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Sunday, July 23, 1995

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Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Jo (Joseph), Cathy (Shynla), and, arriving late, Carole (Dimin).

Elias arrives at 6:06 PM.

ELIAS: Good evening. (Pause) Welcome, once again, to Shynla.

CATHY: Thank you.

ELIAS: We were discussing your element of your psyche, in your religious element. Are you wishing to continue with this discussion?

VICKI: Sure!

ELIAS: Then I will direct it slightly differently to begin with. You were wishing information of disorders in our previous discussion. Now we will address to more immediate issues of the psyche. Understand that involved with your psychological make-up is intertwined your belief systems. You may think that you have eliminated certain belief systems, but these belief systems appear within psychological expressions, in your interaction with other individuals.

Your psyche, being your psychological make-up, originally interpreted your feelings and your thoughts, and incorporated these from physical focus with your essence. Before you created belief systems, this created no conflict. You would now view that state of psychological make-up as compared to an animal’s psychological make-up, not quite incorporating rationality as you see it. You believe you have evolved and become such rational, thinking individuals in your species. In actuality, you have only incorporated belief systems in separation from essence, and therefore have complicated your psychological make-up.

Incorporated in this are religious belief systems. These do not necessarily align themselves with Christian belief systems, but basically, in your country, we will stay with this religious focus, for it is your dominating one, and most influencing. All religious belief systems affect psychological action and reaction. You have been taught certain elements of how to act within society, and within relationships, and within all interactions concerning other individuals. You have been taught words such as right and wrong, good and bad, and you have been taught words such as responsibility and selfishness, viewing all of these words as being opposites. These form ideas psychologically, which influence how you deal with your world.

These concepts or ideas are not truths, but you have incorporated them so deeply that you do not even think of them anymore. You only respond to them. You respond in given situations to what you believe to be right, or good, or responsible. You believe in being nice, and compassionate, and helpful, and understanding. This is not to say that in your essence you are not all of these things already, but as a result of separation from essence, you have misinterpreted the use of these words and actions. You have all encountered situations in your focus, in dealing with other individuals, where you have responded and also felt confusion or conflict. This is because you are incorporating belief systems, and psychologically responding to different situations.

Basically, the expressions I have offered you already are quite simple. I am not expressing to you “lofty truths” that you cannot incorporate, for if you are attentive, you may incorporate what I express to you, and if incorporating these things, you will amaze yourselves at your connection with yourself, and with others in essence. Conflict at this stage of your development is unnecessary. You have only not figured out how to eliminate it. It is not as difficult as you believe. As we expressed previously in our scenario of the cat and the mouse, if you view this situation personally, and notice ... I believe we will make a sign that only says one word: NOTICE! If you notice, you will feel conflict. You will also feel when conflict is not present.

In your psychological make-up, all of your experiences are registered in your memory and with your psyche. This is not to say that all of your experiences are filed in your physical brain. They are not. You may take a portion of your physical brain away, and you will find that a portion of your experiences will seem to be taken away also. At the same time, you may divide your brain actually physically in half, and remove half of your brain, believing that you will lose your memory, and you will not. All of your experiences will still be there. Your brain does not contain you. Your psyche is not your physical brain.

This is why your scientists and your psychologists encounter such frustration and confusion in trying to fix your psyche, for they do not actually know what your psyche is. It is also not your essence, for it is individual to your focus. Your psyche is different from an alternate you. It is that part of your consciousness which you identify with a particular focus. It is incorporated in your essence, but it is not all. In being separated from essence, it is left to itself to interpret and experience.

Where you incorporate problems in this area is by “playing with your mouse.” You have experiences, you have relationships, you have friendships, you have environments of work relationships. All of these register within your psyche as part of your experience. When you encounter experiences that are uncomfortable, you create a special place for them. (Smiling) You build a “shrine” to them, and you hold them, and you almost worship them. You keep them, and hold very tightly to the key that keeps them locked in. You do not allow them to “fly away.” In this, you may use your key whenever you wish, and view your experiences that you are not happy with. You may bring them consciously to memory as often as you wish. And you, in holding so tightly to this shrine, are very protective and not wishing for someone else to dare to take it away! When you are faced with a situation of letting go of one of these shrines, you very quickly create another similar situation to create another shrine, looking almost identical to the original. This is how you repeat your patterns, and in repeating your patterns, you disguise them and camouflage them under the terms of goodness, and helpfulness, and compassion, and thoughtfulness. This allows you permission ... (here, Caleigh, who is a dog, walks up to Elias) We are welcoming another individual this evening, and recognizing that her participation will be less conflicting than anyone else’s! (Laughter)

In expressing this idea, we may use our little friend as an example. If this consciousness (Caleigh) encounters a similar consciousness that is oppressive, or hurtful, or in conflict with her, I will dare to say she will not continue the relationship! (Laughter) She will remove herself, and be not hindered by belief systems of obligation. She will not “feel upset” that she is hurting this other consciousness’ feelings, or not “doing her part” as an individual, and she will not be “good” or “bad” in her experience. (Vicki cracks up) She will just be. I have said in previous sessions that you may learn a lot from your creatures, for they do not divorce themselves so far, and they are in connection with an uncluttered consciousness. They do not grapple with belief systems or rationality, and you reduce them to instinctual animals, instinct being only an action which is repeated. It does not mean “mindless.” You experience an instinct of hurtfulness to self. Let us think on this for a while!

