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Sunday, August 24, 1997

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“Essence Family Intents/Source Events”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Cathy (Shynla), David (Mylo), Gail (William), Bob (Siman), Norm (Stephen), Reta (Dehl), Bobbi (Jale), and Sue (Catherine).

Elias arrives at 6:46 PM. (Time was ten seconds.)

ELIAS: Good evening. We shall begin with our game, and we shall subsequently continue with our discussion of the essence family intents. I shall offer to Stephen and Dehl – belonging to the family of – Robert, Vold; Susan, Sumafi. You may enter your game questions.

GAIL: I have one – Sumafi, poets, William Blake.

ELIAS: Less probable.

DAVID: I have one, my first one. Let’s try it – Snake with Sumafi.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Less probable.

RON: I’d like to enter Mary’s yellow tile in the tiles category under Sumafi, as a teaching tile.

ELIAS: One point.

RETA: My daughter Susan’s best friend Monte (inaudible) with Sumari.

ELIAS: Aligned or belonging to?

RETA: I’m going to have to say belonging to.

ELIAS: Correct.

RETA: Good. And are Susan and Monte counterparts?


BOB: I have one – Vold, rock bands, Marilyn Manson.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

VICKI: Okay, I have some for some other people. For Jim/Yarr: His comment, previous to his entry, is to be suggesting to replace the term “simultaneous time” with the term “concurrent time.”

BOB: (Butting in, as he IS “Simultaneous Time Man” a.k.a. “Siman”) Not acceptable! Oh, sorry. (Laughter, and Elias chuckles)

VICKI: And within that thought, to be entering as a Source Event, in the connecting essence families, the families of Sumafi and Milumet with the Source Event of concurrent time.

ELIAS: Less probable. This is not a Source Event.

BOB: I’d have to change my name again! (To Con-man?)

VICKI: For Mary: Tumold, fairy tales, The Snow Queen.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

VICKI: For Margot: Gramada, artists, Jon Anderson.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

VICKI: For Jo: Ilda, aspect personalities, Mata Hari.

ELIAS: Reevaluate category.

VICKI: For Jo again: Ilda, aspect personalities, Satan.

ELIAS: Reevaluate category. (Grinning)

VICKI: Ilda, minerals, feldspar.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

VICKI: For Paul: Sumari, vibrational tone qualities, E-Major.

ELIAS: Acceptable. Express to these individuals to be venturing out of their own color!

VICKI: I shall. For myself, I had a dream impression of a tile. The tile is black and there’s a gold pyramid on it and it has an eye in the middle of it, and in my dream it was presented as similar to what we have on our money, although when I looked at a piece of money, I realized that the picture was a little different. The eye is in the middle of the pyramid, and I would put it in Sumari as a Seer tile. (Pause)

ELIAS: In Sumari?

VICKI: Excuse me – Sumafi.

ELIAS: One point.

RETA: Sumafi, minerals/crystals, quartz.

ELIAS: Less probable.

RETA: Sumari?

ELIAS: Be viewing your game! These elements have already been entered.

DAVID: Vold, sports, croquet?

ELIAS: Less probable.

CATHY: Zuli, occupations, mime.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: May I ask a question about the game before we start? Regarding the Source Event in the Gramada family – all sciences from before the beginning – I don’t really understand that, only because I guess I view science as a belief system, and I guess I’m going under the assumption that belief systems didn’t really exist “before the beginning,” so to speak, so I don’t really understand the Source Event.

ELIAS: You attach belief systems to actions. The actions themselves may not be a belief system. You merely interpret through your belief systems. You walk, and the action of walking is not a belief system. You may attach a belief system to the method in which you walk. Therefore, the action of the Source Event and its translation into physical focus is not a belief system, although you attach belief systems to the actions.

VICKI: So basically then, using the word “sciences,” I can kind of look at that as an initiating action within inventions and creativity.

ELIAS: Absolutely, in all areas. This shall move us quite nicely this evening into our discussion, which shall also be involving Source Events.

I have offered you the actions of the essence family intents and their sequence. Within our previous discussion, you also asked questions as to counterpart action, and actions within the creation of Source Events involving these essence families. Be remembering that I have expressed to you that these families create sequentially. This is the operation that has been chosen to be implemented within the creation of all of your actions – all of your mass events, all of your expressions of your Source Events. One family or a brace of families or few families may be choosing a subject, so to speak, for experience, and in this choose to be creating of a Source Event, which shall be translated to its fullest extent within expressions of mass events as translations into your physical focus.

I shall express once again, a Source Event may not be entirely manifest within your physical focus. It is not possible to insert the entirety of a Source Event into the confines of physical manifestation, but you do create many mass events and individual events which are expressions of a given Source Event. In this, essences of particular families may be choosing a Source Event to be creating. This shall then be, within cooperation, acted upon sequentially by all of the essence families.

The Source Event, or the expression of the Source Event in the mass movement of your shift presently, is being addressed by the Sumafi family and responded to within the Sumafi family. If you are remembering our sequence of families, you shall be realizing that merely one remains to be expressing. That be the Tumold, which is the final family to be creating within every Source Event.

The Borledim and the Vold families have chosen the idea, so to speak, of this shift; but this shift is also an expression within mass event connected to another element or era – that being your religious era – which are both expressions of one Source Event. Therefore, other families have also been involved in the creation or the idea of what you think of as the other half of this Source Event. Within this, I have expressed to you previously that the Gramada family was initiating of your religious era. This is not to say that any one family which is choosing to be creating of the Source Event shall begin the Source Event. The expressions within mass within your present focus are initiated and followed through within sequence, as I have expressed to you within our previous meeting. There is a continuous overlapping of these essence families.

I also wish to express to you that no thing outside of yourselves is creating of your reality. Essences belonging to these families are not flying about your cosmos creating your reality within source and mass events without your participation! YOU are creating of these actions, and are elements of these families. Therefore, Dream Walkers are not creating your reality presently without your interaction also. The essences which we deem as the Dream Walkers are participating in your source and mass events along with you and as you. Therefore, there is no separation, and no element is creating of mass movement which is not also a part of you. All of consciousness is connected.

