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Sunday, April 05, 1998

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ďNon-Physical TransitionĒ

ďIs Schizophrenia a Disease?Ē

Participants: Mary (Michael), Forrest (Ellius), and Carole (Aileen).

Elias arrives at 9:38 AM. (Arrival time was twenty seconds.)

ELIAS: Good day, Aileen. (Smiling)

CAROLE: Good day, Elias. Itís wonderful to see you again.

ELIAS: Once again!


ELIAS: And you have inquiries this day?

CAROLE: Yes, I do. Just some basic questions to start with, just little informational things, and then Iíll get into the questions. Michael is compiling a list of essence names, and I neglected to get them for people. Husband, his essence name? Heís family Sumafi aligned with Milumet, and his essence name?

ELIAS: Mandell; M-A-N-D-E-L-L.

CAROLE: Thank you, and son Thomas? Heís family Sumari, aligned with Ilda.

ELIAS: Thomas.

CAROLE: Ah! And son Rick? Heís family Sumari, aligned with Tumold.

ELIAS: Tam; T-A-M.

CAROLE: Thank you. Tom is married to a young woman named Monica, from Brazil. Iíve mentioned her before to you, and I believe that she is of the essence family Sumafi, aligned with Borledim. Is that accurate?

ELIAS: Correct.

CAROLE: Thank you, and do you have an essence name for Monica?

ELIAS: Bridget.

CAROLE: Thank you. I appreciate that.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

CAROLE: Recently, my mother disengaged from physical focus. It was an extremely emotional time for everyone concerned, and Iím wondering ... my mom said that she had this thing where she wanted to have my younger brother, who in this physical focus is retarded, also disengage with her. Now, in an inner state of reality, I saw my mom with my brother staying in an apartment, and I went and got them. She was going to take her car somewhere, and I asked her for the car keys, and was putting them in a Volkswagen to take them away. Iíve had this same experience in imagery before, in helping people transition or being there while people transition. Is she in a probable reality? Did my brother disengage physical focus with her also in a probable reality, as he didnít according to this reality, and that is now what sheís experiencing? Is that what I viewed?

ELIAS: An aspect of is experiencing this action and interacting with the probable reality, for she is engaging transition and therefore also aware of the probable realities and interactive with them.

CAROLE: Okay, and what is her choice in direction right now in her most probable probability, maybe not one of the spin-off aspects? I keep seeing her in transition where we are exchanging energy, and it seems as though sheís working through a lot of belief systems that sheís still mired in from this physical focus.

ELIAS: Absolutely. This individual has held many very strong belief systems within this particular focus. This individual also chooses remanifestation. Therefore, there are aspects of the belief systems that shall be, in the most probable probability, retained and held into the new manifestation, although be understanding that each focus is a new creation. Therefore, there is one aspect of the focus that shall be manifest and IS manifest within simultaneous time, but essentially, the focus that you are familiar with shall engage the belief systems and move into non-physical area of consciousness.

This is not an action of fragmentation. This is the action of remanifestation, but not within what you view to be reincarnation, for each focus also continues within non-physical focus, but simultaneously an aspect of that focus may be choosing to remanifest and be experiencing a continuation of physical focus. All of this occurs simultaneously. Therefore, this creates confusion in individuals holding belief systems of reincarnation.

In this situation she is engaging the action of transition, and to your terms has just begun this action of transition. This translates into your time framework, within your perception of physical focus, to be much of a time period. Therefore, you may anticipate that within your awareness of time framework within this physical focus, this individual shall be in transition for what you term to be many years, although to the individual it does not appear to be the same type of time framework.

