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Saturday, August 02, 1997

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“Stella & Friends”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Stella (Cindel), Letty (Castille), Marcos (Marta), and Marisa (Isabel).

Vic’s note: Marisa is our youngest participant to date (twelve years old) and quite a lovely young lady! Her resence was most enjoyable.

There was some “white noise” or static throughout this tape.

Elias arrives at 5:34 PM. (Time was ten seconds.)

ELIAS: Good evening. (Smiling) Welcome, once again! And what be your inquiries this evening?

STELLA: Who’s going to start? Go ahead, you guys start. Quit being so shy! (Laughter)

MARCOS: I’ll start. Elias, I have my daughter here with me today. I told her about the experience we had the only other time I’ve been here, and she’s very open to many of these, shall we say, new age attitudes and information and all that. I wanted to follow up on some of the things that we talked about the last time. One question I would like to start with is, could you tell us a bit more about the shift? Is there anything that we can do to further that? It probably will happen when it has to happen, but there is very positively and pretty strongly inside of me, for example, changes that I cannot explain – changes in the way I think and feel and the way I look at things and the way I understand certain things. I want to share some of these changes with the people that I come into contact with on a daily basis, but sometimes I’m not quite sure what I’m feeling. I’m not sure if I’m coming across correctly. That’s pretty much what is on my mind.

ELIAS: Be receptive to other individuals and their experiences. In this, you may offer insights to them and helpfulness to them in sharing your own experiences and the commonality of these experiences.

Individuals, as I have stated, are en masse experiencing very new, different elements of their existence, and a new awakening, so to speak, in consciousness. This is all part of the action of the shift. Individuals experience conflict and confusion in that they hold no information for the experiences that they are allowing to bleed through into their objective awareness presently. Therefore, as you are noticing your own experiences and holding a willingness to be open to other individuals, you may be offering helpfulness by sharing information with other individuals.

As an individual may express that they are experiencing strange occurrences within their days, and they may allude briefly to portions of their experiences for they are not wishing to be viewed as experiencing lunacy, (laughter) they shall be offering small amounts of information to you, and if you are receptive and noticing, you may incorporate an understanding of these small bits of information from other individuals. In this, you may step into your uncharted territory and offer helpfulness to these individuals, in reinforcing that these elements that they are experiencing within bleed-throughs are common and acceptable, and that they are not becoming abnormal as they are experiencing these actions. This offers validation to other individuals.

This also furthers the action of this shift, for you reinforce the probabilities of the insertion of this shift into your dimension by lending energy to it. Therefore, as you share, you also create more movement. You also add to the action of the shift by concentrating upon your own experiences and your own acceptance. This, within consciousness, adds tremendous power to the energy within the shift.

LETTY: I have a very personal question. I not only accept but understand a lot of the way you think and what you manifest, but if I understand this ... I have a personal problem. I have chronic asthma, and I know where it comes from and I understand it, but how come I cannot make it stop? I mean, is there something in-between that you need to do to make it stop? I don’t know! (Laughter) Because a lot of it, I know, is a belief system. I understand that’s where it’s coming from, but I have maybe an inner conflict where I can’t seem to control it or stop it.

ELIAS: This also is dealing with acceptance of self and the acceptance of your own ability and the trustfulness of self within your own ability. We have spoken of this issue previously. In this also, be remembering that within the belief systems that you hold – and you hold also en masse, which lends energy in reinforcing your own belief systems -- although there are leanings in the direction of self-healing and allowances for others to be helpful in healing, there is still held a strong belief system within your medical profession.

This is not to say to you that your medical profession may not be helpful, or that their objective is wrong or incorrect. I wish not to be influencing any individual to be moving against their belief systems within this area, as they may be causing harmfulness to themselves. You may express to yourself, “I believe I may fly,” and you may attempt jumping off a cliff and you shall hit the floor, (laughter) for within your core belief systems, you do not believe you may fly. You may attempt, but I wager you shall also injure yourself ... unless you are experiencing an out-of-body! (Laughter)

In this, I am understanding of your desire to be moving into this area of self-healing. This is requiring of your own trust of yourself and your abilities, and an understanding that no other individual heals you. You heal yourself, and you accomplish this when you are ready – when you are trusting of yourself, and when you are allowing yourself to allow issues that you hold to fly away.