An animal, in their uncluttered consciousness, experiences instincts which only incorporate survival, nurturing, not mindless, society, community, feelings, protectiveness, helpfulness. They do not incorporate instincts of aggression, for aggression. They do not incorporate instincts of perpetual hurtfulness. They do not incorporate instincts of helpfulness with another consciousness which wishes not to be helped. Humans, on the other hand, incorporate instincts of non-nurturing, of helpfulness to individuals who do not wish to be helped, of compassion in compassionless situations, of hurtfulness to themselves and to others, of aggression for aggression’s sake. Now, I am not expressing this so that you will view yourselves as “bad” or “less important” than an animal, for this is quite wrong. You are ultimately beautiful, wonderful beings. You only separate, and do not allow yourselves to be what you are, naturally.

You incorporate belief systems which twist your psychological make-up, and incorporate much confusion and conflict into your life. You create physical situations of disease or pain by what you feel psychologically. Your psyche becomes unhappy with its focus, for it has incorporated so many shrines it cannot see anything else, and to allow an expression in hoping that these shrines may dissipate and “fly away,” you create physical expressions within your body. These may manifest in a disease, they may manifest in depression, they may manifest in conditions which may not be diseases. They may be headaches, or back-aches, or finger-aches, (smiling) or any kind of aches and pains which create a plausible excuse for you to experience conflict. When you cannot figure out how to connect with essence, you figure out a physical expression to continue experiencing physical conflict. (Wow!) You think this is all there is. You feel that you have no choice. As I expressed at our last session, you always have choices. In viewing your choices, you always have the choice to create conflict, or to not create conflict. When you may look to yourself and view your actions as not right or wrong, or good or bad, then you may make your choice to experience without conflict.

It seems that with many individuals in physical focus, the most common conflict incorporates other individuals. This is part of your lack of understanding of separation from essence. It is not in your nature to be separated. You have moved so far from your home, and you have forgotten your language so well, that you do not remember that you are not separated. You are trying to experience your individuality and your own experiences, but feeling a pull to be involved with other individuals, but not quite knowing how to incorporate this. Therefore, you spend your developmental focus trying, and trying, and trying, and feeling you are not “getting it right.” But, there is nothing to get right, for there is not right! It is only an experience. In these experiences, your biggest complaint in this focus is that you only wish to be happy. This you view as being your greatest challenge and most difficult task. It is amusing, for it is not a challenge, and it is your simplest and most effortless task. If you are truly accepting, and connecting, and in communion with your essence, you will experience no conflict. Therefore, you will be happy.

I will also express that there is no thing in this focus yet as being ultimately happy with everything, for your shift has not occurred. Therefore, you must incorporate other individuals which you do not agree with, or which conflict with you, but you may lessen this conflict by incorporating more of yourself. It is difficult when dealing with another individual, for you must realize that you may only incorporate you. You do not control another essence, but you also do not have to align with another essence. Within your essences, you are all connected. You are also physically connected in living space. It is not necessary that you intimately connect with everyone. It is important that you recognize and notice, when you are connected with an individual intimately, when conflict is occurring. When conflict occurs, you may refer to our exercise involving elimination of conflict. You may also realize that in each situation in your daily life, your psyche has incorporated belief systems to influence these situations, and often this creates conflict. As this little one, (Caleigh) if incorporating puppies, if these puppies are biting on her, she will most likely not be biting on them, but remove herself and walk away. She will not lie there and encourage these little ones to be biting her until she is bleeding! In this, you may see a comparison in your consciousness, and how unnecessarily you incorporate conflict.

In some individual’s psychological make-up, they want to incorporate conflict, but they may not experience conflict completely individually, for they are not on a planet to themselves. They are incorporated with other individuals. There are situations of this kind where individuals have created such a degree of separation and conflict, that they have become so confused, that their psyche calls for help. It does not know how to help itself. It does not understand how to reconnect. You will find, though, that in these individuals, that [if] left to their own calling, their essence will answer, in one way or another.

In your physical terms, you express an idea in this direction of “hitting bottom.” There are many individuals who create a reality that they must play to its absolute psychological end, where they feel they have no other direction to go in except death, or to focus on themselves. In these situations, wishing for your helpfulness, you do them no service to be helpful. Their essence will always answer. You may say to yourself, “But if I do not help, they may end their life!” and if they may end their life, they have chosen to do this, and their essence has chosen to answer in that expression.

There are times, in all individual’s experiences, where they are needing of other individual’s helpfulness. In this time of your world, you will find much crying out for much help that you may not be assisting with. It will become increasingly more obvious that everyone around you seems to be experiencing great distress and confusion, and you may feel that you need to be helpful. This is a symptom of the beginnings of your shift. Individuals are divorced from their essence. They are confused, and experiencing conflict. They do not understand how to reconnect. Do not fear for them, for their essence is in control and will answer, and is much more capable of helpfulness than individuals in physical focus. This is not to say that you should be “to yourself,” and uncaring of other individuals. You will find, though, that in connecting with your own essence, your compassion, and your tolerance, and your acceptance, and your helpfulness, and your love will be expressed, and in correct manner to affect helpfulness without conflict. You will know the difference. I am aware that you have all experienced being helpful and feeling conflict simultaneously. If you are feeling conflict, you are defeating your purpose.