Within non-physical transition you shall continue to experience a time framework temporarily, for you continue to hold an objective awareness. This continues the perception of time, but it appears differently, for you are no longer within physical focus and a linear time framework. The individual experiences all of the viewings of all of the focuses simultaneously, but in choosing remanifestation, the belief systems held by all of the focuses are not addressed to. Only the belief systems that have been held within the individual focus are addressed to in this type of transitional state. Were this to be a final focus, the transitional action would be different, for all of the belief systems in relation to all of the focuses would be addressed to. This is an action of shedding belief systems and objective awareness, enabling the focus to move into non-physical areas of consciousness which do not hold belief systems or objective awareness. The action of shedding the belief systems with this individual has not yet begun.

CAROLE: Iíve been seeing her. I feel like this is also part of my being in a final focus and my transition, having so much activity with her with energy exchanges in these other areas of consciousness. I can feel myself like blowing up larger and larger, sending her energy, and her with these angry belief systems sending me energy. I can experience it so much in that dream state, just as if itís happening in the physical state. I can feel my body, or what seems like a body.

ELIAS: You are allowing yourself to be opening to the action of transition, offering yourself more information that you may more efficiently engage your own transitional state. This individual has moved into this area of transition non-physically, but merely views presently the belief systems, and has not begun to engage these belief systems to this present moment.

CAROLE: Thatís what it seems like to me in the information that I bring back. When I look at it, it seems like she hasnít moved yet.

ELIAS: Correct. Within the initial throes of non-physical transition, many individuals enter an area that you may term to be a hold, a rest point, so to speak, where they do not engage belief systems at all, and continue for what you view as a time framework within an action that appears to be very similar to physical focus.

CAROLE: Yeah, I keep seeing her in bed recuperating, and I help her, start to take care of her again, and itís almost like she wants to continue that.

ELIAS: Correct. This offers a familiarity, which is also an aspect of transitioning; moving from physical focus into non-physical focus. Therefore, you may view within your perception ďstages,Ē so to speak.

Initially, the first stage, in your terms, is to be creating imagery that objectively seems familiar to you, continuing to be creating imagery that appears very similar to physical focus. As this is adjusted to and the recognition becomes more obvious to the individual focus that they no longer occupy physical focus, the action of addressing to belief systems becomes more clear, and in this the focus moves into the action of addressing to and moving through belief systems, eventually moving into the position of shedding these belief systems, and the objective awareness becomes less and less.

CAROLE: Thank you. In a viewing, I saw a grave with medals all lying on top of a mound, and my impression was that this was from the lifetime I shared or share simultaneously with my son Rick, and that he was my brother and that he was in the German army. Is this accurate? And I was his sister, and we were very close?

ELIAS: Correct.

CAROLE: Thank you. Presently Iím looking at a situation here physically, and connecting it up with simultaneous lifetimes, concerning my son Thomas and his wife Monica. Sheís from Brazil now, and I know that in another lifetime they gave birth to my first husband, in a liaison, not a marriage. My understanding about whatís going on now is that sheís getting bleed-through anger from this other lifetime where sheís still angry at him, having something to do with the birth of this child, which is why we're seeing an extreme reaction in whatís going on physically-focused here. Is this a bleed-through from that South American lifetime that they share together? (Pause)

ELIAS: A focus within what you now view in location as Argentina, correct. These bleed-throughs at times, in the situation that the individual does not understand or recognize that this may be a bleed-through, may be quite affecting in certain situations, for the focus is occurring simultaneously and in this is lending energy to the other focuses. This may be misunderstood within an individual focus as the energy bleeds through, and as I have stated is misinterpreted. It is viewed as related to this particular focus, which it is not. At times, the energy projected from one focus to another focus which is bleeding through is not re-configured. Therefore, it is affecting in a very similar manner to how it is affecting in the focus that it is bleeding through from.

CAROLE: I see. In the situation with my mother, toward the end of that I felt as though I received energy from another focus that helped me move out of the emotional state and more into a thought process, more like a thought-processed individual. It was a tremendous metamorphosis for me, which freed me up tremendously. Is this accurate?

