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Sunday, July 30, 1995

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Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Cathy (Shynla), Jim (Yarr), and arriving late, Christie (Oliver), and Gaylon (Thomas).

Elias arrives at 6:09 PM.

ELIAS: Greetings. We will be discussing more of your psyche this evening. I will be expressing information that I was not expressing in our last session. I have expressed this with Michael already, in preparation for this subject matter. We were discussing previously the issues of conflict, and how you deal with these conflicts. I will first begin at the beginning, a good place to start, do you not think? (Humorously) I will begin by asking you a question. Where do you believe you began, and who are you? (Smiling, and a pause)

VICKI: I don’t know if I ever really came up with an answer to that myself.

JIM: It’s kind of one of those questions you think about, but you never come up with any viable solutions. You look at religions, but it’s not there. Who you are goes a long way, I guess, in different dimensions. That’s what we’re finding out, too. (Pause)

ELIAS: Do you believe yourself to be Cathy, or Jim, or Ron, or Vicki? Is this who you are? (Pause)

VICKI: I think, up until all of this information started coming from you, that’s what I believed. (Pause)

ELIAS: Do you believe you originated with an atom?

JIM: Yes. Everything has to originate from something. The basic building blocks are atoms, or so they think. So, our perceptions that our scientists have told us. I’m sure there’s smaller things than atoms.

ELIAS: This is where we will begin. This is incorrect.

JIM: (Laughing) Well, it doesn’t make sense. You look at it, and it just falls apart, so there’s gotta be another explanation.

ELIAS: You have incorporated religious belief systems and scientific belief systems, and when one is lacking you incorporate the other, and you vary back and forth between the two. You did not begin with an atom. Your universe did not begin with an atom. It began, in your terms, with consciousness, for it did not begin. I have stated many times that you have no beginning.

It is easy for you to incorporate into your belief systems that you may not have an ending, for you can look forward and see elements in your physical existence which seem to continue forever. You may look at your oceanscape, and watch your sea fade to your sky which continues forever in your perception. Therefore you can imagine yourself continuing forever in a forward future motion. It is very difficult for you to conceive of this same principle in a backward motion, for you believe you must have begun somewhere. You did not begin. In reality, our universe did not begin. It merely rearranged. The elements of consciousness have always been. They choose different configurations, just as you choose different configurations. They arrange themselves differently, but they have always been.

We have spoken of this physical focus, and as we are speaking of the psyche, I will limit to terms basically dealing with physical focus. This is what you incorporate and what you live with. Therefore, this is also where we will begin, in physical focus, in your beginning. I will deviate for one instant to remind you, you have no beginning, only in physical focus; but in your physical beginning of this particular planet, I have expressed previously that you were in a state of what we have termed an unfocused focus, this being very close to what you now term as a dream state. This does not mean that you were walking around on this planet in a dream. You were not. I have been aware previously of individuals misinterpreting this subject. You were completely focused. Your focus of your consciousness was only different. In this state, as I have also expressed, you had no need of belief systems. You were connected with essence. You were testing your waters of physical manifestation.

We will skip for now beyond the discussion of this unfocused focus to incorporate belief systems, for these are what you deal with presently, these also being what causes you conflict. In your beginning of conscious focused manifestation, you began to experience physical manifestation. By this point of your development, you had already separated considerably from essence. In doing this, you became confused at not having answers to explain some experiences. Here begins your incorporation of religious belief systems.

I will use as an example a situation of tribal individuals, these being what you would think of as prehistoric individuals. Let us create a scenario of an ordinary day in an ordinary focus, with ordinary experiences. You, on your ordinary journey through life, do what you normally do daily, and choose to experience hunting. You travel off with a companion, and are very focused on this hunt. During the process of this hunting expedition, elements enter into your daily interaction that were not counted on. Your companion pushes you accidentally and you fall off a cliff, and your physical focus is ended. The companion travels back to your village and expresses that he has experienced pushing you off a cliff accidentally, and now you are dead.

Your mate is quite distressed. Your mate is now experiencing also an emotional reaction. An individual of your tribe becomes involved in this interaction, and is also experiencing an emotion of sympathy for your mate, and is also experiencing confusion in not understanding how to quiet this emotion in this other individual. Realize that initially, these experiences were not incorporating consequences, and that the motivation involved was completely sincere and positive. It was not vindictive or vengeful, but in wishing the emotional experience to be quieted, the objective party involved now suggests that some expression be offered by the injuring party to quiet the emotional response of the mate. In the beginning, the compensation was not great. It was only an expression, but this serves as an example of how, as you moved farther into your separation and forgot more and more of your essence, you incorporated more and more belief systems, which became greater and greater.

