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Tuesday, July 29, 1997

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ďBalancing Intellect & IntuitionĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Cathy (Shynla), and David (Mylo).

Elias arrives at 1:54 PM. (Time was fifteen seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon.

DAVID: Good afternoon. I guess I donít really need to explain to you why Iím here today because I think you know why Iím here today, so I guess Iíll just go into the questions I thought that I needed to ask you based on everything that Iíve experienced in such a short time. Iím kind of experiencing what I have been calling a lot of ďwoo woo woos,Ē and hope to continue to experience a lot more ďwoo woosĒ because Iím enjoying them. However, Iíve got some questions that are a bit lengthy, so bear with me. And also, I want to read them out like this for the record, so that people who read this will understand more where Iím coming from and will not misinterpret what I have to say or ask.

Okay, first one. Iíve been reading a little of some past transcripts dating back to the beginning, as to the time frame that you began mentioning the name Dave to the group of then. I have a few questions surrounding this area, in the hope that I myself can connect to some light bulbs in me that have yet not gone off, so to speak. One does have to sit back and try to understand how I as an individual must be feeling in regards to all that Iíve experienced in such a short time, in comparison to the others who have had almost two or so years to filter and digest for themselves what they have individually experienced so far. As of yet, I seem to be doing very well, although I wonder why, and taking all this in as a very natural everyday occurrence, when it fact it really isnít, if you know what I mean.

And also, for many years of my feelings of loneliness that Iíve carried inside, and taking into account that Iím in California, far removed from my family and friends, therefore I can quite easily see how easy it would be for me to attract myself to something that is out of this world, that something being an energy which seems to be offering me love as such, and family as such also. Therefore, I want to be sure I am involving myself in a real aspect of occurrences, and not just one that I myself have created as a result of finding myself no longer interested in life, how I have experienced it so far; almost like I just gave up, and then suddenly this all started materializing in my life.

Vicís note: This might be the longest ďquestionĒ to date!

ELIAS: Your key statement Ė that you brought yourself to the point of giving up; this being significant in that you discontinue the fighting and allow yourself to open to the direction in which you have placed yourself. It is unnecessary, as I have stated many times, for you to be within the same physical proximity to other individuals to be connecting within consciousness. You are all connected. You are all in communication with each other continuously. You lead yourself within probabilities to actualizing your desire and your intent. Within each moment, you are creating probabilities and choosing probabilities that shall be moving you in the direction of your intent, which creates your value fulfillment. In your terms, it may be viewed as natural for individuals within physical focus to be questioning and doubting their own movement. You have been inundated with belief systems that reinforce your own duplicity. Therefore, it is easy for you to doubt your own direction.

Within the confines of your belief systems in general, as with all individuals, you find that it is much more difficult to be trusting and accepting of your own intuition and your own direction. I shall express to you that this once again serves as yet another example of the battling of intuition and intellect, and there are no coincidences! This may also serve as validation to you that within connections of consciousness and choices of probabilities objectively independent of you and your objective knowledge, other individuals connect with the same information which is offered to you this day; this being for each of you to be allowing yourselves validation within your experiences, and therefore allowing you to be more accepting of your own choices in probabilities and recognizing that they are not manufactured through your psychological belief systems. You are in actuality moving purposefully and connecting precisely in the manner that you have chosen. Therefore, in your terms only, you are precisely where you need be. This is not imagination. This is reality.

You ask of connections and drawing to this forum and these individuals and the queerness of this, and may this be merely a manufactured element within your thought process that you wish to be creating, or is this in reality a true draw? Let me offer to you the example of this day. I express to you that what you are experiencing is the battle between the intellect and the intuition. You know not which to be listening to. Therefore, you listen partially to the intuition which moves you, but you question and you allow almost an overriding of the intuition with the intellect. Therefore, you create confusion within you, for you are not accepting. This is brought to your attention that you may understand that the intellect and the intuition are both basic elements of your physical creation, your manifestation. They are not at odds with each other naturally. They are placed at odds with each other through your belief systems. The intellect has been offered a different job than what it was originally created for.