ELIAS: Correct. This also may be noticed and viewed, that you may draw upon energy from other focuses that you hold that may be helpful to you in many situations. All of your focuses are all lending energy to each other continuously. You merely do not recognize their affectingness within each particular focus, for your attention is so very directed singularly within the individual focus. In THIS particular focus, as individuals move more into the action of this shift, the awareness becomes greater. You widen your awareness, and in this you are noticing more of the influences of your other focuses and their interaction with THIS focus.

CAROLE: Yeah, Iím trying to do more of that. The focus that you and I shared in Ireland, myself as a physical focus named Aileen, you as a physical focus named Thomas, I tapped into what may be that lifetime in the dream state, where you were handsome, intelligent ...

ELIAS: As always! (Grinning, and Carole laughs)

CAROLE: ... an opinionated rogue who drank to excess and killed a man in a bar. (Elias chuckles) We lived on the top of a hill in Ireland and we had extended family living with us, somebodyís parents, maybe mine, Iím not sure, maybe yours. We used bikes for transportation, and you were not home a whole lot. Is this accurate? Is this that lifetime?

ELIAS: Correct. This may also indicate to you that you hold the ability to be tapping into these focuses and viewing the interaction quite clearly.

CAROLE: It feels just like itís going on, and it is, I guess.

ELIAS: It is. You need merely step sideways to view other focuses, which are occurring simultaneously.

CAROLE: Itís great! Do we blink in and out, in and out, the way we do in this physical focus when we're in dream state? Does that like just keep going on and on and on to infinity?

ELIAS: Correct. All of the time framework that you are occupying physical focus, you are continuously blinking in and out.

CAROLE: Hmm. While my mother was laying dying at my house, I went into a dream state and saw my brother, who had physically disengaged a while back, who is also now my son Thomas. I saw her having another reality with a different husband, and this boy was her son then, and I was there only I couldnít be seen. He and I started to hug, and we started to spin, and this incredible energy started to shoot out from us, like going all the way out into eternity. I had a similar experience with Michael as Mary in California not too long after I got back, only we werenít spinning, we were rocking.

But this energy! I could experience it the same way I could with my mother. When I tune into that kind of energy like that, whatís going on there? Is that like creating things? Is that like spinning out realities and creating realities when that happens?

ELIAS: This is a viewing, an allowance within your imagery of a viewing of an action of mergence between essences. It is a creation of translated imagery that you may understand concerning the action of essences engaged within the action of merging.

CAROLE: I see. Okay. And Michael and myself, as you noted and I note, there are a lot of parallels, and I still havenít really quite figured out exactly what it is. Are we both aspects of Elias? Is that accurate?

ELIAS: No. You hold similar tones within essence.

CAROLE: Because we're both fragmented of Elias?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. This is a CHOICE. Therefore, you also choose focuses similarly, creating some aspects of these focuses to be experiencing similar actions.

CAROLE: Okay. Just for experience?

ELIAS: Correct.

CAROLE: Okay. Oh, in one of the transcripts you were curious why soap operas were called soap operas. This is going back and itís kind of a silly thing, but I thought, ďWell, next time I speak with Elias, Iíll tell him why.Ē Itís because they used to sell soap on those shows! Thatís why they were called soap operas! (Elias chuckles) íCause it was on during the day and women used to stay home and wash the clothes!

In that sentence, ďRelay the force pattern as a source of tension,Ē one of the things that I started to come up with was that some of this is energy going from one focus to another focus, and that it will show itself manifesting either emotionally or materially. Or, if itís non-physically then itís not materially, but some aspect of that reality, just kind of showing that itís all connected and itís all the same and yet different. Is this accurate?

Vicís note: ďRelay the force pattern as a source of tensionĒ was presented by Elias as an equation. (Reference #142 dated 12/27/96)

ELIAS: Partially.

CAROLE: Partially, okay. Itís bigger than that too, huh?

ELIAS: Quite! This equation is concerning the relationship of essence to focus. But I am acknowledging of you that you are remembering of these equations I have offered, and continue to be lending your attention to these aspects of our information.

CAROLE: Thank you.