There came a time when a verbal expression was not enough. Man’s attention to those emotional expressions was confused. In order for them to be quieted, it began to seem that there was needing an equal expression for compensation. If you were responsible for the death of another, you must offer the same as compensation. This is where your religious ideas of “an eye for an eye” began. You have continued in these expressions, and widened this separation to its fullest extent, incorporating even to the point now where in your civilized society, you may not be compensated with an eye for an eye, but you incorporate your idea of karma. If you feel violated, you are wishing the same violation on the individual who has violated you, or if you are very civilized, (humorously) you may not wish the same violation, but you will express that “karma will get them,” eventually! (Laughter) There will always be some retribution, for this is judgment, and justice, and equality, and garbage! (Everybody cracks up, including Elias)

(Smiling) It is not this way. You are not incorporating widening separation. You are incorporating widening for essence. Your essence does not contain these belief systems. These are physical expressions, and when you truly examine them, you will see how ridiculous they are. It is not necessary for retribution. It is not necessary for equality in negativity. These are separated ideas, and they are quite influenced by your religious focuses. They are also influenced by your scientific elements, for your sciences incorporate “cause and effect,” therefore reinforcing your religious beliefs.

Religious belief systems are carried from focus to focus. I have stated this previously. The more you have incorporated physical manifestations and developmental focuses, the more you incorporate religious belief systems. Scientific belief systems, in your terms, are relatively new. They have not been allowed, in your past, to be conflicting with religious belief systems, therefore they were not. It is relatively a recent development that your sciences have established their own direction separate and apart from religious beliefs and not incorporating religious beliefs in them, but even in

this they compliment your religious belief systems. You think they do not. You think they are opposites, but they are not. They are both explanations of separated consciousness, which confuses you. Now in creating this basis, I will move to your conflicts, knowing that your conflicts are all based in these belief systems. I have spoken of belief systems many times. You continue to think and incorporate in these belief systems, and you twist yourselves so tremendously in these belief systems and wonder why you cannot break free! Your answers, as I have stated before, are really quite simple and are all contained within yourself.

In your separation, you may be faced with situations that all seem to incorporate conflict of some kind. I have spoken of this also, that you may not necessarily automatically leap from separation to complete incorporation instantaneously. You have taken many developmental focuses to separate; although theoretically, if you truly desired, you could jump totally to essence but then you would not be here! You would “poof away!” (Smiling) In deciding how to approach conflict, I have given you this answer before. Your conflict incorporates belief systems. When eliminating belief systems, you are left with you. In dealing with you in relation to other individuals, if you were connecting with essence and believing in self and trusting in self, you need only think of self. Now, you incorporate belief system words as “selfishness.” I will ask you, what is selfishness? (Pause)

VICKI: Thinking of yourself before another person.

ELIAS: Is this bad? Or is this the point?

VICKI: I don’t know. It seems to be bad.

ELIAS: This is the point! (Laughter) The point is selfishness. This is only a negative word, for your religious focus has created it as a negative interpretation. If you all were incorporating self and thinking of self first, you would not experience conflict. If you are noticing yourself, if you are noticing your impulses, we will emphasize impulses, you will not worry about other individuals, and they will not worry about you, and you will not be conflicting with them, ideally, if you were each concerned with your essence. Unfortunately, you are not thinking of your own essence, and neither are any of the other individuals on your planet. This is a result of your separation. This does not mean that you may not accomplish this, it only means that you must work at it a little harder.

In incorporating in essence truly, your essence is considerate and compassionate, and not rude and not intrusive. It is quite concerned with itself. It is quite selfish and self-centered; but these are all positive elements of essence, for these are its creative expression and its motivation. I do not express to you to follow selfishness as it has been portrayed to you in your religious focuses, for these are negative and not caring and not incorporating; but in connecting with essence you will incorporate positive expressions.

Just as I explained to Oliver when he asked, “How may I connect with an individual who is so closed?,” it does not matter; for your essence, in connecting, will be tolerant and loving and compassionate. These are natural expressions of your essence. Your essence does not seek vindictiveness or rudeness or intrusiveness. It is not hurtful or aggressive. Therefore, in connecting with essence which is ultimately positive, how may you express negative? (Pause, smiling) Lawrence is still confused!

VICKI: Quite often, in avoiding conflict for yourself though, you create it for another essence.

ELIAS: In expressing a desire to not create conflict within yourself, are you wishing to create conflict in another individual?


ELIAS: Then it is not your responsibility.

VICKI: Well, this is where the confusion lies, is where one’s personal responsibility starts and stops, and the other person’s starts and stops, and then there’s that place where they get all intermingled together, and it’s like, it’s hard to figure out where your personal responsibility starts and stops. Because if everything you do affects every other essence, then you must be aware of that.

