individually you, in your perception. You, in your subconscious or other consciousness, are afraid of losing you. Therefore, you must make a distinction between you, and an alternate you. In doing this, you create a veil of dimensions. This veil will separate, and create a lacking of color. This will also create the situation of “going out of focus.” Your brain, in accepting a new neurological pathway, cannot accept this information for extended periods of time, initially. Eventually, when you are more secure within your own identity, and your identity of your essence with no sections, color will be incorporated.

This presently, unconsciously, is not safe for Michael. He does not understand what he is doing. (Smiling) Therefore, barriers are created within his own physical focus, to insure his own protection of his own identity. This, in reality, being not necessary, but each of you would experience this same phenomenon. This alternate self is not aware of his existence. He will find there will be only so far that he may intersect with this alternate self. You each here may intersect with that alternate self quite safely, and give information of that alternate self more completely to Michael, if you wish. The reason for this is that it is part of his own essence. It is not a fragmented part. It is a splinter, as we have explained, following a parallel path. With too much interference from Michael himself, at this time, he will alter the other probability. I am understanding that he is not wishing to do this, but, as I have said, he does not understand what he is playing with. It is not “bad for him” to investigate. This, once again, is an expression of an extreme desire, and will serve for widening information and understanding. Therefore, this could be considered a “good thing.”

VICKI: That would probably account also, then, for why there was a physical barrier of the touching.

ELIAS: This is partially correct. This barrier, partially, is a dimensional barrier, which each of you may cross. Likewise, if you were in connection with an alternate self of your own, he (Michael) would possess the ability to cross this dimensional barrier with your alternate self. It is possible to cross your own, but, in this physical focus, it would be very unlikely. You, in cooperation with your alternate self, create another barrier, existing parallel to the dimensional barrier. This separates you for the purpose of individual identity. This creates what you would think of as a “safety zone.” You, in your physical expression in this dimension, as also they, in their physical dimensions, view yourself as your main focus. You believe that your essence is identified, in its whole, with your personality, your characteristics. This may not, in actuality, be. You may be an alternate, yourself! But, for the reason of identity and importance, of each focus and each dimension, you hold this belief, for if you believed you were not the “most important,” you would have no motivation. Therefore, if you are “most important,” and controlling, it gives you reason to believe in yourself. As I have said, it is possible to eliminate this barrier, and acknowledging Michael and his stubbornness and desire, (smiling), he may very well accomplish this! But, it is not usual.

VICKI: He has more questions about this, but I don’t want to be intrusive, so ...

ELIAS: This is acceptable, for we have much time and much patience for more questions.

VICKI: Okay. One of his questions was, how could she have three children, but still be an independent splinter? (2)

ELIAS: This will serve for all of your information. You are not clear on our subject of splintering, or fragmentation, or alternate selves. I will explain. This splinter separated, in your terms, before the birth of this second child, but was not confident enough to continue in its own development independently. Therefore, she continued parallel to Michael. In completing this splintering, she segmented after the third birth, and, continuing with individual confidence, make different choices. Also, these choices were in cooperation with another essence, in connecting with that essence.

Physical differences would be attributed to this division. In this final stage of division, this alternate self chose to be joined, or married, to a different individual. The alternate self chose to be married to the fathering essence, whereas Michael continued, and chose to join with a new essence. This is where their focuses went ... this way. (Here, Elias demonstrates with hand gestures, bringing his hands together, palms facing, and then separating them outward, away from each other) They continue in much likeness of each other, although this alternate self incorporates much more emotional focus. This alternate self is still, though, incorporated into Michael’s essence. It is not fragmented in becoming a new essence. It is contained in the original, but exists and proceeds independently, making its own choices.