ELIAS: I am aware that many individuals receive these equations and are allowing themselves forgetfulness! I have offered these, which hold information in them if you are allowing yourselves to be connecting to these equations.

CAROLE: Well, I found it interesting that this equation was offered by you, and I had seen it in the inner self about six months before you offered it, written out in block letters, and had mentioned that to Lawrence. I also saw at that time wires kind of blinking on and off, and I have since come to realize that perhaps those blinking-off wires, which were sort of like a honeycomb blinking on and off, was what would be the divisions in the different states of consciousness or realities. I know thereís no such thing as planes, but somehow Ė and this is the thing I get stuck on all the time trying to figure out Ė what is it that actually makes the divisions? I know that everything is unified, unity, but something makes divisions. Otherwise, we wouldnít be able to talk about different things. So there is something, and it seems like with that statement and those blinking on and off wires, I was viewing some imagery that I presented to myself.

ELIAS: Of strands of consciousness and their interconnectedness, but each strand holds its own integrity.

CAROLE: Okay. So thatís how we can view things in segments, because each strand holds its own integrity and has consciousness and awareness of itself?

ELIAS: Correct.

CAROLE: Am I subject to creating my reality due to mass belief systems if Iím not consciously aware of that belief system, and so havenít recognized a need to develop something that I prefer to that belief system?

ELIAS: You are influenced, yes. Mass belief systems are influencing of all individuals. This is not to say that you may hold an objective awareness of the affectingness of these mass belief systems, but you are influenced by mass belief systems. It is quite amusing to be listening to individuals expressing that they are not affected by mass belief systems or that they do not hold to mass belief systems! They ARE affected. They merely do not allow themselves an objective awareness of the affectingness.

CAROLE: Yeah, thatís what I thought, and I was hoping maybe it wasnít true! I guess it is. (Elias chuckles) I have a question about Michael. I met with Michael or Mary a little over a year ago, and then I came back and met with her again several months after that and noticed physical changes in her body, that her upper body seemed larger, and then also noticed during sessions that her upper body would seem larger and her lower body seemed smaller. Is that something that is physically happening? Is it something that I see because Iím tuned into it, or does everybody see that? Is everybody seeing the same thing I was seeing? Especially in Elmira; it was extremely noticeable in Elmira.

ELIAS: Not all individuals allow themselves an awareness or noticing, but you are correct. There has been a transformation physically to be accommodating of the energy exchange, which for the most part is directed within that particular energy center.

CAROLE: I see. The upper body?

ELIAS: Correct. Within what you view to be the blue energy center is the conductor of the energy exchange. This be the reason that Michael experiences tension within the area of shoulders in conjunction with this energy exchange. Within an acclimation to this energy exchange and an allowance of more of the directedness of the energy and an allowance of a greater volume of energy, so to speak, to be exchanged, actual physical affectingness has also occurred. This allows more for an accommodation of the energy flow-through, so to speak.

CAROLE: Would it have been maybe more so in Elmira because of all the new people there? Is that an affecting factor, or no?

ELIAS: As you are aware, this energy exchange is continually changing. Michael is continually adapting and acclimating ...

CAROLE: íCause I donít see it now. Itís not there now.

ELIAS: At times it may be more objectively obvious, for [there is] an allowance of more actual volume of energy; and although your perception does not allow for this viewing presently, it IS continued.

CAROLE: I see. Okay. This is an experience Iíve had, and I would like to hear your input on it. It first happened when I was driving a car. I was driving my car and I was looking up the street and looking at a sky with a church steeple in it, and I was thinking about all of the things that you teach about and the things Iíve learned about, as I do quite often, and I had this feeling really strong. I went into a totally different state of consciousness, and all I could feel was like totally, totally alone on the whole planet. This sentence kept coming over and over: ďItís all me.Ē It was just like, ďEverything is me.Ē And when I felt that, my consciousness sort of went into myself into a different place, and I can recall that at will now if I want to, and when I do that itís almost like Iím not ďinĒ anything. Everything, everything is in me.