I will give you the opportunity to ask questions and incorporate interaction, if you are wishing this. But first, I will express two things for Lawrence. We are acknowledging, yes, one “point” for being a good sport! Now you may believe you are all even! Also, I do not prefer eggs and bacon, but Belgium waffles are nice! (Elias is grinning widely, and Vicki is cracking up) (1) We will have much to explore in your subject of the psyche, and I will incorporate your individual questions, but I will not overwhelm you in sessions with dissertations of too much information at one individual time.

RON: I’d like to ask a question. Are there situations where you would not want to turn away from conflict?

ELIAS: Absolutely! You have created this focus for your experience. There are many individuals who create their focuses simply for experiencing conflict. (Ron says, “Oh, I forgot!” and we all laugh) I will express to you though, in this subject of conflict, you have been taught in certain religious focuses, and in some social situations, terms such as, you should “love” your conflict and your negative experiences, and this will allow them to “fly away!” This will not allow them to fly away! I will express to you that if you are loving your conflicts, that you are having a more difficult psychological problem than you realize! (Laughter) This is ridiculous! You do not love conflict, you do not love hatefulness, you do not love hurtfulness; but, you may accept them. There is a difference.

JO: What about somebody who doesn’t seem like they’re happy unless they’re in terrible, terrible conflict?

ELIAS: This would be the expression of an individual either who has decided to experience conflict to its ultimate end, or an individual who has made the choice to experience physical manifestation for the sake of experiencing conflict. Much to your disbelief, there are individuals who have manifested simply to experience conflict.

JO: I believe it! I know some.

VICKI: When an individual has seemed to “hit bottom,” as you say, and this is an individual that you love, and this individual comes to you for help after hitting bottom, how do you know what is really helping that person?

ELIAS: This is an interesting question. I will express to you, and you are not unintelligent individuals, you have eyes, and you have brains, and you can see if an individual is expressing sincerity in a wishing for changing their reality. The individual will change the reality themselves. You will not change it for them. You may help, and yourself will express to you when your helpfulness is required, and accepted, and being incorporated, for you will not experience conflict. This is not to say that an individual who has made a choice to change their reality will not fall or stumble, for they have created a different reality for such a long time, in their terms, that they have become used to this. It is natural for them. It is unnatural to create a new reality. It is easy to fall back on what is familiar. If the individual is not ready to create a new reality, it will not manifest. They may attempt, briefly, for the reason of outside influences, but they have not chosen for inside reasons.

Your essence will know the difference, for you will experience conflict in helpfulness. You may not experience this conflict immediately. You may express helpfulness, and experience nothing but helpfulness. You may, very soon afterwards, be thinking about this situation. If you have expressed genuinely, and it has been received genuinely, you will not be thinking about the situation. True expressions and true acceptingness will “fly away” as a positive experience. As we have expressed before, you do not hold to positive experiences. You only hold to your fascinations, and we are quite aware of what your fascinations are, with your “shrines” and your “mouse!” (Laughter)

CATHY: So are you saying we should avoid conflict, or should we experience it, and then maybe try to resolve it?

ELIAS: This is your choice. If you wish to experience conflict for the experience of resolving, and experiencing the intricacies of resolution, this would be one choice, which is your option. If you are only speaking of unnecessary conflict which you do not wish to experience, then I would be expressing to you that you also have the choice of avoiding. You do not need to enter into conflicting situations. You always have choices! If you do not wish to experience conflict, you do not have to create it. (Smiling) If you are thinking that others create it, and you have no choice but to interact, this is also incorrect. You always have choices! You may choose to not interact. Your creature (Caleigh) does not choose for a Saint Bernard to come and try to bite her face, but she also does not choose to stand and allow this creature to bite her face! She will remove herself from the situation. You, in not wishing to experience conflict, have the same option as your creature.

CATHY: It’s just a matter of choice. So, people that are argumentative enter conflict because they like it?

ELIAS: This is quite correct, many times. There are many individuals who enjoy experiencing this type of conflict. They are quite aware of watching other reactions. It is interesting to them. People, individuals, do not do things that they do not receive something from. If you receive nothing from a situation, you will not create it or participate in it. You only participate when you receive something. Your adage of “you do not get something for nothing” is quite true! You do not engage in things that you do not receive something from, whether it be what you term positive or negative. It does not matter. Something will be received. (Pause) We are so pensive! (Laughter)

CATHY: What about people who do nothing and get a reaction? I’m pretty good at that!

JO: But doing nothing is doing something.

CATHY: Well, nothing is something?

ELIAS: This is quite correct, also. Every expression, whether it be a non-expression or an overt expression, is designed for what you term “feedback.” If you are receiving no feedback in experimenting with different situations, you will not repeat them. This also is why choosing to not participate in other individual’s conflicts stops conflicts, for their purpose is for interaction and continuation of conflict, and if they do not receive their purpose, it is not necessary to continue. It would be fruitless.