This child which has created his confusion, was this same child that he did not incorporate after birth. As you would say, this child died, although this child did not die, for it is in existence, and living and growing in the alternate self’s focus and dimension. I will offer, only for curiosity’s sake, information not requested, in that this child was named Stephanie. (Smiling, with Elizabeth giggling) And, Elizabeth will be knowing there is another Elizabeth, (smiling), and, unfortunately, another Donnalie also, although they do not possess exactly your same characteristics of personality. The reason the physical differences occurred is, that in making this choice to join with the essence of the father of these children, this alternate was never connected with the essence that Michael chose. In that, Michael chose other things to do in his life, which resulted in an accident of teeth. This has physically altered [his] facial features. The alternate self does not incorporate these altered facial features, for she possesses original teeth.

VICKI: Will this alternate self possibly be an independent fragment someday?

ELIAS: This is depending on the desire of this particular alternate self. At this present time, as you view it, she does not possess this desire.

VICKI: Are all independent fragments first an alternate self?

ELIAS: This is a difficult question. In one respect, yes. In another respect, no. A fragment is not always a splinter. As I have explained, a fragment may be created from a past developmental focus, which would not be the same as a splinter. In viewing this idea of a splinter, visualize a tree. You are the tree. All of its branches are your splinters, still connected, and still pulsing with the original essence, and still part of it, but independently growing and creating their own form, not exactly mirroring the tree itself; and, each leaf is a splinter of those splinters! (Confused laughter) Although you may, in thinking of a great tree, also view the seeds of this tree being connected with it, and separating, and becoming their own tree, but possessing all knowledge of the original tree to become another tree, just the same. (Pause) Is this helpful?

VICKI: Yes. (Not very convincingly) Thank you. (Pause)

CAROLE: Elias, I have a great deal of confusion with regard to various disciplines in this focus on this earth plane, with regard to the need, and the reality, and the validity of the various Indian medicine, the East Indian belief system, the Druidic systems. For myself, what’s real, what’s necessary, and are these on a lower vibrational level than where you’re taking us, and where we’re moving?

ELIAS: First of all, I will address to your confusion. In like form of Lawrence, you have incorporated many belief systems, not necessarily of this particular physical focus, but many belief systems. In this, now, in final manifestation, they all come together and confuse you, for you do not know which one to choose! (Smiling) You do not have to choose. All are correct. All are acceptable.

You, like Lawrence, (laughingly), have incorporated many developmental focuses not in this dimension, therefore confusing yourself even more, for these manifestations hold belief systems very different to Earth belief systems. (We all laugh, including Elias) You, in this manifestation, have tried incorporating all of these belief systems. All hold some truths. Incorporating many is very positive, for this widens your perception, and your toleration, and your understanding.

You have not been physically manifest, in this physical focus and dimension, many times; only enough times for experience. In this, you not only incorporate this physical focus of belief systems, but your essence, in communicating with you, is incorporating other belief systems. (Laughingly) You, in turn, are trying to find one that they coincide with, but they do not! (Laughter) You will understand. You can not take belief systems from another planet, and incorporate them into Indian magic, and expect that they will coincide! (We all laugh again) Your involvement and interest in these belief systems are instructing to you. They are presently serving to widen your awareness and understanding, in incorporation of your larger self.

You have incorporated, into this physical dimension, information from other physical dimensions. This you incorporate as reality, although it is reality from the wrong dimension! (Humorously) Your identification with other realities is so strong that you have not been able to differentiate one physical reality from another. This is not to say that they are all not real, for they are all reality. They are all only not of this same dimensional reality. Your involvement and fascination with Atlantis is not of this dimensional focus. This is of another dimension. This is not to say that it does not exist, or that it is not reality, for it is. It is only not in this dimension. You have crossed your dimensions, just as Michael is attempting to cross dimensions physically, now. You have incorporated this already, this also being where your fascination with earth magic and crystals is from. In this developmental focus, in another dimension of Atlantis, this was incorporated tremendously in belief systems. This is where your connection is made. (Carole is crying)

Your identification of other planetary systems is correct, this also being a focus and an identification of your children. They are not aware of this connection presently. They pursue their own path. They will be aware. You, in what you term future developmental focus, not in physical manifestation, will be instructive to them. This will be aiding to them, for they are connected, and even in not believing, they will believe in contacting of their Mother. This will serve as the bridge. We will explain that, likewise, your connection with crystals, and healing, and Merlin are of another dimension also, equally as real, but incorporated in another dimension, this being where you have been taught your healing abilities in helping of other essences. You also do not believe in your own ability. It is much greater than you realize, and can be quite helpful to essences that do not possess the ability in belief systems to heal themselves. (Looking at Julie, and smiling) I am not wishing to be upsetting, only to be confirming. (Elias says this because Carole is still crying)

