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Paul (Patel)

Paul’s note: Patel is an essence name like Seth, Elias, Ruburt [Jane Roberts], Michael [Mary Ennis], or your very own. But Patel is also sometimes referred to by the focus personality name of Paul. So when the essence name is primary, I include the focus personality name in brackets – Patel [Paul]. Conversely, when the focus personality name is primary, I include the essence name in parentheses – Paul (Patel).

Though Elias has produced over ten thousand pages of information to date, Patel has produced less than a hundred. And this is just to put things into perspective. Ron chooses not to engage the energy exchange very often for his own reasons.

Elias has stated that the information offered by Patel is complementary to his own.

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “I also shall be expressing to you all this evening to be assimilating information offered by my dear one recently (Paul (Patel)), for this shall be helpful to you within these discussions. This is complementary information, and it shall be moving within balance to these discussions that I offer you.” [session 210, August 24, 1997]

Elias “gems”

From Ron’s introduction: who is Paul (Patel)?

My name is Ron Churchman. I was introduced to Elias in May, 1995. I was asked if I’d like to attend a session, and out of curiosity I agreed. My intention was to attend one session to “check it out,” and that would be it. This was my first encounter with “channeling” or this type of information, except for a brief encounter with the Seth material in the 70’s. My main thought in the first session was that the message being delivered felt and sounded very “right" to me in spite of the illogical, irrational (according to my beliefs) way this information was being delivered. For some strange reason though, this information spoke directly to the logical, rational side of me, and I was almost instantly and totally fascinated. I have missed only a handful of sessions (out of nearly 300) since. The phenomenon of channeling in my opinion is secondary (although very intriguing) because the information, as opposed to some other “channeled” material that I’ve read since, stands quite well on its own.

I was first made aware of Paul (Patel) in the early sessions. He was introduced by Elias as an essence who is very dear to him, referring to him as “my beloved” or “my dear friend", and that he had much information to deliver. He also said that he would most likely, if I so chose, deliver it through me. To tell you the truth, I never expected it to happen. I held this belief for nearly a year. As the sessions progressed over that year, I slowly resigned myself to the fact that this essence of Patel was indeed strongly connected to me in some way, and that it was quite probable that I would engage him in an energy exchange at some point.

The following is excerpted from Elias session 43, Sunday October 08, 1995:

RON: “I just have a question about something that Sophia [Guin] got on the Ouija board the other day, about the possibility of Paul (Patel) coming through me in six to eight days. I’d like to know how that could be possible given the state of mind that I’ve been in the last couple of weeks, which is totally involved in my work, and I’m still seeing nothing.

ELIAS: First of all, I will say to you, as you are already aware, all things are possible. Secondly, I will express to you that as your consciousness is diverted to such a degree, it is not worrying about your connection or blocking reception, for you are distracted, for this being a very opportune time for this incorporation. You are ready! As you have expressed to me, the inception is at hand. Paul is waiting, but this is your choice and this is within your time of allowance. With your preoccupation of other focuses, you may not be so concentrated or self-conscious or pressured to be performing. Therefore, with this distraction, it may be easier for you to slide into this agreement. This is your choice, and one that is greatly respected. You will allow this agreement to proceed when you choose to allow this, and those waiting stand respectfully.”

On the evening of June 10th, 1996, I felt a definite pull to the keyboard. It was as though I’d been “grabbed by the scruff of the neck" and led to the computer. At this point I began to type, and what transpired was something that was totally foreign to me. These sessions are all done by means of “automatic writing” via computer keyboard. Although I’m generally aware of the words as I type them, I seldom understand the full context until I read it back later.

For the most part, Paul (Patel) delivers information that is not dissimilar to the information that Elias delivers. However, it seems to be of a more personal nature than the information offered by Elias. Most of the exchanges are either in response to specific questions asked, or are a complement to the information offered by Elias. Paul refers to individuals in these sessions by their essence names. Michael is Mary, Lawrence is Vicki, Shynla is Cathy, and Olivia is Ron (me.) These four names come up most often in these sessions as they are most closely associated with me and have asked the most questions.

Although I have been doing this for a while now, it’s still quite “new” to me and I’m still having some difficulty “letting myself go" enough to engage this phenomenon as often as I probably could. I’ve been assured by many folks that this information is quite valid for them and that I should continue. I find this an extremely interesting experience and do plan to continue. I have always been fond of interesting experiences!

CATHY: “Does Paul (Patel) have a group like you have a group, and do you compare notes for enjoyment? (Elias starts chuckling)

ELIAS: Presently, correct. (Still chuckling) The probabilities hold that this may change.

CATHY: That his group will change?

ELIAS: Correct; as did the probabilities change with my focus also.

CATHY: I don’t get that!