This same day, this same information has been offered to Shynla and Michael within previous information; this identical same information. These individuals objectively, and yourself also, held no knowledge of what you each were experiencing and connecting to in information, but you connect to the same information; this being an example of how you need not express objectively to each other your thought processes, your concerns, your choices, and you may be manifesting the same regardless, for you are connected subjectively.

DAVID: Hmm. I do trust my instincts. Iím very strong in that area, more than most people I know. However, sometimes Iíve thought that I was right, and things have come to me and Iíve been proven wrong. Therefore, Iíve gone, ďOh oh, maybe I shouldnít have listened to my instincts.Ē

ELIAS: I express to you to always be listening to your intuition, although balance this with the intellect; not overriding with intellect, but allow the intellect to be harmonizing with intuition. The intuitive aspect of your focus is your language to you. The intellect serves as the interpreter. If they are within harmony, you shall be creating and understanding with ease. If you are allowing one to be overriding of the other, you shall be creating conflict and confusion. Some individuals allow the intuitive to be overriding the intellect. Therefore, they do not understand their own language to themselves; this being out of balance also.

DAVID: How am I doing so far?

ELIAS: Quite well. You need only be accepting of your expressions and acknowledging of self and your connections, as opposed to discounting your connections and your movement.

DAVID: I guess itís because itís only natural. Itís unfamiliar ground right now.

ELIAS: Quite.

DAVID: And the more I get used to it, the more it will feel comfortable, and Iíll be running through the field! (Laughing)

CATHY: Can I ask a quick question? (David says yes) Okay. On Sunday evening, when the question of the audio tape came up and I was sitting there, something said to me I should talk to the other people in the pyramid before I make this decision. And then for some reason, Ron and I just decided to go ahead and do what we did. Now, was that my intellect or was that my intuition?

ELIAS: This would be an exercising of your intuition.

CATHY: Which I chose not to listen to.

ELIAS: You WERE listening to the intuition in the choice.

CATHY: Really. Well, now Iím really confused!

ELIAS: You were not overriding with the intellect in not choosing to be calling your pyramid discussion for this one decision.

CATHY: Which seems to have created some conflict.

ELIAS: Much conflict is being experienced presently by all individuals as a response to this wave, which I have expressed many times recently. You each continue to not necessarily be listening to the information offered and be connecting with this information, for you choose to hold to the conflict in not accepting and you choose to be continuing within the same expression, and then you are wondering why you continue to experience conflict and create conflict! I have expressed many times recently, this wave is occurring. You all are experiencing effects within this wave. You are choosing individually to continue to hold to the conflict.

CATHY: But peopleís perceptions in physical focus are different. If you have two different perceptions on the same issue, I donít know where you find the balance without one person ... I mean, how can you both be accepting when itís a different perception?

ELIAS: By accepting your own and the other individualís perception!

CATHY: So not necessarily changing either one perception, just ...

ELIAS: Quite. One is not wrong and one is not right. This wave is acceptance, not changing another individualís perception.

DAVID: This thing about perception I guess is good because it goes into my next question, which is based on a lot of my instinctual behavior at the time. I will read it to you. I understand now that the very strong feelings I experienced in connection to another individual Ė that I spoke to you of in my first private session with you Ė and the flood of love and emotional feelings attached to it were the result of a strong bleeding-through of past focuses with this individual. But I still feel the strong need to know who exactly this essence is that I continue to feel such a strong attraction for. Whenever he was in my presence, I felt a total feeling of oneness, so to speak, something Iíve never in my present focus experienced to date. I thought I had with some other individuals, but this one was far beyond those. I canít explain it. I felt I had found my other half, so to speak. Is it really only the fact that we just happened to share some wondrous past focuses together, or is there more to it? For myself, I just wonít rest until I know the full identity of this essence.

ELIAS: This individual holds its own tone within essence. This individual holds fragmentation of Patel. Therefore, within essence, which bleeds through, you hold the recognition of deep affection, as you are fragmented of Elias and this individual is fragmented of Paul (Patel).

DAVID: I see. Was this individual fragmented of Paul at the same time I was of you?

ELIAS: No. It matters not.