ELIAS: To a point, you are aware. To a much greater point you are not. I am understanding what you are expressing. I am also repeating that if you are being connected with essence and you are not expressing of negative intention involving another individual, you are expressing correctly in connection with essence. This does not mean you may allow your creature to bite your neighbor, and say to your neighbor, “Oh well, it was my dog’s experience, and it was your problem for putting your leg in his mouth.” You do bear responsibility! If you are not caring of other individuals, this is an incorrect expression and not connected with essence. But in connecting with essence and examining motivation, then in making a choice, it may not be suiting individuals around you; but this does not mean that it is an invalid choice. It does not mean you are making an incorrect choice. You are making an incorrect choice if your motivation is only for other individuals. If your motivation in choosing a direction is to avoid a belief system of selfishness, this is an incorrect direction also. Even your psychologists in this age of yours understand the importance of focusing on one’s self, and I will express that your psychologists do not get much right! This we will discuss later, for this will convolute Michael, for he trusts this judgment so very much and it is so very off! (With amazement)

You have examples of individuals that you may look to in your own physical manifestations on your own planet, as in Gandhi, who believed his purpose to be for the greater good of humanity, being a politically focused individual; but his expression in accomplishing this was to focus on his own essence and self. His expression was not storming walls, but sitting passively. He was not concerned with feeding multitudes. He was very barely concerned with feeding himself! His expression was only to self; but in this expression to self, spoke to and moved the consciousness of an entire planet. If this one little man, who was quite ordinary, may connect and express through self, you may also. I will also express that in this example of Gandhi, initially he was not thinking in this direction. In his younger years, he was quite hot-tempered and not very tolerant, which gave way to a connection with essence expressing in tolerance and compassion and never being intrusive.

I will express with your mundane example of your playing of your music too loudly: if you are in connection with essence, you will not do this to begin with for your essence is continually aware of not being intrusive. Therefore, I express to you that ideally, in what you term a perfect world, if you were all focusing only on your selfish essence, you would have no conflict! (Smiling at Vicki) But this does not solve your problem now! (Vicki laughs) And Lawrence is wishing Elias to give all the answers to all the problems of all the world! And I actually may, but I may choose not to. (Grinning) Your expression is beginning in the correct direction, and I am also giving you your answer. You have only not heard it. Therefore, in not repeating myself and being redundant, you may go over your notes and you may read it again, and then your “light bulb” may go on for your answer is contained in this information. (Pause)

I will speak to you also briefly of impulses, for these are ultimately important for connection, and they are also the single most thing that you ignore; this being why you do not connect, for you do not pay attention to your impulses. Impulses, as I have expressed previously, are not thoughts and not emotions. They may trigger a thought or emotion, but in themselves they are neither. They are an urging, they are a pulling, and they happen to you every day of your life. I am not expressing your life only in this developmental focus, but in physical manifestation completely. Every day that you experience physical manifestation, you experience impulses. In our early sessions, I explained to you about impulses and how they may be very mundane. I also expressed to you that in noticing the small impulses, you allow yourself the opportunity to become familiar with impulses and to trust your acting on them.

You may feel an impulse as slight or as mundane as to get up and move to another room and pick up a book. This does not include an emotion. It does not always include a thought. Your feet may carry you to your other room and you may pick up your book, and you may look at your book and say to yourself, “Why do I have this book?” This was an impulse. These impulses happen to you daily. If you notice them, just as I have expressed in the subject of noticing everything else which you do not notice, you will connect. You will also become aware of how these impulses connect actions together. You will understand that these impulses are the language of your essence. This is the language you have forgotten. It is now foreign to you, and you are re-learning it. It is, in actuality, more difficult to re-learn this language than to learn a new one! (Looking at Cathy, because she is presently learning German)

CATHY: Oh really, that’s really good to know, that makes me feel really good! Thank you! (Cracking up)

ELIAS: (Smiling) The reason for this is that in learning a new language, you concentrate on it, you are focused on it, you accept it, and you do not rationalize it away. You only learn it. Impulses are with you continuously; but you not only do not notice, but even when you do notice you don’t listen, or you rationalize away. You do not ask yourself realistically, even for a moment, “What if I act on this impulse?” You do not even get that far! (Laughter) Or if you got that far, you could also ask yourself, “What could happen if I follow this impulse?,” but you don’t ask yourself. Even when you notice, you look to yourself and you think how silly you are, or how silly you will sound, or how silly you will look. I will express to you that you look much more silly being disconnected and convoluted and in confusion! (Laughter) It is only your rational perception that you believe that you look so intelligent and so impressive while you are being so rational, and things are going on all around you and within you, and you are denying them here and there and everywhere! (Very humorously)

You would be amazed at your connections if you were noticing your impulses; but beyond noticing, which is your first step, then you must act on these impulses. It is all fine and fun to play with consciousness or altered consciousness or meditations or visualizations or ideas, and be batting them back and forth and saying, “I am connecting!” (Laughter) But if you are not acting, you are not connecting. You are only perceiving. You may perceive forever and not connect. You may view a tiger back and forth, or you may spin energy around and around and around, and you are accomplishing only playing. But you are not acting.

I will use, much to his regret, Michael as an example of a very small impulse. You may, as Michael, notice an impulse to not put money in a machine. Then you may think to yourself, “How silly, I have no reason to feel an impulse to not put money in this machine,” although in footnote we will express that these thoughts did not actually occur, for he did not analyze the situation this far. He promptly put money in the machine, and it was gone! The money would be in his pocket if he had followed his impulse; but he did not, and now the money is in the broken machine. (Laughter) This is a very small example. I am quite sure that you have all had much larger examples where you have had an impulse to do or not do something, and have ignored this impulse. (Pause) We will allow presently for our break, and when we return I will allow for your questions for this evening. Is this acceptable? (We all agree) Good. I will be returning shortly.