LETTY: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

STELLA: Elias, I wonder if you can perhaps explain to me this change that I’ve been going through. It seems like all of my senses are sharply being developed. They are so sharp! I’m seeing the world in a different way. I’m seeing a lot of color. I’m seeing a lot of the immenseness, the greatness. And not only my seeing, but also my smell. There’s a lot happening with my senses right at this moment. Like yesterday, I was coming from work and I was on the bus and everything was just so incredible! I thought, “I’m seeing this world for the first time!” And I started to cry because it was so overwhelming. It is so overwhelming! At the same time I’m thinking, “I’m seeing it. Am I getting ready for something? Is something happening that is a dramatic change that’s taking place and I am moving on to something?” I don’t even know what it is I’m moving on to! But it seems like something is happening, very drastically.

I had another experience this week which is very interesting to me also because it was like ... I felt that I ... see, here we go with the feeling! It’s that my body felt a violation, and my mind still didn’t correlate that I had just been violated. It has to do with somebody saying something, somehow questioning my integrity and questioning whether I was a liar or something like that, and as soon as it happened and I heard the words, I did not take it in mentally. Here it didn’t happen, (indicating her head) but it did happen in my solar plexus. I felt like somebody hit me. And when I went back and sat down, I thought, “What happened? What just happened?” And then I realized that now I was going to associate what had happened to my solar plexus – the violation -- with my mental, with what had taken place. And then I became very upset. I became very, very upset at this point. But now I know how to take care of myself, and I absolutely did. But it’s things like this that tells me that all of my senses are very, very alive. There’s something very strange. I mean, for somebody who was dead ... I mean, I was alive, and I was deader than you! (Much laughter) You know what I’m saying? There’s no offense in this, but it’s like ... (More laughter) Oh god! Do you see the way I’m being looked at! Oh my god, this is awful! (Everybody is cracking up)

ELIAS: No offense is taken! (Grinning broadly)

STELLA: But you understand what I’m saying. It’s like, I’ve been alive ... I was alive, dead! I mean, I really was! To the point of going catatonic ... I actually checked out! I really checked out! So I’ve done a lot of this stuff, you know, being totally dead and alive. Now I’m alive, feeling alive, and now I think, “Oh my god, I’m getting ready to go now!” Where you are! Which wouldn’t be a bad idea! (Laughter) So that’s one thing. Also another thing ... I’m going to give you two.

ELIAS: This be three!

STELLA: Three! (Laughter) Oh, my gosh! Do you hear me when I call you at times?


STELLA: You do? I call on you a lot!

ELIAS: Now be answering of this essence! And do you hear also?

STELLA: Okay. Great. I think that’s it for right now! (Laughing)

Vic’s note: It’s virtually impossible to convey the personality of an individual and the “atmosphere” of a session in writing, but I would just like to say that Stella is a unique experience in herself! She’s cute, charming, very funny, and most of all, genuine.

ELIAS: (Smiling) Very well. Be acknowledging of yourself within this experience that you are offering to yourself in heightened senses. I have offered information and exercises to the individuals within this forum of our sessions previously to be accomplishing of this very action, although they are not quite accomplishing of this action in noticing the sensitivity of outer senses and also manipulating outer senses. This you may view as the forerunner to heightening your inner senses. You allow yourself to connect with your outer senses, which are familiar to you; although even with your outer senses, you do not allow yourselves the ability to be manipulating that which you are very familiar with. You view these outer senses as merely automatic responses. I express to you, these senses that you possess you have created quite ingeniously within this dimension, to be creating of the elements that you sense.

You think to yourselves that you hold senses that you may experience elements outside of yourself. I express to you that these elements outside of yourself, so to speak, are created by your senses. If you held no senses, you also would not be experiencing these experiences created with your senses. Your sense of touch creates your wind – your wind does not create your feeling of it. Your sense of smell creates fragrances – the fragrances do not exist first for you to be experiencing. You experience, for you create with these senses.

Therefore, you offer yourself the opportunity to be noticing and playing with these new-found “old” senses, the familiar senses, and also allowing yourself to learn to be manipulating of these senses, offering yourself more information of your own innate abilities. In this, as you learn to manipulate those senses which are familiar to you, you shall also begin to open the inner senses which are not familiar to you. Therefore, acknowledge yourself, for you are accomplishing well, as I have expressed to you previously also.

As to your experience of solar plexus, I express to you that this also is a bleed-through in remembrance. Within another focus, experiences in this area of mistrustfulness of others bleeds through into this focus, for you are allowing an opening. Therefore, you allow for these bleed-throughs. They may be misinterpreted at times. Do not be feeling that you must be incorporating belief systems in the area of protection. You are merely allowing yourself to experience bleed-throughs of other focuses, which may cause emotional responses. These at times may be quite intense; this being also information offered to you, that you may be sharing with other individuals in helpfulness, that they may understand bleed-throughs that they are experiencing also.