ELIAS: Correct. This is your allowance within your own movement and your own widening of awareness to be experiencing the lack of separation, viewing more accurately the reality of self, which IS all-encompassing. I have expressed many times, you are not separate from all that you view. You merely hold a perception that allows you to view yourself as a separate entity, and allows you to view all that you THINK of as outside of you to BE outside of you. This is a projection of your consciousness that creates a picture that appears to be outside of you. In actuality, this projection is created that you may allow yourself a singularity of attention, which also allows for the purity of the experience within physical focus. But in actuality, all is within, and there is no ďwithout.Ē

CAROLE: Thatís what it feels like, and I can do it whenever I want to now. I can go there whenever I want to. Itís not hard for me any more to do it, and thatís what it feels like.

ELIAS: These are all aspects of the action of this shift in consciousness, and as you allow yourself to move into this action more freely, you also offer yourselves an objective awareness, which is the point of this shift in consciousness, which shall be your reality futurely. This be the reason that I express to you all that your reality shall be entirely transposed. It shall be entirely altered. Your perception shall be different, for your awareness shall be widened, and you shall hold more of an awareness of the lack of separation between focus and essence and all of your reality.

CAROLE: I think to myself sometimes, ďItís funny ícause you expand to that, and then you contract and you find yourself involved in something thatís going on here, and you know itís just created here.Ē And then I think, ďHow can I even contract to that?Ē But yet I still do, you know?

ELIAS: But this allows you your singularity in attention and your purity of your experience within this focus.

CAROLE: Yeah. You and I discussed schizophrenia concerning my younger son, who by the way has engaged a whole lot more in this physical focus through his choice, although heís not quite ready to want to take care of himself, but heís doing a whole lot more in the way the world has chosen. You said schizophrenia is not a disease. Would this be in the same vein as cancer is not a disease, TB is not a disease, shingles is not a disease, herpes is not a disease?


CAROLE: Itís different?

ELIAS: Correct. You are speaking of physical dis-eases, which individuals create in conjunction with held energy and their choice of expression with this held energy. In speaking of this situation, which within your belief systems you label as mental dis-ease, this is not a dis-ease.

CAROLE: So are the doctors incorrect or wrong in saying that they're physical illnesses? íCause they are saying that these are physical illnesses.

ELIAS: Correct.

CAROLE: They're not physical illnesses?

ELIAS: No. This is a choice of experience, as I have stated, to be experiencing within physical focus NOT aligning with the officially accepted reality.

CAROLE: Okay. So the brain is subject to diseases, but not these diseases?

ELIAS: Your physical brain IS affected by your choices in instruction to physical body consciousness Ė if you are so choosing Ė in creating a dis-ease within that aspect of your body consciousness, yes. But these situations of individuals holding what you term to be mental illnesses are not creating of a dis-ease in the manner that your medical sciences express. This is a choice of experience.

This is not to say that dis-ease is not also a choice, but it is different. It is an actual creation of a dis-easement within your physical body consciousness. Your mental illnesses are NOT.

CAROLE: Wow! Thank you. Thatís what it seems like, but so much flies in the face of it as evidence to the contrary that I have vacillated on that.

On the families of consciousness, the thing that I donít feel totally comfortable with is that the families of consciousness donít seem like what you would term and what we have talked about as truth, such as color, tone, reality. They seem almost like they could easily be a belief system, such as if I tried to describe these to someone who never heard of them, theyíd say, ďOh yeah, right. Well, thatís just what you believe.Ē It doesnít have that ring of truth like color, tone, reality. Could you explain that to me?

ELIAS: I am understanding of your confusion. The reason that you do not identify this ďringing of truthĒ is that these families of consciousness are limited to this physical dimension and reality. They are not what you would term to be a truth, which is not limited to any specific of area of consciousness, but is true to ALL areas of consciousness.

CAROLE: But how does it tie in with belief systems, or does it?