BREAK: 7:19 PM.

ELIAS: Michael is thinking he is quite amusing! You have most uncomfortable furniture in this focus! (Smiling, followed by laughter) You will not be offended if I am eliminating this? (1)

VICKI: Here, let me help you.

ELIAS: Thank you. I will be preparing for these little tricks! Now we will continue in allowing for your questions, but initially I will once again address to misunderstandings. (Humorously) I would be thinking that by now you would be familiar with my pattern; that you would be like little mice in your break and not speaking, although it would not matter for I would know anyway! Our first misunderstanding will be addressing to Yarr in your idea of society, which does not inflict ideas or belief systems upon you. If you choose to incorporate ideas and belief systems, you will. If you choose not to incorporate belief systems, you will not. You choose. You always have choices. If you have incorporated belief systems, you have chosen to incorporate these. They are enhanced and grow stronger by your choosing to separate farther from your essence, this also being a choice. You choose to be separated. All of your experiences are choices. You are not a victim. You are always an active choosing participant.

In widening awareness, you are not dispelling belief systems. You may allow belief systems to drop away from you, as I have expressed before, but this does not mean you have eliminated them. It only means you have chosen not to incorporate them into your reality. There is a difference. You are not erasing experiences. You are not dispelling with belief systems. I will also pose to you a thought, that although you incorporate a belief system that you have allowed Christian belief systems to drop away, you have incorporated eastern belief systems, which are the same. Therefore, you may say you do not incorporate religious belief systems any longer; but as I have said, you may think you do not incorporate belief systems, but you do. In widening your awareness and connecting with essence, you will become aware that religious belief systems are unnecessary.

All religious belief systems, as I have stated previously, are basically the same. They incorporate some elements differently. They disguise and camouflage ideas differently, but their basic concepts are all the same, even to the extent of other dimensions and planetary systems. Religious belief systems are religious belief systems, whether they be from your planet of earth or whether they be from another planet in another galaxy or whether they be from what you think of as another universe. We will also address the idea of other universes, but this also will be slightly twisting to Michael. (Pause) I will be welcoming to Oliver and also to Thomas, and expressing an affection in viewing these essences this evening after absence. I will allow for your questions. (Pause)

VICKI: What about the other universes?

ELIAS: (Smiling) This would be a typical Lawrence question in knowing that this will upset Michael, which I will express that if there were such a thing as being “bad,” you would be being it! (Humorously) I will explain, briefly, that your concept of your universe is incorrect. You believe your universe to be what you and your instruments of scientific focus view. You believe also, with your scientists, that beyond what you view are other universes. There are what you would term many universes, but they are not beyond. They exist simultaneously and occupy the same space. This space that you presently sit in is occupied also by countless other dimensional universes, some completely parallel to your own, some completely foreign to your own. I will express that in your situation of your Philadelphia Experiment, this is what was viewed. These individuals did not project to another place. They never left this space that they were physically originally occupying. They were dimensionally removed to another universe.

Each universe does not incorporate time in the same manner as do you. Some do not incorporate time at all. Some do not incorporate space at all. Some may incorporate time with no space. These are concepts and realities that are far beyond your comprehension. I will express though, that in these other universes which do incorporate space and time, they may incorporate them quite differently than do you. Here we will offer an explanation to Michael’s experience with time, which I will express I was instrumental in engineering. This was not only for playfulness but for instructional purposes also, for I was aware that we would be discussing this subject, and this is one of our subjects that Michael has strong belief systems incorporated with and will find these ideas difficult; although now he has experienced this situation, and may find it easier to incorporate into his reality. In some dimensional universes, time is moving so slowly that to you it would seem that you could accomplish an entire year’s worth of experiences into a single second of their existence. In other dimensional universes, time moves so quickly that you may have individuals from that universe around you continuously and never be aware, for they are moving so rapidly that you may not perceive them at all.

In my game with Michael, I was altering his time to be moving so slowly that he was experiencing action and reaction and movement, all within the space of one second of your time. This seemed to his reality to be impossible. It is only impossible in your rational thinking and in your perception of time in this physical manifestation and focus. In other dimensions they also manifest physically and, to them, experience time in the same manner that you experience time; but their time is quite different. I have been asked previously once, by Yarr, if other beings inhabit your planet alongside of you. I expressed that they do not. This was, as I have often given, a partial answer. To your way of thinking and your perceptions, they do not. At the same time they do, for they occupy the same space; but in their space you do not exist, for you are occupying a different dimension, just as in your dimension they do not exist. This is why I expressed that you do not share the same space with other creatures or other individuals in other focuses, for in the term of space, you do not. Their dimensional space is different; but if you are thinking in physical terms of physical space, which you are for this is how your physical brain works, then yes, they occupy the same space.