I also shall be expressing to you all this evening to be assimilating information offered by my dear one recently (Paul (Patel)), for this shall be helpful to you within these discussions. This is complementary information, and it shall be moving within balance to these discussions that I offer you. (1)

You may ask your questions.

RETA: Sorry, but I got a little bit lost when you said there was information offered by your dear one, and I’m not sure I know exactly who that is. Who was that?

NORM: Paul.

ELIAS: Correct.

RETA: Oh, okay. Sorry about that.

BOBBI: I have a question about Dream Walkers. Are they a separate group from the essence families, or does each essence family also include Dream Walkers?

ELIAS: They are not separate.

BOBBI: They are associated with the different essence families?

ELIAS: Correct.

BOB: Would they be more from one family than another?


RETA: I have a question, then. You were talking about the era of religion that was started by the Gramada, and it’s gone through a great long period. As we know, the religions are still pushing for doom and destruction. We, with this shift, want to have a widening and awareness of a great, wonderful world. Is there conflict between these two ideas, or have the families that have instigated the shift more or less gotten consensus to move that way, to move into the shift? Is this still a conflict between two mass events?

ELIAS: Within probabilities, your shift is actualized. It is not a future event. It is now, and it is accomplished. Also within probabilities, and within objective consciousness, there remains differences in the actualization or insertion into this dimension of the reality of certain actions in accomplishing this shift. Therefore, there remains still probabilities in what you may term to be both sides, this being the reason that you gather information presently and lend energy within the action of this shift; for objectively, other individuals, although moving into this shift in cooperation, are not in agreement of all of the actualizations of all of the probabilities. Therefore, as energy is lent to the insertion of your destruction or doom, it holds momentum, and may be inserted into this dimension and this reality. Therefore, you draw yourselves to information to be helpful in diverting these probabilities, and actualizing the insertion of different probabilities into your reality.

BOB: Why? Can’t they both just be experienced?

ELIAS: One experience has been expressed many, many times within your dimension. You have created disasters throughout your history. Therefore, you choose to be creating a new action. Within your history, you have always created destruction. Therefore, this is familiar to you. It is an experience which has been chosen, but it is becoming boring to you. Therefore, you now look to validating your own abilities in creating a new area of consciousness within this dimension, and moving into this action without familiar guidelines.

BOB: For the purpose of different experience.

ELIAS: Correct.

BOB: Okay. So it seems to me that that’s to some extent – I’m trying to avoid this word -- not inevitable but likely, simply because of what you’ve already said. So the necessity for ‘extreme concern/energy-diverting of whatever’ is somewhat unnecessary, in that we’re already bored or we wouldn’t be having a shift.

ELIAS: Although you magnate to the familiar.

BOB: Okay, so we could have the shift later then. I mean, to some extent, with all this destruction, we’ve still got just as many essences as we’ve ever had, correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

BOB: So, time notwithstanding, we have plenty of it.

ELIAS: Correct.

BOB: So there’s no immediacy for it. There’s no necessity for it. I mean, it just either will or it won’t. And if it does, well then, that’s nice.

ELIAS: You may be choosing, if you wish, to be experiencing destruction once again for your own attention and your own experience; but within the mass consciousness, you have chosen to be creating newly.

BOB: I guess my bigger question is, within the greater scheme of things, there will still be people experiencing their own little destruction.

ELIAS: Correct.

BOB: And while this mass destruction does not occur, other people will be choosing their own little mini-destructions. They don’t have to come along with the shift per se. They can go out and get hit by a bus if they choose, right?

ELIAS: Correct.

BOB: Okay. I just wanted to make sure, in case I’m going to get hit by a bus! (Laughter, with Elias grinning)

NORM: In a mature shift, several hundred years from now, will we be able to create a modification to our objective reality? For example, could I modify my body, my capabilities, or is that fixed within this reality?

ELIAS: No element is fixed!

NORM: Well, how would it occur then?

ELIAS: This would not be a byproduct of the action of your shift presently, although this is not to say that you may not be creating of this action. You hold the ability already. Within the action of your shift, as you hold a wider awareness and you allow more subjective interaction in what you think of as your “conscious creating,” you shall allow yourself more creativity, and in this you shall expand your abilities.

NORM: For example, the Internet, as we now know it, that would really become our cake in two hundred years. (Pause)

ELIAS: (Grinning) I am quite understanding your direction, although I shall now answer your question. It shall be obsolete.

NORM: It shall be obsolete?

BOB: What do you know that’s two hundred years old that isn’t?

RETA: To talk about the differences again on the conflicts of going for doom and gloom and the shift, if you were to go with different cultures, I think there’s many, many more people in the cultures, like for instance in the Mid-East and so on, that believe in war and fighting and conflict, and not a day goes by that they don’t expect to do unto to others the worst they can do. Then there’s a smaller amount of people in the cultures that really wish this would all stop, and yet if you talk to the general public of some of those cultures, they’ve been taught from the time they were small to hate, and they would like to get out of it. I don’t know where the balance is going to come. How can we, for instance, in all our efforts, get to the mass, which is a big culture, let them know that all they have to do is turn it off and they’ll be okay? It’s a big job!

ELIAS: This be your perception. I express to you, this also is a perception, that there are more individuals on your planet which choose to be warring or engaging conflict. In actuality, there are more individuals upon your planet which exist peacefully.

RETA: That’s nice to know.

ELIAS: As to your affectingness, you are affecting within consciousness subjectively. As you focus upon you and as you widen your awareness and as you allow yourselves acceptance, you are automatically affecting masses within consciousness.

RETA: I hope I live long enough to see the results.

DAVID: What about some people who believe that these wars and disasters help keep the balance in population growth? I know some people do believe that and that’s a belief system, but is there any truth in the fact that if we don’t die ... for example, how will this world carry us all?

ELIAS: You shall creatively invent new methods to be controlling your population, or you may not. You may expand.