VICKI: When an individual experiences a great separation anxiety from somebody they are very close to and very dependent on, is this because they are more separated from their essence than a person who would not experience this?

ELIAS: This is correct. The more you separate from your essence, the more confusion you incorporate. Therefore, in creating this confusion you are looking all around outside of you, believing this will be where you will find your connection. This is what you would term, psychologically, as your insecurities. This is an expression of one searching for this connection, but searching in the wrong direction. They are looking outside themselves, and viewing other individuals of stronger psychological focus, and hoping that in connecting with those individuals that they will find their connection. If they were to turn within they would find their connection, and their fear would dissipate. Their fear is only perpetuated by searching “without.”

VICKI: And when an individual finds themselves much more easily connecting, say, with a dog than with other individuals of their own consciousness, what is that indicative of?

ELIAS: This, I will express, is sometimes a disillusionment with the separation of the individuals of your species, and a noticing of this. There are many times when an individual may notice this extreme separation and become sorrowful of this situation, not quite understanding in their psyche why they are feeling this expression. Animals do not experience this separation. They are freely giving, and freely expressing, and freely loving, and do not deceive yourselves to believe that animals are not loving, for they are. In this recognition of these creatures you will feel a connection, and also partially, in what you term your unconsciousness, an envy, a wishing to be connected in this same manner in this physical focus. Many times it is much easier to connect with an animal than it is with another individual of your species. This is for the reason that your animals are not cluttered. They are not carrying their shrines, for they have no shrines.

You in this new time have an expression, of individuals who are carrying their “baggage” with them. You have all collected quite a bit of baggage, some much more than others. These shrines become very heavy, very weighty, and they block your vision, and some individuals perceive this and become retreating from this situation. They are not wishing to participate in this continuance of this separation. They are not finding individuals that they may be connecting with in like consciousness, therefore they connect with their creatures instead. You present here may be feeling quite lucky, if there was such a thing as luck, which there is not, (laughter) for you have found other consciousness individuals in your own species and focus that you may connect with. You may not all share common experiences, but you all share common desires, and a common awareness of essence, and an awareness of more than your physical expression, and a desire to connect with that. You also share an awareness of the connection of essences to each other.

JO: Can you tell us what Cathy’s connection is with us?

ELIAS: In this group of individuals in this ...

JO: Yes, in this group.

ELIAS: You will be giving us a moment. (Pause) This essence is quite interesting! This essence being also fragmented from Paul. This would be what you would call your largest connection. I will be expressing that this essence has had quite a diversity of experiences in focuses in this physical dimension. An affinity with an Australian connection, but not being a native, but being incorporated with native individuals, being incorporated with a particular tribe of Aborigines, and feeling great affinity for this particular focus. And also, interestingly enough, incorporating South African connections. This essence has been in connection with Joseph in early focus in your calendar minus years. Also incorporating one focus of South American Indian, but not of these Incas, but the Mayan. You have traveled much to experience different developmental focuses in different cultures. You are also quite experienced in other dimensions. This would be a connection also with Lawrence, and also with Dimin, in this other dimensional focus. Incorporating also much helpfulness and compassion in similar direction of Elizabeth, in Eastern Indian focus. Great spirituality and connection. Is this helpful in your connecting focus in this group situation? (Pause, during which somebody finally says, “Cathy, is this helpful?”)

CATHY: (Laughing) I’m just blown away, just listening to all this stuff. Sure! I don’t know why I’m here. I knew there was a reason, I just didn’t know what it was.

ELIAS: You are widening.

CATHY: I am what? (Somebody ways “Widening”) I’m widening, huh?

ELIAS: You will find these individuals to be quite helpful in a “non-conflicting” way (smiling, followed by laughter) for your widening of your awareness. I sense a great eagerness in the same direction of Michael and Ron, of flying away in exploration! (Pause) We are welcoming to Dimin.

VICKI: I have one more question regarding the noticing of conflicts. So, you have a decision to make, and you, in your thinking of it, you notice that in this direction you experience conflict, and in that direction you do not, and you wish to avoid the conflict, then you would go in that direction. Correct?

ELIAS: (Grinning) Continue ... (We all laugh at Elias’ refusal to commit himself until he hears the rest of the question)

VICKI: My question really comes down to this business of completely trusting your essence, which can be difficult, because given that scenario I just presented, one must wonder, if one’s name is Lawrence, if one is reading the experience correctly or not! (Laughter)

ELIAS: You will find that you will be reading the experience correctly when there is no conflict. You may find that it is not a situation of being quite so black and white all the time. You may have your situation of conflict, but you may not instantly go to an opposite situation of no conflict. You may have to step through variations of “less conflict” before you reach no conflict. This does not necessarily mean that you must experience each “less conflict,” but you may not make the leap automatically all the time, in your noticing, to no conflict. You may, in your noticing, have to play out other scenarios before you arrive at the one that creates no conflict, but you will notice your “light bulb,” and you will feel confirmation within you from your essence, and you will know when you have arrived at no conflict.