Your universe is not expanding. It does not expand and it does not contract. It did not begin with your singularity. It will not end in singularity. It widens with awareness, but with space it does not. It is in continuous motion as is all energy, but it is not growing and it is not shrinking, for it already is everything. This concept is not only difficult to grasp in this physical focus, it is not possible to grasp, for you will always be thinking of what is beyond. (Pause) But if the universe is all, there is no beyond all; just as you are all.

I asked each of you earlier how you view yourself. I will express to you, how you view yourself may be slightly wider or larger than you viewed yourself before Elias; but basically you continue to view yourself as you, a separate individual, your own consciousness, your own essence, your own self; which you are, but you are not. You are an individual personality essence, but you are not separate or different or apart or limited. You have never begun, you have never ended, and you contain all. And I am well aware that I have said you have never ended, for all is simultaneous anyway. (Speaking humorously to Vicki) Therefore when you reach this part of your transcript, you will not be arguing with Elias, saying this was incorrect that you are never ended. I will not continue in more detail for I will allow Michael to digest this first, and we may continue with this subject of your universe another time. (Pause, looking around at the group) Are we needing to delegate to an individual for asking questions, or are you only just being frogs? (Laughter)

VICKI: Okay. I have a couple of questions written down here. One is for Carole, Dimin. Her question regards a channeling class that she heard about, and the teacher of this channeling class informed her that all of her students were channeling ascended masters, and she wondered about your comment on that. (Here, Elias smiles, and begins chuckling) And also, one must ask at this point, what actually is an ascended master?

ELIAS: (Humorously) This is quite amusing! Here will be another example of your belief systems, and also, if my answer is relayed to this individual, another example of created conflict! (Laughter) I will express to you that if you are in a situation of a class and all of your individuals are channeling through an essence of an ascended master, so to speak, you should most likely leave! (We all crack up)

I will express, first of all, there are no ascended anything for essences do not ascend. They widen in their awareness; but as they are not climbing ladders, they are not ascending to levels either. That will be our first point for Dimin. Our second point for Dimin will be that what you would term as “masters” in this type of situation would not be speaking through a physically focused individual. They have widened their awareness to such an extreme point that their vibrational qualities do not come through a physically focused manifestation. They may speak with your essence, but they will not be verbally materializing through individual physical manifestation. Even in speaking with your essence, as your essence is still incorporating physical manifestation, you would not understand.

In other terms, an individual may consider an essence as myself or as Paul to be a master. This is also an incorrect assumption. As I expressed to Lawrence and Oliver and John in our first meeting, I am a personality essence, as are you, as are all essences. They are not incorporating different levels. They are only incorporating wider awarenesses, just as you are aware of physical focus, but possess the ability to widen your awareness beyond and may even in physical focus incorporate and intersect with other dimensions and other probabilities and alternative selves and essence. When not physically manifest, your awareness widens farther.

I have expressed in previous sessions as to the awareness incorporated by our essence of Seth, which is wider and more incorporating than am I. To you I can be quite knowledgeable and sometimes even appear, in your subconscious, to be likened to what you think of as an angel or a god. I am exactly the same as you, and you are exactly the same as Seth, and Seth is exactly the same as essences far wider in awareness than he, and all are exactly the same as The Creating Universal One and Whole. There is no difference. There are no sections. There are no masters. There are no angels. There are no gods except for yourselves, and the only term that I would be willing to incorporate would be possibly guides, only in referring to essences always incorporated; but even in this term all essences are incorporated with all other essences, so there is no difference. You do not have small cherubs following you everywhere, and you also do not have stoically-looking, staff-carrying, robe-wearing masters following you. Your information and your awareness comes from you. You may have help in energy from other essences, but your answers come from you. Your essence is equally glorious to the most glorious essence.

VICKI: So what do you imagine these people in this class are actually doing?

ELIAS: Incorporating belief systems into altered states of consciousness. I have expressed that your belief systems are quite strong. I do not think you understand just how strong they are; and if you carry them from one developmental focus to another, why would you think that you do not carry them in another state of consciousness? Now you will say, “Then how do we know that Elias is real?” I will express to you that I do not claim to be your master. I also do not claim to be any different from your own essence. I have been quite clear in expressing that I am not developing a new religion or a new belief system. In Michael’s consciousness, if he were speaking to you from an altered state of consciousness incorporating his own belief systems, you would most likely hear many “Hail Marys” or maybe a few “Oms,” (laughter) but he would definitely not deliver information to you that is conflicting with his own belief systems. These individuals, I am quite sure if you will investigate, are not delivering information contrary to their belief systems.