CAROLE: You are. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. (Pause) We will address to Peter. It is acceptable to not be believing in your own essence. It is acceptable and understandable to not believe in your own ability of healing, this also being applied to Catherine, for if you believe in this ability, you will accomplish it, although Catherine possesses a much wider belief system in this area, and incorporates a much wider acceptance of essence in this area. Peter is needing of focusing on Peter. As I have stated, other essences will focus on themselves. It is not your job to take care of them, or to be responsible for them. It is your job to be responsible for your own essence. If your belief systems are in trusting of your medical profession, then you should seek them out. You have been instructed by one you trust, and know, and identify with, already. Therefore, I say to you to listen. Are we understanding?

JULIE: Yes. (Crying)

ELIAS: You may also, in speaking with your medical profession, inquire of your potassium. (Christie arrives) We are welcoming to Oliver.


DEBBIE: Michael and Lawrence and I were discussing about healing, a few nights ago. When we don’t seem to be able to do it ourselves, you had mentioned a collective power of people’s energies, like at Lourdes and Fatima. Is it possible that we can heal each other in that same way?

ELIAS: Absolutely! As I have stated, you each possess this ability within yourselves, individually, but you do not always connect with your ability. Therefore, sometimes in attempting to heal yourself, it does not work. This is why other essences with healing abilities may be incorporated to help. In actuality, what is really healing you is yourself! (Smiling) It is not your drugs, or your bandages. It is your own power of your own essence. You just do not always connect with this power. Therefore, others may be instructing and helpful. Also, collectively you may, without possessing any knowledge of what you are doing, heal each other through your collective energies and trusting of each other. This is your incorporation of other essences, in cooperation with yourselves. This is a very potent connection. It also serves a validation for yourself, in your ability.

CHRISTIE: So, we can heal ourselves just by our believing, or we can not get sick by our believing. Is that true?

ELIAS: This is true, but you do not have to believe!

CHRISTIE: Well, I have a friend who’s had a cold for a week, and he wanted to stay away from me, and I told him don’t bother, I don’t intend on getting sick, and I believe that I’m not gonna get that cold!

ELIAS: Then you will not, although you may incorporate something physically, not a cold, and then not know how to get rid of it. You may also not believe that you have the ability to change it. It does not matter. You may change your outcome without an absolute belief. What is required is trust. You must incorporate a trusting of your essence to move through a belief system. Just as I have explained that you must trust in your essence to move through a fear, you must also trust in your essence to move through a belief system. Belief systems are very strong! They do not just go away, and they are not so easily replaced. (Smiling) They have much stick-to-it-tive-ness! (Laughter)

This does not mean that you cannot affect something because you hold a belief system which is contrary, for your belief system will automatically change or drop away by your trust, for your trust will show you truth, and truth will override the belief system. (Wow!)

CHRISTIE: So, by trusting, we can almost eliminate worry.

ELIAS: Absolutely! There is no necessity for worrying! I will acknowledge all religions for this, that they all incorporate, commonly, that worrying is useless, and it is! It does not change your outcome. It does not affect any positive energy. It only serves to confuse you, and make you unhappy! Therefore, it has no purpose.

DEBBIE: Is it possible to eliminate negative energy toward others?

ELIAS: Absolutely. Just as you emanate positive energy affecting all others in physical focus, and in all other essences, you may also affect all others with negative energy. We would be acknowledging of Catherine, presently, for emanating tremendous energy in this direction, which is being felt by Michael.

DEBBIE: In what form? In negative or positive?

ELIAS: Quite physically, positive, (pause), for Elias is quite aware of this physical sensation also, in this body.