Mark this: Within individuals that you encounter, you access individuals holding many metaphysical belief systems. In this, the issue of protection is quite strongly held. It is unnecessary. Therefore, you may offer helpfulness to many individuals, in example and in information, that there needs be no protection from essence, for there is no hurtfulness within essence.

I shall express a break, and you may continue with your questioning.

STELLA: Thank you.

ELIAS: And I shall offer to small one, essence name of Isabel.

BREAK 5:59 PM.
RESUME 6:16 PM. (Time was three seconds.)

ELIAS: Continuing. (Pause, as Marcos encourages Marisa to ask her question)

STELLA: Marisa’s kind of shy to ask. But I think she likes her name, Isabel.

ELIAS: Quite lovely!

MARCOS: What Marisa, Isabel, was asking me on the way over, what she was wondering and wanted to ask you, was about a connection between us, to and perhaps amongst the other essences in this room, and previous focuses.

ELIAS: (Accessing) This small one holds many focuses within this dimension ... what you may term to be in your language as an “old soul.” There are connections within physical focuses repeatedly within different relationships; although within essence, it may be viewed as a stronger connection, in your terms.

This essence, although holding more physical focuses than that of the essence of Paul* – to which we spoke previously connected with yourself – this essence of Isabel is fragmented of that essence; therefore holds great bond in this area, also choosing to be manifest physically within many of the same focuses within this dimension. This essence also holds focuses in other dimensions presently, therefore adding to present curiosities of elements beyond this one focus. *(This is not Patel/Paul – Paul is Norma’s essence name)

I express to you that you hold a focus, as a favorite within essence, within the time period of pyramids and pharaohs. Within this focus, as within many others, you have chosen to be manifesting within a very similar physical body type and appearance. Within the time period of the pyramids and pharaohs, you are choosing to be appearing almost identical to this present focus, holding an affinity for this design of physical body and face. Within this one focus held as the favorite, you also have chosen to focus as female and within the capacity of a slave, although within the court of the pharaoh; therefore not being subjected to physical labor or abusiveness, but quite pampered! (Laughter)

MARCOS: You still are! (Marisa is laughing)

ELIAS: You may be experiencing bleed-throughs of this particular focus into this present now and the focus of your attention presently, and you may be experiencing pleasantly within these bleed-throughs. I also express to you that you may be, if so choosing, within your dream state or your daydreaming activities, allowing yourself to be connecting with the individual within that focus and allowing yourself communication and introduction to each other. (Smiling at Marisa)

MARISA: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

MARCOS: Elias, very recently I was reading a book that apparently was a dictation as well, and this person was saying that when you choose, when an essence chooses to or has been ... let’s say in various focuses has been male and then chooses to become female, it takes about three focuses or three lifetimes in our terms, and that those three lifetimes generally is where the homosexual or the gay community comes up. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Within agreement to be entering into the cycle of physical manifestation within this dimension, you choose to manifest three times at the very least; therefore offering yourself the experience of sexual orientation of male, female, and that which you deem to be “other,” or homosexual. This physical dimension incorporates great emphasis upon sexual orientation and the experience of that ... also of emotion. In this, you offer yourselves the experience of each of these orientations. You may not choose to be engaging a lengthy focus within certain gender orientation or within the expression of homosexuality. This is your choice, but you shall manifest within one each of these orientations for the experience.

MARCOS: At least once.

ELIAS: Correct. You may be choosing to focus many times within all of the orientations, or you may be choosing few in some orientations and many in others. It is merely your choice.

LETTY: I have a question. We discussed last time a little bit about if you disengage and you choose to have a non-physical focus, is that the essence choosing? Or is it like an evolution time, that it comes to where, “That’s it. You have nothing more to learn.”

ELIAS: No. This would be the choice of essence, for the essence has experienced all that it chooses to experience within a particular physical dimension or all physical dimensions. It is not regulated, so to speak, by the amount of experiences that you acquire, or that you must be acquiring certain volumes of experiences before choosing to be discontinuing manifesting physically. You may choose much experience within the individual essence in manifesting physically, or you may choose not to be experiencing in what you may term to be personally and allowing for the experience of all of your counterparts to be adding to your experience within essence. It is entirely the choice of essence.

Be remembering also that all of your focuses are simultaneous. They are all beside each other. They are not “in front of” or before each other. They exist presently within the now, for this is what exists within consciousness is the now. There is no past or future. It is merely a perception within your creation of your time framework, which appears to be moving in a linear motion; but this being also why you may experience ease in viewing other focuses of your essence, for they are occurring simultaneously. As you are, they are also.