I will express that we will adjourn for a brief break, and then we will return, but I will not be expressing myself in much time after our break, and I will express at our next meeting why, but it is not important for your information presently. I will return after your break for your questions and your involvement. But first, I will express great affection for Dimin, and I will be returning shortly.

BREAK: 7:42 PM.


ELIAS: We will continue, but first, before questions, I will address to Lawrence’s misconception. I was quite aware in speaking with you earlier that there would be misinterpretations, but it was necessary for correct directional thinking to be expressing of certain ideas and concepts in a specific direction. You have incorporated this direction and have assumed misinterpretations.

First of all, in relation to helpfulness to other individuals, I will express to you that in connecting with your own essence and in recognition of this connection, you will understand that “conditions on helpfulness” are not necessary. If you are expressing of helpfulness, you are expressing it for the feedback of yourself. It is not important how it is received. If you are choosing to be helpful to another individual for the purpose of outside feedback, you will instantly know, as I am telling you now that you are expressing in an incorrect direction. If your desire is to be helpful, and you may be helpful to an individual without causing hardship or conflict within yorself, then you are correctly expressing. If you are expressing helpfulness for the reason of expecting to see a result in another individual, this is an incorrect expression. Your helpfulness should be expressed and given freely. I will say to you that most of the time you do not do this. You express helpfulness expecting a return. Just as we have expressed earlier with Shynla, you do not do something if you do not receive something. This does not mean that your receiving must be in a material expression. Your receiving will be either from outside or from inside. Receiving from inside is correct expression. Receiving from outside is incorrect expression.

If you are faced with an individual outside of your home, in your street, who is a stranger to you and asking you of money, would you not give this to this stranger? You might not, for you might think that they will squander this money that you have given freely. But you have not given freely, for if you have given freely it is not important what their expression is with the gift. It is theirs to do with as they choose. The responsibility is not yours. Their essence will speak to them when they are ready to listen. You, with all your trying, will not be heard before their own essence is heard.

Free giving in expression gives back to you. In your (Vicki’s) helpfulness of your old woman, you were not expecting anything from this individual. It was not of concern to you of her interpretation of this act. Where she went or what she chose to do afterward was not of concern to you, but you gave a free expression, therefore giving yourself a positive gift, accepting from essence to yourself. In giving to any individual, whether it be a stranger or a loved one, you may feel that you are doing a disservice, but if you are not expecting an outside return, it will not matter. All free expression is incorporated by essence, through psyche, into individual physical focus. It may not be incorporated initially, or that moment, but it will be incorporated. Therefore, as all energy, it is not a wasted expression.

The difference is determining when you are giving freely, and when you are not. When you may look within yourself and give to an individual in need regardless of their circumstances, or their focus, or their creation of their manifestation, and allow the expression to “blow away” as a bubble, and not be concerned where it alights or disappears to, then you are giving freely. When you give, and you are dissatisfied with how the gift is received, you are not giving freely, therefore it is an incorrect expression. It does not matter what your perception of an individual’s creation of manifestation is. You are not creating it, and you do not have the reasons to create it. It is their creation and their experience, and for their reasons they have created it. It is not your responsibility to judge. Essence does not judge. The Creating Universal One and Whole does not judge. Only in physical manifestions do individuals judge, one another and themselves.

This is what you are learning prior to your shift. You are learning incorporation of essence, which expresses tolerance, and acceptance, and compassion, and love freely, expecting no thing in return. Even in this concept, it has been expressed in all of your religious focuses in all dimensions, but in all dimensions and all focuses you have misinterpreted. You do not understand free expression. I express to you all freely. I do not anticipate or expect expression in return. It is your choice. If you choose to not listen, if you choose to not incorporate, if you choose to walk away, it is not affecting to me, and I am not experiencing conflict, for I am not expressing to you with expectance [acceptance?]. You also have the capability of accomplishing this same expression even in physical manifestation, but you have forgotten how. Therefore, you must practice, and as you practice, it will become easier and more natural, and you will be connecting with essence, which will be honoring of your expressions.

VICKI: So, if I’m trying to make a decision whether or not to help somebody, my goal should be to help them expecting nothing in return, as with the old woman, and what they do with that help really doesn’t have anything to do with it at all.

ELIAS: It is not your responsiblity. Your responsibility is to yourself and to your essence, and to be true to your expression. If you are helping of someone ... let us give an example of not money, let us express an example of helpfulness for food or shelter with an individual who is needing of these things, for they have created a reality where they have not enabled themselves any longer to achieve these things of themselves. If you are expressing a gift of these things, and you are regretful, or you are anticipating being regretful, or you are previously anticipating a negative feeling, or you are experiencing a negative thought pattern, then you are not expressing freely. If you are expressing freely, you will experience no conflict. If you are expressing of a gift but experiencing conflict, better to not give the gift than to experience conflict, and create more conflict.

VICKI: So, the issue is not whether you are really helping the person. The issue is whether or not you can freely give the gift.

ELIAS: This is correct, for in helping, as I have expressed, a gift given freely is an expression of energy which is never wasted, and always accepted, and will be incorporated. A gift given begrudgingly, even when you do not believe you are being begrudging, a gift given in conflict or which created conflict subsequently is not helpful. It is perpetuating of a negative creation. Is this more understood?