CHRISTIE: When we pass over to the “other side,” where you are, will we look on our lives and review what we did in this last manifestation? And then, does that have anything to do with what we do in the next manifestation?

ELIAS: I will be asking excusing of Oliver, and I will address to this question, but we will first take a brief break, for Michael is being very “energy affected,” and is confused. Therefore, with your indulgence, I will address to your question momentarily.

BREAK 7:21 PM.


ELIAS: We will continue. I suppose, now, Michael has a much bigger picture of essences! (3) He is determined to play with things he does not understand. (Smiling) We will continue listening to Oliver. (Pause) I must apologize, which will be to all of your amazement, but, in interference of energy fields, last question has been eradicated! (We all laugh, including Elias) (4)

CHRISTIE: Okay. I said something like, when we pass on and go to your side, to the “other side,” as I call it, do we examine our last ... I mean I’m assuming that we examine our last physical manifestation, and then does what has happened in this last manifestation affect ourselves on the “other side,” and to the next physical manifestation?

ELIAS: This question would be concerning your transitional state?


ELIAS: For there would be a difference between transitional state of remanifestation, or a refocusing in another awareness.

CHRISTIE: Okay. Well, let me add a little bit to it. If we are aware that we need to change our belief systems, and we need to do something in this physical manifestation, yet don’t do it, and we pass on to the “other side,” I know there’s no karma or anything like that, but will that slow down our process, or evolution, or whatever?

ELIAS: No. (Pause) You are thinking in terms of growth in physical development. This is incorrect. These physical developmental focuses are for experience; the experience, in totality, being what you would term the growth. It is not necessary for you to incorporate knowledge of your essence through physical development. Your essence is incorporating information of experiences through physical development. There is no (pause) “reviewing,” per se. This would be a belief system, influenced by religious focuses. There is no necessity for reviewing, for you are not judging what you term past performance. On the other hand, you may choose to incorporate a review, to some extent, solely for the purpose of widening your awareness. This is not for prevention of repeating previous behavior, for if you wish to re-experience previous behavior, you will. As I have explained, these physical developments are for your experience. In your essence state, you are not physical. Therefore, you do not “experience” physical. This is why you choose to manifest physically.

You do this in many dimensions, simultaneously. In this respect, your essence acquires experiences, simultaneously, of all developmental focuses in physical realms, each holding its own rules, as we have termed. In actuality, these are not rules as you understand, but, just as I have explained that in choosing to manifest in this dimensional physical focus, you must manifest at least three times, in other physical manifestations and other dimensions, there are other rules applying. This allows your essence a multitude of experiences, which it would not incorporate without physically manifesting. This is not to say that you repeat over and over for you cannot “get it right!” (Laughter) Many essences do repeat over and over, but this is because they enjoy a physical expression. It is your choice.

CHRISTIE: So, in a sense, it’s our choice that we could use this particular physical expression as a playground, and just have all kinds of fun!

ELIAS: This is correct. (Smiling)

CHRISTIE: If we just change our belief systems, and realize and know that we can do that?

ELIAS: This is partially correct.

CHRISTIE: As long as we trust.

ELIAS: Yes. It is not a case of changing belief systems. As I have expressed, you cannot physically manifest without belief systems. They are your information about your manifestation. Therefore, you may not separate physical manifestations from belief systems. If you held no belief systems, you would not be physically manifest; but, if you could choose and accomplish (smiling) only positive, playful belief systems then, yes, you have the ability to play in physical manifestation. This, as I have explained previously, is not what you choose to manifest. You may play in your non-physical essence. This is a natural expression for your essence; negativity is not. Therefore, in wishing to experience something different, you choose to physically manifest.

I will say, once again, that this time of physical manifestation, incorporating negativity, is coming to its close. The game is almost over. However long you choose to continue playing is how long it will continue, although through agreement of all essences, in your future time as you view it, there will come a point of intersection where the game will end, whether you are ready for it to end, or not. As you experience and widen your awareness presently, you will become more in tune with yourselves. You will incorporate a greater understanding of your essence, and all of its probabilities, and all of its splinters, and all of its fragments, and all of its interaction.