DAVID: You mean out to other planets?

ELIAS: Quite. You reside within a very, very, very large physical universe. You occupy one very small planet.

DAVID: So we won’t have to live in a bubble?

ELIAS: You have much space to move into, if you are worried about your space!

DAVID: But we can breathe and do all the things openly like we do now? We don’t have to create a dome, so to speak, on another planet to live there?

ELIAS: It is dependent upon which planet you are choosing!

DAVID: Which one? (Laughter) Save us some time in finding it!

ELIAS: And where be your challenge for your creativity? (Laughter)

RETA: Of course, if we were able to use our land ergonomically, and if we were wise and didn’t spend our time destroying it, I’m sure we could populate a lot, lot more.

ELIAS: You ARE wise! (Laughter) This be a belief system, that you are destroying your planet.

RETA: Well, I don’t believe that because I’ve seen what we’ve done in just our Sacramento Valley, and how they’ve restored an awful lot. If they just did that all over the world, it’d be simple.

ELIAS: Unnecessary. You shall be creating perfectly as you choose to be creating, and as you are creating, you are accomplishing perfectly. As a species of any life form upon this planet chooses, in your terms, to be creating extinction, it is replaced with another species. You are not driving away your creatures or your vegetation. It is their choice to be moving collectively into another dimension. You are not destroying your planet. You are continuing within your experimentation and your creating, and you are not creating “wrong!”

RETA: Sounds good to me!

ELIAS: We shall break, and you may continue.

BREAK 7:22 PM.

ELIAS: Continuing.

VICKI: I have a question for Vivien. She sent me some material that was channeled in 1952, and this is the part she has a question about: “We are nine principles and forces, personalities if you will, working in complete mutual implication. We are forces, and the nature of our work is to accentuate the positive, the evolutional, and the teleological aspects of existence.” Her question is about the “nine” thing. Is this another referral to the nine families of consciousness?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking; nine representatives of each family.

VICKI: Meaning essences?

ELIAS: Correct, as you also presently interact with nine representatives of these essence families ... and more. (Grinning)

VICKI: (Laughing, and Elias chuckles) And when this material was delivered, were they referring to nine different essences than the ones we’re referring to presently?

ELIAS: Correct. (Grinning) May I inquire, Lawrence, how goes your investigation of “the more?” (Oh, shut up!)

VICKI: I’m working on it in subjective-land. It’s on the back-burner, so to speak, objectively.

ELIAS: Ah! Interesting! No interaction with extraterrestrials?

VICKI: Not that I’m objectively aware of to date.

ELIAS: One being connected to the others within the twelve. (Vicki sighs) Exasperation! I continue to be amused at your ... progress! (Laughing)

NORM: I have a question in regard to the tissue capsule and the relationship of the mental essence or the spirit or the soul, or whatever you want to call that, in relationship to the tissue capsule. One of the things that happened to me when I was about fifteen or sixteen, reading some Indian philosophy, was that apparently I thought and I connected my center of my soul as like one inch behind this part of my forehead. And recently, I have been modifying my idea of where the center of my soul is. Is there such a thing as the center of the soul? Where should it be, so to speak? In fact, I get a headache there if I am reading now, and if I change my position of where I think I really am in respect to my body, I can read faster. Of course, it’s probably another belief system and I’m fooling myself, but it would be interesting to hear your comments.

ELIAS: The center of your soul ... there is no center of your soul within physical location. YOU are the center.

NORM: And I should not think of it as located ... it’s located within the tissue capsule?

ELIAS: How may you be expressing all of essence into one very small physical space arrangement?

NORM: Well, I know that I can’t even express all my essence down here. Nobody can, because it’s impossible to do that, right? But some portion of it, you can.

ELIAS: Essence is not a “thing.” You are not an “entity.”

NORM: Essence, I thought, was an entity.


NORM: Where am I wrong then?

ELIAS: Essence is a personality expression of consciousness, which is you, but inseparable from all of consciousness; and consciousness is not a thing. It is not an entity. You are not an entity.

NORM: Let’s see. I am part of an energy personality essence.

ELIAS: Correct. (Staring at Norm intently) You are an expression. You are a focus. You are imagery.

NORM: When we were discussing the chakras and the connection between the energy personality essence and the tissue capsule, it is really through the chakras, if I interpreted that correctly?

ELIAS: You are expressing of two different elements. One – energy, which is not a thing, which is not an entity; and the other being a physical focus, which is imagery.

NORM: So the chakras then are energy?

ELIAS: Correct. You hold energy centers. “Chakras” are distorted belief systems of these energy centers.

NORM: What’s the relationship between that energy and the energy personality essence?

ELIAS: The energy expressed within your energy centers of your physical manifestation are projections to be instructive to your physical body consciousness. They are energy centers which direct your physical body consciousness.

NORM: And that is ... is that the entire ego?

ELIAS: It is not ego. Ego is a belief system.

NORM: It has no truth? There’s no truth in the concept of ego?


NORM: But I have an objective consciousness.

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: And that is more than the definition of ego. So ego is a poor concept, or it’s an insufficient concept in regard to objective consciousness?

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: Can you tell me more? (Laughing)

ELIAS: (Chuckling) I express to you, Stephen, be focusing your thought process in the direction of “no entity.” These elements are that which you hold to very, very strongly, which also binds you to limited objective expression. You wish to be accomplishing within widening, but you also reinforce the familiar within your belief systems, holding very tightly to objective physical focus. Think to yourself of yourself as what you view as a hologram. You are imagery. There is no entity within essence.

NORM: And when I was in the beginning of that blinking that we were describing a week or two ago, that was the correct feeling?

ELIAS: This is a beginning, in allowance.

NORM: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

RETA: I have a question. I had another stupendous dream last night. It seems like the only ones I bring up are sort of morning dreams, and they seem to have been falling in line, and the one last night actually woke he and I up, and it wasn’t very nice. Can you tell me what the warning is, or what meaning of that particular dream was?

ELIAS: Express to these essences.