ELIAS: It does not, although the interaction is influenced by belief systems. These families of consciousness are groupings of essences which are creating of specific functions in conjunction with the creating of your reality within this particular dimension.

CAROLE: I know thereís no beginning and thereís no end and all is the spacious present, but how did that come about, that we became segmented into these nine families of consciousness? I mean, who decided that? This is where I get confused.

ELIAS: Consciousness is endlessly vast. Not all essences within consciousness choose to be creating or participating in the creation of specific physical realities. Therefore, it is the choice of essences, within creating of their chosen experiences, to be grouping together and creating of specific physical realities, of which this is one. In this, just as you mirror within physical focus aspects of non-physical focus, you may look to your physical focus and the interaction of individuals. Some individuals choose to be grouping together to be creating of certain situations. Others may not choose to participate, for their attention is not drawn in that direction. In similar manner, figuratively speaking, some essences choose to be creating of certain physical realities. Other essences do not concern their attention in this area. Therefore, those that are choosing their ďprojectĒ (grinning) Ė of which you are one, for you occupy this reality in focuses Ė they create a cooperative to be creating of the specific physical reality.

CAROLE: So this is information? Itís not truth and itís not a belief system?

ELIAS: It is experience. It is a choice of experience. It is a choice of created experience.

CAROLE: Iím trying to find out where things get the action or the impetus to make things change. Like if consciousness forms essence, or maybe encompasses essence, maybe thatís a better way to say it, I wonder at which second one thing becomes something else, what the deciding factor is, if itís a case of action of something else being acted upon or a decision? And since we're all creators or actors or decision-makers, itís almost like what difference does it make since no one is affected unless they choose to be, since they are creators? I donít know if you're following what Iím trying to say, but then it still comes back to that itís all me. It still comes back to that.

ELIAS: Correct, for there is no separation.

CAROLE: I have a question. I was watching a turkey out the window the other day, and its behind was becoming red to attract a female turkey. If animals are not essence and so they donít have belief systems, then when they have those rituals such as attracting to each other, how does the hen know? What is that? Thatís not a belief system? Is it something different that makes her know that thatís attractive, the red behind or the blue gaggle on the top of his head, that aphrodisiac effect? If itís not a belief system, what is it?

ELIAS: No, it is not a belief system. You have created this ...

CAROLE: I mean, Iím not attracted to blue gaggles and red behinds!

ELIAS: You have created this reality to be experiencing emotion and sexuality. In this, all that you create reflects these aspects of what you wish to be experiencing in this reality. Therefore, your creatures are not acting or responding from belief systems. They are merely creating actions in the fashion that you have created this reality, to be mirroring all of the aspects of these elements that you have created this reality to be experiencing. Be remembering, you are not separate from all that you have created. Therefore, the experience of all that is within this reality is also yours. They are all aspects of you.

CAROLE: Okay. In love in this reality, from one person to another person, the male/female type thing, is that just belief systems and a choice for experience, or is there like some kind of a separate energy that love really is?

ELIAS: Your EXPRESSION of love within this reality is filtered through your belief systems. Love in itself is a truth, but it is far removed in its aspect as a truth from what you view within physical focus. This is an interpretation that is suited for your experience within this physical focus to be working in conjunction with your created reality in this physical focus, which is emotion and sexuality. Therefore, it is translated into this reality to be functioning in conjunction with these elements of your reality. In this, you create imagery which is expressive of this truth, but it is a translation that may fit in this reality.

CAROLE: Iím really glad to hear that love is a truth! I wondered if it was a belief system, and because we are emotionally experiencing a focus here in this particular reality, whether that was something we had conjured up. Iím really happy to hear that itís not! ELIAS: Your TRANSLATION is what you have created. Therefore, the reality of this truth outside of this physical dimension, as I have stated, is far removed and would appear to be entirely unfamiliar to you, for it does not hold emotion or sexuality. Therefore, your experience of this, in its translation in this particular dimension, is filtered through your belief systems and is your creation in conjunction with your purpose of experience in this particular dimension. But it is also what you may view as a truth, for it is relative to ALL areas of consciousness, not merely this particular dimension.