DAVID: Okay, I understand time, so I didnít mean it in that sense.

ELIAS: The intermingling of these essences, the mergence of these essences, is known within all of the fragments of these essences, for each fragment holds all experience and memory of the fragmenting essence.

DAVID: Okay, thatís why I can sense a lot of things about myself that are in fact related to your experience. And in fact, the parallel of the experience you had with the lover in the Oscar Wilde lifetime, Iíve gone through similar parallels with this guy, as far as the emotions and pain I felt. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

DAVID: And I chose that, huh???

ELIAS: Correct. (David laughs)

DAVID: Okay. Now this one I would love to know! Itís again with this guy, and then Iíll leave him alone. Could you tell me what he himself was feeling in regards his feelings of me, and them being maybe completely different to my interpretation that I interpreted them to be? This would help me understand if all what I believed to be true was correct. Or was I way off-base? (Pause)

ELIAS: This individual holds sensitivity in your terms, but also holds very strong belief systems which conflict with this sensitivity. Therefore, the individual chooses not to be actualizing probabilities in the direction of allowance of much intuition and listening to its own language, therefore chooses a different direction for experiences within the confines of its belief systems. In this, your interpretation of the individual, albeit influenced by psychological belief systems within you, is relatively correct. I express to you that although the individual holds fearfulness within the belief systems held, this also is a choice for experience. Therefore, do not misunderstand, in believing your psychological belief systems, that the personage is bound by their fearfulness of social acceptance. It is a choice purposefully for the experience.

DAVID: So this essence called Mary, who you seem to know of, when I spoke to her about it, many, many times she strongly said that ďIt is not over between you two. It is for the moment, but itís not over. I can see his side of this. At the moment, his fear of you is great, but itís not over. You will get together sometime in the future as friends or whatever, but you will be together again.Ē Again, maybe a part of me is holding on to that. And is she right or is she wrong?

ELIAS: I have expressed to you also that the choice in probability presently may be altered. Future probabilities may be created to be altering of the situation. This would be dependent upon the time element that the individual chooses to be experiencing what is being created presently.

DAVID: Okay. Now this is a good one for everybody. Itís regarding an experience I had the other night, and I really enjoyed it, and it was like whoa whoa whoa whoa major time! I had a very strange and yet interesting experience the other night while I was fast asleep. I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night, becoming acutely aware of this very strong energy movement in the area of my stomach, the solar plexus area. Suddenly, the energy like a flame expanded, incorporating itself with that of the energy of the earth below me. Following was the distinct feeling of being part of the earth and in tune with it, so much so that I could feel its movements beneath. I could hear the grinding of the earth and everything, something akin to the start of what one may term as earthquake activity. Now, the more I believed it to be such, the more the rumbling stirred. Within me, I told myself to dismiss this thinking, and as I did, the rumbling slowly diminished to nothingness, at which point I then became uncomfortable with the massive energy I was feeling in the solar plexus area. With that thought it disappeared, only to be replaced by a sensation of your voice coming from a dimension in my head, so to speak, like in an empty room, and you definitely being separate to the way Iíve experienced you before talking to me and the way of my own thoughts. Can you explain this experience?

ELIAS: This being another example for your validation of your ability to be connecting with this forum within consciousness. I have offered information many times of your lack of separation from your planet and what you deem to be nature. All of this is part of you. These are all creations of essence, and you are not separated from these elements. Within consciousness, there is no separation. This you offer yourself as an experience in connection with this information, that you may also validate that this be not merely an invention of your imagination or your wishful thinking. You are experiencing a reality. Therefore, you are also offering yourself experiences to validate the reality.

DAVID: Yes, it was very real. I was awake. I wasnít dreaming. However, the moment when you were speaking to me, was that you?


DAVID: And the thing is, I forgot what you said!

ELIAS: It matters not. You connect within subjective activity. Therefore, language is offered to you within essence which does not entirely translate objectively. You attempt within your dream state to objectively translate, and although you hold thought processes within the viewing of your dream state of language and interpretation, you awaken with no memory, for in actuality there is no translation into your objective language. This is not to say that you do not hold an understanding.