As essence is choosing to be entering any physical manifestation, they are all choices. An essence may be choosing to enter only one physical dimension. An essence may be choosing to be entering thousands of physical dimensions. The choice to be entering physical manifestations occurs at once.

The essence, within agreement of its focuses, designates one focus as “first” and one focus as “final.” This is merely an identification of the feeling or the tone of the focus, and its intent and its direction. This is not to say that one focus occurs first and one focus occurs finally. They all occur simultaneously, but are designated with these concepts as their directingness.

Individuals also, within the focus, shall identify and know within them if they are the first focus or the final focus. Individuals knowing that of being the first focus shall experience a complete newness, and shall feel within them that they have held no other lifetimes, in your terms; although they do, for they hold all of the focuses of essence, but this is their designation point in being the first focus. Individuals physically focused designated as the final focus shall know within them that they intend not to remanifest again within physical focus. They are the directing points of the physical focuses of essences. You may term them to be your “electronic traffic signals.” (Laughter) One signal expresses go; one signal expresses stop.

LETTY: Thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

STELLA: Elias, with regard to bleed-throughs, is there somebody in whatever focus of mine that is very obese? And I’ll tell you why! It’s just that I have this feeling ... there are many times that I feel incredibly fat, I mean incredibly fat! I’ve had a problem with anorexia and bulimia – that’s another story. But I thought I was over that, and sometimes I feel very fat. I go to the store, I spend a lot of money on clothes, I come home and they’re huge, and I don’t wear them. I give them away. I don’t even return them back to the store to get the money back. I give my clothes away. Why do I buy my clothes so big? I identify totally with a person who’s ... you look at me in such a strange way! (Laughter) I always identify with a person who’s like four hundred pounds. Not two hundred – four hundred pounds! (Note that Stella is an average-size person)

ELIAS: Quite large! (Grinning, and we all crack up)

STELLA: Very! Do I have somebody ... was I this?

ELIAS: This would not be another focus of your essence. This would be a counterpart action that you are identifying with. This may also offer you information in the affectingness of counterparts within your experience, and how you are also affecting of your counterparts. It bleeds through into your experience quite often, although you do not always hold an understanding or a recognition of this bleed-through and the counterpart action. You offer yourself, within this focus, quite a diversity of experiences!

GROUP: Yes!!

STELLA: And you know what I was thinking? Do you know what I think would be a great thing? Do you see, in your ball, do you see one of my probabilities? (Elias pretends to be looking into a crystal ball) You’re looking at the ball!

ELIAS: (Humorously) I shall hold the crystal ball and gaze into the inclusions, to be offering information! (Grinning) Continue!

STELLA: Do you see as one of my probabilities, actually two ... do you see two of my probabilities, one as being somehow as a speaker? Because I can reach people. I know that I have that capability to reach people, because I’ve been feeling that a lot. I’ve had a diverse life experience in this focus. I certainly have gotten a lot out of it – maybe somebody else would get something out of it! So I thought maybe about being some sort of speaker. But I want money! I’ve always said I want a lot of money. I’m a very simple person, and probably if I had a lot of money I would live very simply, but I like to give a lot, and I think for a lot of people, it would just be wonderful! It would just be great! They could get, and do, and come up, and travel, and whatever! I want a lot of money. I don’t want to work. I’m working very hard. I am really working hard, and money is coming in, and I can do a lot with it. I help lots of people, but at the same time, I want more. I want more money --- a lot of money!

ELIAS: And I express to you, create this!

STELLA: I’m still trying. Do you see a probability around me? (Marisa is really laughing here -- a most delightful laughter!)

ELIAS: (Humorously) Ah ... a fog of the probability which hangs around you! (We’re all cracking up) You are creating of your probabilities within each moment. They do not lie ahead of you. You are creating of them presently; although I may express to you that within the most probable probability, if you are choosing to actualize, which I also express is most probable, you shall be creating of this in what you desire. You hold the ability and you may be sharing of your experiences ... not so seriously as the All-Knowing Elias, (laughter) but within more humorous forums.

STELLA: Great! Thank you very much!

ELIAS: I also express to you that the chastisement in the area of material or monetary gain is merely a belief system. There is no thing wrong with acquiring anything that you desire. If you wish for a lot of money, you may create a lot of money! And there is no wrong in this!

STELLA: Thank you! (Comments and laughter here)

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Quite amusing!

STELLA: Elias, one more question. It seems I’m going to take over now! Larry, my friend Larry that I used to work for, he died a year ago, and I think a lot about him. The two people that I call on are you and Larry, and Larry is very dear, and I feel he’s closer to me now that he has ever been. Can you tell me anything about Larry?