In doing this, you will become aware of what it is that I speak to you of, when I explain that you are preparing to avoid trauma, just as I have explained, with Catherine and with Elizabeth, that you view dreams of a precognitive nature to prepare yourself for physical manifestation of these events, so that you will not feel overwhelming emotion when they actually physically manifest. Also, if you have a previous knowledge of this shift, and incorporation of awareness, you will be partially prepared. You will not experience such trauma in the actualization of this shift. The more you incorporate presently, in every area, the easier you will flow through. (Pause) Are you understanding of these concepts? (Christie nods in agreement) We are also congratulating of Oliver’s accomplishment in connecting in dream state with Michael, and also incorporating of Lawrence, (pause), and are expressing and expecting of more recall from Olivia! (Smiling)

DEBBIE: Elias, I brought a guest, because I felt prompted to.

ELIAS: This is acceptable. Your intuition in yourself of your essence allows you a knowing to incorporate. We are expressing to Catherine an acknowledgment of stepping through and connecting, by incorporating a trusting of yourself.

DEBBIE: Then would you indulge me, and tell me his essence name?

ELIAS: Essence name of this individual; you will be excusing me momentarily, please. (Pause) This essence will be identifying in the name of Robert. This would be in a western culture, but I would be expressing of this essence that past developmental focuses are more connected with eastern philosophies, making this quite interesting for choosing of western identification. This essence identifies strongly in eastern philosophies of Indian culture and oriental connections, with affinities to dragons. We will express that these affinities, to what you would term in this physical focus as imaginary or legendary, are only perceptions of this physical focus, but in other dimensions are actualized in reality, just as you are actualized in reality here. We would offer, also, a brief connection with a western Indian connection, although this would not be of the same type as Catherine, of a southern continent of these Americas, but of a northern Indian connection. I am not receiving Indian name. I am unable to access oriental identification other that Robert, although if wishing this information, it shall be granted in our next meeting.

DEBBIE: Could you indulge one more question, and I’ll stop? He’s concerned with his father. Can you tell him about that?

ELIAS: (Here, Elias focuses his attention directly to Ken) What would you be wishing in helpfulness for this essence?

KEN: He passed away when I was young, and I just felt that the (Here, Elias interrupts Ken)

ELIAS: Why would you be, forgive me for asking, in concern of this essence? Are you wishing to express helpfulness to this essence?

KEN: Well, if that’s possible. I just always felt he was taken too suddenly.

ELIAS: I will express, in this physical development, you do not need to be helpful for this essence. You may wish to be in contact with this essence and, if wishing to do so, may accomplish this. This essence is not physically remanifest. Therefore, if you are wishing communication crossing dimensional veils, this is possible. This pulling of this essence has served of temporary transitional confusion. This confusion exists no longer. This essence is fine. It was necessary, through belief systems, to incorporate, briefly, of “hospital.” These, unlike your hospitals which you view in physical focus, are not the same, for in non-physical you incorporate no injury or disease. Therefore, actual hospitals are not necessary, although through belief systems, when you die, as you term, you may believe that you need a hospital, (laughter), although you do not in actuality, but in acknowledgment of those belief systems, and in easing of transition, these accommodations are incorporated. This essence is no longer there, for it is no longer necessary.

There are individuals here, on your planet, in your physical developmental focus, that specialize in connection with essences not in physical focus, which have not remanifest. You may, in connection with one of these individuals, be in contact with this essence. I would be offering more assistance in this area with you, but this is not my focus. I do not connect with these essences. I am presently in developmental focus of teaching. There are many other essences with this specialization. Is this, in small way, helpful?

KEN: Yes, very. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

CAROLE: Elias, does the word Merkabah have meaning? And, can you give me (Here, Elias interrupts Carole)

ELIAS: This is a prism. This would be a prism used in connection with spirituality. This would be what Michael incorporates as his “spinning thing.” (Pause) We are all so quiet! (Smiling)

VICKI: I have a question about the splinters.


VICKI: So, we could also be a splinter?


VICKI: And there would be no difference, or would there, in the way that you would feel?