DAVID: Okay, I understand that one. I, as a very small child, in fact from the very moment I popped into this world, you could say, experienced for the first seven years of my life great emotional and physical abuse from my father, as well as having been subjected to viewing the physical abuse to my mother, whom as a small child I loved more than anything in the world. That too was much, much pain for such a tiny one to have had to experience. In fact, to this day, I am surprised that I and my brothers turned out the way we did. What was all that about?

ELIAS: This being your choice.

DAVID: Okay, but how can I understand it without just letting it go? I mean, I want to understand it because it was tormenting!

ELIAS: I shall offer to you that this be a common choice within essence to be experiencing at least within one focus, for it is foreign to the consciousness of essence. Therefore, it is chosen as an experience. You place the actions within moral terms within your belief systems, but you choose the events merely for the experience as being different from other experiences. I do not anticipate that you shall in actuality hold an understanding yourself or within mass within the near future of this concept, for to you this is a concept, and it is very unfamiliar within your belief systems. Therefore, there shall be, as you are choosing, a time period before you are allowing an understanding and acceptance of what you view to be now as the concept of experience for experience sake, so to speak.

DAVID: Did I get what I chose to experience from it? I mean, what did I get from it that I can go, ďWow! Thatís what I got out of that experience!Ē

ELIAS: The experience.

DAVID: Yeah, but what use is it if I donít make use of it?

ELIAS: Why must you ďmake use of it?Ē

DAVID: So that I can maybe help other people who have gone through that and say, ďWell, look ...Ē

ELIAS: If this is your choice, then so be it!

DAVID: Otherwise, it seems like a waste of time to experience something thatís just for the experience!

ELIAS: This being a filtration of belief systems also.

DAVID: Confusing! Well, youíve chosen a hard task, havenít you? (Laughing) You really have! Youíve got some people on this planet who are just going, ďOh, oh!Ē Anyway ...

ELIAS: YOU have chosen a difficult task!

DAVID: (Laughing) I guess I think I have! Iím sure of that one! Okay. I feel very stupid in a sense expressing what Iíve been feeling as a change of energy, although Vicki has expressed to me, thank goodness, otherwise Iíd have thought Iíd been going insane, that this is quite a familiar thing amongst us, as Elias has explained. Anyway, I shall, for the record, continue. Within my own being as of late, I seem to describe it as that of experiencing some sort of spiritual pregnancy or such, for the symptoms are very akin to what a woman experiences in the nine months of pregnancy. For example, for the last many months, Iíve often felt nauseous. I eat just a little and fill up. Iím bloated ... tiredness, sleep a lot. I even went through a period where all I seemed to have dreamt about was babies being born! Just a lot of weird energy feelings that Iíve never experienced before, and Iím curious. I mean, Iím feeling like itís about to pop out! (Laughing) What is it Iím giving birth to?

ELIAS: Yourself! (Grinning)

DAVID: Really?

ELIAS: You are offering yourself this objective imagery and experience, that you may also be relating to and validating in with the other individuals within this forum. In actuality, within your physical time framework, the birth has occurred already; but you, being unaware objectively of the imagery, you offer yourself this experience presently, that you may be validated that you need not ďcatch up.Ē You are experiencing the same, and you are connected.

DAVID: This energy, I still carry it. Itís like in the solar plexus area. Will it leave me soon? Because itís driving me insane!

ELIAS: It will change.

DAVID: Positive things are going to come from this birth, I suppose.

ELIAS: In your terms. (Smiling)

DAVID: Okay. Next, I canít quite figure out how I can become aware of those belief systems that I am not presently aware of, for when you turn to me in sessions with your knowing look of reference, Iím never quite sure what your message is referring to exactly. For again, as in the way of building layers of belief systems, your comments can also begin building layers of just more confusion in me! For now that I know I have them, I donít wish to continue the rest of this focus unable to recognize them. I want to get them out of the way as soon as possible. Help me out!

ELIAS: You are not getting the belief systems out of the way!

DAVID: Well, you know what I mean!