RETA: I was busy doing things with people and for people ... I’m just generalizing ... and it seemed like the computer was sort of putting things into place, and all of a sudden, I was overtaken by people or things to halt my progression. They were going to paralyze me with a needle. I woke up screaming, and I just don’t do that.

ELIAS: This is imagery. This imagery is not expressing to you a warning. It is imagery that you express to yourself mirroring your objective expression. In movement which is unfamiliar, you choose presently to be blocking this movement. Many elements within information within these sessions are unfamiliar. In this, you also connect subjectively with this information, and also within interaction in energy with these essences. This creates a response, for you hold tightly to belief systems and wish not to be entering into unfamiliar areas yet.

RETA: It didn’t seem like it was me that didn’t want to go. It was others that didn’t want me to go, because I was expressing to them to get out of my way and leave me alone.

ELIAS: These being the symbolization of your belief systems, as you symbolize them into forms of other individuals.

RETA: Not too long ago, a month or two ago, I had the imagery of one or two persons blocking my movement forward. I’m not going to name the persons, but it was a beautiful brick wall, and I was pushing against it and hitting it and mad at the wall for being in my way. So it seems to me that I want to move on, and I’m getting blocked ...

ELIAS: ... with your belief systems! All of this imagery is the same in your symbolization to yourself of belief systems, which seem quite stubborn and not moving.

RETA: I’ll work on that.

ELIAS: Very good. (Chuckling)

CATHY: I have a question. Does David’s scenario of being capable of experiencing an instant remembrance hold true?

ELIAS: You are capable of this action, although you may be overwhelming yourself in actualizing this action!

CATHY: Well, how so?

ELIAS: Liken this, Shynla, to your idea of transition.

CATHY: Oh, okay.

DAVID: So there’s a very strong present probability?

ELIAS: It is your choice! (David laughs)

DAVID: Right, which is what I said. Well, I had the strong feeling that it was a strong probability, whether it’s consciously my choice, because it’s going to affect other people, and I feel very ...

ELIAS: You shall be quite affecting of other individuals if you are choosing this action, and to be actualizing of this action!

DAVID: It’s a very positive action! They may be fearful because of it being new, but the meaning behind it is very positive, is it not?

ELIAS: Quite, although quite confusing!

DAVID: Well, I expected that.

ELIAS: View your thousand camera lenses all simultaneously at once, and be experiencing all of them at once!

DAVID: Well, I guess then we won’t be doing it! (Laughing)

CATHY: Great idea, David!

ELIAS: You shall truly be challenging your identity within THIS action!

DAVID: Well, it felt like it was a strong probability. I didn’t think I was making it up. It felt like it was going to happen.

ELIAS: You are not “making it up!” It is a choice which you present yourself with within probabilities. I merely caution you for your own identity, and your hold to your individual identity as “David.”

DAVID: Well, I’ll ponder on that, then.

CATHY: Well, what if we just wanted to do a little out-of-body and go hang with you and Paul for awhile, and then come back? (Laughing) Do you have to view all your focuses while you’re doing that?

ELIAS: No. This was not your question.

CATHY: I know that! So that could happen?

ELIAS: Quite ... temporarily.

CATHY: Well, I understand that!

ELIAS: For within your manifestation and your choice to be within the cycle of physical manifestation and holding objective awareness, you may temporarily briefly intersect with these essences; but unless being subjectively completely aware and disengaged from physical focus and objective awareness, the interaction, to your awareness, would be temporary.

CATHY: Meaning we wouldn’t remember it when we got back down here?

ELIAS: You shall remember ... if you are allowing yourself the remembrance!

CATHY: Oh, the old “allowing” thing! Oh! (Laughter)

BOB: The whole session, all of us?

ELIAS: If you are so choosing.

BOB: So would we need to facilitate that? I mean, is there some methodology we would have to understand, or would you like give us the keys to the kingdom? (Laughter)

ELIAS: Ah! Look to Stephen for the method! (Laughter)

NORM: Yeah, right! (Norm is cracking up)

BOB: I was being more serious than that. I just meant if we wanted to do that as a group and have a session in Regional Area whatever-it-is, could we do that? And if we wanted to, could you like give us some sort of step-by-step as to how we would do it?

ELIAS: You may not engage what you think of as an entire session. You may collectively intersect temporarily, in your terms of temporary, for a few seconds within your time element. (This might be an interesting experiment!)

BOB: I’m going to stay away from the time thing! Would we attempt that while you were here, or would we attempt that when you were not here?

ELIAS: It is your choice!

BOB: Well, I want to attempt it while you’re here!

ELIAS: If you are choosing.

BOB: (To the group) Anybody want to do this?

ELIAS: Or you may choose collectively within a meditation with a focus.

BOB: Has the group meditated simultaneously while you were in attendance?

ELIAS: No, although I have offered exercises with a group of individuals within this forum, to which they are guided through visualizations.

BOB: By yourself?

ELIAS: Correct.

BOB: I’d be up for that! (Pause, waiting for a group response, and then to Elias) Guess we’re going to have to do it alone!

RETA: Sounds good to me!

NORM: I’d go for it!

DAVID: I’m just putting a little puzzle together, with regards this Oscar Wilde thing, for me. Was Gail your mother, the mother of Oscar Wilde in that time period? (Pause)

ELIAS: Correct.

DAVID: Was Tom the father?


DAVID: I read in one of the transcripts where you say that our physical bodies will express physically our beliefs. All physical manifestations are direct reflections of our beliefs. If this is so, then an individual who suffers from anorexia believes very strongly that they are too fat, yet they are quite the opposite.

ELIAS: Correct.

DAVID: So ... I don’t understand. If they believe that they’re too fat, then why aren’t they physically being too fat? (Good question!)

ELIAS: They are responding to their perception. You may view within your mirrors any image. It may not be what you are creating, but you may visually see what you choose to see; therefore offering yourself imagery to be creating what you are choosing to be creating. An individual chooses to be creating the manifestation of thinness, and the imagery that the individual offers themselves in visualization for motivation objectively is thickness.