ELIAS: (Grinning) The connection has been made. The preparation has been initiated. The agreement has been incorporated. It remains static presently; but if choices are made to be changing this situation, (looking at Ron) others incorporated will drop away.

VICKI: Why? (The eternal ‘Why?’)

ELIAS: For they are not necessary. The awareness which is capable of incorporating Paul (Patel) is here! (Grinning at Ron) This does not discount the involvement, within this group, of our friend Paul (Patel); for this being where his focus is!

CATHY: His focus is here, but he has a group, somewhat like ours, simultaneously, somewhere else???

ELIAS: My focus was here also, and I incorporated other groups also!

CATHY: But you no longer incorporate other groups.

ELIAS: Correct; and he will neither.

CATHY: Well, I don’t get how it can be! With all these people, there isn’t another group that has the desire and the intent to learn this stuff???

ELIAS: Ah! There is! (Grinning) You are not the only individuals upon your planet who incorporate the desire! You are the individuals who have made agreements. We are also not the only essences within the universe! (We all laugh, including Elias)

I am quite amused at your thinking process, as we incorporated this when I was expressing to you that I would not focus with other groups; and your response, within your consciousness, was, ‘Oh my! I have been selected from the entire cosmos!’ As if to be saying that Elias may be the only essence who speaks within physical focus! Not true! There are many! Elias and Paul (Patel) are connected to you; and you have asked; and we are answering. Many essences are connected to many individuals, and they do not ask.

CATHY: So basically, the asking started when Vicki started going to those meetings that Mary was at, and the connections were made, and it just kind of went from there?

ELIAS: Incorrect!

CATHY: Okay, then what???

ELIAS: The asking began before you manifested!

CATHY: Because this was an agreement. Whoops! Forgot! An agreement that nobody remembered until she went to the meetings and did that?

ELIAS: And you are believing that Lawrence [Vicki] remembers presently??? Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! I do not think so! Ha! Ha! Ha! (Much laughter)

VICKI: If you were incorporated with other groups of people; I think this is where the question lies; if you were incorporated with other groups of people, that must have been per agreement also.

ELIAS: Correct; and we have discussed this issue also, if you are incorporating your previous material! I have expressed to you that my decision, as also Paul’s [Patels’] decision, as also many other essences, has its basis in the most suitable consciousness, the agreement, and the ability of the individual in not blocking, through belief systems, the information which may be offered, most efficiently.

Many incorporate the agreement. Many possess the desire. Many involve belief systems which are blocking to the information which may be offered! Therefore, you are left with very many ‘peace, love, brotherhood,’ and not much else! We all incorporate peace and love and brotherhood, but you are in need of more information than these words!” [session 64, January 03, 1996]

(Vic’s note: This session was held at Ron’s request, instigated by his excitement and resulting questions regarding his interaction with Paul (Patel) during his transfocal encounter earlier this evening. Mary, as the facilitator, encouraged Ron to ‘merge his energy’ with Paul (Patel), and Paul (Patel) did appear to ‘break through,’ briefly. The struggle involved in this action was apparent, and also verbally acknowledged by Paul (Patel).)

Elias arrives at 8:33 PM.

ELIAS: Good evening.

RON: Hello.

ELIAS: So, you are wishing of questions this evening. We shall interrupt our regularly-scheduled transmission for commercial breaks! (Grinning at Ron)

RON: Okay. I am aware that I was closer to Paul (Patel) today than I have been so far. I was also quite close to you today, closer than I think that I’ve been in consciousness. (Elias chuckles) Or not! I’m curious about my own awareness of it, of how much was actually ... how much was me, and how much was Paul (Patel). I have an idea, but I’m not real sure on it. It was confusing for me.

ELIAS: I will first express to you that you were no more ‘closer’ to Paul (Patel) or myself than you are continually. Your allowance of your acceptance of your awareness of interaction may have been greater, but your actual interaction was no different. You automatically engage your rational thought processes. To an extent, you continue to hold to this rational intellect and interpretation. You do not accept your experiences for what they are. Therefore, you interpret that you are creating a fantasy. (Smiling)

Within your waking consciousness, it is difficult for you to be accepting of things that you view to be foreign to you. Therefore, you automatically reject these. In this, you offer yourself an explanation, to a point, of your action. There is a point, though, to which you may not offer yourself rational explanation, for within you, you realize an interaction; an energy field. You mingle with this. You incorporate this into your experience, which your rational intellect does not hold an explanation for. Therefore, in allowing your awareness to widen, you choose to be accepting of this information.