ELIAS: You shall be offering yourself the recognition of the belief systems as you are ready. I may offer to you many belief systems and you shall lay them before yourself and do nothing with them, for you are not ready. As you are ready within yourself to be addressing to each belief system and accepting of the belief system, which within your physical focus is much more difficult than you anticipate, you shall offer yourself repeated examples pertaining to each belief system. In your terms, you shall pound upon your own head with your recognition repeatedly of each belief system, this being your speaking to yourself and allowing yourself to recognize that you are ready to be dealing with each individual belief system. You must offer these belief systems to yourself.

At times, as an individual repeatedly battles with the same imagery and is recognizing of the imagery and knowing that they are attempting to be dealing with a certain belief system but they view that they cannot identify this belief system, I may be disposed to be helpful in offering the identification of the belief system to the individual; but this also being offered only as the individual is ready, and they have already presented themselves with much imagery and an understanding that they are battling with a belief system, and need only the identification of this to be allowing them movement through.

DAVID: I know one of them. I donít know how to get hold of it. Itís that I know I donít love myself enough. I know that, and yet I live with myself, so youíd think it would be easy! But I donít, and I donít know where to start, you know. I donít know where to start in that area. I donít want to look in the mirror and go, ďAh! Youíre so beautiful!Ē and all that business. It doesnít work!

ELIAS: Why shall you not? Be accepting of you! Each time that you are not accepting of you, notice. This shall be helpful in your starting point.

DAVID: I am doing that.

ELIAS: I have offered an exercise to the individuals within this forum early on within our sessions, to be concentrating upon and noticing within their weekís time period of each time they personally invalidate themselves, and to be expressing to each other each time they are noticing another individual personally invalidating themselves. This may be quite helpful to you as an exercise, for it is quite enlightening how very many times you all do this in actuality.

Vicís note: This has turned into a scenario of us yelling ďP.I.Ē at each other every time we catch each other trashing ourselves. Itís irritating, but now weíre much more aware of how often we do this.

DAVID: Yeah, Iíve noticed that Iíve been doing that a lot anyway, with people at work. So, thatís good. Okay ...

ELIAS: I shall be requesting a break, and you may continue with your questioning.

DAVID: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

BREAK 2:40 PM.
RESUME 2:59 PM. (Time was four seconds.)

ELIAS: Continuing.

DAVID: Well, Iím kind of nearly there now. Iíve got two little ones left. I do really feel a strong closeness to you Elias, more so when Iím in your presence, as in now. Obviously, now knowing who I am in essence as to the connection with your essence, itís probably understandable that I do feel these things. However, is this feeling of loneliness that Iíve carried in me all my life taking me blindly, so to speak, down the many roads and experiences Iíve drawn myself to in the belief that another individual in this physical focus is really the answer to what I seek? Or is this other individual in actual fact you whom I should be looking to for this mate connection?

ELIAS: Very good. You are translating, through emotion within physical focus, elements that you recognize, but through belief systems which are physically focused. This be your distraction, that of which I expressed to you initially.

DAVID: Well. Thatís a hard one because Iím in the physical, and I desire to want to hold and cuddle and love and caress and experience physical with that other person, and youíre not there! Youíre in some other dimension! So how do I accomplish this?

ELIAS: You may be choosing, if you are wishing, to be creating of what you view to be a relationship with another individual. This be your choice. You may be choosing to hold these physical experiences. I merely suggest to you that you also recognize that the vast well of feelings that you hold may not entirely be filled within your physical focus, for there is a recognition of beyond. Therefore, you hold the experience of not quite attaining within each relationship the depth that you seek, for this depth that you seek is within you.

DAVID: I understand that. Itís understandable too that you can understand how difficult it is then. Will I achieve this only by disengaging, when that day comes, and therefore I will then be free out of the physical to go towards the essence that really is going to make that connection?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. Within the most probable probability, you shall allow yourself within your physical focus to be experiencing.