It is not so difficult to tap into another state of your own consciousness. The only reason you are finding it so difficult is because you are trying to reach a true state of allowing another essence to speak. If you were not focused in this direction, you could be speaking your mouth off all the time, but you would be giving information of your own self. This information will not even incorporate information from your essence, for it too may deliver equal information to what I express to you. You will not hear an individual channel information from their own essence. This does not happen for the same reason that you have difficulty with an intersecting with alternate focuses. If you would be channeling your own essence, your own physical neurological pathways would become so confused you would lose your own self identity in physical focus. You create these separations intentionally. There are points in physical focus presently that you do not cross. Your individual identity in physical manifestation is too delicate and cannot incorporate some information.

Therefore I will express to Dimin that regardless of her respect for this teacher of this class, which in itself is amusing, these individuals are not channeling ascended masters or descended masters or sideways masters! (Laughter) And Dimin, along with all other individuals, will recognize a genuine essence which is manifesting through physical focus, for they will not offer information that you expect! They will also not offer information to placate your belief systems. Essences not physically focused, as I have expressed before, do not incorporate belief systems. Therefore they are not going to encourage belief systems or offer more belief systems. (Pause)

VICKI: Regarding our “exercises,” do you have any suggestions for a direction we could go with those? (Elias grins)

ELIAS: I think you are accomplishing quite well. I will express to you, as Michael is already quite aware and still not listening, that I have expressed personally that it would be helpful if you are not all “cosmically” going this way and that way and around and upside down and wherever you want to go, and making yourself and also myself and also Paul’s self and also Marshuka’s self dizzy! (Laughter) It would be quite more productive if you are trying to focus similarly. This does not mean that you need to all focus on a single ball, and concentrate until your brain is hurting on this ball! It is only meaning that you should choose a similar focus. If you are choosing to be only quiet and allowing your own visualizations, this is fine. If you are choosing to be pushing energy, this is fine also. If you are choosing to be noticing and open to other individual’s energy, this is good. It is confusing when you are choosing many different focal points, and continuing to change them and allowing them to be completely chaotic! (Laughter)

CATHY: That’s exactly what we did! We were having a ball!

JIM: We just don’t know what the heck we’re doing!

ELIAS: (Smiling) I will express to you, though, that you are playing and you may not learn if you do not play. Do not worry about your playing. You will acquire a more common focus naturally. You will learn through your playing and you will have fun in learning, and this also is the point. You are much too serious. We will address to one very small point of seriousness in Lawrence, of being too serious of transcripts. They will be accomplished. They will not be accomplished in sacrificing everything around them. This, do not misunderstand, is not an expression of an answer to your question about your working. This has nothing to do with that situation. But do not allow transcripts to be convoluting your relationships, or interrupting time that may be spent in living. These papers are not that important and you will eventually be “caught up,” in your terms. And you may express to Michael that children play and this is acceptable, and that he also should not be irritated only because he is working on transcripts. The world does not stop for Elias’ transcripts! It is not that important. Your book will materialize in its time, and I will be helping. Actually, I will be dictating! (Grinning, laughter, and a pause)

CATHY: So ...

ELIAS: So ...(Laughter)

CATHY: Since we’re supposed to be doing more interacting, as we have this last week, what exactly constitutes interaction? Like, if we get together socially and don’t talk about Elias, is that interacting?

ELIAS: Interaction is exactly what this word’s definition is, interacting. This does not mean you must focus on Elias in every expression of your focus. Interaction is an avenue for connection. In sharing experiences with other individuals, it allows you an opportunity to notice and to become more aware of yourself. It allows you to notice your impulses, your emotions, your thoughts and connect with these and therefore connect with essence. Interaction does not mean I am wishing you to be sitting and speaking only of Elias sessions. These sessions are not occupying your entire focus. I am offering helpfulness for information for widening and connecting and avoiding trauma. You are incorporating. In incorporating, you address all of your focuses. You widen your awareness within your entire manifestation. Every minute of each day, you present yourself with the opportunity to widen. If you are not noticing, you are not taking advantage of your opportunity for widening. Your interaction may also be with your dog! (Smiling) This is why I have expressed to Lawrence that it is not important which individuals are incorporated in our sessions. My expression to you each of interaction is a personal expression to each individual to interact continuously, not only with the individuals in this group, but with all individuals.

CATHY: That was my next question. I knew you’d answer it if I just hung out long enough! Okay. I’m done now.

VICKI: I have a question about the fragmentation. When you find yourself very connected to another person, and you also know that you are not “fellow fragments,” as we have been calling them, then one must come to the conclusion that the fragmentation issue does not really have anything to do with more or less connection between individuals. Is this correct?

ELIAS: It is not that it does not have anything to do with it, but it does not have all to do with it. The issue of fragmentation may connect you with another individual who is fragmented of the same essence, or it may not. In some instances, you do experience a stronger pull in relation to what you term a “fellow fragment.” Actually, in most situations you will feel this pull. This does not necessarily mean that you will connect. It only means you will feel a pull. That is a recognition of a common fragmentation. In some situations, the issue of fragmentation does hold a much stronger connection than other situations. Then there are also connections which may appear to be equally as strong with individuals who are not fragmented by the same essence; but as you are all connected, you must look at the intricacies of essences. I will express to you that I am aware of the origin of this question.