ELIAS: I will first express to you that we have briefly interrupted our subject of your essence and its elements this evening, to answer questions. This will be continued fully in our next session. I will express to you that you may be a splinter, (smiling), or you may be a fragment. Now, I will also express to you that in this physical developmental focus, in your present time, some of you have developed a philosophy to explain this splintering or fragmenting, which you could not explain previously. In this, you have developed terms such as “walk-ins.” “Walk-ins” are not essences invading other essences, although they may be your own essence fragmenting in a physical developmental focus.

You may experience, in an individual developmental focus, a specific time when you feel yourself to be lost, and you feel yourself, then, to be something new. In this, you are physically experiencing your phenomenon of fragmentation, or splintering, more often of fragmentation. You will feel and be aware of your splintering often, in your lifetime. In fragmenting in these individual developmental focuses, you will feel much more impacted. You will feel either a tremendous shift in yourself as still yourself, or you will feel a new awareness of a new essence. This is not another essence inhabiting your essence. It is your own essence, in its vastness, in agreement with a splinter, to become a fragment. That fragment may choose to continue in this physical dimension, and you may choose to continue in another dimension. You will cross. (Here, Elias demonstrates by interlocking his fingers) It is quite possible to cross dimensions. You do it more often than you realize.

A splinter will be felt by you, also. When you experience a period of disorientation, or confusion, or tremendous emotion, or lack of motivation, or a feeling of nothingness, you are experiencing together with a splinter, each being independent, each being incorporated, each possessing individual desires, each being the same. Sometimes you cross dimensions in splintering. You may be here for thirty-five years and splinter, and your splinter will continue here, and you will continue in another dimension, being fully aware of your past in both dimensions, being fully aware of all of your experiences, but feeling different.

CHRISTIE: Would this then explain when, in my own self, years ago, I had a feeling that I was transplanted, and “plopped” here? Like I didn’t belong here, I belonged in some other time. However, I was aware of this time, except for a few childhood blackouts, but I felt that I didn’t belong here. I belonged somewhere else.

ELIAS: This is correct. (Here, Christie says “Wow!”) This, I will explain, is not a completed fragmentation, only partial. It is an actual splintering, and it is an agreement to become independent fragmentation of essence. This, also, has been experienced by Dimin, and by Catherine. This, in Dimin, is an exchange in fragmentation, completed. As I have stated, all new fragmented essences contain all previous knowledge, all previous experiences, and are essentially the same as the essence they have been fragmented from. This will account for Dimin’s feeling of being a new essence, but still incorporating memory, for this essence incorporates all the same elements as originally. In Catherine, the fragmented essence is of her. She is not the fragment. You have fragmented off, which has incorporated in your consciousness a disorientation, a feeling of a missing part.

These feelings, when you experience [them] in physical focus, are quite strong. They are also quite impossible, without information, to explain. This is why you have invented a new myth of “walk-ins,” to explain what you do not understand, but you know to be reality, and you know to be felt in your essence. We will also incorporate into this subject Robert, in experiencing time of splintering in this developmental focus, in time of confusion and [being] lethargic, briefly. All of you have experienced splintering. You just do not identify what you are experiencing. You do not always feel this splintering when you are making choices, but there are times when you do feel an awareness. It is a pulling in your essence. It is still incorporated. It is not separate, but it is felt as a pulling, and it is recognized.

Even our little one has experienced this, in fragmenting Mattie. It is more dramatic when you fragment a splinter in a current developmental focus. Is less disorienting to fragment as Elizabeth has done with Mattie, but I will explain to that it is still felt, for Mattie is simultaneous, and not past. You only feel, physically and emotionally, this pull a little greater, when it involves a splinter being fragmented from your present developmental focus, for you are more aware of your present developmental focus.

VICKI: Does this have anything to do with why Michael and I share a feeling of being “younger souls?”