DAVID: Okay. Well, Iím glad. That kind of ... thatís what I felt. I just wanted to make sure that I was really feeling that, and itís kind of nice to know that. Okay, my last little one is this: I have for some time now been experiencing Ė and I mean for years Ė much irritating itchiness in my ears, so much so that if it doesnít stop soon, I will end up itching out my brain! (Elias grins) So, what is it? Itís driving me crazy! (Laughing)

Margotís note: And itís catching! All the time I was typing this, and then again when I was proofing it, my left ear itched like mad!

ELIAS: You may be recognizing of this now, and you may be allowing yourself to uncreate this action for your attention. As Michael experienced much hurtfulness within head and brain Ė that which you express as headaches Ė in relation to not allowing the connection fully with this essence, you also, and other individuals also, create physical aspects for your own noticing. Now you have noticed, and the reason is the opening and allowing yourself to hear, and now you hear this essence. Therefore, you may be unincorporating your physical response.

DAVID: Okay. Thank you. (To Vicki) Do you want to ask something?

VICKI: I have some questions for other people. I donít know if itís an appropriate time to ask them.

ELIAS: If you are so choosing.

VICKI: Okay. Actually, my first question is for myself. I intended to ask these questions in our last meeting. Iím curious why you ended that session so abruptly.

ELIAS: You were offered a choice. You collectively created your choice.

VICKI: Well, maybe Iím remembering incorrectly, but normally you do offer a choice. In other words, you say something to the effect of, ďAre you wishing of more questions?Ē

ELIAS: This is correct, although I very distinctly offered you a choice of open forum for questioning OR your pyramid session.

VICKI: Oh, you mean at the beginning?


VICKI: Oh, at the beginning of the session.

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: It was just a little out of the ordinary, in my perception, because quite often we have a topic, but Iíve never ... very rarely have I seen you end a session so abruptly.

ELIAS: You created your choice collectively. You opted for your pyramid session. Therefore, this is what was accomplished.

VICKI: Hmm. Interesting. Okay. Well, my questions are for other people. For Paul: He read in an old transcript a sentence that goes, ďThese small ones are not going to grow to adulthood, and all nine create a manifestation of world leaders.Ē His question to me, or his interpretation to me, was that these nine individuals wonít make it to adulthood. Theyíre going to croak before then.

ELIAS: Incorrect.

VICKI: Okay. That was my interpretation too, but I just wanted to clear it up.

ELIAS: They merely shall not be what you view to be world leaders within their adulthood.

VICKI: Okay. For Tom, wanting to confirm that he belongs to the essence family of Sumari.

ELIAS: (Accessing) Not belonging; aligning.

VICKI: Okay. For Susan, wanting to confirm that she is Sumari aligned with Milumet.

ELIAS: (Accessing) Correct.

VICKI: Also, essence name.

ELIAS: (Accessing) Gilbert. (Pronounced Gil-bearí)

VICKI: Could you spell it?

ELIAS: This being your same spelling as your English translation of Gilbert. (The ďGĒ sound also being the same)

VICKI: Oh, okay. For Michael: ďIím curious if youíll ask Elias about me helping with the publishing, and if Iím related to your group or a very interested passer-by.Ē

ELIAS: All are interrelated. All individuals that draw themselves to this forum are related to the movement within the agenda of this group. This may not be chosen to be objectively actualized within involvement, but all individuals drawn to this forum are lending of energy for its accomplishment, so to speak. Each individual holds creativity that may be expressed as they so choose. (Pause, smiling)

I wish not to be expressing to individualsí directions. This is defeating of the point. I express to you all to be acknowledging of self and accepting of your own greatness and creativity and your own abilities. Therefore, in moving away from your religious focus, in which you have created the reality of allowing yourselves duplicity and being ďledĒ by other individuals or spirits or guides or masters, I wish to be expressing to you all that you need no guides. You need only be trusting yourselves and acknowledging of your own abilities, and therefore allow yourselves the freedom within your own creativity to be guiding yourselves. This be the action of your shift also. You have created much of your time framework following directions within belief systems. You choose now to be moving out of this action and following of your own selves.

VICKI: For Sena, recently I asked a question for her regarding counterpart action in general, and also specifically with Mary. In the answer to that question, you were talking about her and me and Mary, and indicating a fourth person. Whoís the fourth person?

ELIAS: Senaís twin.