If you were not choosing to be widening your awareness and accepting, you would automatically be denying of all evidence. An individual may be visited, so to speak, by a manifestation of an essence that they may visually, within their physical space, view, and also completely deny its existence. They may deny the occurrence for within their rational intellect, this is not possible. In allowing yourself to widen awareness, I have explained previously, you also allow your vision, your perception, to widen; to incorporate and to see, so to speak, what is actually there that you have been denying to yourself throughout your focus. The reality has always been there. You choose only to be closing your eyes and not seeing. Now, you allow yourself the opportunity to be fluttering with eyes, (fluttering his eyelashes at Ron) catching glimpses. Soon, you may choose to be completely viewing and accepting.

I shall be reminding Olivia [Ron] of her own thought processes: ‘I incorporate this information; I do not accept it. I do not question, but I do not accept.’ (Smiling at Ron) You are beginning to allow yourself an acceptance, for without acceptance, you may only perceive so much. You must allow your own trustfulness of your own self; for without this, you do not incorporate your peripheral vision, for you do not accept. You have accomplished, through your desire, unlocking a door. Now, you may choose to enter, IF you are wishing.

You were given a message, a time ago, of the inception. You view these things within linear time, and within your own time frames. Therefore, your thinking automatically magnates to a response of this message, thinking, ‘Oh, I must engage this phenomenon immediately, for I have been given the message’; but all time is now. (Smiling)

You also move very quickly within consciousness. You may not perceive yourself to be incorporating this action of this quick movement, but I have expressed this many times, and you are not outside of this statement. Many individuals incorporate great lengths of your time to be engaging and interacting in this fashion, for they are not understanding that their key is the acceptance and trust of self. You may not trust the interaction of another essence ‘through you’ if you are not trusting of you first. You must be accepting of you.

You may use terms as receptor. As you are understanding of electrical elements, you may understand that if your receptor is faulty, it will not be conducting properly of the electrical current. Therefore also, if you are, as the conductor, not incorporating trustfulness and acceptance within yourself, you affect the energy flow and create a block. Your desire will intensify with your interaction and meeting of this essence; as you learn that you have no thing to be fearful of. (Smiling)

RON: The fear lessened a lot today, and the desire intensified.

ELIAS: I have expressed to you that you learn through experience. In offering yourself the opportunity for interaction and experience, you demonstrate to yourself that you have no thing to be fearful of. You may express this to yourself within your thoughts many times, but without the experience to be confirming of this to yourself, you do not necessarily trust your own thoughts.

RON: Can’t ride a bicycle until you fall off it a couple of times! (Elias grins) Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. Be remembering also that just as with all of my interaction, my connection and intertwining with Paul (Patel) is always in action. In this also, in your interaction with Paul (Patel), a familiar essence of Elias is always present also.

RON: And a welcome presence it was, too.

ELIAS: Thank you.

RON: Thank you.” [session 89, April 24, 1996]

VICKI: “I have a question. Paul (Patel) made a comment that even the interaction within this group should be ‘carefully administered.’ (1)

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: I don’t really understand.

ELIAS: In this expression, a caution has been administered to be realizing the reality of each individual, and to not be discounting of this. You move in widening of awareness, but you each are aware that your awareness is not very, very wide as of this moment, within this now! (Grinning) Therefore, you may be wishing to be expressing of helpfulness, and you may express contrary to your intention; for you are discounting or ignoring each individual’s expression of reality. (Pause)

At every given moment, you are creating your own reality. Therefore, your expression is real. Many times you express to each other, in an effort to be helpful, your opinion of the other individual’s reality; which is incorporated into your reality, but not necessarily into their reality.

Care must be taken in understanding and, once again, respectfulness of each individual’s differences and their individual creation of their own reality; this being the area to which you, within yourselves, create evaluations within your own perceptions of other individuals, and in this, express what you believe within your own reality; which is not necessarily, in actuality, the reality! Confusion may ensue, within both. (Pause)

These expressions would not be offered to you were you not in agreement to be engaging this action. You have chosen to be moving in this direction, and in this, you have asked for helpfulness; guideposts; which we respond to. (Pause)

This is not to say that each individual shall silence themselves and offer no information; for as I have stated previously to you all, interaction is important, for you share perceptions. In this, you offer alternate perceptions to each other, allowing yourselves and each other the opportunity to change perceptions, and also to widen your awareness. We express only that you exercise care, in understanding, within your own individual expressions, where they are motivated from. (Pause) As with our little tree (2), it is unnecessary for you to evaluate another. It is necessary for you to evaluate you! (Smiling, and another pause)

RON: Michael [Mary] and I would like to know why Paul’s [Patel’s] information seems to be so much more difficult to incorporate and hold objectively than your material is.

(Vic’s note: this difficulty seems to be singular, for the most part, to Mary and Ron. Others have had a definite noticing of unfamiliar energy, but this doesn’t seem to affect their ability to connect with Paul’s (Patel’s) material.)