ELIAS: I express to you, as I have expressed to other individuals, this information you may acquire through other mediums, so to speak, which focus within the area of transition or within areas more closely aligned with physical focus. The area of consciousness that this essence filters through is removed from physical focus and is aligned with teaching. Therefore, this be my attention. Information may be accessed, although it is requiring of more energy than this essence chooses to focus attention within, for it is unnecessary, as you may attain the information that you seek through other means.

STELLA: Okay. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. You may also receive your information directly, and need not employ a “go-between!”

STELLA: Okay. (Laughing) Alright, I will.

MARCOS: Elias, I wanted to ask a question regarding essence and essences. Do we all come from one essence initially? What is an essence? Where do we come from? In the past, you’ve talked about essences subdividing or dividing ... fragmentation. Is there a “one essence?” Is that what connects us to all of us, that we come from one essence way back?

ELIAS: First of all, there is no beginning. Therefore, there is no original or initial essence. There is all of consciousness. Essence is merely the designation of a personality tone within consciousness. Everything -- within every universe, within every space arrangement, within every dimension – is consciousness. Within consciousness, there are designations of personality tone which are essence. I have offered you information of essence in manners of speaking that allude to a “thing” for your understanding, for you do not comprehend the reality of essence and the vastness of essence and the lack of separation.

I may also express to you that each essence is all of consciousness, which provides you no boundaries and no identification. Therefore, I speak to you of what you may understand, but I have also qualified many times that an essence is not an entity. YOU are not an entity! Essence is not a being. Consciousness is not a being. There are no separations and no boundaries.

Therefore, I offer you information that you automatically create your own visualizations of and your own identifications of and your own explanations of, for this is how you create your thought process within this dimension. This is acceptable, for it is not possible to translate to you within your language the concept of essence. It is farther removed to translate the reality of essence and consciousness to you. Therefore, as you learn to be conceptualizing and allowing yourself more information of self and accepting of self, you shall also – not within words or thought processes but within conceptualization – begin to hold an understanding of what you are and what consciousness is and the immenseness of it, for it is boundless.

LETTY: Is that why we’re all connected, or how we can really tap into energy?

ELIAS: Yes. For as you look to another individual, you may also express to yourself that you view yourself, for there is no separation within essence and within consciousness. Therefore, as I express to you of the acceptance of belief systems within the action of your shift, look to another individual and recognize that you look to yourself. In each manifestation within each physical focus, you are continuously viewing you, for there is no separation within consciousness. Therefore, why be you hurtful to another, as you are being hurtful to yourself? Although you are quite expertly versed in being hurtful to yourself! (Laughter)

LETTY: Yes, we are!

MARCOS: When Stella mentioned a while ago that she calls upon you and you said you listen, may we? Can we call?

ELIAS: Absolutely! Within every moment, I shall be answering. You need only be noticing.

MARCOS: It’s a month ago that we were here, roughly, and I’ve thought about this, about you and everybody in the first session, every day ... every day.

ELIAS: You may speak with me, if you are so choosing and if you are allowing yourself the trustfulness, and you may in actuality audibly hear me.

STELLA: Thank you so much.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

LETTY: Thank you.

MARCOS: Thank you very, very much.

ELIAS: You are all very welcome. You may extend my greetings to Paul.

MARCOS: I will.

ELIAS: And I shall express to you all great affection, and an anticipation for continued interaction. I am at your disposal, at your wishing. (To Marisa) And I shall be interacting with you also, little one! You may be viewing within your dream state, and you may be surprised at who may visiting you!

MARISA: Thank you! (Laughing)

VICKI: May I ask a question?

ELIAS: You may.

VICKI: For clarification, fragmentation of Paul or Patel?

ELIAS: Paul.

VICKI: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. Therefore, I bid you all this evening, very lovingly, au revoir!

Elias departs at 6:52 PM.

Vic’s note: Mary felt strongly that Elias had something else to say. So, to avoid a pop-in, we re-engaged him.

Elias arrives at 6:58 PM. (Time was no time!)

ELIAS: I offer one bit more of information for your investigation, with this small one. (To Marisa) Within your investigation of this other focus, you may also connect with the naming of Ikisha, which is the identification of this other female within your other focus. (Pronounced ee-kee-sha, accent on second syllable)

MARISA: Thank you.

ELIAS: Therefore, you may personalize your investigation more!

I bid you all quite affectionately, once again, au revoir!

Elias departs at 6:59 PM.

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