VICKI: Okay.

ELIAS: You may also express to her, within this present now, great affection and supportiveness from this essence. (Very affectionately)

VICKI: I will. The rest of the questions are from Paul also. ďSue Watkins wrote about the Grunaargh family as a blending of Sumari and Gramada. How is this idea of sub-groupings similar or different to your notion of family orientation and alignment?Ē

ELIAS: I have expressed within our recent time framework that all of these essence families hold what you may term to be subdivisions. Some create subdivisions in combination. These are created within the essences that align with more than one essence family within intent, but not completely within the intent of each essence family. They hold a slightly deviated intent. Therefore, they are creating of a new essence subdivision. It is not to be classified as an entirely different essence family, for it is still encompassed within the existing essence families. It is merely a slightly different tone within intent; this being similar to you within physical focus creating an organization.

Within the whole, the individuals within the organization hold the same direction of intent as to its accomplishment. Within the individuals, you may also hold smaller groups that focus within certain actions or jobs. This would liken itself to these subdivisions of essence families. They merely deviate slightly in their direction.

Let us express that you are within the essence family of Sumari. The action of the Sumari are the pot-stirrers, the activists, the changers. Within essence, you choose to be aligning with the intent, but you also choose not to be expressive objectively of this pot-stirring. Therefore, you may align or belong to a subdivision of the Sumari. You may be creating a slightly different expression. There are many, many, many subdivisions of all of these essence families, some being so slight within tone that objectively, you would not notice any difference.

VICKI: I guess just one question I have within this question is, are these subdivisions a blending, so to speak, as he presented in his question, of different families?

ELIAS: At times, yes.

VICKI: Of intent?

ELIAS: Yes. Not always, for each essence family holds its own subdivisions within itself, therefore not blending with another essence family.

VICKI: ďAs there is a Sumari language, are there unique languages for each of the other eight? If yes, how are they related?Ē

ELIAS: In one respect, yes. Within your definition of language, no. Not all of these essence families express themselves within what you identify as language, that being a communication of words. The Sumari hold a language. They are the Speakers. Therefore, they hold this type of expression. Not all essence families hold this type of expression. Therefore, figuratively speaking you may express yes, each holds a language, but not within the terms of your definition of language. The expressions may be quite different.

I shall also express that we shall be entering this area of these essence families soon, and I shall be offering more information as to the intents and the actions of the other essence families in similarity to the Seers.

CATHY: I canít wait to hear the difference between the Tellers and the Speakers. That baffles me!

ELIAS: This shall be requiring of some time period with you, for there is much information to be offered. You may express to all of our friends, Elias has not run out of information as of yet!

VICKI: Okay, the next question is, ďOur twenty-three-year-old niece, Erin, has lived with us off and on for six years. We have used the Seth material to provide her a framework for her spiritual growth. Could you tell us her essence name, family orientation and alignment, or some helpful hints so that she might find them herself?Ē

ELIAS: I shall, but I shall also be reminding that individuals do not hold the job of other individualsí spirituality! It is their choice. The point is not to be directing other individuals, but to be accepting other individuals within the action of this shift.

Margotís note: Paraphrasing a popular biblical quotation: Raise up a child in your own pious belief systems and sense of righteousness, and it shall be exceedingly easy to continue telling him when heís right and when heís wrong. Therefore, thou shalt dwell in comfortable ignorance all the days of thy life, and thy child shall be pondering his feelings of guilt, confusion and conflict forever and ever.

Vicís note: I love ya, Margot!

ELIAS: Family, Gramada. Alignment, Ilda. Essence name Ė quite close in tone Ė Milni. M-I-L-N-I. (Referring to an individual with essence name/tone of Mollny)

VICKI: Alright ...

ELIAS: (To Ron, grinning) And shall you not be answering this little one as it is expressing to you? (Referring to the new kitty, who was in Ronís face, meowing softly)

RON: I was, but I was just doing it in my mind! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Continue. (Pause)

VICKI: The next two questions have been addressed.

ELIAS: Very well.