VICKI: I knew you were.

ELIAS: And you are not being “sneaky!” (Smiling) This connection that you are aware of is quite a reality. You have made an agreement to physically manifest several times together, sometimes only within the same physical focus and not actually physically connected, sometimes physically connected within what you term a relationship. This is because of your fragmentation. I have expressed briefly previously, that Paul and I would be what you would term in your physical terms exceedingly close. I will also express that Paul and I are both fragmented of another essence, this creating an extremely close bond between us. An agreement was made between myself and Paul, remembering these are all being expressed in physical terms for your understanding. This agreement was in allowing fragmentation of same desired focuses. These same desires were experienced and expressed simultaneously, and were also fragmented simultaneously, and were also intertwined at the point of fragmentation almost to the point of being one fragment, but not.

These individual fragments, being so connected, make choices to continue connection within physical manifestations. What was interesting is that probabilities did not point to connection in this particular physical focus, but were altered. This will illustrate another example of how you may change your probabilities at any given point. I have expressed to Peter to be leery of psychics which predict your future; for you may, at any moment, change a probability. In this focus Michael changed the probabilities. Lawrence has continued along the desired path throughout this physical manifestation. Michael has changed probabilities several times. He has, in doing this, created fragments and many splinters; but through a desire in knowing this to be a last physical manifestation, chose to change probabilities and reconnect. It is a very complicated essence expression. It is very difficult to explain, in physical terms, the intricacies of this particular fragmentation expression; but you are correct that it is not necessary to be fragmented by the same essence to be connected extremely in other ways. Fragmentation is not the only pull or the only connection. You experience many, some more intensely than even fragmentation. Is this sufficient?

VICKI: Yes, it’s great. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. (Pause) And Oliver is so quiet! (Smiling)

CHRISTIE: Oliver is very tired tonight, and just enjoying listening.

ELIAS: This is acceptable. I am pleased to be so relaxing. Are you wishing of more questions this evening?

JIM: I have a question. Is this my last physical focus?


JIM: I didn’t think so! (Laughter)

CATHY: But he could change it, right?


CATHY: Just checking, making sure I’ve got this right!

ELIAS: (Smiling) This is not what you are thinking of as a curse! (Laughter) This essence is choosing remanifestation, for in actuality it is awaiting this with great excitement. This remanifestation will be taking place after your shift. You will be experiencing physical manifestation with a new awareness of consciousness. Ron will also engage in this remanifestation for the experience of both physical and non-physical awareness simultaneously. Also, Oliver will be experiencing this. This is a common fascination within your essence that you will be wishing to experience. I was expressing in earlier session that essences not choosing to remanifest may change their mind. This will be, in physical manifestation, a great age. Many new discoveries will be accomplished, and you individually in physical focus will experience great things that have never been experienced in physical focus before. You will incorporate more into your focus than has ever been incorporated in physical manifestations, this including other dimensional focuses. No dimensional focus has attained to this incorporation individually previously.

I will also express that you will not be experiencing negativity within your own focus and within your own dimension and manifestation. This is not to say that aggression or negativity will not exist in another dimensional focus. It will only not exist within your own, but you may choose to not involve yourself with other dimensional focuses which do incorporate these elements. You will set yourselves apart and incorporate only what you wish, and have the ability to accomplish this. You will not be visited by little gray squashy guys, for they will be incorporated; but as I have briefly explained this evening, all universes occupy the same space, only within different dimensions. Therefore, in widening to incorporate essence and allowing the experience of all dimensions, you also may view those that are more similar to your own present experience. They are not less evolved than you. They are only not as wide in their awareness. Some are also part of you. (Pause)

CHRISTIE: Are we preparing for this next manifestation in this manifestation, by maybe being here with you? I mean, is that part of the preparation, or does this manifestation have nothing to do with the next one?

ELIAS: Oh no! It does! This is why you are here with me. You are incorporating information to widen your awareness, to avoid trauma in new experience of this shift. Those of you choosing to remanifest will be benefiting of this information, for you will have incorporated altered states of consciousness and dream state to familiarize yourselves with your new awareness, which will be incorporated as your main reality. Those of you not wishing to remanifest are incorporated with me for instructional purposes for continuing in non-physical focus, which will be in the realm of teaching. Either choice incorporates trauma, with no instruction.

CATHY: I have a question. I went to one other channeling session in another country, and it was one where there was a clairvoyant and a channeler, and I wonder if you could comment, like you can pick up a drink, if someone gives you a drink you can pick it up to your mouth and take a drink. He, this particular one, the clairvoyant had to put the glass up to the mouth, and he drank a lot of water. And I don’t think he was in the realm of a teacher, although I don’t know, because all he was doing was commenting on my friend’s past, any questions that she had, and the only thing that I know is that everything he said about her was stuff that I agree with, or thought was correct. I just wonder if you would comment on this channeler, if you could, on his physical ability. I mean, can you stand up if you wanted to stand up? Could you stand up right now?