ELIAS: This is correct. Kasha, Michael, and Catherine are newer. In fragmenting from my essence, they have fragmented in different times, but are relatively new; Kasha being earliest, Michael being latest. In fragmentation of Paul, Elizabeth being earliest, and Lawrence being newest. This will account for Catherine’s connection to earlier developmental focuses, in what you term time periods, than Michael. Kasha, if she was interested, (smiling), would identify with earlier time periods than Catherine, and in actuality does, in focus of Egyptian connections. Catherine does not extend that far.

I will also express that Dimin does not extend very far at all, only to this physical lifetime, in your terms. This will seem to you to be contradicting, for I have expressed that you must experience three developmental focuses, if choosing to focus in this physical dimension. This is not contradictory, for her essence has been in this physical dimension many times, but, in fragmentation in this focus, has become a new essence in this physical focus. This would be what you termed your “changing of eleven.”

CAROLE: Eleven-eleven.

ELIAS: This being your term. This changing was your fragmentation point of a development of new essence, a “birthday.” I understand that these are very difficult concepts. (Smiling). They are very confusing. You will understand. Also, be noticing, as an exercise, of times in your lifetime, so to speak, when you have made choices, when you have felt a “pull” because of these choices, whether it be in connection with another individual, or whether it be a personal “affecting.” In noticing, you will see when you experienced this pull, then you will think of our tree, and its branches, and not forgetting its ... leaves! (“Leaves” said in unison by several of us, followed by laughter)

CHRISTIE: Elias, since I splintered from my essence, is that, I mean that, you said that I was in the sand and pharaohs. I’m a little confused now. Am I an old soul that just splintered recently?

ELIAS: (Chuckling in amusement) I am very pleased that you are expressing of confusion, for it should be confusing! (Laughter) As I have said, your essence is much bigger than you conceive. You are as a cell, all encompassing, but a part in cooperation, also. You, the you that you identify with, are as a thought of your essence, just as you have thoughts of your own. Your essence possesses all knowledge, and all experiences, that you have experienced. Therefore, in fragmenting, or in splintering, you also, in being all parts and only a part, experience and have knowledge of all things. As I have expressed, all splinters do not become their own essence. Some continue in incorporation in the original essence. Some, in expressing great desire for fragmentation, become their own essence; but, as I have explained that you are not oranges, and you do not possess sections, you are no different, and not separate from the essence. So, you may be in the time of sand and pharaohs, and not, simultaneously! (Laughter)

CHRISTIE: Okay. One more question. As you were describing this as the cell, or the thought of our essence, us being a part of a bigger whole, is that also a way to explain the Universal One and Whole, and how we’re splinters of that, and we’re really a thought of that Universal One and Whole?

ELIAS: Very good, Oliver! (Smiling) Now, if you can only apply this same principle to yourself, yes. It is not an orange, either. It does not possess sections. If it does not possess sections, but you are it, and it is you, but it is more than you, then how can you possess sections? You cannot be an orange, if it is not. (Smiling)

CAROLE: Can I ask a personal question?


CAROLE: The essence that I have known by the name of Michael, in physical form, can you tell me about the connection between that essence and mine?

ELAIS: Is it not amusing, to us all, that we attract to essences that we repel, like magnets? (Laughter) I, included, in my physical manifestation, was fascinated by this process also, I must say, and we have all done this. You have been connected previously. In your essence’s physical previous developmental focus, this essence was also connected. This essence was a brother, but a not well received brother, with much fighting and not much cooperation between the two, and in agreeing to remanifest and interact together again, have repeated this friction. This is a wise decision to end previous patterns. (Pause) We are recognizing Elizabeth, (laughter), before she is coming out of her body with “wiggling!” (Grinning)

ELIZABETH: I almost forgot to ask! Michael and I were talking last night, and over the past about two weeks, we have felt a different essence, right about the time when we go to bed, and we were wondering if that was Paul, or who it was?

ELIAS: And, who do you believe this to be? (Smiling widely, followed by laughter) We will be interested of Olivia and Lawrence to recognize this energy, for it is of their own fragmentation, also. You have been told already, by Paul, that he and I are in this same focus, and are in communication, although he has been more lax at communication, and [at being] agreeable to communication. (Here, Elias sits up very tall, speaking humorously and playfully) Although I will say, that I have taken the lead! (Much laughter) For I am here, and he is only impressions! You may not need worry. You were also correct that I was quite aware of your concern last night, and in your not being sure of your identification of Paul’s energy, I was assisting in comforting, in letting you know you are okay, and you are familiar with this energy.