DAVID: So what is the emotional reasoning behind this disease?

ELIAS: You are attempting to move into psychological belief systems. Each individual creates the experience that they are choosing to create. There is no real disease. All is a choice within your creating and your experience. You attach many psychological and religious belief systems to all of your actions and your creations within physical focus; but underlying, within the reality of what you create, you create for experience, and you experiment quite creatively in many, many, many different ways to be creating all types of experiences; this also being connected to actions within the counterpart action. You may be creating of an action in response or agreement with a counterpart, that you may both benefit from the experience that you have chosen.

DAVID: I’ll digest that.

VICKI: I have a question about accepting belief systems. I’d like to use a specific example because that’s easier for me to understand. When these sessions first started, I had started to develop some pretty negative belief systems about homosexuality, and then we received information early on that was influencing of my thought process, and I thought I had accepted the belief system. Well, the other day somebody made some not-very-nice comments about homosexuality to me, and I was very triggered, and I realized all I had done was change the belief system. (Elias grins) So my question is, were I to actually accept that specific belief system, I would still hold a belief system, correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: I would still hold a belief system that homosexuality is acceptable to me.

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: But nobody else’s belief systems or perceptions would be ...

ELIAS: ... triggering ...

VICKI: ... of me at all.

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: Could I even still hold a belief system that homosexuality is incorrect?

ELIAS: If you are holding an incorrectness with any belief system, you are not accepting.

VICKI: You are not accepting.

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: So, if you accept a belief system ...

ELIAS: You may continue to hold an individual opinion within your physical focus, but the belief system itself is neutralized and holds no more affect. You shall not respond.

VICKI: So, say I accept a belief system of honesty. For my own personal behavior, I would then no longer be dishonest, but if someone were to me, it wouldn’t matter.

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: Okay. We haven’t accepted any belief systems yet, have we?

ELIAS: You are attempting! (Laughter) You ARE accomplishing. You ARE moving. You do move closer to the acceptance of belief systems. Even within your changing of your belief system, you move into more of an acceptance. You have not accomplished completely, but you ARE accomplishing.

VICKI: So changing one is a step, so to speak, towards acceptance.

ELIAS: Partially.

BOB: So are you saying that within this group, no one has accepted any belief system?

ELIAS: Correct. (Laughter)

BOB: Regardless of how strongly they believe they have?

ELIAS: Correct. (Laughter)

RETA: Oh, boy!

BOB: Would believing that you’ve accepted belief systems be a belief system? (We all crack up)

ELIAS: Correct!

CATHY: Okay, I’ve got another question. I guess this happened about three weeks ago with Ron. He woke up and these words popped into his head: “Right now, the ancient fear of who I am is being put to rest.” Can you shed any light on that?

ELIAS: This being a statement for your planet ...

CATHY: A statement for our planet?

ELIAS: ... within the action of your shift.

BOB: Way to go, dude! A planet statement! (Much laughter)

RON: I’m calling the news stations!

ELIAS: Film at 2:00 AM! Another news broadcast! (Chuckling)

RETA: If I were to ask you ... this blocking that I seem to have in trying to expand and be more aware and so on, if I were to ask you which of my areas is the one that’s really blocking ... is it my religion? Is it my concept of God? Is it that I’m just too stubborn to allow myself to go that way? What is my worst blockage?

ELIAS: Stubbornness is good! (Grinning, and we all lose it)

RETA: I didn’t want that one! (Much laughter) But I’m stubborn in a lot of other ways that are good! And stubborn in a lot of ways that are bad! (Elias chuckles)

BOB: Just remember that nobody else accomplished the acceptance of any belief systems, so you’re still in the running!

ELIAS: Within the race!

RETA: The methodology ...

ELIAS: There is no method!! (An exasperated sigh from Reta here)

CATHY: Okay, I have another belief system question. I was going to say “My acceptance of ...” But “WHEN I accept ...” (Laughter) When I experience acceptance of other people’s belief systems, does it lessen their power for me as well as them, just by me accepting their belief systems?

ELIAS: In your acceptance, you also lend energy to the easement of their acceptance.

DAVID: How will we know, then? If you say we haven’t accepted some of our ... although we believe we’ve accepted some of them and we obviously haven’t, how will we know when we have? When will we know that we have?

ELIAS: You shall not be affected.

DAVID: So I don’t react to it in any way?

ELIAS: It shall not matter.

DAVID: Well, there’s things that I don’t really believe ... they don’t bother me! They don’t matter! There are some that do, yes, but there are some that I can say, “Okay, I’m happy for you.”


DAVID: Huh? For me? I’m happy for me? (Laughing)

RETA: So how could we sort of define the difference between ... as she said, you still could have your opinion about it. How would you change a belief system and say “It’s okay if you’re homosexual,” and still have an opinion about it? Because that throws the belief system back in there!

ELIAS: Let me express an example quite physically focused and quite simple. Attach to this, Dehl!

RETA: Okay.

ELIAS: You accept completely the belief system of wearing garments upon your physical body. You hold an opinion that YOU choose to continue to be wearing garments upon YOUR individual physical body. But all other individuals within this room may choose to remove all of their garments, and you shall not be affected.

RETA: Okay ...

ELIAS: And if you are not affected at all and accepting, then you have accepted the belief system. You continue to hold your own opinion, but there is no judgment or response. I wager if all of these individuals were to be removing all of their garments, you would not be accepting of this action!

RETA: I don’t think that’s the one we’re going to start on! (Wild laughter) (Margot’s note: LOL, Reta! I really cracked up here!)

RON: That would freak Mary out! (We’re all cracking up)

ELIAS: (Grinning widely) Would this not be interesting, to view Michael’s response returning?? (What a visual!)

RETA: I remember one time in a Seth session that they actually tried this!

ELIAS: This was a different action.


ELIAS: Although, fun is good! (Much laughter)

BOB: I have a question, then. Homosexuality seems like a good example of this. I choose not to be homosexual ... as far as I know, I do! So far, anyway, okay? It is my belief, although not so much through any effort vis-à-vis these sessions, that I accept the fact that people are homosexual. It does not, to my knowledge, bother me in any way, shape or form. But you’re saying it does bother me on some level? That I don’t accept that?