CAROLE: Great! When I was in California the last time, I hurt my elbow leaving in a rush, picking up a suitcase that was too heavy after an interaction between myself and Lawrence. Iím still suffering from the pain in my elbow. Iíve been trying to figure out what it is. I know we had opposing belief systems, either that or we had the same belief system, and I was uncomfortable with my belief system and saw it mirrored in her. I donít think she saw it that way. I think she thought I had an opposite one, which I really didnít, but it is something that I want to work on. I canít seem to get rid of the pain in my elbow, so maybe Iím not identifying this correctly. I canít seem to move it.

ELIAS: You ARE identifying the mirror action, but you also are not allowing yourself to release this energy. You are not letting go of this energy. Therefore, you continue with held energy in physical affectingness.

CAROLE: Well, thatís the hardest thing to do in physical focus, is letting go of that energy. Once youíve gotten hold of it, it seems to build on itself.

ELIAS: At times, you are correct; but as you continue to hold your attention in concentration in this area, you also continue to hold energy that is directed into your physical body consciousness. It serves as a remembrance, and you choose to not be letting go of this action. This is quite similar, Aileen, to our dead mouse scenario!

CAROLE: (Laughing) Poking it around to make sure itís still there, huh? (Elias chuckles) During this visit, there was also a lot of action there of choking, and we all seemed to have that similar experience. Iíve also noticed in the job I have now that I keep hearing people tell me that one of the ailments they have is what they call reflux, and Iíve never heard that in my life until I experienced it in California, and now it seems like every third person that comes in has it! Are people making objective imagery of like getting rid of or choking up old things? Or does this have something to do with the shift, that this is all of a sudden legion that everyoneís experiencing reflux action?

ELIAS: This would be another example of a wave in consciousness, that individuals choose to be creating of similar actions to each other objectively which is expressive of certain movements within consciousness. This creates a wave in consciousness, which is also likened to your experiences with illnesses within your ďillness seasonsĒ in which individuals choose to be creating a wave of similar objective action, and this is creating of movement. In this particular action, there is a recognition subjectively that there is much expressed objectively which holds distortion. Therefore, there is a constriction occurring within this particular wave, creating objective imagery to be blocking the expression of these distortions. In this, you may view many different actions in conjunction with this shift in consciousness that shall be expressive of a ďturningĒ of objective expression, which lends energy to the movement of objectively being expressive of this shift in consciousness.

CAROLE: I see. When people put another person on a pedestal, is that simply recognizing the essence or all that is or Ė to use an archaic term in our discussions Ė god in another person? Is that why people do that? They donít recognize it in themselves, but they do in someone else, and so they put another person on a pedestal? And because itís so difficult because of invalidation or ...

ELIAS: Lack of acceptance of self. This is an element of duplicity. It also is familiar. Within physical focus to this point, you have created your reality to be following other individuals. You have created your reality to be projecting yourselves outside of yourselves and looking to what you view to be ďauthoritiesĒ or individuals that you BELIEVE to be more knowledgeable to be directing you. As you move into the action of this shift, you now turn to looking to self for your directiveness. In this, you shall also recognize that there shall be becoming less of this action of projecting to another individual and placing upon pedestal, so to speak, for you shall recognize your own worth and also be allowing yourselves to be letting go of the element of duplicity, which prevents you and limits you from expressing your own value. In this, you shall also become aware that you, in your fullness, are no different from Elias. As I have stated, I merely remember!

CAROLE: Iím trying! (Laughing) I donít have any more questions, Elias. Itís been delightful, as always, and I thank you.

ELIAS: I offer to you, Aileen, great affection, and I anticipate our continued interaction. I express to you this day much lovingness, and a very fond au revoir.

Elias departs at 10:43 AM.

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