ELIZABETH: Thank you.

ELIAS: You will all become familiar with this other energy, soon.

VICKI: I have a question regarding connections. I’ve been feeling a lot of connection between Elizabeth and my son, recently.

ELIAS: (Pause) She is also (pause) a fragment, (pause), not of Paul, (pause), but of Lawrence. (5) Therefore, the connection continues. Fragmented essences will experience more pull towards each other, and essences that each other fragments, just as you may feel a pull to your children, and then also feel a pull to some, not all, of their children, for they are interconnected essences of yours. This is not to say you will not feel connection with all other essences. You are only more familiar with essences that you have been fragmented from, or that you fragment. The energy is familiar to you, as being part of you. This accounts for your pull.

CHRISTIE: Is this why Michael feels such a pull toward her granddaughter, as I feel such a pull toward my granddaughter?

ELIAS: This would be correct. These new essences are fragmented from your own. You have fragmented yours, and he has fragmented his. I have explained that your own children are not always fragments, although they may be. You will share in common that these fragmented essences, of yours and of Michael’s, will exhibit more stubbornness than you each! (Laughter, followed by a long pause, during which Elias looks around at each of us)

Are you wishing of more questions? (Pause) Much thinking and feeling going on here. (Pause) We will be expecting no major shifting of your earth this evening! (Referring to last Sunday night’s earthquake, followed by much laughter, and sighs of relief) For it is not necessary, now that you are aware, although you may be shifting somewhere else! (Laughter)

We will be anticipating of interaction between these essences, and much playing, for playing is healing. I will bid you a good evening, that you will be in anticipation of our next meeting, that I will be, as Michael will term me to be, “long winded!” (Laughter) For, I have much to say of our elements in our next encounter. So, I will wish you all a very special and a loving peace of our Creating Universal One and Whole, and of myself, and of Paul, to you all, and will be lovingly looking forward to our next meeting, and joyfully wishing all, (looking at Ken), all presences good evening. (We end at 9:23 PM.)



(1) This question is in reference to a dream that Mary had, in which she came face to face with what she thinks is an “alternate self.” This person looked almost exactly like her, and they both stared at each other in complete amazement, in recognition of this. Mary asked questions, such as: What is your name? (Mary) How old are you? (Forty-one, which is Mary’s age now) How many children do you have? (We have three) Are you married? (Yes) Mary also tried to touch her, but “felt” a barrier which prevented her from doing this.

(2) Mary has two living children. She lost one child, a girl, when she was six and a half months pregnant, and another, a boy, who died at the age of two months. The premature girl was her second pregnancy. She feels that this alternate self became an independent splinter after the birth of Elizabeth, her third pregnancy, thus explaining why the alternate has three children. Interestingly enough, the name chosen for this second child was Stephanie. Because of her death, she had also decided to name Elizabeth Stephanie, but, shortly before she was born, Mary got a distinct impression that Elizabeth wanted her name to be Elizabeth, which was confirmed by Elizabeth’s father. Please note that Elizabeth is the only person in the group whose name is the same as her essence name. Also, Elias has stated that she chose her name.

(3) Mary told us, during the break, that she had become aware of how very “big” Elias’ essence was. She wasn’t sure if this was because of the unusual energies present or not; she just said he was very, very “big,” and she had wondered if all essences were the same.

(4) This was of amazement to all of us, because Elias has always “picked up” exactly where he left off after a break, which has also always amazed us! There was a lot of energy interference that evening involving a group member, and also involving other non-physically focused essences being present. This interference was felt by all of us, in one way or another.

(5) These types of pauses are quite common, when Elias is answering this kind of personal question. It is interesting to us all, for he seems to be accessing information from some sort of “computer memory bank.” This does not happen often with the delivery of “teaching” information, except in trying to find a proper word, etc.

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