VICKI: Yes. Thank you for clarifying.

CAROLE: I have a question along with that. Sometimes you can feel that you’re giving something to someone unconditionally, and the urge and the need to give something or to help this person is so strong that it feels unconditional. What if it turns out not to be, or how can we be sure? Because this, for me, this urge of wanting to help somebody with what I consider to be unconditional, I think puts me in a position of not being able to tell whether it’s creating a conflict of some sort.

ELIAS: You will, in noticing, recognize conflict. In noticing, you will give yourself all possible scenarios, and allow yourself a response. If you believe yourself to be giving freely ... (Here, Elias starts to cough, and then appears to be choking. He takes a drink) We will be instructing Michael not to be playing with chakras, for he is not helping! (More coughing) In giving freely, you may ask yourself how you will feel if this individual responds to your gift in what you would deem an inappropriate manner. (Pause)

Excuse, I must have a word with Michael! (Long pause) He will discontinue with this action presently. I am often feeling that I am dealing with a small child! (Laughter) He is very playful, and does not understand in his playfulness what he is affecting. To continue, and excuse, please ... (Elias starts choking again, and then says, loudly) We will say to Michael now, clearing blue chakra does not help situation, especially when you are not understanding of clearing chakra! (2) I am apologizing to Dimin. He is quite playful! I will be expressing for my drink. (He takes a long drink) Thank you. It is a wonderful thing to be loving him so much, or I would have to assume a position of being irritated! (Laughter) Most fortunately for Michael, I do not become irritated. (Smiling)

Now, we will continue. Let us present a small scenario. Let us say that you have decided that there is an individual in need, and you are wishing to express helpfulness, and a gift. Take a moment previous to this expression, and ask yourself questions. In this asking, play in your mind all scenarios possible. If you are experiencing a twinge, it does not need to be an overwhelming feeling, but only a twinge of any pulling, you will know that it is not necessarily a free expression.

Many times our desire is great, and we wish to be expressing helpfulness, and we truly wish to be connected, and we truly wish to be expressing freely, and then we are disappointed later that we have not expressed freely. This is where I express to you that it is better to not express than to express with reservation, for you not only do not accomplish with the other individual what you have been meaning to accomplish, but you create conflict within your own self also. It is difficult to know sometimes, within yourself, when you are being genuine.

You may also inquire of the receiving party as to how they view your expression. You may be quite enlightened by their perception, for if you are not expressing freely, their essence will know, and they will perceive immediately. You may cloud yourselves with your belief systems and intentions, but another essence, in receiving, will not be clouded and will know. You do not ask, for then you will not be quite so “noble” in your expression, but you will be more humble in your expression if you are asking for truth. Humility is a natural expression of your essence. It seeks nothing for itself, for it contains all, already. It is only physical focus which needs to be fed.

We will express to Ron that in your encounters in future, confer with Paul before playing with things that you do not understand. Do not follow Michael’s lead in this area! (Laughter) He is overzealous sometimes. I will express, though, that he is learning, and as a child, you may not learn if you do not play. (Pause) Are you wishing of more questions?

CATHY: I want to know if animals create their own pain like humans do.

ELIAS: Animals do not incorporate the same psychological focus. Animals are connected with nature in a different expression, for they have not separated as you have. In the area of creating pain, in the concept that you think of, no, they do not. But, in the concept of creating pain at all, or creating a disease, or creating a situation of becoming injured, yes. They do not do this for the reasons that you do this, but animals are quite connected with their consciousness, and are quite connected with their bodies and physical expression. They are also quite connected with their awareness of their focus, and for individual reasons they may choose to express an injury or a disease, and therefore create a situation of nurturing, or death.

They do not create situations of pain for continued attention. They create situations in expressing their desire to refocus, or in expressing their desire for nurturing. If they are feeling a need for nurturing, if they are feeling a lacking of this expression, they may choose to become injured, or they may choose to create a non-deadly disease for a time. This is not an expression to be hurtful to themselves. You do not understand the animal’s conscousness in expressing a condition within their focus of something that may be debilitating.

This happens in domesticated animals, for they have learned from your species some of your “not so good” instincts, and they may choose to copy this and express this for nurturing purposes. In the wild, animals may create an injury or a disease, and they may continue in existence, but they do not experience pain the way that you understand. They may choose in a herd to create some debilitating focus, but they will not be experiencing pain in this. They will do this for extra protection, for the herd will be protective of this. An animal creating such a situation alone will not incorporate pain, and will compensate for the experience that they created, or will choose to end focus. They do not create situations psychologically as humans do.

CATHY: So if they create something, let’s say a disease, and they get the nurturing, a domesticated animal, and they get the nurturing that they desire, then can the disease go away because of your nurturing, because of a human’s nurturing? Or are they just going to keep it there so they can have more nurturing?

ELIAS: It is theoretically possible for an animal to uncreate a disease. This does not generally happen. A domesticated animal may create a disease, and allow expression of nurturing from the human individual that it is connected with, and then it will pass on.