ELIAS: I will be standing up, and if you are wishing me to be walking around, you will see ...(2)

CATHY: Look at that! Has he ever done that before?

RON: Nope. But you asked, that’s all.

CATHY: How was it?

ELIAS: It is feeling quite physically strange! (Laughter)

JIM: Kind of like the piece of furniture, huh?

ELIAS: You have very strange taste in furniture in this age! I will express to you that manipulation of physical matter requires concentrated energy. It is easier for me to manipulate a physical body than it is for me to hold a cup. Part of this is not actually the physical holding of the cup, but what you would call finding the cup; this being for the reason that there are some times when my vision is not the same as Michael’s vision through his physical eyes. It is not necessary for me to visualize continuously your physical bodies or your furniture or anything in your room. I may see your essences before me, and many times this is enough.

I wish not to physically tax Michael’s physical body any more than necessary, for the exchange of energy there is a physical taxing. This body was created by Michael. It is his physical expression. Its molecules and cells are accustomed to his consciousness and respond to it. The consciousness within the cells of this body are not familiar with my energy, therefore this creates a certain degree of confusion within the physical body. In this, I wish not to confuse it any more than I need to in our agreement. As it is, the certain area of vocalization is affected to a degree and the surrounding area of upper torso, this causing sometimes muscular discomfort or even a dryness in throat. This may be an expression of that essence consuming much liquid. (Referring to Cathy’s comment) This may be because the physical individual is less acclimated in the agreement with the physical body. Much of the phenomenon is dependent on the agreement of the physically manifest individual and how much they are willing to cooperate. It is not only a psychological or consciousness agreement. It is also incorporating a physical agreement.

As to the ability of the cup: as I have expressed, I, being allowed full manipulation of the body through agreement with Michael, may manipulate a cup or an object and with practice may manipulate them more and more, and better and better. I only do not find the cup all the time, for the energy of the cup is so slight that I do not always visualize this. It is easy to visualize energy of essence. A cup, although containing a consciousness of atoms, does not radiate much aura. (Smiling) If the individual who is in physical manifestation is not agreeing to be completely removing, the essence will experience quite limited body expression. Some individuals allow this body expression of total body and agree, for their purposes, for the essence to be quite mobile. You will find, though, that this is incorporated in individuals who are, what you term, “channeling an essence consciously.” An individual who expresses an essence in the agreement and manner in which Michael expresses me does not generally “dance around!” (Humorously) It incorporates much use of physical energy.

VICKI: More than the conscious channeler?

ELIAS: Absolutely! Michael has removed his consciousness from this physical body. In this, his consciousness has been removed so completely that he is physically unaware of this body. This is why I was expressing to him in our last session in cautioning; for in removing complete consciousness and in trusting and allowing another essence to completely move into this physical space, he very well could conceivable destroy this physical body unintentionally, and stop its existence. He has already removed himself from it. Although your body does possess a consciousness, which we will not discuss now for we will discuss this when we are discussing your subject of your body, it does not possess a consciousness to survive independent of your consciousness. (To Cathy) Were you wishing of more information of this essence?

CATHY: Was he a teacher?

ELIAS: I would express that this essence is not in our focus. Therefore, I would say no; but this essence is quite loving with children and quite good at connecting in playing games, and has been in contact with our Elizabeth also.

CATHY: Do you know his name?

ELIAS: Are you wishing this name of this expression, or are you wishing of this essence name?

CATHY: It’s the only name that I know.

ELIAS: This essence would be (pause) Tompkin in essence, and would be of Amos in channeling, and would be of (pause) Jargar which Elizabeth was interpreting to be of George.

VICKI: What focus is he in?

ELIAS: These focuses do not possess titles or names. In expressing to you that I am in a focus of teaching, as is Paul, I was expressing to you something that you may understand. There are many essences such as this one who are more closely connected with this physical plane, if you wish to call it a physical plane. Some essences experience a great love and affection for physical focus and manifestation, and have experienced such a wonderful connection with physical manifestation that when they choose to not remanifest anymore, they choose to stay close to physical manifestation. They also serve quite purposefully as a bridge between wide essences and physical manifestation, and may interpret from one to the other. (Pause)

CATHY: I can’t take anymore information tonight!

ELIAS: (Humorously) Are you expressing of a brain ache? (Laughter) Then I will be “signing off of our station!” And I will be speaking with Ron later.

VICKI: Thank you for all the information.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. (To Christie) And I am quite happy that you have decided to rejoin us. I will be interacting with you at our next session and before, and I will bid you all a good evening now. (We end at 9:45 PM.)


(1) Elias always sits cross-legged on the floor. As an experiment and for fun, we decided to put Mary in a beanbag chair with her feet propped up on the coffee table. Elias’ reaction was “quite amusing!” He promptly began removing himself from the chair and resumed his usual position.

(2) To everyone’s amazement, Elias stood up quite easily and walked around the room. I don’t know why we all assumed he couldn’t do this. Obviously, he has become quite acclimated to Mary’s body.

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