ELIAS: Shall individuals engage homosexual activities sexually before your eyes within very close physical proximity, and you not be affected at all?

BOB: For the most part! I mean, if I was eating dinner I wouldn’t want to be bothered with it. (Laughter) But other than that ...

ELIAS: It has not been accepted! (Grinning at Bob)

BOB: So if I can watch it during dinner, then it’s okay, right? (Laughter) Oh, Elias!

ELIAS: Oh, Siman! Quite playful this evening! (Laughing, and then to Vic) And we are reminding of these extraterrestrials! They are about to be visiting once again! News broadcast at 11:00 PM.! Be watchful! (Oh, shut up!)

VICKI: It would be 11:11 PM., wouldn’t it?

ELIAS: Quite! The crafts are approaching!

BOB: So at the risk of being repetitive, you’re saying that there’s absolutely no belief system that any one of us is comfortable with at every level?

ELIAS: Correct.

RETA: Even at the first level?

BOB: I just never thought I gave that big of a shit about that many things! (Laughter) So that really surprises me!

ELIAS: You do not present yourself with all of the aspects of each belief system, for you choose not to. This is not the same as accepting a belief system. You may choose not to be presenting yourself with elements of a belief system and also not dealing with these elements, and this be your choice. But this is not accepting a belief system.

BOB: Is there anybody on the planet who accepts any belief system?

ELIAS: Presently, no.

RETA: Wow!

BOB: So we’re not very far into this shift, are we?

ELIAS: Ah, but you are, for you have accomplished already ... Siman! All is NOW. (Elias teases Bob frequently about time, as his name, Siman, is short for “Simultaneous Time Man.”)

BOB: I knew that!

ELIAS: I shall be reminding you of this, and expecting that you shall be reminding this essence of this!

BOB: Well then, in that case, I already have accepted.

ELIAS: Quite! But not within this objective awareness!

BOB: And ... and ... never mind! (Laughter)

RON: So these belief systems that we obviously still do hold – and I’m talking linearly again here because we are physical – are these belief systems that have been with us all along, or are these belief systems that we’ve created in our growing-up, so to speak?

ELIAS: Within linear terms, if you are thinking in time sequence, you do not carry always belief systems from focus to focus. This is dangerous territory, for you do not move from focus to focus! But within the context of your question and within linear time frameworks, at times you are creating different belief systems within one focus, and at other times, merely in your terms, you are carrying belief systems through several focuses. Within simultaneousness of time and within all of the focuses of essence, you may also express that you hold all of the belief systems all of the time, but you must also be recognizing that each focus is its own creation also. Therefore, it chooses to be aligning with whatever belief systems it is choosing.

RON: So there are like certain inherent belief systems. Vicki, for example, may not hold the same belief systems that I hold.

ELIAS: Correct.

RON: So in that ... I’m trying to understand. I’m trying to go back to Siman’s question about the fact that nobody has accepted a belief system. It seems to me that ...

ELIAS: Within this present now and objective focus; for within simultaneous time and the actualization of your shift, it IS accomplished.

NORM: Will the nine babies of Rose be instrumental in demonstrating acceptance of belief systems?

ELIAS: Partially, but not necessarily in the terms of public forum. Their affectingness shall be subjectively.

BOB: Is the acceptance of a belief system an objective act?


BOB: Completely objective?

ELIAS: No action is completely objective.

BOB: Largely objective?

ELIAS: The acceptance is largely objective, for this is affecting subjectively. You may automatically subjectively be accepting of a belief system, but not without the interaction of objective awareness.

BOB: Okay, so to somewhat use Reta’s term, since it’s an objective action, a simple deciding that you want to do it is the first objective step. What is the blockage to someone just flat picking one and accepting it?

ELIAS: Your own belief systems within belief systems within belief systems within belief systems! You may choose objectively to be accepting a belief system and actualize that instantaneously. It IS possible.

BOB: So then, I’ll be first!

ELIAS: Ah, once again, the first!

BOB: Another first! There you have it! (This is a tongue-in-cheek reference to Bob being the first person to accept simultaneous time)

RETA: Well, isn’t it true that you said that before you come here as a focus, you arrange those belief systems? You choose those that you’re going to bring with you?

ELIAS: Not necessarily.

RETA: Some of them are learned here?

ELIAS: If this be your choice, yes.

RETA: And the Dream Walkers are able to move around without belief systems.

ELIAS: Correct, but these essences are not physically focused.

RETA: Sure, but some of them you say have intersected with us.

ELIAS: They are intersecting often, but they are not completely physically focused.

RETA: And when they’re intersecting with us, are they able to raise our consciousness about our belief systems? Or is that not their job?

ELIAS: If you are choosing to allow this. It is your choice!

RETA: I don’t even know HOW to allow it, I’m afraid. Like he said, what is that step to get rid of that blockage? To say, “Okay! This is alright!”

BOB: In order to accept a belief system, do you have to hold it?

ELIAS: Quite ... which you do!

BOB: But you told Ron that people don’t hold all the same belief systems. They hold different belief systems. So I don’t hold ALL belief systems!

ELIAS: I am understanding of this, but also you are affected by the belief systems held en masse, regardless that you individually hold the belief system.

RETA: If you wanted to change the belief system about homosexuality, it would have to be a mass change?

ELIAS: No. (Intently) Focus upon self.

BOB: I’m glad I’m okay with homosexuals!

ELIAS: Except for within your supper hour! (We all crack up)

BOB: I don’t even want YOU there during supper!

ELIAS: (Humorously) I am highly insulted! (Much laughter)

VICKI: Is it correct that if you do accept a belief system that is held within mass, if you personally accept it, you are lending energy to mass acceptance also, correct?

ELIAS: Quite.

VICKI: So this is the point.

ELIAS: Yes, absolutely.