They do not temporarily create something. This is where they differ from you. Also, though, I will express to you, that as I have said in previous sessions, you should be aware of your affectingness with your domesticated animals, for they do incorporate focuses that you have created. They do incorporate feelings. They do have a consciousness. They do think. They also do respond to your energy. If you as an individual are exceedingly depressed, an animal which is your pet, initially will be trying, in expression, to feed energy to you to divert your consciousness to not be depressed. If this is not accomplished, your animal will become depressed, and may even carry this depression to ending its focus. They are quite sensitive in their consciousness to those around them. They are quite sensitive to the emotional output of the individuals who are the most closely connected with them, and they will be in response of this.

I will express an example of a dog, which is of quite high intelligence, as you would term this. A dog may be raised within a family. It may never experience personal cruelty. It may not be trained for attacking. It may not be abused, and it may violently turn on a member of its family with no reason. Some individuals may attribute this to a specific breed of dog. This is not true. This dog does not need to be mistreated, but it may incorporate the consciousness and the emotional expression of those individuals around it, and incorporate their feelings as they are trying to suppress them. The animal, not incorporating rationality, and not creating a geyser, expresses. The animal does not view right or wrong. It only expresses. Therefore, its expression may seem to come from nowhere, all of a sudden, but in actuality, it has been being fed for quite some time with emotional consciousness from individuals around it, creating its expression where the human counterparts do not feel able to express. (Pause)

CATHY: How did you know all that? (Laughter)

CAROLE: I want to address something that was really talked about earlier this evening. In seeing that a change is probably necessary in one’s life, and dealing with the “conflict place” to the “no conflict place,” it is sometimes very frightening to let go of the place of conflict, because all of your security is frequently involved, in that, what you’re used to, and your money security, things like that. If one chooses not to make the transition, once we have stepped across this spiritual point of no return, as I phrase it, not the average person on the street, if you will, but like in this group. If we were to choose not to follow the promptings, do we have any real choice, or is the rug going to be pulled out, eventually?

ELIAS: (Smiling) I will address to two parts of this question. First of all, I will address that you here present in this group are no different from any other essence. You are no different from your Charles Manson in your jail! (Laughter) You are all the same. Your awareness may be wider, but your essences are the same. I will also express, as I have expressed to Oliver, there is no “cosmic boot!” (More laughter) You will not have a “cosmic kick in the behind,” and you will not have the “cosmic rug” pulled from under you! You may have a stool from Elias kicked out from under you to get your attention, but this will just be in loving information. (Smiling)

In regards to consequences, your only consequence is your self. There is no one “looming in the cosmos” watching you, pointing fingers and saying, “Dimin must do this!” This is incorrect. You make your choices. If your fear prevents you from acknowledging your awareness, or if your fear prevents you from moving in the direction of your essence, you will deal with you! Your essence will not go away. Just as you say in physical focus, “Wherever you go, there you are!” (Laughter) You may put coverings on your eyes and pretend not to see, but you have already seen. Even within your religious focuses, your only true sin in your religions is to walk away from truth. This would not be a sin, for there is no sin, for there is no judgment, only what you inflict upon yourself.

If you were not separated, and if you were not disconnected, you would not judge yourself either. But you are separated, and you are disconnected, and in this, in widening and becoming aware, your essence speaks to you to bridge the connection. You may choose not to listen. Catherine has chosen not to listen. The consequence, if your would think of it this way, is to be unhappy. If you are feeling fear and unhappiness now, if you have walked away from a gift, you will feel even more. You will not make yourself feel better by feeding your fear. You will feel no conflict, and you will feel better, when you have stepped through your fear. I am quite understanding that this is not easily accomplished. Your most separating element in physical focus is fear. Fear holds you and binds you more that any other element. You may not jump over it, and you may not go around it, and you may not push it away. You must step through. You must consciously experience through, and allow yourself the experience. You are presently pushing. You are presently noticing this fear and saying, “No, no, no!” You are not stepping through. You are holding at bay. As with Lawrence, in connection with water, visualize your fear becoming water, and swim through.

As I expressed earlier, this is not an expression of “love your fear,” just as you do not “love” negativity. We are not being ridiculous and convoluted here! Fear is not to be loved, but it is to be accepted. It is a reality, and if it is not accepted, it is not expreienced, and if it is not experienced, it only comes back! This is also what you presently experience. You have attempted, as you thought or believed, to conquer your fear, in coming and becoming part of audience with me. There is nothing to conquer. You are not a warrior. You are a loving essence, and you need only move through this fear. I will express to you that in this, you will find it is no “fanged monster!”

In imagining your worst scenario, what can be so awful? You would say to me, “But Elias, I may be a bag lady,” and if you are a bag lady, you would experience a communion with essences who have nothing but to give, who are not encumbered with things. You hold to your things as tightly as you hold to your shrines. They are not important. None of this is important. What is important is you, and your connection, and your essence, and there are always those to be helpful. You only do not believe this, for you block and separate even more. You are so accomplished at separation! It is one of the best things that you do! (Smiling, followed by laughter)

You not only distrust yourself, but you distrust all other essences. You not only separate from your own essence, but you refuse to accept from other essences. Remember our statement of humility. Just as I have expressed that prayer is speaking, and you are not very good at listening, giving is quite easy. Receiving is equal to listening. Would you deny another’s gift to their essence by denying their gift to to you? You would not appreciate another individual denying your expresion if you are giving freely. But if they are so blocked that they cannot receive, then you will experience distress, for you will be blocked and not allowed to experience the giving. You, in turn, do the same in not receiving.