ELIAS: This being, in actuality, quite simple. You have incorporated an acclimation to the energy of Elias. Therefore in this, you also ‘attune’ to this vibrational quality. Paul’s (Patel’s) vibrational quality is slightly different. You have not quite acclimated yourselves to this vibrational quality of energy. Therefore, you perceive this to be more difficult; for within your objective expression, you reject what is unfamiliar, just as your physical body echoes this type of expression in introducing a foreign object into its area. Your physical body will automatically, without your physical thought process, reject this element as foreign and unfamiliar. In this same manner, your objective self automatically places a barrier within encounters of unfamiliar vibrational tone qualities. This shall relax. It shall become much more of ease to you to assimilate this information.

You will be noticing also that within areas of combined vibrational tones of Elias and Paul (Patel), you shall experience the same; for although one is familiar and recognized, the other is not. Therefore, the whole shall be blocked.

Also, another element contributing to this situation is, or shall we say has been, a ‘scatteredness’ within energy transmission. In this, the element of unfamiliarity is enhanced; for although you previously may have familiarized yourselves with this energy tone within its scatteredness previously, it becomes unfamiliar to you, or so you perceive. As this energy exchange becomes more directed, as was the case with Elias also, you shall experience more ease.

VICKI: Was that part of the unfamiliar feeling today?

ELIAS: As I have stated, the scatteredness, to a very large degree, was previous to this present now. Therefore, an adjustment within focus has been accomplished, allowing a more directed flow and also a more concentrated expression of energy; a more focused expression of energy. This you hold the ability to be more identifying of. You notice a difference. You may not offer to yourselves an explanation, but you notice. In this, you become ‘slightly sideways!’ (Grinning) This shall become familiar to you quite quickly. I shall express, it shall take you ‘less time’ to acclimate yourselves to this expression of energy, and its introduction to you, than it took you to acclimate Elias’ energy exchange; for you are familiar with the process presently. Subjectively, you are accepting. Therefore, you will acclimate more quickly.” [session 104, July 14, 1996]

ELIAS: “The essence of Patel may be compared to what you view as your Oversoul Seven. The essence of Elias may be compared to Cyprus. (3) In this, all information of both essences are contained within the essence of Michael [Mary] and Lawrence [Vicki]. The difference is that Lawrence [Vicki] has chosen not to incorporate the objective reality as of this present moment, although the movement is occurring and shall be incorporated quickly; this being the connection that you view presently within this present expression.” [session 111, August 11, 1996 ]

MIKE: “I was thinking during the break, why is it that I don’t have a draw to Paul’s (Patel’s) information as much as I do to yours?

ELIAS: They are different expressions. Patel [Paul] engages an energy exchange, but within a different expression and different type of energy exchange. In this, there is more subjective concentration, so to speak, and not as much allowance for objective engagement. This would also be a choice of the participating individual in this interaction.

Let me express an explanation in this area. There is a partial holding back, so to speak, with Olivia [Ron], and therefore the expression objectively holds less of a free flow than with this particular exchange. In this, the interaction that you hold with Patel [Paul] moves in the area of subjective interaction more so than with objective interaction. This be an influencing factor in the reason that you objectively do not seem – or it does not appear to you – that you are connecting as efficiently, although you are.

MIKE: Okay, so I’m taking it that ... you already said that we share many focuses, me and him. I guess we’re friends then? It’s almost as though there’s a familiar area there, but I guess there’s not?

ELIAS: Correct. This would be your remembrance of your interconnectedness with this essence in your physical manifestations.” [session 290, June 25, 1998]

End Notes:

(1) Paul’s note: a reference to Paul (Patel) Session 06, Tuesday, July 09, and Thursday, July 11, 1996.

(2) Paul’s note: a reference to the “straight little sapling” allegory that Elias often refers to when he discusses our need to trust, accept, take full responsibility for only ourselves.

Digests: find out more about the sapling story.

(3) Paul’s note: Oversoul Seven is the lead character in a series of fictional books written by Jane Roberts, The Education of Oversoul Seven (1973), The Further Education of Oversoul Seven (1979), and Oversoul Seven and the Museum of Time (1984.) Jane states in her introductions to these books that she did not write them in conventional terms, but they were “delivered” in complete form via automatic writing.

Cyprus, another character in all three Seven books, is Oversoul Seven’s teacher, occupying a teaching focus. So what Elias is implying here is that both he and Paul (Patel) enjoy a similar relationship as Cyprus and Oversoul Seven. In that relationship Cyprus has a wider focus and “remembers” more of his aspect selves than Seven does, as Seven (Paul (Patel)) is still “more” focused on his physical selves than Cyprus (Elias) is.

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