VICKI: One other question that did come up in conversation between him (Paul) and I, and I really couldnít answer it, was in relation to the game. For example, he attempted to make a game connection with Nostradamus recently. His question is, ďWhen you have a impression of an individual like that, are you connecting with the focus or are you connecting with the essence?Ē

ELIAS: The focus. Express also to this individual that the impression may not necessarily be incorrect. The placement of the impression may be off; this being the balancing of the intellect and the intuition. You receive the impression, and you allow your intellect to place within the category. Therefore, you have now gained another piece of information concerning the action of your game and its importance for your learning.

CATHY: What exactly does it mean when an essence name is close in tone? (Pause)

ELIAS: This would be an identification that these essences are very intermingled. Essences holding similar tone move fluidly directly with each other. These are difficult areas, for this perpetuates your ideas of separation; although for your understanding, I express you to figuratively that if you are viewing your air, your molecules of air here (grabbing a handful of air) may be holding similar tone and intermingling more fluidly and directly than your molecules of air within this area of space arrangement (grabbing another handful of air). They are all intermingled. They are all part of the same air as all essences are all part of the same consciousness, although within personality tone they merge more fluidly with some than others. You objectively mirror this within your physical focus. You objectively blend with certain individuals more easily than you do with other individuals.

CATHY: Well, then Iím curious why you would even make a mention of the fact that somebodyís tone is close to another tone.

ELIAS: It is information that you inquire of which offers you more information of consciousness and essence, and therefore allowing you a better understanding of essence and consciousness. I express to you Shynla, if I am withholding expressions, you may not allow yourself to be expressing inquiry. Therefore, I withhold information and you withhold understanding. It is a cooperative effort. I may offer a statement which may be sparking of your curiosity which shall motivate you to be inquiring, therefore allowing for the information.

CATHY: So within that, thereís probably lots of essences on this planet that have the exact same essence tone?

ELIAS: Many focuses of many essences, yes.

CATHY: The focuses of the essence have the same tone.

ELIAS: Correct.

CATHY: I think I get it!

DAVID: We were talking today about how we should address the religious element of what we may be experiencing en masse, so to speak. Say, for example, someone should come to us and say, ďOkay, what did Jesus mean when he said an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth?Ē And we donít know.

ELIAS: We shall also be expressing attention to these types of sessions futurely. This also shall be requiring of much of your physical time framework. Therefore, we shall be devoting series of sessions to this subject matter, as with also essence family subject matter. Many subjects that you are wishing information of require much delivery of information which may not be accomplished within one session, but require many sessions. We continue to hold information, which has been inquired of, of many subjects that have not entirely been addressed, but only partially addressed; that as we continue, they continue. Some have not been addressed much at all.

Inquiries have been made to the wonderings of your creation of and your connections to your animal creatures and their creation of their realities. This has been partially answered briefly, but it has also been expressed that this subject is requiring of much time framework and has not been addressed as to this present now. It is in your terms not possible for Elias to deliver the volumes of information to you, within your time framework, ďall at once.Ē Therefore, we address to the most important elements within each present now, and we return to these subject matters futurely as your time framework and your understanding allows. Therefore, concern yourself not. Your questions shall be answered.

DAVID: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

CATHY: Speaking of animals, why WAS Caleigh so weird in Vickiís TFE? Just one little question! (This is in reference to a TFE Ė our term for ďpast-life regressionĒ Ė that was held over a year ago. Caleigh is Cathyís dog. She became very agitated during the TFE, and weíve always wondered why!)

ELIAS: Investigate! You do hold this ability, Shynla. Practice! You shall accomplish. You, as the dispersed one, may experience this game in connection with other individualsí experiences. (Elias says that Cathy has what he calls a ďdispersed essence,Ē but we donít really know what that means!)

CATHY: I know youíve told me that. Iím just trying to get ...

ELIAS: In actuality, you ALL hold this ability. You may merely experience differently.

CATHY: Hmm. Okay. (Pause)

ELIAS: Very well. I shall express great lovingness to you all this day, and you may continue investigating and creating of your questions. And we shall, in your terms, ďget to them all!Ē For this day, affectionately, au revoir.

Elias departs at 3:36 PM.

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