It is difficult to swim through fear, but you have the ability, and it is not a curse to extend out to other essences for help. Here you have your opposite situation of individuals who will not receive help that [they] do genuinely need, and other essences, in awareness, may extend, but you will find that in physical focus, individuals will only extend so far, for they are not wishing to have the door smashed in their face too many times. This is not the case yet, but I am expressing this to prevent you from doing this. Also, other individuals in awareness should be extending of support.

Just as we have expressed, this group is a group in political focus for interaction! You may not be supportive without interaction. You may not give without interaction. You may not receive without interaction. You will find, though, that stepping through your fear will be easier if you are connecting with other essences. It is not necessary for you to separate even farther and do everything alone. If this were the case, I would not be speaking in political forum. I would speak individually. We, in our focus, are not running around the cosmos individually in capsules! We are intermingled. There are not separate entities. There are incorporated essences. Therefore, I say to you, incorporate and connect!

VICKI: Why is it that ... you know, it’s so frustrating because we can’t even get people that say they’re going to come to a session to actually follow through with that, let alone have a conversation or interact. Why is that so difficult?

ELIAS: (Smiling and leaning in towards Vicki) Why is that so important? (Soft laughter)

VICKI: Only because you keep talking about the interaction, do I think that maybe it’s important.

ELIAS: (Leaning in again) Do you have no one to interact with?

VICKI: No, that is not true. I have some very wonderful individuals to interact with.

ELIAS: Then why do you concern yourself with those who do not wish to interact?

VICKI: I don’t really concern myself. (The group laughs) I’m just kind of curious why they make that choice.

ELIAS: (Smiling) For their experience! (We all laugh) We will be saying, “Why, why, why does our child step in its puddle?” to Lawrence! (Humorously) Why does it need a reason? Not that these individuals do not have their reasons. They do, for they are not little children anymore, and as you grow in your developmental focus you attain reasons, or what you think are reasons, or what may be excuses, to be creating what you wish to create. It should not be of concern. Am I concerned?

VICKI: I doubt it.

ELIAS: Do you view me inquire of you, where these individuals are each week?


ELIAS: For it is not my concern. It is their choice. If they choose to be joining, then they choose to be widening, and I am available for helpfulness. If they choose not to join, then they choose not to widen, and they choose to continue only in physical manifestation, and only with physical experience. This is their choice, and we are respecting of this choce. Just as I have said I am not preaching Elias’ words, you are not preaching Elias’ gospel. You are only concerned with your essence; and those which are wishing for interaction, there is where your concentration should be.

VICKI: So, as long as you have one person to interact with, that is sufficient?

ELIAS: This is correct. (Pause) I do not see only one individual present. I am seeing quite an opportunity for connection and interaction. It is your choice to pursue, and you may express to Michael also, that he does not need to be responsible for the whole world. I remember expressing this before, but once again he was not listening. Although I will express that with these individuals present, if you must choose a “convoluted” focus, it is better to choose a responsible one than a totally disconnected one! (Elias is laughing, and we all join in) Are you wishing of more questions, or are you wishing for ending this session ?

CAROLE: I have one more thing. A while back an indiviual’s name was brought up at a session , I was not here, who was supposed to have an impact on the group, and this name is just at me all the time. It was the indiviudal by the name of Dave. Is there something, or a reason I’m so conscious of this, or is this coming closer?

ELIAS: This would be in connection with my intention, also involving Lawrence. This is not quite accomplished yet, for Lawrence is still battling with Elias on literary matters. I’m considering. But the time is approaching soon, and you will be meeting our Dave. Be noticing. This Dave will have a specific function. It will be no accident.

RON: Is Dave a focus name or an essence name?

ELIAS: This would be a developmental focus name. (Long pause) Such quietness! I will be bidding you each a good evening, and I will be looking forward to our next encounter, and I will be congratulating all of you on your dreaming interaction, and expressing hopefulness of continuation, and I will express to you all a glorious affection. And, be noticing, for I am in connection. Good evening. (We end at 9:40 PM.)


(1) Earlier that day I had been at work, where I am a waitress. I saw three people sit down at a table, so I grabbed three sets of silverware and went to the table. When I arrived, I realized there were four people at the table. I apologized, and said I would be right back with another set of silverware. Less than fifteen seconds later, I arrived at the table again, set down the silerware, and realized that there were only three people again. I looked at the people and asked where the fourth person had gone so quickly. They were just staring at me like I was “nuts!” At that point in time, it was obvious to me that something “unusual” had happened. I made a joke about their imaginary friend, said I would order him some bacon and eggs, and we all laughed. I would like to give a special thanks to Elias here for clearing up my confusion!

(2) Mary told us later that she had been “poking around” at the blue chakra in an attempt to reduce stiffness in her shoulder area. She said that this tension was gone after the session. She assumes that Elias must have done something to take it away, thereby distracting her from the situation. She was completely unaware that Elias was choking, and was quite surprised when viewing it on the tape. He was choking quite a lot!

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