BOB: So in that respect, any understanding we have of anything that goes on, as opposed to what’s proselytized ... just the simple understanding and incorporation and acceptance is as affecting as any amount of publishing or evangelizing we could do?


BOB: In communicating with other essences who aren’t even active in this process?

ELIAS: Yes. Although be remembering, you are attempting to be affecting of objective awareness also!

RETA: Is there a way we could differentiate between our personal belief systems and those that we’ve picked up with the mass?

ELIAS: You shall know once you begin to address to your belief systems, and you are identifying of them.

RETA: Well, I realize there’s a lot of them that are cultural, that we’ve learned, but I’m trying to get back to the basics.

ELIAS: Choose one, Dehl. It matters not which one. Choose one, and identify.

RETA: I have been, and the hardest one for me that I’ve been trying to identify is God or All That Is – Consciousness. You know, that’s a difficult one for me, but I’m working on it.

ELIAS: Then allow yourself to draw experience to yourself to address to the belief system.

NORM: A method! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Ah, very good! (Laughter) You have been offered your method!

DAVID: When an individual says to me or expresses to me, “You are losing much energy through your emotional body,” what are they actually saying to me?

ELIAS: They are expressing a belief system! (Laughter) You do not “lose energy!” It does not become stuck! It does not become misplaced, and it is not limited.

DAVID: So if you’re emotionally in turmoil, you can drain your energy because you’re exhausted by the emotional turmoil.

ELIAS: For you believe you are exhausted! (Laughter)

DAVID: Okay, well ...

ELIAS: You offer this to yourself to allow yourself a respite, a slight break in your attention, and divert yourself temporarily.

DAVID: Which I’m good at!

ELIAS: Quite! (Grinning) I shall be disengaging this evening. (To Vic) Although be remembering, 11:11 and crafts approaching! (Oh, shut up!)

VICKI: I’ll see you then!

ELIAS: We shall view together! (Laughing)

RETA: Thank you so much.

ELIAS: Quite amusing, Lawrence! This essence holds great affection for you.

VICKI: Backatcha!

ELIAS: I shall be expressing to you all much lovingness this evening, and be remembering that fun is good!

NORM: Wonderful!

ELIAS: Therefore, engage fun!

NORM: Thank you!

ELIAS: I express to you all this evening, affectionately, au revoir!

Elias departs at 8:45 PM.


(1) Vic’s note: I’m including Paul’s recent information here:

Friday, August 22, 1997

Session 35 Paul (Patel)

Greetings to all of my dear ones! As many of you have become aware, much activity has been engaged within the areas of widening and involvement within consciousness. Upon this day, we shall attempt to dispel certain misconceptions of information which has been presented previously. Initially, I shall be assuring you that these concepts or ideas are purely a matter of choice to you, and this choice shall be and ever has been yours to make. Within the context of the ideas presented within the past two years of your time, much has been discussed and also much has been discovered by you. These things shall all be quite helpful to you within this process, so to speak, that we speak of as your shift.

This shift, although uniquely individual to you as a global body, is not unknown to other factions of your known universe; for as you have come to realize, there are many, many other aspects of consciousness intimately connected to you all. This may be a misleading statement, for in expressing this, it is only to be saying that other aspects of your essence are within constant communication with you always. These you may think of as small whispers to yourself, or as thoughts that seem to “pop in,” so to speak, from nowhere. As you move through these areas of consciousness, be realizing that although these other aspects shall not be objectively interacting within this physical action of this shift, they shall be engaging, within the subjective realms of reality, similar actions. This shall be a much different action; for within subjective reality, similar actions shall be interpreted and responded to in a much different fashion than you shall interpret individual actions presently, objectively focused.

This introduction, so to speak, shall be only to say that within this shift, you may be feeling that you are “all alone in the universe.” (quotes) However, this may not be spoken further from what is presently occurring. All consciousness is of the same makeup, so to speak. In this, we shall be expressing that there is no other, for other denotes separateness, of which there is none.

We shall begin this lesson, so to speak, with a brief synopsis of the interaction of this shift within consciousness. Many of you are aware of changes, so to speak, going on around you within everyday noticing of occurrences, within your everyday existence. These alterations within energy have been created by you as a form of noticing and a means of remembrance; for you all, within this particular time period that you have titled the twentieth century, have chosen to remember that other choices are and have been available to you for all of your existence, physical as well as non-physical.

Do not misunderstand. The terminology used within this expression that you have created is quite limited within understanding, as you have designed this language to be limiting for the reason of not letting in too much information at one time, so to speak, for this would be difficult for you to assimilate and to accept.

This shift shall incorporate many things, as has been stated previously by my dear friend. You shall begin to open, so to speak, to other areas of your inner workings, so to speak, and be starting to listen from your inside out. As you move through this shift, be noticing others around you and be conscious of their individuality, for they shall be interpreting this shift in much different ways than you shall. Helpfulness within this noticing of dissimilar expression may be in the form of speaking to these individuals and offering alternate ways to perceive these actions that may be troubling them, or it may be more beneficial to them to be merely, so to speak, lending energy within consciousness to them in a way to be supportive to their plight. Individuals shall be within their own time, so to speak, coming to a remembrance and achieving a perception of other aspects of reality that they may never have realized existed.

We shall interrupt presently. However, this shall be an ongoing discussion and shall resume.

BREAK (Ron doesn’t remember the break)

In continuance: Much of your present time framework that you have chosen to refer to as all time ... which is not in reality all time, for there is no all or time ... has been devoted to a religious incorporation of right and wrong. These terms have been chosen as a means of separation from self. As the terms are presented to you, a visual image is then presented by you, of a “good thing” on the one hand and a “bad thing” on the other. These interpretations of good and evil shall become evident to you as you move closer to the finalization, so to speak, of this shift; for as you come to recognize these separations, you shall also come to realize that within consciousness there is actually no separation between them. These expressions of good and bad are only separated by you for the experience of making a distinction; this also being a term of separation.

Be not misunderstanding, for as this action of this shift takes place, so to speak, individuals shall be fearful of losing this individuality, which is the reason that separation has been created by you. These concepts of separateness shall become more obvious to you as the shift proceeds, and in this individuals may choose to either accept the new, so to speak, information presented, or they may choose to hold even more tightly to their religious beliefs, in fear that they shall be forfeiting their individuality. This is not the case. However, many shall be experiencing this expression.

To these individuals, much care should be given to expression of acceptance of this expression, for to attempt to change the thought processes of these individuals shall be quite confusing to them. By expression of acceptance, a model, so to speak, has been offered to them, and a knowing on their part is put into play. As an individual is incorporating trauma, many beliefs are placed in motion, and they will tend to block or interfere with expressions of helpfulness. This shall become evident to each individual as this shift progresses, so to speak. In this, more helpfulness may be achieved by expressions of acceptance than by physical interaction. This is not to say that interaction may not be helpful. It is only to say, listen to your inner voice and choose the expression that feels, so to speak, right to you.

This information that has been offered within your past two years has been offered to you not as a lesson, but as a reminder; for these individuals that have drawn themselves to this interaction have already incorporated a certain amount of remembrance, and have chosen to assist other individuals within their quest for this same remembrance. These individuals shall also offer helpfulness to you in a mirroring of remembrances. Within each memory lies a multitude of probabilities that shall all manifest, and in these probabilities are choices that have been made by you for your own noticing, and these choices shall be also experienced by other individuals expressing similar choices, only affecting in a way to mirror the affect of your individual choice.

Perception is the key, so to speak, to understanding, and understanding is the key to incorporation, and incorporation is the key to action, and action is the key to reality. Each of you holds your own reality, as all of you holds the same; this being a difficult concept. However, this shall become more clear, as it has presently become more clear than it previously was; and this progression, so to speak, shall continue, whether you are aware of it or not.

We shall be continuing with this discussion, for there is much to be said. We shall only disengage presently for Olivia.

Until we next speak, ta!

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Saturday, August 23, 1997

Session 36 Paul (Patel)

Vic’s note: I must say, Paul is moving into areas of information that is indicative of this wave of change and acceptance.

Greetings once again, my dear ones all!

In continuance, I should like to restate that this shift has begun. There is no reason to be wondering what shall it be like when this shift becomes reality, for it is. These actions that you have chosen for your own noticing have been well thought-out, so to speak, and have been in the workings, as you would term this, for quite much of your time. Be understanding that this shift shall not hit you over the head as with a bat, nor shall it sneak upon you in the night. This action is before you ... although there is no “before.” It has merged its energy with your energy and has become you, and you it. We only express linearly for your better understanding of these actions that may be difficult for you to comprehend otherwise. As this probability has unfolded, this action has also become easily accessible to you; for as I have stated, it is within the present now, as are all things.

Within your recent past, in your terms, you have been given a brief list, so to speak, of family incorporations within your regularly scheduled session time. Within these descriptions are certain concepts, so to speak, that have given you much to ponder. Included within these descriptions have also been what you would term clues; actions not as yet manifest. Be noticing within these next few of your weeks, and you shall notice that certain aspects of these sessions shall be quite different, from your standpoint, and they shall be creating much cause for discussion. As these issues are discussed, certain facets of consciousness shall be unearthed, so to speak, and you shall have a new, so to speak, way to perceive these issues. These clues have been offered to you for the intent of making you think, as you would term it, and to give examples to you of this widening process and the multitude of probabilities involved.

These probabilities have been chosen, and the most probable of them put into motion. All that is left for you to do, if you are choosing within probabilities, would be to do nothing, so to speak. This action of this shift has quite round wheels and shall roll along quite nicely; for within doing nothing, so to speak, you shall be doing everything. You have been brought up within your objective focus to believe that within doing nothing, nothing shall be done. This is incorrect, for there is no thing as doing nothing, for within your subjective awareness, all is realized and all things are within motion. Even as you perceive that you do nothing, you shall be creating continuously and shall be manifesting your shift flawlessly.

Be also aware that within this noticing of widening, you shall also be rearranging your thought patterns, so to speak, to be accepting of issues that until now have been difficult for you to deal with. This has already been an area of noticing to you, to a small extent, but shall become quite apparent to you within movement. You may be assured that these actions, although at times seemingly quite frightening, shall be over in a blink of an eye, so to speak. This blinking within physical shall perhaps not feel so fast to you. However, within consciousness, it shall be even faster than this blinking.

These are things that you shall become more aware of as you move. For example, tolerance for other individuals – which has in the past, so to speak, been not so high, and within the middle of the conflict you have found yourself expressing anger towards this other individual – shall be non-existent, for tolerance shall hold no power either way, and within this shall simply cease to be noticed. These actions shall be incorporated within all aspects of objective focus as an acceptance of issues and an awareness of melding or merging of consciousness. This is not to say that all shall be completely apathetic for there shall be no more anger or there shall be no more fear, for this is not the case. Apathy is also a condition of emotion that you hold that shall be placed within a state of suspended animation, so to speak, for it shall hold no power over you, as will no belief hold power.

This shall be sufficient presently. However, there shall be much discussion on this subject futurely.

Until we next speak, ta!

Vic’s note: Paul (essence name Patel) has been delivering information through Ron since June, ‘96. There have been thirty-seven “sessions” to date. Ron does not allow Paul to verbalize yet, but both have a desire to accomplish in this area. Paul interacts through typing. His transmissions are one very large run-on sentence. Punctuation is inserted later by myself, with Ron keeping a close eye on what I’m doing and correcting me if I’m incorrect ... which quite often, I am!

Paul’s energy is very familiar to all of us physically involved in this group, and interestingly enough, to many folks not physically involved. Folks have asked Paul questions via computer during “live chats.” This is always most interesting! Ron never looks at the monitor screen while engaging Paul in this manner, yet it appears that the questions are usually answered anyway. Another interesting factor is that Paul types faster than Ron.

It remains to be seen as to whether or not Ron will allow Paul to verbalize “futurely.”

Digests: find out more about Paul (Patel).

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